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Admins of Facebook Groups can utilize new tools for managing their communities, moderating conversations, and learning a little more about their members.

Facebook says there’s now over 70 million active admins and moderators running groups around the world.

Here are the new tools Facebook is rolling out to help admins do their job more efficiently.

Admin Home

There’s now a simple and more intuitive way to access all the tools, settings, and features admins need to manage a Facebook Group.

Admin Home is a new one-stop destination for admins where they can:

Find key tools through a clearer, reorganized layout that shows what’s available under each category.

Access new features that are rolled out in the future.

Admin Assist

Admin Assist is a new tool to help moderate conversations and potential conflict.

Using these new settings, admins can:

Restrict group participation based on several options, such as how long a user has had a Facebook account or how long they have been a member of the group.

Use suggested criteria from Facebook to help defend the group against spam, maintain positive discussions and resolve conflicts within the group.

In a video you can see how it all works similar to the Shortcuts app on Apple iPhones:

Admins can browse, add and edit criteria in Admin Assist to meet the needs of their group.

Admins have the option to undo specific actions from Admin Assist, or to change and refine criteria over time.

Facebook is testing a new type of moderation alert, called “conflict alerts,” that uses AI to detect contentious or unhealthy conversations in the group.

Admins will receive conflict alerts as notifications, which can allow them to take action as quickly as possible.

Member Summaries

Facebook is introducing a new member summary feature that allows admins to see a consolidated summary of each member’s activity in the group.


A new tool will allow admins to resolve conflicts between each other.

The appeals will be reviewed by Facebook to make sure the right decision was made

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Source: Facebook Newsroom

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How To Remove Yourself From A Facebook Group

Have you ever been automatically added to a Facebook group unknowingly or without permission? Unfortunately, it happens to all of us thanks to a ridiculous feature on Facebook. You know, the one that lets your friends add you to any group that they own or are a member of.

Even though you can’t stop people from adding you to groups, you can remove yourself from the group. You’ll know that you were added to a group because you’ll get a notification that “so and so” added you. Also you’ll probably start to receive notifications of new posts in the group.

So here’s what you can do to remove yourself.

3. A confirmation message will appear, asking you if you’re sure that you want to leave the group. You can also choose to prevent other members from adding you back to the group.

That’s it. You’ll no longer be a member of that group and you won’t be re-added. Now you can breath a big sigh of relief!

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery For Database Admins 1

The most important information in most businesses can be found in the database. A lot of time and attention goes into planning for any new database application. Storage, servers, high availability, capacity, and clustering are just some of the considerations.

The same planning process must take place for disaster recovery and business continuity planning of databases. All actions taken to make business critical applications available must be methodical and deliberate. Disruptions are serious events and should not be taken lightly. “It’s not about seeing the [recovered] data on your screen, but conducting business.” (Day, Jo, Day, Kevin, 2006) Databases that are at the heart of the business today fall squarely on the critical path of the disaster recovery actions taken when a disruption strikes.

Partial or complete disruptions of a business can be devastating. Business continuity planning can ensure that capacity is available for critical business operations in the time of need. Practiced professionals in the area of business continuity understand that life and opportunities can continue after a disaster. Understanding the steps involved with keeping a business viable is where some planning is needed.

Destruction of assets can be devastating. Insurance may cover the expense to replace those assets but it will not put a business back in place overnight. This takes a huge mental and physical toll on workers. These conditions create burdens and stress on employees and their customers. Without a disaster recovery plan in place, there is little hope of ever getting a business back on its feet.

One of the first things needed are the requirements for each database supported. Recovery times are probably the most important of these requirements. The difference between a few seconds of downtime and a few minutes of downtime can be quite substantial. Some business units may have a tolerance for a few hours. This must be known for each database for your plan to be effective. “…you have to prioritize what you need in order to function… you have to figure out what is actually mission-critical.” (O’Hanlon, 2007)

Another important answer needed is in reference to data loss. If little to no data loss is acceptable, then a disaster recovery solution can become a budgetary concern. If the backup from last night will suffice, then this can lead to major cost savings.

