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Photos on iOS can detect important events, people, or places you capture on your iPhone by compiling the pictures and videos into a slideshow that it calls Memories. With iOS 15, the Memories feature inside the Photos app gets new features like Memory mixes, song suggestions, memory looks, and the ability to add any song available from the Apple Music library. 

In this post, we’ll help you understand how you can change the music for memories on iOS 15 Photos. 

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How to change music for a memory on iPhone

When you play a memory from the Photos app, a song gets automatically applied to it. If you wish to change the song that plays with this memory, you can do it from within the Memories section on your phone. To change music for a memory, open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the ‘For You’ tab at the bottom.

Inside the ‘For You’ screen, select the memory you want to edit from under the ‘Memories’ section. You can choose a different memory from this screen by swiping left/right inside ‘Memories’ or by tapping the ‘See All’ option.

This should open up the editing screen for your memory. From here, tap on the Music button (the one with the music note icon and a ‘+’ sign) at the bottom right corner. 

You should now see the ‘Music’ screen pop up. You can look for a track you want to apply from under the sections available – Top Suggestions, Soundtracks, and Apple Music Suggestions. When you tap on a track, Photos will play a preview of it.  

Once you’ve found your preferred music to add to the memory, tap on it to select it. 

After that, go back to the previous screen and tap on ‘Done’. 

The music you selected will appear at the bottom of the Memory Mixes screen. 

To view the memory with your newly selected music, tap on an empty area of this screen. When the memory starts playing, you should see the title of the selected music at the top of your screen. 

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Can you use a song from your iPhone library as Memory music?

No. Apple doesn’t provide a way to choose a song that you have saved on your iPhone as music for your memories. For now, you can choose tunes that are available under Top Suggestions, Soundtracks, and Apple Music Suggestions. Among these three sections, you can choose any song from the first two sections for free. Tracks that are suggested from Apple Music can only be applied to memories if you have an Apple Music subscription. 

Can you choose a Spotify track for a memory?

No, you cannot set your memory music from your favorite tracks on Spotify. At this time, Apple only allows you to choose music as a memory from its Apple Music app and not from any other service. That itself will only be possible if you have an active Apple Music subscription on your iPhone. There’s also a limitation on which tracks can be applied as memory music as you can only choose those songs from the Apple Music library that are suggested to you based on your preferences or songs played at the time. 

That’s all there is to know about changing music for memories inside iOS 15 Photos. 


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How To Transfer Music From Android To Iphone

Moving to a new phone is always something to be excited about and switching from an Android device to an iPhone has become easier than ever, thanks to Apple’s Move to iOS app. But there’s only so much that can be transferred from your old phone to an iPhone and music is one of those things that might take more time than you’d expect to get it imported to your iPhone. 

If you’re like us and you’re very particular about the songs you listen to, then it will be the first thing you would want to transfer from Android to iPhone. So can you bring your music with you when transitioning to an iPhone and how would you do it? That’s what we’re here to talk about in this post. 

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Can I move music directly from Android to iPhone?

There are a few things you might like to know before transferring music from Android to iPhone but the one thing you might be curious about is whether you’ll be able to do it directly from Android to iPhone. 

If you have audio files

It doesn’t matter how many music streaming options one might have, if you’re a high-quality audio junkie, then you would want all of your offline music collection to be moved to your new iPhone. Although possible, the process of transferring music from Android to iPhone is a convoluted affair.

We say this because you cannot transfer your music directly from Android to iPhone unless you want to rely on a third-party app/service to do it. 

If you use Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming services

In a world where streaming services dominate most of our content consumption, most of us rely on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and any other service for listening to music. If you’re someone who already pays for one or more of these subscription services, then transferring your music from Android to iOS is as easy as installing an app and logging in to your account. 

That’s because all major streaming services can be installed directly on iOS and you can access all of your content by simply signing into your account. You can download the following streaming apps on your new iPhone and easily start playing your favorite genre right away:

What do you need?

If you have decided to go ahead and move all of your audio files from your Android device to an iPhone, then you should make sure you have the following items checked before moving on to the transfer process.  

A Mac or Windows computer

USB-to-Lightning cable or USB-C to Lightning Cable [to connect Mac and iPhone]

USB-A/USB-C to micro USB/USB-C cable, depending upon your Android, PC, and Mac’s port

WiFi network [for iTunes Match and Feem v4 app]

Preliminary Steps

Since we have established that there isn’t an official way to set up a direct connection between an Android device and iPhone, you will have to suffice with connecting your Android device to your computer first and use it as the medium to transfer music to your iPhone. 

