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Among the newly-introduced Smartphones from Samsung mobiles, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a unique place, which certainly becomes evident when we count productivity aspect of it. S6 Edge Plus was launched alongside with Galaxy Note 5 and it had all the brand-new features to be a sense-making successor to the device with Edge Display! The device, unlike the predecessor, has a 5.5-inch screen size, which makes the phone bigger. Also, there’s a kind of improvement in terms of RAM — while S6 Edge has a RAM of 3 GB, the successor comes with a RAM of 4 GB, which is powerful enough to run a fully-fledged PC. Also, the battery has got an upgrade to 3000 mAh from 2600 mAh. And, as the predecessor, it’s powered by an Octa-core SoC, which you can trust as in case of multi-tasking and more. In spite of all these, you need some stunning accessories to get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus! Here, we have a list of top 15 accessories you can grab for your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and we hope it helps. We shall move onto the list, right?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Accessories Worth Buying 1. RAVPower 10400 mAh Portable Power Bank

Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus comes with a 3000 mAh battery, you may need extra battery life if you’re a heavy Smartphone user, with a lot of multitasking. In that case, you will find RAVPower 10400 mAh Portable Power Bank to be very useful, as you can charge your S6 Edge Plus three times once you’ve fully charged the Power Bank once. It supports 2A input and 3.5A output, which is good we suppose. Also, this power bank comes with a nice technology named iSmart, which can determine the optimal current flow for connected device and act accordingly. It has to be noted that RAVPower has taken care of the security aspect of it — the power bank has auto-shutdown for overload output and the Lithium-Ion battery is meant to offer around 500 battery charge cycles. Dual charging ports of RAVPower 10400mAh Portable Power Bank is accompanied by a handy design as well.

Price: $15.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Spigen Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter

Price: $15.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

Once you have stored the required files in this wireless data stick and have installed the corresponding application in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, accessing that data is an easier task! You can connect not only your S6 Edge Plus but also two other devices over Wi-Fi and the data you’ve stored in SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick can be accessed, instantly. This one is having a capacity of 64GB but there are 32GB and 128GB versions of the same product that you can get. Considering the fact that Galaxy S6 Edge Plus does not have a MicroSD card slot to expand memory, chances are high that you need SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, which can be a good wireless storage option. Also, there is an option to synchronize your photos and other media with SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick so that you won’t lose space in disk storage.

Price: $82.76

Where to Buy: Amazon

4. SUPCASE Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Armband

For those who want to carry their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus while they’re running, SUPCASE Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Armband would be a sort of must-have accessory. As such, it’s a Velcro armband that can fit both smaller and bigger arms sizes and the quality of Velcro is so high that you’d love to wear the armband during long workouts and all. It is to be noted that the process of inserting and removing the device is an easier task, especially considering the silicone skin that is meant to protect your S6 Edge Plus from possible damages like dust, common hits etc. Also, as it’s made exclusively for the device, SUPCASE has been careful enough to leave enough space for connecting accessories such as headphones. We repeat, when you need all-round protection for your S6 Edge Plus while you run, SUPCASE Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Armband makes sense.

Price: $14.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack

Fast Charge is an exclusive feature developed by Samsung, using which you can charge compatible devices quickly! It has to be noted that the device battery can be charged up to 50% in just thirty minutes, which is a big deal. As our S6 Edge Plus comes with support for Wired Fast Charge, it makes sense to buy Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack, which comes with a storage capacity of 5200mAh. The Battery Pack would be very useful when you’re travelling and it can provide charging at 2A speed, which makes sense when you want the device charged in less time period. also, it does comes with a feature for pass-through charging; this pass-through charging is helpful when you want to leave the S6 Edge Plus for overnight charging without being scared about battery health. Plus, as the accessory uses battery from Samsung itself, you can stay confident about the safety.

Price: $69.99

Where to Buy: Samsung Official Store

6. Spigen Air Cushion Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

Another product from Spigen, Spigen Air Cushion Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case is an awesome accessory for your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus as far as you are concerned about protecting it from damages like dust, dirt, water etc. This protective case offers all-round protection for your S6 Edge Plus and the Air Cushion technology from Spigen makes sure that a few drops do not mess up hardware aspect of the device. Talking of the protective layer, there’s a hard cover that is made using hard Polycarbonate while the soft layer is made using Tetra Polyurethane; and the TPU is web patterned so that it can reduce impact of shocks. Also, there’s an integrated kickstand that offers a brilliant viewing experience when you have placed it on a desk or so. Despite its powerful build, Spigen Air Cushion Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case has a sleek design that doesn’t add much bulk.

