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Whether you’re just getting started on Reddit or you’ve been using it for years, there are lesser-known tricks and handy tips you can use to get more out of the site—whether that’s finding stuff you’re interested in more quickly, changing how you appear on Reddit, or tweaking how subreddits are displayed.

Use the new Discover Tab

Recently, Reddit added the Discover Tab to its mobile app as another way for you to cut through the noise and get to the posts you find most interesting. You can open it by tapping the compass icon at the bottom of the app interface.

What you see next will depend on the communities you’re already part of as well as where you’ve been spending your time on Reddit. Tap any of the topics at the top (just below the search bar) to narrow down the subreddits listed on screen. We also have a more detailed Discover Tab walkthrough if you’re interested in learning more about what to expect.

The more feedback you give, the more relevant the Discover Tab will become: long-press on a post and pick Show more posts like this or Show fewer posts like this and the app will adjust its algorithm accordingly.

Find community wikis

Some Reddit communities (subreddits), especially the larger ones, have established informational documents, and reading these “wikis” can be a useful way to learn more about the community.

If you find a community with a wiki, such as r/jobs, you’ll see a Wiki Pages link at the top of the list of posts on the website. On the mobile app, you can find wiki pages behind the Menu tab on the front page of a subreddit.

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See everything happening on Reddit

If you want to see all of Reddit, this is the place to start. David Nield

If you want to get an overview of everything happening on Reddit at any given time, point your browser towards r/all. You’ll see highlights from all the Reddit communities, not just the ones you’re subscribed to.

In the mobile app, the home tab (the little house icon on the bottom navigation bar) fulfils a similar role. If you tap Best posts at the top of the list, you can sort posts by what’s newest and what’s most popular.

Build your own custom feeds

When a subreddit just isn’t giving you enough of what you need, you can build a custom feed—this will combine posts from multiple subreddits into one single feed. You can make as many of these as you want.

You can access your custom feeds from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the website interface, or from the main menu inside the app (tap the three lines in the top right to see it). You don’t necessarily have to join subreddits to add them to custom feeds either.

Change autoplay and thumbnail settings

You can streamline your feed by turning off autoplay. David Nield

You don’t have to accept Reddit’s defaults for how the site and app displays images and videos. You might want to cut down on the amount of media you’re shown, for example, to create a more streamlined experience.

Search through just about anything

Make sure you’re aware of everything the search box can do—it’s up at the top of the interface on the website and the app, and you can get started by typing out a few keywords. Choose the Search… (website) or Results for… (app) options to see a full list of matches from Reddit.

You’ll see matches from Reddit posts at first—switch to the Communities tab to see subreddit matches instead. You can also use the Sort and Time options to bring some order to your results: maybe you want to see the newest results first, or limit the matches to posts from the past week.

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Quickly edit your profile

Choose Style Avatar to give your avatar a whole new look. You can edit everything from hair styles to footwear choices, though some picks require a premium account that will cost you $6 a month. Anything that requires a paid-for upgrade will have a little red icon next to it.

You can also pick Profile (on the web) or My profile (in the app) to make more changes. There, it’s possible to edit the username other people see when you use Reddit, upload a photo for your avatar, and add some social links to your profile so people can find you on the web.

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How To Split Audio In Audacity And Other Useful Tricks

Audacity is one of the best audio editing packages out there, which makes the fact that it’s also completely free something of a miracle. Used by professionals and hobbyists alike, Audacity is the software of choice for recording engineers, podcasters, audio restoration pros and anyone else who needs to work with audio data. 

It’s not that hard to use either, once you know where everything you need is located. The problem is that Audacity can be very unintuitive, making it hard to figure out how to perform common actions. Splitting audio is just one such function. In this article we’ll look at a few different ways to split audio in Audacity, as well as some important tricks that are worth knowing.

