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These packages provide a range of functions, including data manipulation and wrangling, data visualization, machine learning, dynamic documentation, as well as the date and time handling. These packages are essential tools for working with data in R. This article presents these 11 libraries categorized as per the specific tasks performed using them.

Data Preprocessing Packages


dplyr is one of the most used libraries from the tidyverse set of libraries. It is mainly used for data manipulation in R. The five most commonly used functions in dplyr are:

mutate(): This function adds new columns to your existing dataframe

select(): This function helps you to select specific columns from the dataframe

filter(): This function extract a subset of information from the dataframe based on the logical conditions provided by you.

summarise(): The summarize function prints the entire summary of your dataframe

arrange(): The arrange function reorders your data according to the values of the selected column.

All these functions combine easily with the ‘group_by()’ function, which allows you to perform any operation “by group”.

In addition to dataframes, dplyr makes working with other computational backends accessible and efficient, such as dtplyr for large, in-memory datasets and dbplyr for handling data stored in a relational database translating code into SQL, sparklyr for huge datasets stored in Apache Spark. You can learn more about dplyr here.


stringr is used extensively in data cleaning and preparation activities. stringr provides a set of functions that makes working with strings simple. It is based on package stringi, which uses the ICU C library to offer fast, accurate implementations of basic string manipulations.

The seven main functions in stringr listed below start with ‘str_’ and take a vector of strings as the first argument:

    str_detect(): This function detects the presence of a pattern match in a string.

    str_count(): This function counts the number of matches in a string.

    str_subset(): This function returns the strings that contains a pattern match.

    str_locate(): This function gives the position of pattern matches in a string.

    str_extract(): This function extracts the first pattern match found in each string.

    str_match(): This function returns the first pattern match found in each string defined by parentheses.

    str_replace(): This function replaces the first matched pattern in each string with new text.

    str_split(): This function splits up a string into multiple pieces.

    You can learn more about stringr here.


    The purpose of readr is to give a quick and easy way to read rectangular data from delimited files like comma-separated values (CSV) and tab-separated values (TSV). It is intended to parse several data formats while providing an informative problem report when parsing produces unexpected results.

    The following file formats are supported by readr with these read_*() functions:

      read_csv(): For loading a comma-separated values (CSV) file, use the read_csv() function.

      read_tsv(): For loading a tab-separated values (TSV) file, use the read_tsv() function.

      read_delim(): The read delim() function is used to read the most popular forms of flat file data, comma-separated values, and tab-separated values, i.e., read csv() and read_tsv() functions, respectively.

      read_fwf(): For reading a fixed width file, read_fwf() function is used.

      read_table(): For reading the type of textual data where one or more columns of space separate each column, the read_table() function is used.

      read_log(): For reading web log files, read_log() function is used.

      You can learn more about readr here.


      ggplot2 is a data visualization package for the statistical programming language R. It was created by Hadley Wickham and implements Leland Wilkinson’s Grammar of Graphics—a general scheme for data visualization, which breaks up graphs into semantic components such as scales and layers. ggplot2 allows users to create a wide range of static, animated, and interactive graphics using a concise, consistent API. It is beneficial for visualizing complex data and creating customized graphics. ggplot2 is widely used in academia and industry and has become a staple of data visualization in R. With ggplot2; you can build almost any type of chart.

      Generally, you start with the ggplot()function, supply a dataset, and aesthetic mapping within the aes()function. You can then add different layers for building different plots. To make it look beautiful, you then add different colors and use faceting specifications like facet_wrap()and many more. You can learn more about ggplot2 here.


      Machine Learning Package

      The caret package (short for Classification And REgression Training) is a set of tools for building predictive models in R. It provides functions for preprocessing data, creating model objects, training models, evaluating model performance, and tuning model hyperparameters. The caret package is designed to streamline the model training process and allow users to easily compare and select from among a wide range of model types and tuning parameters. It supports a wide range of model types, including linear and nonlinear regression, classification, and clustering algorithms, and has a consistent interface for working with these models. The caret package is widely used for machine learning in R. You can learn more about caret here.

