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A good worker may never blame his tools, but the tools of trading are essential for making profits. The market has many choices, from free trading tools to their paid counterparts.

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If the stock market is a pack of cards, the ace is none other than tools that calculate investment performance and monitor fees and asset allocations. With these complex trading tools, handling and tracking your investments was always more difficult. So, how do you choose the best option?

Trading Tools 1. Personal Capital: Linking Investors to Their Accounts

Personal Capital en-cashes on an investor’s capability of linking virtually to any investment account. It includes investment accounts such as retirement and taxable accounts. Once these are linked, allocation, fee, and performance are tracked using this single trading tool which offers multiple benefits.

Graphs ensure that it is easy to compare returns and understand asset allocation. This trading tool also offers a 401k Fee Analyzer which calculates the effect of fee payment across a time horizon. Free apps for smartphones and tablets are another positive feature of Personal Capital. The best things in life are free, and this investment tool is one of them.

2. Morningstar: Dawn of a New Era in Investing

An award winning feature of Morningstar is its X-Ray tool which enables users to observe details of a portfolio of mutual funds or exchange traded funds. It will highlight the portfolio’s asset allocation, stock sectors, style box rating, industry sectors, and geographical exposure.

The only drawback of this trading tool is that it does not directly link to the investment account. Unless you acquire, portfolios must be manually input into a premium membership.

3. Budgeting Software: Finance Apps that earn Profits for You

Budgeting tools may appear to be an offbeat way to track investments, yet several trading tools can help you to track how much you spend and invest in the markets. These finance apps will make life simpler and complex investments easier for you.

You can manage all your bills and payments in one place, check the prices of commodities, and control your stock portfolio with unerring accuracy and precision using these wonderful apps:

BlackGold: Adding a Shine to your Investments

Pageonce Money and Bills: Multiple Benefits

Don’t think twice about downloading Pageonce Money & Bills, an app that allows you to track all finances in one place and gain reminders for due bill dates apart from monitoring your investment transactions. This app is compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPods. It requires iOS of 3.0 or later versions for best results.

Venmo: Pay for your Investments in one go

Forbes magazine has called this the crown jewel of all finance apps. This app links the bank account or trading account to the device. Its rich reporting interface plus zero payment transaction fees is a major value addition. Venmo works equally well with iPad, iPods, and iPhones and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager: The Portfolio in the Palm of your Hand

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager ensures the complete portfolio can be accessed within the palm of your hand so that you can pocket good profits through regular tracking. This finance app imports brokerage holdings automatically and helps investors stay on top of market news. It works with all Apple devices and needs iOS 3.0 or more recent versions.

4. Financial Ratios: Making Sense of Financial Data

Interpreting numbers in the markets is more of an art than a science, but it is hard to master. Financial ratios help make sense of numbers and the company’s financial statements. They also help to isolate important bits of information and combine them into a meaningful whole.

Price Ratios: Assessing if the price is lucrative

Price ratios assess if the stock’s price is reasonable, easy to use, and intuitive. These are relative metrics used to compare the financial performance of two companies, the company over time or the company’s ratio to a benchmark. The various type of price rations includes the following:

P/E or Price to Earnings Ratio

PEG Ratio

Price to Sales Ratio

Price to Book Ratio

Dividend Yield

Dividend Payout Ratio

Profitability Ratio: Assessing if Profit is Sizable

As the name suggests, profitability ratios indicate how efficiently a company converts business operations into profits. Profit drives the stock price, and this financial metric is an essential tool in business, finance, and investing. The various types of profitability ratios are as follows:

Return on Assets

Return on Equity

Profit Margin

Liquidity Ratio: Assessing if Short Term Obligations will be Met

The liquidity ratio shows how capable a business is of meeting short term obligations. Why is liquidity important? It is because a company with adequate liquidity for paying short term debts may also make favorable decisions to raise money. Tough times don’t last, but financially healthy companies do. The various types of ratios are as follows:

