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The overall hassle of air travel hasn’t changed in the last decade, but the specifics surrounding this peculiar first-world problem have subtly and slowly shifted over the last few years. In the old days, travelers largely complained about bad airline food and a lack of legroom once they were on the plane. Today, the drama has moved into the terminal, where grabby TSA agents, long lines, and ridiculous security procedures involving baggies and miniature bottles of shampoo capture the angst of the frequent flier.

TSA PreCheck: You Can Leave Your Shoes On

Perhaps the most notable security streamlining program is run by the Transportation Security Administration and is called TSA PreCheck (look for the logo with a big check mark). Technically a pilot program, PreCheck is already rolled out in 16 of the best airports in the United States, and the TSA says it is coming to another 17 airports by the end of 2012. That will cover the vast majority of the country’s busiest terminals.

PreCheck gives you a few special perks once you’re in the security line. You get to keep your shoes, belt, and jacket on. You don’t have to remove your laptop from your carry-on bag. And you don’t have to remove your “3-1-1” baggie of toiletries, either. In other words, you plop your bag on the conveyer belt and walk through the x-ray scanner—much as you would have done in 1983. In many cases, special lanes (sans the “nudie shot” millimeter-wave scanner) are available for PreCheck travelers, so the process is even faster.

The system is still in its infancy, so bugs remain in the process. Not every checkpoint offers PreCheck services, and PreCheck may not be offered for every flight you take, even if the airport has it available. In short, you still have to get to the airport at the same early time as you used to, because PreCheck might not work on any given trip. But like most people, I’d rather spend extra time sitting at the gate instead of standing in line.

Another limitation of PreCheck is that you must also fly only on those carriers that have partnered with TSA on PreCheck: Alaska, American, Delta, and United.

PreCheck applications were originally limited to elite frequent fliers, but now anyone can apply. To do so, you start by completing an extensive online application at the Global Online Enrollment System website. Here, select the “Trusted Traveler Program” for your application and fill it out. The application includes a background check, and after a week or so you’ll be notified of your approval or denial. If approved, the final step is an in-person interview with TSA itself. My interview is still pending—the backlog for an interview, as I write this, is nearly two months long—but most users report that they are little more than formalities. After the interview, you receive an ID number, which you type into the “Known Traveler” field when booking a flight online. This is embedded into your boarding pass, and when that is scanned, you are (hopefully) selected for the speedy screening. (And yes, it works with smartphone boarding passes, too.)

International travelers who sign up for PreCheck are also eligible for Global Entry, a program operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (it conducts its own interviews for the program). Its cost is $100, and its purpose is to expedite a traveler through immigration and customs formalities when arriving by air from a foreign country. An extra benefit of this program: If you already have Global Entry but not PreCheck, you are eligible for PreCheck, provided you are a U.S. citizen and are traveling on an all-domestic U.S. itinerary.

CLEAR: Another Way to End-Run Security

CLEAR offers a slightly different value proposition than PreCheck, primarily letting you bypass the line leading up to the metal detectors. Once you register for CLEAR—a process similar to that for PreCheck—you receive a card that you present to baby-blue-clad CLEAR employees who man special stations located at an airport’s security checkpoints. (SFO, for example, has six.) At a CLEAR station, you are physically scanned—using either your thumbprint or an iris scan—and whisked through to the metal detectors beyond, jumping the line. But CLEAR doesn’t earn you anything special beyond that. You still have to remove belts, laptops, and so on.

CLEAR and PreCheck aren’t integrated, but at airports where both are offered, the two tend to work together informally. In Orlando, CLEAR agents, for example, will escort PreCheck passengers to the proper security lanes after they’ve cleared the biometric scan.

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Zenmate Vpn – Experience Lightning Fast Internet Speed With Tight Security

We have reviewed many VPNs for Mac, and you already know that we choose only the best. Just in case, if you haven’t looked at our list of some of the most fantastic VPNs for Mac, this is the time you should give it a try. A few days ago, we reviewed the CyberGhost VPN because of the reliability, features, and aggressive pricing it offers.