Price: $17.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Samsung Level On Wireless Black Sapphire

Price: $249.99

Where to Buy: Samsung Official Store

8. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

Price: $69.99

Where to Buy: Samsung Official Store

9. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus S-View Flip Cover

When you not only want to protect your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from common issues like dust and dirt but also need an impressive set of Samsung-only features, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus S-View Flip Cover may be a sense-making accessory for your S6 Edge Plus. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus S-View Flip Cover comes with an interactive window, which becomes gateway of required information when you have locked your phone. Also, there are options to accept or reject calls even as the protective layer is out there. In addition, settings can be tweaked in such a way that you can manage notification and related stuff easily. As the accessory is from Samsung itself, the design does not affect beauty of S6 Edge Plus, in spite of the fact that you have the freedom to choose the colour you really like. We would say, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus S-View Flip Cover is a good option for those who need features and protection, combined.

Price: $49.99

Where to Buy: Samsung Official Store

10. Verus Damda Slide Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

Verus is known for Smartphone protective cases that do not add much bulk even while enhancing productivity to an extreme level. Verus Damda Slide Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case is yet another example for its excellence and the Damda Slide protective case can be doubled up as a space to store a few of your credit cards and some money, in spite of its unaffectedness in terms of sleekness of design. With raised edges that absorb impact of shock and a raised lip that is capable of protecting screen even when you’ve placed it upside down, Verus Damda Slide Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case is all set to protect various aspects of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. As you can guess, its outer and inner layers are made using Hard Polycarbonate and Soft Tetra Polyurethane respectively and the duo seems powerful enough.

Price: $16.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

11. Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock

If you are that person who spends more time on travelling and wants to bring wireless charging feature into the car of yours, you should have a look at Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock. The best part of this charging dock is its multipurpose behaviour, meaning that you can use Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock as an enhancement to GPS Navigation or hands-free phone calls without being scared about safety and positioning of the phone. It has to be noted that the vehicle dock does not offer Fast Charging support. On the other hand, you can connect any device that support Qi Inductive Charing and get it charged in the standard time period. Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock works fine with any device whose measurement is between 4 inches and 5.7 inches. Considering multipurpose behaviour and the stunning design, Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock is an affordable choice as well.

Price: $99.99

Where to Buy: Samsung Official Store

12. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Screen Guard

Price: $7.43

Where to Buy: Amazon

13. Samsung Gamepad

Hola, Smartphone Gamers out there! When you are not satisfied with the on-screen controls of Android games, you should have a look at Samsung Gamepad — an official accessory from Samsung that transcends the boundaries of an expected Smartphone game play. By connecting your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with this Samsung Gamepad, you will be able to make use of the fully-fledged gaming control panel and a state-of-the-art gaming feel, for that matter. You’ll be able to connect any Samsung device of screen size up to 6.3 inches, which includes most of the flagship range. In addition, connection can be established through Bluetooth or Near Field Communication tag, and you can choose as per your convenience. It has to be noted that Samsung Gamepad also has integration with S Console app, to give you a dashboard of available games and in-depth coverage.

Price: $79.99

Where to Buy: Official Samsung Store

14. Tronsmart Dual Ports USB Car Charger

Tronsmart Dual Ports USB Car Charger is a must-have accessory for every Galaxy S6 Edge Plus user, especially when it is necessary to have quick charging options in your car. The charging adaptor comes with dual ports and both ports can offer you 2A full speed charging. And, the support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is also a noteworthy feature of the accessory, we suppose. To power both the ports, VoltIQ Technology is used, because of which the adapter can ensure current flow at 2.4A for majority of devices out there. Coming to the build, the adaptor does not compromise and Tronsmart ensures the use of industry grade material for optimal results. It has to be noted, in addition, that the adapter is accompanied by two USB to Micro USB cables that can be used for Quick Charge-enabled charging of your S6 Edge Plus or any other device.

