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Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime of all time. Because it revolves around real characters trapped in a gaming world, it’s only natural to see various Sword Art Online games.

The SAO franchise debuted as light novels in 2009 in ASCII Media Works. The author is Reiki Kawahara, and the illustrator is “Abec.” Both are part of the official SAO games.

As you may know, the novels became manga by various illustrators, and then anime with multiple seasons, OVA, TV specials, movies, and all kinds of merchandise.

Sword Art Online started as a light novel.

Currently, there’re seven canon Sword Art Online games plus a remaster presently available, and you may find them on the Bandai Namco official page. By canon, I mean the author supervised these games’ storyline, gameplay, and mechanics.

There’re also three relevant spin-offs, some of which with a Japan-only release. The total is eleven SAO games.

The Sword Art Online Game Series

SAO games are all similar.

Bandai Namco takes care of the Sword Art Online games. The first one debuted in 2013 for PlayStation Vita, and it’s based on the 5th light novel in the franchise.

The company has continued releasing the games of the Japanese series. Each game presents a part of the story, and the timeline respects the default release order of the SAO entries.

The worlds are open-world, but various sections are connected with loading screens. Then, each area is brimming with enemies, so the greater time of the playthrough is combat.

So, for combat, Kirito uses a combination of melee attacks, skills, and spells. Some games offer combos, dodge mechanics, party members, and shouting orders to the party members.

Lastly, the Sword Art Online games are not part of the anime canon timeline.

Every SAO In Order of Release Date Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment – 2013

The first Sword Art Online game was Infinity Moment, although it’s technically not available anymore.

The original title debuted in 2013 for PSP, only in Japan. Once Bandai Namco Released Re: Hollow Fragment, they bundled a remaster of Infinity Master and made the original version unavailable.

Infinity moment follows an alternate story after the first season of the anime. The protagonists are Sinon and Leafa, other recurrent anime characters. Alongside all the VRMMORPG players, the real-life people are trapped within the game even after Kirito defeats Heathcliff.

The game mode imitates an MMORPG, although it’s not online. However, players can free-roam, do side quests, complete the main quest, buy and upgrade weapons, and complete missions alongside a party.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – 2014

Hollow Fragment is the first SAO game for international audiences. It debuted in 2014 for PlayStation Vita, and it introduced Kirito as the main character.

Its gameplay is about imitating the MMO world of anime and novels. It mixes RPG elements, action-based combat, and free-roam. The action includes combos, skills, dodges, and commands to their party members.

In particular, Kirito can interact with many NPCs, including romancing other “players” or adding them to your party.

The story happens after the Aincrad story arc. It’s an alternate plot where the Sword Art Online game didn’t end after Kirito defeated Heathcliff on floor 75.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax – 2014 (spin-off)

Fighting Clima debuted in 2013 for PS3, only in Japan. You can still get the foreign version, though.

Either way, this is a 2D fighting game featuring crossover heroes from various manga animes. The franchises include Dengeki Bunko, Sword Art Online, Durarara!!, Accel World, and Shakugan no Shana.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition – 2024 (spin-off)

Fighting Climax Ignition is the update for the 2D fighting game. It debuted in 2024 for PS4 and PlayStation Vita (Japan).

Notably, the theme song for the game is “ID” by LiSA. The Japanese rock artist became quite notorious after making various songs Demon Slayer Season 1.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song – 2024

Even though it takes events and characters from the Sword Art Online franchise, it explores an original storyline.

First off, the story happens in Alfheim Online, a new game universe. This is a world of magic and fairies.

Kirito is once again the protagonist. Alongside a party of friends, he’ll try to conquer Svart Alfheim, a floating land, by completing an RPG-like main quest.

However, you may choose to create a custom protagonist. If you create a custom character, other NPCs will still refer to you as Kirito nonetheless.

The gameplay is similar to before. The combat is fast-paced and features a mixture of combos, skills, and commands to party members. As a novelty, the game adds aerial combat, so players can ride beasts in 360-degrees sky battles.