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Debt ratios: Assessing if Long Term Health is Nurtured

These ratios are concerned with the long term health of a particular business through the impact of its capital and financial structure. There are various debt ratios, such as :

Debt to Equity Ratio

Interest Coverage Ratio

Efficiency Ratios: Assessing if Company’s Resources are well Used

Assets Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio

5. Portfolio Management Software: Adding to growth

Investors build wealth using the investment portfolio as a base. When the portfolio is small, freeware database tools may suffice. Investors and traders will find that there will come the point where basic trading tools will no longer meet fundamental portfolio management software needs.

Investment portfolio management tools enable investors to track, monitor, manage, and analyze their portfolio investments. Independent portfolio management software program provides consolidation, and to understand its value, you have to comprehend how this simplifies multiple investments across multiple accounts.

A unified investment portfolio management program enables consolidation, tracking, management, and analysis of the complete portfolio using a central trading tool.

Quicken Premier Portfolio Management Software: X-Ray Interface

Portfolio management software users who prefer using desktops will find Intuit Quicken’s Premier 2023 software will rapidly improve their investment management efficiency. This software assists in managing money and provides macro portfolio tracking and performance review features to monitor and compare products in your investment portfolio. This software is equipped with state of an art X-ray interface.

This portfolio management software is costly but makes up for its price by generating healthy profits. This software also provides a lot of conveniences. You can import transactions from numerous online platforms, track cost basis, estimate capital gains while selling a holding, and optimize portfolio management.

This is one of the top rated investment portfolio software. This trading tool showcases portfolio performance apart from buying and selling decisions. It also displays updated portfolio values and tracks cost basis and capital gains.

Investment Account Manager: Extensive investment tracking

Investors looking for a top-rated portfolio management software that does a lot more will strike gold with Quant IX Software’s Investment Account Manager Professional, which is suited for investment tracking and portfolio management.

You can have centralized portfolio management for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, cash, etc. Professional money managers and inventors worldwide have used the software since the 1980s.

The centralized, secure portfolio lets users see accounts in one place. Multiple portfolios can be combined on a single report, generating customizable reports.

The software has an easy means of being set up and duplication apart from easy price securities to monitor and track your investments. Detailed transactions account for purchases, sales, dividends, expenses, interest, universal stocks, and split dividends. Spin offs and more are available through this investment account manager.

The platform is associated with high quality chart graphics that plot your portfolios’ performance, asset allocation, income, diversification, maturity schedule, and more.

Fund Manager Portfolio Management Software Personal Portfolio Manager Software

From OWL, individual and professional portfolio managers can use this neat investment and portfolio management software. This analytical and investment portfolio management software tool is meant for individual investors or traders. PPM enables investors to manage and track portfolios. Multiple portfolios can be set up using the features of this system.

Stator Portfolio Manager Software

It is an efficient portfolio management software keeping traders in mind. This trading tool has facilities for complex charting and sub groupings for analysis and management purposes.

6. Accounting Management Software

It includes solutions for managing the investment portfolio apart from accounting, reporting, and client-related tasks. Key features include GIPS-compliant performance reporting presentation, and a wide range of securities are covered. Some of the best accounting management software include FC Portfolio by FundCount, Prospero by Sage, QED, and many more.

7. Benchmarking Software

This includes web based CRM solutions with industry specific capabilities for management of office operations such as Dynamo, FrontPM, FrontERM, Front GP and more.

8. Equities Software

9. Risk Management Software

Risk and portfolio analysis associated with equity and mutual fund portfolios for corporations’ money management and financial departments will be available through software like Kraytis risk analyzer.

10. Android Apps for Investing

Bloomberg for Smartphone is a unique app providing unique news and analytical content, up-to-date market data, and portfolio tracking tools. It is only one of the many investment related Android apps that can work well on smartphones.