Today we will review ZenMate; one of the best VPNs on the market. Before we jump over to the review, I would like to give a little background about what VPN apps do and what you should consider before paying for the subscription.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows you to connect to the internet without revealing your original IP address. Apart from hiding your IP address, a VPN can have many other features like encrypting the data packets, connecting to servers from different locations, accessing restricted content, and much more. Now that you have a brief overview of how a VPN works let’s check out how ZenMate VPN can help you with all these things.

ZenMate VPN – Access Safe, Secure, and Fast Internet on Your All Devices Internet Speed

It is a common misconception among users that VPNs reduce Internet speed. Honestly, that’s not the case. Even if it is, then maybe you are using a free VPN. Free VPNs are a more significant danger to your privacy compared to not using a VPN at all.

We did a speed test without using ZenMate and were getting around 85Mbps of speed. To check the speed of ZenMate VPN, we enabled it and reran the speed test. It was an average of 76Mbps, which is just as fast as not having a VPN. A good VPN never breaks the internet speed, and ZenMate proved it.

Bypassing Geo-restricted content

You are now virtually living in a different country, and thus you can access content restricted in your region. This is super helpful if you wish to stream content on Netflix and watch episodes that are yet to be released in your country.

Securing your personal information

ZenMate VPN works as an invisible cloak, and your virtual footprints are hidden from hackers, spying eyes, and search engine trackers. On top of that, ZenMate itself doesn’t store any of the information, as your ISP does. The company follows a strict no-log policy, and thus, your personal information is fully secured.

Device compatibility

You can connect five devices at the same time with ZenMate VPN. So if you have a Mac, an iPhone, and other devices, you can install ZenMate VPN on all of them and secure all the devices at the same time.

Apart from that, ZenMate is also available for Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Linux. If you are using OpenVPN, ZenMate is available for that too.


There are three buying options. The longer your commitment, the cheaper it gets. There’s also a 7-days free trial. Check out below details of all three options.

Buy ZenMate

That’s all, mate!

Signing off…

Many people use Free VPN services without understanding that when a company gives their products for free, the consumer is the product. It is better to let search engine track you than a third-party free VPN. Always go for a paid VPN, because you can expect an excellent product and service. Especially with a VPN that has over 47 million users, like ZenMate. You don’t need to research a lot.

Did you enroll for the 7-days free trial of ZenMate VPN? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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Silvercar Calls Quits On Airport Locations

Silvercar calls quits on airport locations – car rentals move to Audi dealers [Update]

Silvercar, Audi’s car rental service, is closing its airport locations, with the service shifting its attention to dealer-based pickup instead. Acquired in full by the automaker in 2023, Silvercar distinguishes itself by only offering Audi vehicles and pushing an app-first experience, in an attempt to differentiate from other airport rental operators.

Originally, that meant a single rate and a single vehicle type, the Audi A4 sedan. While Silvercar’s rates weren’t necessarily cheaper than those of more familiar names like Hertz and Enterprise, the promise was that you’d always get the vehicle you expected together with perks like inclusive in-vehicle WiFi hotspot service.

Since then, Silvercar expanded its line-up, adding SUVs like the Q5 and Q7 for those needing more space or more seats, and the A5 Cabriolet for drivers hoping for some sun. It also began opening dealership locations beyond its core airport presence. Now, it’s that side of the business that Audi will focus on.

From December 6, Silvercar will begin to sunset its airport locations and use dealerships exclusively. In the process, it will tilt its pitch from transportation for those on trips, to people simply looking for a vehicle for local use. Reflecting the rise in social-distancing and the drop in general travel, cars and SUVs will be booked via the Silvercar app and can be collected entirely contact-free, from a secure parking facility at the dealerships.

