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Discovery has started the new year with a loud bang. Its new streaming service Discovery Plus debuted on 4th January and houses a number of networks with more than 2500 shows and originals. Available on a slew of platforms and devices, the likes of which include Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Xbox One, and many more, subscribers can watch tons of real-life entertainment shows and even add up to five users on a single Discovery Plus account.

But the best part of it all is the fact that if you’re a Verizon customer, you get 12 months of Discovery Plus subscription for free! Here’s how you can get yours.

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Can you get Discovery Plus for free?

Well, at the launch time, you can get a year’s worth of Discovery Plus subscription for free if you are a Verizon customer. Besides that, you can only get a 7-day free trial. Here’s more about Verizon’s free Discovery Plus offer.

This offering comes on the back of Verizon’s partnership with Discovery Plus, available for all existing and new Verizon customers with select plans. Verizon customers interested in watching shows from more than 17 networks, including Animal Planet, History Channel, the Food Network, HGTV, and many more can get started straight away with their subscription.

On top of that, since Discovery Plus is going to create its own content, not unlike HBO Max, Disney+, and Apple TV+, Verizon customers have much to be cheerful about in the new year.

How to get a Free Discovery Plus Subscription with Verizon


As mentioned on Verizon’s website, there are four ways you can get access to Discovery Plus for free, though their subscription validity differs greatly.

Play More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited Services (One year)

Any Verizon customer, existing or new, with a line on Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited service will get a full year of Discovery Plus subscription for free. Those who’re looking to switch to these services should note the cost for the same.

Play More Unlimited: $45 per line per month.

Get More Unlimited: $55 per line per month.

Fios Internet

$39.99 per month (200MBps).

$59.99 per month (400MBps).

$79.99 per month (940MBps).

5G Home

$50 per month (with a Verizon mobile plan of $30 per month).

$70 per month (without a qualifying Verizon Mobile Plan).

Other Unlimited Services (6-months)

Those who don’t have the Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited services need not despair. They can still get a free Discovery plus subscription albeit only for 6 months. These other Unlimited services and their costs are given below:

Start Unlimited: $35 per line per month.

Do More Unlimited: $45 per line per month.

Get Discovery Plus with My Verizon

To get your free discovery plus subscription with Verizon, open the My Verizon app first. Select the”More” menu icon at the bottom right corner. Tap on “Add-ons & Apps”. Next, tap on “Entertainment” and find “Discovery+”.  Select “Learn More”, scroll down and tap “Enroll”. Here, you’ll be asked to review changes and accept terms and conditions. Once you’ve read them, tap “Confirm”. Finish the setup by tapping on “Go to Discovery+”.  Now, all you need to do is to create your Discovery plus account and you’re good to go.

How to get a Free Discovery Plus for 7 days (Available for all)

Those who’re not Verizon customers can still snag their free seven-day Discovery Plus trial. Do note that once this one-week period expires, they will be charged based on the plan that they chose while signing up.

With Ads:$4.99

Without Ads:$6.99

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These are all the ways that you can get Discovery Plus for free. For Verizon Unlimited customers, this is an amazing new year’s gift that is sure to keep them entertained with their favorite Discovery Plus shows.

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Discovery Plus Vs Discovery Go: Everything You Need To Know

Ever since Discovery Plus launched, a buzz has been created over the latest streaming platform catering to the viewing needs of Discovery fans. Discovery Plus is bringing shows from all the Discovery networks onto a singular platform for viewing. However, if you are already watching Discovery programming on Discovery Go then you may be curious about why you should go for this new platform.

Here is all you need to know about the differences between Discovery Plus and Discovery Go.

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is a streaming platform much like Netflix and Amazon Prime. On this platform, you will find non-fiction shows and their episodes. Content from networks like HGTV, Food Network, DIY, ID, A&E, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery, and more is available on the platform. At its launch, the platform boasted over 55,000 episodes with the promise of adding fresh content each week. Apart from having a library of the older shows that have been aired on the Discovery network channels, the platform will also have exclusive content for subscribers.

What is Discovery Go?

Afraid of missing out on the next episode of 90 Days Fiance when you step out of your home? You do not have to cancel your night out plans when you have Discovery Go. Discovery had launched their live streaming app to allow viewers to enjoy programming even in the absence of their television. If your cable/satellite pack includes the discovery channels then you can log into the Discovery Go app using your service provider details and start streaming live.

