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Uwerx and IoTeX (IOTX) have emerged as prominent players in their respective industries, each making significant strides with groundbreaking solutions.

However, Can Uwerx and IoTeX (IOTX) maintain their leading positions amidst evolving challenges and fierce competition?

This article delves into the strategies, innovations, and potential obstacles these visionary companies face as they strive to secure their positions at the forefront of their industries.

IoTeX (IOTX) stands out in the crypto market by revolutionizing the Internet of Things (IoT) realm. IoTeX addresses critical trust, privacy, and security challenges by combining blockchain technology and IoT devices I. IoTeX (IOTX) offers a decentralized platform that enables secure data sharing, smart contracts, and privacy-preserving techniques.

IoTeX (IOTX) has made significant developments, including the launch of its Mainnet, integration with leading hardware wallets, and partnerships with notable industry players. IoTeX (IOTX)is at the forefront of transforming how we interact with IoT devices, paving the way for a more secure and connected future.

Uwerx (WERX): Empowering Freelancers with Revolutionary Collaboration Solutions

Uwerx is the bold disruptor set to transform the freelancing landscape as we know it. With unwavering confidence and a commitment to excellence, Uwerx is here to revolutionize how freelancers and clients collaborate, providing a platform that truly empowers its users.

Forget about the hefty transaction fees charged by traditional platforms. Uwerx boldly slashes them down to a mere 1%, ensuring that freelancers can keep more of their hard-earned income in their pockets. This competitive edge sets Uwerx apart from the giants in the industry, such as Upwork and Fiverr, giving freelancers the financial freedom they deserve.

Safety and security are paramount in crypto, and Uwerx takes them seriously. With a robust 25-year lockup period for project liquidity and a 9-month lockup for the team’s tokens, Uwerx leaves no room for doubt. The owners of Uwerx are in it for the long haul, providing stability and building trust every step of the way.

The success of the Uwerx presale speaks for itself. Surpassing expectations, it has stormed through stages 1 to 4, showcasing widespread enthusiasm and support. And here’s the cherry on top: Stage 5 is in full swing, offering WERX tokens at an irresistible price of just $0.041 each, accompanied by an enticing 15% bonus on every purchase. This is the perfect time to jump on board and join the Uwerx revolution.

Uwerx doesn’t just stop at disrupting the freelancing world; they go above and beyond. Enter the Uwerx Vault, a secure storage solution for your precious WERX tokens. With this innovative feature, users can stake their tokens and earn rewards based on platform variables, adding another layer of excitement and engagement.

But don’t just take our word for it. Uwerx has received comprehensive audits from esteemed firms like SolidProof and InterFi Network, cementing their credibility and ensuring a secure platform for all users.

Uwerx emerges as a blockchain-powered solution for the ever-expanding freelance industry, offering tremendous utility and value. With its presale in full swing, Uwerx presents a golden opportunity for early investors to acquire WERX tokens at a price below market value, ensuring a good profit margin and safeguarding their investments.

Presale: invest.

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Ssds Help Maintain Efficiencies In Online Transaction Processing

Online transaction processing (OLTP) is a class of system that supports or facilitates high transaction-oriented applications in which time-sensitive data related to a transaction is processed immediately. These systems hold all the information that a company needs to keep track of customer information, sales, purchases and so forth. Opening a customer record and adding their new purchases, billing information and shipping status might not seem like a big deal — and it isn’t for a single record and customer.

The Important Impact of Downtime

However, if you look at mega-retailers like Amazon or Walmart who support tens of millions of transactions every day, it becomes obvious that the task of finding an existing customer record, adding new purchases, deleting old records or creating new ones is far from a small task. These massive retailers require a system that can find and alter records in the smallest amount of time possible, especially during the purchase process. According to a recent study by Dynatrace, half a second of wait time can make a 10 percent difference in sales.

Online transaction processing involves several different tasks, from searching through a database, to loading a record into the system, to presenting data back to the e-commerce website or the agent making the changes. Latency, or the overall time required to get a response, remains the most critical measurement, but when dealing with hundreds or thousands of queries every minute, both throughput and input/output operations per second (IOps) are also important.

Manage the Enterprise Storage Life Cycle

White Paper

Download this guide to improve your storage planning and evaluation processes. Download Now

Fortunately, the improvements in SSDs, or flash storage, have increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade. The latest enterprise drives, such as the Samsung PM863a, are now achieving read speeds of up to 520 megabytes per second (MB/s), with up to 24,000 IOps per drive and latencies less than half (52 microseconds) of previous generation SSDs, and much less than hard drives.

