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Of course, in Barbie World, no one would bat an eye at Gosling’s color choices. Barbies and Kens have already figured out that life in plastic is fantastic in an all-pink, judgment-free zone. But in the real world, the fashion statement is driving a bigger message: Pink is for everyone.

For a long time, pink was mainly seen as a color for just girls—an irony considering that gender studies experts say that until the 1980s, it was often worn by men. And while pink is largely still seen as a feminine color in Western societies, this is not a shared universal view. South Korean men have long embraced wearing shades of pink on the regular. In India, sometimes you’ll see pink turbans on a groom on their wedding day. Acceptance of the color depends on the culture and society where you’re living, says Jo Paoletti, a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland. 

How pink became ‘girly’

We can attribute the popularization of pink to one of King Louis XV’s most famous mistresses. Madame de Pompadour was the closest thing 18th-century French society had to a fashion influencer. Her fondness for pink in the arts shaped the culture and taste of people across Europe. “It became all the rage, and at the time it was gender neutral, so everybody was wearing pink,” says Naomi Greyser, an associate professor of gender, women’s, and sexuality studies at the University of Iowa. 

Men started wearing pink more often because they saw it as a powerful, attention-grabbing color that would help them stand out from the crowd. Women, meanwhile, often wore blue because it was associated with calmness and had religious significance in the Catholic Church. Paoletti, who wrote the book Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America, explains that girls wore blue in connection to the Virgin Mary who was thought to have worn a lot of blues.

Gender coding for pink and blue switched in the early 20th century. By the 1930s and 1940s, girls were more often wearing pink than boys. Greyser says there’s a lot of opinions by historians as to why this happened but the prevailing theory is that darker colors came to be associated with masculinity because of military uniforms. “Around the time of World War II, it was seen as a badge of honor to wear military-like tones,” Greyser adds.

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By the 1980s pink was full-on considered a girl’s color. Prenatal testing allowed parents to buy girl and boy clothes ahead of time, and Greyser says companies saw parents were willing to spend a bit more when they’re getting ready to expand their families. This opened up markets of pink and blue clothing and accessories to decorate the nursery, with the idea that each color is exclusive to a certain gender. 

Mattel was just another company that followed the pink-girl marketing trend. When the Barbie doll first debuted in 1959, she wore her signature ponytail along with a black and white striped swimsuit. In fact, Barbie pink didn’t really exist until the ‘70s. But the toy ultimately became so popular, it helped lead the hyper-feminine pink charge in America, Greyser explains.

Pink’s prolific power

With the growing boom of pink and blue products, psychologists in the 1980s tried to study why people have strong feelings about pink. One idea was that Baker-Miller pink reduced aggression and violence—and though the results have been called into question, it motivated several prisons to paint their cells pink. 

A second study from 1994 suggested the color pink was associated with positive reactions like happiness or excitement. However, more recent color research has found that preferences surrounding pink have to do more with gender norms people impose on young girls and boys than the actual color. 

The reason why it’s difficult to study the psychology of colors is because a lot of it is created by culture. “If you ask a three- or four-year-old girl their favorite color, they’re more likely to choose pink because girls today are surrounded by it,” says Paoletti. 

Breaking the gender norm

Just as pink has shifted to being a girl’s color in the West, it’s possible to turn it back into a color loved by all. Culturally, society’s mindsets need to let go of who’s “allowed” to wear pink. Efforts are already underway. 

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Paoletti has noticed Gen Z are more likely than other generations to play around with traditional gender-coded products and gender behaviors. Additionally, since fashion is always changing, there is always a possibility of a pink resurgence. 

One example is the viral “Barbiecore” trend. Inspired by the new movie, it’s rooted in confidence and channeling good vibes by wearing vibrant hues. It doesn’t single out a particular brand or piece of clothing—just bright colors, especially pink—making it easy for anyone, of any gender, to participate. “It’s a brilliant [and inclusive] way that Mattel is hacking into the hype that already exists about pink and blowing it up even more,” Greyser explains.

But whether you love pink or hate it, Paoletti says the only way society will stop gender coding colors is if we stop using them to perceive female-male differences. “Marketing something for little boys but not girls implies boys are better than girls. There’s a power differential where the colors identify one as being of lower value than the other.” 