What is the difference between Discovery Plus and Discovery Go?

The primary difference between Discovery Plus and Discovery Go is the fact that Discovery Plus is an independent platform that does not require you to have a television subscription. For Discovery Go you have to have a cable or satellite television subscription pack with the Discovery network channels on it. 

This means that even if you do have the Discovery channels on your television you have to pay again to subscribe to Discovery Plus. With Discovery Go, however, paying your television service provider is enough. You need to log into the app using the details of your service provider.

It is believed that soon all the new shows and episodes will premier on the Discovery Plus platform while the television channels will only show re-runs. 

@amyallantdf confirmed on her Twitter that you can only watch new season (13) on D+ along with other shows confirmed. @TheDeadFilesTV @GhostAdventures #SharkWeek. So much for my only enjoyment left.

— Wendi Amber Zuccaro (@AmberWendi) January 12, 2023

While Discovery has been pretty silent about the fate of on-going shows, it is likely that those with Discovery Go will be stuck with re-runs while Discovery Plus users get exclusive and current content. 

Is it worth getting both? Which one is a better choice?

Now that you know the difference between Discovery’s two streaming platforms you need to decide if you need to pay for both or get only one of them.

The decision depends entirely on your content consumption.

If you are more interested in consuming exclusive content that will not be available on television then paying for the Discovery Plus subscription is a good choice. So, far it is unclear if Discovery Plus will be the home of all the live seasons. However, there is a good chance that live streaming will be exclusive to Discovery Plus soon. 

While Discovery Go users have had their complaints about the app, it still remains one of the ways to get live streaming of Discovery’s content.

If you are already paying your provider for the Discovery channel packages then why not enjoy the content on the free app as well. 

In Conclusion: Depending on your content consumption you can pay the nominal subscription for Discovery Plus. Getting both Discovery Plus and Discovery Go makes sense if you are interested in watching old, new, and exclusive non-fiction content and reality shows.


How To Watch Discovery Plus On Fire Tv: Download And Casting Methods Explained!

The good news is that Discovery Plus is available on a long list of devices. You do not need to be limited to the screens of your computer/iOS/Andriod device. You can stream Discovery Plus on your television. If you do not have a smart television you can still get the service with Amazon Fire TV. All Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cube, as well as Fire TV Edition televisions, support Discovery Plus. Here is how you can easily install and stream the new service on Amazon Fire TV.

To be able to play content from Discovery Plus, you need to first subscribe to it because it’s a premium service and you do need to pay for it (it’s free, in one case). Yes, skip this part if you are already subscribed to Discovery Plus.

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To subscribe you have to choose the plan that you want and then proceed to create your account. If you already have an account then you have to enter your email and password to sign in.

While Discovery Plus is available on Amazon’s Fire TV, for now, there are plans of it becoming available on Amazon Prime Video Channel as well. The date of availability has not been announced yet. We just have to wait and watch for updates.

For now, all Amazon Fire TV users can stream Discovery network content using the new Discovery Plus app.

How to watch Discovery Plus on Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

There are basically two ways to watch Discovery Plus on your Fire TV or Fire TV stick. You can download the Discovery Plus app directly on your device, and the second option is to cast the content from Discovery Plus app or web on your mobile phone or PC to your device. Let’s explore both options.

Method #1: Download and install the app to watch Discovery Plus

Here is how you can get Fire TV to stream Discovery Plus content:

Option 1.1: Download on Amazon Fire TV device

You need to first find the Discovery Plus app on your television. You need to navigate to the Search section. Type “Discovery Plus” using the onscreen keyboard.

Once you select Discovery Plus you will be taken to the app’s home page.

Alternatively, you can do a voice search. Hold down the microphone button and say “Discovery Plus”. This too will take you to the app. From there you can download the app.

Once the app has downloaded and installed you can open it.

Option 1.2: Get the app for your Fire TV from Amazon

Aside from getting the app directly on your Fire TV device, you can also add the app from Amazon.

Go to chúng tôi and search for Discovery Plus.

On the right side of the screen, you can choose the device you want to get the app on.

After selecting the device you can get the app delivered to it.