Depending on which computer you own, you can choose either of the two methods mentioned here to copy your audio files from an Android smartphone to a Mac or Windows PC. 

Method 1 – Transferring Music from Android to Mac

To transfer files from your Android device to a Mac, you need to install Android File Transfer on the latter by downloading it from the highlighted link and following the on-screen instructions.

After the Android File Transfer app has been installed, connect your Android phone to the Mac using the data cable that came with your Android. If you own a more recent MacBook, then you will need a USB-C to USB-A (or USB-C) adapter to connect your phone to the Mac or a USB-C to micro-USB/USB-C cable to connect both devices directly. 

Mac will only be able to read the contents of your Android device if the latter is unlocked. To make sure, all of your Android files are visible on the Mac, unlock your phone.

After unlocking the Android, open the Notifications section by swiping down from the top of your phone’s screen. Here, tap on the notification that says something in the lines of “Tap for other USB options”.

This should show a new menu of options on your screen. In this list, tap on the ‘File transfer/Android Auto’ option to allow the Mac to read your Android device’s files.

Once a connection between your Android and Mac has been established, open Android File Transfer from the Mac’s Launchpad or Applications folder.

In most cases, the Android File Transfer app should appear on its own whenever you connect your Android device to a Mac.

You will now be able to see all of the files and folders that are available on your Android device. To copy your music, select the files or folders that contain audio files and drag them to the Apple Music/iTunes library on your Mac.

Your audio files will now be moved to the Mac so that you can later transfer them to your iPhone using one of the methods we have explained further. 

Method 2 – Transferring Music from Android to Windows

Moving music from your Android phone to a Windows PC is much simpler than what you have to do on a Mac. You don’t need an app like Android File Transfer to read your Android’s storage and can access them directly by connecting your Android to a PC. 

To get started, connect your Android phone to the Windows PC using a USB-A to USB-C/micro-USB cable that came with the device. 

Once a connection has been established, unlock your Android, and go to the Notification drawer. You’ll see an Android System notification that tells you that you’ve connected the phone via a USB cable. Tap on ‘Tap for other USB options’ to choose from a list of connectivity options.

Select the ‘File transfer’ or ‘Transferring files’ option on this list to start transferring your music files. This will make sure that your Android’s local and SD storage are accessible on the Windows PC. 

When you open your Android device, you should see the ‘Phone’ storage and a ‘Card’ storage, if you installed an SD card into your phone. Open the storage you want to copy your music from.

Locate and copy the files and folders where you have audio files saved and copy them to a preferred location on your PC.

After transferring your music from Android to PC, you can eject it from Windows from the taskbar and then unplug it.

You can copy your music content from the folder you saved it onto the iTunes library for faster and a more organized transfer process. You can install the iTunes app for Windows by going to this link.

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

Unless you want to rely on third-party software, it’s established now that you need a Mac or Windows PC to transfer music from Android to an iPhone. If you’ve already transferred audio files onto a Mac from your Android phone like we have explained to you in the aforementioned steps, then you can go ahead and move them to your iPhone using any of the following methods.  

Using Finder app on Mac

So you have your music already copied onto a Mac but how will you move it to your iPhone? Enter the Music app (previously iTunes) on the Mac that can be used to duplicate your Mac’s music library to your iPhone. 

To do this, connect your iPhone to the Mac using the USB-to-Lightning cable or USB-C to Lightning Cable. After that, launch the Finder app on the Mac. 

In the next step, you will have to tap on the ‘Trust’ option on your iPhone when it prompts you with the “Trust This Computer” dialog.

You might be asked to enter your device passcode but in most cases, unlocking your iPhone would do. 

When your iPhone is connected to the Mac, you will be able to see its device management screen inside Finder.

Automatic Sync

Inside the iPhone device management screen on Finder, select the ‘Music’ tab at the top.

Here, check the box labeled ‘Sync music onto iPhone’ to enable music sharing between iPhone and Mac. 

If you wish to transfer all the music from your Mac, select the ‘Entire music library’ option under the ‘Sync’ section.

In case you don’t want all of your music to be copied onto your iPhone library but you only want to transfer certain songs from your Music library, you can opt for the ‘Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres’ option under the ‘Sync’ section.

You can then go ahead and start selecting the Artists, Albums, Genres, and Playlists by tick-marking them from the box below. 

Your music will now be transferred from your Mac to the iPhone and the process will be shown as ‘Syncing’ at the bottom of the Finder window. 

Manual Sync

When you don’t want to automatically transfer music from your Mac to your iPhone, you can set up manual sync to have control over what gets copied onto your iPhone. 

