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GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the internet and offers various other services like website builder, hosting, email plans, SSL certificate and more. You can avail special discount offers on these services by applying promotional coupon code during your purchase. In this article, we will explain the step by step process of applying promo code in GoDaddy account for a domain purchase. The process remains same for purchasing of other products and renewal. If you do not want to renew, learn how to cancel auto renewal in GoDaddy account.

Where to Get GoDaddy Coupon Codes?

There are multiple coupon code websites offer GoDaddy coupons. However, you can find the latest deals within GoDaddy website using one of the below links:

Remember, in most cases the deal will be applied to the purchase without the need of entering coupon code. For example, $0.99 domain deal will look like below and any additional coupon code you try to enter during checkout will not work.

GoDaddy Domain Deals

However, for some offers you will get an exclusive coupon code. For example, GoDaddy coupon promo code link will show you the offers like below.

GoDaddy Coupon Code

Copy the code and use during checkout for getting the discount. You can also get the promo code from any other third-party websites to get a discount.

How to Apply Coupon Code in GoDaddy?

Once you have a coupon code, follow the below instructions to apply your coupon during checkout and get discount in purchase.

Step1 – Choose Your Product

Go to GoDaddy site and login with your account. If you do not have an account, you can create during the checkout process.

Choose a product you want to purchase, in this example we search for a domain.

Continue to Cart

Step2 – Choose Recommended Products

Select Additional Products

Step3 – Check Shopping Cart

Enter Promo Code and Apply

Step5 – Success Case

You will see a success message showing “Valid Promo Code” and the discount amount will be reduced from the total.

Valid Promo Code Applied to Cart Total Amount

Sometimes, you will also see a message like “You qualify for multiple money-saving orders” like below.

Qualified for Multiple Order Discount in GoDaddy

Make sure to check the price is discounted as per the coupon code you have applied. Based on the selected products and entered coupon, GoDaddy will suggest how much exact amount you have saved by using the promo code at the bottom of the cart.

You can remove the code any time before purchase and apply another coupon.

Step5- Failure Case

If the entered coupon is invalid, you will see an error message like below. This happens generally when you are an existing customer and trying to apply coupon codes applicable only for new customers.

Complete Purchase with Discount in GoDaddy

Points to Remember

Remember the below points when applying promo coupon codes in GoDaddy:

Try with multiple promo codes before you finalize your purchase. This will help you to get the most discounted price.

Try with separate coupons when you are buying multiple products since most of the coupons are valid only for a specific product.

If the promo code is not applied then retry after clearing your browser’s cache.

GoDaddy sends free coupon code to registered users in periodical interval. You can also get thousands of free codes on the internet.

Coupon code link may not be available during checkout for all the countries as coupons are only valid for specific country.

You're reading How To Apply Coupon Code In Godaddy?

How To Apply The Accent Color Only In Taskbar In Windows 10

There are many things that are improved in Windows 10, and the Personalization options are one of them. For instance, you can set your own lock screen wallpapers, you can switch between light and dark modes, you can set the accent color for the Start menu, taskbar, title bar, etc.

In Windows 10 whenever you try to set an Accent color, that color automatically applies to the Taskbar, Start menu, and the Action Center. There are no options in the Settings app to set the colors to each element individually. However, if you just want to apply the accent color to the Taskbar, then you can do that with a simple registry edit. Here’s how.

Note: before doing anything, make sure that you have a good backup of your Windows Registry. It gives you a fallback if you messed up the registry.

Apply Accent Color Only to Taskbar in Windows 10

The above action will open the Windows 10 Settings app. Here, select the option “Personalization.” This is where you can customize different things like colors, lock screen, background wallpaper, etc.

In the Personalization window, navigate to the “Colors” tab appearing on the left pane.

Now, select the accent color from the color palette, and then toggle the button under “Show color on taskbar, start menu, and action center.”

With the above action, you’ve enabled and set the accent color. As you see, the color is applied to all three elements.

Now we can proceed to modify this behavior. To start, search for regedit in the Start menu and open it. Alternatively, you can also use the Windows Run command (Win + R) and type regedit.

After opening the Windows Registry Editor, navigate to the following location:

Once you are done with that, this is what it looks like in the Windows Registry.

After changing the DWORD value, either restart your system or re-login to make the changes take effect. As you can see from the below image, the accent color is now only applied to the taskbar.

The good thing about this approach is that the setting will stay intact even when you change the accent color. However, if you disable the accent color by toggling the button under “Show color on taskbar, start menu and action center,” the DWORD value will reset.

So, when you re-enable the accent color, it will be applied to all the three elements.

