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Contact Phots and Poster is a new feature Apple introduced in iOS 17 to improve the personalized calling experience. With that, your iPhone allows you to add a custom photo, Memoji or monogram to your contact information. This will appear on the receiver’s phone whenever they receive phone calls, messages, FaceTime calls, etc. Even it is possible to share your contact with the poster you setup.

Profile Picture Vs Contact Photo & Poster in iPhone

Remember, you can already set a profile picture or use Apple ID picture for your number as of iOS 16. However, this profile picture will be shown only on your iPhone and not on the receiver side. Instead, receiver will see if they set a picture for you on their Contacts app or a short name. Apple basically upgraded this profile picture option to show it on the receiver side when both caller and receiver iPhones use iOS 17 or later versions.

The new feature has two functions – Contact Poster and Contact Photo.

Contact Poster is the full image or Memoji or monogram you select for your phone number. This is the one will appear in My Card section of Contacts app and on the receiver’s phone when you call.

Contact Photo is the cropped portion of the poster typically showing your face or you can select a different image or Memoji or monogram. This is the one you will see in Contacts app next to “My Card” and when sharing your Contact vCard. Optionally, you can also use the Contact Photo to replace your current Apple ID’s profile picture.

Contact Poster in My CardContact Photo in My Card

This will be confusing when you setup first time, like the lock screen and home screen setup or two times receiving the message reminders. Looks Apple has some wired guys who always come with this type of dual mode setup instead of making it simple.

1. Adding My Card in iPhone

Before adding a contact photo, first you have to setup your number as My Card. This is needed especially when you have multiple contacts for you in the Contacts app.

Open Contacts app and your number should appear on top of the list as “My Card”.

If not, open Settings app and then navigate to “Contacts” section.

Tap on “My Info” and assign your name from the contact list. This will make your selected number to show as “My Card” in Contacts app.

Contacts App Settings in iPhoneAssign Your Phone Contact as My Info

2. Enable Contact Photo and Poster

Tap on your name showing as “My Card” in the Contacts app.

Now, tap on “Contact Photo & Poster” option (it should as disabled).

Fill your first name and last name that you want to appear on the photo.

Enable “Name & Photo Sharing” option so that you can share your contact card along with a photo.

Select “Contacts Only” or “Always Ask” option for sharing your updated details with all other people in your contact list.

Contact Photo and Poster OptionFill Contact Sharing Details

You will see an animation shows the Contact Poster and then Contact Photo on the top section.

3. Adding Contact Poster

After selecting the options in “My Card”, follow the below steps to add a poster:

Tap on the “Edit” button showing just above the name.

On the next screen, you will see options to customize the existing poster or create a new poster similar to lock screen customization.

Tap on “Customize” and select “Poster” option or tap the + icon to create a new poster. You can create multiple posters and switch across them when needed.

Let me create a new poster which has the options to – take a picture using camera, use a picture from Photos, use a Memoji or set a Monogram. Each option has its own customizations to make the poster appealing when it appears on the receiver side.

Create a New PosterNew Poster Options in iPhone

Let me select the Memoji option which will show name, color picker and Memoji picker. The Memoji what you already see is coming from the Apple account profile picture.

Tap on the Memoji picker icon showing on bottom right corner and select a new item for your poster.

After that, tap on the color picker and choose the background color for your poster.

Tap the name and change the color and font if you want.

Select Memoji as Contact PosterSelect Poster Background ColorEdit Name Font and Color

Finally, tap on “Done” button showing on top right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, preview your poster and tap on “Continue” button.

Finish Poster CustomizationsPreview Poster and Continue

Adding Contact Photo

After creating a poster, you will be prompted to assign the photo.

Skip – You can actually skip this step by tapping on the “Skip” link showing on top right corner.

Crop and Use Poster – iPhone will automatically crop the selected poster to use it as a contact photo. Tap on “Update” button if you want to use that.

Add New Photo – for using a new Contact Photo, tap on “Customize Photo” link showing on the bottom. In this case, you will see similar options to take a picture using camera, choose from Photos, set Memoji or use Monogram.

Update Contact Photo in iPhoneChoose Contact Photo Options

This time let me select a different Memoji to show how it appears in My Card in Contacts app. I select a fox Memoji and set a light blue background.