Price: $19.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

15. Verus Wallet Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

For those who are not satisfied with just a kind of protection for Smartphone, Verus Wallet Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case is a good Galaxy S6 Edge Plus accessory you should check, especially when you want to double the protective case as a sexy-looking wallet. While the PU Leather-made protective layer offers all-round protection for your S6 Edge Plus, all the required cut-outs and related stuff have been taken care of; and, despite all these, wallet aspect of Verus Wallet Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case is spacious enough to store your cards and money in it. When we add its magnetic lock closure and availability of stunning colours to the account, Verus Wallet Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case makes more than enough sense, we suppose. Also, it’s an affordable option when compared to the standard rate of protective cases. In the end, it’s your choice between multipurpose behaviour and looks.

Price: $19.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

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Report: Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge To Have “Little Overhaul”

The venue for unveiling new Galaxy smartphone, tentatively named the Galaxy S7, is still undecided. Though Samsung has so far been preferred to hold its own unpacked event for new products, the S7 will get a little change.

Another source, who spoke to the news organization via telephone, offered the following:

As the S6 and S6 Edge represented progress, the S7 will have improvements both in picture quality, performance and other some new features. But because smartphones have already been commoditized, you don’t need to spend more on a surface overhaul…The key point is can consumers enjoy content with enhanced viewing quality and boosted processing speed.

Tears of a clone: Could the S7 and S7 Edge look virtually identical to this year’s flagships?

Analysis: more of the same?

In the recent past, Samsung has been suffering from declining mobile revenue and market share due in no small part to keen competition from China. Once the undisputed leader in said country, domestic OEMs such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus have eroded the stronghold Samsung once had.

These manufacturers, many by selling exclusively online and thus eliminating costs associated with marketing and traditional distribution channels, are offering highly competitive products at costs far below those of the “old guard” of Android. The game has changed significantly in the past two years. Vlad Savov of The Verge recently said “the flagship smartphone is dead” and mused that, “the demise of terrible phones has made all phones exceptional.”

According to Counterpoint, the Samsung J series has been performing the best in the third quarter of this year.

Where is the growth?

Assuming that Samsung isn’t going to make significant superficial changes to its 2023 flagships, it follows logically to infer a segment of its potential customer base, be it existing or future, might not feel compelled to upgrade to the new variants coming next Spring. Those that have the S6 or S6 Edge might see little reason, and those who don’t might find the 2023 models to be of better value given that their cost will invariably come down even further.

The question then, becomes where Samsung might be getting the money it may be missing from this situation. The Korea Times points out that:

Counterpoint, a market research firm, recently said that Samsung’s market share gains have come at the low-end in the Galaxy J series during the third quarter of this year, strengthening views that price and hardware-initiated specifications are the “factors” rather than the appealing and curvy surface design.

Indeed Samsung’s fantastic third quarter earnings this year were such largely due to component sales and a favorable exchange rate. That the company would seek to push hardware internals in 2023 as opposed to spending large sums of cash on design R&D makes sense. Likewise, any new breakthroughs or developments made can ultimately help the OEM with future B2B contracts for components.

Wrap Up

We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue. For those that own an S6 or S6 Edge, would you feel compelled to buy an S7 or S7 Edge even if they retain an extremely similar design? What might make you upgrade? For those who don’t have an S6 or S6 Edge, would you be more likely to purchase them instead of next year’s offerings due to cost-performance issues?

10 Selfie Sticks For Gopro Worth Buying

Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro 1. GoPole Evo Floating Extension Pole

This extension pole from GoPro comes with 2-stage floating body with telescoping capability. So, you have an option to extend the length of the pole from 14 inches up to 24 inches. Depending upon your selfie, you can resize the pole, and the tightened design would help from water damages. There’s no requirement of adaptors when you want to connect your GoPro to the selfie stick and there’s a 1/4th inch threaded insert for attachments connection as well. It comes with a clip, to which you can connect a Smart Wi-Fi Remote. This remote is good when you want remote control of GoPro camera. And the best part is that GoPole Evo Floating Extension Pole works with all GoPro cameras. For enhanced safety, you can even use a wrist strap attachment.