Capacity can be a concern at the disaster recovery site. Customers should be asked about performance degradation and what is acceptable. This can be a tricky question to answer, and customers will usually need assistance to figure it out. If left to themselves, they will almost always answer that no degradation is acceptable.

Another question that should accompany performance degradation is finding out about the number of users that will be accessing the system during the disruption. These two answers will help to identify a more accurate capacity. What should be explained is that during the disruption, the entire corporate population may not need access to the enterprise application. Possibly only power users may need the system to run business critical functions for the enterprise.

One example is Human Resources applications. An HR application may be available to the corporate population during normal operations for viewing pay stubs, updating W-2s, etc. During a disruptive event, these rights could be suspended but power users could continue to run payrolls, enter benefits, hire and fire employees, etc. It is possible far less capacity is needed than originally thought necessary, which can mean more databases on the same servers, as long as the databases will not interfere with one another’s processing. Virtual servers can be used as well, “… you would re-instantiate the virtual machines at a higher ratio (density) of virtual-to-physical. Consequently, organizations that can tolerate a slight drop in performance can build a much cheaper secondary data center to handle temporary disruptions.” (Antonopoulos, 2006)

New Irig Tools To Make Your Music

New iRig tools to make your music-making dreams come true

In the spirit of cramming an entire recording studio in your pocket or bag, IK Multimedia is unleashing a trio of new gadgets that will help you record and fine tune your masterpiece on the go. The iRig Mic Studio gives users a professional-grade large-diaphragm microphone in their hands, almost literally. The iRig UA, on the other hand, is the first guitar effects processor made for almost all recent Android devices. And the new iRig PowerBridge keeps both your iOS device and your iRig accessory powered up while you jam and record your tunes.

IK Multimedia bills it as the first ultra-portable large diaphragm digital microphone for iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs. That’s quite a mouthful, but it all boils down to a studio-quality microphone that you can use on your platform of choice. For audiophiles, its specs include a large 1-inch diameter back electret condenser capsule, a 24-bit 44.1/48 kHz A/D converter, and a low-noise high-definition preamp. All of these crammed inside an enclosure that barely reaches the iPhone in size. But lest you think you’ll be holding this all the time, the mic comes with a petite tripod stand to prop it up whenever you need it.

The iRig Mic Studio has a female micro USB port and a variety of connectors for a variety of devices, including Lightning for iOS devices, micro USB for Android, and USB for everything else. Of course, the mic really shines with IK Multimedia’s suite of apps for recording, letting users fine tune, record multiple tracks, and even add effects to any recording. The mic has a headphone output for immediate feedback as well as a gain knob control and a multicolor LED indicator for quick access.

Continuing its expansion into Android, IK Multimedia is announcing the iRig UA, the first universal guitar effects processor for Android. IK Multimedia claims that it has finally solved the problem of Android device fragmentation by relocating the digital signal processing (DSP) from the phone to the iRig UA. That module sports a 32-bit DSP, a 24-bit A/D converter with 44.1/48 kHz sample rate, and a low-noise instrument preamp. It connects to Android devices, at least those running Android 4.0 and higher and support USB OTG or host mode, via a micro USB cable. it also has a 1/8″ headphone output and a 1/8″ AUX input.

The iRig UA is only half the story, however. The other part of the team is the new AmpliTube UA, a new version of the popular guitar and bass multi-effects processing app that has been designed with iRig UA, and therefore Android devices, in mind. The app allows users to create and process their tunes using a huge library of models, stompbox effects, an amplifier and cabinet, a microphone, and a tuner. And since all of the processing happen on the iRig UA and not on the smartphone, there is near zero latency involved, regardless of the model of smartphone in use.