Large OLTP systems using hard drives often use more units than needed for total capacity in order to increase the number of IOps. By using SSDs, which have much higher IOps per drive, the system does doesn’t need that surplus capacity and can still achieve the overall IOps needed.

Looking for the Fastest Technology Around

We live in a globally connected and always-online world, so OLTP needs to run at peak performance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means it’s critical to look for storage systems with the highest endurance possible. New enterprise-grade SSDs will last much longer than earlier models, even in the 24/7 environment of the data center. Between drives that now last for years, lower power consumption and less heat generation, SSDs can have a much lower total cost of ownership than hard drives, even though hard drives may appear to have a lower initial cost.

The same issues that apply to OLTP also apply to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) as well as real-time systems, which deal with data acquisition, storage and analysis of data streaming from many different sources — like inputs from the Internet of Things. In all these cases, SSD-based systems can offer the performance needed with lower operating costs, making them much more efficient and affordable over the long-term lifecycle of a data center. Equipped with this technology, retailers, financial institutions and other applications that rely on online transaction technology can make sure their infrastructure will be able to keep them at the forefront of processing speeds, and in turn creating a smooth customer experience.

Find the best storage solutions for your business by checking out our award-winning selection of SSDs for the enterprise.

Dogecoin Price Up 4%, Conflux And Tradecurve Set Market Leading Returns

Dogecoin pumped by 4% on the 29th of May, before erasing most of its gains in the last couple of days, perhaps due to a class action lawsuit against Elon Musk for insider trading. Conflux sees a pump due to Hong Kong allowing retail traders to access crypto, whilst Tradecurve offers borderless access to all kinds of financial products.

Dogecoin pumps but then slumps

A small pump occurred recently for Dogecoin. However, as is almost always the case, the key moves are influenced by Elon Musk.  Dogecoin saw highs of over $0.10 on the 4th of April, after Musk changed the Twitter logo to a Shiba Inu dog, which is the meme of Dogecoin.  

Musk is finally facing some trouble for his long standing price affecting actions connected to Dogecoin. The in-progress lawsuit against him for insider trading, is set to be amended once again, with the words “This is a securities fraud class action arising from a deliberate course of carnival barking market manipulation and insider trading”.

Ironically by using the word ‘barking’ it seems that even his detractors are jumping on the dog based bandwagon.

‘Chinese Ethereum’ Conflux responds positively to Hong Kong pro-crypto regulations

Although Conflux has experienced a minor correction of 5.8% over the last 30 days, it is showing market-beating returns as it is up by 255% over the last year, unlike Bitcoin which is still down by just under 10% from this time last year.

According to Unifra Network, who provides a public node for the Conflux network, Conflux has seen a lot of growth over April and May, reaching record levels.

This recent uptick may be to do with Conflux’s connections with China, since Hong Kong recently decided to allow retail investors to trade crypto. Many see this as a sign that it will attract Chinese traders.  This caused the CFX price to rise by 11% with some calling the crypto the “Chinese Ethereum”. Although the gains were short lived, as profit takers came in, the overall sentiment is bullish.

Tradecurve is set to capitalize on allowing ‘ordinary’ people to accessing financial instruments

As the Conflux news shows, anything that aids the global economy in trading crypto and other financial products, is a big win for crypto, and for the projects that facilitate it.

Tradecurve is aiming to do just that, being in the process of launching a decentralized trading platform that offers access to crypto, bonds, stocks, CFDs, leverage and more.

The company is building its platform on the blockchain and is based in St Vincent and Kitts, who allow brokerages to offer access to forex and stocks, no matter where the trader is based.  

In practice this means that DeFi based Tradecurve can offer all of these financial instruments to anyone from around the world, without needing KYC or any other invasive things, which are standard practice in TradFi.

It also allows them to safely offer high leverage, meaning that people with small balances have the potential to make highly profitable trades. This is done by using crypto as collateral and having negative balance protection.  At the same time, all of this is done through your DeFi wallet, meaning that you truly own your keys and therefore your crypto.

Their token is currently on sale at $0.018 in the 3rd stage of presale, and is forecasted to grow by 100x after it goes live on major exchanges.

