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How Apple Can Become the Next Gaming Giant

Apple has proven itself in the technology industry. It delivers some of the best computers in the world, it has the top smartphone, and its tablet is setting the benchmark by which all other devices are judged. All that has combined to make the company one of the most financially successful firms in the world.

A key component in the success of Apple’s mobile products has been games. The company’s App Store is filled with outstanding titles, including Angry Birds and Tiny Wings, that captivate audiences across the globe. But there’s another important result of the success of those games: Apple’s iPhone and iPad are stealing mobile gaming market share from companies like Sony and Nintendo.

Although some might not want to put Apple on the same level as Nintendo and Sony in the gaming market, I think it’s impossible not to do so. Apple is a provider of products that millions are playing games on. And the time has come for everyone to stop ignoring that fact.

The only issue is, those critics can’t necessarily believe that fact until Apple does as well. The company has acknowledged that games are popular on iOS, but it hasn’t gone much further. It seemingly believes that games are a key component in its App Store strategy — nothing more.

But perhaps the time has come for Apple to do more than just offer an App Store. As a hardware company that has witnessed its many products take out the competition with ease, it’s now time for Apple to double down on gaming, and become a key player in the living room gaming space.

Luckily for the company, it can do so with ease, thanks to the Apple TV. The only issue is, it can’t use the Apple TV in its current form. The company would need to deliver a new version of the device that delivers more capability (especially storage) and perhaps most importantly, access to its App Store.

The device itself can be one of two things: it can be designed for the casual gamer, or Apple can make a device that appeals to both the casual and hard-core gamers among us. In either case, I think the console would be a hit.

As I wrote on these pages recently, I believe the PlayStation 3 is the best entertainment device in the living room. But it didn’t earn that by simply offering games. It boasts a Blu-ray player, online-gaming functionality, streaming content, and more. It’s a full-fledged entertainment platform.

I believe Apple can deliver the same experience. And the best part is, it’s practically there already. It has the streaming content, it offers movies, and it has a digital-delivery system in the App Store. The only major element it’s missing is gaming.

Given Apple’s history of developing hardware, I think the company could come up with something special. And if it can follow the same path it has in the past, there’s no reason to think its console won’t top Sony’s as the best in the business.

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How Your Brand Can Become A Part Of The Live

It is estimated that in just a few years approximately three-quarters of all web traffic will be video. And, by 2023, mobile phone users are expected to spend on average 21 hours a month watching videos. For the business marketer looking to stay on top of and ahead of trends, this means video is the next frontier worth exploring.

That trend is evident with the buzz surrounding live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope.

While live streaming platforms like Ustream and Bambuser have been around since 2007, Meerkat and Periscope are making it easier for people, and brands, to share moments with the world in a fun and entertaining way.

If you aren’t that familiar with either Meerkat or Periscope, just know that both are live-streaming apps that allow users to create and share videos immediately. Since both apps also link to a user’s Twitter account, user’s can tweet links to the live stream and engage followers in real-time. Currently, Meerkat and Periscope are available for Android & iOS users.

A Stream of Innovation: Meerkat vs. Periscope

In a recent Twitter survey, conducted by Research Now, found that 70% of people on Twitter watch videos in their news feed (rather than link through to another site). With 80% of Twitter users also opting to use the platform on a mobile device than a PC, it’s no surprise that they acquired Periscope right out the gate.

Periscope and Meerkat are the two leaders in the live streaming revolution right now. They give companies and individuals alike the ability to live stream video from wherever, whenever, and to whomever they want—for free.

The differences between the two platforms are worth considering if you haven’t signed up for either yet.

Meerkat was the first to launch and is a startup with an open API.

It’s free!

Being a startup, this platform does tend to be a bit glitchy. Users on here are more technically inclined though and, as such, are very helpful if you have questions on how to use the platform

Want the ability to plan, schedule, and promote your live feed ahead of time? You can do that a day ahead of the scheduled broadcast with Meerkat.

Third-party apps are often needed to access tools otherwise available on Periscope.


Periscope launched shortly after Meerkat and was quickly picked up by Twitter.

It’s also free.

Periscope has an easy-to-use interface and a very large user community, which is great for expanding your reach if you know what you’re doing!

While you cannot secure a hyperlink ahead of time for promotional purposes, one will be generated automatically when the recording starts and shared on Twitter for you.