      Dynamic Documentation Packages


      The knitr package is an R package that allows users to embed R code and output in a variety of document formats, including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word. It is built on top of the Sweave system, which Friedrich Leisch developed to allow users to mix R code and LaTeX documents.

      knitr adds a number of features to Sweave, including –

      the ability to include code and output from other languages, such as Python and SQL

      , create dynamic reports that can be updated automatically when the underlying data or code changes.

      knitr is a popular choice for creating reproducible research documents.

      R Markdown

      The R Markdown package is an R package that allows users to create dynamic documents that combine text, code, and output in a single document. R Markdown documents are created using a simple, easy-to-learn markup language called Markdown, a variant of the popular Markdown syntax. R Markdown documents can be rendered in various formats, including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word. They are handy for creating reproducible research, allowing users to embed R code and output directly in the document. The R Markdown package provides a range of features for formatting and customizing R Markdown documents, including the ability to include images, tables, and other formatting elements. It is a powerful tool for creating a wide range of documents.


      The lubridate package is a set of tools for working with date and time datasets in R. It provides functions for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates and times and for performing common operations such as finding the difference between two dates or adding a specified number of days to a date. lubridate makes it easy to work with date and time data in R by providing a consistent, intuitive interface for everyday tasks. It also supports working with time zones and automatically handles issues such as daylight saving time. lubridate is a popular choice for working with date and time data in R and is an essential package for beginners to know. You can learn more about lubridate here.


      The DT package is an R package that enables the creation of interactive tables in R. It is based on the DataTables JavaScript library, which offers a fast and feature-rich interface for generating interactive tables in web browsers. The DT package allows users to create tables in R that can be sorted, filtered, and searched by users and which can be paginated for large datasets. It also provides functions for customizing the appearance and behavior of the tables, including the ability to add formatting, tooltips, and other features. The DT package is a popular choice for generating interactive tables in R and can be easily used by beginners. You can learn more about DT here.


      Shiny is a widely used package in R. Shiny helps you to share your findings with others and make it simpler for them to understand through visuals. It is simpler to create interactive web apps using Shiny.

      You can create dashboards, embed standalone applications in R Markdown documents, and host them on a website. Additionally, you can add CSS themes, HTML widgets, and JavaScript actions to your Shiny apps. You can learn more about shiny here.


      In conclusion, the 11 Popular R Packages for Beginners In 2023 mentioned in this article provide a wide range of tools and functionality for working with data in R. From data manipulation and visualization to machine learning and dynamic documentation, these packages are essential tools for any R user. Some key takeaways from this article include:

      The dplyr, stringr, and readr packages are necessary for data manipulation and wrangling.

      ggplot2 and leaflet are powerful tools for creating static, animated, and interactive graphics.

      caret is a popular choice for machine learning in R for beginners.

      knitr and R Markdown are helpful in creating dynamic research documents.

      lubridate is a powerful tool for working with date and time data in R.

      DT provides an interface for creating interactive tables in R.

      Shiny is a popular tool for creating beautiful dashboards in R.

      Overall, these packages are essential tools for beginners to learn in 2023 as they provide a wide range of functionality for working with data in R.

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      11 Best Php Books For Beginners & Advanced Programmers

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      PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop static and dynamic websites or web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, which earlier stood for Personal Home Pages.

      Best Books to Learn PHP

      Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 is a book written by Robin Nixon. The book helps you to build interactive, data-driven websites. In this edition, you’ll also study dynamic web programming with the latest versions, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and key jQuery libraries.

      At the end of the book, you will be able to learn how to build a social networking site that is suitable for desktop and mobile browsers.

      Headfirst PHP & MySQL is the ultimate learning guide is a book written by Lynn Beighley. The book helps you to build dynamic, database-driven websites using PHP along with MySQL.

      Packed with real-world examples. This book teaches you all the essentials for server-side programming, from the basic PHP and MySQL coding. You will also learn topics like form validation, session IDs, and joins, file I/O operations, etc.

