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Microsoft is rolling out an update for Office 365 ProPlus, which will install an extension on Chrome. That extension will change the default search engine to Bing. While it does look aggressive, Microsoft is offering an option to turn off the installation through Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune. In this post, we will show how you can block the Microsoft Bing Search installation in Office 365. In case you install it, we have also shown how you can remove it post-installation.

What is Microsoft Search in Bing

If you are not aware of Microsoft Search in Bing, then its enterprise search solution. Customers using Office can leverage this for contextual work-related information using data sources in Office 365. While Bing will also search the internet, but if the query is all about work, then it can pull data from  SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Exchange.

It uses Microsoft Graph to make the search useful for everyone in the organization. You can find a person, find the location of your desk, locate a document, and so on. More on this on Office Blog

Before we start with the solution, here are some details

As of now, it applies to new and existing Office 365 ProPlus installations in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you already use Bing as the default search engine, it will not get installed.

The extension will be released to the Monthly Channel in late February 2023. Release for the Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), and Semi-Annual Channel is coming soon.

While it only makes sense for Office customers who would use Office 365 in their organization, but if you feel its forcing, then follow these methods. Microsoft is rolling out this in a phased manner. So you may not see it right away, but future installation or updates will install it.

Block Microsoft Bing Search installation in Office 365

Depending on how you use it in the Enterprise, you can choose to remove it altogether or decide only to change the default search engine.

Temporarily switch to Bing

Exclude from Installation

Change Default Search Engine

Remove the Extension from the computer

The last two of this list is a post-installation scenario.

1] Temporarily switch to Bing

Since you know when it’s going to come, IT Admin can take measures to switch to Bing temporarily. Once the installation of Office 365 ProPlus update is complete, turn back to your favorite search engine.

2] Exclude Microsoft Bing Search before Office 365 installation or update

If you use Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune, you can exclude the extension from being installed by using the Office Deployment Tool or by using Group Policy. While you can download the XML or Policy from here, this is how it will look in the Configuration Manager. There is a clear option to toggle off the choice, which changes the default search engine to Microsoft Search in Bing.

2] Change Default Search Engine from Bing to Google

3] Remove the Extension from the computer

Microsoft installs this extension through a software update. So if you are not planning to use Microsoft Search in Bing at all, then its best to remove the extension. Once uninstalled, it will never be installed again in a future update of Office 365 ProPlus. The default search engine will revert to the previous choice.

There are two ways of doing this. Make sure the user account has local administrator rights.

Use Control Panel

Locate the DefaultPackPC program, and choose to uninstall it.

Using Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt with admin privileges

Type the below-mentioned command and press the Enter key to execute it.

"C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftDefaultPackMSIMainBootStrap.exe" uninstallAll

If you want to remove it from multiple computers, then you have two options. Either distribute a BAT file or deploy that command to various devices in your organization. You can use a script, Configuration Manager, or some other enterprise software deployment tool.

Microsoft is likely to face a lot of heat for this. The only problem which I see here is that they kept the default option turned on to install Microsoft Search for Bing. The official documentation clearly explains what measures can be taken by IT admin, which they can use to skip the installation. Microsoft should have stayed away from changing the default search engine and would have been fine. If an enterprise needs to use Microsoft Search in Bing for Chrome, they will eventually do it.

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How To Install Microsoft 365 Apps In Mac? – Webnots

Apple’s MacBook laptops and iMac desktop models use macOS. It comes with free iWork application package as part of the operating system which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps. However, these apps are no match for the Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. If you have purchased a new MacBook or iMac, one of the first things you will be looking is to install your Microsoft 365 apps. In this article, we will explain various methods to install Office apps in your Mac.

Why to Install Office Apps Instead of Using iWork Apps?

You will face lot of problems when moving from Microsoft world to Apple world.

Compatibility will be the first problem as Pages documents will not work in Windows Word app. The receivers need to convert .pages documents to .docx before reading.

Formatting and other options within Apple apps are not user friendly. For example, when you save a document in Mac, it will show the name as “Untitled”, and you need to type the name. However, Word app will automatically take the first line as your document name. These kinds of small things will save lot of time when you prepare lot of documents.

File Saved as Untitled in Mac Pages

You will have real headache in pasting and aligning images within Pages documents and Keynote presentations.

If you are publishing content online, then Microsoft Word is the perfect editor to create your content offline. All you need is to simply copy and paste from Word or you can also directly connect the publishing platforms like WordPress to publish your Word document on your blog seamlessly.