With all these power, however, comes great power drain. Eventually, your device will run out of juice and when that happens, the party is over. That’s why IK Multimedia is introducing the iRig PowerBridge which lets you keep on jamming while your iPhone or iPad is recharging. Instead of connecting an iRig device directly to the smartphone or tablet, users will connect them to the PowerBridge, which then connects to the mobile device. The PowerBridge is then connected to a wall socket to power up all devices, ensuring continuous usage for hours.

The iRig Mic Studio will come in black or silver color choices and will be available starting the first quarter of this year for $179.99/€144.99. The iRig UA will be arriving in the second quarter with a price tag of $99.99/€79.99. The AmpliTube UA app will be free on Google Play Store. Lastly, the iRig PowerBridge will arrive on store shelves this quarter as well for $69.99/€54.99. It will come in two versions, one with a 30-pin connector and another for Lightning.

SOURCE: IK Multimedia (1), (2), (3)

La Liga On Facebook: Disastrous Debut For Facebook Watch In India

Most football fans around the world claim that the English Premier League or EPL is the best top-tier football league, but for a small minority, La Liga remains the pinnacle – I won’t get into why right now since we are not a sports website. I fall in that minority, so I was surprised to hear that Facebook would be streaming La Liga matches this year. However, based on the opening weekend, that’s not a good thing.

For a cord-cutter in India, SonyLIV had been the app for La Liga matches for the past few years. This year Facebook grabbed the rights for the entire Indian subcontinent. While I had assumed nothing could be worse than SonyLIV, Facebook has managed the feat.

There were some cracking matches, a Lionel Messi masterclass and an unexpected André Silva hat-trick this weekend, but you may have missed it all. Real Madrid lined up without Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time in years, but if you were looking to watch that match, tough luck to you. Because Facebook Watch’s debut weekend in India was a disaster, and here’s why:

Poor Discovery

Only if you knew that Facebook had the rights, would you have actually known where to look for the matches. And that’s on the official La Liga page.

Cluttered design

The La Liga page — like most other Facebook pages — is horribly designed. I had to scroll down below the pinned posts, the photo albums and the discussion box to see the post with the live match I wanted to watch. For multiple matches in a day, this could become an issue because Facebook posts all previous highlights in one go, which could bury live match posts. Would it have been too much to ask to pin the live match instead of a random promotional post?

Laggy Video Player

Yes, I found the live match eventually. Barcelona had started off in a rusty manner against a plucky Alaves, but so had Facebook. It took around 5-10 minutes for the stream to actually pick up momentum. Before that it was just blurry stills from the match that kept changing as the stream tried its best to catch up to the live action.

Emoji Reactions and Chat Hell

For some bizarre reason, Facebook thinks those who want to watch a live match want to be greeted by an array of emojis flying on the screen before the video has even loaded. As soon as the stream is opened, emojis are flying off the bottom of the screen – at least something was moving, as the stream itself wouldn’t progress. Thankfully, you can turn off the emoji hell but that’s not the default setting.

When I did get to watch about 2 minutes of the match at 1080p, it was fine, but of course a football match lasts ninety minutes, so I had to find an alternative. Thankfully, there’s a r/soccerstreams on Reddit, which is a lot more reliable, more organized and you can even choose which illegal stream you want to watch. Of course, you are all welcome to judge me for using a pirated stream, but if anyone’s to blame for this weekend, it’s Facebook.

10 Tools For Trading Everyone Should Use

A good worker may never blame his tools, but the tools of trading are essential for making profits. The market has many choices, from free trading tools to their paid counterparts.

Start Your Free Investment Banking Course

Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others

If the stock market is a pack of cards, the ace is none other than tools that calculate investment performance and monitor fees and asset allocations. With these complex trading tools, handling and tracking your investments was always more difficult. So, how do you choose the best option?

