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Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Update, July 14, 2023 (02:04 PM ET): We have updated our Apple Watch Ultra 2 hub with rumors about Apple switching to 3D printing for the Ultra’s titanium components.

Original article: Following longstanding rumors, Apple released a “pro” smartwatch in 2023 in the form of the Apple Watch Ultra. The product offers various enhancements over other Apple Watch models, such as superior battery life, extra durability, a brighter screen, and a dedicated action button. Can we expect an Apple Ultra 2nd generation? What upgrades might it have, and when could it ship? We’ve pieced together all the Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumors and the upgrades we’d like to see.

Will there be an Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

There will almost certainly be an Apple Watch Ultra 2. While Apple never shares actual unit sales, the Ultra was well-reviewed by Android Authority and many other outlets. Apple also rarely launches a new product category without making a serious commitment.

There have also been rumors about a new Ultra, which we cover below. Those rumors could all turn out to be wrong, or Apple could spontaneously change its mind, but we doubt it.

When is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 release date?

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Original (Series 0): April 2023

Series 1 and 2: September 2023

Series 3: September 2023

Series 4: September 2023

Series 5: September 2023

Series 6 and SE (1st gen): September 2023

Series 7: October 2023

Series 8, Ultra, and SE (2nd gen): September 2023

The likely candidate for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 launch is September 2023 since Apple has rarely stepped outside its September update window. It could miss that month, but even if it does, we wouldn’t expect a launch any later than October. Apple insider Mark Gurman claims that an updated version of the Apple Watch Ultra should appear alongside the iPhone 15 this fall. Ming-Chi Kuo, another Apple analyst, also claims the watch will come later this year. However, some reports have suggested that the watch may have been delayed due to the production costs of new display technology expected to appear in the device. That said, Apple could also skip a year as the company did between the Apple Watch SE and SE 2023.

What specs and features will the Apple Watch Ultra 2 have?

We have plenty of rumors related to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. We’ve rounded up the best ones below.

What will the Apple Watch Ultra 2 price be?

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

This is a genuine mystery. In the absence of contrary evidence, we’re assuming Apple will stick with the $799 US price tag of the original. That’s already a lot to ask for a smartwatch, and it helps undercut some competing watches like the Garmin Epix Pro.

The company has been under a lot of pressure with supply chain and inflation issues, however, not to mention its tendency towards features that increase manufacturing costs. That could lead to a price bump.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: What we want to see

We have a lot of credible rumors listed above. Below, though, we have things we hope to see. There are no rumors for these features (yet), but it sure would be great if Apple brought them to the table.

A fully customizable action button

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Ultra’s action button makes it more convenient than a regular Apple Watch in a lot of situations. It’s simpler to do things like open the Workout app, mark a Backtrack point, or record a run precisely when it starts. However, Apple currently limits customization to a narrow range of options.

Sooner or later we’re expecting Apple to open up the button’s versatility — it’s just a matter of building out support in watchOS. You can already assign it to an action created in the iPhone Shortcuts app, but we’d like to be able to launch any app on a Watch, and ideally assign the button to specific commands within those apps.

While we’re at it, Apple should modify the button so it’s harder to press accidentally. We encountered accidental presses while wearing wrist wraps for weightlifting.

Qi2 charging

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Recently the Wireless Power Consortium announced plans for Qi2, an upgrade to the ubiquitous Qi standard. Little is known so far, but the WPC says that Apple’s MagSafe technology is being integrated. This should improve charging efficiency by keeping coils aligned.

Qi2 might not sound important for a new Ultra, since Apple Watches have used magnetic charging pucks since the beginning. What you might not remember is that Watches have never supported Qi — that’s one of the reasons you need a purpose-built charger to top them up. Adding Qi2 could open up access to more third-party accessories, or even reusing more of Apple’s own.

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Everything We Know About Appleā€™s 31.6

Apple officially left the standalone display market in 2023, discontinuing its Thunderbolt Display and pointing users towards third-party options. The move, however, was met with disappointment from Pro users who rely on seamless integration between Apple’s various hardware products.

Subsequently, in 2023, Apple announced that it was doubling down on the Pro market with a new modular Mac Pro and a new Apple Display. That announcement was almost exactly two years ago, and now it seems we’re finally nearing the launch of Apple’s highly anticipated Pro display. Here’s what we know so far.

Apple Display Size and Resolution

According to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Display will feature a 31.6-inch display. That’s considerably larger than the 27-inch iMac – and should certainly please Pro users in many industries. Kuo says that the Apple Display will feature a 6K3K resolution.

