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Once in Lacunosa Town, make sure you are stocked up on Poke Balls and healing items as the battle will be quite a challenge (it is level 75 after all). Then take the exit on the right towards Undella Town via Route 13. (If you are coming from Undella Town, bypass Step 3). If you went this way, bypass Step 4.


When you get there you will be greeted by the confusing yet quite small Route 13. Once there, go south (battle the trainer if you wish to), go through the first patch of grass, preferably on the right hand side as you can collect an item (and avoid another patch of grass). Then hop over the ledge, and keep going until you reach the clearing. Then turn left and go down the steps, through the patch of tall grass and keep to the face of the cliff (to the hero’s right). Make a left when you reach the end of the beach and walk up to the far-off set of steps. Climb them, and continue onwards to the Giant Chasm. Make sure you use HM Strength to move the boulder in case you lose to Kyurem so you can quickly access it again.

If you started this event from Undella Town, your journey is much simpler. You have to arrive at Route 13 (after stocking up of course), go up the steps and follow the beach, staying as far right as possible (but do NOT turn at the end of the second set of steps to go down the very narrow alleyway of sand as this will lead you back to the start of Route 13). Then you reach the steps and continue on (also making sure to move the boulder using HM Strength).

Once this is done, you will arrive at Giant Chasm. It looks very simple at first, but many challenges await you. First you must enter the cavern in the middle of the entrance. Once inside you will be in a dark room. You may collect items if you wish (as there are a couple of rare items in the whole of the chasm), but the main goal is to reach Kyurem. Firstly you need to go all the way around the cavern and reach the exit (HM Surf is required at this point so make sure you have a Pokémon who can use this!). Once you exit, you will return outside.

You will be introduced to an extremely large and complex maze for you to go through. The objective is to get to the middle where a pond-like area of water lies. This looks impossible at first, but there is a way. To do this, the easiest way (without wanting to collect items) is to go as far North as you can from the entrance, then as far West, then as far South, then as far East, then as far North again (make sure you do not go over a ledge which takes you to a part where you have already been, as this mucks up the order). Then go through a patch of long grass and you will see the pond like area. Go to it and you will hear an Earthquake-like roar.

After this sound, the ground will cover with snow (the roar was Kyurem and the snow was his doing in case you hadn’t realized. This now gives you a clear passage to the exit and the final cavern in which Kyurem is inside. Walk through to the exit.

Once inside the cavern, getting to Kyurem is a doddle. Simply walk up to him and interact with him. As all legendaries do, it will roar, and the battle will begin.

Once Kyurem is caught, exit the cavern and all the snow will have disappeared. Then exit from the East and then walk South for the quick way (If you did not earlier this would be a great time to go back and collect items, in which case go back the way you came, collecting them on the way).


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How To Upload Audio Or Music To Canva (9 Steps)

Calling all aspiring video editors! Hi there. My name is Kerry, and I am here to share with you all of the tips, tricks, and steps to creating the best projects using a website called Canva. While I personally love creating posters, infographics, and other still media, you can also use this platform for your video needs!

In this post, I’ll explain how you can add music or audio to your video projects on Canva. If you are looking to create for social media, marketing campaigns, or persona projects, this is a feature that will elevate and customize your work to match your style and needs.

Are you ready to learn more about editing your videos by adding customized audio to them? 

Great! Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Why Use Canva to Edit and Add Audio to Videos

Did you know that one of the most used platforms for video creators who post their work on websites such as Youtube is Canva? This is probably because the platform is so easy to navigate and allows for some fabulous editing options, even for those just embarking on their journey!

With the variety of customizations that are available, users can choose sounds that match their style by either attaching their own audio clips or by scrolling through the music library that has pre-licensed clips.

Also, in using Canva to add these sounds to your videos, you are given the professional ability to edit it even further by adjusting the volume, applying transitions, and positioning it in just the right space!

How to Add Music or Audio to Your Canva Projects   

The ability to add music and audio into video projects is a really cool feature on Canva. The steps to add this element to your projects are fairly simple and you can even include your own prerecorded music!