While one movie won’t be able to undo decades of sexism, Greyser says the acceptance and normalization of pink in Barbies and Kens is one more example of how we’re inching toward a future where the color represents a celebration of life. Even if we just call it “Ken-energy” for now.

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10 Tools For Trading Everyone Should Use

A good worker may never blame his tools, but the tools of trading are essential for making profits. The market has many choices, from free trading tools to their paid counterparts.

Start Your Free Investment Banking Course

Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others

If the stock market is a pack of cards, the ace is none other than tools that calculate investment performance and monitor fees and asset allocations. With these complex trading tools, handling and tracking your investments was always more difficult. So, how do you choose the best option?

Trading Tools 1. Personal Capital: Linking Investors to Their Accounts

Personal Capital en-cashes on an investor’s capability of linking virtually to any investment account. It includes investment accounts such as retirement and taxable accounts. Once these are linked, allocation, fee, and performance are tracked using this single trading tool which offers multiple benefits.

Graphs ensure that it is easy to compare returns and understand asset allocation. This trading tool also offers a 401k Fee Analyzer which calculates the effect of fee payment across a time horizon. Free apps for smartphones and tablets are another positive feature of Personal Capital. The best things in life are free, and this investment tool is one of them.

2. Morningstar: Dawn of a New Era in Investing

An award winning feature of Morningstar is its X-Ray tool which enables users to observe details of a portfolio of mutual funds or exchange traded funds. It will highlight the portfolio’s asset allocation, stock sectors, style box rating, industry sectors, and geographical exposure.

The only drawback of this trading tool is that it does not directly link to the investment account. Unless you acquire, portfolios must be manually input into a premium membership.

3. Budgeting Software: Finance Apps that earn Profits for You

Budgeting tools may appear to be an offbeat way to track investments, yet several trading tools can help you to track how much you spend and invest in the markets. These finance apps will make life simpler and complex investments easier for you.

You can manage all your bills and payments in one place, check the prices of commodities, and control your stock portfolio with unerring accuracy and precision using these wonderful apps:

BlackGold: Adding a Shine to your Investments

Pageonce Money and Bills: Multiple Benefits

Don’t think twice about downloading Pageonce Money & Bills, an app that allows you to track all finances in one place and gain reminders for due bill dates apart from monitoring your investment transactions. This app is compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPods. It requires iOS of 3.0 or later versions for best results.

Venmo: Pay for your Investments in one go

Forbes magazine has called this the crown jewel of all finance apps. This app links the bank account or trading account to the device. Its rich reporting interface plus zero payment transaction fees is a major value addition. Venmo works equally well with iPad, iPods, and iPhones and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager: The Portfolio in the Palm of your Hand

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager ensures the complete portfolio can be accessed within the palm of your hand so that you can pocket good profits through regular tracking. This finance app imports brokerage holdings automatically and helps investors stay on top of market news. It works with all Apple devices and needs iOS 3.0 or more recent versions.

4. Financial Ratios: Making Sense of Financial Data

Interpreting numbers in the markets is more of an art than a science, but it is hard to master. Financial ratios help make sense of numbers and the company’s financial statements. They also help to isolate important bits of information and combine them into a meaningful whole.

Price Ratios: Assessing if the price is lucrative

Price ratios assess if the stock’s price is reasonable, easy to use, and intuitive. These are relative metrics used to compare the financial performance of two companies, the company over time or the company’s ratio to a benchmark. The various type of price rations includes the following:

P/E or Price to Earnings Ratio

PEG Ratio

Price to Sales Ratio

Price to Book Ratio

Dividend Yield

Dividend Payout Ratio

Profitability Ratio: Assessing if Profit is Sizable

As the name suggests, profitability ratios indicate how efficiently a company converts business operations into profits. Profit drives the stock price, and this financial metric is an essential tool in business, finance, and investing. The various types of profitability ratios are as follows:

Return on Assets

Return on Equity

Profit Margin

Liquidity Ratio: Assessing if Short Term Obligations will be Met

The liquidity ratio shows how capable a business is of meeting short term obligations. Why is liquidity important? It is because a company with adequate liquidity for paying short term debts may also make favorable decisions to raise money. Tough times don’t last, but financially healthy companies do. The various types of ratios are as follows:

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Debt ratios: Assessing if Long Term Health is Nurtured

These ratios are concerned with the long term health of a particular business through the impact of its capital and financial structure. There are various debt ratios, such as :

Debt to Equity Ratio

Interest Coverage Ratio

Efficiency Ratios: Assessing if Company’s Resources are well Used

Assets Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio

5. Portfolio Management Software: Adding to growth

Investors build wealth using the investment portfolio as a base. When the portfolio is small, freeware database tools may suffice. Investors and traders will find that there will come the point where basic trading tools will no longer meet fundamental portfolio management software needs.