Table of Contents

A Word on Keyboard Shortcuts

Just as with photo and video editing software, you’re better off learning the most important keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse. A lot of audio editing work involves doing dozens or even hundreds of repetitive actions and using the mouse for these can seriously slow down your work. As such we’ll be giving you both the mouse-menu steps and the keyboard shortcuts where applicable.

Splitting Audio Clips

Splitting a clip in Audacity means that you are separating a continuous sound file in two pieces. There are quite a few reasons to do this:

Separating clips you want to keep from those you want to delete.

Making space to insert new audio.

Increasing or decreasing the spaces between segments.

Processing audio one one particular segment of the track.

Removing unwanted sounds.

The actual act of splitting an audio clip in Audacity is simple:

Alternatively, you can simply press Ctrl + I.

Joining Clips

What if you wanted to join clips together again? It’s basically the same process:

Now all of the clips will become one single piece of audio again.

Splitting a Stereo Track Into Mono Tracks

Most microphones record in mono, which is to say there’s only a single audio channel. However, stereo microphones or recorders using two separate microphones can create a single stereo track.

Let’s say that you recorded a podcast using two microphones and each speaker’s audio is now trapped in a single stereo track. By splitting it into two mono tracks you can edit each separately.

This option isn’t one you’ll find in the main menu structure of Audacity, instead you need to choose it from the track dropdown menu:

First, select the track dropdown menu for the track you want to split into mono tracks as shown here.

Now select “split stereo to mono tracks”.

You’ll see each channel become its own mono track.

From here on you can treat them as separate tracks with their own editing and effects.

Splitting Audio Tracks in Audacity With Labels

This is one for all of the folks who want to use Audacity as a way to record and preserve older media such as vinyl or cassette tapes. These media are recorded as one long piece of audio, but you probably want to split it into tracks.

Instead of tediously splitting and exporting sections of this mega recording, you can simply label the start of each track and then automatically export each labeled track as its own file. Assuming that you have already cleaned up and restored the audio to your liking, here’s how to split it into exported tracks using labels:

Select the Skip to Start button to the right of the Stop button.

Now using the selection tool, select the position of the next clip’s beginning.

Again, repeat the above labeling process. Do this for every desired track or clip.

Select Export.

Now each labeled section will be saved as a separate file. You’ll be prompted to add metadata for each one in sequence, simply select OK (not “Save”) when done with each track’s details.

Remove Ums and Aahs With a Silence

One of the most important (and most tedious) jobs when prepping a recording is the removal of unwanted noises. This is especially true if it’s a voice recording, such as for podcasts or instructional videos.

When we speak there can be many artifacts that end up on the recording. Verbal tics such as ums and ahs are very common when someone isn’t reading from a script. These can be distracting to the listener and reduce the production quality of your recording. You’ll also want to remove excessive breathing noises, lip smacking, swallowing and other human sounds that most people probably don’t want beamed directly into their ears via headphones.

While you can simply select that section and delete it, this also deletes the time that audio occupied on your track! Which means you shorten the track and remove the space between the parts of the audio you want to keep. That’s something you may want to do, but if not you can simply silence those sections instead and preserve the relative positions of all the audio samples on the track:

Select the section of the track you need to silence.

Press Ctrl+L to replace that section with silence.

That’s all there is to it, the track will go quiet in the sections you silence. This can be a problem in recordings with lots of background noise. The silences will be very obvious in those cases. Luckily Audacity has a neat function that lets you reduce background noise. Which also has the welcome side effect of elevating your production quality!

Quickly Remove Background Noise

Background noise removal only really applies to consistent sources of noise. These include the hum of interference on the recording equipment, the hiss of an air conditioner and any other similar noise. 

Removing it with Audacity is simplicity itself:

The track should now have much less (if any) background noise. Making it more pleasant to listen to.

A Sound Understanding

With these shortcuts and common functions to split audio in Audacity under the belt you’re well on your way to becoming an efficient sound editor. Your podcasts will be tighter, your sound quality better and the final product better for it.