When you boot your Amazon Fire TV device the app will automatically get installed.

1.2 Play content on your Fire TV device

Open the Discovery Plus app on your Fire TV device now. Sign in, if not done already, and you are good to play content using the device. That’s all.

Method #2: Cast content to Fire TV from your mobile app or web on PC

Make sure you have set up your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, and that both your phone/PC and Fire TV device is connected to the same network.

Now, open the Discovery Plus app on your phone, or visit chúng tôi on PC/Mac, and play any video. Now, tap on the cast icon on your phone/PC.

Now, select the Fire TV device.

Once you do that, the video will start playing from your phone to your PC. Done.

What Shows Are Moving To Discovery Plus? List Of Top 10 Shows

A new horse has entered the subscription-based streaming race, and instead of scripted comedies or CGI-heavy medieval fantasies, it’s full of cooking shows, home renovation, and the world’s best wildlife documentaries.

Discovery Plus just launched January 4th, bringing with it a tidal wave of content that normally you’d have to dust off the old cable box to see — and then some. While the streaming services market becomes increasingly crowded, there’s good reason to keep up with Discovery Plus. It’s bringing all 15 of Discovery’s umbrella of channels and the 55,000+ episodes onto the platform for a subscription starting at $4.99/mo alongside a host of original heavy-hitter reality TV programming. Down below are just 10 of the bigger shows and brands you can expect to find, in their entirety, on the newest subscription streaming service.

Biggest Shows on Discovery Plus

1. All the David Attenborough Documentaries

You might not recognize him on the street, but you’d certainly know his voice. If you’ve ever seen a nature documentary in your life, there’s an overwhelming probability it was voiced by Sir David Attenborough, natural historian and highest authority on how to narrate a close encounter between a praying mantis and a spider. Everything from the BBC’s original Natural Histories programs to Blue Planet and Planet Earth is up in their totality on Discovery Plus.

2. House Hunters (And Its Many Variants)

Everything from House Hunters‘ original iteration to House Hunters International and even the brand new House Hunters: Comedians on Couches where bigshot comedians are given the arduous task of sitting on titular couches and roasting episodes of House Hunters. Because yes, reality TV has come full circle, so get ready to watch people watching TV.

3. Mythbusters

While its last episode aired back in 2024, Mythbusters continues to be one of the biggest draws for Discovery and stands as a solid reason to tune into Discovery Plus. Instead of desperately praying for a rerun of an episode you somehow haven’t seen of everybody’s most in-depth guide on how to factor explosives into almost any empirical investigation, you can load up Discovery Plus to see Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and crew push the limits on how much their producers are willing to shell out so they can see if running or walking through the rain gets you less wet.

4. Home Town

Fans of Ben and Erin Napier tune into Discovery Plus to watch any of the five seasons of Home Town coming to the platform and watch the couple restore the character and spirit of old southern homes using their complementary mix of design and woodworking skills. Anybody who likes home renovation shows would do well to check out Home Town, while fans of the series have a bonus title to be excited for the Disney Plus original, Home Town: Ben’s Workshop. 

5. Fixer Upper

Rather than clearing their schedules to accommodate broadcasting schedules, fans of renovation shows or just fans of Fixer Upper will be able to watch Chip and Joanna do what they do best on their own time on Discovery Plus. Like the rest of the Magnolia Network’s programming, the new show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will be exclusive to Discovery Plus until the network launches later this year.

6. Chopped

Originally airing in 2000, Chopped still stands as one of the reigning champions of competitive cooking shows. Those who love to witness the existential angst of talented chefs come to glorious explosion on-camera will revel in the series entire catalog of episodes, all available on Discovery Plus alongside other cook-off classics like Iron Chef. 

7. Magnolia Table

One of the Magnolia Network’s flagship doses of original programming, fans of Fixer Upper might enjoy the renewed focus on the kitchen with Joanna as she serves up some well-produced cook-alongs that fans of the Food Network will love to sink their teeth into. The show will only be available on Discovery Plus until the Magnolia Network Launches officially later this year.

8. 90 Day Fiance

Give somebody a US visa contingent on them marrying their signficant other within 90 days of arrival, add the fact that the betrothed have never met before, and then make sure a robust team of cameramen is watching their every move throughout the experience and you’ve a got a recipe for shameless, assured success. 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Diaries will both be going up onto Discovery Plus uncensored and alongside its Disney Plus Original counterpart, 90 Day Fiance Universe, giving fans of one of TLC’s most popular shows strong reason to check out Discovery Plus.