At this point, it is unconfirmed whether the Apple Display will be 16:9 in nature or join in on the trend of ultra-wide displays. Our own Jeff Benjamin, however, has presented a very solid case for the latter.

Jeff argues that Apple’s display will feature a 6240×2880 native resolution. This is a “true” 5K footprint that has been expanded horizontally to turn the display into an ultra-wide panel. With the extra pixels, the display’s resolution is stretched into 6K, which matches exactly with Kuo’s claim that the display will be 6K3K.

Theoretically, Apple would also want its standalone Pro monitor to match the existing iMac and iMac Pro form factor and DPI. Some basic math explains how this would be possible. Essentially, the 27-inch 5K iMac uses a pixel-per-inch standard of 218. With a resolution of 6240×2880, an Apple display could hit that by being 31.59-inches – which rounds up to 31.6-inches, matching Kuo’s claims.

The end result is a 6K3K ultra-wide display with 6240×2880 resolution, measuring 31.6-inches diagonally, and with a display panel height (13.2-inches) and PPI (218) the same as the existing 5K panel in the iMac and iMac Pro. The width of such a display would measure 28.7-inches, which is 3.1-inches wider than the iMac Pro, even when including its bezels.

Thus, while Kuo has not made mention of whether the Apple Display will be ultra-wide or 16:9, the math certainly seems to favor the former. With so many third-party displays going the ultra-wide direction, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Apple also follow that trend. Furthermore, if it can do so in a way that makes the Apple Display beautifully complement the existing iMac and iMac Pro, creative users everywhere are sure to be pleased.


Ming-Chi Kuo also says that Apple’s 6K display will feature mini-LED backlight technology. What this means is that the external display will only use mini-LED for the backlight, not for true end-to-end mini-LED screens. In late 2023 or early 2023, however, Apple is expected to launch new MacBook and iPad models with true mini-LED panels.

Kuo specifically says that the Apple monitor will use a “mini-LED like backlight unit” with larger LEDs. By using mini-LED backlighting, the Apple screen will have more power efficient backlighting that allows for more accurate blacks and improved contrast. Furthermore, mini-LED backlighting should allow for the panels to be thinner, resulting in a slimmer design overall.

The performance won’t match that of OLED, such as what is found in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but Apple is said to favor mini-LED backlighting because it is not susceptible to burn in. In day-to-day use, this is likely a wise choice. A computer monitor is far more likely than a phone to show the same thing – such as a static email inbox – all day. This would greatly increase the likelihood of burn-in.

Apple Display Release and Price

The Apple Display is said to be released sometime in Q2 or Q3. This aligns well with Apple’s upcoming developer-focused WWDC, which kicks off on June 3rd. It does not seem presumptuous at all to think that Apple could announce both the 31.6-inch monitor and modular Mac Pro during its WWDC keynote.

Assuming the panel is announced at WWDC, that would be just over two years from when Apple announced its renewed focus on the Pro market.

As for price, it’s hard to know at this point what Apple might charge for this 31.6-inch 6K monitor. The Thunderbolt Display was sold for $999, but you should expect this new display to cost more than that, especially when you consider Apple has little competition in this area of the market.

Wrap up

Apple doubled down on the Pro market almost exactly 2 years ago, and it seems we’re finally about to see the first results of those efforts. Pro users certainly have high hopes for the new Apple Display and modular Mac Pro, and it will be interesting to see the reactions.

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Everything We Know So Far About Saints Row 2023

Everything we know so far about Saints Row 2023

All the existing leaks and official reveals ahead of its August release

The latest Saints Row title – a franchise reboot rather than another sequel – is due for release this August, a year after its reveal announcement at Gamescom 2023. Originally pegged for release in February 2023, Volition have had plenty of extra time to iron out the creases, and perfect the many features and mechanics. And additional time to reveal tidbits, trailers – and even be exposed to a few leaks.

Here, we’re going to keep you updated with everything we know about the upcoming Saints Row 2023 reboot, including both official reveals and insider information.

Santo Ileso — Saints Row in the American South West

The new Saints Row will take place in an unprecedented location for the franchise, America’s Wild (and Weird) South West. The fictional Santo Ileso is a desert city, reminiscent of the likes of Vegas and Phoenix, with sprawling, hot desert landscapes, cacti, red rock and glorious sunsets. According to Volition, Santo Ileso is the biggest Saints Row playground yet, and will give more room to wreak havoc than ever before.

