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The first and most obviously essential item for any mobile gamer is a powerful smartphone. So what should you look for? Generally you want the latest and greatest processor paired with a healthy amount of RAM and enough storage space for games with large file sizes. Other nice-to-haves are big, high refresh rate screens and a large battery with quick charging capabilities.

While most current flagship phones offer more than enough power to blast through games, certain specialized gaming phones have features designed with gamers in mind. These include 90 or 120Hz screens, active cooling, faster memory, huge batteries, and hardware additions like shoulder buttons. Typically this comes with other compromises (usually weak camera performance), but there are gaming models for all price ranges.

Razer Raiju Mobile

The best that money can buy

If money is no object, the Razer Raiju Mobile is the ultimate mobile gaming controller. It’s a truly premium offering that’s designed specifically for use with smartphones. Other brands have copied this design, but none can match up in terms of quality.

See price at Woot!

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

For at home and on the go

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo doesn’t have all the same bells and whistles as the Razer Raiju, but it is a capable controller that you can also use with your PC or Mac. Be sure to grab the smartphone clip, which fits phones up to 6.5-inches.

See price at Amazon

Razer Junglecat

The Switch-like controller for everyone

If you don’t want to carry a full controller around, the smaller Razer Junglecat might be a better fit. It looks and works like a pair of Nintendo Switch controllers, clipping onto the sides of your phone.

See price at Amazon


The retro gamer’s choice

As far as retro games go, there is no better gamepad than the classic SNES controller. The 8BITDO SN30 is exactly that, but with bluetooth. Every retro gamer needs this controller in their life, trust me.

See price at Amazon

Mobile gaming headphones

Gaming is one of the most taxing tasks you can do on your smartphone, and running out of juice can cut your gaming sessions short if you don’t have a plug nearby. Considering mobile gaming is, well, mobile, the odds of not having a charger plugged in while gaming is pretty high.

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This is why you should always carry around a power bank to gain a quick boost in battery life. These come in all shapes and sizes (including huge ones for laptops), but here are a few that won’t take up too much space in your bag (or take a big chunk out of your wallet).

There are all kinds of other accessories that can be useful when gaming on mobile devices. One obvious example is a battery pack case, which can extend the life of your battery similar to a power bank. Which model you need depends on your phone, but some brands are better than others.

Apart from that, here are a few extra products that can enhance your mobile gaming experience.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition

A sneak peek of the future

It’s still in early stages, but Google’s cloud gaming platform allows you to stream PC and console quality games to your smartphone. For now it only works on wifi with Pixel phones, but expect expanded support and additional features in the coming months.

See price at Google Store

Google Chromecast Ultra

Mobile gaming on a big screen

If you find yourself gaming on your phone in front of a large TV, why not play directly on that TV with a Chromecast? Paired with a bluetooth controller, it’s a fantastic way to play everything from retro games to mobile classics.

See price at Amazon

Emish mobile game triggers

Cheap and cheerful game triggers

If you don’t want to carry a full bluetooth controller in your bag but still want to gain an upper hand in PUBG , Fortnite, or CoD Mobile, these simple game triggers will do the trick. They clip onto the top of your phone so you can shoot and move without resorting to awkward claw grip techniques.

See price at Amazon



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Essentials For Your Gst Journey


The GST era started in India on 1st July, 2023, and Tally has walked every mile of that journey with you and your business. And this page is here to help you prepare for that journey, by telling you all about the essentials of GST.

For example, if you are wondering how to get started with GST, or if you are not sure how to classify your goods or services and apply the tax rates, then we have got all the answers for you.

Applicability for GST

First things first, you have to figure out if GST is applicable for your business. The GST department (GSTN) has defined certain rules and criteria depending on the nature, the turnover, and the location of the business. If your business meets the criteria for GST, then you can proceed to register your business. To know more about GST  , refer to our blog.

Register for GST

GST registration is a fairly simple process. You have to apply for GST registration by submitting the necessary documents, which will depend on the nature of your business. Then the GSTN will verify the documents and approve the registration, if all your documents are in order. GSTN might reach out to you if any clarification is needed. The registration process is very transparent and you can track the status at any point. Once the registration is complete, GSTN will provide a GST Registration Certificate along with a unique GST identification number (GSTIN) for your business. To know more about GST registration, refer to our blog.

