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Although there are many great and free alternatives, Photoshop is still the most popular and powerful graphics editor, and the default choice of many designers, illustrators and photographers. If there’s a feature you need, but can’t find in Photoshop, don’t worry – countless scripts and plugins are available to help you extend and improve Photoshop’s functionality.

Here is a selection of 20 useful Photoshop plugins for designers. Photoshop Plugins For Mockups and Layouts 1. WebZap

If you’re a web designer, WebZap can make your life significantly easier. This plugin helps you create website mockups by providing layout guides and templates for the 960 grid. You can use it to generate placeholder text and choose pre-made interface elements to add to your website. Every element can be modified as a separate layer. WebZap can also create attractive previews of your design for showcases and presentations.

Key Features:

Requires Photoshop CS 5 or newer

Works both on OS X and Windows

Lets you create website mockups

Offers pre-made layouts

Generates dummy text (“lorem ipsum”) and UI elements (menus, buttons…)


Webbsy makes web design a breeze by converting your PSD files into HTML and CSS. You don’t have to markup your layers – Webbsy can automatically name them and export all design elements into CSS3. If something can’t be converted into HTML, Webbsy renders it as an image. It supports responsive web design by exporting to appropriate sizes for different devices. Webbsy lets you use Google Fonts in your designs, and can automatically export into formats for LESS, SASS, SCSS, Stylus, HAML, Slim and Jade.

Key Features:

Converts your PSD designs into HTML and CSS

Supports Google Fonts, LESS, SASS, SCSS and Stylus

Lets you export images from your project and choose their quality

Slices images, can export text elements

Requires Photoshop CS6 or newer, including CC

Price: $49, free 14-day trial available

3. Velositey 2

Velositey is an amazing plugin for creating mockups and prototypes. It uses presets and templates to streamline the design process. You can insert pre-made modules and modify them later, and let Velositey generate favicons and mapicons for your project. With Velositey, it’s possible to build an entire mockup in just one minute.

Key Features:

Choose pre-made elements and templates to create a mockup

Use a grid to position elements

Generate favicons and mapicons

Works in Photoshop CS6, CC and CC 2014

Price: Free

4. Elemente

Key Features:

Converts PSD into a WordPress theme

No coding required; just design a blueprint, conversion is automatic

Lets you use templates and group elements

Exports clean, SEO-optimized code

Works only on 32-bit Windows

Supports Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC

Price: $99 for Personal plan, $199 for Developer plan, free trial available

Photoshop Plugins For Grids and Layers 5. GuideGuide

Key Features:

Create and save grids

Adjust guides and margins

Supports Photoshop CS5 and newer

6. Layrs Control 2

Layrs Control 2 is a practical solution for layer management, and it can come in especially handy when working on large, complex design projects with multiple layers. You can use this plugin to edit layer names, optimize your project by removing unused effects and empty layers, and flatten all selected layers. It’s also possible to rasterize smart objects and convert selected layers into smart objects.

Key Features:

Works with Photoshop CC & CC 2014

Rename and flatten layers

Remove empty layers and unused effects

Price: Free


This plugin simplifies converting Photoshop layers into CSS3 code. Just create your graphics in Photoshop, select desired layers and wait for the plugin to load the result in your default web browser. Supported properties include size, border radius, inner and drop shadow, inner and outer glow, as well as the usual font properties for text layers.

Key Features:

Works on Windows and OS X, requires Photoshop CS3 or newer

Lets you convert one or multiple layers to CSS code

Supports browser prefixes (-webkit-, -moz-, -ms-…)

Automatically calculates appropriate sizes and converts the layer size

Price: Free

8. UberColumns

Key Features:

Works on OS X and Windows, requires Photoshop CC or CC 2014

Splits text in a text layer into a desired number of columns

Automatically adjusts text if you resize the layer

Price: Free

Photoshop Plugins For Colors, Fonts and Effects 9. Swatchy

Swatchy is a small plugin that makes it possible to organize your color swatches into folders. This way you can save and easily access your color schemes, and preview colors you often use.

Manages swatches and lets you organize them into folders

Works on OS X and Windows

Requires Photoshop CC and CC 2014

Price: Free

10. MagicPicker

MagicPicker is a color management plugin that improves the existing color tools in Photoshop by adding helpful features. You can use options like Tone Lock to control the gamma of selected colors, and an enhanced Color Wheel tool with triangle, box, and diamond modes. It also helps you generate color schemes and offers a compact mode to save screen space.

Key Features:

Works on OS X and Windows

Supports Photoshop CC2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 and CS3

Lets you generate color schemes

Pick colors from an improved color wheel with 3 modes and tone locking

Choose only warm or cold tones from the palette

11. FilterForge

FilterForge is an incredibly powerful editor that can be used as a standalone application or a Photoshop plugin. You can use it to create your own photo effects and filters, and it gives you access to a huge online repository of user-submitted content. It supports seamless tiling for textures, and filters can be rendered in any resolution. Every preset has several variations to choose from, so FilterForge should satisfy all your photo effects needs.

Key Features:

Works on both OS X and Windows

Lets you create your own filters, effects and textures

Choose from an online repository of filters

Generate maps and textures that support seamless tiling

Price: $399, free 30-day trial available

12. Eye Candy 7

Eye Candy 7 by Alienskin is a plugin that lets you choose from 32 effect categories and more than a thousand presets to apply to your graphics. You can use it to create your own effects and instantly preview changes applied to any layer. All effects are applied in a new layer, so your original artwork remains untouched until you decide to change it.

Key Features:

Create and apply realistic effects

Choose presets from a rich collection

Supports editing in a new layer to preserve your original design

Instantly preview effects

Works on OS X OS X 10.7 or newer, Windows 7 and 8

Requires Photoshop CS5, Elements 10 or newer

Price: $129, free trial available

13. Font Hero

Key Features:

Import, preview and organize all your fonts directly in Photoshop

Tag and favorite fonts to make searching easier

Support for web fonts

Works on OS X and Windows, requires Photoshop CC 2014

Price: $39

Some Other Photoshop Plugins 14. FlatIcon

FlatIcon is a popular stock resource, and this simple plugin lets you use their free icons directly from Photoshop. Selected icons are imported as vectors, which means you can freely edit them to suit your project.

Gives you access to thousands of free icons

All icons are available in fully editable vector format

Supports Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2014

Price: Free

15. QR Code Generator

This plugin does exactly what its name says – it generates QR codes as vector masks which you can edit and use in your designs. QR codes are generated in print quality with CMYK compatibility, so you don’t have to worry about that. The plugin supports several QR code types, including URL, SMS, business card, plain text and email.