Investment portfolio management tools enable investors to track, monitor, manage, and analyze their portfolio investments. Independent portfolio management software program provides consolidation, and to understand its value, you have to comprehend how this simplifies multiple investments across multiple accounts.

A unified investment portfolio management program enables consolidation, tracking, management, and analysis of the complete portfolio using a central trading tool.

Quicken Premier Portfolio Management Software: X-Ray Interface

Portfolio management software users who prefer using desktops will find Intuit Quicken’s Premier 2023 software will rapidly improve their investment management efficiency. This software assists in managing money and provides macro portfolio tracking and performance review features to monitor and compare products in your investment portfolio. This software is equipped with state of an art X-ray interface.

This portfolio management software is costly but makes up for its price by generating healthy profits. This software also provides a lot of conveniences. You can import transactions from numerous online platforms, track cost basis, estimate capital gains while selling a holding, and optimize portfolio management.

This is one of the top rated investment portfolio software. This trading tool showcases portfolio performance apart from buying and selling decisions. It also displays updated portfolio values and tracks cost basis and capital gains.

Investment Account Manager: Extensive investment tracking

Investors looking for a top-rated portfolio management software that does a lot more will strike gold with Quant IX Software’s Investment Account Manager Professional, which is suited for investment tracking and portfolio management.

You can have centralized portfolio management for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, cash, etc. Professional money managers and inventors worldwide have used the software since the 1980s.

The centralized, secure portfolio lets users see accounts in one place. Multiple portfolios can be combined on a single report, generating customizable reports.

The software has an easy means of being set up and duplication apart from easy price securities to monitor and track your investments. Detailed transactions account for purchases, sales, dividends, expenses, interest, universal stocks, and split dividends. Spin offs and more are available through this investment account manager.

The platform is associated with high quality chart graphics that plot your portfolios’ performance, asset allocation, income, diversification, maturity schedule, and more.

Fund Manager Portfolio Management Software Personal Portfolio Manager Software

From OWL, individual and professional portfolio managers can use this neat investment and portfolio management software. This analytical and investment portfolio management software tool is meant for individual investors or traders. PPM enables investors to manage and track portfolios. Multiple portfolios can be set up using the features of this system.

Stator Portfolio Manager Software

It is an efficient portfolio management software keeping traders in mind. This trading tool has facilities for complex charting and sub groupings for analysis and management purposes.

6. Accounting Management Software

It includes solutions for managing the investment portfolio apart from accounting, reporting, and client-related tasks. Key features include GIPS-compliant performance reporting presentation, and a wide range of securities are covered. Some of the best accounting management software include FC Portfolio by FundCount, Prospero by Sage, QED, and many more.

7. Benchmarking Software

This includes web based CRM solutions with industry specific capabilities for management of office operations such as Dynamo, FrontPM, FrontERM, Front GP and more.

8. Equities Software

9. Risk Management Software

Risk and portfolio analysis associated with equity and mutual fund portfolios for corporations’ money management and financial departments will be available through software like Kraytis risk analyzer.

10. Android Apps for Investing

Bloomberg for Smartphone is a unique app providing unique news and analytical content, up-to-date market data, and portfolio tracking tools. It is only one of the many investment related Android apps that can work well on smartphones.

From stock markets to commodities prices and the bond market, this app covers just about everything. Another popular Android app is Stock Market Heat Map which visually gauges the super performers and under-performers in the market. App based social networks like Scutify are also a good idea because it represents a community of investors who give useful insights.


Stock market trading is not about just the right techniques. Having the correct trading tools is equally important. If you want to be a successful investor, these tools can help you get there. Make a smart choice and watch your investments multiply! Investment vehicles only drive growth if you have the right trading.