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Appinop Is The Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Since its inception in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has taken a boom in the financial world year after year. Digital currencies and virtual assets are gaining such massive popularity that made businesses unleash new opportunities in cryptocurrency exchange software development. Appinop Technologies is the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. They have command in developing robust, custom and appealing cryptocurrency and their crypto exchange platforms to help businesses set a new trend in the virtual world. And with Appinop, you can also give a head start to your business idea with expert’s guidance and assistance.  

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Cryptocurrency exchange software is a digital platform where traders and investors exchange their cryptocurrencies or any other digital assets. Or we can say it is a mediator between two parties i.e buyer and a seller. Any cryptocurrency buyer or seller has to use a platform for exchange or transaction. Any crypto trading platform consists of cryptocurrency and a crypto wallet before they can start the trading process. A crypto wallet is a program that holds all your crypto keys and provides access to crypto coins so that you can easily perform transactions over any platform. There are two major types of cryptocurrency exchange softwares on which crypto trading is performed, centralized and decentralized exchanges. Let’s understand how they are different from each other and how they are distinct from each other.  

Centralized Crypto Trading Platform

The centralized crypto exchange is a type of trading platform where users can perform actions like buying and selling digital currencies under the supervision of a third party. This middleman also assists in conducting transactions. In this type of platform, both the buyers and sellers trust the third party and rely on them in case of a mishap.  

Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

On the other hand, a decentralized Crypto-trading platform refers to an online trading space where buyers and sellers can initiate trading without any third-party involvement. DCEs cut down the ” middleman ” role to promote peer-to-peer exchanges. Assets in this type of trading platform are not held under escrow service, and the entire ownership remains with the owner by the smart contract.  

Crypto Solutions by Appinop Technologies.

Appinop Technologies is the leading provider of crypto solutions that involves crypto wallet, crypto coins, token and exchange platform development services for business. Along with crypto, they also deal in NFT and

Here are the services that Appinop Technologies provide to customers:

1. Cryptocurrency Platform Appinop Technologies, with more than 6 years of experience building crypto exchange platforms, can build highly secure, user-friendly, and convenient platforms for a practical and smooth trading experience. From centralized to decentralized platforms, clone-script, and white-label crypto exchange, they have a wide range of solutions for every business need. While they build the best exchange platforms, they also have excellent command in developing 2. Crypto Coin and Token With a team of proficient developers, QA experts, designers, and programmers, Appinop develops highly secure 3. NFT & NFT Marketplace

What Makes Appinop- the leading provider of Cryptocurrency Software Development?

Being a qualified and approved cryptocurrency exchange development company, Appinop has helped many small or large-scale businesses engrave their names in online marketplaces. They have handled projects with a massive client base with order-matching algorithms and smooth liquidity for their platforms for high-volume orders. Reason why you should choose Appinop for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development:   1. Technical Prowess They are skilled in providing custom-based software development for cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of solutions.   2. Expert Team A professional team of developers, engineers, and managers who stand by you at any stage of development to satisfy all your requirements at a given point in time.   3. Tech-Support by Professionals An active support team who works dedicatedly for your exchange platform so that you are always at ease during any mishap and deal with it precisely.   4. Tailor-Made Packages From small to large-scale businesses, they provide meticulously designed packages after keenly analyzing business needs and budgets.   5. Post-Development Assistance The only software development provider that offers post-development care for crypto platforms so that all your focus remains on growing the business.  

Features that Appinop offers in their cryptocurrency exchange development services Key Features

Advanced Trading Functionalities

100,000+ Transactions Per Second

Two-Way Authentication

Simplest KYC Procedure

Multi-Currency Wallet

Reports and Charts Showing Analytical Changes

Refer & Earn Program

Significant savings on development costs

Designing Features

User friendly

Easy to navigate system

Fast & efficient interface


Security Features

Data Encryption

Jail Login

Two-Factor Authentication

Anti-Denial of Service (Dos)

Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Security Mechanism

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

KYC/AML Protection

How much does it cost to build cryptocurrency exchange software?

Being a highly-complex software, the cost of making a crypto-currency exchange platform depends on the agency you have chosen for developing the platform. But not only your agency, but there are also several other factors that might affect the entire budget. It includes the features you want in the platform, security, customization, customer support, number of team members, and deadline. But after analyzing all the factors, the cost of building a cryptocurrency exchange platform comes to around $8000 to $150,000.  

Why Is It Necessary To Hire Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company?