Price: $44.98

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Sandmarc Pole Metal Edition Extension Pole

Price: $49.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. GoPole Reach Extension Pole for GoPro

Yet another product from GoPole, this extension pole is in the ‘Reach’ series. This series offers additional length as it comes to extending the pole. You can choose a length between 14 inches to 40 inches, as per your requirement needs you to. GoPole Reach Extension Pole for GoPro has a four-stage telescoping process, giving you enhanced control and the 14-inched size is very compact when retracted. In spite of its high-quality build, the weight has been brought down to 8oz, thus making it easier to handle. Other features include support for smart remote clip, thumbscrew for ultra-secure connection. And on top of all, GoPole Reach Extension Pole for GoPro will be quite fine with any GoPro HERO camera you have.

Price: $46.50

Where to Buy: Amazon

4. Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Selfie Stick

Price: $59.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

5. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm & Tripod

This is an official accessory from GoPro, meant to help those who need three different capabilities in one deal. You’ll be able to use this accessory as a grip, extension arm and a tripod, as per your requirements. And, in extension arm point of view, GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm & Tripod becomes a satisfactory selfie stick as well. It comes with water-proof design and you can be quite confident to use the device when you’re swimming or snowboarding. In addition, its in-built tripod would be useful in a wide variety of instances. Considering all these, this adjustable accessory is a must-have for the enthusiastic GoPro capturer!

Price: $66.49

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. SHINEDA GoPro Handheld Pole

This extension monopod pole from SHINEDA is made up of anodized Aluminium alloy and you can extend the arm up to 36 inches at maximum, though it has a convenient length of 11 inches when retracted. It comes with four different sections and option to section locking as well. Also, there’s a twist lock for extra protection when you want it. Thanks to its built-in connection adaptor, you can just bring your GoPro and connect it to SHINEDA GoPro Handheld Pole. In addition, it offers a wrist strap for easier handling and a screw hole on the bottom if you wanted to connect a tripod or something. SHINEDA GoPro Handheld Pole offers compatibility with a variety of devices such as GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4 and Hero 4 Session. Quite surprisingly, this selfie stick is priced way too low.

Price: $9.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Sandmarc Pole Black Edition GoPro Extension Pole

This is also an Aluminium-made extension pole for your GoPro cameras but the price is lower than that of Metal edition, which we had mentioned earlier. As we come to the case of build, its features include the use of high-quality material, rubberized grip for easy handling, adjustable wrist strap and ability to withstand extreme circumstances. It comes with universal GoPro compatibility, including those for Hero 4 Session, Hero 4, 3+ and 3. Its telescoping length hasn’t been changed, but is 17 inches to 40 inches at maximum. Given the weight of 9 ounces, you can be quite good when diving, snowboarding, skateboarding or for casual selfie shots while travelling. Also, it has a mount to connect accessories, but it can be detached when not needed. Also, Sandmarc Pole Black Edition GoPro Extension Pole has a lifetime warranty.

Price: $39.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

8. Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro

Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro is a fully-fledged, multipurpose extension arm and selfie stick that you can use with your GoPro camera, compact digital cameras or your Smartphones, for that matter. It comes with a dedicated space for storing the Wi-Fi remote control. Length adjustment of the stick varies from 17.5 inches to 48.5 inches, thus giving you the best shooting environment and handling. Other features of Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro are its multiple-angle shooting capabilities using the ball head spiral lock, selfie mirror for knowing what is being taken. It works fine with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, 3, 2 and Hero 1 with digital cameras and cell phones, as we mentioned. If we are to consider all these, it’s a good deal.

Price: $15.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

9. PolarPro PowerPole GoPro Extension

Price: $57.92

Where to Buy: Amazon

10. The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stick

The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stick isn’t actually limited to GoPro, but you can use it in a variety of devices such as the Smartphone, digital camera etc. It is actually a rugged-made, versatile monopod, which offers a maximum level of extension of 36 inches. You can even connect it to tripods using the attached thread to get a self-standing monopod out of the product. It doesn’t have any battery, Bluetooth shutter or any other electronic hardware involved, but you should choose The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stick when you need quality and usability in rough conditions. Of course, it’s ability to connect different devices is a good-to-go option, we bet.

