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For her application, Reilly, a former cohost of gaming podcast On The Spot, scrounged up old publicity photos. She wrote an essay about her long history as a gamer. She trained on titles such as Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2

A 28-year-old from Oregon, Reilly had been working as a video producer for chúng tôi and a community manager for Hewlett-Packard before she was laid off this spring. She planned to go back to school but hoped that a spot on the Frag Dolls would let her keep a high heel in the games industry. Reilly knew the seven Dolls from industry events and the pro-gaming circuit, where they alternate between staffing Ubisoft’s booths and dominating mostly male opponents at Ubisoft games. Beautiful in person, merciless in gameplay, and accustomed to the limelight, Reilly thought she would fit right in.

She was not alone. More than 90 women responded to the casting call–more than Morgan Romine, head Frag Doll, expected. “We were asking for a lot,” Romine says, “someone who can hold their own competitively … someone who can help us create content for our Web site,” but also someone who was passionate, personable, and marketing-savvy. With only two open spots to fill, cutting candidates proved hard. Romine and the other dolls settled on 18 semifinalists, all beautiful and energetic. Reilly made the list.

That’s when the real competition began, Reilly says. “The finalists tests were very intense. There was a phone interview, which was about 40 minutes long. There was also a games test.”

Given a list of first-person shooters, the prospective Dolls had four days to prepare, after which they were thrown together in free-for-all and team matches to see whose competitive skills held up. Death tolls aren’t everything, according to Romine, but it’s important that the Dolls have solid gaming skills. Critics have called them nothing more than “booth babes with controllers,” and they often have to prove their hard-core cred.

The semifinalists also had to face the members of the Frag Dolls community, who were casting their own votes for the women they wanted to see succeed. Ubisoft’s favorite girls have a loyal following of fans who not only come talk with them at events but also play with them online, converse on their forums at chúng tôi and populate their IRC chats. These guys (and, not surprisingly, for the most part they are guys, ages 18 to 34) are a close-knit bunch, and wary of outsiders. As a result, applicants had to brave what Reilly called “hateful” rounds of hazing. “I was definitely nicer than I normally would be. I let stuff roll off my back a lot more,” she says. “The IRC chat room, it’s not moderated, so if you go in there, you go in at your own risk.”

Reilly felt like she was fitting in pretty well. Then came the bad news. Romine and her fellow Frag Dolls had decided on the six finalists who were going to E3, and Reilly wasn’t one of them. She was out of the running; Romine told her she needed more of a marketing sensibility.

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American Girl Doll History Comes Alive

Making History Come Alive at American Girl BU doctoral student ensures accuracy of dolls’ stories, products

Tessa Croker, a PhD student in BU’s American and New England Studies Program, recently joined iconic doll company American Girl, where she ensures the historical accuracy of its products.

Growing up in England, Tessa Croker had never heard of, much less owned, an American Girl doll, but today her world is full of them.

She recently joined the company as an in-house historian, reviewing its line of historical dolls, books, and other products to ensure they accurately reflect the era they’re set in.

A doctoral candidate in BU’s American and New England Studies Program, with a focus on American cultural history, Croker (GRS’18) says her job involves researching the Civil Rights Movement one day, the Great Depression another, mining the historical landscape for facts and details that will help bring American Girl stories to life.

“The level of research that goes into creating a character’s world is remarkable,” she says. “So much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that every detail about a character rings true.”

American Girl, founded in 1986, sells 18-inch historical dolls living in different moments of American history, as well as books that tell their stories. The dolls’ fictional stories in historic settings are meant to inspire girls and convey lessons about American history. Now owned by Mattel, the brand is a touchstone for many young women who had the dolls as girls, even as the company continues to attract a new generation of young followers with new doll themes, accessories, movies, web-based specials, a fan magazine, and its ever-popular in-store tea parties. To date, more than 30 million American Girl dolls and 155 million books have been sold.

“I love that I can apply my knowledge of pop culture and help girls approach history in fun ways.” — Tessa Croker

After graduating from the University of Sussex and earning a master’s at the University of New Hampshire, Croker enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences American and New England Studies Program. Before joining American Girl, she was a lecturer in the CAS Writing Program, teaching courses on the American Dream, Bruce Springsteen, and the Wonderful World of Disney. She is currently living in Middleton, Wisc., near American Girl headquarters, and writing her dissertation on the Walt Disney Company and its brand legacy.

