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Data is an important guide for businesses to make data-driven decisions and get a realistic view of the industry they operate in. Data consistency is critical for analyzing and observing the status of businesses. That’s where data monitoring comes in. It offers businesses the opportunity to continuously check the quality of their data.

What is data monitoring?

Data monitoring refers to the process of measuring and evaluating data to avoid degradation in quality over time. Data monitoring, for example, assesses the quality of your data to ensure that it meets or fulfills pre-determined business purposes.

What are the benefits of data monitoring?

Data monitoring enables business agility by checking the quality of data at the time of creation. Here are some key benefits of data monitoring for businesses: 

Solve issues faster: Data monitoring ensures that data problems are identified as soon as they occur and enables businesses to intervene and resolve them.

More accurate data-driven decision-making: Maintaining the quality of data enables businesses to make accurate decisions based on data.

In addition, data monitoring is essential for tracking the performance of machine learning models. In order to get optimal outcomes from ML models over time, companies should monitor data used to train ML models. It allows businesses to analyze the accuracy of model prediction and detect data issues early.

1. Detect Existing Problems

Data monitoring helps with detecting existing problems in data. Some examples of how data quality issues arise include:

Data duplication: It commonly occurs because of human error. If not detected, it can cause skewed metrics.

Missing data: These are missing values in databases. Missing values can occur due to a lack of observation or due to human error.

Ambiguous data: It means that two separate data points in a database cannot be distinguished from each other. These types of data are vague and open to multiple interpretations.

Data drift: Changes in data over time due to changing environments.

Data mismatches: It is also called ‘data match error’, and causes inconsistencies in the data. This is a situation where data types don’t match input values.

Recommendation: Leverage data monitoring to ensure that data problems are identified as soon as they occur. This enables you to intervene and resolve them faster.

2. Predict  potential issues

Not only detecting existing problems but also predicting potential problems, such as data security and optimization issues, is a factor that improves the data monitoring process. Predicting potential problems saves businesses resources and time by allowing them to be more flexible and plan for the long term.

Recommendation: Enable more accurate data-driven decision-making by using data monitoring. Maintaining the quality of data enables businesses to make accurate decisions based on data.

3. Track the performance of machine learning models

Data monitoring is essential for tracking the performance of machine learning models. In order to get optimal outcomes from ML models over time, companies should monitor data used to train ML models. It allows businesses to analyze the accuracy of model prediction and detect data issues early.

4. Utilize alerts and dashboards

Monitoring is a process and good planning of the process can improve it. For instance,

You can use dashboards that provide a summarized view of the system in the form of charts and graphs and contain historical data.

You can set up alerts responding to the changes to your data and notify you when a problem occurs.


Use dashboards that provide a summarized view of the system in the form of charts and graphs and contain historical data.

Set up alerts responding to the changes to your data and notify you when a problem occurs.

It is important that you evaluate each situation you monitor in its own context. By interpreting the information you receive through the data monitoring process in its own way, you can better identify problems. At this stage, you can get more accurate and consistent results by choosing the right tool for your business.

You can also check our article on model monitoring.

If you have questions about which solutions to choose, we are happy to help:

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5 Ways Companies Deal With The Data Science Talent Shortage

Specialized fields like data science have been hit especially hard with recruitment and retention challenges amid the shortage of talent in the tech industry. 

Tech leaders say companies need to reconsider how they source and retain data science talent.

Read on to learn how different companies are combating the data science talent shortage through improved hiring practices, increased retention focus, and a heavier emphasis on efficient tools and teams:

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When a company is struggling to find new talent for their data science teams, it’s often worth the time and resources to look internally first. 

Current employees are likely to already have some of the skill sets that the company needs, and they already know how the business works. Many companies are upskilling these employees who want to learn and find a new role within the company or expand their data science responsibilities.

Waleed Kadous, head of engineering at Anyscale, an artificial intelligence (AI) application scaling and development company, believes that employees with the right baseline skills can be trained as data scientists, particularly for more straightforward data science tasks.

“It depends on the complexity of the tasks being undertaken, but in some cases, internal training of candidates who have a CS or statistics background is working well,” Kadous said. “This doesn’t work well for highly complex data science problems, but we are still at a stage of having low-hanging fruit in many areas. 