From stock markets to commodities prices and the bond market, this app covers just about everything. Another popular Android app is Stock Market Heat Map which visually gauges the super performers and under-performers in the market. App based social networks like Scutify are also a good idea because it represents a community of investors who give useful insights.


Stock market trading is not about just the right techniques. Having the correct trading tools is equally important. If you want to be a successful investor, these tools can help you get there. Make a smart choice and watch your investments multiply! Investment vehicles only drive growth if you have the right trading.

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15 Windows 10 Run Commands Everyone Should Learn

Here is an overview of some of the best Windows 10 Run commands that everybody should know about.

Table of Contents

How to Open the Run Box on Windows 10

To use any of the run commands in this article, you’ll need to make use of the run box. You can open the run box in Windows 10 by pressing the Windows Key + R. This will immediately open the Run box.

#1 – Run Shutdown Timer

If you want to start a countdown to shut your computer down, open the run box and type ‘run -s -t xxx’. Replace the x’s with any number. This number will represent how many seconds you’d like the timer to run for before your computer shuts down.

For example, 3600 seconds would be one hour, and 600 seconds would be 10 minutes. You can also replace the ‘-s’ in this command with a ‘-r’ to set a restart timer.

#2 – Open the C Drive

Want to quickly access your C Drive to find files and folders? Simply open the Run Box and type ‘’ and then press enter. A new Windows Explorer tab will open with the contents of your C Drive.

#3 – Open the ‘User’ Folder

Another similar command to the C Drive option above involves entering ‘..’ in the Run box. Doing this will take you to the user folder on your Windows 10 PC. From here, you can quickly access specific User files.

#4 – Open the Calculator

If you use the calculator app often to make quick calculations, this quick tip is sure to shave off plenty of time over the years.

#5 – Access Windows Services Quickly

If you’d like to quickly access all of the Windows services running on your PC and make any changes, simply open the run box and type ‘services.msc’ then press Enter.

I’ve previously talked about how it can be a bad idea to try to disable a Windows service for performance purposes, but sometimes you need to in order to fix a problem.

#6 – Turn Windows Features On/Off Quickly

If, for any reason, you need to turn on or off Windows features or components, you can quickly access this by typing ‘optionalfeatures’ in the Run box and then pressing enter.

#7 – Add or Remove Programs Quickly

You can quickly access the Program Features page from within the Control Panel by using ‘control.exe appwiz.cpl’ in the Run box.

You can use this page to find programs that you don’t regularly use and it’s one of the best methods to clear up space on your storage drive.

#8 – Open Device Manager

It’s likely you’ll be in and out of the Device Manager from time to time, so remember the command ‘devmgmt.msc’ for the Run box.

Using this will take you straight into Device Manager, saving time by avoiding navigation through the Control Panel or Start Menu.

#9 – Check for Performance Issues

Noticing performance issues or want to quickly check up on how your PC is managing resources? Use the command ‘resmon’ in the Run box to quickly open the Resource Manager.

From here, you’ll see information about how your CPU, disk, memory, and network is being used by the programs and services installed on your PC.

#10 – Instantly Perform a Search via Your Browser

Want to quickly search something on Google without going through the hassle of opening your browser? You can do this by opening the Run Box and typing chrome “? SEARCH”. Just replace the word SEARCH with the phrase you’d like to search for in Google.

Press enter and you will instantly be taken to the Google search results. Don’t use Chrome? No problem, replace ‘chrome’ with your browser name.

For Microsoft Edge, use ‘microsoft-edge:’, for firefox, use ‘firefox’. For Internet Explorer, use ‘iexplore’.

#11 – Search YouTube Quickly

It’s arguable whether this will speed up the process or not, but it’s still a neat trick to try.

#12 – Open Microsoft Apps

If you want to quickly write down something, you can use the Run box and type ‘write’. After, just press enter and you’ll be taken to WordPad.

Want other apps? Check out this list of quick run commands below.