Before you start manually copying audio, you need to execute all the steps that you did before the ‘Automatic Sync’ process. When you do that, you’ll be inside your iPhone’s device management screen. 

You can now, open the Music app on your Mac, where you previously copied music from Android.

Select the songs you want to transfer to your iPhone. You can select multiple songs, and albums by pressing the Command key on your keyboard and selecting the music you wish to copy onto your iPhone.

Drag and drop the album or songs from ‘Library’ to your iPhone which will be listed under the ‘Devices’ section on the left sidebar inside the Music app.

All of your copied tracks will be visible inside your iPhone. 

Using Airdrop between your Mac and iPhone

If you have already synced your music files to your Mac from an Android device, you can use this method to transfer them from your Mac to the iPhone. 

Apple devices have been known to provide seamlessness when used with one another and the biggest beneficiaries of this are the Mac and iPhone. Not only can you receive your phone calls directly on a Mac but you can also copy stuff from a Mac to an iPhone or vice versa with ease and without needing cables of any sort. This is done using an age-old technique that many users would come to know as Airdrop. 

Airdrop can be used to transfer any kind of files, including music between a Mac and an iPhone and is done using just your Bluetooth and WiFi connections. You can use Airdrop to transfer music from a Mac to an iPhone by following the guide we’ve prepared in the link below. 

▶ How to Airdrop Between Mac and iPhone

Using iTunes on Windows

If you have copied audio files from your Android to a Windows PC as we explained in the Preliminary steps above, you can transfer your music to an iPhone from the PC using the iTunes app. 

Unlike on a Mac, you might only have installed the iTunes app on Windows for the sole purpose of transferring all of your music onto an iPhone. So, in the steps below, we’ll stick to transferring all of your music automatically.

Check the ‘Sync Music’ box on the right pane.

You can transfer all of your music that you earlier copied to your iTunes library by checking the box adjacent to ‘Entire music library’.

Using iTunes Match

Apple offers a paid service by the name of iTunes Match which lets you transfer all of your songs and playlists to the iCloud Music Library for $25 yearly so that you can access them from anywhere. This way, you can store your whole music library (up to 100,000 songs) in MP3 and AAC formats, even those you imported from CDs. 

After your subscription has been activated, all of the songs in your iTunes library will be scanned and uploaded to the iCloud Music Library. 

To make sure that all of the songs synced with iTunes Match shows up on your iPhone, you need to enable the Sync Library function inside iOS. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Music. Inside the ‘Music’ screen, switch ON the ‘Sync Library’ toggle.

This should make all of your music appear on your new iPhone. 

What else can you do?

If none of the steps we mentioned in this post satisfies your needs or you want to do something more simple than the steps listed here, then there’s one more way to transfer music from Android to iPhone. If your music library isn’t that vast, you can simply opt for the following cloud storage options to upload your music content from one device to the cloud so that you can download it later on another. 

Most of these cloud storage services offer free tiers that let you upload content to a certain limit which can be an excellent alternative to iTunes Match, in case you don’t want to pay for your music to get saved on the cloud. You can use multiple services in order to transfer all of your songs and playlists in batches you have a larger music library. 

That’s all we have to help you transfer music from Android to iPhone. For more guides and explainers on iPhones, check out our dedicated iOS section. 


How To Change Safari Search Engine On Iphone, Ipad And Mac

Search engines are an integral part of our web experience as they help us look for information fast and effortlessly. On iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Safari has Googe as its default search engine. However, if you wish to use some other search engine, you can do it by changing the default option in Safari. Read along to find out how.

Which search engines are available on Safari?

Before proceeding, let’s have an overview of the types of search engines available for Safari.   

Google: It is a great option for anyone looking for fast, powerful search results. It is the most popular search engine and offers an impressive range of features, including autocomplete, voice search, and personalized results.  

Yahoo: It is another popular search engine that is known for its news, sports, and entertainment content. It also provides users with personalized search history, augmented reality search, and an innovative “My Yahoo” feature.  

Bing: This Microsoft-owned search engine is great for anyone who likes to customize their search experience. In addition to its sleek user interface and powerful search engine, it also offers an array of add-ons and extensions to enhance your search experience.  

DuckDuckGo: This engine doesn’t track users’ data and focuses on privacy. It is great for anyone who values their privacy and wants to avoid personalized search results.  

Ecosia: It is a search engine with a difference. It uses the profits from its search engine to help plant trees in areas that need them the most. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to do their part in protecting the planet.   

There may be some trial-and-error involved in finding the one that suits your needs, but the effort will be worthwhile. Now, let’s go ahead and change the default search engine in Safari.

How to change default search engine in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone → tap Safari.   