“This often works well with the central bureau model of data science teams, where data scientists embed within a team to complete a project and then move on. … The central bureau incubates pockets of data science talent through the company.”

Continue your data science education: 10 Top Data Science Certifications

In many cases, data science teams already have all of the staffing they need, but inefficient processes and support hold them back from meaningful projects and progress. 

Marshall Choy, SVP of product at SambaNova Systems, an AI innovation and dataflow-as-a-service company, believes many tasks that are handled by internal data scientists can be better administered by third-party strategic vendors and their specialized platforms.

“Some companies are taking a very different approach to the talent shortage issue,” Choy said. “These organizations are not acquiring more talent and instead are making strategic investments into technology adoption to achieve their goals.

“By shifting from a DIY approach with AI adoption to working with strategic vendors that provide higher-level solutions, these companies are both reducing cost and augmenting their data science talent. 

“As an example, SambaNova Systems’ dataflow-as-a-service eliminates the need for large data science teams, as the solution is delivered to companies as a subscription service that includes the expertise required to deploy and maintain it.”

Dan DeMers, CEO and co-founder of Cinchy, a dataware company, also believes that third-party solutions can solve data science team pain points and reduce the need for additional staff. Great tools also have the potential to draw in talent who want access to these types of resources.

“Data is seen as inextricably intertwined with the applications used to generate, collate, and analyze it, and along the way, some of those functions have become commoditized. That’s partly why data science has gone from being the discipline du jour to a routine task.

Kon Leong, CEO at ZL Technologies, an enterprise unstructured data management platform, thinks that one of the biggest inefficiencies on data science teams today is asking specialized data scientists to focus on menial tasks like data cleaning.

“In many ways, the data cleanup and management challenge has eclipsed the analysis portion. This creates a mismatch where many professionals end up using their skills on tedious work that they’re overqualified for, even while there is still a shortage of top talent for the most difficult and pressing business problems.

“Some companies have conceived creative ways to tackle data cleanup, such as through cutting-edge data management and analytics technologies that enable non-technical business stakeholders to leverage insights. This frees up a company’s data scientists to focus on the toughest challenges, which only they are trained to do. The result is a better use of existing resources.”

Improve data quality with the right tools: Best Data Quality Tools & Software

These newer data professionals are hungry to showcase their learned skills, but they also want opportunities to keep learning, try hands-on tasks, and build their network for professional growth.

Sean O’Brien, senior VP of education at SAS, a top analytics and data management company, thinks it’s important for retention for companies to offer curated networking opportunities, where new data scientists can build their network and peer community within an organization.

“Without as much face time, new and early career employees have lost many of the networking and relationship-building opportunities that previously created awareness of hidden talent,” O’Brien said.  

“Long-serving team members already have established relationships and knowledge of the work processes. New employees lack this accumulated workplace social capital and report high dissatisfaction with remote work. 

“Companies can set themselves apart by creating opportunities for new employees to generate connections, such as meetings with key executives, leading small projects, and peer-to-peer communities.”

O’Brien also emphasized the importance of having a strong university recruiting and education strategy, so companies can engage data science talent as early as possible.

“Creating an attractive workplace for analytics talent isn’t enough, however,” O’Brien said. “Companies need to go to the source for talent by working directly with local universities.

“Many SAS customers partner with local college analytics and data science programs to provide data, guest speakers, and other resources, and establish internship and mentor programs that lead directly to employment.

“By providing real-world data for capstone and other student projects, graduates emerge with experience and familiarity with a company’s data and business challenges. SAS has partnerships with more than 400 universities to help connect our customers with new talent.”

The importance of data to your business: Data-Driven Decision Making: Top 9 Best Practices

Data science professionals at all levels want transparency, not only on salary and work expectations but also on what career growth and paths forward could look like for them.

Jessica Reeves, SVP of operations at Anaconda, an open-source data science platform, explained the importance of being transparent with job candidates and current employees across salary, communication, and career growth opportunities.

“Transparency is a critical characteristic that allows Anaconda to attract and retain the best talent,” Reeves said. 

