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Women and people of color are underrepresented in STEM fields, and this can change if all students feel they belong in STEM classrooms.

I met Dr. Judith Salley when I was a student at South Carolina State University, a historically Black university in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Salley was only the second Black educator I had encountered since second grade and the first Black female scientist I had ever interacted with. She asked me a question no one ever had before: “You know, Jackie, you really are excelling in my comparative anatomy class. Have you ever considered going into a science field?”

I hadn’t. For starters, my vision of a scientist came from central casting: White, male, usually over 50, with an unruly crop of gray hair and horn-rimmed spectacles. That wasn’t me. Plus, despite my obvious aptitude, no educator had ever suggested science as a pathway until that day.

I am far from the only female or Black student who only began to contemplate a future in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) in college. Women and people of color remain underrepresented in STEM-related professions: Only 29 percent of women held science and engineering jobs as of 2023, and only 13 percent of such jobs were held by “underrepresented minorities.”

Organizations like mine, chúng tôi are working to boost those numbers by making computer science and related subjects more engaging and accessible to all K–12 students, especially young women and underrepresented groups. Based on my teaching experience, here are four ways that teachers can engage and support students from diverse backgrounds in STEM classes.

1. Reflect Who They Are

Early in my career as an elementary school science teacher, I would spend hours searching for posters for my classroom’s walls. I wanted students of all races, genders, and faith traditions to see themselves in those images and to draw inspiration from them. One of my favorites featured Michael Jordan in his No. 23 Chicago Bulls jersey, accompanied by a quote explaining how his “failures” made him a better player.

What a missed opportunity. I was teaching science, not basketball. My students needed to see pictures of STEM professionals who looked like them, like Darryll Pines, a Black aerospace engineer who is now president of the University of Maryland, or Angela Benton, an entrepreneur whose name routinely appears on lists of prominent African Americans in the technology sector.

Students of color do not see many people of color in the STEM field. As they progress from high school to college, the numbers of their peers of color decrease, they often lack support from a community of their peers, and they often feel alone and discouraged. Surround your students with images of successful STEM professionals, and they’ll grow up knowing they can become one.

2. Elevate Their Voices

Classrooms should provide opportunities to learn other perspectives in an inclusive environment or space. They should be a place where students’ ideas are valued and respected, not dismissed as naive or idealistic.

Encourage debates inside the classroom. Seek input from students on problems in their communities that STEM can solve. Make space for students to present evidence from hands-on projects to their peers, explaining why their conclusion is the right one.

In my science classes, I’d routinely group students together to design investigations and develop and explain their conclusions. Then I’d encourage them to defend their work. My students used large whiteboards to capture their ideas and thoughts. They used these boards to explain their conclusions using pictures, words, and or symbols. They would call a “board” meeting, and we would gather in a circle and the students would present their findings to their peers. The discussions often became quite lively, especially when individual students disagreed with the group’s conclusions. These discussions built a community of learning where each student had a voice—and the chance to use it.

3. Leverage Their Experiences

There’s no place in STEM instruction for students to simply sit at their desks struggling to pay attention to a boring lecture. Science demands their action and participation. Real-world phenomena resonate with kids, which is why new resources like BrainPOP Science are using such phenomena to engage kids through scientific investigations.

Teachers can provide students with experiences that demonstrate the day’s lesson, then leverage those experiences to make learning come alive. Science can come alive in your classroom through a student’s lived experience. This requires some investigation on your part, for you to know where students live and their community.

When I was a STEM coordinator in Washington, DC, public schools, we embarked on a grade-wide STEM project. Students were placed into four groups representing the four quadrants of DC. Part of their project was to convince a non-DC resident which quadrant was the best to live in based on several factors, including the environment. Students tested water and soil samples, and we used simulations to manipulate large data sets. BrainPop provides this type of invaluable resource to the classroom. Students were able to connect their science classroom to their community.

4. Start With Their Teacher: You

Building an inclusive classroom begins with the teacher. Recognize unconscious biases and understand how your own educational experiences have impacted the way you teach STEM subjects. Acknowledge the lack of diversity in science. Call it out not only to build awareness, but to highlight the opportunities and possibilities that exist.