Understand GST Rates

The next order of business is identifying the nature of goods or services that your business deals with. Subsequently, you will be able to identify the GST rates applicable. All goods and services under GST are classified under the HSN and SAC systems, respectively. Depending on the HSN/SAC, GST will be levied on your goods or services at a certain rate. To know more about GST rates, refer to our blog.

As you know the first step to identify yourself as a Regular dealer registered under GST, you need to get a GST registration. This is handled by the department and hence not a procedure in TallyPrime. To know more about obtaining a GST registration, contact your CA.

Once you obtain a GSTIN, you can record it in the TallyPrime Company, whether it is a new Company or an existing one. However, TallyPrime will not stop you from proceeding until you get the number. When you are sure about the type of registration that you are going to get, you can get started – a flexibility that TallyPrime provides! You can record the GSTIN later.

Talking about the GSTIN, from TallyPrime Release 3.0 onwards you can record multiple GSTINs in one TallyPrime Company. This will allow you to record transactions under different registrations, generate returns for each registration, and file returns. However, all MIS reports will be for the Company, and not GSTIN-wise. You can also maintain separate voucher number series for each registration and voucher type.

To know more, refer to the Set Up GST Details of Your Company.

After defining your GST registration type and other details in TallyPrime, you can start recording your transactions. You can also do a one-time setup of masters. To know more, refer to Create/Update Masters for GST.

Setting up tax rates at the right place is an important aspect of recording GST transactions. Whether you have multiple stock items with their corresponding tax rates or a single stock item attracting a single tax rate, TallyPrime bring for you the flexibility to specify the tax rates as per your business practice. This means, you can set the tax rates at the company, ledger, or stock item level. Irrespective of the level where you define, TallyPrime does not stop you from recording a transaction with a different tax rate altogether.

You might have end up defining the tax rates for your goods and services at different levels at different times in your business. If you are worried about how to bring in a consistent approach that you can follow while recording transactions, relax! You do not have to do any manual changes in your masters. Setup the stock item masters to follow a preferred tax rate hierarchy and that is all.       

All you need to do for recording transactions that comply with GST rules are:

Ensure that for parties that are businesses, the Party Ledgers have the right GST details.

Provide the required GST details like HSN/SAC and tax rates for items/services.

Create and use tax ledgers for CGST, SGST and IGST as applicable.

Though you have the flexibility to create/alter party details and create tax ledgers any time, and provide GST details of items/services during voucher creation, it will be tedious for you. Additionally, chances of making mistakes are high. To address these, you can setup ledgers and Stock Items/Service Ledgers at one go. Utilise the different options that TallyPrime provides to specify the GST details of items and services. You need to decide which option to choose based on your business needs.

Purchases & Sales: Once you have the ledgers and stock items in place, you can easily record your purchases and sales under GST in TallyPrime. Here also, TallyPrime helps you handle various business scenarios with ease. While recording GST transactions you can avail the flexibility offered by TallyPrime to create vouchers in different modes. Similarly, you can follow your business practices of using orders,  delivery notes, debit/credit notes, and so on.

RCM transactions and tax liabilities (ITC): The options in TallyPrime are built such that they cater to various of your business practices. If your business receives goods/services that fall under reverse charge mechanism (RCM), then you need to pay GST for such purchases to the department. You can also avail Input Tax Credit (ITC) for the amount from the department. In TallyPrime, you can record purchases under RCM with appropriate GST, raise tax liability, and avail ITC. When you are using TallyPrime, tax liability and ITC are calculated automatically just by recording the required RCM purchase entries. However, you can record journal vouchers for tax liability depending on your business practices.

GST payments to department: You will need to identify the GST payables to the department, considering the ITC claims, and make the necessary tax payments. At times due to unavoidable situations in your business, you might need to pay late fees, penalties or interests as well. If you are wondering how to keep your books updated in such cases, then no worries! Once you make the payments to the department, recording a payment voucher for the period in which the tax is paid helps you to keep your books updated.

One of the critical steps in businesses under the tax regimes is to file their returns successfully. All your transactions will finally need to show up in the returns as per the requirements by GSTN. If you have not provided all the details while recording the transactions, the transactions are moved to the respective buckets in the GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B returns for you to validate and ensure that any missing information is updated. TallyPrime facilitates you with different ways of filing your returns – Generating the JSON file and upload to the portal, or use the GST offline tool, or provide the details directly on the portal.

