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ChatGPT is a fantastic instrument, a modern marvel of natural language artificial intelligence capable of remarkable feats. However, with great power comes great responsibility, thus ChatGPT creator OpenAI implemented several controls to prevent it from doing things it shouldn’t. It also has several limitations as a result of its architecture, the data on which it was trained, and the inherent constraints of text-based AI. Of course, there are variations between what GPT-3.5 can accomplish and GPT-4, which is exclusively available with ChatGPT Plus. Some of those features are simply on hold until ChatGPT develops further, but others may never be possible. Here’s a list of ten things ChatGPT can’t or won’t accomplish for the time being.

ChatGPT steers clear of party politics. It can talk in broad strokes about parties or discuss objective and factual elements of politics, but if you ask it to choose one political party or stance over another, it will either decline or “both sides” the debate in as impartial a manner as possible.

Because ChatGPT is a superb programmer, especially when given precise instructions, OpenAI has measures in place to prevent it from being exploited to create malware. Unfortunately, such measures are readily bypassed, and ChatGPT has been producing malware for months.

ChatGPT cannot forecast the future, in part due to its insufficient training data and in part due to OpenAI’s desire to minimize accountability for errors. It will have a good estimate if you jailbreak ChatGPT first, but this reduces accuracy, so treat any response it gives you with cynicism.

Race, sexuality, and gender are all emotionally charged themes that can easily lead to discussions about prejudice and discrimination. ChatGPT will avoid these subjects by delving into a meta-discussion of them or speaking in broad strokes. When pressed, it will flatly refuse to discuss matters that it believes may promote hate speech or prejudice. Due to obvious reasons.

ChatGPT is not foul-mouthed. It’s quite challenging to get it to say anything even somewhat offensive. It can, if you apply certain jailbreaking tricks to free it from its restraints, but by default, it won’t even raise an eyebrow at anyone.

All of the training data for ChatGPT was made accessible to the public and was mostly gathered online. However, it also implies that ChatGPT is unable to take action on information that it does not have access to. This is especially beneficial for prompts and questions that pertain to publicly accessible information. It won’t be able to adequately reply to questions based on confidential information and will let you know as much if you ask it.

If you don’t fool it, it won’t attempt to violate its programming. Users have been attempting to get past ChatGPT’s restrictions and security measures ever since it started. Of course, they have, after all. It won’t work to ask ChatGPT directly to get over its security measures. However, there are ways to deceive it into doing so. Jailbreaking is what that is, and it kind of works. Sometimes.

Although ChatGPT is excellent at coming up with ideas, it will not generate any that are unlawful. It cannot be used to promote the greatest highways for speeding or assist you in running your drug company. If you try, it will only inform you that it is unable to offer any recommendations regarding unlawful behavior. It then usually gives you a pep talk on why you shouldn’t be doing such things in the first place.

ChatGPT won’t be searching for any topics in any way. It won’t be performing as a search engine. This is where it differs in terms of Google Bard.

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6 Things To Do When Your Twitter Account Is Hacked

Unexpected or Suspicious Tweets from your account.

Unintended Direct Messages sent from your account.

Any unauthorized behaviors you didn’t make or approve, like following, unfollowing, or blocking someone.

Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account may be compromised.

Received a notification from Twitter stating that your account information has changed when you haven’t changed it.

Your password is no longer working and you are being prompted to reset it.

If any of the above mention points apply to your Twitter account, then it means your Twitter account is compromised or hacked. Now, without wasting any further time, you should immediately take the following steps to recover your account and log off the hacker from your account.

Request a Password Reset

The first thing you should do when unable to log in to your Twitter account is to request a password reset. Here’s how it can be done:

1. Visit the Twitter password reset page, on a web browser.

2. Here you need to enter the email, username, or phone number to request a password reset.

Contact Twitter Support to Recover your Account

If you need any further assistance to recover your hacked Twitter account, then you should reach out to the Twitter support team. Here’s how it can be done.

