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Though the Apple TV Remote that comes with the Apple TV is really good and ergonomic, there are times when you’d like to use your iPhone to control your TV instead. Maybe you forgot the Apple TV remote on the cabinet, or maybe it’s discharged and you don’t wanna get up to plug it in. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know that your iPhone can pretty easily replace the Apple TV remote for almost everything you need to do, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article. So, here’s how to control Apple TV with iPhone.

How to Set Up and Use Your iPhone As an Apple TV Remote Ensure That Your Apple TV is Compatible with Apple TV Remote in Control Center

Keep in mind that not all Apple TV models support the Apple TV Remote in the control center. So, make sure to check the following list to make sure your Apple TV is compatible.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV HD

Apple TV (3rd gen)

AirPlay 2-compatible smart TVs

Add Apple TV to Control Center on iPhone

Note that in the iOS 13 and higher, the Apple TV Remote is already added to the control center. If you don’t find the Apple TV Remote icon in the control center or using the older versions of iOS, you can manually add the TV Remote to the control center on your device.

1. First off, open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap Control Center.

Set Up Apple TV Remove in Control Center on iPhone

1. To get started, bring up the control center on your device.

On iPhone without a home button: Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the control center.

On iPhone with the home button: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control center.

2. Now, tap the Apple TV Remote icon.

3. Next, tap your Apple TV or smart TV from the list.

4. Next up, go ahead with the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode into your iPhone.

It’s important to note that the volume button on your Apple TV Remote in the control center works only when your Apple TV is set up with a HomePod, soundbar, or other AirPlay-2 supported speaker. If the volume button of your Apple TV Remote is dimmed, you can use the volume button on the remote that came with your television.


If you can’t set up your Apple TV Remote, ensure that your device is running the latest versions of iOS, and tvOS.

Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV or AirPlay 2 are on the same Wi-Fi network.

If the problem persists, restart your devices.

Once you have perfectly set up the Apple TV Remote on your iOS device, you can use it to control your Apple TV. Notably, it mimics the controls on the Siri remote thereby allowing you to easily navigate your Apple TV and access the contextual menu.

Choose Which Apple TV to Control

What if you have more than one Apple TV connected to the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone? Bother not, the remote app lets you switch between the connected Apple TVs without any hassle. To do so, just tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then choose the preferred devices from the list.

Use iPhone to Control Apple TV Navigate and Select Apps/Content

2. To navigate apps and content, just swipe left, right, or up/down in the touch area (aka touchpad or control pad). Now, the highlighted app or content will slightly expand on your Apple TV.

3. To navigate lists, you can swipe up or down a few times in the touch area to scroll quickly.

4. To select an item: Simply swipe to highlight the item and then tap in the touch area.

The touchpad feels very responsive and allows you to navigate up, down, left, and right. Moreover, it also lets you select a specific item by just tapping it. Mimicking the five-way button on the remote, the touchpad makes the process of navigating, and selecting apps as well as content smooth sailing.

Use the App Keyboard with Apple TV Remote on iPhone

When the on-screen keyboard shows on your Apple TV, you should see a keyboard in the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone.

Now, if you enter text on the iOS keyboard, the text on your Apple TV screen will update as you type.

View Additional Menu Options Using Apple TV Remote on iPhone Go Back to the Home Screen or Previous Screen

Below the touchpad, you should see a TV button that allows you to go to the Apple TV home screen. And tapping on the Back button takes you back to the previous screen.

Access Your Cable Service’s Channel Guide

If you have a cable TV subscription, accessing the cable service guide is pretty easy. Just tap on the Guide button (which looks like a bulleted list) in the middle of the screen to show the channel guide. It’s worth pointing out that if you don’t have an active subscription, Apple TV may instead provide a quick way to subscribe to a cable TV.

Back 10 Seconds

Tapping the round button with the curved arrow facing left allows you to jump back 10 seconds in audio and video that is playing onscreen.

Forward 10 Seconds

Tapping the button with the curved arrow facing right lets you forward 10 seconds.

Play/Pause Content


The Menu button in the control center remote is designed to work differently in different contexts. In most cases, the menu button works like a Back button.