Price: $35.88

Where to Buy: Amazon

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Motorola Edge For Usa Undercuts “Plus” By $500

Motorola Edge for USA undercuts “Plus” by $500

The North American release of the unlocked Motorola Edge was revealed this week for $500 less than its predecessor. The Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge+ both have the same display panel – the most impressive part of the phone. It’s just the cameras and the processor that you’re going to have to look at when deciding whether you’d like to pay $499 or $999 for a new mobile smartphone.

We just reviewed the Motorola Edge+ here on SlashGear, giving it a relatively high rating which holds just so long as you’ve purchased the smartphone with a protective case. The Motorola Edge and Edge+ both look exceedingly similar, and indeed likely act very similar, if judged by the average user.

The differences will be small for a user that’s only interested in the curved display. The display is just as curved on one as it is on the other – they’re the same panel size. The Motorola Edge and Edge+ both have OLED capacitive touchscreen tech with 6.7-inches of high definition panel.

Both panels have 1080 x 2340 pixels, both have 95.9% screen-to-body ratios. Both roll with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to protect said panels, too. The only real difference in the panels is the Edge has HDR10 and the Plus has HDR10+ – the difference between the two in that arena is likely negligible.

The Edge has a Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G (7 nm) chipset, while the Plus has a Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 (7 nm+) chipset. The higher-end chipset allows the Plus to work with a 108MP f/1.8 aperture wide-angle lens main camera with OIS. The standard Edge works with a 64MP wide-angle lens main camera with the same aperture, but no OIS.

The Edge maxes out at 4K video with 30fps or 1080p with 60fps, while the Plus has the ability to capture 6K video at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps. The Plus also works with gyro-EIS for video, making it capture a much more instantly-stabilized product.

The Edge has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, while the Plus has all of that PLUS Wi-Fi 802.11 6. The one place where the Edge has a specification that’s better than the Plus is in its microSDXC card slot. This slot is shared with a SIM card slot, which isn’t always ideal, but the Plus has no storage expansion at all – so there!

The Edge in its least expensive configuration has 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage (with storage expansion) and UFS 2.1. There’s also a configuration with 128GB internal storage and 6GB RAM. The Edge+ has a single iteration with 256GB internal storage with 12GB RAM and UFS 3.0.

Both versions of the phone have USB-C, but the Edge is 2.0, while the Plus is 3.1. The Edge has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor – the Plus has all of those plus a built-in compass and barometer.

The Edge has a 4500mah battery and fast charging 18W. The Edge+ has a 5000mAh battery with fast charging 18W as well as fast WIRELESS charging 18W and reverse wireless charging capabilities (at 5W).

While we’d really need to have both phones in-hand at the same time to truly judge the differences between the two, it’s clear there are some major reasons why you’d want to choose one over the other. Are the differences between the Edge and the Edge+ worth TWICE the full price of the phone? That’ll be a tough nut to crack.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Hands

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom hands-on with photo examples

This week SlashGear has had the opportunity to have an up-close-and-personal look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, taking photos and a bit of video as we did so. What you’ll see here is the machine’s ability to capture high-quality media in several different situations both light and dark, indoors and out. We’ll also be getting to a full-on comparison run-down of this machine with the abilities of the Samsung Galaxy Camera as well – but for now, the smaller and newer of the two.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom takes the body of what’s essentially the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and applies one big fat camera to its back. That’s not to say that this machine is fat – not by a long shot. It’s a bit thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Camera and feels like a whole different ball game in practice.

This device boasts a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display on its back with a lovely piece of Gorilla Glass 3 to keep it all safe. While the touchscreen interface can control the majority of the bits and pieces you’ll be working with on this machine, you’ve also got a physical home button, back and menu buttons below the display (or to the right, depending on the orientation of the device when you’re holding it.)

Up front of this machine you’ve also got a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor with optical image stabilization working with 24-240mm 10x optical zoom, this paired with a F3.1-F6.3 lens with a Samsung Zoom Ring. We’ll get into the abilities of this ring as we move along into the full review – for now you’ll be glad to know that this ring’s abilities are not just limited to zooming in and out.

As it was with the Samsung Galaxy Camera, so too do you get a physical camera shutter button here. This device is made on one hand to be a phone – and it certainly looks the part from one side – and on the other a camera.

While you’ll get another healthy set of hands-on photos of this machine via Chris Davies from earlier this year in London, we’re kicking out the photo examples here and now. We’ll begin with a lovely macro photo of some wood.