Paint – ‘mspaint’

Sticky notes – ‘stikynot’

Command Prompt – ‘cmd’

Notepad – ‘notepad’

Media Player – ‘wmplayer’

#13 – Manage your disk, clean it, and defrag it

For this next section, we have a number of commands for managing your disk.

To access disk cleanup quickly, use the command ‘cleanmgr’.

If you have a hard disk drive, you can open the disk defragmenter with the command ‘dfrgui’

For disk management, use the command ‘diskmgmt.msc’.

#14 – Adjust Mouse Settings

With the command ‘ chúng tôi ’ from the run box, you can access settings for your mouse.

#15 – Open Facebook Messages

Note that you must replace ‘chrome’ with whichever browser you are using.


Find any of these Windows 10 run commands useful? Which ones will you make the most use of? Let me know.

10 Best Ios Coloring Apps For Everyone In 2023

Whether you are an adult or a young person, you can try these coloring apps to unleash your creativity and calm your mind.

Are you nostalgic about coloring beautiful pictures and giving them a new vibrant look? Or do you want your kid to grow the habit of coloring?

Coloring is a great habit that soothes your stressed mind and works as a great time pass. It also improves your sense of coloring.

In this era of technology, you don’t need a pen and paper for coloring. Instead, you can use coloring apps on your iPhone or iPad to color.

1. Happy Color

Happy Color is a calming coloring app. It combines painting with the numbering game to make the user’s coloring process enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for relief from anxiety or some moments full of fun, this app allows you to do so while utilizing your creativity.

Use can use this app with ease, regardless of your age and lifestyle. Just choose your favorite picture and start coloring that.

Thanks to its partnership with Marvel and Disney, you can color the pictures of your favorite characters and superheroes.

This app includes art templates by artists from all over the world, which ensures variety and inclusiveness.

Happy Color app is free to download, but you can make in-app purchases for additional features.

2. Colorfy

If you’re looking for paint and color fun drawings, Colorfy is one of the best coloring apps. It allows you to color patterns, florals, mandalas, animals, and thematic images.

What’s more, you can join the app community as an artist and share your drawings with the world.

The virtual gallery of this coloring app uses AR technology to make sure you visualize the drawing as if they are in the real world.

Colorfy coloring app also lets you share the drawings on your favorite social media network. It also supports offline mode and works will all the latest iOS versions.

3. Pigment

Pigment is an adult coloring book app where you can draw and paint to have a relaxed time. It has a collection of 7000+ artworks, including mandalas, portraits, and more.

This app equips you with 29 pencils, brushes, and markers to draw and color what you want. You also get a curated color palette or create your personalized one for coloring.

Pigment allows you to print your creations or share them via email, text, and social media.

This free coloring app also has in-app purchases for premium access that include features like exclusive Marvel content.

4. Lake

Lake lets you paint away your stresses and relax through coloring. Here, you get access to 85+ coloring books by independent illustrators from around the world.

It has a toolset with spray, fill, eraser, watercolor brush, and acrylic brush. You can use the tap-to-fill coloring option or use brushes that also come with soothing sounds.

Lake also supports saving your favorite color books in the My List section. Moreover, you can access all incomplete works in My Studio.

Other features of this coloring app include Apple pencil support, a history palette with used colors, zoom in/out, etc.

It also supports iCloud sync so that you can use it on multiple iOS devices without any trouble. You get the option to use it for free or buy its subscriptions.

5. Recolor

Recolor is an anti-stress coloring app for iOS that lets you relax, leaving all your worries aside. It enables you to access four images for free for coloring.

This app lets you color 5000+ unique adult coloring pages, including flowers, mandalas, animals, and more.

You can even upload your drawing and color them on Recolor. It also offers 70 color palettes and various coloring options like solid colors, crayons, and gradients.

You can even use 80+ outlines, filters, and effects for personalization. Sharing your artwork on social media is also possible from this app.

