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Kik has been branded the “problem app of the decade”, so if you’re having second thoughts, we completely understand. With its myriad privacy and security concerns, there are plenty of reasons to uninstall it. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Kik is and why you may wish to delete your account before moving on to exactly how you can do so. 

Table of Contents

What Is Kik?

Kik is one of the most popular free messaging apps for iOS and Android. You are able to send private messages and share media including photos and videos to other users. 

Why Should You Delete Your Kik Account? 

Kik has been heavily criticized over the last few years as it has been allegedly involved in multiple child exploitation incidents. Because of the little information required to sign up, Kik seems to have attracted shady types as well as children who shouldn’t be accessing the app. Add to this that there are no parental controls, strangers can access anyone’s inbox, and users can search by age, and you have the perfect concoction for predators. 

In addition to this, Kik users report that there are automated spam bots on the app which send sexually explicit or threatening material frequently. 

If you are concerned about safety in your messaging app, we recommend Signal. 

How To Delete Your Kik Account

Deleting your Kik account is very simple, but keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account after following these steps. To permanently delete your account: 

Head to Kik’s “delete your account” page. 

    Enter your details and reason for deleting, tick the disclaimer, and select Go!

    Head to your email account and open the email from Kik. 

      Select Permanently Deactivate.

      Note: You can also temporarily deactivate your Kik account and you will be able to reopen your account if you’d like to. Following the steps above is the only way to permanently deactivate your account. 

      How To Temporarily Deactivate Your Kik Account

      To temporarily deactivate your Kik account, follow these steps: 

      Head to the “Deactivate” page. 

      Enter your email address and select Go!

        Check your email and select Deactivate. 

          You will be taken to a page to input a reason for deactivating. Fill out this form and select Go!

          How To Delete Your Child’s Account

          Given the security concerns Kik has when it comes to children, deleting their accounts may be the best option. To do so, you can follow the steps above or contact Kik support if this isn’t possible. Keep in mind that due to the scant information required for people to sign up, it will be very easy for your child to create a new account with a fresh email address. 

          Time To Try Another App

          Once you’ve completed these steps, your Kik account will be permanently deactivated and you will no longer be able to receive notifications or be found on the app by other users. Luckily, there are plenty of safer and more highly recommended messenger apps out there. 

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          How To Replace 5 Major Yahoo Services And Delete Your Yahoo Account

          Oh, Yahoo. It was bad enough that the company already announced a breach exposing 500 million user accounts two years after it happened. Then late last night Yahoo revealed that it had uncovered another unrelated hack exposing the account details of one billion users. It’s not clear how much of that is overlap, but at this point does it really matter?

          I don’t know about you, but I’m done. I wasn’t much of a Yahoo user to begin with but the uses I do have for the company are over.

          I know that’s easy for me to say. I have a single account that I only use to play fantasy football. But what about those of you who are more fully invested in Yahoo? Here’s a guide to replacing Yahoo’s major services with alternative options, then deleting your Yahoo account.

          Yahoo the Portal

          Yahoo’s an old-school Internet portal from the days when everyone set a default homepage in their browser. If the most important thing from a new service is that you have a jumping off point from which to access news, weather, stock information, and email then there are two other big-name options.

          Yahoo’s closest clone is Microsoft’s chúng tôi It’s packed with news, stocks, and weather. At the top you have easy access to everything available in Microsoft’s world, including chúng tôi Skype, Office Online, OneDrive, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

          Anyone looking for a more spartan look to their homepage should check out AOL—the original Internet portal. Here you’ll get almost everything you get with MSN and Yahoo, just with a more stripped down aesthetic.


          The options for switching away from Yahoo are limitless. The more recognizable names include Gmail, chúng tôi AOL Mail, GMX, and Proton Mail. Really it all comes down to which interface you prefer and whether you’re more tied to a specific online ecosystem like Google’s or Microsoft’s.

          Check out our earlier tutorials on how to make the switch to a new email account if you want to make the transition as seamless as possible.


          You’ll find tons of places with weather updates. They’re built into the aforementioned portal sites, but there’s also chúng tôi Weather Underground, and

          Windows 10 weather.