Select Memoji for Contact PhotoMove and Scale EmojiSelect Emoji Photo Background

When finishing, iPhone will prompt you to confirm whether you want to use the selected photo as your Apple ID and My Card profile picture. Tap on “Use” if you want or select “Not Now” option.

Use Contact Photo in Apple ID and My Card

Based on your selection, the animation preview will first show the Contact Poster and then you Contact Photo.

Contact Poster in PreviewContact Photo Preview

You can anytime change the Contact Photo by tapping on “Customize” button and selecting “Contact Photo” option.

Deleting Contact Poster and Photo

As mentioned, you can create multiple set of poster/photo for your phone number and toggle between them. Follow the below steps if you want to delete some of the created posters/photos.

Open Contacts app and tap on your “My Card”.

Tap “Contact Poster & Photo” option.

Disable “Name & Photo Sharing” option if you simply do not want to use your poster in the calls.

Tap on “Edit” button to view all previously created posters along with the photos on top.

Swipe up on any item and tap on the “Trash” icon.

You will see a pop-up asking to confirm deleting Contact Photo and Poster. Tap “Delete” to confirm the action.

View All Contacts PostersSwipe Up and DeleteConfirm Deleting Poster and Photo

When you delete all custom posters/photos, My Card section in Contacts app will simply use the initials of your name with a blank background.

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How To Create Comparison Table In WordPress? – Webnots

People say WordPress powers more than 30% of websites on the internet. However, it is not an easy job to create a website with all the features you need. Creating tables in WordPress is one simple example for that. WordPress introduced a table block with the Gutenberg and updates that continuously. However, it is not responsive and will not work properly in mobile devices when you have three or more columns. Though plugins like TablePress resolve this issue with the free plugin, it is still not convenient to create comparison table that needs review stars. In this article, we will explain how to create comparison table in WordPress. 

What is a Comparison Table?

Many WordPress bloggers write reviews and recommend products that they use to their readers. This helps in both the ways that readers get reliable information while bloggers get affiliate commission when a reader buys that product. In many cases, the comparison table is most helpful to showcase the information.

Showcasing a list of top 10 products in a table – for example top 10 hosting companies.

Compare specifications of two products – for example iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

How to Create Comparison Table in WordPress?

After searching a lot, we have found a decent plugin that helps to create comparison table in WordPress.

WP Table Builder

Creating Tables with Drag and Drop Table Builder

After activating the plugin, it will create a menu “Table Builder” on the sidebar navigation. Go to the plugin’s drag and drop table builder interface within you WordPress dashboard.

WP Table Builder Drag and Drop Editor

Enter the name table

Customize Table Settings

On the next screen, you can view the live preview of the table. Scroll down on the left sidebar to find the “Table Settings”. You can setup the following options for your table:

Table Settings

Enable the option saying “Make Table Responsive” to make your tables responsive on mobile devices.

Add top row as header and setup a color for your header row.

Change the outer and inner border sizes and colors.

Add colors for odd and even rows on your table.

Setup cell padding and table width.

If you are not familiar with tables, learn here on how to create HTML tables.

Adding Content to Table

After setting up the base for you table, you can drag and drop elements inside the cells and start building your table online. The plugin allows you to add text, image, list, star rating, custom HTML, shortcode and button in the cells. You can customize each element after dragging into the cell.

For example, you can add image element and add links, align, add alt text and adjust the size. Below is how the comparison table will look in the table builder.

Comparison Table in Table Builder

After finishing the table content, you can preview and save the table.

Getting Shortcode for Comparison Table

When you are in the table.

Get Embed Shortcode

You can also view all shortcodes for each table.

Inserting Tables in Posts and Pages

Now that you have the shortcode for your comparison table, you can insert anywhere on the site.

Simply paste the shortcode inside the “Paragraph” or “Shortcode” block of Gutenberg editor.

You can also insert the table on your footer or sidebar using text widget. Drag and drop the “Text” widget on your sidebar or footer area and paste the table shortcode. Save your changes and the table will start showing on the corresponding widget area on the published site.

The published table on the desktop site will look something like below:

Sample Comparison Table

And the responsive mobile view will look like below:

Comparison Table on Mobile

Pros and Cons of WP Table Builder Plugin

The plugin has advantages as well as few limitations.