Remember, changing the default search engine on Safari will result in providing the same search engine in private browsing too. 

How to change default search engine in Safari on Mac

Launch the Safari browser.  

Now, choose the search engine of your choice. 

Tips to improve Safari experience

Troubleshooting common issues on the Safari browser can be a daunting task. To make things easier, we have compiled some helpful tips and tricks for the best Safari experience. Below are a few other hacks:

Safari is regularly updated to fix bugs and add new features, so make sure you always have the latest version installed.  

Clearing the Safari cache and cookies on your iPhone and Mac can help you resolve website loading issues, so make sure you clear them periodically.  

Extensions and plug-ins can sometimes interfere with Safari. Try disabling them to see if they’re the cause of your issues.  

If you’re having issues with webpages loading, try changing your DNS server to a different one.  


Will changing the default search engine affect my browsing experience in any other way?  

Changing the default search engine should not affect your browsing experience in any significant way. However, the search results you receive may be different depending on the engine you choose. 

Change is good

Now, you can easily switch between Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, and DuckDuckGo. With Apple’s diverse range of products, it’s important to make sure you’re always in control of what appears in your search results.   

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How To Change Your Twitter Handle On Iphone, Android, Or Web

Learn how to change your Twitter handle and find out what goes into creating a great Twitter handle for your business.

It’s time to change your Twitter handle. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the name you chose when you joined in 2007, or maybe it just doesn’t represent who you are anymore.

Maybe you’re a business and you’ve gone through a rebrand or name change.

Whatever the reason, changing your Twitter handle is a quick and easy process that will make logging on more enjoyable than ever before.

In this article we’ll go over how to change your Twitter handle from a mobile app (Apple or Android) or desktop computer. The steps for each method are very similar. Here we go!

Bonus: Download the free 30-day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

Open the Twitter app on your iOS device.

Tap “Me” at the bottom of the screen to open your profile page.

Tap on “Edit.”

Enter a new username and tap “Done.”

Go to “Settings and privacy”and tap “Account.”

Tap on “Twitter” and then choose your username.

Log into your account by entering an email address and password

Select “Settings”

Select “Name” at the bottom of this page

Type in a new name (optional)

The best Twitter username or handle for your business is short, memorable, and can be spelled easily. It should also contain the name of your company. For example: the Mercedes Benz Twitter handle is @MercedesBenzUSA.

The reason your Twitter handle should be short and memorable is because you want people to be able to easily find your business on the platform. It’s not the right place to make a joke or be clever. That will make it more difficult for people to find you.

You may want to have multiple Twitter handles for your business.

For example, you could use @CompanyName and then a secondary handle of @Service1 or something like that. That way, people can find the specific service they’re looking for on Twitter while still following your company’s updates in one place.

Mercedes Benz has a different Twitter handle for their press releases and media requests: @MB_Press.

If you’re a global business, you may want to have a separate Twitter handle for

each country. For example, @USAmerica or @Canada.

Mercedes Benz has different Twitter handles for each country they have a major presence in: @MercedesBenzUSA, @MercedesBenzUK, and @MercedesBenzCDN. This lets them speak directly to their regional audiences, who may each have unique needs and preferences.

If your desired username is taken, then you have a few options. First, try using just numbers or letters for the first and last name (e.g., @User3201). If that doesn’t work, use only the first letter of each word in your new handle (@UserB1) or just the beginning number (@User8).

Keep trying different variations until you find one that’s available!

If the account that has the same username is an imposter, then you have a different problem.

Here’s what to do if your business name is being used by an imposter or troll on Twitter:

In your report, mention that this is a false username and that you’re not affiliated with it.

Copy or take a screenshot of any tweets from the imposter account to show proof of their violation against your name or business.

Keep in mind that these accounts are violating Twitter’s terms of service agreement, so they may end up getting taken down anyway.

Keeping imposters from stealing your business name on Twitter or impersonating you online is also a good reason to try and get verified. That way, when people see the blue check mark beside your name, they’ll know it’s really you.

For more instructions on how to do that, check out our guide to getting verified on Twitter.

Save time managing your Twitter presence by using Hootsuite to share video, schedule posts, and monitor your efforts. Try it free today.

Get Started

Do it better with Hootsuite, the all-in-one social media tool. Stay on top of things, grow, and beat the competition.

How To Change Region Code On Dvd

How to change region code on DVD [Windows 10 & Mac]




Movie DVD region codes block users from viewing them with disc drives that have incompatible code configurations.

This guide tells you how users can change disc drive region codes in Windows 10 and Mac platforms.

To practically modify disc regions on your DVDs or rip them to other formats, find out about the perfect tool for this job.