As with the majority of the photos taken in this article, the above is snapped with the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s back-facing camera. As the above was taken with Macro mode, below you’ll see a shot taken from afar using the device’s Landscape mode.

While we’re in the graveyard, it makes sense to get outdoorsy with several shots both close and far away with a near “magic hour” timing. These photos were taken mostly with the camera’s smart auto mode, selecting the modes based on the suggestions of the software.

Next you’ll see two shots, one from afar, one up close. Closer, that is. These shots are taken from the same location in a department store, one of them with the lens working with no zoom whatsoever, the other at 100% zoom – 10x zoom, that is.

You’ll see a photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’s flash on full blast next, taken of a wheel of a cart with a bit of dirt on it.

Finally you’ll see a collection of odd shots – both up close and afar, with the photos showing the Galaxy S4 Zoom taken in mirrors. The photo of my face (me, Chris Burns, that is), was taken with this machine’s front-facing camera. It’s surprisingly good, don’t be alarmed.

Let us know what other subject matter and situations you’d like us to dive in on and we’ll deliver! This is only the first step in a full review process for this machine that’ll take the previous king Samsung Galaxy Camera to the cleaners!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hands-on: yes, it is a phone too

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, you’ve got another dare to guess from the manufacturer – is it a tablet, or is it a smartphone? In this case you’ll not be able to tell based simply on the device’s ability (or inability) to make phone call as, yes, you can indeed do so with the 3G international release. Inside the United States we’re not quite going to be so lucky to have such an oddity on our hands as an 8-inch display-toting smartphone, at least not at first: we’ll have to settle for the strict tablet iteration.

This device is a Galaxy Note – Samsung’s brand for a line of devices that in some cases are closer to smartphones, in some cases much more a tablet. The Galaxy Note 8.0 works with an 8-inch WVGA (1280 x 800 pixel resolution, 189PPI) and working with TFT LCD display technology, mind you. This device has a 1.6GHz quad-core A9 processor for all your next-generation processing action, and you’ve got a couple of cameras on it as well – 5 megapixels on the back, 1.3 megapixels on the front.

Backing up that processor inside you’ve got 2GB of RAM, either 16 or 32GB of built-in storage, and a microSD card slot able to work with up to 64GB cards. The 3G version of this device is 210.8 x 135.9mm small with 338g of weight on it – this version also works with A-GPS and GLONASS. You’ll also of course be working with wifi, Wi-Fi Direct, BlueTooth 4.0, and AllShareCast. You’ve also got an IR-Blaster and Smart Remote to control any TV – not just the smart ones!

You’ll be working with a couple of new versions of apps, the first being the already popular but soon to be Samsung extra-excellent Awesome Note. There’s also a brand new exclusive Flipboard app made specifically for the Galaxy Note 8.0, complete with pop-up previews when you hover over blocks with your S-Pen. You can work with Popup Note, Popup Video, and Air View is active right out of the box as well. Essentially all the best bits of the Samsung Galaxy Note software experience can be found here, with some extra sugar on top.

Some of that sugar comes in the form of some new WACOM technology allowing your S-Pen to control not just the elements inside your display, but the Back and Menu buttons below it as well. Just like you’ve always wanted! This device works with Dual View as well as Reading Mode. This brand new Reading Mode you’ll have transformed your Galaxy Note 8.0 into an e-Book with optimized settings for the most well-balanced e-reading experience on any Galaxy Note device yet revealed.

You’ll also note that the design language from the Galaxy S III – and the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy Note 10.1, and so on, continues here with the Galaxy Note 8.0. This device works with the same white back and front, same silver rim, and even a rather similar thinness as the newest handset Note (the Galaxy Note II, as shown here.) This device is as similar to the Galaxy Note II as the Galaxy Note II is to the original Galaxy Note – it’s just growing up!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available in the second quarter of 2013 across the planet – or just in the following places, as it were: EUR, SWA, CHN, SEA, KOR, NA, MEA, LA, TW. The United States-based release will be coming at some other time – neither the precise date nor the price have yet been revealed.

Have a peek at the rest of our Mobile World Congress 2013 coverage right this minute for more hard-hitting gadget action on a global scale!

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