      The Joy of PHP is a book written by Alan Forbes. The writer starts with some basic HTML. This helps the beginner to catch up quickly and then goes step by step on how PHP works. The book allows you to start with the easy stuff like how to create and run simple PHP scripts, which helps you to modify web pages.

      The book covers topics like installing and configuring PHP, Introduction to HTML, basic PHP Syntax, control structures, how to use a database, such as MySQL, etc.


      PHP for the Web


      Author Name: Larry Ullman

      Publisher: Peachpit Press

      Latest Edition: 5th edition

      No of Pages: 496 pages

      View on Amazon

      PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide is a task-based visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions. It also provides plenty of screenshots that help beginner and intermediate users to clear basic PHP concepts.

      The writer Larry Ullman guides readers through the ins and outs of both PHP 5 and PHP 7. The book uses real-world examples to guide you through dynamic web development using PHP and show you what to do step by step.

      PHP and MySQL Web Development is a book written by Luke Welling. The book describes the basics of the PHP language, explains how to set up and works with a MySQL database. You will also learn how you can use PHP to interact with the database and the server.

      This PHP learning book focuses on real-world applications. It also covers important aspects of security and authentication to build a real-world website.

      PHP and MySQL is a book written by Mike McGrath. This book is for new assumes you have no previous experience of any programming or scripting language. Therefore, it is an ideal book for the newcomer to learn PHP and MySQL technologies.

      This PHP book demonstrates, by example, how to produce data-driven web pages using a PHP scripting language and MySQL database server.

      You will also learn how to write PHP server-side scripts and create MySQL queries and how to create an e-commerce shopping cart.

      PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites is a book written by Larry Ullman. It helps to develop dynamic, database-driven web sites, MySQL, and PHP.

      This PHP book also covers security, sessions, and cookies, and using additional Web tools, with several sections for creating sample applications. This book also includes the latest features and techniques with PHP and MySQL.

      Advanced PHP: New Features and Good Practices book is written by Josh Lockhart. In this book, you will learn best practices for learning PHP application architecture, databases, testing, debugging, etc. Therefore, if you have a basic understanding of PHP, it is a deal book for you.

      The book teaches you some best PHP development methods like application security errors and exceptions, and more.

      The Complete Reference is a book written by Steven Holzner. This PHP learning book deals with explaining how you can personalize the PHP work space, define operators and variables, manipulate strings and arrays, etc.

      You will also learn how to access database information, tracks client-side preferences using cookies, executes FTP, and email transactions. This PHP book also covers how you can publish your applications to the Web.

      You will also learn how to use PHP’s object-oriented tools to build blogs, guest books, with server-side file storage.

      QuickPro Guide is a PHP book written by Larry E. Ullman. This book offers step-by-step instructions, complete scripts, and expert tips to guide readers. The book begins by PHP and then the database program (MySQL).

      Then the writer also covers topics like security, sessions, and cookies and using several other sections for creating sample applications. In this PHP book, you will receive the bulk of the new material that helps you to learn the latest features and techniques with PHP and MySQL.


      Murach’s PHP and MySQL


      Author Name: Mike Murach

      Publisher: Mike Murach & Associates Inc.

      Latest Edition: 1st Printing edition

      No of Pages: 366 pages

      View on Amazon

      Murach’s PHP and MySQL is a book written by Mike Murach. The book is divided into four sections. In the first section, you will learn how to develop, test, and debug your first PHP applications.

      Section 2, you will learn skills like how to work with form data, arrays, sessions, cookies, objects, and regular expressions, etc.

      Section 3 of this book teaches you how to design and create a database. The last section teaches you the specialized web skills.


      PHP Cookbook


      Author Name: David Sklar

      Publisher: O′Reilly

      Latest Edition: 3rd edition

      No of Pages: 820 pages

      View on Amazon

      PHP Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for PHP Programmers Is an ideal reference PHP book written by David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg. The book provides the best solutions for creating dynamic web content, everything from using basic data types to querying databases for RESTful APIs to testing and securing your site.