If you don’t want to go through the whole process each and every time you enable or disable the accent color, then backing up the registry key can help you restore the setting quickly. To back up the key, make the changes as detailed above and select the option “Export” from the File menu.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi is a tech and WordPress geek who enjoys writing how-to guides and messing with his computer and software in general. When not writing for MTE, he writes for he shares tips, tricks, and lifehacks on his own blog Stugon.

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Top Cloud Computing Internships In India To Apply Today

These cloud computing internships can scale up your practical skills

Cloud computing

is booming like anything these days. And so many of the students are wanting to get into these fields. But before getting into this field there is an intense requirement of getting themselves trained to face real-world challenges and to learn the work and responsibilities. This is only possible with the help of gaining knowledge and working with great professionals in an industry environment. To give you a better understanding,

cloud computing

internships are mandatory. Here are the top

cloud computing

internships in India that you should apply to gain wide knowledge 

1 Cloud Support Intern Deployment at AWS

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana 


The intern will be able to gain experience with AWS cloud service providers including EC2, and S3 storage solutions and load balancers. 

Should collaborate with engineers and learn about AWS services and also gain hands-on experience on troubling shooting methods. 

Gain new skills through customer case simulations. 

Participate in projects and help out in technical support. 

You can work and gain an opportunity to obtain AWS certifications, and attend professional development events. 

Who can apply for these cloud computing internships: 

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science/ Information Technology, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.  

Should be an excellent communicator with good writing skills. 

The intern should be able to multitask, manage time and prioritize efficiently. 

Should possess excellent problem solver and customer support skills. 

Proficient in Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and RedHat. 

Should have an understanding of Kubernetes, DevOps, and Docker technology. 

Have command over scripting language experience 



2 Cloud Computing Internships at Transcloud Labs

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 


Learn to understand the basic concepts of cloud computing architecture. 

Work with an experienced team to learn about real world scenarios, and challenges and solutions. 

Work on learning new tools, technologies, and frameworks. 

Gain hands-on-hands in programming, and cloud clouding concepts

Who can apply  for these cloud computing internships: 

Who are available for a full-time internship 

Should have experience in Python, Linux, SQL, Django, Flask, and Shell Scripting. 

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science/Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and related fields. 

Should have an understanding of visualization and cloud computing. 

Advanced experience in networking administration and troubleshooting

Demonstrated prophecy in networking principles.



3 AWS Internship at FITA 

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 


Will be able to gain an edge over AWS Cloud Architecture and its different cloud computing services under the guidance of real-time working experts. 

Gain practical exposure to the AWS Cloud services such as databases, networks, managing virtual machines, and DevOps.  

Learn unique mythologies for AWS courses too. 

Can also walk into the free demo classes to learn more about AWS

Who can apply for these cloud computing internships:

Who are available for a full-time internship 

Should have experience of Python, Linux, SQL, Django, Flask, and Shell Scripting. 

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science/Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and related fields. 

Should have an understanding of visualization and cloud computing. 

Advanced experience in networking administration and troubleshooting

Demonstrated prophecy in networking principles.



4 Cloud Support Intern at Amazon 

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka 


Cloud computing engineer interns will benefit from the opportunity to gain experience with AWS cloud computing service providers. 

Collaborate with engineers and learn about AWS services, and troubleshooting techniques.  

Participate in projects that can improve support-related processes. 

Who can apply for these cloud computing internships: 

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science/Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and related fields. 

Should have an understanding of visualization and cloud computing. 

Advanced experience in networking administration and troubleshooting

Demonstrated prophecy in networking principles. 

Experience managing full applications stacks 

Understanding of security best practices 



5  Cloud Support Intern at Amazon

Location: Secunderabad, Telangana 


You should work with AWS services and learn about troubleshooting methods to provide unique solutions to the customers. 

This intern will provide a training program that builds critical skills that are required for AWS. 

Who can apply  for these cloud computing internships: 

3+years of experience in the relevant field. 

Bachelor’s degree in Information Science/Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and related fields. 

Should have an understanding of visualization and cloud computing. 

Advanced experience in networking administration and troubleshooting

Demonstrated prophecy in networking principles. 

Experience managing full applications stacks 

Understanding of security best practices 

3 Reasons To Apply Process Analysis In Your Business In ’23

Business leaders engage in process improvement and automation projects so that they can improve their performance and customer satisfaction. However, analysts and leaders should comprehend their processes as they are before implementing any change. Yet, the first step is often a big challenge for the companies with complex processes. 

