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Creating a new blog can be exciting and fulfilling.  But I have found that many people struggle with the first step in creating a new blog, and that struggle is choosing a blog name.  But do not fret!  Several factors will help you decide on the perfect blog name for your new blog.  The following tips discuss how to come up with a blog name.  These tips will help make the process a bit simpler and less stressful.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Using Your Own Name

This seems to be a burning question when it comes to creating a new blog.  If you are comfortable with using your own name, then by all means, you can certainly do so.  Please be sure to use Google and social media outlets to search to check to see if someone else with the same name may be using it already. 

Time To Brainstorm

If you decide that you do not want to use your name, it’s time to start brainstorming a list of words.  First, come up with a few topics that you will be writing about.  For example, if your going to be writing about blogging, a few words for your list would be “how to blog,” “blogging for beginners,” “how to create a blog.” 

Next, start brainstorming words that you may use when writing about these topics.  Make a list of words that come to mind.  After you have created a list, play around with the words.  Put words together and see if anything sounds appealing.   Add your words to a Thesaurus to see other words that might be compatible.  You will be surprised how much this helps!


Keep Your New Blog Name Short And Simple

It is important to make sure the name is short and straightforward.  Avoid using characters or symbols in your blog name.   You want your name to be easily rememberable.  Using characters or hard-to-spell words will make it harder for readers to find you.  A good blog name should include 3-4 words.

Blog Name Generator

Use can certainly use a blog name generator like Panabee or Wordoid.  These tools can be very helpful if you are stumped and need a push in the right direction.

Make Sure You Conduct Research  

Once you come up with two to three names that you like, search all social media channels and google to make sure the name is not already taken.  Also, you will need to make sure that the blog name is not similar to another blogger in your niche.  Remember, your goal is to stand out from your competitors.

Social Squares

Ask Others

Of course, once you have created two to three names that you really like, as other people you trust.  Another set of eyes and ears can be beneficial and inspiring.  Be sure to take criticism constructively.  Sometimes constructive criticism can help produce the perfect blog name!

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If you take your time and follow the tips above, I have no doubt you will create the perfect blog name for your new blog.  Remember, do not feel you have to create a new blog name in a day.  Sometimes it helps to sleep on things and then start again rested and refreshed.  Once you have created a blog name that you are proud of, exciting things are just around the corner!

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Do Motherboards Come With Screws?

You might be wondering if your motherboard is missing screws because it didn’t come with any, but they actually come with your PC case. Most new motherboards come with the small screws you need to secure your M.2 drives to the motherboard, however. So while some motherboards do come with screws, they aren’t the ones you use to attach your motherboard to the PC.

Motherboards Don’t Come With Mounting Screws

The screws you need to attach your motherboard to your PC always come with your computer chassis. These are known as standoff or mounting screws. If you quickly think about it, it would be redundant for every motherboard to come with new screws since you already have ones that fit into the back plate in your case.

You’ll always need both the standoffs and screws to secure your motherboard to your PC. Standoffs are usually metal or plastic and hexagonal in shape. Much like the name implies, standoffs keep your motherboard lifted away from the case so that it doesn’t rest directly on the metal chassis. You’ll need the screws to attach your motherboard to these standoffs.

Never try to attach your motherboard directly to your PC chassis without standoffs. Unless you’re looking to replace your motherboard and any other parts that might have gotten fried in the process. The standoffs keep the tracks on the back of your motherboard from directly touching the base plate of the PC to prevent it from short-circuiting.

You’ll likely find the screws and standoffs you need in the case’s hard drive bays. Although some manufacturers prefer to put loose parts like screws in a separate plastic bag or box instead. Be sure to look for them in the PC case as well as the box it came in before you start putting your PC together.

Some Motherboards Come With Screws for M.2 Drives

Most newer motherboards come with support for M.2 drives, a small-sized type of SSD drive. These can be mounted directly onto the motherboard, so motherboards come with slots and M.2 screws where the drive can be attached.

M.2 drives can come in different sizes (although there are only a couple of standard sizes) so be sure to measure it before installing your motherboard. You’ll need to leave any slots under it free from standoffs as you won’t be screwing the motherboard into the PC’s back plate there.