And, as Santo Ileso’s official motto says, “Keep it Weird.”

Saints Row — Who are you?

You’ll play as “The Boss”, the ultra-customizable, gender-variable leader of a new underground criminal team. In other words, you’re a person getting their friends together to cause some trouble – and make bank while you’re at it. As we’ve already seen from April’s Ultimate Customization Showcase – and explore in more detail below – you’ll be able to intricately design every part of your playable character to your exact liking.

Ultimate Customization and #BeYourOwnBoss

Customization has never been so broad. Volition’s #BeYourOwnBoss branding perfectly sums up just how unique you’ll be able to make your character in Saints Row. Old, young, thick, thin, male, female or anything around, inbetween or combining these labels will only be the start of your custom-made Boss.

According to the Saints Row Ultimate Customization Trailer below, even muscle and (get this) vein definition will be available, just to prove how detailed things are gonna get. Change your hair color, your eyebrow color, or even have one half of your character reflect an entirely different personality than the other. There’s also a whole raneg of voices and accents to choose from. Edit your socks, underwear, or just stroll around plain naked – now it’s really sounding like a Saints Row game.

And the customization of course doesn’t stop with your character. You’ll be able to heavily mod all of your vehicles, you’ll be behind designing your squad’s HQ, and you’ll even be able to tell your Saints what to wear. You’ll pretty much be able to make Saints Row the exact game you want.

Saints Row Criminal Ventures

One of these businesses, for example, is Bright Future Disposal. The law enforcers of Santo Ileso will think you’re legitimately disposing of waste materials. Instead, you’ll be taking significant amounts of money from the city’s corporate monsters to illegally dispose of their radioactive waste.

And, to add to the already incredible amount of customization in Saints Row, you’ll be able to choose where and how you launch your new ventures from a selection of vacant sites.

Fast Travel in Saints Row

While vague methods of “fast travel” have been in previous Saints Row games – such as train travel, for example – the term “fast travel” has been confirmed by Jeremy Bernstein of Deep Silver Volition in a video on the Game Informer and Saints Row YouTube channels.

While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what this means, gaming leaker Tom Henderson has said insider information has confirmed instant fast travel. Apparently, once you’ve snapped a pic of the location in question, you’ll unlock the ability to travel there whenever you want, from wherever you are.

If that’s not an interesting enough mode of travel, though, don’t worry. Alongside your lowriders and Choppers, you’ll be able to glide with a wingsuit, and even levitate on hoverboards or hoverbikes. Edit your vehicle almost as much as your body with add-ons, colors, ejector seats and even distinct engine sounds.

Your Saints Row Boss — leaks

Abilities and Flow

Henderson has been revealing even more information he’s come across over on Whatifgaming, and the following reveals have not been officially confirmed. The first of these is “Flow”, a points system allowing you to level up your character’s abilities.

With no superpowers in this Saints Row game, your Boss will instead rely on the more realistic Abilities. But don’t worry, according to Henderson’s insider information, these Abilities will still come with the usual Saints Row amount of wacky. For example, one of the potential Abilities is Surprise, the ability to “throw a grenade down an enemies pants and throw them into more enemies causing a large explosion.”

You can then use Flow Points to level up your favorite Abilities (of which we’re pretty sure Surprise will be one). Flow Points can be earned in combat, so the more you cause damage to or kill enemies, the more Flow Points you’ll earn, and the better your Abilities will become.

Character Perks

According to Henderon’s article, you’ll also be able to choose up to five specific perks, with one perk slot available from the get-go. Perks will allow your character even more weird and wonderful abilities as you do damage across Santo Ileso, from increased movement speed when crouching to calling in air strikes.


A final gameplay mechanic that has been revealed by Henderson is Execution, Saints Row’s health system. With Execution, you’ll be able to increase your own health by taking away others’. In other words, get kills, increase your health. And it’s not just your health, either, but your vehicle durability. Smash up your enemy’s motor, increase the resilience of your own.

Is Johnny Gat in the Saints Row reboot?

Finally, the main question everyone wants to know. Is Johnny Gat himself going to be making an appearance in Saints Row? Well, sadly, it has been very officially confirmed that he will not. In the aforementioned Game Informer YouTube video, Jeremy Bernstein of Deep Silver Volition very defiantly confirms that Johnny Gat will not make even a surprise appearance in Santo Ileso – now, or in the future.