New World Leveling – Tips And Tricks To Better Level

New World Leveling – Tips and Tricks to better level

Here are a few New World tips and tricks for New World leveling.

New World is out now, with players making their characters and beginning their new journey on Aeternum. While there is a whole ‘new world’ to explore, some players want to get to max level as fast as possible. Meanwhile, some players require playing catch up because of the server queues. Regardless of which one you are, we have a New World leveling guide, offering great New World tips and tricks to get you to your desired leveling speed.

New World leveling guide: Tips and tricks

Grab a party

The New World leveling is progressed through at a much quicker pace when you have a party. When you’re out there doing quests as a party, any mob tags you need will get shared between those in the questing area. It means killing eight corrupted miners become significantly quicker, allowing you to progress through the main story, side, or faction quests at a much quicker pace. Furthermore, if you’re fighting any special named mobs for a quest, then you can spend your time nuking the mob down quicker than you could do solo.

If you’re just starting New World with a friend, here is another  New World leveling tip. You can partner up with your friend, even if you don’t spawn in the same starting zone. Here is how to meet up with your friend in another starting zone.

Abuse Dynamic respawns

It is very clear that Dynamic respawns are a thing in New World. Many players were crammed onto the starting zones during a server start, all after the same very few boars to complete their cooking tutorial quest. What many players also found was the boars were near enough instantly spawning. If you have an efficient enough mob killing build or are decently populated, you may abuse the mob respawn timer and farm raw XP that way. Do note mob XP is much slower than grinding through quests, especially at lower levels.

Don’t do crafting or gathering skills 

Get to level 20 in 4 hours

Many players tested the beta for leveling methods. One player managed to get to level 20 in roughly 4 hours of gameplay, which is rather fast. If you want to repeat the process, why not check out Vormithrax’s videos and see what leveling route and method he used if you agave the time to take notes on video content? It is worth taking notes as this is some of the fastest vods of New World leveling to date.

Use a Life staff

Healing is a very important part of New World. The reason is the need to have food on you at all times, with the added benefit of potions granting insta health in troublesome times. However, this requires you to gather food from wild animals and plants, such as herbs, to cook decent meals or potions. To avoid this process, you can instead opt for Life Staff as your second weapon and heal yourself and buff yourself through the various builds in the game. That way you save time having to gather and craft health boosts. Not to mention it makes it easier getting into a group for New World dungeons.

Spam Expeditions

Expeditions are the New World Dungeons in the game. As you progress through the main story, you will get quests that take you to your first dungeon the, Amrine expedition. The dungeon is easily clearable in the mid 20’s, especially with a team of five. You could find a like-minded group at the same level and continuously farm. The more you get used to each dungeon in each level bracket, the more likely you’ll get efficient at higher experience rewards. Moreso, you will get amazing weapons from these expeditions, and so you’ll get awesome gear to make new world leveling in every bracket much easier

Google Combines Custom Affinity And Custom Intent Into Custom Audiences

These are now simply called “custom audiences.” They are set up in the Audiences section at the Campaign or Ad Group level.

Audiences built there are then available via the interface noted below.

Using Previously-Created Audiences

Within any of the campaign types noted above, creating a new audience gives you a screen with many options. Opening up the Audience pane expands it into three sections: Ideas, Search, and Browse.

Choosing Browse then changes the screen to a list of options. Previously-created ones will show. Hovering over each audience will show you what it’s comprised of:

If a previously-existing custom affinity or custom intent audience has keywords as part of it, they will be treated in the following ways:

Custom affinity on all campaigns: The audience becomes “People with any of these interests or purchase intentions”

Custom intent on Display campaigns: They become “People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.”

Custom intent on YouTube, Gmail and Discovery campaigns: They will now be within “People who searched for any of these terms on Google properties (such as chúng tôi and YouTube)”

Creating New Custom Audiences

There is also the option to add specific search terms. These will align to users who have searched on Google or YouTube for those terms, or related ones.