Follow these steps to learn how to add audio and music to your videos on Canva:

Step 1: First you will need to log into Canva using the credentials that you always use to sign into your account. On the home screen, navigate to the search bar at the top of the platform.

Step 2: Choose the video template that you want to use for your video creation by searching for the keyword in the search bar. Keep in mind the type of format that you want to keep your creation in, whether it be for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.)

Step 3: Once you have either opened a new canvas or uploaded the video that you want to edit, it is time to add in your audio and music! (If you are using a video that has multiple clips, you must first arrange your clips in the timeline at the bottom of the screen to splice together your video.)

(Just keep in mind that any of the audio clips or elements that have a crown attached to the bottom of it is only available to use through a paid Canva Pro subscription account.)

You will also be able to see the length of the clip as well as your slides (and total video) at the bottom of the canvas. This is helpful when you want to make sure that your audio is matching the duration of specific parts of your project!

Final Thoughts

Being able to upload various types of audio into your Canva projects is such a cool tool, as adding sound to your work can really bring it to life! Whether you are utilizing the library that is found on the platform, want to upload found files, or even record your own voice, music, or sound effects- the sky is the limit with this feature!

How To Remove Any White Background In Photoshop (5 Fast Ways)

Now, if you’re like me, you have a photo with a white background but aren’t sure the easiest ways to remove it. These white backgrounds can be pesky to deal with from studio portraits, product photos, graphics, and logos. When I first tried to remove a white background and make it transparent, I spent far too long making the cut out perfect. The problem was, I didn’t realize how much FASTER I could remove these backgrounds if I were using the proper techniques. So, to help you save time and skip to white background removal glory here’s one super fast method to try.

This hidden tool is just one of many incredibly easy ways to remove backgrounds in Photoshop. To help you get a better understanding of this process, plus four other backup techniques, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

How To Remove White Backgrounds In Photoshop

Removing A White Background Using The “Remove Background” Button

Before diving into this one further, it’s important to note that this feature is only available in Photoshop CC 2023 and newer. Therefore, if you are using an older version of the program, you’ll want to skip to the next background removal option in the list.

Step 1: Select Your Image Layer

First, make sure your image layer is selected in your Layers Panel and unlocked.

Step 2: Open The Properties Panel

Scrolling to the bottom of your properties panel, look for the Quick Actions options. Inside, you’ll see two buttons called “Remove Background” and “Select Subject.”

On the other hand, the Select Subject button creates an automatic selection around your subject without applying it to a mask. This way, you can quickly refine the selection in case something gets messed up in the process.

Photoshop will work its magic and automatically create a selection around your subject and remove the white background.

Step 4: Refine The Newly Created Layer Mask If Needed

In some cases, you may find that Photoshop made a mistake and removed part of your image that you wanted to keep. This can be easily adjusted at any time with your layer mask.

Then access your brush tool (B) and set white to your foreground color to add back part of your image. If you want to remove additional areas from the photo, set the foreground color to black instead.

Now paint over your image to quickly refine your layer mask and add back any important bits that Photoshop might have accidentally removed.

Step 5: All Done! How To Remove A White Background With The Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand Tool is fantastic at making selections based on similar colors in your images. In the case of removing a white background, it’s another amazing tool to use. The only trouble is that it requires some specific settings to work just right.

I outline everything you need to know for using the Magic Wand Tool to remove a white background in the steps below.

Step 1: Select The Magic Wand Tool

To access the Magic Wand Tool, simply press W on your keyboard or find it in your toolbar.

Step 2: Set The Sample Size To “Point Sample”

With your tool selected, go to the upper settings bar and set the Sample Size to “Point Sample” or “5 By 5 Average.” These options allow you to choose how much of your sampled color will be taken into consideration.

If you have a graphic with a solid white background, “point sample” will work best. However, if you have a white background taken in a studio with different shades of white, a 5 by 5 average will provide a better selection.

Step 3: Set The Tolerance To 25

Next, set the tolerance to 25. This is an excellent in-between value that allows some wiggle room from the original sampled color, which will be white in this case. If you have more shades of white in your background, it may be worthwhile to bump this to 50 or 60 instead.