“This is seen through salary transparency for each employee with benchmarks in the industry for your title, where you live, and how your salary stacks comparative to other jobs with the same title. We also encourage transparency by having an open-door policy, senior leadership office hours, and anonymous monthly Ask Me Anything sessions with senior leadership. 

“Prioritizing career growth also helps attract top talent. Now more than ever, employees want a position where they can have opportunities to get to the next level and know what that path is. Being a company that makes its potential trajectory clear from the start allows us to draw in the best data practitioners worldwide. 

“To showcase their growth potential at Anaconda, we have clear career mapping tracks for individual contributors and managers, allowing each person to see the steps necessary to reach their goal.”

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Developing and projecting a recognizable brand voice is one of the most effective indirect recruiting tactics in data science. 

If a job seeker has heard good things about your company or considers you a top expert in data science, they are more likely to find and apply for your open positions.

“One thing that is becoming increasingly important is supporting data scientists in sharing their work through blog posts and conferences,” Kadous said. “Uber’s blog is a great example of that.

“It’s a bit tricky because sometimes data science is the secret sauce, but it’s also important as a recruiting tool: It demonstrates the cool work being done in a particular place.

Reeves at Anaconda also encourages her teams to find different forums and mediums to give their brand more visibility.

“Our Anaconda engineering team is very active in community forums and events,” Reeves said. “We strive to ingrain ourselves into the extensive data and engineering community by engaging on Twitter, having guest appearances on webinars and podcasts, or authoring blog posts on data science and open-source topics.”

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Windows 11 Switch User Missing: 4 Ways To Enable It

Windows 11 Switch User Missing: 4 Ways to Enable It Ensure the user accounts are enabled for them to appear on the login screen




The Switch user option allows you to quickly switch between multiple accounts on your computer.

It lets you log in as a different account on your computer, usually for troubleshooting purposes.

If it’s missing, you probably have misconfigured settings, or the other account have not been enabled.



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The Switch user is a feature of the Windows operating system that allows users to quickly switch between accounts without having to log out and log back in. This can be useful for those who share their computer with others, or for those who share their account with children.

Some users have reported problems with this feature, however. It appears that the option to switch users is missing. If this sounds familiar, we have compiled some tried and tested solutions that have helped other users.

Why is there no Switch user on my Windows login screen? 

If the Switch user option is missing from your lock screen, it may be because of one of the following reasons:

Incorrect configurations – Some user accounts may be improperly configured and hence won’t appear on the login screen.

Corrupt user profile – If your current user profile has become corrupted somehow, you may be unable to access some features.

A glitch in the system – Sometimes Windows undergoes random glitches, which usually resolve themselves after a few moments. If you can’t switch users in Windows 11, you may have to wait it out.

Disabled/missing account – The account that you want to switch to may also be disabled or even missing entirely from the computer.

Outdated OS version – It’s possible that an update or lack of has caused this issue with the Switch User option missing in Windows 11.

How do I enable the Switch user option in Windows 11?

We recommend that you try the following basic steps first before jumping onto the slightly technical ones:

Ensure you’re using a legitimate version of Windows.

Check your version of Windows. The Switch User option is not available to select versions.

Make sure that you’re not on a trial version of Windows.

Ensure that the latest updates have been installed on your computer.

Make sure that you have other user accounts on your PC. 

Restart your PC or try again after some time.

1. Create another user account

In case you’re unable to add another user account, check out our helpful guide to bypass this restriction.

2. Enable the user account 3. Enable fast user switching

We also must remind you that if you’re not familiar with the registry and don’t know what you’re doing, you could permanently damage your computer. 

Expert tip:

If you make changes to the registry, it’s a good idea to create a restore point before you start. A restore point is an image of your system at a specific time that you can revert back to if things go wrong. 

4. Restore Local security policy settings

Before you choose this solution, remember that resetting the Local security policy will erase all standard user accounts, and you’ll be left with only the administrator account. Therefore, if you have any unsaved work or files that could get lost, this is not your option.

Hopefully, one of these methods has helped you bring the switch user option back if it was missing in your Windows 11. You may also be interested in enabling/disabling password expiration, so be sure to check out our detailed article on how to go about it.

If your user account has expired, we show you how to get it back in a few easy steps.