This is a free coloring app that has in-app purchases for subscription plans. There is also a 7-day free trial available.

6. Color Therapy Coloring Number

Do you enjoy playing color-by-number games? If yes, Color Therapy Coloring Number is the right choice for you.

Color therapy is a proven way to improve your mindfulness. This relaxation coloring app does that by letting you spend quality me-time.

It has 5000+ coloring pages of different themes such as mandala, floral, animals, places, objects, nature, thematic, art, fashion, pattern, and more.

Here, you can choose from realistic methods like flat brush, airbrush, and oil painting. It also lets you select line colors and finishing effects.

Color Therapy Coloring Number app also provides a smear tool that you can use for perfectly blending colors.

While you can download and use this app for free, accessing VIP features will need you to make purchases.

7. Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Does your child spend a lot of time on iPad? You can ensure the time is spent for creative and educational purposes with Baby Coloring Book for Kids.

It’s a dedicated iOS coloring app for kids three to six years old. Besides coloring, it also offers drawing lessons to help your children develop motor skills.

Baby Coloring Book for Kids has 100+ pages to color for creative development. The coloring process is suitable for kids under six years.

8. Coloring Games for Kids 2-6

Coloring Games for Kids 2-6 will keep your kids busy for hours with drawing and coloring, so they don’t spend time on harmful social platforms.

It offers 700+ drawing and coloring pages where they can learn about colors and shapes. Here, kids get to color fruits, vegetables, animals, unicorns, vehicles, and many more.

They can also participate in various coloring games such as pencil, glitter, pattern, and surprise coloring.

While kids can decorate homes, snowmen, cakes, etc., with this coloring app, parents can save their kids’ creations. This free coloring app comes with in-app purchases to unlock all features.

9. Chroma

Chroma is one of the best iPad coloring apps available now. This adult coloring app lets you create magic by mixing color, texture, and gradient.

Here, you can use a pencil, brush, or marker to color pictures hand drawn exclusively for this app.

It offers the color bucket to quickly color a section and color constraints to keep the colors inside the line.

You can also zoom in on the pictures for delicate coloring and import your drawings into this app for coloring.

Moreover, it supports sharing your artwork in the Chroma Gallery and social platforms. You can either use its free version or purchase its premium plans.

10. Colorfull

Colorfull enables you to relax while coloring by playing soothing music as you color. You can wear your headphone and dive into the world of mindfulness as you tap to color.

The drawings you get here are made exclusively for this app. Some popular drawing categories are flora, animals, mandalas, patterns, and oceans.

You can zoom in and out drawings for precise coloring. Also, all used colors can be found in the history palette section of the Colorfull coloring app.

Offline work mode, real-time progress saving, and quick social media sharing are other highlighted features of this app.

It has more than ten palettes that contain 200+ colors. Besides using the free version, you can also purchase its weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

Best iOS Coloring Apps: Final Words

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use coloring apps to nurture the habit of coloring. You can also ask your kids to try the color on digital devices.

Now that you know the best free and paid coloring apps for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), it’s time to download them and start coloring.

Fileoptimizer: The File Optimizer Tool Everyone Should Be Using

This is the digital age, which means that all our work, business, commerce, entertainment, and about everything is done on computer machines. This also means that we have to deal with tons of files every day. So most likely, it is in your best interest to somehow decrease the size of the files you are storing. So whether you are a web publisher, who could decrease the size of the various page elements and speed up the page loading time, or a developer, who could decrease the heaviness of the software, reducing file size is general use. Even if nothing, you could make some extra room in your hard-drive for personal usage.

File Optimizer for Windows PC

There are many compression tools available that have been covered extensively on our website, but recently we found FileOptimizer, an amazing compression tool with some unique features which should be shared with our readers. Over the last week, we put this software for a spin, and the results were amazing.