Alternatively, Silvercar will offer contactless delivery, with the Audi brought to your location. Same-day service is available, the company says, and it will be following CDC guidelines on cleaning the cars in-between loans.

It’s perhaps an unsurprising decision for Silvercar and Audi. Though the pitch of a more premium loan experience was always a tempting one, it struggled to compete with established car rental services that were able to offer much cheaper rates. That, combined with the cost of on-airport locations that meant many Silvercar facilities required some sort of transportation to an off-site pickup, and the dwindling amount of air travel during the pandemic, presumably made the current model even less sustainable.

Currently, Silvercar is active at around 20 dealerships in the US, though there are still many states where the service can’t be accessed.

All the same, the shift in focus allows Silvercar to expand its offering. While short-term loans are still on the cards, Audi is also pitching the service as a way to bridge leases and fill in the gap between traditional car ownership.

Update: Silvercar’s Forrest Bloede, Director of Brand Marketing, gave SlashGear the following statement:

“In September, Silvercar by Audi announced its expansion to Audi dealerships across the U.S. In full commitment to that expansion, all airport locations will close by December 6. Customers with existing airport reservations have been notified and offered the option to cancel or fulfill their reservation at local locations where available, in addition to a $50 voucher for a future local rental.

This shift in strategy from airport rental to local rental represents a larger move by Silvercar to create a network of Audi vehicles on-demand in urban centers, specifically catering to those customers seeking flexible rental options, including daily, weekly or monthly. By the end of 2023, Silvercar by Audi will be available in over 25 dealerships with multiple new locations scheduled to roll out monthly in 2023.”

Speed Up Brave Browser Using These Tips And Tweaks

Is your Brave browser running slow on your Windows PC? Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on Chromium. It is touted to be a fast, secure, and private web browser for Windows that prevents website trackers by default. However, some Windows users have reported that Brave runs too slowly or starts lagging while on their computers.

Why is my Brave browser so slow?

One of the primary reasons is using too many add-ons and extensions.  Apart from that, if you open too many tabs or use an outdated browser version, it will slow down your browser performance. It can also occur if your browser is loaded with too much browsing data, including cache and cookies. Some have reported that enabling hardware acceleration or using a VPN caused Brave to run slowly.

Speed up Brave browser using these Tips and Tweaks

To speed up the Brave browser on your Windows PC, you can use the following tips and tweaks:

Make sure your Brave browser is up-to-date.

Close unused tabs.

Disable your problematic extensions.

Clear old browsing data.

Switch off hardware acceleration.

Turn off your VPN.

Reset or Reinstall the Brave browser.

1] Make sure your browser is up-to-date

To ensure that your browser works smoothly and you enjoy new features, you must keep your browser up-to-date. You are likely to experience performance issues in an outdated browser. So, update your Brave browser. You can manually update Brave and check if the issue is fixed.

Here are the steps to update Brave:

First, open your Brave browser and tap on the three-bar menu button present at the top-right corner.

Once the updates are downloaded, restart your browser to complete the installation.

Once Brave is updated, check if the performance issues are now fixed.

TIP: Fix Unable to download files on Brave browser.

2] Close unused tabs

If the Brave browser is loaded with too many tabs at a time, it will cause your browser to slow down and deteriorate its overall performance. This mostly applies to an older browser version as the latest versions are better at handling multiple tabs. However, you should avoid opening too many tabs at once. If there are multiple unnecessary tabs opened in your browser, you can close them. See if the problem is resolved.

3] Disable your problematic extensions

Extensions and add-ons are handy tools to add more features to your browser and enhance its feature set. However, some problematic extensions can also make your browser slow down and also cause some other performance issues. So, if you have installed multiple third-party extensions in your Brave browser, consider disabling your extensions; consider removing unpopular web extensions.

To turn off your extension in Brave, you can use the below steps:

First, open Brave and press the three-bar button.

Now, select the Extensions option from the appeared menu options.

After removing extensions, the Brave browser should start performing well.