Lastly, the game has a multiplayer mode. It opens team-based PvP arenas with up to 16 players per lobby. Also, it has a co-op mode with up to four players completing special missions.

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment – 2024 (remaster)

In 2024, Hollow Fragment became available for PC and PS4 as the Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment version (2024). It’s a remastered version of the older PSVita title. 

That said, Re is the version available on official stores, so Infinity Moment is available for all players worldwide. Meanwhile, the original Hollow Fragment game is only available for the Playstation handheld console. 

Both Infinity Moment and Hollow Fragment have the same gameplay mechanics and similar storylines.

Lastly, the RE game allows you to play as Kirito or a customizable avatar. However, other NPCs will always refer to the avatar as Kirito, even if you create a female lead.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – 2024

Hollow Realization debuted for PS4, PSVita, and Windows in 2024. In 2023, it became available for Nintendo Switch as well.

The title introduces a new game universe (a “VRMMORPG”) -Sword Art: Origin. It’s a familiar setting, but not quite the same as the game Kirito left behind during the anime’s season 1.

In fact, “Origin” is a restoration of the original Aincrad. The new name for the land is “Ainground,” a single large floor intended for research.

The main character is a 14-year old AI, Premiere. Alongside Kirito, they travel to Ainground to uncover the mystery behind the new game version.

That said, the newer title mixes elements from the previous entries. It has action-RPG and MMO elements, and it starts with a character creation screen.

Also, the title has about 300 NPCs, all of which are available as party members. The character can bond with any NPC to create friendships, rivalries, or romances. Creating a bond makes NPCs stronger.

The game also adds a new battle system. You have a team of four players, and you can chain combos together with your party members. There’s also a healing system and a revival system.

Lastly, the game has various multiplayer modes. As before, it brings team-based PvP battles and a co-op mode with up to 4 players completing the game.

Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight – 2023

Millennium Twilight debuted in 2023 for PS4, PSVita, and Windows. It’s a crossover between Accel World and SOA franchises by developer Artdink. Still, it’s part of the Bandai Namco official Sword Art Online game series.

Accelerated World and Svart Alfheim are merging, and Yui is lost in the chaos. Kirito has to challenge the Seven Kings from Accel to rescue her.

Then, NPC players from both VRMMORPGs come together to save Yui from Personna Babel.

Accel World is also a light novel by Reki Kawahara, if you’re unfamiliar. SAO vs. Accel World is an original story, though, not part of the canon of either universe.

The title features similar gameplay as Hollow Realization and includes some Lost Song elements. For instance, it has aerial battles and allows players to freely explore the world from the skies.

Because it has elements of both manga-anime worlds, the game covers characters from the two distinct universes. In fact, you can build a team of 3-players using characters from both franchises.

In essence, SAO heroes rely on magic, aerial combat, and utility skills; Accel characters rely on melee, speed, and special techniques.

Additionally, you can change your team members, and each character has its abilities and powers. Then, you use your team to complete the main quest of rescuing Yui.

As in previous titles, Millennium Twilight has a character progression system. In essence, you gain experience points to improve the characters. Moreover, the game’s hub (the Floating City of Ryne) has shops that offer character improvement options.

Lastly, the title has multiplayer options as well. It’s about team-based PvP battles with up to four players per lobby.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – 2023

Fatal Bullet debuted in 2023 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. The developer is Dimps, and the publisher is Bandai Namco.

It presents another original story within a new VRMMORPG. Inside the world of Gun Gale Online, you can create an avatar to explore the story in third-person as a shooting/action RPG. Along the way, you’ll find old and new faces from the SAO universe.

Gun Gale Online offers mostly urban sci-fi scenarios. Here, players have numerous weapons, skills, abilities, and fighting styles to approach combat.

After the anime’s season 2 and the Phantom Bullet manga, Zaskar launched Gun Gale Online. Fatal Bullet opens up yet another alternative story within the SAO universe using elements from anime and manga.