      This PHP book covers topics like strings, numbers, arrays, and dates and times. You will also learn how you can access databases using PDO, SQLite, RESTful API clients and servers, including HTTP, XML, and OAuth.

      FAQ: 🏅 What is PHP?

      PHP is a server side scripting language. that is used to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, that earlier stood for Personal Home Pages.

      📚 Which are the Best PHP Books?

      Following are some of the Best PHP Books for Beginners & Advanced Programmers:

      🚀 What are the basic requirements to learn PHP?

      Just a full form of PHP would be enough. This book list is designed for beginners as well as experienced developers.

      Best Folio Cases For Iphone 11 In 2023

      Folio cases are a smart way to protect your iPhone. Whether the device falls flat on the face, back, or the edges, these book-like cases offer 360° protection. Plus, they come equipped with a handy wallet.

      I have curated a list of the best iPhone 11 folio cases available. So, check them out and take your pick.

      1. OtterBox STRADA series folio case – Editor’s choice

      OtterBox offers a minimalistic case that is crafted for optimal protection and convenience. The genuine leather FOSSIL folio case is slim, sleek, and pocket-friendly.

      Thanks to its classic look, it blends seamlessly, whether you are in an official meeting or a party. As for protection, the dual-material safeguards against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes.

      The case also sports a vertical card slot for carrying cash or card. And a magnetic latch ensures the front flap stays in place.


      Looks & feels great

      One-piece case

      OtterBox limited lifetime warranty


      No kickstand option

      Limited pocket space, can hold just 2 cards

      Check out on Amazon

      2. FYY genuine leather luxury folio – RFID Blocking

      Handmade from genuine cowhide leather, the FYY folio case lends luxe looks & comfortable handgrip. The practical & stylish leather case for iPhone 11 boasts three card slots & a notes pocket in the front flip.

      A precise interior PC case and strong magnetic closure ensure a safe glove-like fitting. Along with protecting your device, it also takes care of your cards with RFID shielding technology.

      It also features a convenient kickstand function & Qi compatibility. What’s more, you can avail of the case in a variety of dashing colors.


      Built-in RFID Shield

      Exquisitely handcrafted


      Slightly bulky

      You’ll need to fold the bill before inserting into the notes pocket

      Check out on Amazon

      3. LUPA flip case with credit card holder – Faux leather

      An ultra-slim iPhone 11 case made from rugged, soft, and eco-friendly PU leather. And the brand claims that the material will not stain or fade.

      The case can accommodate up to 3 cards and 4 bills, in the convenient and secure slots. What’s more, the inner bumper incorporates raised lips for additional screen protection.


      Ultra-slim wallet case

      Raised lips for screen protection

      Wireless charging compatible


      No kickstand

      The top and bottom remains exposed

      Check out on Amazon

      4. FLYEE folio case – For women and girls

      The 100% handcrafted case lends an all-around, anti-scratch, shockproof, and heavy-duty protection. Another benefit of this design is that you can convert it into a handy kickstand for video streaming or calling.

      A just Right N50 pattern magnet holds the flip in place, without harming your cards. And the detachable wrist strap makes carrying the device more comfortable & fashionable.


      Wallet-like look

      Detachable wrist strap

      Lifetime replacements warranty


      The layering makes it a bit bulky

      Audio quality is affected when closed

      Check out on Amazon

      5. ProCase wallet case for women – PU leather

      ProCase brings a unique bicolor design for a delicate and classic appearance. And not just looks, the premium leather exterior, and smooth interior also bring great protection on the table.

      The multi-functional case comes with triple card slots, a slot to store money, a built-in mirror, & a makeshift kickstand, making it a perfect case for women on the run.

      There’s also a handy detachable wristlet strap that makes carrying the case & flaunting it a breeze.