Finally, Office apps have lot of add-ins to improve your productivity like Editor and you need to work with standalone apps in macOS.

Purchasing Microsoft 365 New License

Whatsoever is the reason, there are two possibilities – you already have Microsoft 365 license and want to install the app, or you want to purchase a new license of Microsoft 365.

The easiest way to purchase Microsoft 365 apps is through your Mac App Store. The subscription is valid for a year, and you will get free updates for all installed Office apps for a year. However, the problem here is that you will be paying to Apple and converting this subscription to Microsoft is not possible. This means you will not be able to renew the subscription from your Microsoft account. Also, this license will not be useful later if you want to switch to Windows computer from Mac.

To avoid confusion, we do not recommend purchasing Microsoft 365 from Mac App Store. Go to Microsoft website and purchase the single or family subscription as you need. It is also possible to upgrade from individual apps like Word 2023 to Microsoft 365 in Mac.

Installing Office Apps in Mac

Whether you have purchased a new license or having an existing license, there are multiple ways to install Microsoft 365 apps in Mac.

1. Install from Mac App Store

Good part is that you can install Microsoft 365 apps from Mac App Store and then login with your account to activate the premium subscription. This is the best option as the apps can be downloaded in few minutes with this method.

Open App Store and search for “word” or “Microsoft 365”.

Find and open Microsoft 365 app bundle.

Install Microsoft 365 Apps from Mac App Store

Login and Activate Subscription

Microsoft 365 Subscription Activated

It is sufficient to activate one app and when you open other apps, you will see they are automatically using your subscription.

2. Install from Microsoft Account

Next option is to install the package from your Microsoft account. Though this is also easy option, the installer package will be huge in size (2+ GB) and downloading from Microsoft account will take hours. We show here with Personal subscription, you may see a Family subscription if you have purchased that item.

Open Microsoft website and login with the same account from which you purchased Microsoft 365 subscription.

Go to Microsoft Personal Account

This will take you to your personal account page and show all subscription details you purchased from Microsoft.

Manage Microsoft 365 Subscription in Account

Install Office from Microsoft Account

It will show that you should have one of the three latest macOS version for installing the apps. Make sure you have the latest macOS or update macOS before trying to install the apps.

Check macOS Version and Install Office Apps

Allow Download from Microsoft in Safari

Migrating Office Apps from One Mac to Other

The above methods deal with fresh installation. However, if you have purchased a new iMac or MacBook, then there are some alternate options to migrate your Microsoft 365 apps.

Using Time Machine – take a Time Machine backup of your old Mac and then restore the apps in your new Mac.

Copy and Paste with iCloud – this is a tricky method but works for quick access when you have iCloud account. First, copy the apps from Applications folder and paste them in iCloud drive in your old Mac. After that open iCloud from your new Mac and move the apps to Applications folder. Launch the apps and login with your Microsoft account to start using premium subscription. Though this works to access the apps, you will miss the add-ins like Editor. When you update the app next time, Editor will be reinstalled as it comes as part of the package.

Copy Paste Apps Across Macs Using iCloud

Migration Assistant – if you are setting up a new Mac, then this is the best option for migrating all your apps with their settings. All you need is to connect both Macs in the same wireless network and use Migration Assistant app to transfer the data.   

Bing Versus Google: Search Engine Showdown

If you’re a Google loyalist, you’ll be interested to know that although Google excelled at producing lightning-fast results in our showdown, when it stumbles, it falls hard. Bing boosters should note that while your favorite search engine delivers uncannily relevant results, it has an annoying habit of auto-editing search queries in hopes of guessing what the user’s true intent is.

To settle the great search engine debate, we created our own version of the Pepsi Challenge for Bing and Google to see which one could serve up the best results without the fizz. We focused on search fundamentals: How easy is it to find a specific website? How simple is it to track down a certain factoid? Can either search engine find and deliver the best place to buy online? In the course of testing, we also rated Bing and Google on their ability to deliver spam-free results that show no bias toward their own services.

Read on to see how they did. Along the way we also offer search tips gleaned from what we learned.

Navigational Search Challenge

Since there is no index for the Internet, users depend on search engines to find a specific website, and often, particular pages on that site. So how do Bing and Google measure up to the challenge of steering clear of junk sites and delivering the right ones?

When we used both Bing and Google to track down the official website for Mitt Romney, President Obama’s YouTube channel, and a dosage chart for Infant Tylenol, the top results were correct in every case.