For traverse, the game added a zip line to move quickly between areas (Bullet Line System).

The protagonist can talk to many NPCs and add them to the party. For instance, Kirito is present as an NPC.

And as before, the title includes a multiplayer co-op mode and a 4v4 PvP mode.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor – 2023 (Spin-Off)

Integral Factor is a mobile MMORPG by Bandai Namco. It debuted in 2023 for Android and iOS.

The plot follows the playable character as they fight across the 100 floors of the Aincrad. As they fight across the levels, characters earn experience to improve stats and skills.

Other players can join you to defeat bosses, go on dungeons, and participate in raids.

The gameplay is fast-paced and comes with various melee and ranged weapons. Players have combos, weapon skills, and potions.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – 2023

Alicization Lycoris debuted in 2023 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. It’s the latest core game in the series.

The setting is the Underworld, and the plot is loosely based on the Human Realm segment within the Alicization Arc.

Players step in for a new JRPG experience with modern visuals. Here, Kirito is the protagonist of a non-canon story that stays faithful to season 3 of the anime.

Step into a world with the enhanced essence of JRPG visuals, and play as the protagonist Kirito. He wakes up in an unknown virtual world that yet feels familiar. The hero ventures onwards with his new friend Eugeo to discover the truth behind the new world.

The gameplay offers action-packed battles that use sacred arts, sword skills, and various SAO characters in the party.

The game adds parries with the Guarding System and potions to recover life for novelties. Other new features are ultimate attacks, team combo assaults, and a deep skill tree.

Lastly, you can team up with up to four players. Each player can have a party with three characters.

Every Sword Art Online Game in Chronological Order

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment – 2013

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – 2014

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax – 2014 (spin-off)

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition – 2024 (spin-off)

Sword Art Online: Lost Song – 2024

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment – 2024 (remaster)

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – 2024

Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight – 2023

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – 2023

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor – 2023 (spin-off)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – 2023

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FAQs: Online Casino & Online Gambling Q1. What is the procedure for wagering at a crypto-based online casino?

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Does The Dualsense Edge Work On All Ps5 Games?

Does the DualSense Edge work on all PS5 games?

The DualSense Edge does work on all PS5 games, but not in the way you might think

Since the DualSense Edge was announced in August 2023, people have been asking Does the DualSense Edge work on all PS5 games?’. It’s a valid question, if we’re honest, as the gaming community has gotten used to consoles being very much un-customizable, especially as compared to PC.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller




Bluetooth, USB Type-C

Additional buttons

2x extra buttons on the back. Choice of levers or half-dome

Battery life

5-10 hours

With a few exceptions, usually helped in no small part by the modding community and their skillful wielding of soldering irons, you can’t customize consoles that much. The software is often even less open, meaning that you’re stuck with how it is, unless the manufacturer, in this case, Sony, decides otherwise.

NOW READ: Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4?

This is in stark contrast to PC, where modifications have been ubiquitous for decades now, with being able to rebind the controls as you wish being the bare minimum. Recently, however, consoles have been catching up, with an increasing number of games allowing you to bind the controls as you wish.

Unfortunately, all this has done relatively little to address the lack of available inputs on the humble controller, which has remained essentially unchanged for years in terms of layout. However, industrious companies like SCUF started to create third-party controllers for consoles with additional inputs, usually in the form of paddles on the back.

Finally, after all these years, Sony created the DualSense Edge for the PS5, which is their first attempt at a first-party ‘pro’ controller. However, as we mentioned, consoles are famously closed-off, so, does the DualSense Edge work on all PS5 games? Let’s take a look.

NOW READ: Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PC?

Does the DualSense Edge work on all PS5 games? Yes it does

After testing it for our full DualSense Edge review, we learned that the DualSense Edge doesn’t provide the same kind of per-game customizable keybinds as we’ve gotten used to on PC. You don’t go into the settings of each game, change the keybinds, and go about your way.