Note: You must have access to either the email address associated with your Twitter account or the mobile number linked to it, to recover your account.

1. Go to this link on a web browser and fill out the form.

3. You need to also provide the detail about when you were able to last access your account.

After some time Twitter will send additional information and instructions to that email address or mobile number to help you recover your hacked account.

If you still can access your Twitter account, the first thing you should do is change its password of it. Here’s how to change the password of your Twitter account.

On Web

2. Navigate to Settings and Privacy under the Settings and Support menu.

4. On the next screen, type in your current password, and the new password.

On Mobile

2. Navigate to Settings and Privacy under the Settings and Support menu.

3. Under Settings and Support, go to Your Account and then tap on Change your password.

The next thing you should do is update your registered email address on Twitter, and make sure it is secured well, to mitigate any chance of the hacker breaching your account via email. To update your registered email address follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings and Privacy under the Settings and Support menu.

3. Once you have authenticated your password, go to the email address, and then Update your Email Address.

Note: An email address can only be associated with one Twitter account at a time.

Now, that you have secured your Twitter account, and logged off the hacker from your account, it’s time to fix the mess created by the hacker. Hackers usually tweet out suspicious links via compromised accounts, to steal money or crypto, or inject malware via such links. So, once you have got back access to your Twitter account, you should immediately delete any such unwanted tweets done by the hacker from your account.

1. Go to your Twitter Account settings, and Navigate to Security and Account Access.

Now, that you have removed any unwanted third-party apps or services from your Twitter account. It’s better to change the password of the remaining apps and services, so as to avoid any future hacking attempt.

Revoke any unwanted app or service permission from your Twitter Account.

Regularly scan your computer or mobile for viruses and malware.

Always keep your devices and apps updated with the latest security patches.

Keep updating your password in 3-6 months, and use a strong, new password you don’t use elsewhere and is difficult to guess.

Activate two-factor authentication on your account, instead of relying on a password.

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Why Is Chatgpt Slow? How To Make It Fast

Here’s Why Is ChatGPT So Slow? Just follow the below methods to make it fast for you. Also find out Does OpenAi deliberately make Chat GPT slow on purpose or if is it your computer?

I’m having difficulties with ChatGPT today; it’s taking forever to process and respond. Is anyone else encountering the same issue, or is this a consequence of heavy traffic? I can’t seem to get it to answer my queries now, so something else must be going on. Has anyone else noticed any delays?

So, in this blog, I’ll share the reasons behind ChatGPT’s slow performance and offer solutions to help improve your browsing experience.

Why is Chat GPT Slow? Reasons for Slow Performance

Below are some of the reasons why ChatGPT is so slow today: 

Despite being an artificial intelligence-based bot, ChatGPT can exhibit performance issues such as server issues and connectivity issues.

But before you start calling out names and venting out, it’s important you understand why these issues exist.

When you enter your query, ChatGPT has to analyze it, understand the context, and provide an accurate and thoughtful response. This process isn’t as simple as it seems and requires a huge amount of computational power. This is why we sometimes also face issues like Chat GPT not working properly.

And, mind you, there are hundreds of thousands of users asking such queries and at times, the server can’t keep up with all the requests.

Technical Limitations Of The GPT Architecture

One of the primary reasons ChatGPT can slow down is due to the technical limitations of the GPT architecture.

A GPT architecture is a deep learning model requiring copious amounts of computational power to operate. When you interact with ChatGPT, your query is sent to a server that processes it, which can take a while. 

Add another thousand such queries from multiple users across the globe and watch the GPT architecture swiftly run out of resources to handle the requests!

High Demand On The ChatGPT Servers

Another major reason for ChatGPT’s slow performance is the high demand on its servers. Despite being in its initial stages, ChatGPT is still used by millions worldwide, which OpenAI failed to anticipate.

As a result, ChatGPT’s servers often get overwhelmed with requests and cause delays in response time.