There are many things that FileOptimizer does, that its counterpart applications don’t do, or can’t do. FileOptimizer like many of the compressing applications provides support for an array number of file formats. So whether it is your JPEG images, or software file formats or even system library files like DLL, FileOptimizer can compress them all, except video files, which it can’t compress.

Another handy thing offered by FileOptimizer is that unlike any of its competitors, it doesn’t put files into a compressed folder in order to compress their file size, but it compresses the original file itself. Once the compression is done, it overrides the existing version with the compressed one. All these compressions are done in a lossless format. So no matter how much compression your file has went through, you can stay assured of the quality.

Depending on the kind of file it is dealing with, the software may take a bit longer than usual to compress it, so it is normal, don’t worry about it. The app is bundled with a plethora of scripts and plug-ins that are required to compress various file types, so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything by yourself.

Installation and General Use

FileOptimizer works like a portable app, which means that it doesn’t require any installation. But the file you are downloading from the web is compressed and hence needs to be extracted. The 18 MB file will decompress to around 80 MB. The software works on all Windows operating systems. The uncompressed folder contains software for both 32 bit and 64 bit CPU.

Final Thoughts

There is no valid reason why you shouldn’t be using this app. In terms of its functionality, and how much that functionality is really important, the software is a must-have. When you are commuting with things and devices where file size matters a lot, this software is nothing less than a life saver. Although you won’t find the interface and the general look of the software very adorable, the software is good as it gets.

What is the best file optimizer for Windows 11/10?

There is no specific tool, which can be awarded as the best file optimizer for Windows 11/10. It depends on the type of file, configuration, etc. A file optimizer requires all the basic information about the file so that it can optimize it to get the best output. However, if you want to download a general file optimizer for Windows 11/10, you can certainly check out FileOptimizer.

FileOptimizer download

You may download the File Optimizer software from its official SourceForge page.

5 Easy Questions On Ensemble Modeling Everyone Should Know


If you’ve ever participated in data science competitions, you must be aware of the pivotal role that ensemble modeling plays. In fact, it is being said that ensemble modeling offers one of the most convincing way to build highly accurate predictive models. The availability of bagging and boosting algorithms further embellishes this method to produce awesome accuracy level.

For the rest, I am sharing some of the most commonly asked questions on ensemble modeling. If you ever wish to evaluate any person’s knowledge on ensemble, you can daringly ask these questions & check his / her knowledge. In addition, these are among the easiest questions, hence you can’t dare to get them wrong!

Which are the common questions (related to Ensemble Models)?

After analyzing various data science forums, I have identified the 5 most common questions related to ensemble modeling. These questions are highly relevant to data scientists new to ensemble modeling. Here are the questions:

What is an ensemble model?

What are bagging, boosting and stacking?

Can we ensemble multiple models of same ML algorithm?

How can we identify the weights of different models?

What are the benefits of ensemble model?

Let’s discuss each question in detail.

1. What is an Ensemble Model?

Let’s try to understand it by solving a classification challenge.

Problem: Set rules for classification of spam emails

Solution: We can generate various rules for classification of spam emails, let’s look at the some of them:


Have total length less than 20 words

Have only image (promotional images)

Have specific key words like “make money and grow” and “reduce your fat”

More miss spelled words in the email

Not Spam

Email from Analytics Vidhya domain

Email from family members or anyone from e-mail address book

Above, I’ve listed some common rules for filtering the SPAM e-mails. Do you think that all these rules individually can predict the correct class?

Most of us would say no – And that’s true! Combining these rules will provide robust prediction as compared to prediction done by individual rules. This is the principle of Ensemble Modeling. Ensemble model combines multiple ‘individual’ (diverse) models together and delivers superior prediction power.

If you want to relate this to real life, a group of people are likely to make better decisions compared to individuals, especially when group members come from diverse background. The same is true with machine learning. Basically, an ensemble is a supervised learning technique for combining multiple weak learners/ models to produce a strong learner. Ensemble model works better, when we ensemble models with low correlation.