Kids, especially girls and students of color, shouldn’t have to wait until they’re in college to consider STEM as a career pathway. The first step in that process is making all students realize they belong in the STEM classroom—and workplace.

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4 Simple Ways To Reduce Holiday Waste

This post has been updated. It was originally published on December 24, 2023.

Taylor Swift’s “reputation” wasn’t her best album, but the pop star was onto something, scientifically speaking. On the last track, “New Year’s Day,” Swift sings about the aftermath of a holiday party. While the garbage in the track is really a metaphor for the refuse that old loves leave behind (I think), her description of the dark side of holiday cheer—the trails of glitter, mounds of candle wax, and discarded bottles—is all too real. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans pile up an incredible 25 percent more trash than they do during any other part of the year.

That holiday waste comes from a variety of seemingly small sources. Ribbon, which is mostly superfluous the other 364 days a year, is in high demand around Christmas time. In fact, one estimate suggests that each year 38,000 miles of ribbon is sold in the weeks surrounding December 25, which is enough to put wrap a bow around planet Earth. Similarly, sales for fake Christmas trees spike in December, as does the amount of green plastic fibers sent to your local dump in January. When you consider the other problems posed by squandered Christmas dinner leftovers or plastic-heavy Hanukkah gifts, the trash pile suddenly seems big enough to threaten your holiday cheer.

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But with a few small changes to your beloved traditions, it’s still possible to reduce your festive footprint.

Use recycled or recyclable wrapping paper

Though she couldn’t do much about holiday waste as a kid, these days she takes substantive steps to keep her wrapping paper in check. “A really hardcore zero waste person might say we don’t need wrapping paper at all, that we can get rid of it altogether. But I am someone who really loves tradition,” Ristow says. “So all year, I’ll save pretty papers that come my way: maybe a catalog, a page of the comics, or brown paper that comes with an online order.” In December, she transforms those odds and ends into wrapping paper. At the end of the day, she picks off the tape and recycles the rest. While she still spends part of the holidays surrounded by mounds of paper waste, Ristow says, it’s good to know it would have been recycled anyway, instead of stuff she bought just for the occasion.

Holiday cards are no different. Every Christmas, Americans send some 1.3 billion cards, according to Hallmark. If these are made of recyclable materials, it presents little problem for responsible disposal. But many cards have plastic appliqués, glitter, or other materials that can’t be salvaged. That’s why zero wasters recommend making your own cards from recycled paper or only buying cards made from recyclable or compostable materials. This is a good policy, but for those of us who already bought elaborate cards, there’s no need to despair. If you can, just separate the paper from the other elements, putting the paper in the recycling bin, and the rest in the trash.

Research Christmas tree disposal (and decorations too)

Every year since 1931, a Christmas tree has been placed in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Arguably the most famous Norway spruce in the world, the tree is erected just after Thanksgiving in a tree lighting ceremony broadcast on live TV and taken down in the first week of the new year. Given this year’s tree, a 75-foot looker from Oneonta, New York, is nearing the end of its reign over the skating rink, it’s time to ask, where will it go next? Turns out, the 12-ton titan will be donated to Habitat for Humanity—its timber transformed into a new home.

Unfortunately, the average American’s tree doesn’t do this much good. While anyone can buy a real tree from a Christmas tree farm (like the one Taylor Swift grew up on), the majority of Americans still turn to artificial trees. When a family decides to toss their fake tree, it’s usually sent to a landfill, plastic chemicals in tow. The tinsel it’s draped in gets discarded, too. There has been some heated debate around the carbon footprint of a fake tree, but one analysis suggests that unless you own the same fake tree for 20 years, a real tree (dressed in more sustainable decorations) is the better way to go. While Ristow isn’t getting herself a tree this year, she says Chicago and many other cities offer services that will turn your tree into mulch that can be used in parks and other green spaces around town. If you have the space, you can even replant the tree on your own property and cross your fingers it grows up to be as mighty as the Rockefeller spruce.