          Stocks and finance

          Windows 10 users also have a built-in Money app for tracking stocks nad getting financial news. If web-based stock updates are more your thing, consider MSN Money, Google Finance, and Seeking Alpha, to name just a few.

          ESPN fantasy football.

          For those of you into fantasy sports, there are many Yahoo Sports rivals to choose from. ESPN is the obvious choice since it’s already a large fantasy site and covers pretty much every sport, not just football. The NFL has its own fantasy football offering, and CBS Sports is also a good fantasy destination.

          Delete your account

          Now that you know how to replace Yahoo, here’s how you delete your Yahoo account.

          Delete your Yahoo account.

          After that, Yahoo will confirm that your account termination was successful. You’ll now be locked out of your account, but Yahoo says it will take about 90 days to purge your account data from the system.

          How To Delete A Page In Word

          Deleting a page from any digital document should be a simple task. However, Microsoft Word does not have a delete page button, so things are not as simple. This guide will come in handy if you want to delete the first, second, middle, last, or a blank page in Microsoft Word. Let’s look at how to delete a page in Word on a PC, mobile device, and the Web.

          1. Using Delete or Backspace

          This is one of the easiest methods to remove a page from your Word document. Navigate to the page you want to remove, then use one of the following methods:

          Remove Page With Data: if the page has data in it, select the content on the page manually using your mouse, making sure you select the right page. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the data creating a blank page, then press Backspace (Windows) or Delete (macOS) to remove the blank page.

          Select Current Page and Remove It: if you are unable to select the entire page manually, you can use the Go to function for that as shown below:

          When the page’s content is selected, press the Delete key to remove the content, then use the method described above to delete the blank page.

          Users are often unable to delete blank pages due to unwanted spaces, invisible page breaks, section breaks, whitespaces, the ending paragraph on the last page, etc. This can be handled by the following methods.

          2. Delete Using Navigation Pane 3. Delete Blank Spaces and Page Breaks

          Similarly, you may see the page or section breaks on your blank pages. Select and remove them to delete the page.

          Turn off paragraph markers by repeating step 2.

          Tip: to find section breaks, enable “Draft mode” from the “View” tab.

          4. Change Size of End Paragraph

          Often, Word adds an end-paragraph to the last page of your document for no reason at all. It isn’t easy to remove, as it’s an item that can’t be deleted. The trick is to decrease the size of the end-paragraph so that it fits on the preceding page, removing the last page automatically. Follow these steps:

          5. Use Custom Margins

          If the end paragraph doesn’t move to the previous page using the method described above, you must adjust the bottom margin size and make it smaller. That will fit the end-paragraph on the preceding page while removing the last page.

          Go to the “Layout” tab in your document.

          The Page setup window will open. Keep the “Bottom” margin value something small, such as 0.3, and press the Enter key. Follow this by trying the above method.

          Tip: in the Page setup window, go to the “Layout” tab and make sure “New page” is selected in the “Section start” drop-down box.

          6. Remove Page Break Before

          If the paragraph mark shows a square bullet next to it, you will need to disable the “Page break before” option in settings.

          7. Convert to PDF

          If none of the methods above work to remove the last blank page, you should save it as a PDF document. This method will be especially useful in documents such as resumés.

          Tip: read on to learn how to convert a PDF to a Word document.

          8. How to Delete a Page in Word for Web

          To remove a page in Word for the Web, use PC method 1 above, i.e., using the Backspace key. However, if you are unable to delete the page using that method due to section or page breaks, you must open it in the Word desktop application.

          9. How to Delete a Page in Word on Android and iPhone

          On the Word mobile apps, press the Backspace key multiple times on blank pages until the cursor moves to the preceding page. That will delete the blank page.

          If your page contains content, you must select the content and delete it using the Cut tool. To do so, follow these steps:

          Long-press on the screen to go into selection mode. You will find two markers on the screen. Use them to first select the content you want to remove.

          Tap on the Cut (Scissors) icon in the menu. Typically, that should delete the page as well.

          If you are left with a blank page, tap the bottom of the page, then use the Backspace or Delete key to delete the page.

          Unable to Delete Pages in Word?