Instead, the DualSense Edge provides you the ability to remap any button to any other button, including the additional inputs on the back.

How do the profiles work on the DualSense Edge?

For example, if you’re playing God of War: Ragnarok and you fancy having Atreus fire his arrows without having to move your thumb from the right stick, you can bind Square to one of the paddles on the back. This would then leave Square as an empty input, freeing it up for another button that might suit that location better.

This is done via a menu outside of the game itself and the new configuration is saved to the DualSense Edge controller. You can have up to 4 profiles saved at any time, and you can switch between them with the Fn buttons or via the aforementioned menu.

So, yes, the DualSense Edge works on all PS5 games. Despite the lower flexibility compared to being able to rebind the inputs in each game’s menus, as you can on PC, it’s actually a clever solution. This is because it keeps it at the OS and hardware level, so developers don’t have to allocate resources to add the ability to rebind inputs for each game.

Does the DualSense Edge work on all PS5 games?

Yes. The DualSense Edge works on all PS5 games as it operates on an OS and hardware level, meaning that the game in question doesn’t have to be updated to support it.

How much does the DualSense Edge cost?

The DualSense Edge is available to buy from Sony for $199.99/£209.99.

The Genesis Order Walkthrough Guide

North Santiva is a contemporary city constructed on the ruins of an abandoned tribal town, and it holds many enigmas waiting to be revealed.

As you progress through the journey, you will encounter many beautiful women, discover new abilities, and face a virus that has infected the city.

This article contains the Genesis Order walkthrough guide including quiz answers, puzzle solutions, and more.

V. 021201

(6 Scenes, 2 Photos, 1 Extra)

Scene 1

David will chat with you before you head into Melissa’s Office.

You will chat with Melissa, then head over to Eve Cathedral.

You will meet Chloe as she comes out of Eve Cathedral.

You will head inside and chat with Father Solomon and Sister Judy. Follow Sister Judy to the storeroom.

Scene 2

You acquire the Oracle of the Seraph.

As you enter the Eve Cathedral lobby, you will meet your guardian angel (Hint Girl) Arianna.

Receive a text message from Heather about your new house.

Once you’re outside Eve Cathedral Arianna will show up and explain a couple of things.

Head to your Home on the map and meet Heather.

As Heather leaves, Arianna will once again check in with you and make sure you understand a couple of things.

Head to Rays’ Farm and knock on the door to the house.

Scene 3

As you leave the house Arianna will show up again and chat.

Now head over to Wilkes Mansion and meet up with Melissa.

Scene 4

After you leave Wilkes Mansion head to the Apartments to find Erica standing outside talking to some guy.

You will escort Erica to the station to meet with Melissa.

Scene 5

After walking Erica out of the station, head over to Heather’s house and go inside.

After dinner, you, Hannah, and Chloe will head to the Strip Center to hang out. You all head into the XXX shop, operated by a familiar face. Chloe will tell a story of her past.

Scene 6

After the story, the girls will head home for the night.

Talk to the guy standing out of Dick’s Grill (Green Marker over his head).

Now that you have some money head to the shop and buy the Shovel ($50).

Now that you have a shovel, head to the forest to find the guy’s missing Stone Figurine.

You might not find it in the exact spot as shown below, so just walk around until you find one.

You might also find some Clay Statues and Clay Idols as well.

These items will be placed in your treasure chest that appears in your inventory.

Head back to the Strip Center and return the Stone Figurine to the guy for a reward of $200.

Go back into the XXX Shop and you can buy some Lisa Stonewell P*rn for $100. (1st Extra).

In the Shop, you can buy Photos (1) and (2). ($100 each).

End of V.02121 – (2% Total)

(6 Scenes, 2 Photos, 1 Extra)

V.04122 – (4% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call)

You will start this update by waking up in your bedroom with Arianna. You will also get a text from Heather.

Head over to the XXX Shop to meet with Tasha for some more information about Madalyn.