To adjust the volume, you need to press the volume buttons on your iPhone. Bear in mind that it works only with supported audio/video receivers.

View Open Apps (Multitasking)

If you want to check out which apps are open on your Apple TV, or switch between multiple apps, you can do so via the iPhone remote app as well.

Simply double-tap the Apple TV button in the remote app to view all the recent apps open on your Apple TV.

Search on Apple TV Using Control Center Remote on iPhone

The magnifying glass button allows you to search on your Apple TV. When you tap on this button, a search screen will show up on your TV to let you search for apps, movies, TV shows, and more.

Activate Siri on Apple TV Using Control Center Remote on iPhone Open tvOS Control Center

Press and hold on the Apple TV button in the iPhone remote app to open the Control Center on Apple TV.

Shut Down Apple TV Using Control Center on iPhone

In the iPhone remote app, press and hold the power button icon on the top-right of the screen to turn off Apple TV and all connected devices.

Use Your iPhone As a Handy Remote Control for Apple TV

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How To Control Apple Tv From Iphone’s Lock Screen

Never before had I been so impressed with Apple TV. With some excellent apps, iOS-style gaming, universal search and more, the brand new TV has really won me over with several exciting features.

However, one thing that I don’t find so convenient is Siri remote. Though the virtual assistant is quite good in letting you control your Apple TV, at times it doesn’t work as expected. Moreover, Siri faces difficulty in understanding different accents.

There is a widget named “Unified Remote” which allows you to control your Apple TV right from your iPhone’s Lock screen thanks to the Notification Center widget. With the built-in keyboard as well as easy-to-use functionality, it’s equipped to do the task of letting you have a perfect command of your TV without any hassle.

How to Control Apple TV from iPhone’s Lock Screen How to Set Up Unified Remote

Step #1. First off, you need to download the Unified Remote app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s available for free on the App Store.

Step #2. Swipe down from the top of the Home Screen to bring up Notification Center.

Step #3. Next up, you need to switch to the Today view and scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on Edit.

Step #4. Now, you have to tap on the green plus sign next to Unified Remote. Tap on Done from the top right-hand corner to confirm.

Pair Unified Remote app with Apple TV

Step #1. Launch Unified Remote on your iOS device. The app will automatically detect the Apple TV. (Make sure your TV is powered and on the same local network with your iPhone.)

Step #2. Tap on the plus sign from the top right corner to turn the app as a software remote of your TV.

Step #3. Next up, you will have to type the four-digit code that will appear on your iPhone.

On your Apple TV, head over to Settings → Remotes and Devices → Remote App and type the four-digit code.

That’s it! Your Apple TV has been paired with the app.

Smart Functionality

Once you have successfully paired your TV with the app, simply bring the Notification Center on your iPhone by just pulling down on any Home or Lock screen.

The Widget comes with four directional buttons, OK as well as Menu button. To expand or minimize, tap on the arrow from the bottom right corner.

You can select items, run apps and move the tvOS selection cursor. Just Long tap on Menu button to instantly go to Apple TV Home screen or start the screen saver.

Handy Gestures to Control Apple TV

There are quite a few handy gestures to help you control your TV easily. As for instance, you can tap to select the item or play/pause, long tap to return to Home screen, swipe left/right during media playback to rewind or fast forward, swipe left/right/up/down to move between items, double tap to go back, etc.


CiderTV works pretty fine. If you no longer want to control your TV using Siri remote and wish to find a good alternative, it can live up to your billing. Since you don’t have to pay anything to get started with it, you can give it a go on your device and let us know your feedback as well.

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5 Best Apple Tv Remote Apps For Android To Control Apple Tv (2023)

5 Best Apple TV Remote Apps For Android To Control Apple TV (2023) Control Apple TV right at your fingertips using any Android device!

However, there are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that claim to provide remote control functionality for Apple TV from Android phones. These apps may offer a similar level of functionality as the official Apple TV Remote app, but their performance and reliability may vary.

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How Do These Apps Work To Control Apple TV Remotely?