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Rumors Intensify That Apple Indeed Is Building A Car

Reviving an old ‘iCar’ rumor, Business Insider on Monday ran a story citing an Apple employee as saying that the Cupertino company has been in fact working on something in “vehicle development“ that will “give Tesla a run for its money.”

“Apple’s latest project is too exciting to pass up,” the source said. “I think it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money.”

The following day, Bryan Chaffin, co-founder of The Mac Observer, wrote he was “certain” that Apple’s building a car after talking to sources who estimated there’s an “80 percent chance” of it working on an actual car rather than some car-related tech.

Could Apple be really building an automobile? What’s going on here?

Another circumstantial piece of evidence Chaffin provided after talking with another source is that “a lot of people at the top in Silicon Valley consider it a given that Apple is working on a car.”

“I should add that when I asked one of my sources flat out to put a percentage chance on Apple working on an actual car — rather than some kind of car-related technology — I was told, ’80 percent,’” he added.

Then there’s Seth Weintraub, the guy who runs 9to5 sites and chúng tôi a blog dedicated to Tesla and electric cars. He shared some inside info during yesterday’s Happy Hour podcast.

“I’ve heard some crazy stuff,” he said.

While acknowledging we’re too early in the game to make educated guesses, Weintraub proceeded claiming “Apple’s hiring people in the auto and audio industry that aren’t doing CarPlay stuff, they’re doing actual car stuff.”

Quick rewind back to last week, when Apple Insider ran images of a camera-mounted van, first spotted by Claycord. The vehicle was photographed while driving around the Bay Area.

Sightings of nearly identical vehicles bearing California license plates were reported last September in Brooklyn, New York and later in Hawaii, Madison, Wisconsin and Panama City, Panama.

The discovery prompted Apple watchers to speculate the purpose of the mystery vehicle. Could these photos be our early indication of an autonomous Apple automobile?

Although Apple’s not been issued permits for testing autonomous vehicles, it could have partnered with a firm that already has the necessary clearances, speculated technology analyst Rob Enderle.

And if the placement of the camera and radio equipment on the vehicle is anything to go by, Apple’s Dodge Caravans are probably just some specialized vehicles to capture street-level data for Apple Maps, akin to Street View.

What we do know for a fact is that Apple leased the vans under its own name, as established by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

 Moreover, the iPhone maker is hiring robotics engineers to work in ”a unique development team.” Back in 2013, it hired a revered roboticist from Yale who was one of the leading engineers behind the Segway project.

According to a Wired report, Apple’s mystery van does have the equipment to be a self-driving vehicle. In all likelihood, these vehicles are cruising the streets in order to capture some kind of data, self-driving or not.

In that regard, capturing high-resolution street-level photography could help the company improve three-dimensional Flyover mode in Apple Maps, which is known to render distortions, like the one you see below, when one zooms in on tightly-packed city streets.

Meanwhile, die-hard fans continue to believe Apple is in fact testing its own self-driving car technology. For what it’s worth, Apple has thus far hired at least 50 Tesla people with expertise that is most suited to cars and focus on battery and materials technology.

But that’s hardly your smoking gun.

Commenting on the meme on his Daring Fireball blog, Apple pundit John Gruber said he knows nothing of any such project. “I know a lot of people at Apple, at all levels of the company, who love watches,” he hinted, adding “I also know many who love cars.”

It may be heretic to even exercise the notion that an iCar is on the horizon because conventional wisdom teaches us that Apple is a consumer electronics company.

But on the other hand, Apple board member Mickey Drexler said in 2012 that Steve Jobs did want to build a car and apparently had even met with German car-maker Volkswagen back in 2007 to discuss the project.

“Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?” Drexler said. “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.” “And,” Drexler added with a coy smile, “it would’ve been probably 50 percent of the market. He never did design it.”

And we also learned from Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller’s testimony in the Apple vs. Samsung mega trial that the project wasn’t just a late-night brainstorming session, but actually something Apple brass tossed around in executive meetings.

People suggested all kinds of things Apple could do, Schiller recalled: “Make a camera, make a car, crazy stuff.”

You connect the dots…

Source: Business Insider, The Mac Observer

Magician: A System Monitor App That Is Actually Worth Using

What is Magican’s Mission?