          If you are unable to delete pages in Word or the methods seem daunting, use the following two methods that work on all platforms.

          Delete Page Using Online Tools Create New Document

          If you have fewer pages in your Word document, you should create a new document that does not contain any blank or unwanted pages. For that, copy content from each page manually to the new Word document without copying the blank or unwanted pages.

          Frequently Asked Questions 1. How can I recover a deleted Word page?

          If you accidentally deleted the wrong page, use Ctrl + Z on Windows and Command + Z on macOS to recover the deleted page.

          2. How can I delete multiple pages in Word?

          While you are removing content, find out how to delete images from Word. You may also want to learn how to convert Google Docs to Word and vice versa.

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          How To Create A Guest Account On Windows 10

          Once again, Windows 10 changes the way we create and manage users. Learning how to add a new user in Windows is easy, even though it has a new location, and it even comes with more options.

          Windows 10 allows us to create two types of users: Family and other users. Family is divided among adults and kids. The difference being that the adults category puts limits on what the kids can use, primarily exercising parental control over the children.

          Creating a guest account on a Windows 10 computer is very easy. There are two ways you can create an account.

          Method 1

          You should be able to see the guest account right beside yours.

          How to Activate the Guest Account Method 2


          Judy Sanhz

          Judy Sanhz is a tech addict that always needs to have a device in her hands. She loves reading about Android, Softwares, Web Apps and anything tech chúng tôi hopes to take over the world one day by simply using her Android smartphone!

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          How To Delete Old Facebook Posts In Bulk. (Select All Delete Posts From Facebook)

          If you are looking for a way to delete all of your old Facebook posts without having to scroll through them one by one, deleting them all individually. This article will show you an easy way to automate the process, allowing you to set and forget the task until it is complete.

          How to Delete Facebook Messages in Bulk.

          Most people who have a Facebook account have probably thought about deleting old posts from the service, only to find that there isn’t an option to do so in bulk. This is because Facebook’s revenue stream is reliant on your data, so making it as hard to delete as possible is in their best interest.

          Officially the only way to delete posts from Facebook is to do so one by one, which for a lot of people is a major deal breaker, in turn forcing them to give up on the idea. This concept didn’t bode well with me, so in 2023 I spent 30 minutes a day over several weeks manually deleting Facebook posts from my account which dated back to 2008. Thankfully! As I recently discovered, it doesn’t have to be that difficult anymore, there is now an extension that will handle the entire Facebook post deletion process automatically.

          Related: How to Quickly and Easily Delete All Your Old Tweets. Delete Tweets in Bulk.

          How Do You Delete Old Facebook Posts in Bulk? (Mass Delete Facebook Posts)

          Delete: Deletes all the posts from your account forever.

          Hide/Unhide: Will hide or unhide posts on your Timeline.

          Unlike: Will unlike any and all Timeline content you may have liked in the past.

          Backup: Will download a backup of your entire Timeline. Personally, I wouldn’t use this option from the extension and instead use the official Facebook account backup/download tool.

          The most important thing on this page after selecting your desired option and time frame is the speed. Make sure you choose the slowest speed possible. If you choose to run Social Book Post Manager at the fastest speed, it won’t remove all the content. This isn’t any fault of the extension and is entirely Facebook related, as Facebook filters posts it shows on your Timeline it won’t always show everything….

          Note: Even when I was sure I had manually deleted everything, I would still occasionally find something Facebook didn’t show me. Even after an entire year of showing everything as deleted, Facebook found an old post it missed…

          Once you have set all your parameters, you can start the process, which will need to run in the background for quite a long time. If you have years of posts to remove, I would suggest starting it before you go to bed and checking in the morning. When the process has finished, you may still have content left behind, if you do, simply run the scan again, and again until it is all gone.

          Note: There will be some content that can’t be deleted (by the tool or manually), with this content, you will have to use the hide option. Personally, I would just go through and manually hide any of this content after the delete scan has completed, rather than running the hide scan.  

          What Is A Microsoft Family Account?

          Kids can access more entertainment, information, and multiple ways of connecting with their friends and teachers through e-learning apps and tools than ever before. With such open access, parents are more concerned about how to keep their kids safe online and many have resorted to blocking sites using parental control software using apps to spy on their online activity.