      Built-in mirror

      Bi-color design


      Card Slots are a bit tight

      Had to fold currency to fit in the slot

      Check out on Amazon

      6. Snakehive vintage folio cover – A wallet within a wallet

      Snakehive employs the finest soft velvet-like European Nubuck leather for its cases. A great benefit of the material is that it ages beautifully over time and develops a unique patina finish.

      Moreover, every case is hand-stitched for a perfect, seamless finish. As for the inside, a smooth soft leather lining, and rubberized TPU holder provide an all-around shock and scratch resistance.

      There’s more, the case also sports three card slots, a large currency pocket, and even a useful viewing stand function.


      Looks luxurious and stylish

      Ages beautifully

      Great color option


      The felt-like texture attracts smudge marks

      Check out on Amazon

      7. Arae flip iPhone 11 folio case – With wrist strap

      When it comes to strength, grain, and character Arae’s top-quality PU leather surpasses all the quality tests. The inner bumper lends easy access to all buttons, cameras, speakers, and lightning ports.

      In the card & cash slots, you can store up to 4 cards and some cash respectively. A handy thumb hole in this section, allows you to take out your cards easily.

      It also has an integrated kickstand, a detachable wristlet & a strong magnetic clasp for comfortable & secure usage.


      Good quality PU leather

      Intelligent thumb hole


      Slightly bulky

      The wristlet is a bit stiff

      Check out on Amazon

      8. Shieldon magnetic protective flip cover – Invisible kickstand

      Shieldon crafts its cases from high-quality genuine cowhide leather. Since the brands maintain the material’s natural look each case features a unique texture and look.

      The bumper case on the inside is made of a durable soft TPU and protects against drops and bumps. Raised edges around the camera help protect the glass from scratching and dirt.

      Each card slot is designed to block RFID signals, to protect your personal information from any unauthorized scanners.


      Built-in magnets, no additional flaps

      Lifetime warranty


      Can’t overstuff it as the magnetic closure becomes weaker

      Check out on Amazon

      9. ICARERCASE folio case with card holder – Precise cutout for all ports

      High-quality faux leather is molded into an executive Folio Case, with smart design and delicate, beautiful stitching. With three cards & one cash slot, it makes carrying your essentials super easy.

      Along with precise cutouts for ports & buttons, it includes receiver cut-outs to make using the phone quite convenient. Additionally, you get an adjustable hands-free kickstand.


      High-quality faux leather.

      Receiver cut-out

      Value for money


      Wireless charging only supports certain chargers

      Check out on Amazon

      Signing Off

      Finding the right iPhone for yourself might be an easy task, but finding the best case for your iPhone is not that easy. The trouble is that there are so many options, which one should you go for?

      Well, if you are in the market for a folio case, this list will surely help you out. For any other category, check out listings below:

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      A tech-aficionado whose superpower lies in blabbering interminably about new technologies. After 4+ years and 4500+ content pieces that helped diverse companies grow, I followed my passion and made iGeeks Media my home. When not gushing over technology, you will find me immersed in a fictional world, either reading or creating one.

      Filezilla Guide For Beginners – Webnots

      When you use any of the self-hosted platforms like chúng tôi it is necessary to know how to work with FTP applications. FileZilla is one of the easy to use File Transfer Protocol applications widely used by webmasters. You can use FileZilla to download files from your hosting server, upload new files and edit existing files remotely. If you are looking for learning how to use FTP, here is a FileZilla guide for beginner level users on how to setup FileZilla application and do file transfer.

      Downloading FileZilla App

      Download FileZilla

      Earlier, you have to download the application from chúng tôi website. However, this is not required any amore and you can directly download the app from FileZilla site. You have three options available for downloading – standard FileZilla, with manual and pro.

      FileZilla Versions

      The manual version offers a PDF manual along with the app download which will cost you $4.99. The basic app is the same for all three versions except with pro version you can use cloud services. You can download the free app from their site or get the pro app from App Store.

      FileZilla Pro App

      Connecting to Server

      Site Manager Option in FileZilla

      Add your FTP account details which you must have created with your hosting company. If you don’t know how to create FTP account, read our article on how to connect Bluehost FTP account with FileZilla.