Tasha is at the Warehouse picking up a shipment, head over to the Warehouse to meet up with her.

As you arrive at the Warehouse Jonathon and Tasha will come out and talk to you.

After talking to Jonathon, he will become your point of contact for selling artifacts for the money.

Head back to XXX Shop, Tasha will be there now and give you some more information about Madalyn.

Scene 7

As your leave the XXX Shop, you will bump into Erica. You and she will head into Dick’s Grill for a drink.

After Erica leaves, talk to the guy with a green mark above him. He will ask about a guy that is cheating on his wife.

Head over to Rays’ Farm and meet up with Carol. Chloe and Hannah.

The bale is too heavy for you to push, you need some strength training, head over to the Gym and meet up with Heather.

As you are waiting for Heather, you will meet Ella Adair.

You will need some workout clothes before you can work out with Heather. Head to the shop and buy some workout clothes. In the parking lot pick up the Car Fob.

Now head into the shop and buy the workout clothes ($50). Remember you can now sell artifacts to Jonathon for money.

Once you have the workout clothes, head back to the gym for some training with Heather.

Scene 8

After the workout with Heather, you will gain 1 strength point.

As you leave the gym, Arianna will chat with you.

Head back to Rays’ farm and use your newfound strength to push the bale out of the barn. As you walk into the barn, move behind the big bale and you will push it out.

You will find an artifact under the bale. As the girls leave the barn, push the rest of the bales out of the barn.

Follow the instructions to solve the puzzle.

Bale 1 – Right, then down till it out.

Bale 2 – Down until it out.

Bale 3 – Right, then down till it out.

Bale 4 – Left (x2), then down till it out.

Bale 5 – Left (x3), then down till it out.

After all the bales are out, step outside the barn and talk to the girls.

After Carol leaves you, Chloe and Hannah will head back into the barn to clean up.

Scene 9

Carol will come back and chat with you and Hannah about farms becoming dig sites for artifacts.

You and Hannah will chat some more and you will receive Hannah’s contact information.

As you leave the barn and farm Arianna will show up and chat with you.

Head over to the Apartments and you will find a Wallet on the ground.

You should now have a Wallet and a Car Fob, head over to the Channel 4 building.

You will see a guy with a green marker over him.

Talk to him, you will give him his wallet and car fob back. In return, he will give Hannah’s 1st Chest Key.

Also, take note of the couple to the left, remember the guy’s shirt color (Blue).

Head back to Dick’s Grill and talk to the guy from early asking about his cheating wife.

After you tell him about the shirt color. Head back to the Channel 4 building and catch up with him.

He will give you $500 as a reward for helping him out and your intelligence will gain 1 point.

Head over to the Rays’ Farm and use the Chest Key you have to open Hannah’s 1st Chest and receive Hannah’s 1st Kamasutra Page Handjob (1st).

Now head over to the shop where you pick up Photo (3) ($100), also you can buy Hannah’s Booty Call outfit ($400).

Before leaving you can buy some house upgrades to get Hannah to come over for her Booty Call.

End of V.04122 – (4% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call.)

V.07011 – (7% Total)

(3 Scenes, 1 Photo, 1 Extra, 1 Outfit, 1 Booty Call.)

You will get a call from the station that turns out to be from Lillian.

After the phone call with Lillian, head over to the apartments and catch Erica as she is leaving for work, you will also chat with Ella as well.

You and Erica will arrive at Wilkes Mansion. Erica will head to change for work and Lillian will come to talk with you.

After chatting with Lillian you hear a gasping sound and go to investigate.

You find Erica and one of the robe guys in another area of the mansion.

As you are leaving the mansion you see Lillian enter the main hall and decide to see what does.

Scene 10

After the scene, you will receive Erica’s contact information.

Arianna will appear after Erica leaves to see what just happened.

Before you leave the mansion take the stairs to the left and talk to the guy with the green marker above his head.