If you’re looking to do a more targeted video stream (like for internal training purposes), Periscope lets you select your viewers.

An additional bonus here is the video “save” function. Anyone following you on the app can watch your live stream within 24 hours of the original broadcast.

Both platforms have grown exponentially since their inception, with thought leaders and celebrities in all fields signing on. Before you jump on and share your first broadcast, it is worth taking the time to figure out how you’ll add this to your marketing strategy.

How to Stream Open Lines of Communication

Whether you open the feed to discuss customer support questions or to create Q&A on a product or service, live video streaming is a great way to create and control that conversation with your followers and product end-users. It’s also really important that you establish the face of your company in these videos. People want to feel like they know who they’re talking to and not get bounced around from rep to rep.

Who’s Doing This Well?

Product Demonstrations and Promotions

Everything you do when marketing your company is ultimately so that you can land more sales. Why not use a live video to give people the opportunity to see your product or service in action? Just remember that the point of these videos is not solely to sell, sell, sell. It’s to interact, interact, interact.

Who’s Doing This Well?

Spotify’s live performance broadcasts.

Digital Republic’s photoshop and design training.

Break the News

Anyone who follows your brand would love to be in the know when big news strikes. Be honest about what’s going on with your brand—the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Your followers will appreciate the transparency.

Who’s Doing This Well?

Carly Fiorina launching her Presidential bid through a live town hall meeting.

Newscasters covering the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Adidas used Periscope to show the James Rodriguez contract extension.

Increase Your Thought Leadership

Everything you do in marketing is meant to boost your clout. Work to establish yourself as an industry leader by creating live features where you discuss an industry topic. If you have the connections, consider hosting an interview with other leaders in your industry so that you’re not just talking about wonderful you are, but also illustrating your collaborative spirit.

Who’s Doing This Well?

General Electric’s behind-the-scenes interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

Tablo Publishing uses live streaming to discuss how to publish online content.

Go Behind the Scenes

Most marketers have come to realize an inside look into a company’s world goes a long way with consumers. Let people take a walk in your shoes and learn some tips and secrets of what makes your brand unique and worth following.

Who’s Doing This Well?

Real estate companies and agents that offer live virtual tours of their listings and interact with interested customers in real-time.

The host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” uses both Meerkat and Periscope to provide viewers with behind-the-scenes segments.

Regardless of your industry, you can make live video streaming work for you. You just need to find the right angle that matches your brand’s identity and speaks to your specific audience.

To Record or Stream

Some marketers may be hesitant to get involved in a video sharing platform that takes away the seemingly well-planned and executed marketing strategies of the past. This generation of consumers aren’t necessarily looking for the well-groomed and perfectly thought-out strategy of “attack” though. They want genuine interactions and live video is the way to achieve that.

Words of Advice

If you’re ready to get into live streaming video, consider the following:

Plan, but don’t panic. It’s okay to plan out the general idea of your broadcast ahead of time, but remember that this should feel authentic. Unless you’re offering up a Q&A to talk about a highly sensitive issue or PR scandal, it’s okay to fly off the cuff a bit.

Repetition is key. You probably don’t create a blog post whenever the inspiration strikes, you probably have a weekly or monthly schedule. The same should go for these live video streams if you want them to be effective. Find your niche and plan a regular schedule your followers can come to know and look forward to on a regular basis.


Social media is all about joining a community, interacting, and feeling recognized. By using live video streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, it shows you are willing to take the time and effort to make your followers a part of your company’s community.

Have you used Meerkat or Periscope? What was the response?

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Can You Become A High

A high-paying Python developer without a degree does not need to worry about employability in 2023

Programming language like Python is flourishing in the global tech and software applications market. Developers and programmers are highly fond of this trending programming language while educational platforms have started offering multiple courses on Python. A Python developer is blooming with intricating roles and responsibilities as well as lucrative salary packages per annum. There are two categories of developers specializing in Python— Python developers without a degree and programmers with a degree. Yes, programmers with a degree are popular for a long period of time. But a Python developer without a degree is trending in the current market across the world. Some of the top companies have started recruiting Python developers without a degree over programmers with a degree. The mindset of the market is shifting because companies have realized the strength of developers does not depend on the specified degree— Bachelor’s/Master’s/Diploma/Ph.D. Skills and talents solely are dependent on the passion of developers. A Python developer without a degree can showcase more skills and practical knowledge than programmers with a degree from reputed universities. Thus, let’s explore how a Python developer without a degree can land a high-paying job in the programming language domain in 2023 and beyond.