Minimize your holiday leftovers by composting or just cooking less

According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, a third of the food produced around the world for human eating gets lost or wasted. A third! In Europe and North America, the average person wastes well over 200 pounds of food in a year. Holiday feasts provide the very best leftovers—why let any of them hit the bin? Here’s a complete guide to reducing food waste this holiday season.

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Rethinking gift giving this year—and every year

Once you’ve tackled this year’s holiday waste, it might be time to start planning ways to make next year’s festivities even merrier. “Each year, I give myself some time to think through the gifts I can give that really truly be used,” Ristow says. While wrapping paper and Christmas trees pose a challenge, often the gifts we give go to waste, too. For her part, Ristow avoids giving plastic gifts, instead opting for consumables like nice cooking salts or homemade tea mixes. She and her friends swap books, ingredients, and other necessities instead of going for things that are particularly flashy. Ultimately, though, her gift goals are just like anyone else’s—she wants her gifts to go to good use.

While the holidays are clearly rife with opportunities for waste, Ristow says good intentions and good planning are what really matter. When the recycling bin is neatly organized and the trash can is mostly empty, it’s hard not to feel a sense of accomplishment. But if something goes wrong, she doesn’t “beat herself up.” Neither, for that matter, should you.

Top 4 Ways To Get Free Tiktok Coins

You probably have a favorite streamer on TikTok. Much like Twitch, you can gift them a token of your appreciation in the form of TikTok Coins. Something to note is that this virtual currency has no monetary value but is instead used to purchase virtual gifts.

Coins can be bought with real money, but there are a few ways to get coins for free. You just have to know the right approach. Be careful, though; there are a lot of scams centered around free TikTok coins.

Table of Contents

How to Buy TikTok Coins

You should first know how to buy coins the default way.

Open TikTok and select Profile, then go to






This will show your current coin balance. Tap



There are various lists of coin amounts and their associated cost listed out. Tap the amount you want to buy and then confirm the purchase on your mobile device.

There are seven different amounts you can purchase that gives an idea of the value of the coins:

65 Coins for $0.99

330 Coins for $4.99

660 Coins for $9.99

1321 Coins for $19.99

3303 Coins for $49.99

6607 Coins for $99.99

16500 Coins for $249.99

If you buy Coins for the first time while watching TikTok live content, you get a Welcome Pack. This is a $0.99 package that provides 65 Coins plus 45 extra, an 80% discount on a unique gift, and a badge that appears next to your TikTok name for 24 hours.

You can buy coins through a bank or PayPal account, with a credit card, or with Google and Apple Pay.

What Are TikTok Coins For?

The other primary use for TikTok coins is in post promotions. If you want to boost a specific video and get it in front of many people, you can use the TikTok Promote feature. This feature costs different amounts based on the time you want the promotion to run and your target number of views.

How to Get TikTok Coins for Free

The first thing to note is that none of these methods is guaranteed. TikTok relies on coins to generate revenue, so giving them away for free is an uncommon event. Still, some users have reported success through these methods, so feel free to try them – but be cautious and know the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

1. TikTok


The first and simplest way is to receive them as gifts. Users can send coins to someone else, but you have to invest time and make content that will invite people to send you coins. Ask yourself: is the time it takes to do that worth the small amount you’d save?

2. TikTok Challenges

Participating in TikTok challenges is a bit like receiving a gift; if your TikTok videos are funny enough, someone might send you coins as a tip. Challenges come through on a somewhat routine basis – typically the latest trend that’s front and center on TikTok. A few of these in the past include the ill-fated milk crate stacking challenge and the cinnamon powder challenge.

3. Grow Your TikTok Followers

TikTok coins are meant to be a way of supporting your favorite users. So if you can create a steady flow of content and grow your TikTok followers, you’ll naturally receive more coins whenever you do live content.

4. TikTok Coin Hacks

Before we explain this, a caveat: this is not an officially supported method and can result in a ban. Various third-party apps (mostly for Android platforms) let you game the platform and produce coins for free. TikTok has begun to crack down on these tools, and many people are temporarily or permanently banned from using them. Since coins are the in-app currency, using these tools is essentially theft or fraud.