Step 4: Check Off Anti-alias

In the final setting option, make sure Anti-alias is checked off, while the two remaining options are left unchecked.

Since you’re left with an active selection, it’s time to add that to a layer mask to make the white background transparent.

Now press Command or Control + I to invert your layer mask and make the subject visible again.

Now your selection will be added to your mask, and the background will be removed entirely. The beauty of layer masks is that you can go back and edit them later on if you need!

Step 7: Admire Your Transparent Background!

After following these steps, you have successfully removed your white background and make it transparent. Time to bask in the glory of your fine Photoshopping skills!

How To Remove A White Background Using Select Color

In the dialogue box that appears, you will automatically have the eyedropper tool selected. What you need to do now is sample the color you want to create a selection around. In this case, that is white.

For simplicity’s sake, sampling the white background to make it white will allow for an easier selection process in later steps.

Step 3: Add Or Subtract From Your Sample To Refine It

If you have a perfect selection after just one sample, then great! Move on to the next step. However, if your selection isn’t looking quite right (the background isn’t completely white), you need to do some refining.

Step 4: Adjust The Fuzziness Slider

As a final method of refinements, the fuzziness slider controls the tolerance of which shades are added to your sample. If you have multiple shades of white, increasing the fuzziness slider will help add all these shades to your selection.

A beneficial trick in this step is to set your Selection Preview to Grayscale, so you are viewing what is selected. For now, make sure everything that you don’t want to delete is black.

Step 5: Invert Your Selection Area

This will switch the colors around so the white background will now get removed, while your subject will remain visible on your selection!

Step 6: Press OK To Create A Selection Step 7: Add The Selection To A Layer Mask

Your selection will be applied to the layer mask and make the white background transparent. Just like before, if you need to adjust your mask later on, you can easily do so using the Brush Tool and painting black (transparent) or white (visible) onto the mask.

Step 8: You’re Done!

Now you have successfully learned another fast and easy way to remove white backgrounds in Photoshop. This method isn’t just helpful for removing a white background but also works for colored backgrounds too!

How To Remove A White Background With The Magic Eraser Tool

The Magic Eraser Tool is similar to the Magic Wand Tool, except it does not work non-destructively. Rather than creating a selection to add to a layer mask, this tool permanently deletes the background. This is exceptionally useful if you don’t want to deal with masks and want a straightforward approach to background removal.

Step 1: Select The Magic Eraser Tool Step 2: Set The Tolerance To 25 Or Higher

With the tool active, go to the upper setting bar and change the tolerance to 25 or higher. If you have more shades of white in your image, a higher tolerance will achieve better results.

Step 3: Check Off Anti-alias

Next, check off Anti-alias and leave the other settings unchecked.

Step 4: Set The Opacity To 100%

Finally, set the opacity to 100% if it isn’t already. Without 100% opacity, your background erasing adjustments will only partly remove the white background.

If you accidentally delete something you wanted to keep, press Command + Z (Mac) or Control + Z (PC) to undo the action.

Now you have successfully removed the white background by erasing it directly from your layer!

How To Remove A White Background With Channels In Photoshop

The final method for removing a white background in Photoshop is with channels. This method works well for all kinds of images but really shines with complicated subjects. For example, if you have a graphic with a lot of text or a portrait with flyaway hairs, this technique will provide top-quality selections around those complex edges.

Step 1: Access The Channels Panel

First, access the Channels Panel, which can be found beside your Layers in most workspaces.

Step 2: Duplicate The Channel With The Most Contrast

After browsing through your options, select the channel that has the most contrast. In other words, the channel with the darkest blacks and the whitest whites. This is important because you will use this contrast to create a selection and remove the white background, so the more, the merrier!

Step 3: Add A Levels Adjustment To Your Duplicated Channel

With the duplicate channel layer selected, press Command + L (Mac) or Control + L (PC) to apply a levels adjustments. In the levels dialogue box that appears, drag the shadows right, and the highlights left.