Key Features:

Generates QR codes as images that you can modify

Supports several QR code types

Codes are optimized for printing and follow the QR code standard

The plugin works on OS X and Windows

16. TinyPNG

TinyPNG lets you export images to PNG and compress them to reduce their file size, but preserve transparency. It supports batch-editing and automatically converts images to sRGB if necessary. And it has a cute panda as a mascot!

Key Features:

Works on OS X and Windows

Supports Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2014

Lets you edit multiple images at once

Compresses PNG files while preserving transparency

Price: $40

17. Descreen

Descreen is a savior if you often use scanned materials in your design projects. It removes screen and moire (interference) patterns from scanned images using a precise Fourier transform method. Unlike other tools which rely on blurring, Descreen can preserve more details thanks to this approach. Recommended resolution for scans is between 600 and 1200 pixels/inch.

Key Features:

Supports Photoshop from version 7.0 and CS to CS6 and CC

Removes screen and interference patterns from scanned images

Works on Windows and OS X

Price: Home Edition €15, Professional Edition €75

18. Perfect Resize

Key Features:

Lets you enlarge, crop and straighten photos

Optimizes photos for printing

Supports resizing many photos at once

Works on Windows 7 & 8 and OS X 10.8 – 10.10

Requires Photoshop CS6, CC, or CC 2014 (also Elements 11, 12, or 13)

Price: $79.95, offers a 30-day trial

19. Cover Action Pro

This plugin is perfect for book cover designers and anyone who needs to showcase their work in a professional, visually attractive way. Cover Action Pro converts your designs into 3D product shots; or rather, transfers them onto product models. You can use templates and guides, and choose from 25 categories containing more than 150 models, including books, binders, DVD boxes, greeting cards, business cards, magazines…

Lets you convert your designs into 3D product models

Offers templates and models

Developed for Photoshop CS6 and newer, but can work on CS5, CS4 and CS3

Automatic updates

Price: $147 or $247 with 60 designer templates

20. Avocode

No, it’s not a misspelled fruit. Avocode is a design collaboration and project management tool meant to bring designers and developers together. It lets designers upload their project via the Photoshop plugin, and developers can then inspect the design elements in the web interface or a standalone app. It’s possible to export layers as images, convert layers to CSS, Less, Sass or Stylus, get information about text formatting and layer dimensions. Avocode saves previously uploaded design versions on the server, so you can use it as a version control system for your project.

Key Features:

Easily share your designs via Photoshop plugin

Inspect the design in the web interface or in the app – works on OS X, Windows and Linux

Export layers as images, convert to CSS

Access previous versions of shared designs

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20 Best Youtube Growth Hacking Techniques

Growth hacking is the process of rapidly accelerating the growth of a business or organization through the use of unconventional tactics. And while it’s most commonly associated with startups, growth hacking can be used by any company – big or small – to achieve explosive growth.

Youtube has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. And while it may seem like an easy platform to grow on, a lot goes into becoming a successful YouTuber.

If you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level, you need to start growth hacking. In this blog post, we’ll show you 20 of the best YouTube growth hacking techniques that will help you get more views, subscribers, and engagement.

Before going into youtube growth hacks, learn how to create & set up a youtube channel in 4 simple steps.

Now, Let’s dive in!

Top 20 YouTube Growth Hacking Techniques

Here is the list of the top 20 YouTube growth hacking techniques for you, which you must know as a Youtuber;

1. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Create Compelling Content

This should go without saying, but it’s still worth stating. If you want people to watch your videos, you need to create content worth watching. This means creating videos that are informative, entertaining, and visually appealing.

The benefit of creating compelling content is two-fold. Not only will it help you attract more viewers, but it will also keep them coming back for more.

For example, if you run a beauty channel, you should create videos that teach your viewers how to do specific makeup looks. But you should also mix in some videos that are just for fun, like hauls or product reviews. This way, your viewers will always have something new and exciting to watch.

2. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Optimize Your Thumbnails

Make sure that your thumbnail is high-resolution and that it accurately represents the content of your video. It would help if you also experimented with different thumbnail designs to see which ones perform the best.

For example, you could try adding text to your thumbnail or using a close-up of your face instead of a full-body shot.

3. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Optimize Your Titles And Descriptions

If you want people to find your videos, you need to optimize your titles and descriptions for SEO. This means using relevant keywords and phrases people are searching for on YouTube.

Youtube Video – Title

The benefit of this growth hacking technique is that it can help you increase your organic reach and get more views.

For instance, let’s say you run a cooking channel and you want to rank for the keyword “vegan recipes.” You would need to include the keyword in your title, description, and tags to do this. You would also need to ensure that your video is about vegan recipes.

5. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Use Playlists

Playlists are an excellent technique to keep viewers interested in your content. By similar grouping videos, you can encourage viewers to watch more than one of your videos in a single sitting.

Not only that, but playlists can also help you rank higher in the search results. This is because YouTube prefers videos that are part of a playlist. The usefulness of this growth hacking technique is that it can help you increase your watch time and get more views.

For example, if you have a fitness channel, you could create a workout playlist that includes all of your fitness videos. Or, if you have a classical dance channel, you could create a playlist of your favorite dance performances.

6. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Use Annotations

Annotations are a great way to encourage people to watch more of your videos. Adding annotations to your videos can provide viewers with links to other related videos. This is a great way to keep people engaged and increase your watch time.

Annotations can help you increase your views and subscribers. This is because they can help promote your other videos and keep people watching your content.

For example, let’s say you have a dance channel and have just released a new tutorial video. You could add an annotation to the video that links to your other tutorial videos. This way, viewers can easily find and watch your other videos.

7. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Collaborate With Other YouTubers

One of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel is to collaborate with other YouTubers. This can help you reach a new audience and get more views.

When choosing collaborators, it’s important to ensure they have a similar audience to you. This way, you can be sure that their viewers will be interested in your content.

It’s also important to choose collaborators who you enjoy working with. This will make the process of creating videos more enjoyable.

The benefits of this growth hacking technique are that it can help you reach a new audience and get more views. It can also allow you to connect with several other YouTubers.

For example, let’s say you have a skincare channel and want to collaborate with another YouTuber with a similar audience. You could do a joint video where you review each other’s products. Or you could do a tag video where you answer questions about skincare.

8. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Use End Screens

End screens are a great way to keep people watching your videos. Adding end screens to your videos can provide viewers with links to other related videos.

End screens can help you increase your views and subscribers. This is because they can help promote your other videos and keep people watching your content.

For example, let’s say you have a gadget channel and have just released a new tutorial video. You could add an end screen to the video that links to your other tutorial videos. This way, viewers can easily find and watch your other videos.

9. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Make the Most Of Your Video Cuts

One of the best ways to keep people watching your videos is to optimize your video cuts. When editing your videos, it’s important to ensure that your cuts are seamless and flow well.

This will help keep people engaged and prevent them from getting bored or frustrated.

It’s also important to ensure that your videos are the right length. If your videos are too long, people will lose interest. But if your videos are too short, people won’t get the full value of your content.

Some of the video cuts types:

Fade in/fade out




For example, let’s say you’re editing a dance tutorial video. You could use a crossfade to transition between the different steps. Or you could use a wipe to reveal the next step.

10. Youtube Growth Hacking Technique: Using Quora And Your Blog To Boost Your Film’s Visibility

Quora is a great platform to promote your YouTube videos. This is because you can reach a new audience and get more views.

When promoting your videos on Quora, you must ensure that you’re providing value. You should only post links to your videos if they’re relevant to the discussion.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re not spamming. This means you should only post a few links to your videos and not post them all at once.

Promoting your videos on your blog is also a great way to get more views. This is because you can reach a new audience and get more exposure for your videos.

The benefit of this growth hacking technique is that it can help you reach a new audience and get more views.

For example, let’s say you have a travel channel and want to promote your videos on Quora. You could post a link to your latest video in a thread about travel tips. Or you could post a link to your video in a thread about the best travel destinations.

11. Youtube Growth Hacking Technique: How To Optimize Your Video’s Keywords

Optimizing your keywords is important so viewers can easily find your videos. When choosing keywords, it’s important to ensure they’re relevant to your video.

It’s also important to ensure you’re not using too many keywords. This will make your video seem spammy and get you banned from YouTube.

The benefit of this growth hacking technique is that it can help you get more views and exposure for your videos.

For example, let’s say you have a cooking channel and want to optimize your keywords. You could use keywords such as “cooking,” “recipes,” and “food.”

12. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: How To Use YouTube Video Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are using it as a platform to reach their target audiences. And while organic reach is great, sometimes you need a little boost to get your videos in front of more people.

🔴 Types of YouTube Ads

1. Display Ads:

2. Overlay Ads:

3. Skippable In-Stream Ads:

4. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads:

5. Bumper Ads:

6. Sponsored Cards:

Youtube Ads are an effective way to increase the reach of your videos and promote your channel.

13. Youtube Growth Hacking Technique: Check Your Analytics For Useful Insights

As a YouTube creator, tracking your analytics and understanding what your viewers are engaging with is important. This way, you can create content they’ll love and keep them coming back for more.

One way to get actionable insights from your analytics is to look at the watch time reports. This report shows how long viewers watch your videos, which can give you an idea of what type of content they enjoy.

If you notice that viewers are only watching your videos for a short time, you may want to consider creating longer videos or breaking up your content into smaller chunks. On the other hand, if viewers are watching your videos all the way through, you know you’re doing something right!

Another way to get actionable insights from your analytics is to look at the demographics reports. This report shows your viewers’ age, gender, and location.

This information can help decide what type of content to create. For example, if you notice that most of your viewers are female, you may want to create content that appeals to them.

If you want to get the most out of your YouTube channel, then it’s important to track your analytics and use the insights you find to improve your content.

14. Youtube Growth Hacking Technique: Your Video Content Must Be A/B Tested

If you want to improve the performance of your channel, then it’s important to A/B test your video content. This means creating two different versions of a video and testing them with a small group of viewers to see which one performs better.

A/B testing is a great way to improve the performance of your channel because it allows you to test different ideas and find the ones that work best for your audience.

15. Youtube Growth Hacking Technique: Attract A New Audience And Retain Your Current One With Hooks

A key metric for any YouTube channel is retention: Are viewers sticking around to watch your content, or are they hitting the back button after a few seconds?

There are many ways to improve retention on your channel, but one of the most effective is to create engaging thumbnails and titles for your videos.

Your thumbnail is what appears in the search results and on your channel page, so it’s important to make sure it’s eye-catching and relevant to the video.

Both thumbnails and titles are important for retention, so it’s important to spend some time testing different ideas to see what works best for your channel.

If you want to grow your channel, it’s important to focus on your existing subscribers. These people are already interested in your content and are more likely to watch your videos and share them with their friends.

There are many ways to keep your existing subscribers engaged, but one of the most effective is to create exclusive content for them. This could be something as simple as a behind-the-scenes video or a Q&A session with you and your team.

17. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Host A Live Stream

Live streams are a great way to engage with your audience and create exclusive content for them. They also have the added benefit of being unedited and unscripted, which gives them a feeling of authenticity that viewers crave.

Second, you need to have a clear purpose for your live stream. What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking to answer questions from your viewers or show them something specific?

Third, you need a backup plan in case something goes wrong. It’s always a good idea to have a pre-recorded version of your live stream that you can fall back on if things go south.

18. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Start Focusing On Watch Time

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, then you need to focus on watch time. This is the time people spend watching your videos, and it’s a key metric for YouTube.

There are many ways to increase watch time on your channel, but one of the most effective is to create longer videos. This doesn’t mean that you should pad out your videos with filler content, but you should try to create videos that are around 10 minutes long.

Another way to increase watch time on your channel is to create a series of videos. This could be a how-to series or a behind-the-scenes series that gives viewers a reason to return for more.

19. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Youtube Polls Hack

You can use Youtube polls to grow your channel and get feedback from your viewers about what type of content they want to see.

For example, you could ask your viewers what type of content they want to see more of, or you could ask them for their opinion on a particular topic.

20. YouTube Growth Hacking Technique: Make Customers Feel Appreciated

It also means being responsive to their feedback and trying to implement their suggestions where possible. After all, they’re the ones who are helping you grow your channel, and they should be rewarded for it.

For example, you could create a video thanking your subscribers for their support or give them a shout-out in your next video.


Growth hacking isn’t an entirely new thing. The marketing departments of social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn were also concerned with user growth and interaction.

Please keep in mind that the process will include a lot of examinations and hard work. It’s a complicated process that can’t be reduced to using one growth hacker for your firm and hoping for the best.