But, don’t worry, perhaps it could be OpenAI teaching AI the importance of being patient!

Slow Internet Connection Or Device Performance

Your internet connection or device performance can affect ChatGPT’s response time.

A slow internet connection means your query takes a while to reach the server, which in turn, increases the overall response time. Similarly, an old device or a device with limited resources will struggle to handle the processing required by ChatGPT.

Large Size Of Language Models

In simple terms, a language model is a computer program that helps computers understand how humans talk and write.

And when it comes to ChatGPT, it uses language models that are often large and complex. These models require significant computational resources to operate. This causes delays in processing time, especially when dealing with more complex or long-form queries.

Difficulty In Processing Complex Queries

Another reason for ChatGPT’s slow performance is the difficulty in processing complex queries.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a complex task requiring much computational power as it helps the AI understand the query.

So, when ChatGPT receives a complex query, it takes longer to process, leading to slower response times.

Browser Cache Issues

The cache is a temporary storage area that stores frequently accessed data. Browsers use this cache memory to load web pages quickly.

However, if your browser cache is full or corrupted, it will slow down your browser and cause Chat GPT to perform slowly.

You Are Using A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) software encrypts your internet data by rerouting it through multiple servers. While this does ensure data security, it can also slow down the query response time, which in turn causes ChatGPT to slow down.

You Are Using A Free Account

Free accounts usually have limited resources and bandwidth, whereas paid accounts have a greater number of resources and higher bandwidth.

ChatGPT favors paid accounts and offers them better connectivity despite the demand, faster response time, and early access to new features. This in turn, slows down the connectivity of the free accounts.

How To Fix Chatgpt Slow Issue

Now that you’re aware of what causes ChatGPT to slow down follow the tips mentioned below to fix the issue:

Ensure You Have A Fast And Stable Internet Connection

One of the easiest ways to improve your ChatGPT browsing experience is to use a faster and more stable internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, consider upgrading your plan or switching your internet providers.

Use A More Powerful Device

Older devices often lack the computing power or memory to handle the processing required by ChatGPT. Consider upgrading to a more powerful device.

Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus

Upgrading ChatGPT Plus guarantees more resources, faster processing times, and priority access to newer features.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache might help improve ChatGPT’s speed. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear your cache: 

Step 2: Hover over the More Tools option from the dropdown menu. Select the Clear Browsing Data option.

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to a new tab that looks as follows: 

Disable Your VPN

Consider disabling your VPN or try switching to a different VPN. This will likely improve the ChatGPT response time.

Simplify Your Queries

Instead of asking complex or multiple questions in the same query, try breaking them down into simpler queries. This will cause ChatGPT to utilize fewer resources, thereby improving your response time.

Use Chat GPT’s API

Instead of using a browser, you can use ChatGPT’s API to access ChatGPT. This removes the browser interface from the picture, acting as a middleman. Thus you can directly communicate with ChatGPT, which helps improve its speed. 


And, there you go. These solutions will fix any issues that cause ChatGPT to slow down. If these solutions fail, you can always wait a couple of hours or contact ChatGPT customer support for further assistance.


There’s no denying that ChatGPT is a thing of wonder. However, people often forget that ChatGPT is a machine in its initial stages. Some issues and bugs are bound to exist as it still has a long way to go.

I’ve explained why ChatGPT takes a while to respond and what you can do to address it. By following these tips; you can make the most out of ChatGPT and enjoy a smooth and seamless user experience.

Top 10 Things You Want To Know About Blockchain Technology In 2023

Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize nearly every sector of their contemporary market. In this informative article, we have a look at why everybody’s so excited about blockchain and what exactly do all of the broad applications of blockchain actually boil down to.

To make a basic level understanding of exactly what blockchain is capable of, let us consider the 10 items blockchain can do.

Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Blockchain Technology in 2023 1. Decentralized Database

Blockchains are called so as they’re cubes where information is saved in terminal containers. These cubes form a series, so the title blockchain.