The free software, Magican, is meant to not only let you know the software that is wearing down your system, but also to help you get rid of the software itself. The main focus of Magican is on the memory aspect of your Mac, allowing you to free up your memory that various files and applications seem to take up. For example, when you create a video in iMovie, the software saves various parts of your clip into various pieces of cache, as a way of backing up your video. Once you have the finished video product, these caches are no longer necessary, but you have no idea where to remove them. Magican is here to get rid of these unnecessary pieces for you.


Magican can either be viewed in a full screen or in a smaller page. Magican is meant to not intrude too much on your desktop and allows you to work on what you have to in the background. Magican allows you to see how much memory is used, how much is free, your CPU status, system temperature, and fan speed. At the top right, you have the ability to access the settings. When Magican is left in the background, a window is always there to show the amount of kilobytes per sec being transferred. Also, in an initiative to be more useful, Magican gives you the local weather in your area. That’s a nice touch, though not very much relevant to what it does.


The most common occurrence, even for a system with few applications, is overheating. It occurs to me a lot, especially when I’m hard working on new posts or editing a photo or video. Occasionally, I notice that the fan goes off and that’s when it becomes a bit nerve wrecking. What is good about Magican is that it lets you know when your system is close to that point. For many individuals, they may not know what to do when their fan goes off. However, this is a sign that your Mac is winded and needs a bit of a break. If you must work, at least close other applications that are not required to reduce the processor burden.

Scanning Your System Suggesting and Informing

If you haven’t had enough junk to get rid of, Magican gives you more software suggestions in the Software section. The software suggestions aren’t junk or games, they are other cleaning software that allows your Mac to stay in tip-top shape. The updates section gives you information on which one of your own third part applications (games and other apps included) that are in need of an update. You may wonder why this is in a cleaning app, but it’s often overlooked about the value of a software update. When you don’t update software, you are opening yourself to a less secure app. Lastly, the uninstall section allows you to uninstall other apps (even if they aren’t junk) one at a time. Lastly, just how a doctor gives you a final bill of health, Magican gives you a final checklist of your hardware status. Magican allows you to see any problem areas, the status of your memory, and more, all in simple and easy to understand terms.

What We Liked and Didn’t Like

I loved how Magican seemed to magically be able to provide all of the information I needed to know about my Mac. I am able to delete unneeded applications and files which helped to keep my Mac’s performance in check. Did I also mention before that it is free?

Ari Simon

Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn’t working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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Geforce Now: Game Streaming On Ultra Settings For Everyone

Nvidia just opened the floodgates to GeForce Now, their cloud streaming service that promises to democratize PC gaming on ultra settings for everyone.

In theory, GeForce now allows everyone to play the best PC games on the highest possible quality, the highest possible settings, regardlesss of their platform of choice. Would you like Witcher 3 with everything dialed up to ultra settings running at a smooth 60FPS on a cheap Chromebook? Easy-peasy! At least, theoretically.

In practice, though, not everything is rosy. Read on to find out why.

The game streaming market is getting crowded

Right after Google Stadia and Apple Arcade, Nvidia is the next company to provide online game streaming service. It is obvious that many companies want a piece of the pie, since gaming is a huge $100 billion industry. Microsoft’s XBox and Sony’s Playstation have also entered the game streaming market in 2023.

GeForce Now plans and pricing

Most game streaming services only provide the hardware and streaming technology. They still require you to pay for the games, even though you have previously purchased it.

GeForce Now doesn’t.

Unlike its competitors, GeForce Now doesn’t sell games (at least, for now): it allows you to stream (some of) the games you bought from stores like Steam and uPlay from nVidia’s servers, without having to install them on your own hardware.

GeForce Now opened for the general public with two plans:

Free, but with a 1-hour limit per gaming session and waiting in queues for a free slot.

$4.99 for a year, paid per month, with “priority access” (zero waiting in queues) and up to 6-hours per gaming session. And RTX support for ray-tracing on top, for the titles that support it.

Note that those plans are temporary and expected to change.

Download and install GeForce Now

Follow the steps to create an account from scratch, or use the Nvidia account you might already have (like the one you might be using with GeForce Experience) to log in to GeForce Now.

Visit GeForce Now’s download page and download the service’s client for your platform. There are options for Windows PC, Mac OS, Nvidia Shield, and Android devices.