To know more, refer to:

If you are a registered buyer, then the details of all your purchases will appear in GSTR-2A once your sellers have uploaded their respective GSTR-1 details. Similarly, TallyPrime provides you with GSTR-2B that is automatically generated from a seller’s filed return, after the due date. Once your sellers or suppliers file the relevant return, such as GSTR-1, GSTR-5, or GSTR-6, then the details of all your purchases as well as Input Tax Credit (ITC) will appear in GSTR-2B.

After you have uploaded or filed your returns, it is always recommended that you reconcile the portal data with the data in your company books. 

To know more, refer to:

You only have to import your returns data into TallyPrime, and the relevant details from the portal will appear seamlessly in the reconciliation reports. You can compare the values of the imported data with your books of account, update your records if you find any mismatches and stay up-to-date.

Conversion Rate Optimisation For Mobile

How to focus your efforts to improve mobile conversion performance by using the full range of mobile user research techniques and tools

For the past few years in the digital industry every year has talked about as ‘the year of mobile’. Despite this, many digital marketeers are still focusing CRO activity on desktop and leaving mobile devices as an afterthought. Latest stats show that mobile continues to be a growth platform for people accessing websites, and that those people are getting more comfortable using their phones for buying online.

As shown on Smart Insights last year, mobile traffic overtook desktop as mobile phone use continued to rise at a staggering rate. Stats from the same report also show that desktop users are around three times more likely to convert than those visiting a site from a smartphone; showing that there’s a lot of potential for improvement for mobile conversion rates.

This case study from Google shows that ProFlowers saw a 20-30% increase in conversions after optimising their site for smaller screens, and there are many other examples of the big improvements that come from focusing on mobile.

As well as a lower conversion rate there are other mobile specific issues that should be considered. In April of last year Google released an algorithm update, dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by some, which affects how websites rank in search results on mobile devices. Search visibility was impacted by what Google considered to be mobile ‘usability issues’ on sites, leading to a drop in rankings for those which were difficult to use on smartphones.

This blog post will give guidance 5 techniques and relevant tools to review and improve mobile user experience and mobile conversions to ensure that your site performs better for mobile users across a range of mobile devices. At the end of the article I take a look at some common challenges of creating and testing mobile experiences.

1. Website analytics service

People don’t use mobile devices in the same way and for the same things as desktop or laptops, so research has to be different. An essential starting point for this research should be your analytics service. Segmenting your audience into mobile and desktop users will show you how these two audiences differ in their behaviour on your site, and will also highlight any particular problem areas.

2. Other online user research tools

3. Stakeholder interviews

Rather than just using insight from analytics it’s a good idea to conduct stakeholder interviews to get feedback from people who work with the site on a regular basis. People who are employed in the customer service team for a site will often have a good idea of the type of frustration that mobile users report to them on a regular basis.

4. Customer feedback survey tools

You can also ask for customer feedback through your site on a mobile to find mobile specific issues. Using tools like Qualaroo will help make this process simple, but be careful not to frustrate your users by continually asking for feedback. This can be harder to obtain from mobile device users, due to difficulties using mobile keyboards, but as long as you keep your questions short and simple, or ideally limit yourself to one question, then the feedback can be very valuable.

5. User testing

User testing is vital here to get a clear picture of how ‘real’ users find their way through your website. User testing often involves setting users a series of tasks to complete on a website and seeing how easy they find them. Observing people using the site in this way is insightful and often shows people using your site in a completely different way to how you imagined!

User testing on mobile devices can require more thought and planning than desktop tests. Users may be more comfortable using their own device, and also using it from their own home. At Fresh Egg we often use chúng tôi as this enables people to do both. Another option is to run in-person ‘moderated’ testing using a tool like UX Recorder.

In order to record natural interactions and get valid results it’s important here to replicate the real user experience as closely as possible, this may mean using a room with low light or encouraging users to lounge on a sofa. You may want to draw the line at encouraging people to complete the test on the toilet though!

Common mobile usability problems

Despite more focus on mobile development there are still some very common issues that occur across a range of sites.

Menus – Hamburger menus have been a regular subject for A/B testing. Despite this there are conflicting results from different studies:

Some studies show that users understand and interact with hamburger menus, others have shown that they have a negative impact on engagement. I generally recommend using the word ‘menu’ alongside a hamburger icon. This not only helps with clarity but also provides a larger target area for people to press. If you are working with a multilingual website though then this can be an issue as the word ‘menu’ can be quite long in some languages.