The TikTok Coin Adder is one tool. Enter your username, choose the coins you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be asked to download apps and create accounts on both, after which you’ll be rewarded with TikTok coins.

While there’s no surefire way to get TikTok coins for free, the best bet is to just participate. Don’t worry about getting coins – just have fun using TikTok and participating in the community.

4 Best Ways To Uninstall Pc Battery Driver

4 Best Ways to Uninstall PC Battery Driver Using a dedicated tool is one of the easiest solutions




Uninstalling the battery driver can be extremely useful if you encounter

problems while charging your PC.

There are a few easy methods you can try to uninstall your driver, and this article is going to show you some of the best.

Using Windows internal features allows you to manually perform the battery driver removal.

A dedicated software will not only enable you to resolve this problem quickly, but will also prevent similar problems in the future.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the battery driver on your PC might be an efficient option if your device has become corrupt.

Fortunately, there are some valuable options you should consider to uninstall drivers on Windows 10 operating system.

What happens if you disable the battery driver?

Before anything else, we do not recommend disabling or uninstalling the battery driver. Remember that drivers are the link between software and hardware, so disabling this driver may mean the battery stops functioning normally.

That said, here is what to expect after disabling the battery driver:

You will have to keep your computer plugged to direct current, as you may no longer get status warnings for the battery.

Some battery issues may be resolved if this driver is disabled and updated.

Your computer will continue to consume power battery until it is exhausted.

And remember, if you were wondering What happens if I uninstall battery driver in Windows 10, the results are more or less the same. Just make sure to have the laptop plugged in before you do that, and install the new drivers right away.

Now let us consider the best ways of uninstalling this driver.

How do I uninstall battery drivers? 1. Use Device Manager

If you see more than one Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery alternative, you should perform the same action for each of them.

2. Roll-back to a previous driver

This alternative will automatically remove the current driver for your device and reinstall the previous one. Since the process will uninstall the current battery driver.

3. Use the Control Panel 4. Try third-party software

Using the help of third-party software can also do an extremely efficient job. Moreover, it can be less time-consuming than the manual methods presented above.

It can quickly scan your system for all installed programs and let you choose several at once for removal.

Thus, it will free up valuable space and ensure you don’t run into troubles when installing a newer version of the same software.

Uninstaller helpers also provide a handy way to manage drivers or browser extensions and remove any app you don’t use.

Considering these aspects, what’s better than knowing you’ll have the support of high-quality software to uninstall drivers or programs quickly?

These were our suggested alternatives that will surely help you to uninstall the battery driver easily. You should consider that we selected some of the best.

For those trying to find out how to install a battery driver on a Dell laptop, there are a few manual methods to install drivers and some reliable third-party tools for the job.

Also, if you ever notice that your laptop battery is not charging, feel free to check a full guide on how to fix it.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Top 4 Ways Add Multiple Clips To Tiktok

As a creator, the experience of investing your blood, sweat, and tears into video production should be familiar to you. Especially during the nascent stages when you are unfamiliar with the various tools and options available within or outside the app that helps streamline content creation without breaking a sweat, well at least not more than necessary.

Integration of multiple clips into a single video is one such requirement that you come across quite often on the app, it could be while recording a video, say a transformation trend, or mashing up stray clips from the camera roll. In this article, let us dissect the various ways to add multiple clips to a TikTok video.

how to add multiple clips to TikTok: 4 ways explained

How to add clips to a TikTok video is a matter of conditions to be satisfied in the process. To be more specific, it depends on the famous what and how questions — what kind of clip do you want to add, a freshly recorded video or a prerecorded clip from the camera roll?

At what point in what mode do you wish to add the clips?  Based on the method involved, there are 4 ways to add multiple clips to a TikTok video.

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Method 1: How to record multiple clips on one TikTok video

Launch TikTok on your device. 

Tap Record to go to the create page.

You will see a red record button with a few settings labels below it. Choose the Camera setting. The camera setting allows you to record longer videos with multiple breaks or clips in between. Personalize the setting further with a time cap. To stick to the short video format, we shall pick the 15-second time cap for the recording.

