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Introduction to AngularJS Application

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Angular JS used HTML language to extend its syntax and helps in creating applications more efficiently. Angular JS is used to make it dynamic as HTML is mainly used as a static language. Angular JS follows the concept of MVC (Model View Controller). The main idea behind MVC is to make a differentiation between data, logic, and view layer. The view receives data from the model, which is used to display to the user. When the user interacts with the application by performing actions then the controller has changed the data in the model and after that view displays the information after it tells the model about the changes. In Angular JS, data is stored in properties of an object, controllers are JS classes and the view is DOM (Document Object Model).

Concepts of AngularJS Application

The concepts of AngularJS Application with their examples are as follows:

1. Directives to extend HTML attributes 2. Scope

It is used for the communication between controller and view. It binds the view to the view model and functions defined in the controller Angular JS supports nested or hierarchical scopes. It is the data source for AngularJS and it can add or remove properties when required. All the data manipulation and assignment of data happens through scope objects when doing CRUD operations.

3. Controllers

These are used to define the scope for the views and scope can be thought of as variables and functions that view may use some binding.

First Name: Last Name: Full Name: {{firstName + ” ” + lastName}} var app = angular.module(‘myApp’, []); app.controller(‘myCtrl’, function ($scope) { $scope.firstName = ”James”; $scope.lastName = ”Anderson”; });

4. Data Binding

Example: When the user types into the text box the changed value shows in upper and lower case in the label that is two-way data binding.

5. Services 6. Routing

t helps in dividing the app into multiple views and bind multiple views to controllers. It divides SPA into multiple views to logically divide the app and make it more manageable.

default route. App.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) { $routeProvider. when('/List', { templateUrl: 'Views/list.html', controller: 'ListController' }). when('/Add', { templateUrl: 'Views/add.html', controller: 'AddController' ). otherwise({ redirectTo: '/List' }); }]) 7. Filters

These are used to extend the behavior of binding expression and directive. It allows formatting the data and formatting values or applying certain conditions. Filters are invoked in HTML with a pipe inside expressions.

var app = angular.module(‘myApp’, []); app.controller(“namesCtrl”, function ($scope) { $scope.friends = [ { name: ”Karl”, age: 27, city: ”Bangalore” }, { name: ”Lewis”, age: 55, city: ”Newyork” }, ]; });

8. Expressions 9. Modules

The module is the container of an application and application controllers belong to a module. It is a collection of functions and divides applications into small and reusable functional components. The module can be identified by a unique name and can be dependent on other modules.

{{ firstName + ” ” + lastName }}

10. Testing

To test angular JS code, test frameworks are widely used like Jasmine and karma. These testing frameworks mainly support mocking and are highly configurable using JSON files with help of various plugins.


Angular JS provides the framework to develop the web application in very less time and efficiently. Angular JS is always available for unit testing. It is mainly used for SPA, which makes the development faster. It is easy to understand and simple to learn for JavaScript developers. Angular JS is still useful for people who are beginners as they can grasp it easily.

Angular is getting pace for front-end development as it makes the development faster. Large applications can be easily handled in angular. It can execute better with components. Angular is having really strong areas and significant features to use. Angular has released its higher versions also with new features and better performance.

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Is Character Ai Chat Private?

Character AI, a web-based chat platform, allows users to build their Chatbots and converse with various fictional Characters.

However, it is not sure if your chats in Character AI are public or private. 

Character AI chats are private and secure unless you share your chat with anyone. Moreover, you need to chat cautiously and provide relevant prompts while using Character AI.

Regardless, many users have queries about the privacy of their Chat with AI Characters.

Continue reading the article to further discover if chats are private.

What Is Character AI?

Character AI utilizes a neural language model to read an enormous text, takes your prompts as input and responds accordingly.

Creation of a Character in Character AI is easy, and they can either be fictional or based on real people, dead or alive.

Users are provided with multiple Characters; one Character is provided to converse at a time.

Moreover, they can create a group to converse with various Characters simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to Character AI Plus to avoid extra lagging on Character AI.

How To Chat With Characters Of Character AI?