          While these are good options to keep kids from stumbling upon inappropriate websites or content, one of the best ways of keeping up with what your kids are doing online is by using Microsoft Family.

          Table of Contents

          This guide explains how to set up and use a Microsoft Family account to make it easier and safer for your family to interact with each other, across platforms and devices.

          What Is a Microsoft Family Account?

          A Microsoft Family account helps families stay connected while keeping children safer on Windows 10 PCs, Android devices running Microsoft Launcher, and Xbox One devices.

          It’s one of the benefits you enjoy if you have a Microsoft account as it’s already built into your Windows 10 and Xbox devices, so there’s no software installation required to make it work. Plus, you can receive reports on your child’s activity, check their location, set screen time limits, manage privacy settings, and purchasing/spending limits. You can also set web filtering limits on the games or websites they can access.  

          How To Set Up & Manage a Microsoft Family Account

          To set up a Microsoft Family account, you’ll need a Microsoft account for yourself, and any other adult or child that’ll be part of the Microsoft Family.

          How To Add Members To Your Family Group

          Now that your Microsoft Family account is ready, you can use your PC or Xbox One to invite members to join.

          Each person you invite will receive an email or text asking them to accept the invitation to join your family group.

          In the Add a family member popup box, select Member or Organizer.

          How To Remove Members From Your Microsoft Family Account

          You can remove a member from your Microsoft Family account if you have an adult account and you gave the consent. The member’s email will still exist, but without the restrictions or benefits it had while in the group.

          If you’re removing a child, sign in with your Microsoft account and select Manage my child’s profile info.

          Features Of a Microsoft Family Account Activity Reporting

          From your Microsoft Family account, you can get weekly email reports of your child’s device use and online activity on Windows 10, Xbox One or Android devices running Microsoft Launcher.

          You can also view it online on chúng tôi and see keep an eye on things like their browsing history, games and apps they use, websites they visit, terms they searched for on search engines, and amount of screen time.

          Screen Time

          With a Microsoft Family account, you can balance screen time on your child’s smartphone and other activities, and get a breakdown of how much time they spend on their devices throughout the week or overall by each day.

          Content Filtering

          Content filters help you set the kind of content your child can get from the sites they visit, the games they can play, and whether they’ll need approval from you before making purchases on Microsoft Store. If your child needs exceptions for certain types of content, they have to send a request to you and you can respond on the Microsoft family account or via email.

          Limit Apps, Games And Media

          This feature allows you to set age limits on apps, games and media so that your child doesn’t end up using inappropriate apps, or play media and games that are rated above their age limit, otherwise they’ll need your approval.

          Block Inappropriate Websites

          Protect your child from surfing inappropriate, adult content on the internet when using web browsers. Once you set an age limit for content, Microsoft blocks many sites automatically, and you can also whitelist or select which ones to block. You also have the option to let your child visit only the sites you have approved.

          Manage Purchases On Microsoft Store

          Children tend to act on impulse when they see something they like and instantly want to have it. To ensure your child doesn’t make any purchases on the Microsoft Store without your consent, you can adjust the spending or purchase settings on your Microsoft family account and keep an eye on their shopping habits, payment options, and add money to their account in one platform.

          Find Your Child

          When your child uses a Windows 10 phone or an Android device running Microsoft Launcher (version 4.10 or higher), you can see their whereabouts whether at home or on the go, and monitor them remotely. It also shows you their last known location and time, and allows you to rest easier knowing they’re safe and where they’re supposed to be.

          Pros And Cons Of a Microsoft Family Account

          A Microsoft Family account is free but it can be limiting in terms of in-depth information on kids’ online activities. If you need more parental control software options, check out our roundup of the apps you can use to spy on your children’s internet use. 


          Free to use for users of Windows, Xbox One devices

          Configuration is managed online

          Can find a child’s device, their current and last known location

          Can schedule and set screen time and daily limits

          Can block inappropriate media, websites, apps and games based on age


          No support for iOS devices

          Content filtering isn’t browser independent – works with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 

          Parents have to create email accounts for kids no matter their age

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