The 32-year-old says her fascination with history and storytelling began when she was a girl. “I was surrounded by dolls and I loved historical fiction, particularly about World War II, so my younger self would have loved an American Girl,” she says. “There is nothing comparable in England.”

“I cannot think of a better job for Tessa,” Blower says. “She has a keen eye for analyzing material culture, an enduring respect for girls and the history of girlhood, and the ability to make sense of both in the context of American history.”

Alerted by Google

Croker, who attended girls’ schools in the U.K., says she first learned about American Girl dolls during a visit to Chicago in 2009 when a friend who loved the brand brought her to the American Girl flagship store. She began buying dolls for her nieces in England and following the brand’s rollouts. She learned about the in-house historian job a few years later watching promotional material about one of its product launches that featured the company’s former historian. Although the job was not open, she set up a Google alert so she would be notified whenever a research job became available at the company.

In March, one did. More than 400 people applied for it.

American Girl’s executive editor Jennifer Hirsch, who hired Croker, says nearly all the job applicants had master’s degrees and about a third had or were working toward a doctorate. Croker stood out because of her ability to articulate what the brand meant to her, and she cinched it after submitting a six-page written assignment given to finalists for the position on short notice.

“The quality of Tessa’s insights, analysis, and writing was outstanding and exactly what the company was seeking,” Hirsch says.

American Girl typically releases one historical and several contemporary characters every year, and its editorial, research, and design teams are steadily working on several new characters, outfits, books, and products for existing dolls and characters at the same time.

The company has introduced 16 historical characters dolls since 1986. The characters are fictional, but the events in their stories and associated products are informed by actual historical events. In addition to fact-checking manuscripts, updating social media, and checking to make sure store displays are accurate, Croker researches characters’ names to ensure that they are true to their period.

Croker has been fact-checking merchandise associated with Nanea Mitchell, a doll launched in August whose story is set in Hawaii during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

She says her work is like an academic project. She draws on monographs, archival records, newspapers, even eBay for her research and the detail nuggets that can make a character come to life. That translates into narratives that don’t hide from the hard truths of history, while relaying them in an engaging and age-appropriate way.

“While American Girl caters to young children, they are teaching complex ideas and sophisticated historical narratives through play,” she says. “I love that I can apply my knowledge of pop culture and help girls approach history in fun ways.”

Megan Woolhouse can be reached at [email protected]

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Can You Become A High

A high-paying Python developer without a degree does not need to worry about employability in 2023

Programming language like Python is flourishing in the global tech and software applications market. Developers and programmers are highly fond of this trending programming language while educational platforms have started offering multiple courses on Python. A Python developer is blooming with intricating roles and responsibilities as well as lucrative salary packages per annum. There are two categories of developers specializing in Python— Python developers without a degree and programmers with a degree. Yes, programmers with a degree are popular for a long period of time. But a Python developer without a degree is trending in the current market across the world. Some of the top companies have started recruiting Python developers without a degree over programmers with a degree. The mindset of the market is shifting because companies have realized the strength of developers does not depend on the specified degree— Bachelor’s/Master’s/Diploma/Ph.D. Skills and talents solely are dependent on the passion of developers. A Python developer without a degree can showcase more skills and practical knowledge than programmers with a degree from reputed universities. Thus, let’s explore how a Python developer without a degree can land a high-paying job in the programming language domain in 2023 and beyond.

Some roles and responsibilities of a Python developer

Writing efficient and scalable Python code

Implementing business goals into software components

Integrating user-oriented elements into software applications

Designing high availability and low latency applications with security features

Improving functionalities of existing applications

Debugging software applications with Python test framework tools

Yes, the above-mentioned roles and responsibilities are just a few of the total functionalities of a Python developer. But a Python developer without a degree can nab a high-paying job in one of the major tech companies to perform these roles. Let’s explore some key steps to outperform other developers or programmers with a degree in the same field.