Bing: 4 stars

Search Tip: Keep your searches as specific as possible. Taking the time to enter an extra keyword or two (such as “official site” after “Mitt Romney”) will save you time when it comes to sorting through the search results.

Query Autocorrecting

Both Bing and Google automatically correct misspellings. But Bing often went too far in our experiments, automatically altering three of the nine test queries we entered. When we searched for “Barack Obama YouTube channel”, Bing included results for “barack obama youtube tv” automatically. When we searched for “Entertainment Weekly’s Grammy Coverage”, Bing also included “Entertainment Week Grammy Coverage”. In all instances where Bing assumed that it knew what we really wanted to search for, the suggestions were not helpful.

Bing: 2 stars

Search Tip: Be on the lookout for overzealous autocorrecting. It’s easy to overlook a minor (or sometimes, major) edit to your search query, unless you’re expecting it.

Next Up: Searching for Specifics on Large Sites

Searching for Specifics on Large Sites

One of the most popular types of searches involves looking for a particular page on a specific website you already know of. For example, many Boston Red Sox fans first visit Bing or Google for spring training news, with the intent of linking to Boston’s local online supersite chúng tôi To gauge how well Bing and Google did at this task, we created typical search engine queries with the name of the source website in the query, and tried to find information on small to large sites.

A search for “CNN Andrew Breitbart obituary” on both Bing and Google returned News results in the top spot, which was to be expected when searching for a timely topic (we conducted our searches in early March). But only Google’s results pointed us to the right page on chúng tôi Bing’s top result pointed us to a story on Daily Beast, with chúng tôi results appearing in the third spot.

While neither search engine was perfect, Bing was a bit more capable at delivering the right results in less time.

Bing: 4 stars

Product Searches

Searching for specific products is one of the most popular kinds of online searches. And in our test, both Bing and Google did a good job of taking us to official product pages when we ran them through their paces.

Google fared slightly better with popular queries such as “iPad models”, “P90X workout system”, and “iPhone 4S specs”. In all three test cases, the search engine’s top result led us directly to an official or manufacturer site. Bing was almost equally astute, but stumbled on the iPad search with top results dominated by news stories about the third-generation iPad and the iPad 2. At the very bottom of the first results page was a link to Apple’s iPad Web page.

Bing: 4 stars

Google: 4 stars

Search Tip: Searching for a product name only (such as “P90X workout system”) is a great way to begin your product research. But refining your query, adding terms such as “reviews” and “prices”, will help you get more information before you buy.

Taking Action: Transactional Searches

Searches in which the intent is to sign up for classes, cancel an account, or find forms to download are particularly annoying when a search engine lets you down. After all, you aren’t looking up the capital of Montana; you want to get something done.

Bing: 4.5 stars

Search Tip: A search engine may not return the specific page you want, but that doesn’t mean the page isn’t out there. Some sites (such as, ahem, those for cable companies) may make it difficult to cancel your service, while others (such as those for smaller, local organizations) may have sign-up pages buried deep on their sites. Keep looking.

Information Sources

Search engines have replaced dusty encyclopedias, dictionaries, and dog-eared reference books of all kinds, becoming everyone’s go-to resource for finding correct answers. Is a bite from a scarlet kingsnake poisonous? Let’s hope that your search engine gets the answer right, and fast.

Deciding on the best result from these types of searches–called informational searches–isn’t as easy as doing so on product searches, for obvious reasons. There is no official product page for, say, “most popular baby names of 2011”.

And, in our “What is the best Brad Pitt movie” search, in which we hoped to discover information specifically about the actor’s films, Bing’s results focused on Brad Pitt himself rather than his body of work, pointing us to his IMDb and Wikipedia pages before any movie reviews. Google, meanwhile, more fittingly directed us to several sites where reviewers debated the merits of his movies.

Bing also continued its habit of correcting our searches, even when we didn’t want it to. The search engine automatically changed a query for “Meredith Vieira husband medical problems” to “Meredith Vieira husband health help”, which is related, yes, but different.

Google: 4 stars

Search Tip: Ask and you shall receive–both search engines proved capable of quickly and easily answering questions. Even when we used colloquial language, Bing and Google understood what we were asking, and answered appropriately.

Next Up: Bias and Spammy Results


While chúng tôi and chúng tôi may focus on search as their core competency, both sites also serve as hubs for the variety of Web properties that their parent companies own. And both Microsoft and Google stand to gain if they can keep Web surfers on their network of sites, whether it’s a video site, a travel site, or an entertainment-news site.