      FileZilla Screen Overview

      Once you connected to hosting server the screen will look something like below with various sections. Don’t get panic by looking various sections, it will take few minutes for you to understand the screen overview of FileZilla.

      Copy Current Connection Settings to Site Manager

      Message Log – Here you can view the connection status, command and response when you open each directory of your site on the server side. The file transfer status will also be shown here.

      Local Site – This section is divided into two hals and all the folders of a selected path on your local system will be shown here in the first half. When a folder is selected, all files and folders under the selected folder will be showing in the second half.

      Remote Site – Like local site, this section contains two halves to show remote site’s folder and the content inside the selected folder showing below. Remote site is nothing but your live site hosted on the server.

      Transfer Queues – Here you can view the status of the transfer when you download, upload or edit a file on the server.

      If you feel the screen is congested, you can enable or disable each section of the screen from the “View” menu or resize the viewing area by dragging the horizontal and vertical section dividers.

      View or Hide FileZilla Screen Sections

      Note: FileZilla toolbar shown above the quickconnect bar has quick shortcut icons for site manager, toggle each sections, disconnect server and few other options. Filelist status bars show the number of files and directories under the selected folders of local and remote site sections.

      Upload, Download, View and Edit Files

      Drag and drop files between local and remote sites to download or upload the files from or to server.

      File Transfer

      Status of file upload and download can be seen both in message log and transfer queue sections.

      Check File Transfer Status in FileZilla

      Transfer queue has three sections – Queued files, Failed transfers and Successful transfers and each sections shows the corresponding file’s status.

      File Permission Settings

      View and Change File Permissions

      In the pop-up menu, select the read, write or execute option for each category of owner, group and public. Based on the selection the numeric value will change which is the one you will be seeing under “Permissions” column as explained above.

      Setting File Permissions in FileZilla

      Viewing Hidden Files

      Depending on the server settings sometimes hidden files are not shown in FileZilla and hence you will not be able to see files like .htaccess. Select “Force showing hidden files” option from “Server” menu to view and edit hidden files.

      Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla

      You will see a warning message like below when enabling this option. If you are not able to view normal directory structure properly then disable this option and try again.

      Warning When Force Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla

      Disconnecting from Server

      After you have completed the transactions it is recommended to close your connection by choosing “Disconnect” option from “Server” menu.

      Disconnect Server in FileZilla

      Additional Options

      Following are some of the general operations you can do with FileZilla:

      FileZilla is ideal FTP program for connecting to hosting server remotely for uploading, downloading and modifying files. You can use this app when migrating the whole site content to another hosting company.


      Very easy to configure and connect to server

      Supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP clients

      Drag and drop support

      Directory comparison

      Available in 47 languages

      Open source and free

      Tabbed and easy graphical user interface

      Works on macOS X, Windows and Linux based computers


      Missing on-screen explanation of error messages.

      Best Battery Cases For Iphone 11 Pro In 2023

      The iPhone 11 series boasts a powerful battery, but it can still run out of juice easily if you’re a heavy user. So while there are many cool cases you can get for your phone, it’s worth looking into the battery cases. These keep your phone charged up easily and conveniently. No more carrying around bulky power banks and messy cords! Let’s explore some of the best battery cases for the iPhone 11 Pro.

      1. Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging

      Specifically engineered for iPhone 11 Pro by the very manufacturers, this one is an obvious choice. Apart from the brand name, the case also features a dedicated camera button. So, you can launch the Camera app from a locked screen and capture shots without any delay.

      In addition, you also have access to the intelligent battery status via the lock screen or in Notification Center when the case is on. So, you don’t have to depend on the customary LEDs featured in every other battery case. Available in black, white, or pink sand, the smart battery pack also supports wireless charging.