Trading Tools 1. Personal Capital: Linking Investors to Their Accounts

Personal Capital en-cashes on an investor’s capability of linking virtually to any investment account. It includes investment accounts such as retirement and taxable accounts. Once these are linked, allocation, fee, and performance are tracked using this single trading tool which offers multiple benefits.

Graphs ensure that it is easy to compare returns and understand asset allocation. This trading tool also offers a 401k Fee Analyzer which calculates the effect of fee payment across a time horizon. Free apps for smartphones and tablets are another positive feature of Personal Capital. The best things in life are free, and this investment tool is one of them.

2. Morningstar: Dawn of a New Era in Investing

An award winning feature of Morningstar is its X-Ray tool which enables users to observe details of a portfolio of mutual funds or exchange traded funds. It will highlight the portfolio’s asset allocation, stock sectors, style box rating, industry sectors, and geographical exposure.

The only drawback of this trading tool is that it does not directly link to the investment account. Unless you acquire, portfolios must be manually input into a premium membership.

3. Budgeting Software: Finance Apps that earn Profits for You

Budgeting tools may appear to be an offbeat way to track investments, yet several trading tools can help you to track how much you spend and invest in the markets. These finance apps will make life simpler and complex investments easier for you.

You can manage all your bills and payments in one place, check the prices of commodities, and control your stock portfolio with unerring accuracy and precision using these wonderful apps:

BlackGold: Adding a Shine to your Investments

Pageonce Money and Bills: Multiple Benefits

Don’t think twice about downloading Pageonce Money & Bills, an app that allows you to track all finances in one place and gain reminders for due bill dates apart from monitoring your investment transactions. This app is compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPods. It requires iOS of 3.0 or later versions for best results.

Venmo: Pay for your Investments in one go

Forbes magazine has called this the crown jewel of all finance apps. This app links the bank account or trading account to the device. Its rich reporting interface plus zero payment transaction fees is a major value addition. Venmo works equally well with iPad, iPods, and iPhones and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager: The Portfolio in the Palm of your Hand

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager ensures the complete portfolio can be accessed within the palm of your hand so that you can pocket good profits through regular tracking. This finance app imports brokerage holdings automatically and helps investors stay on top of market news. It works with all Apple devices and needs iOS 3.0 or more recent versions.

4. Financial Ratios: Making Sense of Financial Data

Interpreting numbers in the markets is more of an art than a science, but it is hard to master. Financial ratios help make sense of numbers and the company’s financial statements. They also help to isolate important bits of information and combine them into a meaningful whole.

Price Ratios: Assessing if the price is lucrative

Price ratios assess if the stock’s price is reasonable, easy to use, and intuitive. These are relative metrics used to compare the financial performance of two companies, the company over time or the company’s ratio to a benchmark. The various type of price rations includes the following:

P/E or Price to Earnings Ratio

PEG Ratio

Price to Sales Ratio

Price to Book Ratio

Dividend Yield

Dividend Payout Ratio

Profitability Ratio: Assessing if Profit is Sizable

As the name suggests, profitability ratios indicate how efficiently a company converts business operations into profits. Profit drives the stock price, and this financial metric is an essential tool in business, finance, and investing. The various types of profitability ratios are as follows:

Return on Assets

Return on Equity

Profit Margin

Liquidity Ratio: Assessing if Short Term Obligations will be Met

The liquidity ratio shows how capable a business is of meeting short term obligations. Why is liquidity important? It is because a company with adequate liquidity for paying short term debts may also make favorable decisions to raise money. Tough times don’t last, but financially healthy companies do. The various types of ratios are as follows:

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Debt ratios: Assessing if Long Term Health is Nurtured

These ratios are concerned with the long term health of a particular business through the impact of its capital and financial structure. There are various debt ratios, such as :

Debt to Equity Ratio

Interest Coverage Ratio

Efficiency Ratios: Assessing if Company’s Resources are well Used

Assets Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio

5. Portfolio Management Software: Adding to growth

Investors build wealth using the investment portfolio as a base. When the portfolio is small, freeware database tools may suffice. Investors and traders will find that there will come the point where basic trading tools will no longer meet fundamental portfolio management software needs.