Key steps to being a successful Python developer without a degree in 2023

Having in-depth knowledge of the programming language and front-end technologies

Writing scalable, readable, and error-free code for smart applications

Building a diverse portfolio through self-made projects

Improving technical know-how and fundamental concepts of the programming language

Focusing on the key areas to improve in a wide range of skills such as analytical, designing, communication, technical, debugging, versioning, and many more

Creating own GitHub repository to add value to the CV

Enrolling in free online courses in Python programming language for valid certifications

Joining different communities of developers or programmers with the degree to gain updates and more current knowledge

The average salary of a Python developer ranges from US$70k to US$120k per annum across the world. You can become a high-paying successful Python developer only if you decide to work very hard with passion and effective time management. It covers a wide variety of programming language functions such as web development, game development, application development, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. This profession is a good career and quite rewarding in the IT industry across the world. The hiring committees are relaxing their criteria and are highly interested to offer a Python developer without a degree if the candidate shows sufficient skills and knowledge, as per the business needs.

How To Develop A One

Creating a strategy in a team of one can be a challenge. Here’s how to overcome it

In 2024, according to Curata reports that 60% of companies will have an executive who is directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy. Yet despite the increasing emphasis that is being placed on content, a single executive is the often only resource that is allocated to an organization’s content marketing efforts.

Whether you are solely responsible for your company’s content marketing strategy, or part of a compact team, there are approaches you can take and tactics you can adopt to guarantee maximum results with minimum resources, from content creation right through to distribution. This article will show you how you can develop and implement a content marketing strategy on a limited budget.

Build trust and authority, develop your brand identity and convert customers. Lay the foundation for a successful, scalable content marketing strategy, and do it all by yourself in several easy steps, with insights from our own experiences within the Digital Marketing Institute!

Step 1: Define your objectives

Whether it’s prospecting, lead nurturing or community engagement, outlining your goals from the outset will help you to shape your editorial calendar and inform what you write. This will help you to maximize the utility and value of your content and ensure you spend your valuable time writing about the topics that matter most to your target audience.

At the Digital Marketing Institute, we do this in a simple word document (fancy formatting and charts are optional!), which outlines our content strategy for the year ahead, and states our objectives upfront. This is a collaborative document that each member of our marketing team can all edit and add to as the year progresses. We recognize the need to be adaptive and flexible with our strategy, but those goals are what lends it an enduring structure and direction.

Step 2: Write for your target personas

A necessary step that’s often overlooked, developing well-defined target audience personas for content marketing will equip you with an insight into the content topics and types that your audience most engage with, which in turn can influence how you create new content, as with defining specific objectives. Any effective content marketing strategy is underpinned by a commitment to creating content that identifies and addresses the needs and interests of a target audience.

If your organization hasn’t already, you can develop detailed customer personas using HubSpot’s Make My Persona Tool to very explicitly define the audience groups you want to target with your content. Once you have done this, you can attach more specific, drilled down goals to your/audience personas and develop content around them. Try to find a unique angle, a hook that will engage, persuade and convert. If a topic or idea doesn’t relate to your target personas, you shouldn’t spend time creating it!

A brief description of the persona

Their motivation/goals

The challenges they faced

The Digital Marketing Institute’s Unique Selling Point for the persona

Their preferred channels

Messaging Style

Relevant Keywords

By taking the time to craft these detailed personas, we were able to execute a highly targeted campaign with tailored content that increased traffic to both the product pages and blog; a tangible result of targeting our audience with the content that mattered most to them.

Step 3: Be canny with your content

You should always create content with the intention of repurposing it at a later date; focusing on evergreen content with a lifespan that you can extend through repurposing is the most efficient and effective way of maximizing the return on your content creation efforts! Try to write on topics that are continually relevant and will age well. Use different content marketing formats like How-to guides, videos, or webinars that focus on strategy and technique serve as perfect timeless pieces, whereas news articles, or anything centred upon a product or tool that could become quickly outdated wouldn’t be suitable for repurposing. Creating content around one particular theme is also a good tactic to consider because it allows you to develop a series of articles that can be repurposed either separately, or together, perhaps as an ebook or SlideShare presentation. This means that you can populate your editorial calendar with an assortment of content topics and formats without having to exponentially increase production!

The best way to guarantee that your content will really resonate with your target audience is to listen to what they want. Using a tool like BuzzSumo will allow you to analyze the top performing pieces of content for your own website, and your competitors’, as well as identify trending content across a variety of categories. Topsy is great for aggregating top Tweets, links, photos and videos based on certain search terms so you can determine the topics that instigate the most conversation and appeal to your target audience.