The plugin is a beautiful tool for creating upselling on the admin section.

Simple, drag and drop interface with customizable options.

Shortcodes to insert the table anywhere on your site.


After choosing columns and rows there is no way to change that. If you want to delete a column or row then you need to create from the scratch.

No possibility to rearrange the rows and columns.

We hope the future updates can include these options.

How To Create Coupons In Woocommerce And Promote Products? – Webnots

WooCommerce is the most popular online store plugin for WordPress with more the 5 million active installations. You can create physical or digital store with WooCommerce and showcase items with product pages. Most of the commercial themes available in WordPress marketplaces offer beautiful store and product pages. You can make use of this setup to host your online store without hassle. However, when it comes to selling you need to offer coupons and promote the products for attracting your customers. In this article, we will explain how to create coupons in WooCommerce with default setup and tips for product promotion.

Use and Types of Coupons

Per product – offer price or percentage discount on a specific product.

Per cart – offer discount on total cart amount.

You can use the coupons in different ways and here is one example case we normally use to encourage users buying bundles instead of single product.

Let’s say you have 5 products each with $5 price.

You want to offer 10% discount coupon only when users buy all these 5 products.

In this case, create a new product page and add all 5 products as variations with $5 per product as a price.

Now, create a 10% coupon with fixed cart amount with a minimum spend as $25.

User can enter the coupon code when purchasing the bundle and get 10% off for the final price of $22.5. The discount can’t be applied when purchasing individual products as the minimum spend will not be equal to $25.

This is just a one scenario, and you can apply varieties of restrictions to promote specific product in your store.

Create Coupons in WooCommerce

Create Coupon and Fill General Data

Coupon data section has three tabs to add validity and define the type of discount.

General Coupon Data

Discount type – you will have three options to select here – percentage discount, fixed cart discount and fixed product discount.

Coupon amount – enter the amount you want to offer as a discount. Remember, what you enter here will be a percentage for percentage discount and price discount for other two types.

Allow free shipping – if you offer free shipping for delivering physical products, then enable this check box. As showing in the instructions, you must setup free shipping method in your shipping zone which requires a coupon. For a digital product, you can leave this box unchecked.

Coupon expiry date – select the date for the coupon to expire automatically. You can anytime reset the date to extend the validity of the same coupon code.

Usage restriction

This is important section where you need to apply the usage restriction for applying the coupon.

Coupon Usage Restrictions

Usage Limit

You can restrict the number of times to use your coupons based on two criteria:

Usage limit per coupon – enter a number here to restrict the maximum number of times the coupon can be applied.

Usage limit per user – enter the number to restrict the usage limit per customer basis. If you allow guest checkout, this option will use the billing email to valid the limit. For logged in checkout, it will use the customer account ID.

Promoting Your Products with Coupons

The problem is that your customers and users will not know there are special coupons available for purchasing your product. This will be unfortunate if a customer landing on your product page does not know there is a discount available. There are few options to showcase your coupons and you need to use them to make sure your coupons of used by customers:

Unfortunately, WooCommerce coupons are not shown in XML Sitemap as separate content type. This means, coupons will not be showing in Google search results, and you have to manually promote to reach your customers.

Additional Coupon Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Coupon Extensions

Applying Coupon During Checkout

Now that you have created a coupon and send to customers. WooCommerce plugin will show an option to enter coupon on the checkout page. The appearance of the checkout page change if your theme offers any custom templates. Generally, you will see an option saying “Apply Coupon” like below.

Option to Apply Coupon During Checkout

Upon entering a correct coupon, you will see a success message saying, “Coupon applied successfully” and the price will be reduced accordingly.

Coupon Successfully Applied

What Is Sensitive Content Warning In Ios 17 & How Does It Work

Apple’s prime focus has always been the privacy of its users. And with that in mind, the Cupertino giant has introduced a new security feature to help you ward off obscene photos and videos. So what is the sensitive content warning in iOS 17 and how does it work?

Activate and Use Sensitive Content Warning in iOS 17 on iPhone and iPad

As always, let’s first discuss what exactly is the sensitive content warning and how it functions!

What is the Sensitive Content Warning In iOS 17?