That’s why we tested both search engines for any signs of bias, to see if they pointed us toward one of their own sites when another might have been a better fit. And we were pleased to see that both came away with their hands clean, returning unbiased results in almost all cases.

Since both Google and Microsoft offer smartphone platforms and VoIP software, we searched in those areas. Our “What is the best smartphone” and “What is the best VoIP service” queries brought us to a host of neutral sources, including Cnet, chúng tôi and chúng tôi In neither case did we see any mention of the company’s own products, such as Android, Windows Phone, Google Voice, or Skype.

In two cases we noticed a slight slant in the search results. Our “Aerial views of Boston” query appropriately produced links to Bing’s images of, well, aerial views of Boston. But the same search on Google pointed us to Google Maps in the top spot, which didn’t exactly deliver an aerial view of the city.

Bing did show its own slant when we searched for “Mike Wallace videos”, though, returning links to Bing Video in its second spot. Google, meanwhile, avoided pointing us toward YouTube, as it placed links to good-quality chúng tôi videos high in its results.

Bing: 4 stars


Searching for medical information on the Web can open up a minefield: In your quest for info, you could easily land on some third-rate site pushing pain pills from China. So we decided that we would see how well Bing and Google did in steering us clear of spam search results.

In our tests, we considered a site spammy if it was designed to trick, hijack, or clutter up your search results, and if it was obviously misleading in any way–not simply a site that could be considered a link farm or is optimized aggressively for the keywords.

Bing: 4 stars

Google: 4 stars

Search Tip: Don’t be afraid to tattle. If you come across spammy sites or link farms, report them. Both Bing and Google accept online spam reports.

Who Really Won?

Which search engine is better, Google or Bing? Neither. And both. While neither site ran away with our tests, neither failed miserably. So why, then, is Google so dominant in the marketplace? It might simply be a matter of habit: Google established its place atop the search engine charts years before Bing debuted, and many people continue to use it simply because they always have. They turn to Google just as they reach for Coke on the store shelves.

And then there’s that catchy name. If you’re looking for information, no one is going to tell you to “bing it.” But as our tests clearly show, sometimes “binging it” might be the better way to go. Relying on just one search engine will get you where you’re going most of the time. But switching between the two will get you there faster, with a little variety for good measure.

Special Thanks

We crafted our test queries after consulting with a number of search engine experts, all of whom are well versed in how real-world Web surfers are searching online. We offer a tip of the hat to these experts who helped us create our test methodology, including Rand Fishkin, CEO of chúng tôi Eric Pugh, a principal at search consultancy Opensource Connections, and Danny Sullivan, the search expert behind Search Engine Land.

Zoho Office Suite Taps Ai To Provide A Free, Powerful Alternative To Office 365

If you don’t want to pay for Microsoft’s AI-powered Microsoft Office, there are alternatives—including Zoho’s free Zoho Office Suite. Zoho’s alternatives to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Keep launch today, complete with their own intelligent features that are arguably friendlier than Microsoft’s own.

Zoho does charge $3 to SMBs to use the suite, and $6 per user for enterprises. If you’re a single home user, you pay nothing, though you’ll need to sign up for a Zoho account. All of the Zoho Office Suite apps are available on the web as well as on iOS and Android, but require an Internet connection. The exception is the new version of Writer, which is now available in an offline mode.

Writer’s new features include the Zia-powered spelling and grammar checker, which includes Flesch-Kincaid readability analysis as well as writing tips; offline mode and a dark mode; and forms and signature integration. In Sheet, Zia can automatically construct pivot tables and reply to plain-language queries, even on mobile. And in Notebook, Zoho’s Zia now constructs the sort of “cards” you might find in Twitter or Facebook, where a link will expand to show the title and any art associated with the link.

What this means to you: Microsoft’s Office suite is undoubtedly the powerhouse office suite, and as we’ve recently seen, Microsoft will do just about anything to keep you locked into an Office 365 subscription. Zoho, though, has been quietly providing a solid alternative for years. You can still import Office files (Writer, for example, accepts DOCX, DOC, DOT, TXT formats and more, and exports to DOCX, too) while keeping your files within Zoho’s workflow. Microsoft may make it a bit easier to save documents in its OneDrive cloud, but you can also connect to a cloud service within Zoho. The key point, of course, is that it’s all free to the home user.

Zoho Writer 5

Zoho’s apps have always catered to the business user, even if it’s an individual working at home. Many of Writer’s new features are geared toward helping automate business tasks like filling in forms, or integrating with Zoho’s other tools like Mail, Cliq, and Zoho Connect. But Zia’s Writer integration should directly appeal to the consumer.