The goal is to add more contrast to your photo until your background is completely white and your subject is black. In some cases you won’t be able to do this without white or grey spots, so just get it as good as you chúng tôi can touch this up later!

Step 4: Turn The Duplicated Channel Into A Selection Step 5: Apply The Selection Onto A Layer Mask

Now press Command + I (Mac) or Control + I (PC) with the layer mask selected to invert your mask. This will remove the white background.

If you have an image like mine, there are transparent areas left over. Luckily this can be touched up by selecting the Brush Tool (B) and setting your foreground color to white. Now paint over the transparent areas of your subject to restore the pixels and remove the transparency.

Now you have mastered a fifth way of removing a white background from a photo in Photoshop!

How To Export Your Image With A Transparent Background

Now that you have made your white background transparent, you probably want to export your photo with a transparent background. Luckily exporting to PNG can be done in seconds!

Then set your file format to PNG.

And pick a location to save your file on your computer.

Happy Editing!

Brendan 🙂

Your Macbook Screen Goes Black? Follow These Steps To Fix It • Mactips

Your MacBook screen goes black? Follow these steps to fix it






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Protect your Mac on all fronts with unrivalled antivirus technology! Intego is a veteran when it comes to Mac security, bringing you well-researched and tested security features to protect your Mac against malware and cyber threats. Here are the most important features:

Advanced antivirus and PUP protection

VPN with unlimited encrypted traffic

Automatic backup of essential files

Cleaner utility, to speed up your Mac

Parental controls feature

Secure your Mac with Intego!

Many MacBook users reported that the screen on their MacBook goes black. This can be a problem since you won’t be able to do anything with it. However, there might be a way to fix this problem.

What can I do if my MacBook has a black screen? 1. Restart or shut down your MacBook

This might be a temporary glitch, and in order to fix it, the first thing you need to do is to restart your MacBook. To do that, follow these steps:

Press Control + Eject keys and then press Enter to shut down your MacBook. Alternatively, you can hold Control + Command + Eject to restart your MacBook.

Now press the Power button to start it again.

Alternatively, you can press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds and then wait for 30 seconds before starting your MacBook again.

Few users reported that this trick helped them, so you might want to try it out:

Press the Power button once.

Now press the S This will put your MacBook to sleep.

Hold the Power button down to force a shutdown.

Wait for 30 seconds or so and start your MacBook again.

3. Try entering your password

Sometimes there’s a glitch that causes the MacBook screen to go black. To fix it, do the following:

When your MacBook boots to the black screen, enter your password.

Now press the Return key and check if the problem is still there.

4. Reset NVRAM

If your MacBook screen goes black, you might be able to fix it simply by resetting the PRAM. To do that, follow these steps:

Shut down your MacBook and turn it back on immediately.

Press and hold the following keys: Option, Command, P, and R.

Hold these keys pressed until you hear the startup sound for the second time or until you see Apple’s logo appearing and disappearing for the second time.

After doing that, check if the problem is still there.

5. Use macOS Recovery

If you’re getting a black screen with a crossed white circle, the issue is your macOS installation. The installation is most likely damaged, so you need to use macOS Recovery to repair it. To do that, follow these steps:

Turn on your MacBook and press and hold Command + R keys.

When you see the Apple logo, spinning globe , or a startup screen, release the keys.

If required, enter your password.

These are some useful methods that you can use if your MacBook screen goes black.

FAQ: Learn more about MacBook screen problems

How long does Apple take to fix a cracked screen?

It usually takes Apple one hour to fix a cracked screen, if it is just a hairline crack. For more severe cracks it might take longer.

Does Apple fix screens for free?

Apple can fix your screen for free if your warranty is still active or if you’re still subscribed to the AppleCare service.

Does toothpaste really fix cracked screens?

No, toothpaste does not fix cracked screens, but it can help if you have fine scratches on your screen.

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How To Build A Successful Brand In Simple Steps

Although having an original idea can be crucial to success, the actual implementation of that idea is a completely different ballgame.