At the same time, you should follow our descriptive solution below and get the content you need quickly.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Movie DVDs have regional codes assigned to them. Those region codes block users from playing film discs with DVD players that don’t have matching codes. A wrong region error message will pop up on your PC when you try playing a DVD with a disc drive that doesn’t match its region code.

There are six geographical region codes for continents and more specific countries. For example, region code 6 is for China. So, your DVD player will need to be configured for region 6 to play discs with China’s regional code.

You can change the region codes for DVD drive players on both Windows and Mac PCs. However, you can only change disc drive regional codes on five occasions.

How do I change the DVD region in Windows 10 and Mac? 1. Use WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper is software that effectively enables users to change protected DVDs to a region 0 for region-free playback by ripping their content to various video file formats. Thus, this is software that can decrypt regional encryption blocks on DVDs.

WinX DVD Ripper is highly-rated software for ripping DVD content as it incorporates level-3 hardware acceleration for faster disc ripping to a wide variety of output formats. You can utilize it to rip videos from DVDs for PC, mobile phone, tablet, Xbox, PSP, and HDTV output formats.

In addition, it includes video-editing options for trimming and cropping clips. In this way, you have more control of your DVD content and specific regions of your disc.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it supports all types of DVDs (MP4, HEVC, MKV) and enables 1:1 disc to ISO image cloning.

Follow these steps to change the DVD region settings

Windows Mac

Note: When you’ve changed the disc drive’s region a maximum number of five times, DVDs with incompatible regional codes will be automatically ejected after inserting.

So, that’s how you can change your DVD drive’s region code to play discs from five alternative regions. When you’ve changed your disc drive’s region code five times, you’ll need software like WinX DVD Ripper to bypass regional codes for DVDs.

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How To Change A Drive Letter On Windows 10 Or Windows 11

How to Change a Drive Letter on Windows 10 or Windows 11

Windows has grown quite good at changing shortcuts so that programs continue to operate after a drive letter change. The shortcuts in most of your programs will most likely be automatically adjusted. Windows, on the other hand, isn’t as excellent at changing file associations. If file associations were disrupted by changing the drive letter, you’ll have to manually change the default programs associated with files. Don’t worry, in this blog, we have mentioned how to change drive letters and also have discussed how to fix your programs broken in the process.

Warning: Although changing the boot drive letter to the other one is feasible, we do not suggest it. Changing C: to another letter is likely to cause serious problems, such as a computer that won’t boot into Windows at all. Even if it could boot, there would be a large number of apps that would fail to execute.

Steps To Change Drive Letters:-

Changing a drive letter is a straightforward process. Navigate to the Start button and type “Disk Management” into the search field and press enter.

Note:-The name of the tool that appears in the search results will not be Disk Management but will be  “Create and format hard drive partitions”

In the Disk Management Window, locate the drive you want to modify.

We’ll modify the letter of the D: drive to J: in this example.

The drive letter should be updated when Windows has resumed.

How to Fix Programs Broken By Changing a Drive Letter:-

By altering the drive letter, you may cure faulty programs in a few ways.

1. Fix the shortcut

The shortcut’s target must be changed to the new drive letter.

If GIMP was originally installed at “D:GIMP 2bingimp-2.10.exe,” and the D drive was replaced with J, update the shortcut’s target to “J:GIMP 2bingimp-2.10.exe.”

2. Install the program again.

Reinstalling the software will create new registry entries, letting everything on the computer know where to look for it. Some installers won’t allow you to reinstall existing files, so you’ll have to rename or remove the old one first.

3. Edit Registry

The Windows registry is used by Windows and many other programs to keep track of where programs are installed. To resolve damaged applications, you can manually alter the registry. Keep in mind that you may need to update dozens of registry entries. For the context menu, the “Open With” option, any file associations, and the location of its executables, an application like GIMP can have registry entries. Other apps may include simply a few items pertaining to their installation location.

If you’re still interested, here’s how to go about it.

To begin, you must first determine where the software was previously installed. The program was installed in “D:GIMP 2” folder, and the executables were found in the “D:GIMP 2bin” sub-folder. It is now located at “J:GIMP 2” instead.

Regedit will show you anything with the path “D:GIMP 2” in it after it has been located. Here’s an example of a GIMP search result.

You’ll have to do this several times. The F3 key may be used to get the next result based on your search query. Once you’ve located all of the entries, a popup will appear.

Changing your drive letters is an easy way to personalize your computer. However, do that before installing anything on the disc. You’ll avoid any issues before they arise, and you’ll probably save yourself a lot of debugging time.

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