Step 4: Influence and engage

One very effective technique that you can implement to amplify your content strategy with ease is to conduct influencer outreach. Identify industry experts, or different types of influencers, and contact them (by email if you have it, or a private message via social media) asking for a quote or key insight you can attribute to them within your content. We like to make it even easier for them by providing a potential list of questions that they can provide answers to! Better yet is if they are willing to write a guest blog for your publication. If successful, your influencer outreach efforts will introduce your content to previously untapped audiences and cross-promotion as any influencers you credit will likely share the content with their own social media followers. Better yet, guest blog spots in your editorial calendar will free you up to write guest blogs of your own for other publications. If you reference your organization and link back to them in your author bio, this can help to build brand awareness and extend your reach even further!

Step 5: Promotion

When it comes to content marketing promotion or distribution, as with every other aspect of your content marketing strategy, you need to be economical as possible with your time and efforts. Promotion is equally, if not more important (why write a beautiful piece of content if nobody will see it?) than content creation, so it’s important to ensure you can allocate sufficient time to your distribution efforts.

Be selective when it comes to the social media platforms you choose; carry out research to discern the platforms on which you target audience are most active, as well as the platforms your competitors have adopted. Selecting a few key social media platforms and optimizing your use of them is preferable to trying to establish a presence everywhere and not having the time to dedicate the requisite attention to them.

If you have a small budget for content distribution, the best way to use it wisely is to look at your organic channels as a measure of interest. Within Google Analytics, you can check to see which social media platforms drive the most traffic to your website or blog and use this insight to amplify your content using paid promotion. If Facebook or LinkedIn are the channels through which you generate the most engagement, that’s where you should attribute your spend. In essence, you can use organic as a benchmark for paid.

Step 6: Measure your effectiveness

Once you have optimized your content creation and promotion, the third and final element that you need to master is your use of analytics. Measurement is critical to ensuring ultimate efficiency; you can implement your insights to identify and addresses both strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy and refine your approach to get the most out of your efforts.

You should align your key metrics with your overall objectives; the most important thing you need to understand is how to create valuable content that resonates with your audience; anything else is a waste of your limited resources.

Sophie Elizabeth Smith is a content marketer for the Digital Marketing Institute. Sophie enjoys creating content that connects with readers and helps them to better understand and practice all things digital.

Sophie Elizabeth Smith is a content marketer for the

Sophie Elizabeth Smith is a content marketer for the Digital Marketing Institute . Sophie enjoys creating content that connects with readers and helps them to better understand and practice all things digital.

Tips To Become A Better Cod Warzone Player

Warzone has been the favorite of action game lovers since its launch. However, even though the game has lasted for some years, a new player will still struggle to master it at the beginning.

So, if you’re not getting the results you want or playing seems too difficult, the information below will help you.

We will share some of the pro tips from experts in this game to help improve your style and performance. Also, consider investing in COD Warzone Hacks & Cheats to shorten the learning curve. That way, the battle will be easier for you to join, last a bit longer and even win sometimes.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Warzone Tips from Pro Players 1. Learn from the Professionals

One of the simplest ways of doing something better is through learning from those who know it well. So, if you’re vying for high-level performance in Warzone, search for the professionals and watch them. Thankfully, you can find these gurus on YouTube as many of them share their gaming activities online.

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2. Study the available weapons in Warzone

Every battle requires weapons, and you’re as good as your tools. That means you must understand the weapons you’ll take into the battleground.

3. Always target the right positions

It should start from the landing spot. First, decide whether to land hot or cold. Hot landing means targeting those spots where more loots and more enemies are to fight fiercely.

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4. Make good cash fast

There are many things to do with the money in Warzone. And most of them will improve your performance a lot. For instance, you will need money to buy your loadout drop. Also, your teammates who lose in the Gulag will need to be repurchased with cash.

Cash also equips you with the best items, such as KillStreaks, for better fights. When you combine all the things to do with cash, they’ll translate to more wins for your team.

Getting cash in Warzone comes through looting on the map. Also, when you complete the amazing contracts which every player knows, you’ll make money. The most interesting one is to loot other players who died on the map and grab their cash too. So, get to work and

5. Learn the Mounting Skill

Weapon mounting will change things to favor you in Warzone. This practice involves finding a flat surface and mounting your gun there for steady shots.

It helps you to avoid the terrible recoil of some guns. As you fire the bullets, your character won’t stumble from the kicks. According to some professionals, mounting can lower the recoil of some guns by 90%.

Another reason to consider mounting is that you can capture and hold a position without losing. If you mount and pre-aim a certain spot, many enemies will fall under your bullets.