Investment portfolio management tools enable investors to track, monitor, manage, and analyze their portfolio investments. Independent portfolio management software program provides consolidation, and to understand its value, you have to comprehend how this simplifies multiple investments across multiple accounts.

A unified investment portfolio management program enables consolidation, tracking, management, and analysis of the complete portfolio using a central trading tool.

Quicken Premier Portfolio Management Software: X-Ray Interface

Portfolio management software users who prefer using desktops will find Intuit Quicken’s Premier 2023 software will rapidly improve their investment management efficiency. This software assists in managing money and provides macro portfolio tracking and performance review features to monitor and compare products in your investment portfolio. This software is equipped with state of an art X-ray interface.

This portfolio management software is costly but makes up for its price by generating healthy profits. This software also provides a lot of conveniences. You can import transactions from numerous online platforms, track cost basis, estimate capital gains while selling a holding, and optimize portfolio management.

This is one of the top rated investment portfolio software. This trading tool showcases portfolio performance apart from buying and selling decisions. It also displays updated portfolio values and tracks cost basis and capital gains.

Investment Account Manager: Extensive investment tracking

Investors looking for a top-rated portfolio management software that does a lot more will strike gold with Quant IX Software’s Investment Account Manager Professional, which is suited for investment tracking and portfolio management.

You can have centralized portfolio management for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, cash, etc. Professional money managers and inventors worldwide have used the software since the 1980s.

The centralized, secure portfolio lets users see accounts in one place. Multiple portfolios can be combined on a single report, generating customizable reports.

The software has an easy means of being set up and duplication apart from easy price securities to monitor and track your investments. Detailed transactions account for purchases, sales, dividends, expenses, interest, universal stocks, and split dividends. Spin offs and more are available through this investment account manager.

The platform is associated with high quality chart graphics that plot your portfolios’ performance, asset allocation, income, diversification, maturity schedule, and more.

Fund Manager Portfolio Management Software Personal Portfolio Manager Software

From OWL, individual and professional portfolio managers can use this neat investment and portfolio management software. This analytical and investment portfolio management software tool is meant for individual investors or traders. PPM enables investors to manage and track portfolios. Multiple portfolios can be set up using the features of this system.

Stator Portfolio Manager Software

It is an efficient portfolio management software keeping traders in mind. This trading tool has facilities for complex charting and sub groupings for analysis and management purposes.

6. Accounting Management Software

It includes solutions for managing the investment portfolio apart from accounting, reporting, and client-related tasks. Key features include GIPS-compliant performance reporting presentation, and a wide range of securities are covered. Some of the best accounting management software include FC Portfolio by FundCount, Prospero by Sage, QED, and many more.

7. Benchmarking Software

This includes web based CRM solutions with industry specific capabilities for management of office operations such as Dynamo, FrontPM, FrontERM, Front GP and more.

8. Equities Software

9. Risk Management Software

Risk and portfolio analysis associated with equity and mutual fund portfolios for corporations’ money management and financial departments will be available through software like Kraytis risk analyzer.

10. Android Apps for Investing

Bloomberg for Smartphone is a unique app providing unique news and analytical content, up-to-date market data, and portfolio tracking tools. It is only one of the many investment related Android apps that can work well on smartphones.

From stock markets to commodities prices and the bond market, this app covers just about everything. Another popular Android app is Stock Market Heat Map which visually gauges the super performers and under-performers in the market. App based social networks like Scutify are also a good idea because it represents a community of investors who give useful insights.


Stock market trading is not about just the right techniques. Having the correct trading tools is equally important. If you want to be a successful investor, these tools can help you get there. Make a smart choice and watch your investments multiply! Investment vehicles only drive growth if you have the right trading.

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