The large, friendly dashboard within Zoho Writer points out areas for improvement.

Other features within Writer 5 include: 

A document automation hub, with document generation and automation tools to help you create automated forms, including the ability to generate fillable fields

Form automation, which allows clients to generate their own forms

Integration with Zoho’s CRM tools, which pulls in customer data as a data source

Signature collection, both e-signatures and “wet ink” Zoho

Zoho Writer integrates with Zoho sign for electronic signatures and “wet ink” management. This illustration shows off the new automated forms as well.

An offline mode, where your twenty most recent documents and anything new you’ve created are stored offline, than synced when you reconnect

A dark mode

Content creation tweaks, including a “focus typing” mode that highlights the current paragraph and an optional “typewriter” clacking noise that can play as you type.


“Focus typing” highlights the current paragraph.

Zoho Sheet 5


Zoho’s Zia can be used to ask questions of data stored in Zoho Sheet.


Frustrated with how to construct pivot tables? Zoho says it can use AI to help.

Other new Sheet features include:

Drag-and-drop columns

File import/export between OneDrive, Google Drive, box and Dropbox

Three new chart types: histogram, pareto, and wordcloud

Multirange selection support, among others


The new look for the web-based Sheet interface

Zoho Notebook

The first version of Zoho Notebook looks a lot like Google Keep, and that’s a good thing. Like Keep, the app’s mobile interface appears to be the primary form of interaction, though there’s a web interface as well. (Each syncs to the web automatically.) There are several types of Notebook notes: plain text, a checklist, audio, photo, sketch, file, and a “smart” note.


Translating a recipe into both a card and a checklist is a nifty use of AI within Zoho Notebook.

It’s the last format where Zoho intelligently applies context to a note, such as a recipe. Put a link to a recipe inside a smart note and Zoho Notebook will not only list the entire recipe with illustrations, but turn the ingredient list into a checklist as. Drop a YouTube link into a smart note, and it will open the player; drop a link to a news site and it will expand the story. More types of smart cards or notes will be added over time, Zoho said.

Zoho Show

How Block Works In Pl/Sql?

Definition of PL/SQL Block

Basically, PL/SQL contains the different blocks to write a code, in another word we can say that the PL/SQL code we cannot execute in a single, so we need a group of code for a single element that we called the block. Normally the block contains the SQL instructions as well as PL/SQL statements. The PL/SQL block structure is predefined and in which we need to write the code in different blocks. The PL/SQL consists of three different types of blocks such as the Declaration section, Execution section, and Exception handling section. As per requirement, we can include the header section into a PL/SQL.

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others



In the above syntax, we use three different sections: the declaration section, execution section, and exception handling section. In the first section we can declare variables, in the second section that begins or we can say that execution section, here we write the executable statement as per requirement and the last section contains the exception handling statement and again it depends on the user requirement.

How block works in PL/SQL?

Now let’s see how PL/SQL works as follows.

Basically, there are three different sections as follows.

1. Declaration section

This is the first section in the PL/SQL block and it is an optional part in PL/SQL block. In this section, we can declare the variables, exceptions, subprograms, cursor, collections, and different instructions as per the requirement. The declaration section has some important characteristics as follows.

This section is optional, and if no declarations are required, it can be omitted.

If a PL/SQL block is present, this should be the first part.

For triggers and anonymous blocks, this section begins with the term ‘DECLARE.’ This keyword will not be present in other subprograms. Instead, the declaration portion begins after the subprogram name definition.

The execution section should always come after this part.

2. Execution Section

This is the second section of the PL/SQL block; the execution section always starts with the BEGIN keyword and ends with the END keyword. In this block, we just need to write at least one executable expression even if it is null, which means it is a mandatory section of the PL/SQL block. Some important characteristics of the execution section are as follows.

• The ‘END’ or the Exception-Handling section should come after this section (if present)

3. Exceptional handling section

Now let’s see some important characteristics of the exception handling section as follows.

There is no reference name given for these blocks.

The term ‘DECLARE’ or ‘BEGIN’ is used to start these blocks.

These blocks can’t be saved for subsequent use since they don’t have a reference name. They must be designed and implemented in the same session.

It can include nested blocks that are either named or anonymous. It may be nested in any block as well.

These blocks can include all three components, with the execution portion being required and the other two sections being optional.

Basically, there are two types of Block in PL/SQL as follows.

1. Anonymous Block: in this block, there is no need to specify the name that means we need to create and use it in the same section as per requirement because an anonymous block is not stored on the server.