Category pages – When showing categories on mobile it’s often better to use a list rather than grid view for products to avoid overcrowding the small screen. Filtering products (by type, size, colour etc.) can be an issue, as it often is on desktop sites too. User testing on mobile is useful here to ensure that your filtering options are clear and usable to your audience.

Forms – Mobile forms can be difficult to complete due to the lack of space and also the lack of a separate keyboard. When designing mobile forms particular attention should be applied to the type of input required from the user; avoiding dropdown menus is often a good starting point. Other tips for improvement here include; minimising the number of fields, placing labels above fields, showing the correct version of the keyboard and ensuring that all form elements are ‘thumb friendly’ and big enough to select on small screens. Good form accessibility can also help boost conversions.

Checkout – When Checkouts suffer usability problems they can often lead to a big impact on revenue. As with designing mobile forms, the elements used throughout the checkout process need to be large enough to be selected easily. It is also important that users can save their details on mobile, preventing them from having to enter them again each time they return. Using a clear tabbed (or layered divs), step-by-step process will avoid overwhelming the user with one big form that they need to fill out. The form recommendations in the section above are also all important to the checkout process.

Payment options – Mobile users will often want to make their payment quickly and simply, without having to get their credit card out. Offering alternative payment methods such as PayPal (and PayPal Express Checkout) is a must to help streamline the payment process.

Speed – The time it takes for a site to load on mobile is critical. Although connection speeds are increasing mobile load times still often lag behind those of desktop sites. Slow load times can frustrate users, and also have a serious impact on the likelihood of them converting. To combat slow load times you should reduce the file size of your images, enable caching and use a tool (such as Google PageSpeed Insights) to check for additional ways to speed things up.

Split testing your mobile designs

One way to better understand how your designs work on mobile devices is to split test them. Most split testing tools will give you the ability to target specific types of user, such as a mobile or tablet audience. These means that you can run tests purely for these users, and monitor their impact accordingly.

If tests are run on all versions of a site then the results can still be segmented to show their impact on smartphone users. A recent Fresh Egg test ran across tablet and mobile devices to see the impact of a new mobile designed site. This saw an increase in revenue per visitor of 41% on tablet and 32% on mobile.

To ensure that your split tests are set up correctly and not causing any issues you should be sure to run thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing before making them live. To do this you may need to use various different devices to make sure that it works on the most popular smartphones. If you have your own device lab then that’s great! If not though then you might want to find out which are the most used mobile device types (by checking your analytics) and then borrow those phones to run you QA testing. Another alternative would be to use a phone browser simulator, BrowserStack offer a good tool for this. While these are not a perfect substitute for the real thing, they will uncover most of the issues that would be found when using the site on a particular smartphone.


Mobile users should be a key focus for your CRO campaigns. With mobile and tablet usage now making up the majority of website traffic it’s more essential than ever to make sure that your site is easy to use on small and touchscreen devices.

You should start with mobile research, both quantitative and qualitative, to find out where there are opportunities to improve your site on mobile devices. Common problem areas on mobile devices that you might want to focus on include:

navigational menus

category pages


the checkout process

payment options

site load speed

Once you’ve highlighted some areas to focus on, alternative designs can be split tested to measure their potential impact

As it’s often an overlooked area of website design, running A/B testing on mobile devices is a great way to see some positive results from your tests.

7 Summer Essentials: Gear And Gadgets Edition

Like it or not, summer is officially upon us. No matter how you like to spend your summer days, be it at the beach, the mountains, your backyard, or even in a constantly temperature controlled environment, there are plenty of new gear and gadgets out there to enhance your warm weather excursions (or, likewise, enhance your warm weather sitting around doing nothing time). We’ve gathered some of the best new products that will keep you connected, entertained, safe, and informed, as you make your way through the doggiest of dog days.

PULSE Hybrid Charger– ($70) PULSE is a charging device that uses solar panels to recharge itself while you’re partaking in your favorite outdoor activities. It was created by Live Work Play and comes with a 5000mAh internal battery, which is enough power to charge an iPhone5 fully 3 times. It is approximately the size of an iPhone and can charge two devices at once. It can also be plugged in to recharge, when you’re not outside.

Sony Digital Recording Binoculars ($2000) Birdwatching has never been cooler. These binoculars from Sony can zoom to as much as 25x magnification. They are dustproof/rainproof and offer full HD and 3D video recording capabilities. It uses Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization and By Pixel Super Resolution for super clear images.

Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet – ($299) Meet Earl. Earl is the first tablet engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions. It was named after the creator’s Italian Greyhound, and the first prototype was built using e-reader development platforms by Freescale Semiconductor coupled with a multitude of sensors from Sparkfun and Adafruit Industries. Earl was originally crowdfunded, and is now available for sale.

The Dash Wireless Headphones– ($299) You’ll never again have to worry about getting tangled in your headphone cords during your early morning runs (not that I would know anything about this…I never run early in the morning). These wireless, biosensing headphones from Bragi offer freedom of movement paired with great sound. It has a 4GB integrated music player and capabilities to track your performance and vitals. You can even wear them underwater!

Swimmo Smart Swim Watch – ($189) Swimmo is a smart watch that lets you track your swimming workout. It has a built in Intensity Coach, Pace Keeper, and heart rate monitor. Swimmo successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $184k, or 472% of their initial goal. It also syncs with platforms like Facebook, Strava, and RunKeeper.

Wristboom Wireless Wearable Speaker – (Under $20) Wristboom is not widely available yet, but they’re in the middle of an IndieGoGo campaign that could make the device soon available for under $20. The product itself is pretty self explanatory. It’s a speaker that you can wear on your wrist (or ankle, or tied to a beach umbrella or bike handle) like a watch. We recently dedicated an entire article to it. You can read more about it here.

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case – ($100) Waterproofing is more important in summer than any other time of the year. Otterbox has a new case for the iPhone 6 that combines waterproofing with external charging. The case has a 2,600 mAh battery, which will double the longevity of your phone and it comes with Otterbox’s standard military-rated drop protection.

From my research (read: Google searches), it could be said that we’ve entered the summer of “how many ways can we wear our music?” Seriously, it would have been much easier to create a list of all of the wearable speakers that are out right now, for example, how about a speaker that doubles as a lovely pendant? Sure, most everyone loves music, however, my goal was to introduce you to unique gear and gadgets to enhance all of your myriad of summer activities. If you’re happy with what you’ve seen here, please feel free to gift me any of the above to show your gratitude (I’ll even accept the pendant speaker).

Image Credit: PULSE Hybrid Charger

Top Mobile App Development Ideas For Startups

Are you one of those who forget some of your normal tasks? Well, you don’t need to worry about it. The life of every individual is busy with some or the other stuff. We as an individual try to complete all the basic tasks without missing out anything.

In such a case, you can very well manage your work and routine via Mobile apps. The increment in the demand for mobile applications has been increased drastically.

The different online apps are successfully fulfilling the demand of different target users. Not only this, on-demand apps are meeting the business needs on time. In case you are looking for mobile app development ideas, keep reading the content.

Furthermore, a startup company demands innovative ideas. So, you need to have a good understanding of the mobile app development trends. Here, in the below-mentioned points, you will get different app development ideas. With the help of ideas, you can achieve success in the business. Undeniably, your relation with your client will get strong.

Top  Mobile App Development Ideas 1. Augmented Reality

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2. Chatbots

It’s possible to enhance your relationships together with the client by proffering quick answers to the questions. In the event you’re not in the practice of waiting for long hours to receive your response, then use chatbots.

3. On-Demand Apps

Whether or not you would like to purchase your favourite meals, reserve a cab, or purchase a product, then you are able to depend on on-demand apps. The online-demand program focuses on the various age categories of target clients.

4. Medicine App

You are able to use your medication app from anyplace, anytime. You do not need to take the pains to endure in a queue to purchase the medicines. The requirement for the medication app had improved from the Covid 19 outbreak.

5. Health Tracking App

By employing the health tracking app it’s possible to keep proper track of your wellbeing. Aside from that, you might even make the best utilization of meals suggested based on sex, age, and health.

6. Food App

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7. Book a Table

No one likes to wait away from the favorite restaurant. So to prevent the waiting period, you can reserve a table on your own. This way, you may enjoy your meal with your friends/family.

8. Books App

Everybody does not have a sufficient quantity of cash to buy the publication. In this situation you’ll be able to download the pdf file of this book and revel in reading the publication of your own choice.

9. Tutor Online

The education system has changed a good deal from the covid times. The schooling system has embraced the methodology of online courses. We can say it has altered the standard technique of education.

10. Dating Apps

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10 Of The Best Puzzle Games For Mobile

Are you looking for a new puzzle game to pass the time? There are many free and paid mobile puzzle games you can play on your mobile phone, whether you’re an Android or iPhone user. Some of them don’t even need an Internet connection to work! Here are 10 of the best mobile puzzle games that are sure to give your brain a good workout.