Tap and hold the record button in red color to film your video. 

When you release the record button, you will see a red crescent outline around the record button, representing the length of the clip.

To add a new clip, tap and hold the record button again. Release it again to stop. Repeat the process as many times as necessary or allowed by the time setting. 

If you need to delete a clip you just recorded, then tap the Back arrow button.

And then tap Discard. The last clip will be deleted. Other clips won’t be deleted, of coure.

Record and repeat the process as many times as the time setting allows.

When done, tap the Checkmark button to save all the clips and go to the editor screen.

In the editor, you get the option to adjust the clips, that is trim the lengths of each component clip. To trim clips, tap Adjust clips on the right side.

To trim the beginning or end of the video as a whole, use the seek bar at the top of the panel.

To edit individual clips, tap the associated tile from the bottom tray.

Use the slider to trim the beginning or end of the clip short and hit the Tick button to save the trimmed clip.

Once you are done editing the clips, tap Save to go back to the editor.

Make all necessary adjustments and add embellishments like sounds, overlays, and effects. Tap Next to go to the furnishing page.

Add captions, and tags, and fine-tune the privacy settings. Tap Post to publish the video.

This method is for the instant manufacturing of videos with multiple clips. Filming clip by clip is one of the most popular techniques on TikTok to capture transition videos with before and after themes. Of course, that is only an instance of the true potential of the feature.

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Method 2: How to upload multiple clips on TikTok create page

Launch TikTok on your device. 

Tap Record to go to the create page.

Tap the Upload sticker.

You will be redirected to the camera roll. Select the videos and photos you want to combine from the library. Tap Next to import them.

In the sync and trim editor that followers, change the settings to Default.

Trim the clips as one solid video on the main seek bar at the top of the panel.

You can also edit the clips individually which can be done by tapping any of the individuals; tap any of the clips available in the timeline tray below.

Clip the beginning or tail ends of any of the available clips using the sidebar. Note that this is the only window for trimming the clips that are uploaded from the camera roll to TikTok. So, make the best use of the feature to avoid delayed regrets.

Tap Next on the trim editor to go to the main editor.

Add overlays, effects, sounds, and other edits as you see fit and hit Next.

Add captions, and tags, and fine-tune the privacy settings. Tap Post to publish the video.

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Method 3: How to add multiple videos on TikTok greenscreen

Creativity is an unpredictable burst of fresh ideas that compel you to take new routes and untrodden paths. Like creating a video that is a combination of both prerecorded videos in the camera roll along with clips recorded right on the spot on TikTok cam. The 3D greenscreen effect on TikTok is the perfect tool to achieve this effect. Here is how you do it.

Launch TikTok on your device. 

Tap Record to go to the create page.

You will see a red record button with a few settings labels below it. Choose the Camera setting. The camera setting allows you to record longer videos with multiple breaks or clips in between. Personalize the setting further with a time cap. To stick to the short video format, we shall pick the 15-second time cap for the recording.

Now, tap the Effects sticker on the left side of the record button.

In the search box, enter “3D greenscreen”.

From the options, select 3D Greenscreen video.

A small greenscreen thumbnail appears at the center of the screen. Tap the plus icon on the panel to open the camera roll. You can also tap the green screen thumbnail to go to the camera roll.

Tap any video you wish to import to TikTok.

You get automatically redirected to the trim editor. Adjust the clip to set at what point it should begin and end. Tap Next to continue.

Back on the create page, the processed video appears at the center of the screen.

Pinch zoom it to adjust the aspect so that the video fills the screen completely. The screenshot below shows the imported clip pinch zoomed to fit the screen.

Long press the record button to record the clip. The clip brought over using the “green screen video” effect gets seamlessly recorded.

Tap Effect again. 

Tap plus icon to import a new clip from the camera roll, or tap the “No” icon to cancel the Green screen Effect the spot (without importing from the camera roll). To see how it works, let us go with the second option and cancel the effect to record a new clip using the app cam.