Some roles and responsibilities of a Python developer

Writing efficient and scalable Python code

Implementing business goals into software components

Integrating user-oriented elements into software applications

Designing high availability and low latency applications with security features

Improving functionalities of existing applications

Debugging software applications with Python test framework tools

Yes, the above-mentioned roles and responsibilities are just a few of the total functionalities of a Python developer. But a Python developer without a degree can nab a high-paying job in one of the major tech companies to perform these roles. Let’s explore some key steps to outperform other developers or programmers with a degree in the same field.

Key steps to being a successful Python developer without a degree in 2023

Having in-depth knowledge of the programming language and front-end technologies

Writing scalable, readable, and error-free code for smart applications

Building a diverse portfolio through self-made projects

Improving technical know-how and fundamental concepts of the programming language

Focusing on the key areas to improve in a wide range of skills such as analytical, designing, communication, technical, debugging, versioning, and many more

Creating own GitHub repository to add value to the CV

Enrolling in free online courses in Python programming language for valid certifications

Joining different communities of developers or programmers with the degree to gain updates and more current knowledge

The average salary of a Python developer ranges from US$70k to US$120k per annum across the world. You can become a high-paying successful Python developer only if you decide to work very hard with passion and effective time management. It covers a wide variety of programming language functions such as web development, game development, application development, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. This profession is a good career and quite rewarding in the IT industry across the world. The hiring committees are relaxing their criteria and are highly interested to offer a Python developer without a degree if the candidate shows sufficient skills and knowledge, as per the business needs.

Boosteroid — Next Step For Cloud Gaming

You may not know much about cloud gaming or


, but these two words mean the same thing for those who’ve tried it. It sounds weird, but a lot of gamers still have not heard much about this groundbreaking technology. Cloud gaming is here to fix the main problems users face today: too huge game files, annoying updates and lags. So let’s talk about cloud gaming and Boosteroid, one of the leading providers in Europe.

Cloud gaming platforms are emerging nearly every month. Some of them are true industry giants like Nvidia, Google, or Microsoft. Boosteroid keeps chasing them for quite a long time. This cloud platform has introduced its custom browser-based cloud gaming solutions. While technology behemoths keep fighting, Boosteroid has united 1 million gamers within just 6 months of operation.

It’s all about technologies

For those new to cloud gaming, we’d better make a brief overview of what’s that about. We’ve already mentioned the main benefits of this technology. First of all, you don’t need high-end hardware to run the latest titles. How is that possible? Basically, you just play on a remote server where the game is processed and have the gameplay streamed to your device over the Internet. This is why running almost any AAA game is as simple as watching videos online. 

Besides, there is no need in buying high-end hardware and upgrading it regularly, and that’s what every gamer’s budget dreams about. Boosteroid subscription costs €9.89 per month, but you can buy an annual plan for €49.89 which is €4.16 per month. If you are not into upgrading your hardware every 5-7 years, this is probably a good solution for you.

Play smart — play in browser

A lot of cloud gaming platforms are trying to push their product through an additional app which is the easiest solution on the market for now. Boosteroid provides customers with in-browser gaming. This technology requires a very special approach from the development point of view, but as a result, users don’t have to install any additional software, which is rather convenient. Boosteroid also provides mobile phone gaming through the browser. Any modern device can be transformed into a gaming station with at least 14 Mbps Internet connection. 

However, each cloud gaming platform has its own problems. Boosteroid isn’t an exception… Stable gameplay even with packet loss is the main trouble of the web-based streaming. The easiest way to solve this problem is to create your own app. That’s why Boosteroid team is working on it. After Boosteroid app will be released everyone will be able to choose between gaming in the browser or in the app.

Before you buy

Today Boosteroid is available in Central and Eastern Europe. This might be frustrating for players from Western Europe and Northern America. Official sources claim Boosteroid will go global by late 2023. The most important challenge here is server implementation. It takes some time to set them up and make a proper configuration.

Boosteroid has no free trial. For some people, this might be a reason to look for another option. But let’s stop for a moment and check other platforms. Shadow, for example, doesn’t have a free trial too, and GeForce NOW sometimes is forcing people to wait for 15 minutes before the game starts. So as you see there currently not so many free cloud gaming options.