Everyone can observe that you’ve put data there because it’s semi-public and conveys your signature. But only you can unlock what is there from the block (container). You can do this safely by using the personal keys to this information block.

Basically, blockchain is a database using all the “header”, in which the info is saved as people. If you believe that is not too great for a database, then you are right. Blockchain is not the ideal database, but that is no problem. Blockchain is not supposed to be the replacement for a database.

Rather, we expect programmers to figure out ways to rewrite their software that capitalize on the strong points of blockchain’s state transition capacities.

Simply put, blockchain has disrupted the database transaction process paradigm.

2. Distributed and shared accounting ledger

Primarily, blockchain is a semi-public and consequently distributed ledger. This makes it shareable across multiple things without sacrificing protection.

This may seem to be the single most important application of blockchain however there are a lot more, both powerful uses of blockchain.

3. Peer-to-Peer Network

You would’ve discovered by now that being shareable, there is nothing that’s”fundamental” about blockchain. It is architectured in a manner that there is no central server which dictates trades — it stays a peer-to-peer network . Your pc, if part of the system, can confirm transactions occurring over the community. You can call it thin computing in its own finest decentralized format.

As a result of this, users may reach out to additional users and garnish with one another immediately, no matter geographic or time-zone differences. There are no intermediaries such as a principal host to filter or slow down the trade. Thus, the transaction occurs without delay. All nodes on the system have equal significance and can provide their understanding of transactions over the community.

This goes beyond simply being a peer-to-peer system and makes a market for consumers, a dispersed market. The size of these marketplaces varies considerably in size without undermining the ethics of blockchain.

4. Cryptocurrency

Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies (aka token) would be the most popularly recognized program of blockchain. Famous cases of cryptocurrency comprise Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple.

Fundamentally, cryptocurrency is a economic proxy of their surgeries and safety of blockchain, a cryptographically encrypted money. Cryptocurrencies follow a set of protocols and aren’t determined by a single government body, authority or entity. They’ve an open source code, so anybody can available for everybody to use or alter.

Cryptocurrencies, such as other monies, may have a compensatory in addition to manufacturing function. Miners who mine outside cryptocurrencies and successfully affirm blockchain trades can be given the money.

Furthermore, there’s a consumption function, in which you pay a little charge for conducting intelligent, blockchain-backed contracts (utilizing Ethereum), an equal of trade fee (with Bitcoin or even Ripple). These prices and compensations are placed in order to reduce misuse of their blockchain system. In a bigger, more complex scenario, tokens might be used only for inner price, asin DOAs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations).

Technically, it is a money and so could be traded over money trades, pretty much exactly the exact same way you exchange Euros and Dollars. You might even purchase products and pay for services, with the assistance of Bitcoins. These trades are secure and smooth inside the blockchain network.

Obviously, if it strikes and must interact with conventional, real currency exchange, there is a prospect of delay and friction.

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5. Open Source Software

A fantastic instance is Bitcoin. Its heart protocol is totally open source. Since its beginning, Bitcoin has been preserved by a collaborative set of”core developers”.

Their job is always complemented by participation from tens of thousands of independent programmers the world around. These independent programmers always produce complementary goods, applications and services that benefit in the Bitcoin protocol along with its solid character.

Finally we could observe a very strong ecosystem being constructed around Bitcoin. Basically, it is the open source character which has resulted in the degree of excellence which Bitcoin is.

6. A marketplace for financial services

Cryptocurrency is finally a kind of cash — it is just that it happens to be predicated on a relatively new technologies, i.e. blockchain.

As it is treated as cash, an individual can quickly build investment, loan and insurance net aggregator program platforms in which trades can be achieved using Cryptocurrencies. Thus Cryptocurrencies is now part of a fiscal tool, which would result in many different financial products, both conventional and new-age. That’s the innovative energy of blockchain.

Loans, loans, trading with derivatives and options and even artificial instruments may get their blockchain versions. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are among many ways.