These are just a few YouTube growth hacking techniques you can use to grow your channel. Experiment with different tactics and see which ones work best for you. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your watch time!

If you’re interested in learning more about youtube marketing, you can check out the Digital Scholar’s Youtube Mastery Course

Thanks for Reading!

20 Best Ci/Cd Tools (2023 Update)

With many Continuous Integration tools available in the market, it is quite a tedious task to select the best tool for your project. Following is a list of top 20 CI tools with popular features and download links.

Best CI/CD Tools: Top Picks

15-minute configuration in clear & telling UI/UX

Lightning-fast deployments based on changesets

Builds are run in isolated containers with cached dependencies

Supports all popular languages, frameworks & task managers

Dedicated roster of Docker/Kubernetes actions

Integrates with AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, Azure, Shopify, WordPress & more

Supports parallelism & YAML configuration

2) Jenkins:

Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool. It is written using the Java programming language. It is one of the best Continuous Integration tools that facilitates real-time testing and reporting on isolated changes in a larger code base. This software helps developers to quickly find and solve defects in their code base & automate testing of their builds.


Provide support to scale out to a large number of nodes and distribute the workload equally among them

Easily updated with all OS and versions of Linux, Mac OS or Windows

It offers easy installation as Jenkins comes as a WAR file all you need to drop into your JEE container and your setup up ready to run.

Jenkins can be easily set up and configured with the help of its web interface

It’s can easily distribute work across several machines,

3) TeamCity:

TeamCity is a Continuous Integration server which supports many powerful features.


Extensibility and Customization

Provides better code quality for any project

It maintains CI server healthy and stable even when no builds are running

Configure builds in DSL

Project level cloud profiles

Comprehensive VCS integration

On-the-fly build progress reporting

Remote run and pre-tested commit

4) GoCD:

GoCD is an Open source Continuous Integration server. It is used to model and visualize complex workflows with ease. This CI tool allows continuous delivery and provides an intuitive interface for building CD pipelines.


Supports parallel and sequential execution. Dependencies can be easily configured.

Deploy any version, anytime

Visualize end to end workflow in realtime with Value Stream Map.

Deploy to production securely.

Handle user authentication and authorization

Keep orderly configuration

Tons of plugins to enhance functionality.

Active community for help and support.

5) Bamboo:

Bamboo is a continuous integration build server which performs – automatic build, test, and releases in a single place. It is one of the best CI tools that works seamlessly with JIRA software and Bitbucket. Bamboo supports many languages and technologies such as CodeDeply, Ducker, Git, SVN, Mercurial, AWS and Amazon S3 buckets.


Run parallel batch tests

Setting up Bamboo is pretty simple

Per-environment permissions feature allows developers and QA to deploy to their environments

It can trigger builds based on changes detected in the repository, push notifications from Bitbucket

Available as hosted or on-premise versions

Facilitates real-time collaboration and integrated with HipChat.

Built-in Git branching and workflows. It automatically merges the branches.

6) Gitlab CI:


GitLab Container Registry is a secure registry for Docker images

It provides APIs for most features, so it allows developers to create deeper integrations with the product

Helps developers to put their idea into production by finding areas of improvement in their development process

It helps you to keep your information secure with Confidential Issues

Internal projects in GitLab allow promoting inner sourcing of internal repositories.

7) CircleCI:

Circle CI is a flexible CI tool that runs in any environment like cross-platform mobile app, Python API server or Docker cluster. This tool reduces bugs and improves the quality of the application.


Allows to select Build Environment

Supports many languages like Linux, including C++, Javascript, NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby

Support for Docker lets you configure customized environment

Automatically cancel any queued or running builds when a newer build is triggered

It split and balance tests across multiple containers to reduce overall build time

Forbid non-admins from modifying critical project settings

Improve Android and iOS store rating by shipping bug-free apps.

Optimal Caching and Parallelism for fast performance.

Integration with VCS tools

8) Codeship:

Codeship is a powerful CI tool that automates the development and deployment workflow. It triggers automated workflow by simplifying pushing to the repository.


It provides full control of the design of your CI and CD systems.

Centralized team management and dashboards

Easily access debug builds and SSH which helps to debug right from CI environment

Codeship gives complete control over customizing and optimizing CI and CD workflow

It allows encrypted external caching of Docker images

Allows to set up teams and permissions for your organizations and team members

Comes in two versions 1) Basic and 2) Pro

9) Buildbot:

Buildbot is a software development CI which automates the compile/test cycle. It is widely used for many software projects to validate code changes. It provides distributed, parallel execution of jobs across different platforms.


It provides support for multiple testing hosts with various architectures.

Report kernel crashes of hosts

Maintains a single-source repository

Automate the build

Every commit build on mainline on an integration machine

Automate deployment

It’s Open Source

10) Integrity:

Integrity is a continuous integration server which works only with GitHub. In this CI tool whenever users commit the codes, it builds and runs the code. It also generates the reports and provides notifications to the user.


This CI tool currently only works with git, but it can easily mirror with other SCM

This CI tool supports numbers of notification mechanisms like AMQP, Email, HTTP, Amazon SES, Flowdock, Shell, and TCP.

HTTP Notifier feature sends an HTTP POST request to the specific URL

11) Strider:

Strider is an open source tool. Its written in chúng tôi / JavaScript. It uses MongoDB as a backing store. Hence, MongoDB and chúng tôi are essential for installing this CI. The tool offers supports for different plugins that modify the database schema & register HTTP routes.


Strider integrates with many projects like GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, etc.

Allows to add hooks to execute arbitrary build actions

Build and test your software projects continuously

Integrates seamlessly with Github

Publish and subscribe to socket events

Create and modify Striders user interfaces

Powerful plugins to customize default functionalities

Supports Docker

12) Autorabit:

AutoRABIT is an end-to-end Continuous Delivery Suite to speed up the development process. It is one of the best Continuous Integration systems that streamlines the complete release process. It helps the organization of any size to implement Continuous Integration.


The tool is specially designed to deploy on Salesforce Platform

Lean and faster deployments based on changes supporting all the 120+ supported metadata types.

Fetch changes from Version Control System and deploy them into Sandbox automatically

Auto-commit changes into Version Control System directly from Sandbox

13) Final builder:

FinalBuilder is Vsoft’s build tool. With FinalBuilder there is no need to edit XML, or write scripts. You can define and debug build scripts when it schedules them with windows scheduler, or integrate with Jenkins, Continua CI, etc.