Process analysis can overcome the challenge by evaluating the process in-detail and mapping it out. In this article, we’ll explain what process analysis is, 3 benefits it offers and why process mining is a relevant tool for process analysis.  

What is process analysis?

Process analysis, also known as business process analysis (BPA) is a method to evaluate a process and find areas to improve in an organization. It allows analysts to document each step in their operations, track their workflow and address task inefficiencies. As a result, they can achieve higher efficiency in their business.   

For instance, process analysis can be applied to the travel request approval process to map out the steps taken to approve the request, displaying the time and cost it creates for each approval process.  

Process analysis is done through 7 steps:

Identify a process: Prioritize a process that will deliver you the highest revenue, is newly implemented, requires review and standardization, or calls for an urgent redesign due to high cost or low customer satisfaction. 

Collect data about this process: Gather relevant information such as flowcharts, files & documents, people involved, KPI metrics etc. Consider deploying process mining to extract real-life data seamlessly. 

Visualize the process flow: Leverage the data to create a process map or flowchart containing all steps in order. Detailed maps can help increase understanding of the given process. While creating a map, use one of the recommended tools to fasten the stage. If you are using process mining to collect data, no need for a different platform because process mining visualizes the processes based on real-life data. 

Analyze the operations and tasks: Evaluate the process operations and tasks according to KPIs. Follow these three aspects:

Detect and remove the redundant and unnecessary steps in the process.

Identify delayed cases and see the components that take longer than expected and the resources or technology needed to prevent these.  

Assess the level of resource allocation and costs for each step to reduce cost, implement automation and increase efficiency. 

Remember that process mining discovers processes and runs conformance checks against process KPIs to facilitate the analysis step in the process analysis. 

Develop an ideal model: Use the analysis and process visuals to develop an ideal model that can perfect the existing process. Consider using a process modeling tool, a simulation or DTO capability  to design the ideal model. Remember some process mining vendors offer DTO capability to evaluate scenarios to assess the ideal one. Many of these vendors allow users to upload ideal models generated with process modeling tools to compare their progress against the ideal model later. 

Implement the ideal model: Develop a strategy targeting to improve processes based on the ideal model. Involve relevant personnel such as HR teams if the changes are related to employees or IT teams for automation opportunities. 

Re-evaluate the final model: Constantly monitor the change you implemented and check for alignment. Remember that it is essential to go back and re-do the initial analysis or update the map. You can use process mining for re-evaluating purposes, as well.

Analysts use flowcharts, diagrams or process management software (e.g. process modeling tools) that can streamline process analysis. More modern approach is to analyze processes with process mining because it helps , businesses: 

Benefits that Process analysis provides to increase process efficiency include:

1. Address the bottlenecks 

Although businesses set policies and rules for each process, there can be unclearities and unexpected situations, confusing employees to complete the process in time. For example, for a procurement process, employees can send the order to the wrong person, causing delays and reducing customer satisfaction. Yet, these issues are challenging to spot because the processes involve different parties and tasks. 

Process analysis allows business analysts to dig into such processes and map their entire process flow. Therefore, analysts can easily identify the potential reasons behind the inefficiencies. They can identify the step causing the delay and address the issues. 

2. Discover automation opportunities 

Each business process includes manual tasks that are time-consuming and low value-added, such as filling out purchase order forms. By automating such manual tasks, business leaders can achieve higher productivity, save more time and decrease employee churns.  

Process analysis can help you to discover manual tasks that slow down the processes. By automating manual tasks, you can save time and decrease human errors.

3. Reduce operational cost

Any deviation from the intended process model, bottleneck in the operational flow or manual task can increase the operational cost. For example, the bottlenecks and manual tasks in the purchase order step of the procurement process extend cycle time and consequently increase costs.  

Process analysis enables analysts to reduce operational costs while increasing operational efficiency. With process analysis, companies can have a better understanding of their costs and target inefficiencies and manual tasks that have the highest costs.  

Further reading

If you are interested in improving and managing your processes, check out our guides and best practices:

If you want to know more on process mining for process improvement and management, read our whitepaper where we explain process mining inside out:

If you want to leverage a process mining tool, review our data-driven comprehensive vendor lists.

Assess different vendors with a transparent methodology yourself by downloading our checklist: 

And, if you need more help, let us find you the right vendor:

Hazal Şimşek

Hazal is an industry analyst in AIMultiple. She is experienced in market research, quantitative research and data analytics. She received her master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Carlos III of Madrid and her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Bilkent University.





How To Change Region Code On Dvd

How to change region code on DVD [Windows 10 & Mac]




Movie DVD region codes block users from viewing them with disc drives that have incompatible code configurations.