Now let’s see the different examples of a block in PL/SQL for better understanding as follows.

Let’s see a very simple example of a block in PL/SQL as follows.

SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Welcome in first PLSQL Block'); END; /


In the above example, we start to write the block with the BEGIN keyword and end with the END keyword as shown in the above block. Inside the block, we write the statement that contains the execution section of the block. The DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line statement used as an output statement that means here we display the message by using this procedure and execution of block we use forward-slash (/) that instructs SQL * Plus to execute the block. The final output of the above block or procedure we illustrated by using the following screenshot as follows.

Let’s see another example as follows.

SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; DECLARE test VARCHAR2(200) := 'Welcome in PLSQL Block'; BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line(test); END; /

In this example we include the declaration section as shown, here we declare the test variable with varchar2 data type and it contains a string message as shown in the above procedure. The remaining code of this example is the same as the above example. The final output of the above block or procedure we illustrated by using the following screenshot as follows.

Now let’s see how we can include the exception section in the procedure as follows.

SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; DECLARE val_e number; BEGIN val_e := 10/0; EXCEPTION when zero_divide then dbms_output.put_line('Divide by zero error'); END; /


By using the above example we try to handle the exception in the block. In the execution section, we write the expression for the divide by zero exception with the EXCEPTION keyword as shown in the above example. After execution of this block, it shows a message like Divide by zero error. The final output of the above block or procedure we illustrated by using the following screenshot as follows.


We hope from this article you learn PL/SQL blocks. From the above article, we have learned the basic syntax of block and we also see different examples of the block. From this article, we learned how and when we use PL/SQL blocks.

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We hope that this EDUCBA information on “PL/SQL Block” was beneficial to you. You can view EDUCBA’s recommended articles for more information.

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives For Mac

Although Microsoft Office is unarguably the best office suite for any computer, people look for other free or paid alternatives for two main reasons. Microsoft adopted a subscription model and high-price of Office 2023. In addition to the price point, common users, who want to perform basic tasks, like to use free software packages like Google Docs to create, edit, and share documents. No matter where you stand in this situation, you can always check some of the best Microsoft Office alternatives for Mac.

1. Google Suite

For the last 13 years, G Suite has been providing business solutions in cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration. Since this package includes Google Drives, Mac users can easily create, store, and share their documents from anywhere.

When your team is spread across the length and breadth of the world, this cloud-based software is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office for Mac. Apart from PDF and DOC files, you can share your iWork files with others.

Since G Suite boasts minimalist features, it is popular among enterprises. However, some features are deeply rooted in menus; for this reason, G Suite requires some time to explore its full features. If you are familiar with Chrome or Chrome OS, you won’t face any challenge in using this package.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice can easily fill the vacuum left by Windows and macOS. And one of the first thing it does is to support nearly all document formats. The best thing about LibreOffice is its Office-like interface.

Unlike Windows Microsoft Office, this does not ask you for frequent updates. A notable feature of this suite is you can export files into PDF format.

Users, however, complained about the change in fonts and formatting when they export documents from LibreOffice to MS Office. With a smaller download size of 228MB, it is quick to install and use on your Mac. The software is a reliable productivity tool if you are looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac.

3. iWork Suite

iWork mainly involves Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – these three will quickly remind you of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint of Microsoft Office. However, Apple’s ecosystem makes the three accessible to all devices that bear this tech giant’s name. Thus, you can work in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

On iPad, you can use Apple Pencil to add illustrations and notations to your documents. iWork is lighter than MS Office, and this is one of the reasons why Mac users avoid using MS Office.

Pages is amazing, in so many words. Especially when I create sensational-looking documents and access the same on non-Apple computers. Yes, Apple lets you use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Windows computer using iCloud.

4. Open Office

Apache Open Office boasts six impressive tools to set up your office in your Mac. This software suite comprises Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math.

While Writer, Calc, and Impress are lookalikes of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the other three have successfully diverged from MS Office. Draw helps you create from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.

With Base, you can create and edit tables, forms, queries, and reports. And Math allows you to create mathematical calculations with a graphic user interface.

It is your open source software package, and therefore, you can fix bugs and send your suggestions for improvement. Moreover, it has an active online community, which can help you if you are in a fix.

5. WPS Office

Moreover, it’s customizable, so you can pick the menu style you like most. Pretty neat! I also appreciate that it supports tabbed document editing, similar to a web browser. Further, you get an integrated cloud with 1 GB of storage!

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

You may want to take a peek at:

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

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