Note that we tested the service on a typical PC since it’s suggested you use a cabled network connection (as in “Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi”) for optimal results.

Install the client and agree to the notice regarding data collection. Although we don’t know the full extent of the data Nvidia collects, it’s realistic for such a service to need information on our geographical region, connection speeds, CPU and GPU performance, and available RAM. Video streaming can’t work with a “one size fits all” approach.

Enter your account’s details in the window that pops up. Although you can also log-in with a Facebook or Google account, we already had an Nvidia account for use with GeForce Experience, so we used that.

Let’s play

You can start typing directly in the search bar, at the top of the window, the title of a game you’d like to add to the service. Remember, you can only add games you already own in other stores.

GeForce Now will analyze your network capabilities to offer the best experience possible by finding the server closest to you and auto-adjust its settings.

A quick connection doesn’t guarantee an optimal experience: if you’re away from Nvidia’s server’s, as GeForce Now will inform you, “you may experience stutter or high latency.” Unfortunately, the only solution is to move next door to one of Nvidia’s servers, or wait for the service to expand more.

When you connect to the service, you’ll meet an empty virtual desktop. Think of it as a second, virtual PC of yours. You’ll have to log-in there, too, into the shop’s client from where you bought the game you’re trying to run.

The free tier of the service will have you re-install any game you want to play, but the process is almost instant.

After the (remote and painless) installation completes, the game will appear on your screen.

Final Notes

The first service of its kind to truly achieve what it promises, GeForce Now feels both like a slice out of our gaming future, but also as a beta.

Depending on the time of day and the network conditions, latency can skyrocket. When I first tried it, I thought it would be a constant problem because of my distance from Nvidia’s servers (I live in Greece), but the situation improved later to the point of being almost indistinguishable from the game running locally. And then it worsened, again.

It offers a limited selection of games (but genuinely massive compared to its competitors) and doesn’t allow you to install unsupported titles (although, from a technological standpoint, it could).

It presents a strange mix of titles, missing new and popular ones (like Red Dead Redemption 2) and classics (like all Deus Ex titles). It’s not guaranteed you’ll be able to play all your favorite games through it.

Even if, no, it doesn’t run Crysis.

Odysseas Kourafalos

OK’s real life started at around 10, when he got his first computer – a Commodore 128. Since then, he’s been melting keycaps by typing 24/7, trying to spread The Word Of Tech to anyone interested enough to listen. Or, rather, read.

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10 Best Ios Coloring Apps For Everyone In 2023

Whether you are an adult or a young person, you can try these coloring apps to unleash your creativity and calm your mind.

Are you nostalgic about coloring beautiful pictures and giving them a new vibrant look? Or do you want your kid to grow the habit of coloring?

Coloring is a great habit that soothes your stressed mind and works as a great time pass. It also improves your sense of coloring.

In this era of technology, you don’t need a pen and paper for coloring. Instead, you can use coloring apps on your iPhone or iPad to color.

1. Happy Color

Happy Color is a calming coloring app. It combines painting with the numbering game to make the user’s coloring process enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for relief from anxiety or some moments full of fun, this app allows you to do so while utilizing your creativity.

Use can use this app with ease, regardless of your age and lifestyle. Just choose your favorite picture and start coloring that.

Thanks to its partnership with Marvel and Disney, you can color the pictures of your favorite characters and superheroes.

This app includes art templates by artists from all over the world, which ensures variety and inclusiveness.

Happy Color app is free to download, but you can make in-app purchases for additional features.

2. Colorfy

If you’re looking for paint and color fun drawings, Colorfy is one of the best coloring apps. It allows you to color patterns, florals, mandalas, animals, and thematic images.

What’s more, you can join the app community as an artist and share your drawings with the world.

The virtual gallery of this coloring app uses AR technology to make sure you visualize the drawing as if they are in the real world.

Colorfy coloring app also lets you share the drawings on your favorite social media network. It also supports offline mode and works will all the latest iOS versions.

3. Pigment

Pigment is an adult coloring book app where you can draw and paint to have a relaxed time. It has a collection of 7000+ artworks, including mandalas, portraits, and more.

This app equips you with 29 pencils, brushes, and markers to draw and color what you want. You also get a curated color palette or create your personalized one for coloring.

Pigment allows you to print your creations or share them via email, text, and social media.