1. Lumen

Price: Free

Lumen (iOS) is an Apple-exclusive game that has you solving puzzles through the use of mirrors, lenses, and lights. You relive the discoveries of Olivia McLumen, a renowned Scottish inventor from the early 1900s who tucked away cinematic frames of her inventions in a cryptic antique box for you to restore.

Your goal is to basically collect all the light bulbs and achieve the trophies across more than a hundred well-crafted levels that start off simple but steadily ramp up in difficulty as you move along. Lumen draws you in with its gorgeous vintage-style graphics and soothing mix of piano and brass music that never gets old, even after your hundredth level.

If you need a break from matching colorful candies or tiles and want something a little classier, this game should be right up your alley. Lumen is exclusively available to Apple Arcade subscribers and is definitely worth a try if you’re a member.

2. Maze Machina

Price: Free

This game offers a truly unique puzzle experience through its turn-based mechanics. Your playing field is a 4×4 grid that you traverse using a series of swipes, with your enemies mimicking your every move. There are weapons you can pick up to combat your foes, but each of them has very specific limitations. The sword, for example, can only attack enemies that can’t move back any further and are directly in front of you, while the bow can hit baddies that are two spaces away or further. Once you get rid of the robots and pick up the key, you can head to the next room.

Maze Machina is a highly strategic puzzler that requires foresight and planning. It may prove too difficult for the more casual gamer, but real puzzle fans will find a lot to love here. Gameplay isn’t the only highlight, either, as the game features beautifully rendered character models and an eye-catching overall design.

3. Sky: Children of Light

Price: Free

The title takes place in the magical realm of Sky, where you play one of the Children of the Light, as you run, jump, and glide your way across seven realms filled with memorable characters and touching stories. You’ll be treated to console-quality graphics and satisfyingly tight controls that make platforming and puzzle-solving a joy.

Sky: Children of Light is the perfect game to pick up for those who are looking for a peaceful experience and thought-provoking tales. The best part is that you can take a friend along for the journey.

4. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Price: Free

What makes Candy Crush Soda Saga so addictive is the incredibly simple matching premise that steadily becomes more and more challenging the further you get. New obstacles get introduced that demand more innovative approaches and high patience for repetition. Plus, the adorable graphics make the game very easy on the eyes, and the addition of new social features and multiplayer modes make it much more fun with friends.

5. Friday the 13th: Kill Puzzle

Price: Free

In this game, you play as popular fictional serial killer Jason Voorhees as you go around slaying campers and other unsuspecting victims through a variety of locales across more than 100 blood-soaked levels. The gameplay is delightfully simple and involves you swiping a finger in four different directions to manipulate Jason’s movement.

6. Flipflop Solitaire

Price: Free

In this version of the game, you’ll be able to stack your cards in either ascending or descending order, no matter the card suit, though it’s worth noting that you can only move a column of cards if they’re stacked in the same suit. This forces you to approach things in a different manner compared to classic solitaire.

The free version of Flipflop Solitaire includes the one- to four-suit game modes, but you can purchase the five-suit and one-suit extended modes together. If Solitaire with a twist sounds appealing to you, you’ll probably love this game.

7. RGB Express

Price: Free

8. A Way to Slay

Price: Free

Before you begin, you’ll have the chance to freely survey the battlefield through a fully rotatable camera. Once you come across an enemy, you’ll immediately dash and strike them down. If there’s another enemy that’s positioned too close to the one you just killed, they’ll attack and slay you in return. This means you have to figure out in which order to attack the enemies without dying.

9. Tiny Bubbles

Price: Free

10. XOB

Price: Free

Final Thoughts

Each of the aforementioned best puzzle games has unique features that make them compelling. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby to pass the time or a fun challenge to ignite your brain cells, these puzzle games for Android and iOS are truly the best and a cut above the rest in the mobile gaming space. If you’re in the mood for multiplayer offerings, you can check out our list of 25 online games you can play with friends.

Princess Angolluan

Princess is a freelance writer based in Croatia. She used to work as an English teacher in Hokkaido, Japan before she finally changed careers and focused on content writing & copywriting, while running their own digital marketing company in Europe. For 5 years, she has written many articles and web pages on various niches like technology, finance, digital marketing, etc. Princess loves playing FPS games, watching anime, and singing.

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