Targeting Beyond Keyword-Driven Focus

Subsequent options are also available for other targeting methods on the screen by hitting the expansion links at the bottom. These include:

people who browse certain types of websites

people who use certain types of apps

people who visited certain places

As options are added to any of these sections, the estimated audience size will populate on the right. Each item that appears can be expanded for further insights, but it will not do this for the options on app usage or placements at this point; it will only show it for the search terms and URL targeting options.

How Google Will Choose an Audience

The right audience is chosen based off the goals of your campaign, along with your bidding strategy. These drive the option for reach, performance, or consideration as the priority Google optimizes audience choices for.

Advertisers help Google pinpoint a more specific audience using the options noted above. It treats the inputs as a list of criteria to choose from, not as a group where a user must meet all the criteria.

In my example above, the user could be interested in phone cases OR Apple – but not necessarily both.

Google’s announcement is here, with a more extensive help article here.

7 Telegram Tips And Tricks You Need To Try

1. Change Telegram’s Color Theme or Create Your Own

If you want to create your color scheme, scroll all the way to the right to get to the last pentagon icon composed of multiple color circles. Tap on the icon to pick your own color if you are not satisfied with the default offering. Here, you will have the option to select the colors of Telegram’s three key elements:

Accent Color


My Messages

You can lead your finger across the color range for each element, increasing or decreasing the lightness degree of each color with the bottom slide. Once done, tap on “Save.” Keep in mind that this will overwrite whichever default color theme was active, indicated by the circle within a circle icon.

2. Enable Secret Chats

If whatever you want to talk about with someone is extremely private, this is where secret chats come in. When you create a secret chat with someone, it’s not listed on Telegram’s servers. These secret chats will have end-to-end encryption and will self-destruct.

Once you tap on the user’s avatar you wish to contact, their profile will open up. Tap on the three upper-right vertical dots icon and “Start Secret Chat.”

To set the exact timer for self-destruct messages, tap the clock icon (input field on iOS, top bar on Android).

3. How to Have Various Profile Pictures Available Simultaneously

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to have various profile pictures uploaded to your account. This allows you to easily switch between your profile pictures.

Whenever you tap on the image/video icon to extract the new avatar, this will be saved as your profile picture. Then, you can just slide between the five of them. To access your profile, tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner, next to “Telegram.”

To browse through your profile pictures, tap on your current profile picture and choose the profile image you want to use. If you tap on the camera icon, you’ll only see the options to add a new profile picture from the camera or Gallery or to delete the current image.

Once you are settled between the profile images, tap on the three upper-right vertical dots icon and tap on “Set as main.”

4. Share Your Current Location in Telegram

If WhatsApp can do it, why wouldn’t Telegram? Instead of trying to explain to your friend where you are, just send him/her your current location. You can do this by opening the chat and tapping on the paper clip icon.

The location button is the green button on the bottom row. Let’s say you’re in a bad part of town and want someone to know where you are at all times. Right below the “Send My Live Location” button, there’s an option to send your location as you move in real time. Otherwise, if you want to let them know where to meet, browse through the map of your area and “Send selected location.”

5. How to Delete Sent Messages

Don’t worry, if you accidentally sent a love note to your gardener instead of to your spouse, you can quickly erase it. Just long-press on the message and tap on the Trash icon at the top.

Confirm the deletion by tapping on DELETE. If the other user hasn’t seen the message yet (only one checkmark present), you can also check the box “Also delete for XX.”

6. How to Customize Your Telegram Notifications

By going to “Settings → Notifications and Sounds,” you can make all sorts of changes to how you would like to be notified, depending on who is contacting you. For example, you can enable LED color for notifications, preview the message, customize the notification sound and reply to messages from your home screen.