Still experiencing issues?

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5 Ways To Fix 0X00000139 Kernel_Security_Check_Failure

5 Ways to Fix 0x00000139 Kernel_security_check_failure Ensure your PC is not suffering from memory issues




If you experience a kernel Security Check Failure, it may be a variation of a BSoD error that could cause instability issues with your PC.

Like most BSoD errors, your PC will be rendered unusable, and you have to find a way to resolve it before it becomes catastrophic.

You can check for memory errors and viruses or start your PC in a clean boot state to isolate the issue.

0x00000139 Kernel_security_check_failure is a blue screen error that can appear under different circumstances. You may be trying to upgrade to a newer Windows version or update an application.

Since various issues can cause this problem, it’s important to identify the cause before attempting to fix it. If you’re unsure what’s causing this problem, use this guide to help determine what might be causing it so that you can act accordingly.

What is blue screen bug check code 0x00000139?

The blue screen bug check code 0x00000139 is a hardware-related error that can occur on all versions of Microsoft Windows. If you receive this message, your computer may be unstable and crash again shortly after rebooting. 

The error code is caused by a hardware malfunction that causes the operating system to crash and display a blue screen error message.

Other causes include:

Overheated hardware or software failure – A PC component may fail due to excessive heat and cause blue screens, system crashes, and other issues.

Memory issues – If your PC is having issues with allocating memory, you may experience frequent crashes due to instability.

Driver issues – A lot of the time, most BSoD errors are caused by either corrupt, malfunctioned, or incompatible drivers.

Malware –  A virus or other malware may have corrupted the operating system files or registry data required for Windows to run properly.

How do I fix 0x00000139?

Check your hard drive for disk errors using the CHKDSK command. 

Run a memory test on your PC to check if there are any issues with your RAM.

1. Run the DISM and SFC scans 

Sometimes running the DISM and SFC scans may not repair all of your computer’s stability issues, and for that, we strongly suggest you try a specialized program.

Fortect is a reliable option because it helps you detect all malfunctioning operating system files and repair them by finding healthy replacements from its database.

⇒ Get Fortect

2. Scan for malware  3. Reinstall your GPU drivers

For users who found their graphics card to be the culprit, the NvLddmkm display driver was found to be at the center stage of all this chaos. This is a NVIDIA driver that may have stopped responding. 

If so, you first need to address this issue by either updating your NVIDIA driver from the manufacturer’s site or roll back to a previous driver version.

5. Perform a clean boot  Is Kernel Security Check Failure serious?

Kernel Security Check Failure occurs when your computer’s kernel, the core of all Windows operating systems, fails to perform certain tests that ensure its integrity. 

It manages all activities related to hardware and software resources for applications and drivers. When there’s a problem with its security, it will disable itself from allowing any other process to access resources until you fix it.

The most common symptom of this problem is the blue screen of death (BSOD). It could be a hardware problem or a software issue. Both components are critical in the smooth running of your OS, so you need to address this issue as soon as possible.

We have also devised a guide on how to steer clear of Kernel Security Check Failure errors. If you cannot avoid such errors, knowing how to deal with them is important. To that effect, we have compiled a kernel debugging article to help you find your way.

Hopefully, these steps have been instrumental in helping you fix the Kernel Security Check Failure issue.

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5 Ways To Clean Electronics Safely

Many of the typical methods of cleaning other surfaces may not apply to cleaning electronics. You have to be especially careful when cleaning computers, gaming consoles, or televisions, as they are made with sensitive materials. 

Thankfully, there are many products on the market to safely clean electronics. There are also several methods of cleaning electronics using common household cleaners. 

Table of Contents

Why bother cleaning games, televisions, and other devices? Regular cleaning ensures that your devices continue to work properly and extend their lifespan. 

1. Use Cleaning Cloths

The type of cloth you use to clean your electronics is important. Most cloths are too hard on your electronic surfaces. Paper towels can also scratch or abrade electronics, so opt for softer fabrics. Microfiber cloths work well for your devices.

There are also many cloths you can buy that are specially-made for electronic cleaning. You can also try using small, soft sponges to absorb grime. 