9. Property Brothers

Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have become the most recognizable face(s) in TV fixer-uppers, using their unique take on visualization and their ability to help coax timid homebuyers into taking a leap on a rundown house for an opportunity to build the home of a lifetime. There’s a reason they’ve been able to produce 14 seasons over nine years, and every episode’s going to be available on Disney Plus.

10. Worst Cooks in America

What’s better than the best? In the case of reality TV, the worst. At least that’s the premise of Worst Cooks in America, a show where professional chefs go out of their way to find the worst cooks in the nation, brand them as the worst on live television, and put them through an excruciating bootcamp designed to better their skills while cooking up some flavorful TV. Fans who want to see a food-related trainwreck with an ostensibly happy ending can check it out on Discovery Plus.

Are you excited for Discovery Plus, or are you going to stick with the old reliables. Let us know what you think down below!

2 Ways To Get Adobe Lightroom For Free (Legally)

Is photo editing software necessary? In this digital age, it pretty much is. If you want to create stunning images that stand out from the crowd, you’ll need more than excellent technical skills with a camera. 

Hey there! I’m Cara and as a professional photographer, I use Lightroom regularly as part of my workflow. Though there are many different photo editing software out there, Lightroom is pretty much the gold standard. 

However, beginning photographers might not be prepared to fork out the money for professional photo editing software right from the get-go. Let’s look at how to get Lightroom for free legally.

Two Ways to Legally Get Lightroom for Free

If you scour the Internet, no doubt you’ll find various pirated versions of Lightroom that you can download. However, I don’t recommend this route. You could end up with a virus that destroys your computer (or costs you a pretty penny to fix). 

Instead, I recommend you stick with the two legal ways to download Lightroom. It will be cheaper in the long run, I promise. 

1. Download the Free 7-Day Trial

You’ll arrive on the landing page that describes the key features of Lightroom. 

Adobe offers Lightroom as part of its Creative Cloud subscription service. There are various bundles that you can choose from that include different combinations of Adobe’s apps. 

For example, the basic Photography plan includes Photoshop and both the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom. If there are other Adobe apps that interest you, you might want one of the other bundles. You can take the quiz on this page to find out which is the best fit for you. 

If you are a student or teacher, switch to that tab. Once your free trial ends you may qualify for the 60% discount that Adobe offers on their All Apps subscription. 

Fill out the form that pops up next with your details and you’re ready to download and use the trial version. 

This 7-day trial gives you complete access to Lightroom. You can test-drive all the features of Lightroom, including Lightroom presets and other features that are included with the software. 

This is a risk-free way to find out if you like Lightroom or not. Once the trial is over, you can start a subscription to continue using all the features of the program. 

2. Use the Lightroom Mobile App

Okay, so free access to all of Lightroom’s features is cool and all…but it only lasts for 7 days. Not very practical for long-term use, right?

Luckily, this next free way to use Lightroom doesn’t come with a limited trial run. 

The mobile version of Lightroom is free for anyone to use. It comes with most of the features offered in Lightroom, but not all. For the premium features of the mobile version, you’ll have to buy a subscription. The full mobile app is included in the basic photography plan as well. 

You can use the limited version as long as you like for free! All the basic editing features you need are included in the free version. 

It’s a great resource for beginning and amateur photographers until your editing needs outgrow the limitations. This may never happen for some people, making it a great long-term option for the casual photographer.

To get the app, simply visit the Google Play store or the App store. There is a mobile version for both Android and iOS smartphones. Download the software and you’ll be editing photos on your phone in no time!

Free Lightroom Alternatives

Is there any other way to access Lightroom’s features for free? 

That’s it for access to Adobe’s Lightroom, but there are many other photo editing software out there that offer some of the same functions. 

Here are a few free Lightroom alternatives you can try out:

I tried a few free editing photo apps back in the day when I first started as a photographer. While some of them do offer some pretty impressive features, Lightroom takes the cake. 