Best Discord Servers For Gaming That You Can Join

There are many popular games that score full in text chat but are not on par when talking about voice chat. They are good for playing games but lacks some key features, however, if you play on the Discord Server, you can add those features

In this article, we present you with a list of Discord servers that you can join to play games as it adds many features to your game, as a result, it enhances your gaming experience.

Best Discord Servers for Gaming

Here are some of the best Discord Gaming servers for you to join.

Among Us India

Purple Prison


Among US Global

Pokemon Coordinates

Minecraft SNP


The Vent

Let’s talk about them in detail.

1] Among Us India

If you are an Indian player looking for a close-knitted environment then Among Us India is the one for you. It let you interact with more than 28k members along with letting you unveil a set of functions that include voice chat and bot support.

It solely works on Among us but adds more features such as Music bots, Karaoke VCs, and other games. It has one thing that can attract you to use this server, that is its support of two of the most popular games such as Brawlhala and Skibbl.

All in all, it’s a must to have on your list. Join Among Us India from here.

2] Purple Prison

If you are a fan of Minecraft then Purple Prison is a place for you. One of the reasons for its popularity is that one can play and chat 24/7 on this server and win exciting Discord Giveaways.

Another thing Purple Prison does better than most Discord Server is their strict policies. They have pretty strict rules and dozens of bots, so, you won’t find any spam or toxic content there.

You can join Purple Prison from here.

3] Innersloth

Innersloth can surpass almost all the Discord servers on this list as it is an official Discord server for Among us that has a network of over 383k players. You can find almost anything related to Among Us here.

The game becomes more interactive because of Innersloth as you can chat in the background along with playing the game. So you will not find much difficulty in finding imposters. You don’t have to go further searching for Discord Server as you can find almost everything here.

Don’t break rules as they are pretty strict about and you will be good to go. You can join Innersloth from here.

Read: Best Discord Servers to make friends.

4] Among Us Global

If you are looking for the best-rated Discord Server for Among Us then Among Us Global is the best option for you. You can play with 139k members on a 4.4 rated server because of Among Us Global.

It can be determined as a carbon copy of InnerSloth and Among Us as you can have interaction while playing on a dedicated Voice channel.

If you are a fan of a lag-free experience then Among Us Global is the best destination to play. You can not only play Among Us but can also bag up goodies, Among Us’ Premium version, and a steam copy of Among us.

Join Among Us Global from here.

5] Pokemon Go Coordinates

If you are a Pokemon Go player then this is arguably the best server for you. It has one of the largest networks of around thirteen thousand users and has one of the most active sets of members.

6] Minecraft SNP

Minecraft SNP is one of the coolest servers on our list, that’s because of its members. It has over 63K members who are ready to help all the time. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles such as dozens of game bots, but the reason why we are recommending this to you is its members.

7] Pokedox100

Pokedox100 is one of the best Discord Server for Pokemon Go hunters. With this server, you can look for Pokemon Coordinates and Spawn Points in almost thirty-countries.

They have a good service as this server is available 24/7. They have many interesting features such as Playgrounds, raids, tips, and tricks to play the game, and more. You can join Pokedox100 from here.

8] The Vent

Last but not least, we have a relatively new server for Minecraft, The Vent. It is a new server and is famous for giving users the authority to govern. You will get to be the host and create your own rules.

If you are a Minecraft player then this can be the one you are looking for. You can join The Vent from here.

Hopefully, because of this article, you will be able to enhance your gaming experience and build an enormous gaming network.

How Wearables Take Hotel Operations To The Next Level

Behind the effortless hospitality that guests see, hotels are beehives of staff activity that must be carefully orchestrated to ensure a pleasant, successful stay. That has prompted a growing number of properties to adopt task management and collaboration platforms. But the need to use handheld devices to send and receive tasks, alerts and other messages as part of these solutions is producing an unintended consequence: hotel employees often have to look down at their phones to use them. To guests, that can read more as distraction than attentiveness. That’s one reason savvy hoteliers are beginning to adopt employee wearables.

Wearables such as Samsung’s Gear S3 are proving an ideal tool to speed and streamline hotel operations and boost guest satisfaction. They provide an instant, hands-free view of tasks, which can reduce response times significantly and enhance service. IDC predicts commercial watch deployments will grow from just 3.3 million units in 2023 to reach over 11.5 million units by 2023, a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent.