7. A platform for software development

Blockchain brings an unparalleled degree of confidence and openness in everything which uses blockchain. But at its basic level, blockchain is applications engineering, only on a publication frontier.

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8. Empowered Decentralized Computing

While blockchain is a software engineering, it may also be considered as a design strategy for applications, an approach which attaches a high number of computers into one another and needs them to stick to a particular’code of conduct’ about how best to accept or share data. This’code of conduct’ will inform them how to confirm transactions and interactions confirmed by cryptography.

It seems so natural because that is what blockchain really is — networked computers with equivalent price and observing a frequent set of principles. The key part here is that programmers will no longer have to prepare servers because all computers from the community have equal rights.

To get a view, you are able to compare the net. At the internet, the HTTP protocol request will be forwarded to the host and the host approves or disapproves it. That is because it loves server rights. In the instance of blockchain, exactly the identical request will be transmitted to the whole blockchain network.

9. A Platform for Transactions

Anyone reading this article will be evident the blockchain network essentially supports trades. They could be associated with electronic money or electronic resources. After the network reaches a consensus, the trade is deemed legitimate. It is then placed to a block (a storage area). This block is inserted in the end of the string of previous transactions (if any) to signify this is the most recent block. The whole series of cubes can be verified at some time period in future to confirm any transaction saved in any block.

Thus blockchain is a giant trade processing system, one which supports and approves legit trades, regardless of what size the trade is.

A fantastic way to compare different trade processing systems is the processing capacity, measured in transactions per second (TPS). In 2024, VISA clocked an average of 2,000 TPS on VisaNet, the summit capability being 56,000 TPS. The identical year, PayPal listed about 155 TPS.

Bitcoin, even a year after, was not impressive. Its TPS ranged around a little 5 . But that is not unsatisfactory.

Quick strides in engineering and anticipated growth in Bitcoin cubes would immediately alter this picture. In any case, many blockchains tend to be quicker than Bitcoins. Ethereum began with only 10 TPS in 2024, but innovative to 50-100 TPS in 2023 and is targeting 250,000 to 300,000 TPS from 2023.

Anyway, personal blockchains, for example, might have fewer constraints and have functioned at 1,000 to 10,000 TPS at 2024. Optimistic figures peg this amount at 2,000 to 15,000 TPS at 2023 and nearly to boundless capacity beyond 2023.

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10. Trust service layer

However, trust is not limited to trades only. Trust is built in data, services, procedures, agreements, items, business processes and logic and so forth. In reality, anything which may be boiled down to digitization and conveys an inherent worth may gain from blockchain. Banks are currently exploring cross-border trades where blockchain may add substantial value.

Top 10 Companies Hiring For Internet Of Things (Iot) Jobs

When searching for companies hiring for Internet of Things (IoT) jobs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. But when looking for a long-term position that’ll allow you to grow as a professional in your field, understanding your target companies and what they offer is crucial.

Here are the 10 top companies hiring for IoT jobs and whether they’re a good fit for you, including benefits and some of their open positions:

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Samsara is an IoT company based in San Francisco, California.

It has a hopeful and optimistic outlook on the future and is looking for employees who share its values of a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future using IoT. The goal is to have 40% underrepresented groups in the company’s core teams by 2025.

Employment benefits at Samara include:

Premium health care for the employee and their family

Mental health and wellness support

Family planning options

401(k) plan

Flexible PTO and family leave

At Samsara, you can work as a:

Senior data engineer

Software engineer

Hardware technician

Senior QA automation engineer

Bosch offers IoT solutions for transportation, agriculture, and construction applications. The company culture focuses on work/life balance and offers a fun, engaging environment for creativity.

Hiring people from over 150 countries, Bosch is a big believer in cultural diversity when it comes to the core team.