Follow these steps to chat with Characters in Character AI;

Select the Character you want to chat with.

As shown in the picture, a new window will open where the Character will introduce itself.

Start conversing with the Character on any topic you want to. Here’s a picture of a funny conversation between the user and the Character.

On the left are some options such as create, feed, community, etc you can try those to make Character AI more fun.

Note: The response provided by these Characters may not be 100% correct as they’re human-made Characters. Additionally, the response may vary according to the selected Characters; some may generate thoughtful responses, some rude, etc. 

Is Character AI Chat Private?

The creators cannot see your Chat on Character AI and the chats are private and secure until you share them with anyone.

Furthermore, making your chats private in Character AI with some settings is possible.

Some Reddit users also claim that chat with Character AI is private until you share your conversations with others.

It also says chats in Character AI are not encrypted; staff of CAI can access those chats if they wish to.

Similarly, a bug was introduced to Character AI, which led to the leakage of one’s conversations into other people’s conversations, raising concern for privacy and security among users.

However, if you chat cautiously with the Characters it won’t impact you even if it gets leaked.

Besides, you should stop sharing something sensitive via your Chat in Character AI, which is irrelevant.

How To Open A Private Chat In Character AI?

Character AI has the feature of making your Character AI bot private.

Follow these steps to make your chat private on Character AI;

Start a chat with your Character or the one you previously created.

Search for the Visibility option by scrolling down.

Then choose the option, Private: Only you can Chat and save it.

Continue reading to learn how to fix Character AI repeating issues and why Characters respond Out-of-Character.

The Bottom Line

Character AI is made for fun and entertainment but having conversations on sensitive topics is unethical. 

It can not ensure your privacy because a simple crash on its working model may lead to some destruction.

Therefore, you should use the Chatbot wisely.

Keep reading if you’re struggling with the freezing problem in Character AI.

Character Representation In Kids Cartoons


Children or kids are interested and spending time only in play schools or kindergarten and at home, the child’s craving for knowledge or idea does not extinguish. Moreover, kids invest more time in watching TV than in any of the above-mentioned structures. And Researchers from various Universities have found or concluded that children of the age group 2–5 years watch cartoons 32 hours a week, children of the age group 6–11 years watch cartoons 28 hours a week. And Scientists have also proved that children kids not only learn or grasp from cartoons but also learn and copy the behaviour or nature of cartoon characters or personalities due to their thinking abilities. So, the role of parents is very important here to guide their kids and prevent or stop negative consequences, by explaining to children all these impacts.

What are Cartoon Stereotypes?

In the latest times, people or individuals have spoken or pointed out against certain (specific) cartoon characters as they illustrate qualities that reflect or review current or present social issues. Cartoon art illustrating racial and cultural characteristics or personalities may be based on assumed or predicted physical characteristics or alleged or claimed religious practices that have a bean of legitimacy or legality in real or actual physical characteristics or actual or real rituals.

And this sign or mark of reality makes negative stereotypes specifically effective and tough to conflict since they appear or are found to be accurate or actual in the opinion (point of view) of those who hold them. And throughout the latter or last half of the 19th century, nationality was the topic or headline of many or several magazine cartoons. Most of these cartoons are recognized or appreciated by today’s readers as comical. Although the history or past of racial and traditional stereotypes is not proud enough, still it is a part or segment of history.

How do Cartoon characters’ influence Children?

There are both positive and negative impacts of cartoon characters on children-

Positive Effects

It helps children get an early or primary start on learning and this can be seen or observed especially in the case of educational cartoons that teach good things to the kids.

It also helps in developing the learning and thinking power of children. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing logical as well as reasoning capability along with visual and audial processing.

It also helps in language development, creativity enhancement, encouraging laughter or smiling, and relieving stress.

Negative Effects

In many cartoons, it encourages or promotes violence among kids. Violence in cartoons can encourage or promote children to become violent in real or day-to-day life.

It also promotes rude behaviour and a Lack of sympathy, various cartoons show or have characters playing rude or disrespectful behaviour toward their parents, teachers, or elders and children try to copy or mimic the same.

It encourages the use of bad or foul language, it also promotes unsocial behaviour, and may consequence in health problems due to an inactive lifestyle.