It presents build process in a logically structured, graphical interface

It includes try and catch actions for localized error handling

It provides tight integration with the Windows scheduling service, which allows builds to be scheduled

FinalBuilder supports more than a dozen version control systems

It provides support for scripting

The output from all actions in the build process is directed to the build log.

14) Container Registry:

Container Registry is a CI tool that automates builds and deploys the container. It is one of the best Continuous Integration servers which creates automated pipelines which can be executed through the command line interface.


Fully integrated with Github & Bitbucket

Use Container Registry CLI for faster local iterations

Execute builds concurrently to keep your team moving

Run parallel tests to reduce wait time of your team

Integrate with 100s of external tools

Receive system notification in product and by email

15) Buildkite:

The buildkite agent is a reliable and cross-platform build runner. This CI tool makes it easy to run automated builds on your infrastructure. It is mainly used for running build jobs, reporting back the status code and output log of the job.


This CI tool runs on a wide variety of OS and architectures

It can run code from any version control system

Allows to run as many build agents as you want on any machine

It can integrate with the tools like Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire and more

Buildkite never sees source code or secret keys

It offers stable infrastructure

16) Semaphore:

Semaphore is a continuous integration tool that allows to test and deploy your code at the push of a button. It supports many languages, framework and can be integrated with Github. It can also perform automatic testing and deployment.


Easy process for setup

Allows automatic parallel testing

One of the fastest CI available in the market

It can easily cover number of projects of different sizes

Seamless integration with GitHub and Bitbucket

17) CruiseControl:

CruiseControl is both CI tool and an extensible framework. It is used for building a custom continuous build process. It has many plugins for a variety of source controls, build technologies which include email and instant messaging.


Integration with a many different Source Control systems like vss, csv, svn, git, hg, perforce, clearcase, filesystem, etc.

It allows building multiple projects on single server

Integration with other external tools like NAnt, NDepend, NUnit, MSBuild, MBUnit and Visual Studio

Provide support for Remote Management

18) Bitrise:

Bitrise is a Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform as a Service. It offers Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery for your entire team. It allows integrations with many popular services like Slack, HipChat, HockeyApp, Crashlytics, etc.


Allows to create and test workflows in your terminal

You get your apps without the need of manual controls

Every build runs individually in its own virtual machine, and all data is discarded at the end of the build

Support for third party beta testing and deployment services

Support for GitHub Pull Request

19) Urbancode:

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a CI application. It combines robust visibility, traceability, and auditing feature into a single package.


Increase frequency of software delivery by automated, repeatable deployment processes

Reduce deployment failure

Streamline the deployment of multi-channel apps to all environments whether on-premises or in the cloud

Enterprise level security and scalability

Hybrid cloud environment modeling

This CI/CD Tools provides Drag-and-drop automation


CI/CD Tools are the software applications that help users efficiently integrate the code and develop the software build. These tools help developers to automate the software development process with ease. CI/CD tools also allow teams to integrate with other tools for efficient teamwork and collaboration.

Here is a CI/CD tools list of the best tools which support Continuous Integration:








IBM UrbanCode

Best continuous integration (CI/CD Tools)

Name Features Link

Buddy • Supports all popular languages, frameworks & task managers Learn More

Jenkins • It’s can easily distribute work across several machines, Learn More

TeamCity • Extensibility and Customization Learn More

Top 8 WordPress Caching Plugins – Webnots

Why Do You Need Caching Plugin?

WordPress is based on PHP scripting, which requires server-side processing. If there are hundreds of people who access your website at once, the performance will suffer. So it is necessary to speedup your WordPress site to retain the users on your site. Caching plugin is a good way to ensure that your website will load faster. After installing caching plugin, it will generate static HTML pages, which will be saved on the server.

Caching plugin renders PHP scripts into much simpler static HTML page that can be transferred to your browser, without any kind of server-side processing. So try out one of the WordPress caching plugin and improve the page loading time of your site.

Top 8 WordPress Caching Plugins

Here are WordPress caching plugins that you may choose:

WP Fastest Cache

W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Rocket

Comet Cache

Cache Enabler

Hyper Cache

SG Optimizer

1. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a free plugin with plenty of features that you can use. The developer claims that WP Fastest Cache is the simplest and fastest among WP Cache plugins. It assures faster browsing experience for the audience. It’s very easy to use and set up. WP Fastest Cache doesn’t provide support for WordPress Multisite. Features of the plugin includes:

Based on the high performance mod_rewrite technology

Automatic deletion of cache files when pages are published

Support for SSL, Cloudflare and other popular CDNs

Option to enable or disable cache for mobile users

Cache timeout for particular pages

Minify HTML, CSS and combine CSS/JS files

2. W3 Total Cache

Features includes:

Allows multi-level of caching with pages, database and object caching

Exclude page, directories, user agent and referrer groups from serving cached pages

Yoast SEO, Cloudflare, AMP and SSL support

Multiple security features

W3 Total Cache is one of the caching plugins that offer complete minification of JS and CSS files for free. With most other plugins, you need separate minification plugins like Autoptomize or Fast Velocity Minify. You can combine files and defer JS to get rid of render blocking issues to get high speed score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

3. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a free plugin that’s easy to configure for beginners. It’s an efficient plugin that serves visitors with static HTML up to 99 percent of the time. WP Super Cache uses three ways to speed up access – legacy caching, mod_rewrite and PHP-based severe static pages.

WP Super Cache support the following features:

Support for CDN

Easy installation and setup

Scheduler to delete cached pages regularly

Dynamic caching and page compression

Settings access with REST API endpoints

Garbage collection options

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a paid cache plugin with rich features. Upon activation, WP Rocket will be launched upon activation and deliver immediate results. Based on some studies, WP Rocket is among the fastest in performance with support for concatenation, JavaScript minification and CSS. WP Rocket is available for $39 for one website. Features includes:

High performance capability with GZIP compression, page caching, static file compression, cache preloading and lazy image loading

Immediate activation of page caching

User friendly and simple interface

Quick tech support and Cloudflare integration

5. Comet Cache

Comet Cache is an ideal caching plugin if you are running an e-commerce or membership-based website. It provides caching for each logged user. It implements browser caching using Apache server to increase the page loading speed and avoid multiple data round trips between browser and server. Comet Cache is free, but can be purchased with one-time fee for $39.