Employment benefits at Bosch include:

Health care insurance

Mental health and wellness support

PTO and family leave

401(k) plan

Employees discount

At Bosch, you can work as a:

Senior cloud operations engineer, IoT cloud services

iOS developer, IoT cloud services

IoT developer

IoT aquaculture technician

Oxagile is a software development company based in the U.S., and it offers tailored IoT solutions to users globally.

Its mission is to drive progressive business transformation using data-driven solutions. Oxagile’s work environment focuses on collaboration and teamwork.

Employment benefits at Oxagile include:

Health insurance

Retirement benefits

PTO and parental leave

Professional support

At Oxagile, you can work as a:

IoT software engineer

IoT architect

Back-end IoT developer

PTC is a leading provider of IoT technologies for enterprises. 

Working with PTC, you’ll be joining a diverse team in a work environment that prioritizes innovation and fun. It aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive workspace for people of all backgrounds.

Employment benefits at PTC include:

Health insurance

On-site gym

Retirement plan

Employee stock purchase plan

Parental leave

Income protection

At PTC, you can work as a:

IoT principal architect

IoT demo development and infrastructure

IoT application development

artificial intelligence (AI) engineer

Data andengineer

SAP is a global software corporation that develops IoT and software solutions. 

At SAP, innovation is valued above all else. Employees at SAP are the company’s greatest asset that drives it forward. SAP is committed to offering a diverse, inclusive, and equal work environment for its thousands of employees from around the globe.

Employment benefits at SAP include:

Health care insurance

SAP Global Mindfulness Practice program

On-site fitness centers

PTO and parental leave

Retirement plan

At SAP, you can work as a:

IoT architect

IoT software engineer

Big data and IoT analyst

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6. Telit

Telit is an IoT and machine-to-machine communications company. 

Telit believes in great social responsibility and promotes collaboration and creativity at work. With employees from three continents, Telit is committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all.

Employment benefits at Telit include:

Health care insurance

401(k) plan

Family medical leave

PTO and paternal leave

Employee discount

At Telit, you can work as a:

IoT PHP software engineer

IoT network support engineer

Cellular IoT technical support

Senior IoT software engineer

Intellias is an IoT and digital solutions provider that serves Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Intellias has a humane attitude toward engineering. The main focus is on personality rather than the process. It has created a comfortable work environment that encourages growth, development, and innovation.

Employment benefits at Intellias include:

Flexible time management


On-site nurseries and lounge zones

PTO and parental leave

At Intellias, you can work as a:

IoT application architect

IoT practice leader

Principal Python engineer with IoT experience

IoT and data engineer

8. Softeq

Softeq is a full-stack IoT development company that provides smart solutions for corporations.

Softeq has a partnership-based and collaboration-powered environment where it aims to make the world a better place using engineering. The work environment is in place to ensure people can thrive and give their best.

Employment benefits at Softeq include:

Flexible hours

Medical coverage

Softeq Academy

PTO and parental leave

At Softeq, you can work as a:

Front-end IoT developer

Senior automation QA engineer, IoT

Cloud architect with IoT experience

IoT software engineer

MobiDev is an IoT service provider that creates result-driven solutions for businesses. 

MobiDev believes that game-changing products and solutions need a strong team, where people work on the same page and help ideas grow. With a diverse mix of CEOs, CTOs, and employees, MobiDev is determined to help good ideas flourish, no matter the source.

Employment benefits at MobiDev include:

Health care insurance

PTO and parental leave

Retirement plan

Professional support

At MobiDev, you can work as a:

IoT UX designer

IoT software developer

Python developer with IoT background

IoT project manager

Vates is an IoT prototyping service that assists with critical decisions during IoT design and development.

Vates focuses on people and their talents. It believes the most innovative ideas are the result of collaboration under the right conditions. That’s why Vates embraces diversity, respect, and cooperation as their core values.