      Delivers up to 50% longer battery life

      Works with Qi-certified wireless chargers

      Allows you to charge iPhone and battery case at once


      Over the top price

      Check out on Amazon

      2. ZEROLEMON 4000mAh Battery Case

      Should you wish to get a fairly good iPhone 11 Pro battery case under $20, you would be hard-pressed to find a more competent alternative to this offering from ZEROLEMON. Yeah, you heard it right as this battery pack has taken care of all the basics, ensuring your smartphone has got a reliable companion.

      First and foremost, it delivers up to 80% battery life to your device, which could be more than enough to let you use your smartphone with the needed freedom while playing games or streaming videos. As the case is also Qi-wireless charging compatible, you can juice up your iPhone 11 Pro without having to remove this Zerolemon battery pack.


      Provides 80% extra battery life

      Highly affordable pricing

      CarPlay compatible


      The design doesn’t look trendy

      Check out on Amazon

      3. NEWDERY Qi Compatible 4800mAh Battery Case

      A case that covers all the bases, from protection to wireless charging capability. The 4,800mAh beast can extend your iPhone’s battery life by 100%. Crafted from soft TPU material and microfiber flannel inner lining, your device nestles in the case securely and safely.

      Raised bezels around the edges, keep the screen away from scratches or dings. The sleek case also supports simultaneous charge and fast file transfer. With QI compatibility, rest assured that the case is friendly with most top wireless chargers. All in all, you would not have to remove the case during regular usage.


      Offers 100% battery life

      Wireless charging compatibility

      Full-body protection


      The battery is comparatively less efficient

      Check out on Amazon

      4. Pelican Military Grade Case with Battery Pack

      Pelican battery case adds 140% more power to your iPhone 11 Pro, and with that booster dose, you can explore more on your device. Browse websites, play videos, listen to your favorite songs and do more.

      This case is 100% compatible with all iOS software versions and Apple Pay. Use the On/Off button to operate this battery case, which provides comprehensive protection to your iPhone. Once your device is fully charged, the case will stop charging.


      Military-grade protection

      Durable construction made of soft TPU and rugged PC

      Extra defense for the camera and screen


      May not appeal to those who prefer slim form-factor

      Check out on Amazon

      5. Smiphee 4800mAh Battery Case with LED Indicator

      Don’t let yourself drained battery doom your fun when you have the leisure of owning this beautiful Smiphee power pack case. The soft elastic material makes for easy installation; just slide your device and press the power button for three seconds to start the charge.

      A full edge design lends 360° protection, keeping the screen & camera well-protected. Four LED battery level indicators make it convenient to track the power left in the case. This case supports simultaneous charge and lightning headphones, saving the need for any additional cables.


      Offers 110% battery life

      Protective design in a relatively compact design

      Rubberized construction provides improved grip


      The pronounced buttons are a bit stiff

      Check out on Amazon

      6. Swaller 4800mAh Portable Charging Case

      Featuring a solid 4800mAh battery in a compact design, Swaller is the sort of battery case that seems to be an automatic choice. The battery lives up to the expectation with a 110% extra battery life. And with 4 LED indicators, it lets you keep a tab on the charging status with ease.

      Being made of pretty soft rubber, the case is also quite easy to install and remove. Another department where Swaller has the edge over many other rivals is the durability. The shock-resistant casing, coupled with the raised bezels ensure both the rear shooter and the 5.8-inch touchscreen can remain protected.


      110% extra battery life

      Shock-resistant casing

      4 LED indicators


      The cutouts aren’t perfectly aligned

      Check out on Amazon

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      Author Profile


      Suraj is an operations head on the iGB team. He contributes to the social media section along with tips and tricks for iPhone, Apple Watch. Apart from blogging, he likes to work out as much as he can in his gym and love to listening to retro music.

      Best Screen Protectors For Iphone 11 Pro In 2023

      1. ESR

      ESR leaves its footprints on different domains of iPhone accessories. Whether it is protective cases or screen protectors, you can rely on this brand. This tempered glass screen guard provides full coverage on your iPhone and protects the touchscreen from multiple damages. 3D curved edges of ESR screen guard give added comfort and enhanced edge protection. An important thing to remember is that the screen protector may not work with some heavy-duty cases. However, you can always trust ESR cases, which are compatible with this screen guard.