Why is representation in Cartoons important?

Cartoon characters and animated film characters reflect or represent a vast spectrum or range of people who introduce children or kids to diverse or different cultures as well as experiences. It also teaches children to be obtaining and sympathetic towards different types of people. But most importantly, depiction or representation in cartoons teaches kids children that it’s completely fine to be themselves. If the kids watch more characters like them or similar to them, it gives or provides them confidence that there are others like them.

A child’s self-image is mainly obtained from what exactly they observe or watch around them. That’s why it is so imperious that the media they have or consume reflects or shows diversity. So it’s our responsibility to encourage cartoonists to produce or form good or decent characters playing cartoons with all social norms or values.

Who is the most Famous Cartoon Character?

Every individual has a specific role model in their life, which is very much obvious given that we all have a desired or favourite cartoon character or superhero that we aim to be like or become. Let’s have a look at some widely known and famous cartoon characters and they are-Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scooby-Doo, Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Snoopy, Winnie-the-pooh, etc. These characters have very powerful and extraordinary impacts on the mind of kids and even the youths enjoy watching them in their free time. Tom and Jerry is the most popular series among kids, and parents, as well as grandparents, enjoy watching this series.


Each cartoon and animated film characters portray its ideologies and aesthetic messages which are having different impact or effect on the Socialization of children. Cartoon art illustrating racial and cultural characteristics or personalities may be based on assumed or predicted physical characteristics or alleged or claimed religious practices that have a bean of legitimacy or legality in real or actual physical characteristics or actual or real rituals. Watching cartoons helps in language development, creativity enhancement, encouraging laughter or smiling, and relieving stress. It encourages the use of bad or foul language, it also promotes unsocial Behaviour and may consequence in health problems due to an inactive lifestyle. A child’s self-image is mainly obtained from what exactly they observe or watch around them. That’s why it is so imperious that the media they have or consume reflects or shows diversity.


Q1. How are cartoons used in representing the ideas?

Ans. Cartoons represent the experience of the creators or makers around the world, to entertain, induce, or express outrage.

Q2. How do cartoons help in enhancing creativity?

Ans. Cartoons enhance creativity by helping kids or students to feel interested in different fields of art and languages.

Q3. What type of cartoons should kids watch?

Ans. Kids must be encouraged to watch educational cartoons which include information like shapes, sizes, colour uses, poems, fine language, etc.

5 Ai Applications To Optimize Healthcare Data Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to have several benefits across different industries and businesses. One sector that has benefitted from the use of AI is the healthcare industry. This sector is always full of patient information, health records, and other important data crucial to patients and hospitals. 

Major problems facing healthcare data are cyberattacks, losing the information, and improper handling, leading to mixing up the records. These mistakes always have devastating effects on the healthcare sector as these medical procedures and other treatments are dependent on these data. In addition, there are other procedures outside the health industry that are dependent on these data. Therefore, properly managing healthcare data is fundamental in the healthcare industry.

The importance of these data has led to the adoption of AI in hospitals to help in the management. Here are some of the applications of AI in optimizing data management: 

Convenient Data Transmission

Health records are constantly subjected to several transfers among patients, hospitals, remote workers, and other legally entitled parties. When transferring this data, there needs to be a convenient and streamlined way to reach all the desired recipients in time. For example, you may opt to use faxing services, like


, and several others to send the faxes digitally without the need for printing and scanning. 

These modes of data transmission ensure that the records are sent faster and securely. This helps reduce cases of alterations or sending to wrong addresses. With AI, the sharing of information is simplified.

Data Security 

Several cyberattacks are lodged on these records during these transfers as criminals try to steal or change the records. These attacks are a major concern for the healthcare sector. 

Moreover, even when being stored, patient information is always vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Covering all these attack points manually could be next to impossible, considering the amount of data being held by the information system. 

Automation Of Data Flow

When patients enter a medical facility, their records are always taken by the hospital from time to time. Each process of their treatment is dependent on the information from the previous step to avoid any cases of errors. The number of patients in the hospital could be challenging to handle if the data flow is done manually. Moreover, handling data manually can lead to confusion.