Back on the record page, long press the record button to film fresh content. 

Tap the round button with a checkmark to go to the editor.

Videos thus recorded cannot be further trimmed in the editor. However, the rest of the editing tools are all active. Use them to polish your videos and tap Next.

Add captions, and tags, and fine-tune the privacy settings. Tap Post to publish the video.

Method 4: How to add multiple clips to a TikTok video using a video editor app

There are many video editor apps that are convenient tools to edit and tweak your TikTok videos. For this guide, we shall go with the third-party editor — InShot Video Editor– which is available on both Play Store and App Store to see the steps.

Download and install Inshot from App Store. Tap Open to launch the app.

Tap Video on the landing page of the app to start editing.

Now, the app will ask for permission to access media from your gallery. Tap Select Photos to pick specific media from the camera roll, Allow Access to All Photos to give the app permission to use any media from your camera roll.

Select the clips from the library (multiple clips) and tap the green button with a checkmark inside to continue to the editor.

In the editor, you get a string of options to adjust the clips. Long press and drag a clip to rearrange the order of the clips on the timeline. At the same time, you can trim each individual clip to adjust the beginning and ending frames. To trim a clip, tap the seeker bar at the beginning or end of any component clip.

The pro (free) feature of Inshot (like most other editors) to the availability of a tool to trim a clip from the middle. This tool is called Split. Bring the seeker to the right point of time in the clip where you wish to split into two clips and tap SPLIT.

You can add overlays, texts, music, and other adjustments. Choose appropriate tools from the tools panel to make changes to the clips.

Hit the red Plus button to import new media from the camera roll at any point in time. Be mindful of the optimal video length for your TikTok video as editors might have you adding too many clips and elements to the content without noticing.

Once you are done editing, tap the box with an upward facing arrow button on the top right of the screen.

Select appropriate settings for video resolution, frame rate, and format and tap Save.

Once the video gets saved, launch the TikTok app and tap the Record button to go to the create page.

Now, tap the Upload sticker on the create page.

Select video from the camera roll and tap Next to continue.

On the trim editor page, use the seek bar to readjust the beginning and ending points of the clip. Since the video doesn’t have loose component clips, you can only trim it as one video in the editor. Tap Next to go to the editor. 

Make all necessary adjustments and add embellishments like sounds, overlays, and effects. Tap Next to go to the furnishing page.

Add captions, and tags, and fine-tune the privacy settings. Tap Post to publish the video.

How to add more clips to TikTok drafts

It is the worst-case scenario that you can imagine if you end up wanting to add a few key clips to a draft before publishing it. Thankfully, TikTok devs had the foresight to anticipate this sudden development and add more clips to a draft video. Let’s learn the ropes now.

On TikTok, tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Tap the draft you wish to further edit with new additions and hit Select.

The video opens in the regular editor. Hit the back button in the top left corner of the screen.

Select Continue recording from the options.

You will land on the record page with the already available clips stocked up in order to receive new recordings. Long press the record button to film new clips. You can even use the 3D green screen effect to bring over more content from the camera roll.

Tap the round button with a checkmark to go to the editor.

Add sounds, overlays, and effects as you see fit. Tap Next to go to the furnishing page.

Add captions, and tags, and fine-tune the privacy settings. Tap Post to publish the video.


Can you combine multiple clips on TikTok?

Yes, you can combine multiple clips on TikTok. One method is to film clips with pauses in between and integrate them as a single video. Another method used to combine clips is to upload separate clips onto the editor (on TikTok or using third-party apps) to merge them into one. Finally, you can even use some roundabout ways like using a special Effect available on the create page to use both prerecorded and freshly recorded content to combine them as a new unit. Follow our guide above to learn the hows.

How to record a video with multiple cuts on TikTok?

Recording a video with multiple cuts on TikTok boils down to which camera setting you have selected on the app. As long as you switch to the Camera mode from the Quick mode, and particularly stick to the video mode with acceptable time duration, you can record videos with as many clips as time allows.

How to add more than 35 videos on TikTok?