This free coloring app also has in-app purchases for premium access that include features like exclusive Marvel content.

4. Lake

Lake lets you paint away your stresses and relax through coloring. Here, you get access to 85+ coloring books by independent illustrators from around the world.

It has a toolset with spray, fill, eraser, watercolor brush, and acrylic brush. You can use the tap-to-fill coloring option or use brushes that also come with soothing sounds.

Lake also supports saving your favorite color books in the My List section. Moreover, you can access all incomplete works in My Studio.

Other features of this coloring app include Apple pencil support, a history palette with used colors, zoom in/out, etc.

It also supports iCloud sync so that you can use it on multiple iOS devices without any trouble. You get the option to use it for free or buy its subscriptions.

5. Recolor

Recolor is an anti-stress coloring app for iOS that lets you relax, leaving all your worries aside. It enables you to access four images for free for coloring.

This app lets you color 5000+ unique adult coloring pages, including flowers, mandalas, animals, and more.

You can even upload your drawing and color them on Recolor. It also offers 70 color palettes and various coloring options like solid colors, crayons, and gradients.

You can even use 80+ outlines, filters, and effects for personalization. Sharing your artwork on social media is also possible from this app.

This is a free coloring app that has in-app purchases for subscription plans. There is also a 7-day free trial available.

6. Color Therapy Coloring Number

Do you enjoy playing color-by-number games? If yes, Color Therapy Coloring Number is the right choice for you.

Color therapy is a proven way to improve your mindfulness. This relaxation coloring app does that by letting you spend quality me-time.

It has 5000+ coloring pages of different themes such as mandala, floral, animals, places, objects, nature, thematic, art, fashion, pattern, and more.

Here, you can choose from realistic methods like flat brush, airbrush, and oil painting. It also lets you select line colors and finishing effects.

Color Therapy Coloring Number app also provides a smear tool that you can use for perfectly blending colors.

While you can download and use this app for free, accessing VIP features will need you to make purchases.

7. Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Does your child spend a lot of time on iPad? You can ensure the time is spent for creative and educational purposes with Baby Coloring Book for Kids.

It’s a dedicated iOS coloring app for kids three to six years old. Besides coloring, it also offers drawing lessons to help your children develop motor skills.

Baby Coloring Book for Kids has 100+ pages to color for creative development. The coloring process is suitable for kids under six years.

8. Coloring Games for Kids 2-6

Coloring Games for Kids 2-6 will keep your kids busy for hours with drawing and coloring, so they don’t spend time on harmful social platforms.

It offers 700+ drawing and coloring pages where they can learn about colors and shapes. Here, kids get to color fruits, vegetables, animals, unicorns, vehicles, and many more.

They can also participate in various coloring games such as pencil, glitter, pattern, and surprise coloring.

While kids can decorate homes, snowmen, cakes, etc., with this coloring app, parents can save their kids’ creations. This free coloring app comes with in-app purchases to unlock all features.

9. Chroma

Chroma is one of the best iPad coloring apps available now. This adult coloring app lets you create magic by mixing color, texture, and gradient.

Here, you can use a pencil, brush, or marker to color pictures hand drawn exclusively for this app.

It offers the color bucket to quickly color a section and color constraints to keep the colors inside the line.

You can also zoom in on the pictures for delicate coloring and import your drawings into this app for coloring.

Moreover, it supports sharing your artwork in the Chroma Gallery and social platforms. You can either use its free version or purchase its premium plans.

10. Colorfull

Colorfull enables you to relax while coloring by playing soothing music as you color. You can wear your headphone and dive into the world of mindfulness as you tap to color.

The drawings you get here are made exclusively for this app. Some popular drawing categories are flora, animals, mandalas, patterns, and oceans.

You can zoom in and out drawings for precise coloring. Also, all used colors can be found in the history palette section of the Colorfull coloring app.

Offline work mode, real-time progress saving, and quick social media sharing are other highlighted features of this app.

It has more than ten palettes that contain 200+ colors. Besides using the free version, you can also purchase its weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

Best iOS Coloring Apps: Final Words

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use coloring apps to nurture the habit of coloring. You can also ask your kids to try the color on digital devices.

Now that you know the best free and paid coloring apps for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), it’s time to download them and start coloring.

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