The sensitive content warning is a privacy feature to prevent you from opening sensitive content on your phone. When this feature is enabled, you will be given a warning on your screen when you try to open sensitive content like naked photos and videos. Apart from giving you a warning, it will also blur the content to reduce its visibility. 

To better understand, let’s see it with an example. Suppose you get a message from your friend and it’s a video. You don’t know what video it is, and you are about to open it. It’s no normal video but includes naked scenes. Now imagine playing this video, without your AirPods while you are with your family. Embarrassing, isn’t it? The sensitive content warning feature in iOS 17 will save you from such embarrassment by giving you a warning of sensitive content and also blurring the content. 

How Does Sensitive Content Warning Work?

This feature checks for content that you receive on your phone. If the content is flagged to be sensitive, it will be blurred. When you try to access the content, you will get a warning on your screen. This warning will come with three options, so you can choose to view it or avoid viewing it-

Not Now– If you select this option on the warning screen, then the content won’t open. You can press this option when you don’t want to open the content.

Ways To Get Help– This option will take you to resources where you can get help in regard to the content you get. 

I’m Sure- If you select this option then that means, you have given consent to access the sensitive content and you will be able to open it on your iPhone. 

Which Apps Will Be Able to Use Sensitive Content Warning Feature?

If you are thinking about what apps will be able to use this feature, then let me tell you that this feature will work with not only first-party but also third-party apps. Though it’s going to take some time for third-party apps to get on board.


FaceTime Messages

Contact Posters in the Phone app


Third-party apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp will also begin to support this security feature in due course.

How to Enable Sensitive Content Warning In iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

This feature is available only for iOS 17, so you must ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS 17 in order to enable this feature.

Here, you will see an option called Sensitive Content Warning; tap on it. 

Next, enable the Sensitive Content Warning toggle. 

You will now see a list of all the apps and services that can use this feature. These apps will be listed under the App & Service Access section. 

You will also choose to turn on the Improve Sensitive Content Warning option; however, this is completely optional. Don’t worry about privacy as Apple keeps it intact.

After you have enabled this feature any type of sensitive content will be blurred. If you accidentally tap on such content, you will get a warning. Apart from this, you will get two other options on the blurred sensitive content, i.e., a Warning icon and the Show button. Here’s what both these options will do-

Show– When you tap on the Show button, you will be able to see the content. 

Warning icon– When you tap on the Warning icon, you will get two options- Ways to Get Help and Block Contact.

Ways To Get Help– Tapping on this option will take you to resources to get help on what can be done if you get such content without your consent (from unknown sources). 

Block Contact– This option will block the contact and they won’t be able to contact you again.

Tips to Use Apple Sensitive Content Warning on iPhone and iPad Like a Pro..!

Read more: How to Enable and Use StandBy Mode in iOS 17 on iPhone

5 Ways To Create A New Folder In Mac – Webnots

Organizing files on Mac is one of the important tasks you need to do regularly. The easiest option is to create a folder with proper name and arrange the files within folder. This will help to find the files quickly and work on them whenever needed. You can even create a smart folder in Mac that will automatically group the files based on the set rules. Mac offers multiple ways to create a new folder. In this article, we will explain 5 different ways you can do that.

Creating New Folder in Mac

You can create three types of folders in Mac based on need:

1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The best and simple way to create a new folder in Mac is to use keyboard shortcuts. Make sure you see “Finder” menu on the top Apple bar and use one of the following shortcuts:

Shift + Command + N – this will create a new empty folder inside the selected folder. For example, if you have selected “Desktop”, then the new folder will be created in desktop section. Mac will create a new empty folder with the name as “untitled folder”. You need to change the name of this new folder to desired name and manually move files. Note that you can simply highlight the folder and press enter key to edit its name.

Control + Command + N – this is to create a folder with selected items. First, make sure to select one or more files and then press the keys to create a folder. For this case, Mac will create a folder with a name as “New Folder With Items” which you can change as per your need.  

2. From Finder Menu

Though creating a new empty folder works well with keyboard shortcuts, you may get confused when creating a folder with selected items. Unfortunately, there is also no default shortcut assigned for creating a smart folder in Mac. The solution here is to use the menu item for creating different type of folders. When you are in “Finder” app, go to “File” menu and choose one of the options.

New Folder – create an empty folder.