Which Screws Should I Use to Install the Motherboard?

Metal motherboard standoffs generally have a #6-32 UNC male thread that screws into the back plate of the PC chassis. You can usually just turn them using your hand. It will have a similarly-sized (#6-32 UNC) hollow on top where you’ll insert the screws. You’ll typically need a #2 Phillips screwdriver to attach your motherboard (and pretty much anything else) to your computer.

Is Installing the Motherboard With Only Screws Wrong?

Around 10 years ago I tried to build my own PC but didn’t realize what the standoffs were for and directly attached my motherboard to my PC case with the screws. There was a loud pop sound when I turned on my PC and I realized I might have blown my motherboard. My dad eventually came to help and pointed out that I hadn’t inserted the standoffs.

The PC wasn’t turning on and I thought this was it. Yet after nervously putting everything back in again with the standoffs in place this time, the PC turned on. It was fine. I was lucky that day because my motherboard had short-circuited but it hadn’t popped. So while this isn’t necessarily a fatal mistake, it’s best to not take any chances.

How To Find The Name Of The First Form In A Document With Javascript?

Document.forms Syntax

The following syntax will show how we can use the forms property to access the name of the first form of the document using JavaScript.

let formName = document.forms[0].name;

In the above syntax, we used square brackets syntax to access the first element of the collection and then used the name property to get its name.


Step 1 − In the first step, we need to define two or more form tags in the document and then access all of them using the forms property of JavaScript.

Step 2 − In the next step, we will use the above syntax to get the name of the first form in the document.

Step 3 − In the third step, we will display the number of forms as well as the name of the first form in the document on the user screen using JavaScript.

Let us understand it practically with the help of a code example −

Example 1

The example below will illustrate the practical implementation of the forms property to find the name of the first form in the document using JavaScript −


















“The name of first form in the document: “




In the example above, we have used two forms named as formOne and formTwo in the document. We access a list of all forms present in the document inside form, that will be of type HTMLCollection.After that, we access the first element of the list using square brackets syntax to get the first form in the document and use the name property to get the name of the form inside firstForm.

Let us see what value the forms property will return if we have two nested forms in the document.


Step 1 − In this step, we will define the two forms one inside another such that nested forms and give them particular names.

Step 2 − In second step, we use the forms property to get the list of forms present in the document as we did in previous example.

Step 3 − In third step, we will access the name of the first form using the name property and display it on the user screen using JavaScript.

Example 2

Below example will show how the forms property will react in case of nested forms −


















“The name of first form in the document: “




In this example, we have seen that forms property consider the nested forms as single form and returns the name of the first form in the document whether it contain nested forms or not.

After reading this tutorial, one can able to find the name of the first form in the document using the forms property of JavaScript. We also learnt about a new data type HTMLCollection that is very much similar to the array data type in JavaScript and also about the reaction of the forms property in case we have nested forms in the document.

How To Change Twitch Name

How To Change Twitch Name

Our quick and easy guide on how to change your Twitch name

Knowing how to change Twitch name can come in handy, even if you don’t immediately want to switch. Since Twitch is massively popular, that means the username you originally wanted may have already been taken, so you had to settle for something off the top of your head. It’s common that your mind has changed for whatever reason. Whether that be boredom, a change of content/branding, or just to spice things up, this article will swiftly take you through the name-changing process.

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It’s nice to see that Twitch actually allows you to change your name, compared to other platforms which may lock you into your original choice. Spruce up your Twitch profile and stream with a change of direction following the New Year.

Regardless of your reasons, we expect that most of you reading this want a change of name, and perhaps already have something in mind. If that’s the case, there’s no need to waste any time. Check out the guide right here on this page. Whether you prefer video content, or a step-by-step guide, we’ve got both bases covered.

What is a Twitch name?

Like many, when first creating an account, you may overlook how much consideration you actually give to your username. When you come to start your streaming career, you may realize that the username you originally chose simply doesn’t match the content you plan to create.

Luckily, changing your name couldn’t be simpler. That being said, there are some limitations to changing your username, making it important that choose the correct one or your preference.