Head to the Shop (Keep an eye out for money laying on the ground much like in ToN) to buy a Jumping Shoe ($50), Photo 4 ($100), as well as Erica’s Booty Call Outfit ($400), are also available at this time.

Head to the Gym to buy a membership ($20) to gain more access to the gym. After buying the membership, take the stairs on the right to enter the locker room.

You find the other Jumping Shoe (you can now jump up high to grab items) as well as Ella’s Phone.

As you pick up Ella’s Phone you will call her to tell her you found it.

Go to Dick’s Grill at the Strip Center to meet up with Ella.

As you enter the Strip Center you will see Henry and Diana talking outside the XXX Shop.

Head inside Dick’s Grill and talk to Ella.

Leave Dick’s Grill and head next door to the XXX Shop to speak with Tasha and Henry.

A (2nd Extra) new p*rn clip is available at the XXX Shop Debra Doin’ It Doggy ($300).

Once you have the Black Cat head to the Condos and return the cat to its owner for a reward of $200.

Now head to the Forest to spy on Henry and Diana.

Scene 11

After talking to Henry and Diana, leave the Forest, you will receive a message from Ella.

Scene 12

After watching the video from Ella, Erica will call you about meeting at your place as she is getting off work.

Arianna and you will have your end-of-update chat.

Head to the Apartments to find and open Erica’s 1st Chest and Receive Erica’s 1st Kamasutra Page Eat Out (2nd)

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One Class, One Day: Art In The Marketplace

One Class, One Day: Art in the Marketplace Dan Ranalli sees a broken system

Outlining the art market, Dan Ranalli, founding director of MET’s arts administration program, argues for a radical restructuring. Photos by Kalman Zabarsky

Class by class, lecture by lecture, question asked by question answered, an education is built. This is one of a series of visits to one class, on one day, in search of those building blocks at BU.

“What we’re going to talk about tonight,” says Dan Ranalli, “is the art market.”

B-36, a small lecture hall with stadium seating in the College of Arts & Sciences basement is the Wednesday evening locus for 37 grad students, most of them art history majors, most of those hoping a master’s degree will help them land a job managing an arts council or some other nonprofit. Six laptops are open, but the rest take notes the old-fashioned way, pens poised, notebooks open, margins available for artistic doodles.

“Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down,” intones the Metropolitan College associate professor and director of the arts administration program. “That’s the art market over the past 20, 30, 40 years.”

But top line — way up:

In 1961, the most expensive work of art sold for $2.3 million.

In 1989, the most expensive work of art sold for $53.9 million.

In 2006, the most expensive work of art sold for $135 million, and it wasn’t a Picasso or a Van Gogh. It was Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist.

“Let’s put that in context,” says Ranalli. “The entire annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts in 2006 was just about identical to the price of that one painting, a little over $135 million.”

These are fun facts, but they don’t reflect the deeper realities of the art market, which has taken a plunge in tandem with the broader economy. “When the stock market gets sick,” Ranalli says, “the art market gets pneumonia.”

But first, a quick question. “How many of you have ever collected anything?” he asks. “Come on, admit it.”

“Stickers,” one student calls.

“Baseball cards.”




“Hard Rock Café pins.”

“Soviet air stamps.”

“How about art?” Ranalli asks. “Anybody?”

Quiet reigns.

Ranalli uses PowerPoint to list the biggest art collectors in the world, tracing how their locations and occupations mimic the changing world economy — the newest arrivals on the list are coming from China and Russia (not India, interestingly enough). Then he steers toward the strange ways that art sells, starting with auction houses such as Sotheby’s. They move lots, sometimes fetching high prices for single pieces and always working on hefty, guaranteed commissions, which helps explain why Sotheby’s has been around since 1744. Within the past month, a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, an artist tied to street culture, graffiti, and Haitian influences, who died in his 20s, sold for $1.593 million at Sotheby’s in London.

“Here’s an important point of clarification,” says Ranalli. “The artist isn’t getting this money. This is resale.”