Create New Folder from File Menu

New Folder with Selection – this will be enabled only when you select one or more files. When you select a single file/folder, Mac will show its name in the menu like “New Folder “selected file/folder name””. If you have selected multiple files/folders, then you can see the number of selected files like “New Folder with Selection (Number of Selected Items)”.

Create New Folder in Finder Using Action Icon

Deleting Folders – if you have wrongly created a new folder, simply press “Command + Z” keys to revert back you action. This will delete the newly created folder and move back any items if you have selected.

5. Create Folders from Terminal

The last option is to create folders in Mac using Terminal app. You can create one or multiple folders in the desired location right from the command line.

Create a Folder from Save Dialog

How To Remove Background From Photos On Iphone In Ios 16

Beyond the eye-catching features like the full-on Lock Screen customization and Safari Passkeys, iOS comes with several pretty useful features. Probably, the most user-friendly feature is the ability to remove background from photos on iPhone in iOS 16. That means you will no longer have to install third-party photo editors for isolating subjects from images on your iOS device. With that said, let me show you the 5 ways to remove background from photos on iPhone in 2023.

Tips to Remove Background from Photos on iPhone in iOS 16

What iPhone Models Support iOS 16’s Background Removal Tool?

As has been the case with most big-ticket features, the background removal tool is exclusive to latest iPhone models equipped with A12 Bionic chip or later. Here is the list of compatible iPhone models:

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE 2nd Generation (2023)

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 Pro 

iPhone 12 Pro Max 

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 Pro 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone SE 3rd Generation (2023)

1. Isolate Subjects from Photos Using Drag & Drop Gesture

Guess what, you can quickly remove the background from any photos on your iOS 16 device using the nifty drag and drop feature. It works like a charm and feels very familiar, just in case you have used iPad.

Note that the background removal tool works on any images where subjects are clearly defined. If you are wondering whether or not it works with pets or subjects, let me tell you that it supports everything.

1. To get going, open Photos app on your iPhone running iOS 16 and then head over to the image you would like to edit.

2. Now, long-press on the image to lift the subject.

3. Next, you can use your another finger to get out of the Photos app and move to the location where want to save the image.

4. Next up, just drop the image at the preferred location and you are good to go!

2. Isolate Subjects from Photos Using Copy & Share Trick

Another pretty simple way to isolate subjects from photos is to use the “Copy & Share” trick. 

1. First off, launch the Photos app on your iPhone and then go to the image in question. 

2. Now, touch and hold on the image until a white line starts glowing around the subject. 

3. You should now see a tiny popup window right above the image with Copy and Share options. 

If you want to copy the image and share it with a desired medium, tap on Copy and then do the needful.

But if you would like to directly share the image, tap Share and then choose the preferred app like Apple Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter and more to share the image as usual.

3. Remove Background from Web Images in Safari 

What if you want to remove background from web images? Well, iOS has got you covered on this front as well. So, if you ever come across an image while browsing the web in Safari, you can isolate the subject without any hassle. 

1. Open Safari on your iPhone and then find the image from which you would like to remove the background.

2. Now, touch and hold on the image.

3. Next, a popup menu will appear with multiple options. Tap, Copy Subject in the menu to copy the subject to the clipboard.

4. Go to the location where you wish to save the image and paste it. Besides, you can also share this image using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

4. Use Third Party Apps to Remove Background from Photos 

Whether your iPhone does not support iOS 16 or you would like to have a better tool to get rid of background from images on your device, third party apps have got you covered. For this purpose, check out the these couple of handy apps.


If you do not want to settle with anything less than the top-notch background removal tool, I would recommend you try out Pixelcut. What gives it an edge over rivals is the ability to let you remove background from multiple photos at once on your iPhone. Better still, you can get it without having to shell out any bucks.

Install: Free, offers in-app purchases 

Remove BG

Remove BG promises to be an all-in-one photo editor for iPhone. Aside from featuring a ton of essential photo editing tools, the app also excels in terms of removing background from images. So, you can easily erase the unwanted background and set a different one. Not to mention, Remove BG is also available for free.

Install: Free, offers in-app purchases 

If you would rather use an online tool to erase the background from photos, these sites can live up to the task. 

Have Any Questions?

That’s all there is to removing background from images on iOS 16 or later. Have you found this guide helpful? Be sure to share your feedback with us.

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