You can only add a maximum of 35 videos on TikTok while creating content on the Record page. Of course, you might encounter scenarios in which you need to add a few more than what is allowed. Well, if such circumstances crop up, then you have no choice but to resort to a third-party editor to add the extra clips.

The point to note here is that third-party apps also have a cap on the number of videos you can import at once into the editor, but they also show the add button to bring in another round of clips on top of the previous ones. This gives you the space to add, trim and edit clips which you can publish directly on TikTok once it is complete.

How to make a TikTok with multiple videos and pictures?

In short, uploading videos and pictures together on TikTok is just the same as uploading only videos on TikTok on the create page, and you can add as many as the maximum time duration or upload setting allows!


4 Ways To Use Experimental Features In Chrome – Webnots

Google Chrome is one of the popular and highly used browser both on Windows and Mac. If you use Chrome as a primary browser, then you don’t need to get bored with the same features. Google does some new things with its products every day and added some really cool experimental features in stable Chrome version also. These features, as mentioned, are experimental and provide you better look and experience while using Chrome. In this article let us discuss how to use experimental features in Chrome browser.

4 Ways to Use Experimental Features in Chrome

There are 4 channels Google releases the Chrome browser versions. They are – stable version, beta version, developer version and the canary version. In addition, you can also get on your hands with the experimental features in stable version using flags. So, below are the 4 ways to use experimental features in Chrome browser.

Beta channel for using Chrome beta version

Developer channel version

Bleeding edge canary version

Using experimental flags on stable version

The stable version is the regular Chrome browser you install from the official Chrome site. This is tested by Google and volunteers and then released for public use. Stable version is the one normally everyone of us using on the computer, generally sufficient for normal internet usage. All other versions are experimental and not completely tested by Google. They may break the websites when viewing and generally used for testing and development purposes.

1. Using Chrome Beta Channel

Chrome beta channel version allows you to play around with new features just before they get released to stable version. This is a safer way to try out newer features compared to developer and canary versions. You will get minor updates for beta version approximately every week and major updates in every six weeks. The features will be available roughly a month before they are available in stable version.

2. Chrome Developer Version

Developer channel version is between the beta and canary channels. Less riskier than canary and more riskier than beta version. It gets update one or two times in a week. The features may still have bugs since they will further go through beta channel for testing before releasing to stable version.

3. How to download Chrome Canary?

Chrome canary version is the bleeding edge version available immediately after the development of new build is done. This essentially means canary version is not tested at all and meant for developers and designers for early testing. This is the combination of Chromium and Chrome developer version you can say like that also. You’ll will probably get the updates every day.

Go to Chrome canary site and download the latest canary version to chill out with your browser.

Downloading Chrome Canary Version

4. How to Use Experimental Chrome Flags?

Flags are basically new features added with or without testing to the stable Chrome version. Google Chrome has these features from very long time but some of us didn’t even know about them because they are not added to the settings panel. There are tons of them, some of them are good but some of them are pretty useless though.

To access these experimental features, open up Chrome browser, type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and hit enter. You will see a warning message indicating the potential risk of enabling the flags on the browser.

Enabling Fast Tab Windows Close Flag

You should relaunch Chrome when changing the flag settings. After relaunching you will notice the Chrome tabs and windows are getting closed faster than normal.

Some of the Common Issues with Experimental Stuffs

When you are dealing with non-tested browser then there is 90% chance that you’ll get issues in that. Below are some of the frequently faced issues when using unstable versions or flags:

Recently, there is an issue which have been seen that Adobe Flash plugin conflicts in this browser.

When video plays, some of its parts turn out to be black with pixels.

Chromecast may not work.

Internet may conflict in between.

These are few of them, there could be more. So, it’s recommended to use to stable version of Chrome if you are not a developer building applications or a geek wanting trouble.

Switching Channels Conclusion

Remember using beta or developer versions or experimental flags may delete all of your data, you can lose your security or privacy in different way. If you’re trying these features proceed with caution. Make sure you understand the risk clearly that there could be data loss of yours. It’s a good idea to run these versions in parallel to try out new features withouts affecting your stable working.

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