The main limitation Twitch place on changing your name is the frequency in which you can change your name. For Twitch users, you can only change your name every 60 days. However, this is not recommended for growing your audience as your Twitch URL will change automatically with each name change.

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How to change Twitch name on browser

The first method for changing your Twitch name will be done within an internet browser window. If you haven’t got the desktop app, this is the easiest way to change your Twitch name.



Open Twitch in your browser





Locate the ‘Profile Settings’ section

Inside settings, ensure that you are in the ‘Profile’ tab, then scroll down to the ‘Profile Settings’ section.



Edit your username



Users will only be able to change a username every 60 days. Your old username will become available to other users within 6 months of you changing.



Enter your password to complete the name change action

How to change Twitch name using the Desktop App

Using the browser isn’t the only way you can change your Twitch name – you can also use the Twitch desktop application as well. To do this, the process is exactly the same as the browser.

Simply log in to your Twitch desktop application and follow the steps above. Like the browser method, using the desktop application will also require you to have a verified email address.

How to change Twitch name on Mobile App

Using the mobile Twitch application will allow you to make plenty of changes. That being said, you can’t use it to change your username. If you wish to change your username using the mobile application you will have to use a browser on your mobile and open the Twitch website up using “desktop mode”. Follow the above steps and you will be able to change your username in no time at all.

You can also use this same method for changing your Twitch name on an iPad (or any other tablet) too.

Things to consider when changing name on Twitch

There are a few things that you need to consider before going ahead and changing your name on Twitch. Below are the most important:

Changing your Twitch name will take immediate effect. That means, as soon as you press ‘Update’, your new username will be active. So, if you plan on doing one last stream using the old username, remember to hold off on changing it before you do.

Once you have changed your Twitch name, you won’t be able to change it again for the next 60 days. Be sure your new name is exactly what you want – if it isn’t, you’ll have to wait 2 months before changing it again.

Once your username has been changed, you’ll have 6 months before your old username becomes available within the Twitch pool. This means, after 6 months, someone else could use your old Twitch name and it’ll be lost forever – or until that person decides to change.

Changing your username will not affect any ongoing bans or restrictions placed on your account.

Final word

That’s all there is to it! Whether you’re changing your Twitch name out of boredom or looking to take your streaming content in a new direction, you’ll be happy to know that the process is relatively straightforward to do.

How To Change Your Valorant Name

When it comes to gaming, our gamertag or in-game name is close to our hearts. Most games today offer you to change your in-game name, and Valorant is no different. But changing the username requires players to familiarize themselves with a few rules and jump through a few hoops. First of all, your Riot ID or display name in Valorant is not similar to the username, which we explain in detail below. So, make sure you follow our guide to learn how to change your Valorant name.

Username vs Display Name: What’s the Difference?

For the longest time, Valorant developer Riot Games has assigned two different names to each user. One is the username, the other is the display name (also previously known as summoner name in League of Legends). Let’s understand the difference between them:

The username is globally unique and can be used by only one person. This is only used to sign into the Riot client or the Riot website. The username cannot be changed and is only assigned during the sign-up process. So be careful when you make your Riot account.

How to Set Your Valorant Name for the First Time How to Change Your Valorant Name (or Riot ID)

If you’re not feeling your current display name in Valorant, you can change the same with ease. Make sure you follow the steps below, and then read the important guidelines for changing the name.

1. To change your name in Valorant, you need to head to the Riot Games website.

3. Log into your Riot account using your username and password. This will take you to the “Account Management” section.

5. Now, type in your preferred name in the Riot ID section. This will be visible to players in the game.

6. After the desired name, move to the Tagline section and change it.

Things to Remember When Changing Valorant Name

Finally, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when changing the name and tagline of your Riot ID in Valorant. Remember the following pointers:

1. Although you can change the Riot ID, a combination of your display name and tagline in Valorant, you cannot change the username you use to log in to your Riot account.

2. Wondering how much does it cost to change your Valorant name? The answer is zero. It doesn’t cost a single penny to change your name in Valorant.

3. This brings us to the most important thing users you should remember when changing your Valorant name. Though it does not cost any money, you can only change your Valorant name, i.e. Riot ID, once a month. There is a 30-day cooldown on the name change, so be careful when picking a name as you will be stuck with it for 30 days.