A good example of how ensemble methods are commonly used to solve data science problems is the random forest algorithm (having multiple CART models). It performs better compared to individual CART model by classifying a new object where each tree gives “votes” for that class and the forest chooses the classification having the most votes (over all the trees in the forest). In case of regression, it takes the average of outputs of different trees.

You can also follow this article “Basics of Ensemble Learning Explained in Simple English” for more knowledge on ensemble modeling.

2. What are Bagging, Boosting and Stacking?

Let’s look at each of these individually and try to understand the differences between these terms:

Bagging (Bootstrap Aggregating)  is an ensemble method. First, we create random samples of the training data set (sub sets of training data set). Then, we build a classifier for each sample. Finally, results of these multiple classifiers are combined using average or majority voting. Bagging helps to reduce the variance error.

Boosting provides sequential learning of the predictors. The first predictor is learned on the whole data set, while the following are learnt on the training set based on the performance of the previous one. It starts by classifying original data set and giving equal weights to each observation. If classes are predicted incorrectly using the first learner, then it gives higher weight to the missed classified observation. Being an iterative process, it continues to add classifier learner until a limit is reached in the number of models or accuracy. Boosting has shown better predictive accuracy than bagging, but it also tends to over-fit the training data as well. 

Most common example of boosting is AdaBoost and Gradient Boosting. You can also look at these articles to know more about boosting algorithms.

Stacking works in two phases. First, we use multiple base classifiers to predict the class. Second, a new learner is used to combine their predictions with the aim of reducing the generalization error. 

3. Can we ensemble multiple models of same ML algorithm?

Yes, we can combine multiple models of same ML algorithms, but combining multiple predictions generated by different algorithms would normally give you better predictions. It is due to the diversification or independent nature as compared to each other. For example, the predictions of a random forest, a KNN, and a Naive Bayes may be combined to create a stronger final prediction set as compared to combining three random forest model. The key to creating a powerful ensemble is model diversity. An ensemble with two techniques that are very similar in nature will perform poorly than a more diverse model set.

Example: Let’s say we have three models (A, B and C). A, B and C have prediction accuracy of 85%, 80% and 55% respectively. But A and B are found to be highly correlated where as C is meagerly correlated with both A and B. Should we combine A and B? No, we shouldn’t, because these models are highly correlated. Hence,we will not combine these two as this ensemble will not help to reduce any generalization error. I would prefer to combine A & C or B & C.


4. How can we identify the weights of different models for ensemble?

One of the most common challenge with ensemble modeling is to find optimal weights to ensemble base models. In general, we assume equal weight for all models and takes the average of predictions. But, is this the best way to deal with this challenge?

There are various methods to find the optimal weight for combining all base learners. These methods provide a fair understanding about finding the right weight. I am listing some of the methods below:

Find the collinearity between base learners and based on this table, then identify the base models to ensemble. After that look at the cross validation score (ratio of score) of identified base models to find the weight.

Find the algorithm to return the optimal weight for base learners. You can refer article Finding Optimal Weights of Ensemble Learner using Neural Network to look at the method to find optimal weight.

We can also solve the same problem using methods like:

Forward Selection of learners

Selection with Replacement

Bagging of ensemble methods

You can also look at the winning solution of Kaggle / data science competitions to understand other methods to deal with this challenge.


5. What are the benefits of ensemble model?

Better prediction

More stable model

There are two major benefits of Ensemble models:

The aggregate opinion of a multiple models is less noisy than other models. In finance, we called it “Diversification”  a mixed portfolio of many stocks will be much less variable than just one of the stocks alone. This is also why your models will be better with ensemble of models rather than individual. One of the caution with ensemble models are over fitting although bagging takes care of it largely.