A strong and easily identifiable brand is like having a key that matches your lock. It is the accumulation of success that lasts the test of time. A quality key can be copied, but a solid lock is impossible to copy. It’s not so easy. The keyhole is not open for pretenders.

A brand is more than a simple logo and a funny name.

Creative branding services assist businesses in all aspects of branding, including presenting their unique value proposition to the market, creating a brand identity from scratch, and optimizing core messaging and company values.

What is a brand?

We pointed out that a brand is more than the visual elements that are first brought to your mind when you say the word.

McDonald’s iconic “M” and Apple’s, well Apple’s are the cherry on the top of the brand experience with a recognizable trademark.

The brand is not tangible. It is an emotional connection, a relationship between a business owner and a customer. People form strong bonds with their favorite brands and often voice their opinions on the subject.

Are you familiar with heated arguments between Pepsi and Coke drinkers? Or between Xbox and Sony PlayStation fans?

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Brand Identity

Brands must create their own user identity before they can affect the user ID.

Brand identity includes a variety of elements such as company values, messaging, and communication style. It also includes offering colors, logos, and a color palette.

Reputation is another important component of brand identity. It is an important part of brand identity, but it is not the message that business ventures want to communicate. It is the best example of customer feedback.

These factors are what reflect your brand to others. The global market’s perception of you and your efforts is your brand image.

Your customers need to be able to expect the best from you. It is crucial to meet and maintain their expectations to establish your brand.

Be yourself

“Know Yourself.”

This proverb from ancient Greece means you must first know yourself so that you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

First, think about why your brand exists. This will help you build a successful brand. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give your customers a lengthy history of your past. Sharing your story is up to you.

Once you have identified your roots, you will be able to identify your primary purpose, mission, personality, and promise for your business.

Recognize Your Audience

The goal of understanding what your company stands for is reaching your target market, your ideal clients.

Who are your target customers? Who were you thinking of when you created your product or service?

When defining your audience, you should consider gender, age, economic stability, education, and location.

Some of these are simpler to identify. You can target prospects in your area, for example. If you sell women’s clothing, targeting gender is easy, even though social trends are changing.

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Investigate Your Competitors

Let’s suppose you’re new to your niche and don’t know who your competitors might be.

It is a good idea to start by searching for your product/service type on Google and then see what results from you get.

To find out what obstacles might be lurking around the corner, read through customer reviews.

It is important to take notes along the way about what works and what doesn’t, so you can learn from your competitors.

Design your brand strategy

Once you have mastered the points above, you can use them to create a brand strategy.

Are you able to sum up your brand’s main value and message in just two sentences?

Your customers should have a clear understanding of your brand positioning statement.

Your brand strategy serves as a guide for you, your staff, and your customers and clients. Your:

Mission Statement: This is your statement about how you intend to reach your goals

Vision: A statement that defines your future goals.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP: A statement that defines and differentiates your product/service

Brand DNA: A list of short phrases and sentiments that can trigger emotional hooks.

Choose Your Name and Visual Elements

There is no formula that will tell you how to think about your brand name. Some companies begin with ringing ideas and names next. For most people, however, it is natural.

Be patient, but don’t let it go on trying to be original. Instead of focusing on creating new words or choosing existing words, think about your brand, business goals and the experiences that will lead you there.

However, logos and design elements must follow certain rules. You’ll notice that certain fonts work better for some businesses than others, despite visual trends.

Some fonts and shapes can be used to convey professionalism while others may communicate creativity, efficiency, humor, or humor.

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Your Platform

Once you have a clear vision of your story, audience, unique differentiator, and visual elements, it is time to share your message with the world through an appropriate platform.

Websites are the foundation of most businesses. Businesses can then add other platforms to their website.

There are many ways to produce podcasts, explainer videos, and content for social media.

Let’s get back to your unique value proposition.

Be authentic when designing your website. Make sure to emphasize your UVP.

Stay consistent and keep your visitors hooked by the right messaging.

Promote Your Brand

This is the fun part! Now it’s time for you to market your brand.

Your niche and target audience will influence the course of your marketing campaigns.

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Personalization is becoming a dominant marketing trend, even though it may not be in your control.