At the Beverly Hills test property of Viceroy Hotels, for example, staff with wearables running the ALICE task management platform respond one to three minutes faster to guest requests than at properties where they only use handhelds. Cutting that response time “definitely improves the feedback you’ll get from the guest,” says Darren Clark, vice president of technology at Viceroy Hotels and Resorts. “This is going to affect the department’s speed, efficiency and operation. It helps the hotel employees and it helps the guest as well.”

Staff Wearables at Work

Wearables offer benefits over smartphones in every department. In fact, they also help break down departmental silos, by enabling easy, quiet, hands-free communication and collaboration across any hotel-defined group. That’s ideal for requests and tasks that cross department boundaries.

Key hotel operations use cases for employee wearables include:

Bellman/Valet: Staff members can receive messages and accept tasks even while carrying bags or heading out to retrieve a car. Wearables enable a quick, hands-free glance at the next task, and optional LTE capability reaches garages and other areas without Wi-Fi coverage.

Housekeeping: The task management system automatically locates the closest staff member for a towel or bottled water request and sends a silent, vibrating alert to the watch, so guests aren’t disturbed by a ringtone or squawky radio. Via push-to-talk, staff members can instantly communicate with the team to coordinate cleaning or request supplies.

Front desk: Front desk staffers can discreetly send or respond to a request while only momentarily breaking eye contact with the guest.

Maintenance: Instead of tracking down the best available repair technician by radio and then calling the guest with an expected wait time, the system can quickly locate the tech, send a silent, instantaneous response, and get back to the guest much faster.

Security: Hotel security staff can communicate instantly and discreetly, avoiding noisy disruptions that disturb and unnecessarily alarm guests.

How Employee Wearables Improve Hotel Operations

Wearables take task management and communication to the next level by putting messages in direct eyesight of hotel operations staff. Faster communication paired with capabilities like push-to-talk improve productivity in just about every hotel department. Other benefits include:

Faster response times: Messages and tasks reach the staff member much faster, because they don’t have to wait for a sound or vibration, fish the phone out from a pocket, activate the screen and then read and respond to a message. A silent vibration alerts them to a message, which they can read hands-free and instantly acknowledge with a brief touch to the wearable device.

Translation: Each smartwatch can be configured for the particular tasks, communication groups and preferred language of the wearer, enabling clear communications across multilingual staff.

Ensuring high service levels: If a staff member does not touch their smartwatch to acknowledge an assignment in a certain amount of time, the software’s logic engine automatically escalates it to other staff members and/or a supervisor, to ensure guests are served quickly and no request goes unfulfilled.

Customizing Wearables in the Workplace

White Paper

Learn how to develop new and innovative wearable apps tailored precisely to your business needs. Download Now

Streamlined communications: With radios, staff members often share channels and conversations can drag on, so others have to wait to communicate. Wearables’ streamlined profiles promote concise, efficient communications, with no waiting. Hotels can designate specific communications groups for each type of alert and message.

Measurement: Staff members touch the smartwatch to acknowledge a task, then again when they receive it. That enables managers to audit response times to ensure the right number and location of staff to respond quickly to guest requests.

Less damage: Because their waterproof and strapped on the wrist, smartwatches like the Gear S3 get less wear and tear, keeping repair and replacement costs low.

Higher employee satisfaction: Staff members appreciate being empowered with cutting-edge technology that simplifies tedious tasks and helps them focus on the best parts of their jobs.

At Houston’s Hotel Alessandra, using Samsung Gear S3 with Hipaax TaskWatch software means staff respond to guests more quickly, every message sees follow-through and the property maintains its quiet ambiance, while avoiding excess staffing and shielding guests from the hubbub of running a hotel.

Making Wearables Work

Samsung’s wearables products and services make smartwatches easy for hoteliers to use and own. Integration with the ALICE product suite means hoteliers can order Gear S3 smartwatches with the software already preloaded, or Samsung can help integrate wearables with other applications. Samsung’s EMM for Wearables helps manage the fleet by automatically pushing out updates and locking down the software, among other features all without the need to pair the smartwatch with a mobile phone.

Keeping hotel operations humming and guests satisfied demands carefully orchestrated communication and coordination. Hotel wearables help boost guest experience and satisfaction by enabling staff to view tasks at a glance and keep staff focused on engaging with guests.

Learn how you can impress your guests and streamline operations by checking out our latest hospitality technology solutions.

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