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol

You can also use water for most cleaning if you’re worried about using rubbing alcohol. When cleaning any electronics with these liquids, though, be sure not to spray any directly onto your devices. Moisten the sponge or cloth first to wipe down surfaces.

3. Use Electronics Wipes

You can also buy specially made wet wipes to use on your electronics. These are useful if you want a quick and easy way to do basic cleaning on your devices. When using these wipes, make sure you follow the instructions. 

Using normal wipes is not recommended as the chemicals found in cleaning wipes will be too harsh for your electronics and could erode some material. Look for wipes marked “electronic wipes’ to find products safe to use on your devices.

4. Use Compressed Air

If there are difficult to clean crevices on your electronics, such as between keyboard keys or small corners, compressed air is a great method for getting dirt out.  It’s also safe for your electronics as no substances will be used that could potentially harm your devices.

Compressed air is also quite versatile. Areas you may not have been able to clean manually can be cleaned using compressed air. 

5. Use a Vacuum

When dust collects inside your electronics, it can cause them to stop working or drastically reduce performance. That’s why cleaning dust out of your electronics, such as computers or game consoles, is especially important. 

The best way to do this is to use a vacuum. This will get all the dust out of any surface or vent. Use the hose attachment to reach within the crevices of your electronics. 

Keep Safety In Mind

It’s important to remember that electronic devices can’t be cleaned like any other surface or else it could cause harm to the devices themselves as well as you. Keep these tips in mind to ensure complete safety while cleaning your devices.

Turn Off and Unplug

Before you start to clean electronic devices, unplug them. Be extremely cautious when using water or other liquids near electronics.. 

Even if you don’t think something could hurt or electrocute you, you also run the risk of short-circuiting a device if it gets wet.

Use Specialized Cleaning Products

Although these methods work well, it’s worth looking into cleaning products made specifically for electronics. These will help you clean thoroughly and eliminate the risk of damage. 

Find an Expert

If the device is very dirty or complex to clean, you may wish to find a local expert to give your item a deep cleaning.

If you can’t find a specialist in your area, you can ask among your friends and family to see if anyone you know can help you. 

Clean Your Electronics Regularly

4 Ways To Enable Youtube Pip Mode On Any Android Smartphone

Google introduced a new PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode with Android 8.0 Oreo that allowed users to play YouTube videos in a small pop-up window when they close the app. The PiP mode has been available for the YouTube Android app since then but it is limited only to the US as well as the YouTube Premium subscribers globally. Since not all smartphone users are getting this feature, here we will tell how you can enable YouTube PiP mode on any Android phone.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the YouTube app on your phone.

3. Now, tap on General and then on the next page, look for Picture-in-Picture.

4. Scroll down till you see this and then enable the toggle next to it.

That’s it. Now, your videos will play in a small pop-up when you close the app.

1. Open the Google Chrome app on your phone.

2. Now, go to the YouTube website and it will open the mobile website. But for this feature to work, you’ll need the desktop site.

3. Tap on three dots, in the top right corner, and from the menu, select Desktop site.

5. Now, play the video in full screen and when it opens, minimize the Chrome app or go to the Home screen.

That’s it, the video will keep playing in a small pop-up on your home screen.

There is also an app called NewPipe which enables users to watch YouTube videos in a pop-up window just like the PiP mode. The app is not available on the Google Play Store so you have to download the APK on your smartphone. Let’s see how you can install and use the NewPipe app on your smartphone and get the PIP mode working.

2. Install the app like any other APK and open the app.

3. Once you open the app, you will see two tabs – Trending and Subscriptions. Above these tabs are the search bar and the menu button.

4. Use any of the two ways to see a video. The video page will show you different options than the YouTube app including- Background and Popup.

6. While the Popup button will start the video in a small pop-up window. Tap on it and then the app will ask you to allow permission for “display over other apps”.

7. When you enable this, the app will start playing a small pop-up of the video.

That’s it. You can then minimize the app or go to the Home screen and the pop-up will keep playing the video.

The app directly supports the PiP mode so all you need to do is just download the YouTube Vanced APK from here, install it. You’ll also need to install an additional MicroG app to log in with your Google account on Vanced.

After that, open it and play any video, and then just minimize the app, and your video will keep playing.

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