Your target audience research should inform your tone. Learn about your target audience and customers’ needs, and then analyze their social media interactions.

Every customer should feel that you are speaking directly to them. While direct communication would be via newsletter sign-ups and newsletters, it is important to avoid using formal language and robotic copy when writing content for your website, blogs and social media promotions.

It is also frowned upon by those who are too enthusiastic about lingo, which screams artificiality.

You can only attract clients and customers by being authentic.

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Branding is essential. Without branding, your venture will be a faceless drop in the ocean. To skyrocket your business, you must first build a brand.

Your brand establishes trust and rapport with your customers. Consumers can tell when your message is fake, so keep your promises. This will help you keep them coming back for more.

How To Revise An Essay In 3 Simple Steps

Revising and editing an essay is a crucial step of the writing process. It often takes up at least as much time as producing the first draft, so make sure you leave enough time to revise thoroughly.

The most effective approach to revising an essay is to move from general to specific:

Start by looking at the big picture: does your essay achieve its overall purpose, and does it proceed in a logical order?

Next, dive into each paragraph: do all the sentences contribute to the point of the paragraph, and do all your points fit together smoothly?

Finally, polish up the details: is your grammar on point, your punctuation perfect, and your meaning crystal clear?

Step 1: Look at the essay as a whole

There’s no sense in perfecting a sentence if the whole paragraph will later be cut, and there’s no sense in focusing on a paragraph if the whole section needs to be reworked.

For these reasons, work from general to specific: start by looking at the overall purpose and organization of your text, and don’t worry about the details for now.


Double-check your assignment sheet and any feedback you’ve been given to make sure you’ve addressed each point of instruction. In other words, confirm that the essay completes every task it needs to complete.


Next, check for logical organization. Consider the ordering of paragraphs and sections, and think about what type of information you give in them. Ask yourself:

Do you define terms, theories and concepts before you use them?

Do you give all the necessary background information before you go into details?

Does the argument build up logically from one point to the next?

Is each paragraph clearly related to what comes before it?

Ensure each paragraph has a clear topic sentence that sums up its point. Then, try copying and pasting these topic sentences into a new document in the order that they appear in the paper.

This allows you to see the ordering of the sections and paragraphs of your paper in a glance, giving you a sense of your entire paper all at once. You can also play with the ordering of these topic sentences to try alternative organizations.

If some topic sentences seem too similar, consider whether one of the paragraphs is redundant, or if its specific contribution needs to be clarified. If the connection between paragraphs is unclear, use transition sentences to strengthen your structure.

Finally, use your intuition. If a paragraph or section feels out of place to you, even if you can’t decide why, it probably is. Think about it for a while and try to get a second opinion. Work out the organizational issues as best you can before moving on to more specific writing issues.

Step 2: Dive into each paragraph

Next, you want to make sure the content of each paragraph is as strong as it can be, ensuring that every sentence is relevant and necessary:

Make sure each sentence helps support the topic sentence.

Check for redundancies – if a sentence repeats something you’ve already said, cut it.

Check for inconsistencies in content. Do any of your assertions seem to contradict one another? If so, resolve the disagreement and cut as necessary.

Here’s why students love Scribbr’s proofreading services


Discover proofreading & editing

Step 3: Polish the language

Once you’re happy with the overall shape and content of your essay, it’s time to focus on polishing it at a sentence level, making sure that you’ve expressed yourself clearly and fluently.

You’re now less concerned with what you say than with how you say it. Aim to simplify, condense, and clarify each sentence, making it as easy as possible for your reader to understand what you want to say.

Try to avoid complex sentence construction – be as direct and straightforward as possible.

If you have a lot of very long sentences, split some of them into shorter ones.

If you have a lot of very short sentences that sound choppy, combine some of them using conjunctions or semicolons.

Make sure you’ve used appropriate transition words to show the connections between different points.

Cut every unnecessary word.

Avoid any complex word where a simpler one will do.

Look out for typos and grammatical mistakes.

If you lack confidence in your grammar, our essay editing service provides an extra pair of eyes.

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