That’s most of what we know about what to expect from Saints Row, the 2023 reboot. We’ll keep this page updated as more is revealed about the upcoming game. In the meantime, we’ll just keep counting down the days until we’re let loose on the Weird West’s Santo Ileso.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Date & Everything We Know

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Date & Everything We Know

Resident Evil 4 is coming back! One of the most loved installments in this series of classic horror games, Resident Evil 4 Remake was announced at a recent State of Play and we’re here to break down the details for you.

How Much Will Resident Evil 4 Remake Change?

In a blog post from Capcom & PlayStation the following was said:

“This time, the game is being developed to achieve state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror suitable for 2023, while preserving the essence of the original game. We aim to make the game feel familiar to fans of the series, while also providing a fresh feeling to it. This is being done by reimagining the storyline of the game while keeping the essence of its direction, modernizing the graphics, and updating the controls to a modern standard.”

Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake notably shifted around various elements of the game in order to make the game feel more atmospheric and be more horror-centric. A report from FanByte actually had the following details on the game:

“Capcom is no longer looking for a strict scene-by-scene remake of Resident Evil 4, lauded though it may be. While the original title began with rookie cop turned secret service agent Leon S. Kennedy arriving in an European village at daytime, and slowly gunning his way all the way through the bad guys over the course of 24 hours, the remake adjusts that timeline. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the famous village introduction set piece takes place at night. As does a decent portion of the game.”

“Some changes to the story, such as giving side characters bigger roles and more screentime, are also planned. Capcom plans to flesh out other aspects of the game, as well.”

Hopefully, this also means that Capcom develops further the side section of the game, Assignment Ada. It didn’t really feature a lot of story elements in the original game, so to see that made into something a tad larger than itself would be an interesting get for Capcom. In fact, further into the Fanbyte article, there’s this interesting tidbit:

“One focus is Assignment: Ada, which was a short campaign starring Leon’s rival/sometimes lover and spy extraordinaire Ada Wong.….For Resident Evil 4 Remake, M-Two specifically is looking to expand on Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways by combining each into one package: a more fluid and polished companion piece. Not every source we talked to could confirm whether this was in the main game or planned as DLC, but most said it was looking to be a fairly meaty expansion to the source material.”

We’ll likely get more concrete and official details on what is actually included in the full Resident Evil 4 Remake package later this year, perhaps at either GamesCom or The Game Awards. There’s also the better of the already announced PS VR 2 content for the game, and what exactly that will entail. Will it be a full VR adaptation? Or will it be for certain modes? Only time will tell.

What Do You Want To See Apple Announce At Wwdc?

It’s that time of year again. We’re just a few days away from Apple executives (and probably a few others) talking about what’s next for its major platforms at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. And, as usual, there’s a lot of expectations swirling around the company.

There’s something to be said about the fact that Apple still puts people in front of cameras (and, one day, back on stage) to show off the next major software updates. It’s such an event every year, even if some years are not as big as others. And then there’s the fact that some platforms just don’t get the same attention as others.

It’s not like we ever really expect tvOS to get the same attention as iOS, right?

That will be the same this year. iOS and iPadOS are likely going to see the most attention this year, and privacy and security will be a major focal point as usual. watchOS is probably going to get even more health-focused features (which will be accompanied by new hardware later this year). And then there’s macOS.

We recently heard that Apple could potentially use Monterey or Mammoth as the naming scheme for this year’s update. It’s always fun to watch Apple unveil the new branding for its desktop operating system, and this year probably won’t be any different. But the naming may actually tell us whether or not this is going to be a big update year for macOS, too.

Also, related: Microsoft is unveiling what’s probably going to be Windows 11 at the end of this month. Does that put some pressure on Apple to make this next update, which is definitely not of the same magnitude, a bit more oomph to it? What do you think?

But it’s not macOS that I’m interested most in seeing, even if it’s the software I technically use the most more often than not. (iOS is obviously a very close second.) I think this year is probably going to see some exciting things, but I’m not really expecting Apple to blow the roof off its headquarters (or any buildings, really).

Unless things get real, real interesting with iPadOS. I think there’s a lot of side-eye in Apple’s direction right now regarding its iPad-focused software, which is still a branch of Apple’s iPhone-focused software. There’s no doubt that iPadOS, while powerful in its own right, feels like it’s the only thing holding back the iPad Pro lineup. And if you watched or read reviews for Apple’s latest iPad Pro models, which are equipped with the M1 processor, you saw the same thing: iPadOS needs to evolve.