In contrast, AI automates the data flow from one point to the other, streamlining the whole process. Once the information is entered at the first stage, it becomes accessible for authorized personnel in the hospitals. These records are always entered against a patient’s identity, which means very minimal cases of errors. It also becomes easy for return patients to continue their treatment as the complete information is already recorded in the system. 

Optimizing Data Storage

First, once a record is added, deleting or changing is difficult unless new paperwork is filed. Secondly, paper is limited in storage, and very little information can be stored on a piece of paper. Finally, once you lost these records, it would be difficult to retrieve them due to a lack of backups.

Fortunately, AI changes all these and optimize data storage in many ways. For example,

cloud storage

can help hospitals store large quantities of data in only one system. In addition, these cloud services have data backup where you can retrieve any lost information. It’s also possible to change any medical data without altering the other record elements when storing it in a system.

Data Analysis And Decision Making 

Another important use of AI when handling health data, especially in big data, is analyzing and interpreting the data. With AI, it’s possible to deduce important data points from health records, analyze them, and then present them to understand the chart. This can help in decision-making regarding medical procedures or genetic mapping for patients.


The healthcare sector is crucial due to the information stored in the systems and their value. Therefore, there’s the need to have an efficient data management system that can ensure information security and streamline any process that depends on these data. 

How To Set Up A Dynamic Wallpaper On Mac

How to set custom Dynamic Wallpapers on macOS

As a brief background, there are generally three types of Dynamic Wallpapers:

1) Geographic-based files tell macOS your location and then change your wallpaper based on location and time of day. That means that the system even knows that if it is winter at your location, the later day images should be displayed sooner.

2) Time-based files simply tell macOS to change your wallpaper based on the system clock.

3) Light and Dark mode wallpapers merely change based on your system Light and Dark Mode settings. If you set it to Light Mode, you get that image, same with Dark Mode. Naturally, if you have the system set to auto switch between modes, the wallpaper will toggle with the system.

4) Bonus category? Some Dynamic Wallpapers can be built based on your system time and/or geographic location and also include the ability to switch based on your Light-Dark-Mode settings. That is what we have for you today.

Once you have a version of these Dynamic Wallpapers, you need to know how to set it on your Mac. It is fairly simple in macOS Big Sur and later. In previous generations, you needed to jump through some hoops.

Here is the simplest and cleanest way to set Dynamic Wallpapers as your desktop picture:

Create a folder to store just these Dynamic Wallpaper files. Tip: I just created a folder in /Pictures and called it Dynamic Wallpaper.

This adds the Dynamic Wallpaper folder in the lefthand sidebar under the Folders heading.

The system will also separate Dynamic Wallpapers that are just Light and Dark versions in contrast to full-time changing, multi-image image sets like the ones we have for you to download today.

If you have Dynamic Wallpapers from any other source, simply add them to your Dynamic Wallpapers folder via Finder and give the Settings app a minute to catch up. You will see it indexed in the Desktop & Screen Saver section.

There are different ways to make your own Dynamic Wallpapers. If you have any awesome Dynamic Wallpapers, know where to find them, or want to stay up to date on my wallpaper journey, please catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection. We publish photo-quality wallpapers every Sunday for your favorite Apple devices.

The following set of 5K-ready images is featured by the 24 Hour Wallpaper app for macOS. Their desktop app in the Mac App Store includes 93 unique time-based wallpapers. If you are really into Dynamic Wallpapers, you can pick it up for $9.99. They also sell individual packs on their own wallpaper gallery.

Each HEIC file includes about 10+ images that change based on your location, time, and can also dynamically toggle based on Light and Dark Mode. If you want the images to cycle across all images throughout the day, you need to set your macOS system settings to Auto-Mode (not Light or Dark). The following previews just show an early day and evening preview. Download the HEIC file with the link below each preview set.