In other creative sectors, like songwriting and performing, the artist benefits at least a little every time work is resold. Royalties generate revenue streams. In the visual sector, “resale agreements” have been tried by a few powerful artists, but have yet to become standard.

“So the notion is, how do you create income streams for artists so they can make a living?” Ranalli asks. The big figures he’s thrown around so far, he says, are nothing but “a tiny little point on the top of this arts pyramid. It’s really hard for artists to make a middle-class living. Very few do.”

He moves to a discussion of art galleries, the historic backbone of the market. Galleries show the work of artists and usually take half of the sale price. Realtors take 6 percent for selling property, he says; even auction houses make less than 20 percent. “So why do art galleries take 50 percent?” he asks. “Can somebody explain that to me?”

Is that new model the Internet? “On eBay, at any point in time, there are 3,000 works of art for sale,” he says. “Perhaps galleries will not exist as the primary art market in 5 to 10 years.”

Some students are skeptical. How will people buy art without actually seeing it, without the tactile sense of brush strokes and true size, without basking in the creative entity as the artist accomplished it?

“I agree,” says Ranalli, “nothing ever will replace the eyes-on experience. But suppose you already know my work? And remember, a gallery is taking 50 percent.

“I predict the time’s coming when virtual art will be sold and displayed on a 50-inch screen in your living room. Am I eager for that? No. But I say it’ll happen.”

“Ten years from now,” he says, “somebody will do something none of us have thought of. So as an arts administrator, you have to be ready to take that on. Somebody needs to replace a largely ineffectual system. I just don’t know what that replacement is.”

He points to another phenomenon in the art market, the growth of “fairs” like Art Basel, which gather and promote art from around the world in short-term venues. They’ve had a huge impact on the market, but in Ranalli’s opinion they have evolved into impersonal, expensive, and unsatisfying vehicles.

A student interrupts with a historical question: do we know where the first art galleries, as we think of them, emerged?

“An art supply store in New York City decided to put paintings in the windows of the shop in the late 1800s,” Ranalli answers. So this form of selling retail art is recent and by no means permanent.

He looks at his watch and sees the class is near its end. “I will say this,” he concludes. “In my opinion, the market, you know, the economic market, is never the best filter for quality.” Market forces are not rooted in quality — all kinds of factors play in and celebrate less deserving work of every kind, from art to cars to food. In the process, the best can be ignored or squashed, he argues. Perhaps there should be some kind of test, measure, criteria, for what enters the common space as art, he muses, for who can call themselves artists.

Some students agree, some bridle. Clearly Ranalli understands the inherent elitism in his musings, that he is being a provocateur.

“But what’s the alternative to the free market?” asks a student as they reach the final minute of class.

“I really don’t know,” Ranalli says. “Let’s make one. We’ve been talking about evolutions this evening, but in truth, I’m interested in a revolution.”

Some students laugh, some are bemused, as a lecture on the art market ends with a call for its wholesale uprooting.

Seth Rolbein can be reached at [email protected].

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The Sword Of Tipu Sultan And Wootz Steel


Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, who made Mysore a formidable power in the eighteenth century died in the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in 1799 in the battlefield with a sword in his hand. His sword was believed to be very strong, which indicates that the sword was made up of high-quality steel, called ‘wootz steel’, manufactured in the southern part of India. This steel of India even gained the attention of the western world they made a study of the production of this steel.

The production of the wootz steel included several steps and a specialized technique. Eventually, the British replaced this material in India by importing iron and steel from England. And new factories began to develop in India, which further deteriorated the condition of local craftsmen.

The Sword of Tipu Sultan and Wootz Steel

The Sword of Tipu Sultan

Ezhuttukari at Malayalam Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Wootz Steel

Mr McIntyre, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

They used to mix iron ore and charcoal together, and then put them into a clay pot. Later it was melted at fluctuating temperatures in furnaces and then smelters were used to produce steel blocks, which were used to make swords in India and Asia. The evidence of approximately a hundred furnaces has been found in Mysore. This wootz steel, even stole the attention of European scientists, for example, scientist Michael Faraday studied the properties of this steel for four years.