This guide tells you how users can change disc drive region codes in Windows 10 and Mac platforms.

To practically modify disc regions on your DVDs or rip them to other formats, find out about the perfect tool for this job.

At the same time, you should follow our descriptive solution below and get the content you need quickly.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Movie DVDs have regional codes assigned to them. Those region codes block users from playing film discs with DVD players that don’t have matching codes. A wrong region error message will pop up on your PC when you try playing a DVD with a disc drive that doesn’t match its region code.

There are six geographical region codes for continents and more specific countries. For example, region code 6 is for China. So, your DVD player will need to be configured for region 6 to play discs with China’s regional code.

You can change the region codes for DVD drive players on both Windows and Mac PCs. However, you can only change disc drive regional codes on five occasions.

How do I change the DVD region in Windows 10 and Mac? 1. Use WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper is software that effectively enables users to change protected DVDs to a region 0 for region-free playback by ripping their content to various video file formats. Thus, this is software that can decrypt regional encryption blocks on DVDs.

WinX DVD Ripper is highly-rated software for ripping DVD content as it incorporates level-3 hardware acceleration for faster disc ripping to a wide variety of output formats. You can utilize it to rip videos from DVDs for PC, mobile phone, tablet, Xbox, PSP, and HDTV output formats.

In addition, it includes video-editing options for trimming and cropping clips. In this way, you have more control of your DVD content and specific regions of your disc.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it supports all types of DVDs (MP4, HEVC, MKV) and enables 1:1 disc to ISO image cloning.

Follow these steps to change the DVD region settings

Windows Mac

Note: When you’ve changed the disc drive’s region a maximum number of five times, DVDs with incompatible regional codes will be automatically ejected after inserting.

So, that’s how you can change your DVD drive’s region code to play discs from five alternative regions. When you’ve changed your disc drive’s region code five times, you’ll need software like WinX DVD Ripper to bypass regional codes for DVDs.

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Top Machine Learning Jobs To Apply For In December 2023

Analytics Insight announces the top machine learning jobs to apply for in December 2023

The emergence of major disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision, and many more have introduced some lucrative machine learning jobs for aspiring machine learning engineers, machine learning specialists, and more. Almost every industry today relies on technology to operate and thrive, which is why artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is becoming more integral to helping businesses make smarter and faster decisions and products. Many companies have started posting machine learning jobs in December to apply as soon as possible. There is tough competition in the recruitment process due to its high demand. Thus, let’s go through some of the top machine learning jobs to apply for in December 2023 with Analytics Insight.

Machine Learning Specialist – Samsung Electronics

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Machine Learning Lead – Skit

Location: Bangalore Urban, Karnataka


You will be working with Product Managers and ML Engineers to design and deliver ML models and capabilities for our voice-bot offering, VIVA. A regular roster for the role looks like the following:

Formulate, design, and oversee mMachine lLearning capabilities of our speech-tech stack.

Lead a team of ML Engineers in the process of development.

Organize regular research and architecture reviews and discussions.

Mentor other machine lLearning team members.

Manager-Product Development (Machine Learning) – American Express

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana


The individual in this role will be responsible for overlaying sales and marketing strategy needs with analytics and machine learning workstreams and leveraging technology expertise to architect and develop enterprise big data platforms and applications. This individual will work closely with partners across teams like commercial sales and marketing, analytics and machine learning, American Express Technology, external vendors, and others. It is one of the best machine learning jobs to apply for in December 2023.

Machine Learning Engineer – Wipro

Location: India (Remote)


Machine Learning Engineer – Adobe

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka


The position involves working closely with Product Management for the design, development, debugging, effort estimation, and maintenance of Statistical and Machine Learning models that power various features in AdCloud. Work closely with AdCloud engineering team in building cCloud nNative pipelines taking the sStatistical and ML models through the entire lifecycle improving on usability, explain-ability, and performance.

Machine Learning Engineer II – Amazon

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka


As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will help solve a variety of technical challenges and mentor other engineers. You will play an active role in translating business and functional requirements into concrete deliverables and build quick prototypes or proofs of concept in partnership with other technology leaders within the team. You will help invent new features, develop and deploy highly scalable and reliable distributed services. You will work with a variety of core languages and technologies including, Linux, and AWS technologies. It is one of the best machine learning jobs to apply for in December 2023.

Machine Learning Engineer –

Location: India (Remote)


Work on end-to-end aspects of machine learning solutions for the financial domain: acquiring data, training and building models, deploying models, building API services for exposing these models, maintaining them in production.

AI & ML Lead Software Engineer – Parallel Wireless

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka


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