Server load monitoring and cache disabling to prevent caching during high load time

Cache statistics to help monitor the caching performance in a specific period of time

Supports for MaxCDN, CloudFront and other popular CDN networks

6. Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Cache Enabler is a light caching plugin from KeyCDN that requires minimal resources requirement. It creates static HTML website, which serve visitors efficiently. Cache Enabler has minimal configuration settings and includes all the essential features you will ever need. However, Cache Enabler is not ideal for mobile specific theme, because mobile-based layouts can be bypassed.

Provision to clear cache automatically or manually

Support multisite environment and custom post types

Extensive documentation with videos and screenshots

Free to use

7. Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is based on PHP scripting and it works well on high-end servers. Users can immediately enable Hyper Cache with default values. It includes a switch option for mobile theme that allows caching for mobile-based layouts.

Allow compression of even non-cached pages

You can host cache folder outside main WordPress installation to serve files from cookieless domain

Good support for responsive themes, including mobile themes

Support for bbPress and free to use

8. SG Optimizer

SG Optimizer is a special plugin only for those having accounts with SiteGround. This offers multiple functionalities like updating PHP version, enable HTTPS and caching of pages. There are three levels of caching – static, dynamic and memcached to optimize the speed of your WordPress site. You have also an option to exclude dynamic pages from caching.


High website performance is also an essential factor to increase your website’s ranking in search engine results. Caching plugin is essential if you want to have a faster website. You can install similar to any other plugins and immediately get real benefits from them. Remember your hosting company may not support all caching plugins, especially ones like W3 Total Cache, due to large number of directories created. Also some hosting companies offer their own caching solution like SiteGround. So, it’s a good idea to confirm with your hosting company before you try out something on your shared hosting server.

20 Best Visual Studio Code Themes You Should Use

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is arguably one of the best code editors out there. With its vast collection of community-supported extensions, you can use VS Code to fuel almost all of your programming needs. The app is available across Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it the perfect program to write code on, regardless of the operating system. One key aspect of VS Code is its customizability and robust theming capabilities. While the default themes are good enough, there are many other visually pleasing themes that you should not miss out on. Here are the 20 best Visual Studio Code themes you should try in 2023.

Best Visual Studio Code Themes to Try in 2023

1. Ariake Dark

2. Rosé Pine

Download Rosé Pine Theme

3. Celestial

Download Celestial Theme

4. In Bed By 7pm

In Bed by 7pm is a theme from the creator of widely used VS Code theme Night Owl (added in the seventh position on this list). As the name suggests, this theme is best suited for those who don’t often stay up late for coding sessions. This theme has excellent contrast levels to help you effortlessly differentiate various elements in the code.

Download In Bed By 7pm Theme

5. ReUI

If you’re searching for a VS Code theme, chances are, you’ve visited React JS’ official website at least once. If you fancy the color palette used in React website’s code snippets, the ReUI theme brings it to VS Code. The result is an aesthetic theme with colors that go easy on the eyes.

Download ReUI Theme

6. Horizon

Download Horizon Theme

7. Night Owl

Night Owl is a theme created with accessibility in mind. It offers a neat contrast for better readability, and the color scheme here is such that it would not feel uncomfortable to people with colorblindness. This theme meets the needs of those who often find themselves working late into the night.

Download Night Owl Theme

8. Andromeda

Andromeda is a theme with vibrant colors and a dark background. The developer has also created a variant of this theme with italic keywords that go well with fonts, including Operator Mono and Catograph Mono. There’s also a bordered variant if you like having a separate distinction between multiple tabs.

Download Andromeda Theme

9. Nord

Nord VS Code theme is based on Arctic Ice Studio’s Nord color palette inspired by the beauty of the arctic. One noteworthy part of Nord is that its color scheme even extends to popular third-party syntax extensions to offer you a unified experience. If you are someone who likes minimal setups, you will probably admire this theme. However, it may look a bit too pale in bright lighting conditions.

10. Tokyo Night

As the name hints, Tokyo Night is a theme that celebrates the beautiful night lights of downtown Tokyo. It intentionally sets many UI elements to low-contrast so as not to distract coders. The theme comes bundled with two additional variants, namely Tokyo Night Light and Tokyo Night Storm. In the theme’s listing, the developer recommends disabling semantic syntax highlighting from settings for best results. There are also configurations for disabling italics, brightening Codelens text, and customizing active and inactive borders.

Download Tokyo Night Theme

11. Mayukai Mirage

Download Mayukai Mirage Theme

12. One Dark Pro

Before VS Code went mainstream, the Atom code editor was the preferred choice of many developers, and there’s no denying that Atom’s One Dark theme looks great. If you miss Atom’s one dark theme, then One Dark Pro is what you need to install on VS Code. The creators of this theme have also included snippets in the listing to help you customize the colors and add italics to the UI.

Download One Dark Pro Theme

13. LaserWave

LaserWave is an 80’s synthwave-inspired theme with a warm retro look and feel. It currently supports Python, React JS, Angular, Ruby, Markdown, Java, C#, and Dart. If you’re looking for a theme that isn’t dark and works well with your lo-fi playlist, you won’t go wrong with LaserWave. It has a unique feel, and you are going to love it.

Download LaserWave Theme

14. Darcula

Darcula (not to be confused with the popular Dracula Official) brings the familiar Darcula theme seen on Jetbrains IDEs and Android Studio to VS Code. However, the creator points out that there are a few modifications in tow to deliver a better experience to programmers. You can use this theme for a unified experience if you use Jetbrains’ IDE offerings.

15. City Lights

Another great VS Code theme is City Lights that brings predominant matte dark blue tones. It supports over eight popular programming languages. While you try this theme, make sure you don’t miss out on the City Lights icon package with over 60 file-type icons. It is also available for other popular code editors such as Sublime Text and Atom.

Download City Lights Theme

16. Quiet Light

Download Quiet Light Theme

17. GitHub Theme

GitHub is an official VS Code theme that brings the GitHub experience to VS Code. If you like the look and feel of the code hosting platform, you will feel right at home on switching to this theme.

Download GitHub Theme

18. Brackets Light Pro

Brackets Light Pro ports Adobe’s Brackets code editor’s light theme to VS Code. If you’re someone migrating to VS Code from Brackets since Adobe has ended support for Brackets from September 1, 2023, you’ll enjoy using the Brackets Light Pro theme. The recommended fonts and icons for this theme are Fantasque Sans Mono and VSCode Great Icons.