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4] Clear old browsing data

The next tip to speed up your Brave browser is to delete your browsing data including history, cache, and cookies. If there is too much browsing data bulked up in Brave, the browser is likely to slow down. And, it also causes other issues in the browser. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, clear your browsing data in Brave. Here’s how:

Now, choose the Clear browsing data option.

Next, in the Clear browsing data prompt, select Time range as All time and tick Browsing history (if you prefer clearing your history), Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files checkboxes.

After that, press the Clear data button to clear your data.

Once done, restart Brave and see if there is an improvement in its performance.

See: Fix The installer failed to start – Brave browser.

5] Switch off hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a handy function that uses hardware to speed up specific tasks. While it is used to run the browser smoothly and efficiently, it might also overload your GPU and slow down your browser. Hence, you can try disabling hardware acceleration in your Brave browser. See if it helps.

Here’s how you can do that:

Next, switch off the toggle associated with the Use hardware acceleration when available option.

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6] Turn off your VPN

If you are using a VPN on your computer, try disabling it and check if it helps in speeding up Brave. It might be the case that VPN is slowing down your browser, especially while streaming or buffering videos. So, turn it off and see if there is an improvement in Brave’s performance.

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7] Reset or Reinstall the Brave browser

Reset the browser using the Brave browser settings and see if it helps. If that does not help, we suggest you uninstall the browser via Windows Settings or Control Panel. When the process is complete, remove the residual files from your PC. For that, delete the BraveBrowser folder from the C:Program Files (x86) location. When done, reboot your computer and download the latest installer for the Brave browser from its official website.

Now, launch the Brave browser and check if the problem is resolved.


How to boost browser speed?

To boost the speed of your web browser, you can disable unnecessary add-ons from your web browser, close unused tabs, update your browser to its latest version, and clean up browser cache and PC junk. You can also enable Preload pages for faster browsing to speed it up.

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Marketing Christmas Through The Ages

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Yes, even now Christmas is being hijacked by people like me – hence the headline. And it’s this marketing exercise of Christmas that especially fascinates me.

The marketing started in 300AD when in the Rome of the Emperor Constantine (recently converted to Christianity) the celebration of Christ’s birth was made to coincide with Saturnalia. The feel- good of a great blow-out got the Christian bandwagon rolling along nicely.

This coincidence of celebrating Christ’s birth and roll-out-the barrel party time continued happily until typically the mean old sod, Mr Austerity Cromwell banned Christmas. Back to normal and a lot more when Charles 11 returned to England.

Enter the four great apostles of Christmas early in the 19th century, first Washington Irving in America and his “Old Christmas” and the virtual invention of the Christmas that we know.

Then Clement Moore – a Theology Professor whose “The Night before Christmas” was written for his children, was then picked up by the New Yorker and has become a defining Christmas idea. Dickens and Cruikshank, his illustrator, followed in 1836 and 1843 with Pickwick Papers and a Christmas Carol.

Around the same time Prince Albert, gluhwein king and Victoria’s husband brought us German Christmas – snow, sleigh bells, decorated trees and Victorian Christmas was born.

Washington Irving put it like this in his efforts to create a ‘marketing’ campaign (he wouldn’t have called it that) to quell social violence brought on by the hopelessness of winter and appeal to everyone’s good nature:

“In the depth of winter, when nature lies despoiled of every charm, and wrapped in her shroud of sheeted snow, we turn for our gratifications to moral sources. The dreariness and desolation of the landscape, the short gloomy days and darksome nights, while they circumscribe our wanderings, shut in our feelings also from rambling abroad, and make us more keenly disposed for the pleasures of the social circle. Our thoughts are more concentrated; our friendly sympathies more aroused. We feel more sensibly the charm of each other’s society, and are brought more closely together by dependence upon each other for enjoyment. Heart calleth unto heart; and we draw our pleasures from the deep wells of living kindness, which lie in the quiet recesses of our bosoms; and which, when resorted to, furnish forth the pure element of domestic felicity”.