You just can’t do some of the stuff you can do in Lightroom in free alternatives. That’s not to say that there aren’t great editing alternatives out there. There are some other great options, but you’re going to have to pay for the good ones. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It costs money to develop, improve, and maintain these programs. With the results that Lightroom offers and the time it saves me, I’m happy to pay for a subscription.

How to Buy Adobe Lightroom

What if, after your 7-day free trial, you’ve decided you can’t live without Lightroom? Here’s what you do.

You can’t buy Lightroom as a one-off purchase. It is only available as part of a subscription plan to Adobe Creative Cloud. 

The basic Photography plan is perfect for most people. This plan includes the Lightroom desktop version, the full version of the mobile app, as well as access to the full version of Photoshop! 

For all this, you might expect Adobe to charge a fortune. However, it only costs $9.99 a month! In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for the amazing features you get to use. 

Because it is offered as a subscription, regular updates keep bugs and glitches to a minimum. Plus, Adobe regularly rolls out new features that make an already amazing program even more awesome. 

For example, the last upgrade introduced a ridiculously powerful AI masking feature that is making it almost too easy to create stunning images. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Downloading Lightroom for Free

Top 4 Ways To Get Free Tiktok Coins

You probably have a favorite streamer on TikTok. Much like Twitch, you can gift them a token of your appreciation in the form of TikTok Coins. Something to note is that this virtual currency has no monetary value but is instead used to purchase virtual gifts.

Coins can be bought with real money, but there are a few ways to get coins for free. You just have to know the right approach. Be careful, though; there are a lot of scams centered around free TikTok coins.

Table of Contents

How to Buy TikTok Coins

You should first know how to buy coins the default way.

Open TikTok and select Profile, then go to






This will show your current coin balance. Tap



There are various lists of coin amounts and their associated cost listed out. Tap the amount you want to buy and then confirm the purchase on your mobile device.

There are seven different amounts you can purchase that gives an idea of the value of the coins:

65 Coins for $0.99

330 Coins for $4.99

660 Coins for $9.99

1321 Coins for $19.99

3303 Coins for $49.99

6607 Coins for $99.99

16500 Coins for $249.99

If you buy Coins for the first time while watching TikTok live content, you get a Welcome Pack. This is a $0.99 package that provides 65 Coins plus 45 extra, an 80% discount on a unique gift, and a badge that appears next to your TikTok name for 24 hours.

You can buy coins through a bank or PayPal account, with a credit card, or with Google and Apple Pay.

What Are TikTok Coins For?

The other primary use for TikTok coins is in post promotions. If you want to boost a specific video and get it in front of many people, you can use the TikTok Promote feature. This feature costs different amounts based on the time you want the promotion to run and your target number of views.

How to Get TikTok Coins for Free

The first thing to note is that none of these methods is guaranteed. TikTok relies on coins to generate revenue, so giving them away for free is an uncommon event. Still, some users have reported success through these methods, so feel free to try them – but be cautious and know the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

1. TikTok


The first and simplest way is to receive them as gifts. Users can send coins to someone else, but you have to invest time and make content that will invite people to send you coins. Ask yourself: is the time it takes to do that worth the small amount you’d save?

2. TikTok Challenges

Participating in TikTok challenges is a bit like receiving a gift; if your TikTok videos are funny enough, someone might send you coins as a tip. Challenges come through on a somewhat routine basis – typically the latest trend that’s front and center on TikTok. A few of these in the past include the ill-fated milk crate stacking challenge and the cinnamon powder challenge.

3. Grow Your TikTok Followers

TikTok coins are meant to be a way of supporting your favorite users. So if you can create a steady flow of content and grow your TikTok followers, you’ll naturally receive more coins whenever you do live content.

4. TikTok Coin Hacks

Before we explain this, a caveat: this is not an officially supported method and can result in a ban. Various third-party apps (mostly for Android platforms) let you game the platform and produce coins for free. TikTok has begun to crack down on these tools, and many people are temporarily or permanently banned from using them. Since coins are the in-app currency, using these tools is essentially theft or fraud.

The TikTok Coin Adder is one tool. Enter your username, choose the coins you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be asked to download apps and create accounts on both, after which you’ll be rewarded with TikTok coins.

While there’s no surefire way to get TikTok coins for free, the best bet is to just participate. Don’t worry about getting coins – just have fun using TikTok and participating in the community.

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