5. Now, you must be wondering – are there any limitations to what we can or cannot include in our Valorant username? Oh well, yes. Riot Games states that your name shouldn’t contain hate speech, slurs, or profanity (either implicitly or explicitly). Also, you cannot include any personally identifiable information like your address or phone number in the username.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a username and Riot ID?

The username is also the sign-in name for the Riot website or client. This username or sign-in name cannot be changed. The display name in Valorant or summoner name in League of Legends is the same as Riot ID and this will be your in-game identity in all the Riot Games.

How much does it cost to change the Riot ID or in-game name in Valorant?

It doesn’t cost anything. You can change your in-game display name in Valorant every 30 days. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.

How Long Can a Valorant Name Be?

Riot IDs, which is also your Valorant name, need to be at least 3 letters and up to 16 letters long. They can be alphanumeric, so you have a lot of room to play with. However, remember that names that are offensive and violate Valorant’s code of conduct can be reported and go through an automated check process. If a player is found to be in violation of this rule, they can be forced to change their name the next time they log into their account.

Does Procreate Come With Ipad Pro? (The Truth)

No, unfortunately, the big price tag attached to your iPad Pro does not include Procreate. You will still need to pay the one-time fee of $12.99 to download the app to your device.

I’m Carolyn and I’ve been a digital artist for over three years. My entire digital illustration business was created using Procreate on my iPad Pro. So as someone who spends hours every day working on this device, I have lots of experience and knowledge to share with you on this topic.

In this article, I will explain why Procreate doesn’t come with the iPad and how to get it on your device.

Why Procreate Doesn’t Come with iPad Pro?

Here are a few of my thoughts.

Apple devices come with a selection of Apple apps pre-installed such as Podcasts, Stocks, and FaceTime. Unlike Procreate, these come free on all devices as they are created and developed by Apple itself. As you know, Procreate is not a free app, this is another reason why it won’t come with iPad Pro or any other Apple device.

Also, not everyone purchasing an iPad Pro actually needs or wants the Procreate app as the device has many other uses. Believe it or not, not all iPad Pro users are digital DaVinci’s.

Last but not least, the Procreate app is a paid app so users must download and complete payment in order to get it on their device. It doesn’t make any sense for Apple to do so.

How Much Does Procreate Cost for iPad Pro?

The one-time fee to download Procreate is $12.99 and costs the same for all iPad models. The Procreate Pocket app for iPhone is only $5.99.

Where Can I Buy Procreate?

Procreate and Procreate Pocket are both available for purchase exclusively on the Apple App Store.

Is There a Free Version of Procreate?

Sadly, this app is all or nothing. There is no free version or free trial of Procreate. You must purchase the app before you can begin to use it.


Here are some other questions you might have about purchasing Procreate. I’ll briefly answer each of them below.

Is It Worth It Buying Procreate for iPad?

100% yes! Although this app does not come readily available on any device, it is totally worth the one-time fee of $12.99. Once you have purchased the app, you have lifelong access to its unique features and functions. 

Does Apple Pencil Come with Procreate?

No. Even though it’s almost essential to have an Apple pencil or stylus to get the most from the app, Procreate does NOT include one. This must be purchased separately.

No. Procreate is a separate app that you have to purchase and download from the App Store.

Is There a Free Drawing App That Comes with iPad?

You’re in luck. There is a free drawing app that is compatible with the iPad called Charcoal and it’s completely free. You won’t see the same features and level of design options as Procreate. But it’s a good option if you’re looking to slowly ease into the world of digital art without committing to a $12.99 surcharge.

Final Thoughts

So you finally unbox your brand spanking new iPad that cost you a small fortune and you’re ready to get drawing. Only to realize that you’re now expected to drop another $12.99 to do so, that’s gotta hurt.

But hey, not many things in life are free and that includes the latest cutting-edge technology of our generation. So do yourself a favor, and head to the App Store to download Procreate. Within minutes you will have the world of design at your fingertips and you definitely won’t regret it.

And if you’re not ready to bite that bullet, try downloading Charcoal or a free trial of Adobe Fresco to start exploring the digital art world and get drawing.

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