The first category doesn’t require any special hardware and can work by simply connecting to your Apple TV over your home Wi-Fi network. For the latter ones, you need to have phones that include built-in IR transmitters, so that you can control your Apple TV by sending out signals just as a typical remote would.

You might be interested in reading: Tips & Tricks To Boost Wi-Fi Speed

Best Apple TV Remote Apps Available For Android Users (2023) 1. Remote for Apple TV – CiderTV

It features a way to change the programming option remotely through which you can improve your home entertainment experience to the next level. For instance, you can pause, rewind, and replay your favorite content right from your smartphone.

Read here for more details!

2. SURE – Smart Home and TV Unive

SURE app is a universal remote-control app that can be used to control the Apple TV. It features a customizable remote-control interface and supports voice commands and smart home devices.

This Apple TV app for Android also features a dedicated media player, through which you can directly play your favorite content. Besides this, it also lets you stream audio, video, and photos from your device directly to your Smart devices. Additionally, file transfer over a shared network is also possible with this remote app.

Read here for more details!

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3. Remote for Apple TV

Remote for Apple TV is one of the most convenient apps to connect and control your Apple TV. It offers a large touchpad for content navigation and an easy-to-use keyboard to search for your favorite shows, movies, games, and more.

It supports playback control for a seamless entertainment experience and is highly compatible with the latest Apple TV (4th generation) and Apple TV (3rd generation). The best part? Their developers keep rolling new updates for the remote-control app to enhance user experience.

Read here for more details!

4. AnyMote

AnyMote is another universal remote-control app that can be used to control the Apple TV. It includes a large database of remote-control codes and allows you to create custom remote-control interfaces as well.

Not only Apple TV, using AnyMote you can control almost all popular digital devices like computers, Smart Televisions, DVRs, Music Players, and other smartphones. The Apple TV Android app features the ability to connect and control devices through both WI-FI and infrared technology.

Read here for more details!

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5. Retune

Retune is an iTunes remote that allows users to control iTunes to change songs, TV shows, movies, and more from anywhere in your home using an Android device. But not many people know users can use this Android app to control Apple TV as well.

It establishes a successful connection via Wi-FI so that you can easily stream live TV from your favorite channels. Besides Android, the developers of this program have designed the product to work seamlessly to manage any iPhone & iPad as well.

Read here for more details!

Additional Information = Alternative Ways On How To Use Apple TV Remotely!

Besides using Apple TV Apps for Android, you can try other ways to manage Apple TV:

●        Apple TV Remote app: The official Apple TV Remote app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

●        Siri: If you have an Apple TV with Siri support, you can use Siri to control your Apple TV with voice commands. This can be done through your iOS device or by using the Siri Remote that comes with some Apple TV models.

●        HDMI-CEC: Some TV models support HDMI-CEC, which allows you to control your Apple TV using your TV remote. This works by sending commands through the HDMI cable to your Apple TV.

Bottom Line:

That being said, I hope you find this blog informative and you have made your choice with the best Apple TV app for Android to use Apple TV remotely. Although all the aforementioned apps work flawlessly, I personally love using Remote for Apple TV, as it offers a touchpad interface that allows you to navigate menus and control playback with ease. Moreover, an integrated keyboard makes the process of searching for content effortless.


Bought An Android TV Device? Check Out The Essential & Worth Installing Apps

Knowing the Difference Between Google TV And Android TV

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How To Increase Netflix Playback Quality On Iphone, Ipad, Apple Tv And Mac

Netflix is a popular on-demand video streaming service. It has tons of shows, documentaries and movies. Netflix can be watched in its app or via a web browser by visiting chúng tôi You can install its app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but for your Mac, there is no Netflix app, and you will need to use a browser like Safari to watch it.

Of course, you probably want to watch Netflix in the highest quality possible. Netflix supports video resolutions up to 3840 × 2160p. However, Netflix content is available to stream in various HD (high definition) formats. If you are not happy about your Netflix video quality, you may be able to improve it by optimizing your settings. Most shows and movies on Netflix are available in HD format. If you think that your video quality is poor, here is what you can do.