End Note

In this article, we have looked at the 5  frequently asked questions on Ensemble models. While answering these questions, we have discussed about “Ensemble Models”, “Methods of Ensemble”, “Why should we ensemble diverse models?”, “Methods to identify optimal weight for ensemble” and finally “Benefits”. I would suggest you to look at the top 5 solutions of data science competitions and see their ensemble approaches to have better understanding and practice a lot. It will help you to understand what works or what doesn’t.

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Free Packet Sniffing Tools For Windows 11/10

Packet Sniffing may sound like a malicious activity at first glance, but it is actually an ethical way to analyze the network, and diagnose any network-related problems. Packet Sniffing tools are used by network technicians for such diagnostic processes. Having said this, there are an equal number of incidences where packet sniffing is used by hackers for malicious activities such as collecting passwords and spying on user traffic.

Here, we are not going to talk about packet sniffing attacks, but some free packet sniffing tools that can be effectively used to diagnose network problems and resolve the issues. Before we present you three packet sniffing tools for Windows, let’s look at how packet sniffing tools work in general.

How Packet Sniffing tools work

There are different types of packet sniffers. Some packet sniffers are used only for detecting hardware-related problems. Other packet sniffing tools are actually some software apps that run on the host computers.

The packet sniffing tools intercept and log network traffic. The tools ‘view’ the network using a wireless or wired network interface. The packet sniffing tool needs to have access to this interface on its host computer. If it is a wired network, a packet sniffing tool can capture the data which totally depends on the network’s structure.

The network structure might let the packet sniffer tool view traffic on the entire network or it can let it view only a small segment of it. If it’s a wireless network, packet sniffing tools can capture one channel using the wireless interface. If the host computer has multiple wireless interfaces, then the packet sniffer can capture multiple channels.

The sniffing tool then analyzes the captured raw packet data. The analysis is converted by the sniffing tool into a readable format. This analysis is nothing but the conversation between nodes on the network. This very information is helpful for the network technicians to locate the fault.

Read: chúng tôi or Packet Monitor is the new built-in network sniffer or network diagnostic and packet monitoring tool in Windows 10.

Free Packet Sniffing Tools for Windows 11/10

If you also wish to analyze your network, here are three free packet sniffing tools for Windows.

1. WireShark Packet Sniffer

Wireshark is one of the popular free packet sniffing tools for Windows. This tool can give you an ability to see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level. Some of the important features of this tool are as follows:

Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time

Live capture and offline analysis

Standard three-pane packet browser

Apart from Windows, this tool can run on other operating systems such as Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and many others

Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode TShark utility

The most powerful display filters in the industry

Rich VoIP analysis

Decryption support for many protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, Kerberos, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2

Coloring rules can be applied to the packet list for quick, intuitive analysis

Output can be exported to XML, PostScript®, CSV, or plain text

You can try this tool by downloading it from its website.

2. SmartSniff

SmartSniff is yet another free packet sniffing tool that allows you to capture TCP/IP packets that pass through your network adapter and view the captured data as sequence of conversations between clients and servers. With the help of this network monitoring utility, you can view the TCP/IP conversations in ASCII mode or as hex dump.

SmartSniff provides 3 methods for capturing TCP/IP packets:

Raw Sockets (Only for Windows 2000/XP or greater): This method allows you to capture TCP/IP packets on your network without installing a capture driver. However, this method has some limitations and problems.

WinPcap Capture Driver: This particular method lets you to capture TCP/IP packets on all Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Network Monitor Driver (Only for Windows 2000/XP/2003): Microsoft provides a free capture driver under Windows 2000/XP/2003 that can be used by SmartSniff. However, this driver needs to be installed manually.

If you wish to try this packet sniffing tool, download it from here.

3. Microsoft Message Analyzer

Microsoft Message Analyzer is the successor to Microsoft Network Monitor. It is helpful in capturing, displaying, and analyzing protocol messaging traffic and other system messages. It is not only an effective tool for troubleshooting network issues, but for testing and verifying protocol implementations as well.

Do let us know if you have any other free packet sniffing tools to add.

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