Nevertheless, the iron and steel industries began to end with the political expansion of the British and the import of these metals from Britain, which led to the gradual invisibility of ‘wootz steel’ by the middle of the nineteenth century. Now the Iron smiths were getting iron in bulk at a cheaper rate.

Abandoned Furnaces in Villages

Although the manufacturing of iron and steel demanded concentrated techniques with skillful craftsmen, it was common practice in India. The family of craftsmen was involved in this process as men used to control the smelting temperatures and women used to do below works like pumping air to keep the charcoal burning.

However, by the middle of the nineteenth century, the production of Indian iron and steel started diminishing and smelters abandoned their furnaces. There were several reasons for the decline in the production of iron and steel in India.

Even if they managed to enter these forests secretly to collect raw material but it was something that they could not continue for a longer period as a livelihood. As a result, they left this occupation and shifted to other means of livelihood.

Another reason was the high tax that iron smelters had to pay to the forest government for using furnaces even though the production was declining in India, hence this affected their income. This also forced them to abandon their furnaces and search for a new occupation.

Furthermore, the import of iron and steel from England enhanced problems by decreasing the demand for iron produced by local smelters. And now ironsmiths began to make their finished good with the European imported iron and steel. Simultaneously, these local smelters faced tough competition from Indian iron and steel factories.

All these factors somehow paved the way for local smelters to leave their furnaces and adopt other occupations in order to have a stable and sustainable livelihood.


During the eighteenth century, Indian iron and steel were considered to be of the greatest quality, and came to be called ‘’wootz steel’’. One such example of this wootz steel was the sword of Tipu Sultan, which was as strong as it could break down the hard armour with greater ease.

In fact, the high quality of iron and steel drew the attention of Europeans and made their research about the process of making it such hard and strong. Eventually, even after being of superior quality, the production of the wootz steel began to reduce and smelters opted for other occupations by abandoning their furnaces in the middle of the nineteenth century. Subsequently, the iron and steel produced by local Indian smelter were replaced by imported iron from Britain and manufactured by other newly emerging indigenous iron and steel factories in India.


Q1. What was the main reason for the Anglo-Mysore war?

Ans. The British territorial and commercial expansion in Mysore had to face a threat from the rulers of the region, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. The British formed alliance with the Nizams and the Marathas in order to subjugate Mysore and fought four wars, known as the Anglo-Mysore war.

Q2. Mention the chronology of all four Anglo-Mysore wars.


First Anglo-Mysore war in 1767 CE to 1769CE.

Second Anglo-Mysore war in 1780 CE to 1784CE.

Third Anglo-Mysore war in 1790 CE to 1792 CE.

Fourth Anglo Mysore war in 1798 CE to 1799 CE.

Q3. Who was Francis Buchanan?

Ans. Francis Buchanan was a Scottish physician, who came to India and worked in Bengal Medical Service. He even worked as a surgeon of Lord Wellesely. He provided a detailed account of the territory under the East India Company. In a way, he contributed as a great zoologist, botanist, and ethnographer during his stay in India.

Q4. When did the colonial government pass the first forest law in India?

Ans. The first forest law, made by the British government, was passed in 1865 with the aim of taking control of forest produces rather than conserving them. The act was amended several times in successive years.

Q5. Which was the first iron and steel factory in India and when was it established?

Ans. TISCO; Tata Iron and Steel company was the first iron and steel factory in India and it was established in 1907 at Jamshedpur by Jamshedji Tata and Dorabji Tata.

Q6. Mention any three results of the Anglo-Mysore war.


Most of the kingdom was divided between the British, Nizams, and the Marthas.

The remaining kingdom was handed over to the ruler of the Wodeyar dynasty from whom Haider Ali seized the power.

Now the ruler of Mysore was made to enter into a subsidiary alliance with the British.

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