Check your Netflix plan

The first thing to check is to see if your plan supports the HD format you desire. Currently, Netflix has four plans, all of which support HD. However, there are different degrees of HD in Netflix plans:

The highest quality for Netflix is Ultra HD. If you are on the standard plan, 4k shows and movies will be played in Full HD. If you are on one of the basic plans, the highest quality you can watch on Netflix is HD.

If you are not sure which plan you currently have, you can go to the billing page on the Netflix website. You should note that you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by visiting this URL.

Check your device and cable

The second thing to check is if your device, connection and cable support viewing in the HD format. If your device is not capable of displaying content in that HD format, you won’t be able to view your Netflix in the format. This includes the device itself and the monitor. For example, if you are watching Netflix on your Mac, your built-in or external monitor must support Full or Ultra HD. If you are using an Apple TV, your TV needs to support this, also. Most new TVs support these HD formats. Here are some things to check:

Not all Apple TV models support the Ultra HD format. Apple TV 4K models, for example, support Netflix’s Ultra HD format. Here is the full Apple TV list and what kind of Netflix resolution you can get:

Apple TV (2nd generation): 720p HD

Apple TV (3rd generation): 1080p HD

Apple TV HD (4th generation): 1080p HD

Apple TV 4K (1st generation): 4K Ultra HD

Apple TV 4K (2nd generation): 4K Ultra HD

Apple TV 4K (3rd generation): 4K Ultra HD

Ensure that your TV is able to display content at 60Hz.

Ensure that your TV is correctly configured. TVs may have multiple video inputs. Ensure that your Apple TV is connected to an input that supports Full or Ultra HD. For example, some TVs may have HDMI input 1, HDMI input 2, and HDMI input 3 but not all of them may support 4K and HDR.

Ensure that your HDMI cable supports 4K.

If your TV has a video quality setting, ensure that it is set to 720p or higher.

If you are using your Mac to watch, you would need:

macOS Big Sur 11.0 or later

The latest version of Safari

A Mac with Apple silicon or with the Apple T2 Security Chip.

Check your Internet speed

You can watch Netflix through an Internet or cellular data connection. Ensure that your connection to the Internet is at least 15 megabits per second. If your network speed and bandwidth are too low, you might get a lower-resolution video. Your videos may not play in HD if your connection speed fluctuates. Netflix will try to automatically adjust the delivery stream to a resolution according to the connection speed.

Check your Netflix video settings

If you want to watch Netflix in 4K, ensure that your playback setting is set to Auto or High. You will need to access Netflix from a browser to do this. Here is how:

Select your profile.

Select the profile whose settings you want to change under the Profile and Parental Control section.

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How To Connect A Samsung Smart Tv To Alexa For More Voice Control

Furthermore, you can access this built-in option hands-free or by using a remote. As expected, the 2023 TVs also ship with this option. However, the first step if you are using an older Samsung smart TV involves pairing the television with an Alexa device so that you can start sending verbal commands. Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that the available functionality depends on the model of your smart TV. For instance, newer TVs will offer a wider range of capabilities.

However, smart TVs models from 2023 and 2023 will offer a limited selection of capabilities. In other words, older televisions from Samsung uses Bixby to carry out most tasks. If you are wondering how to make Alexa work on your Samsung smart TV, we got your back. Here’s our guide on how to connect Samsung smart TV to Alexa.

New Samsung Smart TVs Come With Alexa Built-In

As mentioned, newer smart TVs from the South Korean tech giant usually have Alexa built-in. However, if you aren’t sure, check out the list of compatible TVs below:

Above Crystal UHD TVs and 2023 TU8000

With the aforesaid TV modes, you do not need to use a paired speaker. All you need to access the voice interactions and same Alexa skills is the in-built microphone in the remote control. The voice interaction enables you to ask questions and check the weather. Alternatively, you can perform more TV-related actions like searching for a movie, increasing or decreasing volume, changing the channel, and more.