      Use the complimentary installation frame, microfiber cloth, dust removal stickers, and wipes for bubble-free installation. The strong profile of this screen film can withstand up to 10KG of force. You can quickly register your Face ID as this protector supports Apple Face ID.

      2. JETech

      JETech is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality iPhone accessories. This tempered glass film from JETech is 100% compatible with your 5.8-inch iPhone Pro. JETech has used 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges. To protect your phone’s touchscreen from sharp objects (like a knife or key), the screen protector is made of extremely high hardness; it can resist scratches up to 9H.

      When you type or tap something, you get a quick response; this is due to high-response and high transparency of this screen guard, which keeps your iPhone dust-free, fingerprint-free, and bubble-free.

      3. LK

      LK ensures its screen protector is installed precisely on the latest iPhone 11 Pro, and therefore, the brand dispatches an alignment frame along with the package. You can use that frame to install this tempered glass screen protector easily. And there won’t be any bubble floating between the screen and the film.

      Once the film is installed, you may rest assured that your iPhone screen is secure for a long time. LK has used top-grade material to guard your phone’s screen against scratches and shatters. Last but certainly not the least, oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating. This coating prevents fingerprints from smudging the screen.

      4. TORRAS

      With your new iPhone, you would like to experience original touch feeling. For this reason, TORRAS has manufactured a screen protector that boasts 0.25mm thickness. This slim profile of the film lets you enjoy that original touch feel as it leaves little space between your finger and the screen.

      TORRAS has full confidence in its product, and hence, the company offers money-back and replacement warranty. However, given its strength, you won’t need to replace the screen guard. Install the film without any bubble left and enjoy the smooth touch of purity.

      5. iCarez

      iCarez is one of the oldest brands manufacturing high-quality accessories for Apple devices. This screen guard is arguably the best one in this list. Although it has a 0.2mm profile size, it boasts 9H hardness, which can endure scratches. iCarez sends you two pieces of screen guards with 2.5D rounded edges.

      This case-friendly screen protector has high-definition transparent glass for maximum resolution. You will love to watch visual contents on the Retina display of your latest iPhone 11 Pro. A notable feature of this screen guard is TrueTouch sensitivity.

      6. IRSHE

      IRSHE’s screen protector is case-friendly; you can use any protective case for your iPhone 11 Pro. Its 9H hardness keeps the film shatter-proof. Moreover, the robust screen guard keeps scratches and other damages at arm’s length. Your iPhone touchscreen is utterly secure under the strong sheet of IRSHE.

      The bubbles will be expelled automatically when you install the film on your iPhone screen. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating keeps layers clean; even if you use the screen for a long time, you won’t see any oil residue from fingerprints.

      7. Spigen

      Spigen is the most popular brand in the world of iPhone and iPad accessories. This innovative tempered glass screen protector is made after thorough research in Spigen’s lab. The package includes two screen guards with an auto-alignment frame for hassle-free installation.

      It is a case-compatible screen guard, therefore, you can buy any case for your iPhone 11. Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints from damaging the touchscreen of your phone. 9H hardness of this film protects the screen against scratches.

      8. Purity

      Purity presents an ultra-thin screen protector that adds little bulk to your iPhone’s beautiful touchscreen. Along with a thin profile, this guard features crystal clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating. Your phone’s screen is completely protected against fingertips, sweat, and oil residue.

      The thin profile should not be mistaken for the fragility of this screen protector. Purity has built this film to provide ultimate protection to your device’s screen. Forget all those scratches, bumps, and minor drops your phone faces every day.

      That’s all, friends!

      Signing off…

      Screen protectors and cases should be your first purchase once your iPhone 11 Pro is in your hand. Screen guards are essential iPhone accessories as they protect the delicate touchscreen of your premium device. You can pick anyone or more from the above list of top-notch iPhone 11 Pro tempered glass screen protectors.

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