Download Brackets Light Pro Theme

19. Aofuji Light

Aofuji Light is a minimal theme for VS Code. This theme is relatively new, and the syntax highlighting has been tested with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Markdown files. If you prefer light themes, you can give Aofuji Light a shot to see if it fits perfectly in your workflow.

20. Bluloco Light

Lastly, we have Bluloco Light theme. It is a fork of the One Light theme with a Bluloco color palette that’s visually pleasing. This theme looks good even when you have Apple’s NightShift mode enabled, as per the creator. It means the theme plays along well with a blue light filter.

Download Bluloco Light Theme

VS Code Themes to Rejuvenate Your Coding Experience

The 55+ Best Photoshop Brushes (Free & Paid)

There are an infinite number of ways you can use the best brushes for Photoshop. Brushes can give you total creative freedom and let you create any type of digital artwork you’d like. The default brushes in the program are an excellent start, but you may be longing for something different. Let’s look at some great free and paid brushes available to download and use with Photoshop’s Brush Tool.

Once you have downloaded a brush pack you like, you can easily install and use Photoshop brushes on your designs using this guide here.

The Best Free Photoshop Brushes

This free brush set of realistic clouds is excellent for photographers who often add or edit the skies in their images. The sky can make or break your photo, so it’s always good to have a set of cloud brushes in case you need to spruce up an image.

For any graphic designer, this free brush set with grunge textures like scratches and dust marks and border brushes will be a great addition to your projects. The textures are subtle enough that you can play with them and adjust them to your needs, and you can use the border brushes to make creative grunge-inspired borders or lines.

A brush set with stars and light flares is always a useful addition to your brushes, whether you’re a photographer adding stars to a night sky or a graphic designer adding them to your projects. This free set contains high-quality stars and light flares that will apply seamlessly to your work.

The rain effect seems simple, but it can be tough to master. Luckily, with these free brushes, you can just “paint” the rain onto your image. There are four different brushes, each with a different style of rain. Once you’ve added the brushes to Photoshop, you can even customize the direction of the rain falls and add motion blur to emphasize movement. 

This is a collection of one artist’s favorite brushes that they’ve made. This set has over 50 brushes of all different styles so you can try out anything from different paintbrush strokes to a stipple brush effect.

This popular brush set was created by a speed painter who often creates gothic paintings in Photoshop. These brushes, then, are perfect for painting dramatic, spooky scenes. The set is well-rounded, with some softer brushes and some bolder ones.

This unique brush set contains 10 different burn marks, like the one above. Each one contains fine details that add to the realism of the effect, and some even have burn “holes” that you can layer images or graphics underneath. 

This free set of thin, pointed brushes is perfect for adding grass (or even hair or fur) to your image or artwork. The brushes vary in thickness and consistency: some brushes are smooth, while others are more textured, like a line from a pencil. This gives you tons of control over how your grass turns out.

This free set contains 12 brushes with a dry brush stroke appearance. In other words, the “paint” looks like it has been applied to a dry canvas with varying levels of thickness. The texture in each stroke is so naturalistic you can see the effect of the excess paint.

This is a massive set of brushes with a ton of variety – incredibly, it’s offered for free! These brushes are perfect for drawing and working with landscapes and environments. There are all sorts of different textures, widths, and levels of hardness in this brush set. You’re sure to find something useful.

The Best Photoshop Brushes For Drawing & Sketching

This paid set contains 15 pencil-style brushes, including both hard and soft lead styles, and even brushes perfect for sketching or stippling. Some are smooth, while some have a more inconsistent texture, like a pencil with an uneven lead tip. The variety in this pack is perfect for artists just starting their sketching journey, as it has a bit of everything you’d need.

This free brush set contains brush strokes that appear to be made on different canvases. Each stroke has a different style – some are thick and vivid, like the line from a marker, while some are softer and less consistent. These brushes will give you the effect of working on a textured canvas.

While Photoshop already comes with a few brushes that can simulate a pencil effect, this free set of pencil brushes gives you even more options. The set comes with six high-resolution pencil brushes, each an authentic representation of a different style and texture of pencil.

Another free set of unique brushes, these colored pencil brushes create high-quality strokes with the same consistency you’d see in a real colored pencil.

This paid brush set, created by a character designer for Disney, contains excellent-quality brushes that recreate different types of ink pens. There are different consistencies, from grainy to smooth, that any graphic designer can certainly find use in.

The same creator of the pencil brushes listed earlier also created this useful free brush pack that contains an assortment of ink pen and marker styles. There are different strengths here, so you can either build up a stroke with a light brush or go straight in with one of the bold, harder brushes.

Another excellent set of brushes that look like markers, these inexpensive paid brushes by Food-For-Crows create textured marker strokes in different strengths and consistencies. These are the perfect brushes to use if you’re trying to emulate the look of a marker on paper.

This is another set of high-quality pen brushes, specifically in the ballpoint pen style. An inexpensive pack from the same creators as the Marker brushes above, the pack contains several brushes representing different widths and ink consistencies. The brushes create a hyper-realistic look that replicates ink on paper and allows for any kind of sketching.

The Best Photoshop Brushes For Manga

This is a great starter set of brushes perfect for drawing in the Manga style. The set contains a comprehensive selection of brush styles commonly used in Manga, all of which are high-quality and easy to use. The set is very cheap, at just $3!

This is a set of one digital artist’s favorite brushes he’s created and customized. There is an array of styles, from brushes fit for sketching to smooth brush strokes to strokes with more texture. There are even a few experimental brushes you can play around with. The set is paid but inexpensive and well worth it for the variety you get!

When drawing Manga, you may want to add a few effects to the face and eyes to highlight different emotions. This paid but inexpensive set has several different styles of eye highlights, and you can easily stamp them on the eyes in your project to apply.

These paid brushes are perfect for shading and coloring in Manga and comics. There are 100 brushes in different shades and textures, allowing you to find the exact one you need for your project.

The Best Photoshop Brushes For Textures

This free pack is full of brushes that look like fabric. As you can see in the image above, each brush looks like a different style of fabric, with a different pattern and grain. There are fabrics that appear more rough and scratchy and ones that appear softer and smoother. It’ll be fun to try out the different fabric textures in this pack.

This is a gorgeous collection of grunge-inspired textures and texture brushes. Professionals design the high-quality set, and while it used to be a paid set, you can now download it for free! In the pack, you’ll get eight different brushes with various gritty, textured appearances to help you add a grunge look to your work.

These brushes may not be the cheapest on this list, but you get 90 different textured brushes, which are undoubtedly some of the best quality. The fine details in each brush add the perfect texture, and you can paint over areas repeatedly to build up the effect.