You can also personalize group notifications as well with the same options as previously mentioned. “Add an Exception” is a wonderful option to make some users in a group more special than others. Under voice calls, you can decide how long you want your phone to vibrate when a call comes in. You can choose from options such as default, short, long, and only if silent.

7. Limit the Size of the Files You Receive on Mobile Data

Although you can see the file size of any file type when you join a group, Telegram allows you to further customize and automate your data usage, depending on whether you go mobile or Wi-Fi.

Go to “Settings → Data and Storage,” select the network type, and choose the kind of file you want to limit with the file size slider.

Both videos and files can be set to a maximum limit of 2GB. If you think video thumbnails are enough to judge whether you want to watch them, you can disable “Preload larger videos,” which will save you up to 2MB per video.

You can also set a limit size for photos, voice messages, video messages, music, and GIFs. On top of that, you can make these limits apply to different categories across contacts, private chats, group chats, and channels.


Telegram has features that many may wish WhatsApp had. With rising WhatsApp privacy concerns, there is no better time to switch over. Surpassing 500 million users in 2023, Telegram has a bright future ahead as both an encrypted messenger and social media outlet.

Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul Nambiampurath started his career as an accountant but has now transitioned into working full-time in the tech space. He is an ardent fan of decentralized and open source technologies. When he’s not writing, he’s usually busy making wine, tinkering with his android device, or hiking some mountains.

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9 Ways To Make Better Use Of Gmail Filters

Gmail filters is a good way for you to set rules for your email and allow you to organize your inbox without you doing the manual work. Here are a few ways that you can make good use of Gmail Fliters

1. Forward all incoming emails and archive them

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, and you really only use one of them, a good way to manage all your emails is to forward all the emails from all the accounts to the primary account. In addition, you can mark the emails as read and archive all of them, so they won’t show up in the inbox.

To accomplish this, create a new filter with @ in the “From” field. (It will work with * as well)

In the next section, you can select “Forward it” as well as “Mark as read” (or “Archive”).

2. Auto-reply to Email Using Canned Responses

If you always receive emails from the same user, or have the same pattern (like questions on a particular topic, guest post request, etc), you can compose a canned response and create a filter to auto-reply with the canned response for such emails.

Here’s the guide to setup the filter to autoreply with canned response.

3. Sort attachment of various size

The standard filter allows you to select emails with attachment. You can further improve this filter by specifying the attachment size. For example, to add a label “big file attachment” to emails with attachment of more than 10MB:

1. In the search bar at the top of Gmail, type:

Yet another way to customize this filter is to sort attachment according to their file types, something like:

4. Configure tabbed inbox emails

For the new tabbed inbox interface in Gmail, Google is the one that decides which email go into which category/tab. By using the filters, you can set your own rule to override the default settings, like emails from Twitter will go directly into “Primary” instead of “Social” tab.

5. Quickly organize old emails into label

After you have created a filter, it will only work for future incoming emails. If you already have thousands of emails in your inbox and you only just started out using filters, there is an option for you to quickly apply the filter to all the emails in your inbox.

6. Export/Import Filter to new Gmail account

If you have multiple Gmail accounts and you want all of them to have the same set of filters, instead of creating each filter one-by-one in all the accounts, you can simply export from one account and import to other Gmail accounts.

7. Send a to-do list to yourself and auto assign it to label

If you have the habit of recording down the things that you need to do, you can simply email yourself with the subject “TODO” and make use of a filter to add “TODO” label to the email.

8. Use Gmail as a RSS reader

Using a service like IFTTT, you can easily convert a RSS into an email and have it delivered to your inbox. You can then make use of a filter to assign “RSS” label to the email.

9. Create a disposable email address with the “+” alias

For this to work, you have to create the filter:

Action: Delete It Conclusion

There are tons of ways to make use of Gmail filters and we have only scratched the surface. Do share with us the cool filters you have come up with and innovative ways to make use of them.

Image credit: file folder with slots for household expenses by BigStockPhoto


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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