How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Alexa? First Step: Setting up your device

First off, ensure that your Samsung TV, as well as your Amazon Alexa device, has been set up and is working. After completing the basic setup of your TV and Alexa device, check whether or not the two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Aside from that, you’ll need to set up your smart TV as a “Thing” in the SmartThings app by signing in to your Samsung account on the television. For those who are unaware, Samsung refers to smart devices as “Things.”

Second Step: Preparing the app

Also, use the same account information that you use for your TV’s Samsung account, and Echo’s Amazon account. to log into both apps.

Third Step: Discovering your TV in the SmartThings app

You will need to discover your Samsung smart TV in the SmartThings app. This will allow you to treat the TV as a connected smart device when you are connecting it to the Alexa speaker. Moreover, you can do this by heading to the Devices menu, which is on the bottom menu of the SmartThings app. Now, select the Add Device option from the Devices page. To ensure your device appears on the list, the TV should be powered on.

Gizchina News of the week

Now, find the device and pair your phone to the smart TV. The next step involves selecting the Samsung Smart TV and enabling its use as a smart device. To do this, you can use the toggle button next to the name of your TV.

Fourth Step: Discovering your smart speaker in the Alexa app

It is important for you to make sure that the Amazon Alexa app has discovered your Amazon device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any other). If the app did not discover your Amazon device, or if you have used someone else’s phone to set it up, do the following. However, if this doesn’t apply to you, simply skip to the next step. In the app, tap the Devices button from the menu which is available at the bottom of the screen.

You are all set if the Echo or the Alexa device appears in the menu. However, if it does not show up there, go to the All Devices menu option and look for your Alexa device. It should ideally appear in the list of available connected devices. Some Amazon Echo speakers are now even capable of detecting people.

Fifth Step: Connecting the app

Open the Amazon Alexa app, and enable the Samsung SmartThings skill. Now, you can use your Samsung account to sign in and link the accounts.

Sixth Step: Selecting your smart TV in the Alexa app

You are all set once you enable the Samsung SmartThings skill, which ideally pairs Alexa to the TV automatically.

Alexa Commands You Can Use

After you are all set up, it is important to know what tasks can Alexa do for you. So, check out the list of basic commands that will work on older Samsung smart TVs via Alexa.

6: “Alexa, turn [on/off] the TV.”

How To Connect Apple Airpods With Windows Pc

How To Connect Apple AirPods with Windows PC

Before we go to the steps of using AirPods with Windows PC let’s take a look at the features of Apple AirPods below.


2. Fit comfortably

3. 5-hour battery life while listening and 3 hours of talk time.

5. Quick 15 min charge which gives 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time.

6. Easy One-tap setup (Apple devices)

7. Switch easily between iOS and Mac.

8. Music plays instantly as soon as you put it on your ear and stops when you remove it.

9. No need of using both AirPods, you can use just one to call and listen music

10. Are Siri enabled

11. Easy music playback

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Steps to Connect Apple AirPods with Windows:

Connecting Apple AirPods with Windows PC is an easy task. You just need to follow these simple steps for connectingAirPods with Windows PC.

Note: Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on your Windows system.

1. Keep your AirPods in the charging case and make sure they’re a little bit charged.

2. Open the lid of your AirPods charging case and tap and hold the circular buttonon the backside of the charging case for a couple of seconds until the light inside the case blinks white.

6. Now, you will see your AirPods in the list of discoverable devices.

Note: If you are unable to connect your AirPods, we suggest you repeat the process above.

8. Now you can remove AirPods from the case and start using them.

Connecting AirPods to your Windows PC is as easy as connecting them to other devices. When you want to stop using them, you can just put them back in their charging case and close the lid.

How to reconnect AirPods with Windows PC

To use previously connected AirPods to your Windows System, you just have to take them out from the case, and it will automatically connect to Windows PC. However, if the AirPods are not connected automatically, then we suggest you follow the steps below:

1. Open Windows Bluetooth settings like you have opened before when connecting AirPods first time to your Windows PC.

4. Your AirPods will be again connected to your Windows PC.


If you have recently purchased AirPods and want to use them on Windows PC instead of Apple Machine. Then these steps will help you to connect them to your Windows 10 PC easily.

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