This paid kit is full of vintage and aged textures to give your project the perfect retro look. There are brushes with noise, grit textures, and even folded paper textures like in the above image. The brushes are excellent quality and well worth the price.

From leaf textures to tree bark and wooden rings, this paid brush set contains tons of different textures taken straight from nature – literally! The creators of this brush set pulled the textures from natural objects they found outside, so the effect is as lifelike as it gets.

Another great set of vintage-looking textures, these paid Vintage Atomic brushes give a gritty, raw feel to any project. There are many options to choose from, each with a different level of roughness, so you’re sure to find the perfect brush in this set to create a worn, grunge style.

Another unique texture you can use in your work is the marble texture. The marble effect is a beautiful and fun style to play with, and this set containing 20 handmade brushes is free to download and use.

For anyone looking for denim textures, this set has a selection of different grains and styles of denim to choose from. Because these brushes are high resolution, you get the most true-to-life appearance possible. The best part is that the set is completely free.

The Best Photoshop Brushes For Shading

This paid set contains an array of brushes and textures made for digital artists, several of which are perfect for shading. The brushes are in a vintage style and thus are especially useful for any antique or retro-styled projects.

This free brush pack comes with 40 natural watercolor brush strokes in a variety of styles and hardness. For anyone who uses Photoshop to make digital artwork, shading can be a challenging aspect to master, and using watercolor-style brushes at a low opacity is a great way to blend and shade with ease.

Similar to the watercolor brush set, this brush set creates strokes like a paintbrush with oil paint. These brushes are light and buildable, which makes them perfect for rendering midtones while shading. The different strokes and intensities make this pack another excellent free addition to any artist’s brush set.

A set of charcoal brushes is a valuable and unique addition to your Photoshop brushes. Charcoal creates beautiful effects that you can easily recreate in Photoshop using this free set of 7 brushes. The brushes differ in texture and hardness, so using one of the softer brushes will give you the perfect consistency for shading.

Stipple shading is a unique way to render shading in a project using tons of tiny dots. While it usually takes quite a long time to make each dot, using the brushes from this paid set, you can create many small dots at once so you can shade much faster. 

Here’s another paid stipple brush set if you’re interested in trying out this method of shading. This pack by Eclectica provides 18 different stipple brushes. Each one is high-quality and makes it easy to try out the stipple effect on your projects.

The four basic brushes in this free pack are perfect for beginner artists just starting to grow their Photoshop brush collection. The style is similar to oil painting, so they’re particularly useful for anyone trying to shade or blend – just lower the opacity and blend away!

The Best Photoshop Brushes For Hair

This paid brush set contains over 50 brushes to make a fur, hair, or grass effect. The brush strokes have different edges representing different thicknesses and hair types, so you’re sure to find the one that works for you.

This paid kit, designed by professionals, comes with ten different hair strand brushes – you can see the various options in the image above. Each brush is high-quality and lets you create convincing strands of hair in one motion. 

These paid brushes create facial hair you can easily apply to faces in your work. The brush is specifically for images (requiring images with 72 DPI or higher). The high quality of the brushes means you’ll get photo-realistic effects each time.

This set may only have a few brushes, but the effects they create are perfect for creating hair while digitally drawing. However, using these brushes on images is not recommended, as the effect is not photo-realistic. Instead, the brushes make smooth strands perfect for comics or digital art.

These free fur and hair brushes are another great option for any digital artist, as they allow you to create realistic hair effects. There are different options for different hair and fur textures, and the brushes work especially well when combined.                         

Only one brush comes in this free set, but it does an excellent job of creating hair from scratch. You can even use this brush on photographs, like in the example image above, to add or lengthen someone’s hair. The brush is relatively smooth, so this may not be the best option for curly hair or creating small strands like flyaways.

This brush set comes with 15 high-quality brushes. The variety means you can create different hair styles and types, from straight to wavy to curly. The best part is the brush set is free to download and use!

This paid set contains 15 brushes perfect for filling or repairing areas of hair on an image. The brushes come in different textures, either with visible or more smooth strands. There are even a few brushes to add flyaway hairs for an extra realistic look. Using these brushes with a pressure-sensitive stylus is recommended for the best results.

This set of free brushes features 10 high-resolution graphics perfect for adding isolated sections of hair to images and digital art. The pack comes with curly and straight graphics, and you can easily add them to your image in whatever color you’d like by changing the color.

The Best Creative Photoshop Brushes

These gorgeous brushes are perfect for creating vibrant watercolor works. The paid pack comes with 15 brushes and even 15 flora and fauna PNG files to spruce up a project. The brushes are hand-drawn and high resolution, so they’ll make an excellent addition to any artist’s brushes.

Lightning can be tough to recreate accurately in Photoshop, but this brush pack makes it easy to add lightning to your project. With 43 different styles of lightning to choose from, you have many options to try out until you find the one you like best. The pack is free for non-commercial use, or you can purchase the brushes to use commercially.

This free pack comes with 15 flower brushes you can quickly stamp onto your project. Each is a different type of flower; you’ll get a rose, a carnation, irises, and more. The flowers are high quality and will apply seamlessly to your work.

Dispersion is a unique effect in which pieces of an object or image appear to be “dispersing” or floating away from the rest of the image. It adds an abstract, dreamy effect that you can easily recreate using this free brush set.

Watercolor splatters like the ones above can make an interesting and creative addition to your project. The effect you get from the brushes in this paid kit is so detailed and true-to-life that you can see the inconsistency in the color distribution across each splatter. 

These smoke brushes are the perfect addition to a photo, graphic design, or digital art project. The brushes are realistic and high resolution, with tiny details that will ensure the effect blends into your project seamlessly. The professional quality is well worth the low price.

This brush pack contains a set of snow effect brushes. The brushes are free to download and use. Each is a different size and shape, and you can further customize the settings in Photoshop to create the exact look you want.

If you’re looking to add a splash to your art, this free brush pack offers 11 different water splash effects for you to choose from. Each one is high resolution and easy to use – you simply stamp them onto your project wherever you’d like, and you can adjust them from there.

This free brush pack contains 15 different sun and light rays to add a bit of flair to your project. The effect is photorealistic, so you can even use these brushes on photographs for a natural look.

As you can see, there is a world of brush options to try out in your creative endeavors. Whether searching for a specific effect or looking for inspiration, you’re sure to find something interesting among these Photoshop brushes.

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