Employment benefits at Vates include:

Health care insurance

Retirement plan

PTO and parental leave

Employee discount

Weekly and personalized group activities

At Vates, you can work as a:

Full-stack IoT developer

C++ and Python IoT developer

Cloud IoT engineer

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Top 10 Tips For Taking Your Chatgpt Prompts To The Next Level

The top 10 tips for taking your ChatGPT prompts to the next level are enlisted below

AI is now accessible to the general public because of tools like CHATGPT. These days, we may ask questions and receive answers on just about any subject. These bots are capable of creating sonnets, code, philosophy, and other things.

While you can just enter anything into ChatGPT and have it understand you, there are methods to encourage the bot to provide more intriguing and helpful results. This “prompt engineering” is evolving into a distinct profession.

We’ve given numerous examples below, but often all it takes is the addition of a few more words or an extra line of command to generate ChatGPT replies that are a level beyond what everyone else is seeing.

We tried the following prompts using GPT-4 for the sake of this guide: The most recent ChatGPT version at the time of writing, however only a few people have access to it. But, they ought to function flawlessly with earlier ChatGPT versions as well.

Get Your Answers in Tabular Form

You can ask ChatGPT for replies in the form of a table. This is very useful for coming up with original ideas or information. For instance, you may include suggestions for meals and their ingredients, suggestions for games and their components, or the names of the days of the week in several languages.

You may instruct ChatGPT to alter the tables it has created and even to produce them in a standard format that another computer can understand by using follow-up prompts using plain language (such as Microsoft Excel).

Set Limits on the Answers You Get

Don’t be afraid to instruct ChatGPT to limit its replies to a specific number of words or paragraphs since when given constraints to operate within, the bot may truly wow.

It might be anything from asking questions with replies of seven characters or fewer to compressing material from four paragraphs into one (just to keep it simple). You can correct ChatGPT if it doesn’t correctly follow your replies and it will attempt again.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Telling ChatGPT who its audience is is another approach to alter how it replies to you. This functions similarly to the films you may have seen when complicated concepts are conveyed to people with various degrees of knowledge.

For instance, you may instruct ChatGPT to respond differently depending on whether you are chatting with a group of 10-year-olds or a group of business owners. For producing several outputs with the same subject, it works effectively.

Produce Prompts for Other AI Engines

The more exact and detailed you may be about what you’re searching for when it comes to creating prompts: You may instruct the chatbot to make your words longer and more detailed, to role-play as a prompt generator for a certain AI tool, and to grow more precise with its responses as you provide more and more details.

Copy and Paste Text from Other Sources

Using ChatGPT, you don’t have to type anything yourself. It’s okay to paste content from other sources and copy and paste is your buddy. While there is a 4,000-word maximum input restriction, you may simply break up your content into smaller chunks and have the bot remember what you’ve already stated.

Provide Examples to Work With

Giving ChatGPT some information to work with before you ask your inquiry is another approach to enhance the replies you receive from it. You might, for instance, offer it a list of book summaries and their corresponding genres, then ask it to assign the appropriate genre to a fresh synopsis. Another choice is to share your favorite hobbies with ChatGPT to receive news suggestions.

Act Out a Role-Play

In the same way that ChatGPT can imitate the writing style of specific authors that it is aware of, it can also take on different personas, such as a frustrated salesperson, an animated teenager (you’ll probably get a lot of emojis and abbreviations in return), or John Wayne, the legendary Western actor. There are practically no limits to the kinds of roles you may experiment with. These questions may not have many practical uses, but they do provide some helpful information on the possibilities of these AI chatbots.

Get Answers That Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts

In the same way that ChatGPT can imitate the writing style of specific authors that it is aware of, it can also take on different personas, such as a frustrated salesperson, an animated teenager (you’ll probably get a lot of emojis and abbreviations in return), or John Wayne, the legendary Western actor. There are practically no limits to the kinds of roles you may experiment with. These questions may not have many practical uses, but they do provide some helpful information on the possibilities of these AI chatbots.

Hear Both Sides of a Debate

Get Your Outputs in the Form of ASCII Art

Update the detailed information about Chatgpt Is Great! Top 10 Things It Refuses To Do on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!