When we talk about building an entire full-functioning cryptocurrency exchange software, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. From platform designing to programming, and coding to in-app integration, every task comes with its own challenges. While choosing a freelancer or building a platform on your own might result in bad user experience or tech issues. Hiring an expert team of programmers and developers will help ease the creation process for your crypto trading platform. Appinop Technologies is one such name that provides assistance to businesses by creating compact solutions for their crypto exchange platforms. Appinop covers all aspects of being the best crypto development agency in India, from designing, programming, maintenance, and other tech-related tasks.  


Building a cryptocurrency platform requires years of experience, knowledge and skills altogether. Appinop Technologies is your partner in creating a well-designed and customized crypto exchange development platform. With years of experience, they have handled all types of projects and are well-informed about the issues that happen during production time. They will do all the work while you sit and worry about your business profits.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the best development agency for crypto solutions in India? Appinop Technologies is the leading developer for building crypto solutions like crypto wallets, coins, and exchange platforms. They are best for any business that wants to set its name in the crypto world with tailor-made solutions, highly-trained professionals, and cost-effective plans.   Q2. What questions to ask before hiring a crypto exchange development company? The basic questions that every business should ask before hiring a crypto exchange development company are:

Ask about their portfolio and their past experience in the respective field.

Where is their office, and do they provide offline visits during tech problems?

What are the inclusions of the package they are offering?

How many members of developers will be provided to you during the project?

And how do they operate with overseas projects?

  Q3. How long does it take to build my cryptocurrency exchange? Well, no one can put a time constraint when we talk about building such complicated softwares as a cryptocurrency exchange. But if we put everything according to the plan, Appinop can provide a proper-operating platform in just 4 to 6 months.   Q4. Which Country is Preferable To Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange?   Q5. What is the difference between Crypto Coin and Token? While a crypto coin is a form of a digital asset native to its blockchain and possesses a particular value and acts as an exchange medium, crypto tokens are built on the existing blockchain platform for a decentralized project. Ethereum is one example whose blockchain is used to build crypto tokens in the market.

China Showcases Plans To Become The Leading Space Power

The wide diameter of the LM-5’s payload section, at over 5 meters, will be the largest for China’s space program. Such a large diameter would be useful for launching spy satellites, space station modules and interplanetary missions. Andreas Rupprecht, via China Defense Forum

Beidou 2/Compass

The Beidou 2/Compass navigation satellites will have 35 satellites once completed, with 5 in geosynchronous orbit, and 30 in middle earth orbit. With a military accuracy of 10cm, Beidou 2 can also communicate with users.

While NASA and private corporations such as SpaceX get much of the attention in the US, China is showing off its plans to become the leading space power via recent coverage on state media. A centerpiece project, Beidou 2, began in January 2023. Eventually 35 Beidou 2 satellites will form the next generation platforms for the Compass satellite navigation system that China is rapidly deploying into geosynchronous and medium earth orbit. Beidou 2 is more accurate than its predecessor, Beidou 1, with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters for military subscribers like the Chinese and Pakistani militaries. While its American counterpart, GPS, is a transmit only system, Beidou users can use the satellite navigation system to send limited messages. Beidou 2 would provide Chinese missiles and robots with high accuracy, as well as giving Chinese soldiers a limited but universal coverage for communications.

Space Debris

China is finally setting up a Space Debris Monitoring and Application Center to track space debris and issue warnings to Chinese spacecraft; there were 30 near misses in 2014 for Chinese space assets alone. China hopes to eventually take a role in cleaning up the 500,000 large pieces of space debris, and the 100 million smaller ones.

China is also taking a major step in space debris management by launching a center to track such debris. While space debris isn’t nearly as sexy as spy or navigation satellites, it’s an important part of space operations. Space debris, of which there are 500,000 pieces large enough to be tracked, can severely damage or destroy satellites and spacecraft (a 1 square cm piece of debris travelling at 17,000 kph has as much kinetic energy as a hand grenade detonation). The new Space Debris Monitoring and Application Center, part of Chinese Space National Administration (China’s NASA equivalent), will focus in the near future on tracking space debris, especially the estimated 100 million pieces 1cm2 or smaller, but CNSA Secretary General Tian Yulong hopes for capabilities one day to neutralize and reduce the space debris menace. It’s a growing Chinese priority, given that China is the world’s third largest space launcher, and Mr. Tian noted that Chinese spacecraft and satellites had over 30 near misses with space debris in 2014.