It has something else which enthrals me. It evokes and sustains such great stories and the felicitous layering of Christian, pagan, commercial and romantic stories and myths from many different geographies. Christmas stories are like Christmas cake, mixed and rich.

The pageantry and the atmosphere of this time never fail to astonish even hardened cynics and make those two words “bah humbug!” sound wonderfully festive too.

Have great ideas, have fun and be immoderate. Happy Christmas

Thanks to Richard Hall for this festive post. Richard has been CEO at FCO for 10 years – voted most creative Agency in London and Deputy Chairman at Euro RSCG when it bought FCO. Over the last 17 years Richard has chaired six Marketing Services companies, mentored scores of senior executives, written 10 books (including second and third editions and revisions) that have been translated and published in 24 countries. Chairman of Showcase Presentations, the Friends St Nicholas (local charity), RH&A (consultancy) and a creative think-tank called

Thanks to Richard Hall for this festive post. Richard has been CEO at FCO for 10 years – voted most creative Agency in London and Deputy Chairman at Euro RSCG when it bought FCO. Over the last 17 years Richard has chaired six Marketing Services companies, mentored scores of senior executives, written 10 books (including second and third editions and revisions) that have been translated and published in 24 countries. Chairman of Showcase Presentations, the Friends St Nicholas (local charity), RH&A (consultancy) and a creative think-tank called Colourful Thinkers . You can connect on LinkedIn or read his blog.

His new book is Solve Problems, Make Brilliant Decisions.

How To View And Clear Clipboard History In Windows 10

The Windows clipboard is a handy feature that’s been around for years. It allows you to copy up to 25 items including text, data or graphics, and paste them into a document or pin items you use regularly.

If you trigger the right keyboard shortcut, you can see and access your clipboard history and sync it through the cloud for easier access on any Windows 10 device. Here’s how to view and clear clipboard history in Windows 10.

Table of Contents

How to Access the Windows 10 Clipboard 

If you copy content from, say a document, but forget to paste it, you can find the Windows 10 clipboard history content. The clipboard history supports text, images less than 4MB, and HTML, and stores entries from newest to oldest. If you don’t pin an item to the clipboard, it will disappear because the history list resets each time you restart your device to make room for new items.

If you’ve never used the Windows 10 clipboard, you can turn it on by selecting Windows logo key + V and then select Turn on.

How to View Windows 10 Clipboard History 

Now that you’ve enabled clipboard history, you can open the clipboard and view the list of items you copied recently while using any app.

Press the Windows logo key + V.

To remove all entries on the clipboard history list, select Clear All in the ellipses menu.

The Windows 10 clipboard can only hold up to 25 items, so you can use a third-party clipboard manager if you want. A clipboard manager can hold more items and allow you to change the formatting or text case, create permanent clips, search clips, join clips together, and sync clipboards, among other functions.

How to Clear the Clipboard in Windows 10

If you share your device with other users, you can protect any private information you may have copied to the clipboard by clearing the clipboard history.

Next, select Clear clipboard data and then choose Clear.

Alternatively, you can press the Windows logo key + V and then select Clear all to clear your device’s clipboard history. 

Note: If you just want to clear one item from the clipboard history, press Windows logo key + V to open the clipboard and select Delete next to the item you wish to remove.

How to Disable Windows 10 Clipboard History

If you don’t want the items you’ve copied to be saved in the clipboard, you can turn off clipboard history through Windows 10 Settings. 

Find the Clipboard history section and toggle the switch to Off.

You can confirm whether the clipboard history is disabled by pressing the Windows logo key + V. A small window will appear alerting you that the clipboard history cannot be displayed because the feature is turned off.

Manage Windows 10 Clipboard History

Viewing and clearing your clipboard history in Windows 10 is fairly easy. Also, check out what to do if copy and paste isn’t working on Windows 10 and how to copy and paste across Apple devices using Universal Clipboard.

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