Dynamic Wallpaper of Big Sur for macOS that changes throughout the day

Dynamic Wallpaper of Miami skyline for macOS that changes throughout the day

macOS Dynamic Wallpaper of Earth from space

How To Set A Dynamic Wallpaper For Windows 10

People tend to disregard the wallpaper on a PC. Yes, it’s true your wallpaper does not contribute to the functionality of your device; but that being said, isn’t it the clothes that maketh the man? You can use your wallpaper to express yourself without words. Just like you would a room, a PC wallpaper can be used to reflect your mood; since your mood never stays constant, why should your Windows wallpaper have to stay static!

What are dynamic wallpapers?

As the term suggests, a dynamic wallpaper is one that changes and does not remain static. Previously, you could only set a single image as wallpaper. While you could get it to change in a Slideshow format, this simply meant the wallpaper would switch to a new one after a predefined period.

Best ways to set a Dynamic wallpaper in Windows 10

If you want to spice up your PC, you can set a dynamic wallpaper that changes over time. There are a few apps that do this well. Here is how you can set a dynamic wallpaper on your Windows 10 PC.


First, go ahead and download the app from the Windows Store. Alternatively, you can get it from this GitHub link.

Once you have downloaded it, launch the app on your device and set it up. The app tries to emulate the sun’s position to change your wallpaper accordingly. You can either choose to grant the app location access or manually input the details. It should be noted that if you use the manual ‘Sunrise-sunset’ option, you will need to change it over time since sunrise and sunset times do not remain the same.

To remove a set theme, simply launch the app and select ‘None’ from the list of themes, then hit ‘Apply’.

Reddit Wallpaper Changer

Reddit is many things, but did you know that it also has its own dynamic wallpaper app? The Reddit Wallpaper Changer uses Reddit’s API to communicate with the website and vice versa. The best part is that you can use subreddits to source your wallpapers!

Download the latest API right from the Reddit page using the link below and run the app on your device.

Download: Reddit Wallpaper Changer

You can change the subreddits that the app pulls your wallpapers from. You can add multiple subreddits as long as they are separated by a +. Add your subreddits under the ‘Sub settings section in ‘Settings’.

Here are some subs to get you started:

Hit save once you are done to kick off the dynamic wallpaper journey.


If it’s live wallpapers you are looking for, then look no further than DesktopHut. The app comes equipped with its own set of live wallpapers to jazz up that background. Use the link below to download and install the app on your PC

Download: DesktopHut

You can download a bunch of live wallpapers off the website and create them in the app. This way when you want to change your wallpaper, you simply have to launch the app and select a new one from the ‘Local wallpaper’ tab.

Wallpaper Engine

Well, we saved the best for last. Wallpaper Engine is sure to blow your mind when it comes to live wallpapers. The app has over 400,000 wallpapers to choose from and also includes a Workshop tab with an inbuilt Wallpaper editor!

You can download the Wallpaper Engine from Steam. It just costs $3 and comes with a whole bunch of customization options. Use this link below to get the app, then download it in the Steam client. Alternatively, if you do not have Steam, you could get it directly from the official website.

Launch the app on your device. The app is very easy to maneuver. Use the “discover’ tab to find new content related to your previous searches. The ‘Workshop’ tab lets you search for specific wallpapers using tags.

Chameleon 2.0

Chameleon is not your run-of-the-mill dynamic wallpaper app. Unlike others, it lets you set desktop wallpapers based on different parameters, such as your laptop’s battery, the time of the day, weather conditions, wind speed, temperature, humidity, etc. 

Chameleon is free to download and use. 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Chameleon, open the app. Here, you can set your wallpaper to change based on the given metrics and the refresh interval for the chosen metric. For our example, we’re choosing to set the wallpaper by Time. 

Then do the same for other parameters. Of course, you don’t have to select a wallpaper for every available option. Once you’ve selected the wallpapers from your PC, hit Run to start your dynamic wallpaper.  

Push Video Wallpaper

Push Video Wallpaper is a unique app, in that it lets you add videos on loop to work as your wallpaper. Though it is a paid app, it has a free trial version if you’re not sure if you want to get it right away.

You can download the app from this link.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you can check out the available sample video, animated GIFs, and YouTube videos from the DEMO playlist. 

And selecting a video from your PC to Add to Playlist.

If you have the paid version, you will be able to create your own playlists with YouTube videos of your choice as well.


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