LM-5 Payload

The wide diameter of the LM-5’s payload section, at over 5 meters, will be the largest for China’s space program. Such a large diameter would be useful for launching spy satellites, space station modules and interplanetary missions.

Future of Chinese Space Science

China’s space program, once it receives new technology like the LM-5 heavy rocket and electrical satellite propulsion, will aim for interplanetary missions in the 2023, including possible probes sent to Mars, Venus, asteroids, near solar observation and Jupiter.

With nearly 130 spacecraft and satellites in orbit, China has shot its way to global prominence in space, like so many terrestrial technological categories. And this is jus the start. Far off future Chinese space projects include a spate of missions to Mars and Jupiter, large space stations,130 ton payload super heavy “Moon rockets”, electrically propelled spacecraft and reusable launch systems.

Thanks to escobar at Sinodefence Forum.

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Tesla Car Can Be Summoned And Park Itself

Tesla Motors continue to add self-driving capabilities to its Model S electric car at a breathtaking pace, and the company announced yet more this past Sunday.

This latest software upgrade, Version 7.1, has been eagerly awaited by Model S owners whose carswere built since August 2014.

The new software is now in the early phases of its rollout, and as of writing, your author’s 2023 Tesla Model S P85D has not yet been updated.

It is also said to have better lane-keeping when passing highway exits. On an early road trip from Sacramento to Chico, my P85D scared the daylights out of my passenger (a fellow Model S owner) when it swerved sharply at a rural exit that we did not want to take.

2023 Tesla Model S P85D, May 2023

Fortunately, I knew this was a potential outcome, and had my hands on the wheel as instructed to correct for this “mistake.”

Version 7.1 is also expected to provide better lane-keeping even when lane markings are faded.

Around my Sacramento home, several sections of Interstate-5 are so horribly worn that when driving with the auto-steer function activated, the system frequently beeps me to take over because it cannot follow the poor lane markings.

2023 Tesla Model S P85D, May 2023

With its intelligent cruise control, the car could fully handle driving in the stop-and-go traffic of commute time.

Version 7.1 can now also independently park the car in a tight garage (meaning one too narrow for a driver to open the door when inside). In this setting, the car can also back itself out of the garage.

This is what Tesla calls “summoning,” and represents the first step toward KITT—the intelligent self-driving car of 1980s television.

The Model S can even open the garage door as it approaches, and close it when finally in place, by transmitting the commands to an electronic door opener.

It can also automatically perpendicular park, via backing into such a space. And in the driver’s display, the panel now will show exactly what vehicles are around the front of the Model S: car, truck, or motorcycle.

2023 Tesla Model S P85D, May 2023

Needless to say, Tesla owners are eagerly updating and testing out the new functions. As YouTube user “GasKicker” relates in a Tesla Motors Club forum:

Version 7.1 also incorporates a more minor range of improvements, including a function that unlocks only the driver’s door when a person approaches with the key fob. This actually represents a huge positive and overdue feature for any Model S driver who has been at risk when approaching the car in settings that are less than safe and secure.

The trip-planner software has been improved to avoid the silly possibility of backtracking to the nearest Supercharger (I lost three hours late one night following the “backtracking” instructions from Version 7.0, when I should have known better).

However, while the newest software indicates Supercharger sites that are not “in service” and so should be avoided, it doesn’t yet show whether there are—or will be—open stalls at a Supercharger location, a feature requested by most owners.

Tesla Model S Version 7.1 software Summon automatic parking feature Youtube video by Ricco831

During his conference call, Musk said these latest changes are still “baby steps” toward full autonomous cars, which he expects “technically could be here in 24-36 months.”

In coming months, he claimed, with the current technology plus its “fleet learning,” the 7.1 software will be “better than humans in highway driving.”

Tesla Model S electric cars at Tejon Ranch Supercharger December 26, 2023 TMC user Lump

The car now actually looks ahead, for example, and will reduce speed when it approaches a sharp turn in the road.

For full autonomous driving, a Tesla will need more sensors than in the current production vehicles include—but with improved hardware and the development of national standards for autonomous driving, Musk expects that “we will see this happen….soon.”

Despite the shocking risks taken by some early drivers using the auto-steering found in Version 7.0 (many documented on video), Musk said he is “not aware of any accidents with the Model S under auto-steering control.”

The future is coming, and it is coming “soon” at a Tesla pace.

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