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6. Learn to control your noise

One of the ways to be a better player is to mind the noise you make in Warzone. If you constantly give up your position by running or sprinting unnecessarily, you’ll compromise your team. So, learn to minimize the noise and use other movement alternatives such as walking or crouching when necessary.

7. Be a good team player

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Improving in Warzone requires some sacrifices on your part. The first one is to watch professionals play the game many times.

Then adopt what you learn and improve. Then discover the weapons and strategize your positioning. Also, make sure you make less noise and avoid selfishness when playing with others.

Meta Quest 3 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Specs & More Compared

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 – specs & more compared

The Meta Quest 3 looks sublime and the Quest 2 is coming down in price, decisions, decisions

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 specs we know so far

Obviously we know all about the Meta Quest 2 specs since it was released back in 2023 (originally as the Oculus Quest 2, before rebranding to Meta Quest 2 in 2023). There is already plenty of information out there for the Meta Quest 3 too, but the exact specifics may have to wait until the device is fully released. Regardless, we can have a good look at how these two will match up in terms of their specifications.

Meta Quest 3 (so far)Meta Quest 2CPU / ChipsetSnapdragon chip with ‘double the GPU processing power’Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2RAMUnknown6GBStorage128GB+128GB / 256GBOpticsLCD, full-color passthrough cameras for Meta Reality ARFast-switch LCD display, glasses compatibleResolution‘Higher resolution displays’1832 x 1920 resolution per eyeSensorsIntegrated insight sensors (no external)6DOF tracking, no external sensorsRefresh rateUnknown, 120Hz+ rumored60Hz, 72Hz, 90Hz refresh rate supportedBattery lifeUnknown2-3 hoursSize & Weight40% slimmer than Quest 2 (excluding facial interfaces)8.8″ (224mm) x 17.7″ (450mm) & 1.1lbs

One of the biggest changes to specs is the high-fidelity full-color passthrough which opens up a world of AR possibilities, much more like we see on the upcoming Apple Vision Pro. There are higher resolution displays promised, and the build has been slimmed down a fair amount. The doubled GPU performance could also open up the possibility of a higher refresh rate than we see on the Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 design & features

The new controllers include TruTouch haptics, giving greater feedback to the user, and generally improving immersion while playing games. The main thing you may notice is the lack of rings on these. Rings were used with the Meta Quest 2 for tracking, however, thanks to improvements in the tech, they are no longer needed.

Meta Quest 3 backers will get to to enjoy all the Quest 2 catalog of VR games. Developers stated that they have even more virtual reality and mixed reality titles lined up for the release date. It will be interesting to see how far they can push the AR side of things, given that the design clearly makes the front cameras a prominent feature of the Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 price

The Meta Quest 2 128GB storage model launched at an MRSP of $499, which at the time was very reasonable. Good news, Meta announced that they are reducing the cost of the Quest 2 in June to the sound of $299.99, making it a go-to budget option. The 256GB Meta Quest 2 will go down in price to $349.99. While you might think the Meta Quest 3 with all of its upgrades is going to set you back a bit more, it too will retail for $499 USD for the 128GB SKU.

For those mulling over the idea of a more affordable Quest 2, there is an upcoming software update. Both the Quest 2 and Pro will receive up-to 26% CPU performance increase and up-to 19% GPU speed increase.

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 performance

There is going to be a lot more shared in September as Mark Zuckerberg hopefully delivers the good stuff such as pre orders at Meta Connect this fall. VR hardware for the living room just keeps getting better and better.

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 – which should you choose?

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind; the Meta Quest 3 will be an excellent successor to the Quest 2 with plenty of upgrades on board. If you want to know which is better, it has to be the Quest 3 – the showcases so far already tell us that. However, when deciding on which one you choose, that’s more of a weighted question.

Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 FAQS

Is the Meta Quest 3 out yet?

The Meta Quest 3 isn’t out just yet, though it is coming in Fall 2023. Meta announced that their Meta Connect event will be taking place from September 27-28, so this is a date to look out for.

Is the Meta Quest 2 the same as Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, there is no difference between the two, however the original Quest 2 included a Oculus-branded 64GB variant.

The Quest was originally known as the Oculus Quest, before Meta branding was applied to the device. This is why the Meta Quest 2 was previously known as the Oculus Quest 2. For the Quest 3, the Meta branding will continue on.

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