All of the power and the capabilities of the M1 chip are limited by Apple’s iPad software. And the company is in a unique position because Apple obviously has more than one iPad out there. What’s more, there are more iPad models that don’t need a more powerful operating system than there are that do. So what is Apple supposed to do with that?

We know that Apple doesn’t plan on merging macOS and iPadOS. The company wants these products to remain different. Who knows how long it will stay that way, but, for now, we’ll just keep working under the assumption that’s going to remain the case — at least for this year.

So what about an iPadOS Pro? That is absolutely not what Apple should call it, mind you. That’s real bad. But the idea might be something the company could work with. And it would have to go beyond a reworked Home Screen. Just giving the iPad Pro more abilities with its software, which remains a sticking point for many people out there. And Apple has put itself in a strange position by adopting Apple silicon under the hood of its most powerful iPad. I think a lot of people out there simply expect Apple to do something software related to elevate the iPad Pro.

That’s actually what I’m most curious about. I’m happy enough with the other operating systems; it’s iPadOS that has room to grow more than any other. It will be fun to see if Apple agrees.

What do you want to see Apple announce this year?

Microsoft Surface Duo Rumors: What We Know About The Dual


Update, July 23 2023 (2:40AM ET): We’ve updated the Surface Duo rumor hub with new details of a Microsoft “phablet” that recently passed through the FCC. Check it out below.

Original article, May 18 2023 (8:53AM ET): Microsoft took everyone by surprise last October when it announced the Surface Duo: a dual-screen device that runs Android. While the Surface Duo certainly resembles a phone in its folded state and can achieve all smartphone-like tasks such as making call and sending text messages, Microsoft does not want to label it a “phone.”

It’s the Redmond-based software giant’s version of a foldable, only that it’s not a traditional foldable if you compare it to devices like the Galaxy Fold or even the Galaxy Z Flip. It indeed folds in the center, but does so using a hinge that holds its two very separate screens together (rather than having a foldable screen).

The best foldable phones you can get in 2023

The best

It’s been a while since we heard something official from Microsoft about the Surface Duo, but of late, we’ve ourselves received some insider info about its release window. We’ve also recently come across some leaked specs for the Android hybrid, including information about its chipset, battery, and camera. In this rumor hub, we’ll detail all that we know about the Surface Duo until now. Take a look.

Specs and features


Microsoft has done a pretty decent job of keeping the specs of the Surface Duo under wraps. When it first showed off the device at its Surface event, it was running a Snapdragon 855 processor. Thanks to information sourced by Windows Central, we now hear that Microsoft will stick to the older generation Snapdragon flagship for the final Surface Duo release.

The outlet reports that the specs of the Surface Duo are pretty much cemented and that it’s in a “take-home” status at Microsoft internally. This means that company employees from outside the Surface division can request to test the device, so we presume its specs won’t change now.

An FCC listing spotted by Droid Life on July 22 describes a dual-screen Microsoft “phablet” that folds. While not referred to as the Duo by name, it’s likely that the device is the forthcoming foldable. According to the listing, the phone will feature support for major LTE bands in the US, NFC, Wi-Fi 5, and no 5G connectivity.

According to Window Central, the Surface Duo will ship with 6GB RAM and 64GB or 256GB storage. There’s no 128GB middle ground here and even if there is, the report fails to mention it.

The camera above the right display is said to be an 11MP sensor, for both front and rear facing photos. That’s likely because the displays can be rotated around for front and rear photos. The two 5.6-inch screens reportedly have AMOLED panels with a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch.

Does anybody know what the Surface Duo is supposed to be?


Sadly, the battery size is reportedly capped at 3,460mAh which might not nearly be enough to support two displays and all the multitasking you’re expected to do on the device. Also, there won’t be any wireless charging as per Windows Central.

In terms of connectivity, the Surface Duo is said to feature a single USB-C port and a nanoSIM slot. It’ll also be compatible with a Surface Pen.

On the software front, the Surface Duo is expected to run Android 10 at launch, and later get an upgrade to Android 11. The device is also expected to get the redesigned Microsoft Launcher, which comes with new rotation modes, a new dock, and other UI tweaks.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Price and release date


There’s no word on how much the Surface Duo will cost, but we do know some things about its availability.

According to information obtained by Android Authority from a source with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans, the Surface Duo will launch some time in 2023. This should be good news since Microsoft has apparently delayed the launch of its other dual-screen device, the Surface Neo.

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