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So, you’re browsing your Instagram feed on a cozy Sunday afternoon, doomscrolling through posts or stories. Then, you come across some irrelevant content that completely disrupts your mood and ruins the overall experience. It gets particularly annoying when some users are into spam posting. This could also be someone you know all too well, preventing you from blocking them altogether. Such a situation calls for you to filter your Instagram feed the right way without blocking these users. And the best way is to mute these Instagram accounts and prevent their content from showing up in your feed in the first place. So, how do you mute someone on Instagram? Let’s find out!

What Happens When You Mute Someone on Instagram

When you mute someone on Instagram, this is what happens. You will not see their Instagram stories, posts as well as notes (you can be selective about them) in your feed. While you can mute profiles to not see their stories, posts, and notes, there is also an option to mute notifications for when they message or call you. We have also explained how to mute messages and calls from users on Instagram later below.

However, do not confuse this with blocking someone on Instagram as these are two entirely different things. Muting is rather a passive-aggressive take on filtering content out of your Instagram feed. On the other hand, blocking someone is going in all guns blazing to block them into oblivion. Why muting is a better approach is, it does not let the person you are muting know that they have been muted in the first place. And you can tell if someone blocked you on Instagram using the methods in the linked guide.

Moreover, muting someone is also different from restricting someone on Instagram. Check out our article to see what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram.

How to Mute Posts or Story on Instagram (4 Methods) Method 1: From Instagram Profile

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Go to the Instagram profile you want to mute and tap the “Following” button.

3. Tap on the Mute option in the pop-up menu.

4. Now, you can mute or unmute the Stories, Posts, and Notes of the user, depending on your needs.

Method 2: Directly from Instagram Feed

1. Once you come across a post from an Instagram account you do not want to see in your feed, tap the three-dot icon on the top right of the post. Then, select Hide from the pop-up menu.

2. Next, select the Mute [Instagram Profile] option.

3. Then, select either the Mute Posts or Mute Posts and Story option. That should do the trick, quickly and easily.

Method 3: Using Instagram Stories

If you are watching Stories and wish to mute an account, there is an easy way to mute someone on Instagram. This option also allows you to mute both their stories and posts in one go. Here are the steps you need to follow:

2. Here, long press the story of the user you wish to mute, and a pop-up window with the options to mute them will open up.

3. Tap on the same to reveal two options – Mute story & Mute story and posts. Select the desired option, and that’s it.

Method 4: From your Following List

From the looks of it, so far, muting someone on Instagram is pretty easy, right? But, what if you want to bulk mute users on your following list? In that case, individually visiting profiles and muting them is a tedious process, to say the least. Instead, follow the steps below to mute multiple people on Instagram:

1. First, head to your Profile from the bottom navigation bar on Instagram.

3. Here, you will see a three-dot menu beside each user you are following. Tap on the three-dot icon beside the profiles you want to mute.

4. Then, select Mute, and you can mute posts, stories, or notes from here.

How to Mute Someone’s Messages on Instagram

Now that you know how to mute or unmute someone’s content from popping up on your Instagram feed, let us take a look at how you can mute their messages as well. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. In the Instagram app, tap the message icon at the top right corner.

3. Then, tap the profile icon at the top of the conversation.

4. Then, select the Mute option from the list.

5. Here, you will see the options to Mute messages or Mute calls. Choose accordingly.

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Of course, you could simply revisit the profiles you have muted and unmute them. However, wouldn’t it be way more convenient to see the list of people you have muted on Instagram? The good news is that Instagram does have a list like this. You can easily bulk unmute muted Instagram accounts from here. Here’s how:

2. Then, select Settings and privacy from the pop-up menu.

3. Here, you will see the Muted accounts section. Tap on it.

4. Here, right beside each of the accounts you have muted, you will see the Unmute button. Tap on it and toggle mute off from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Unban Someone On Discord

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Discord boasts many exciting features, such as allowing gamers and friends to communicate with one another using servers and groups. However, all members of a group need to avoid spamming and trolling. If they don’t comply with these rules, the server moderators have the right to issue bans.


How To Ban Someone On A Discord Server

Before we take a closer look at the easiest way to reverse a ban, it is important to understand how to enact a ban on Discord – the two processes are intrinsically linked.

If a user has been reported for any reason (spamming, inappropriate language, etc.), then they will automatically receive an infraction point.

This means that every time they send a message containing a link, upload a photo, or post in a channel, this will count towards their total infractions points.

When the threshold has been reached, a moderator may decide to place them on a temporary or permanent ban. The length of both depends on the severity of the case: the longer someone has been banned, the lower chance they have of being reinstated.



Go To Discord Website Or App

To ban someone from your Discord chat room, go to the Discord website or app on your phone or computer.



Select Channel You Want To Ban People From

Go to the server you want to ban people from, and then select the channel you want to ban people from.



What Might Get You A Ban From A Server?

There are a number of actions that may result in a ban from a Discord server, and these include:

Spamming – either creating fake spam accounts or sending spam messages. Organizing spam is also a banning offense

Spamming someone with friend requests

Posting content that promotes self-harm or suicide, or which could be seen as blackmail

Using an abusive language or posting hate speech

Sharing porn or harassing others

Impersonating others

Advertising when this is against the rules

Why Do You Need To Unban A User?

There may be a number of reasons why you may need to know how to unban a user on Discord, and some of the most popular reasons include:

Someone is creating accounts in other names or using another Discord account that was used for something else. In some cases, users may take over a third-party account. This can result in accounts being banned unintentionally when the user has done nothing wrong.

Users may also be falsely accused of harassment or spam – this can result in an automatic ban, when the mods may not be receiving the whole story. In these cases, it is important to be able to unban users quickly to minimize distress and disruption.

A user may be under investigation for cheating or hacking, and accounts will be banned while the investigation is ongoing. It’s a rare situation, but it does happen on occasion.

Users may be suspected of using hacks (which is against the terms of service), or may simply be banned based on accusations alone – especially if they already have a record for causing issues.

As long as the user is innocent, they will need to go through the process outlined below to clear things up – this is a simple and painless process, and will reinstate the user in no time.


How To Unban Someone on Discord Using A PC

To unban a specific user on Discord, open Discord on a computer, and go to the server or channel from which you want them banned – the same process applies whether you are on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook device.



Launch Discord



Search For User You Want To Unban

Here, you will see a complete list of all banned users. Next, search for the user that you want to unban – this can be achieved by typing the name of the person in the search box, or selecting their name from the list.



Revoke Ban


How To Unban Users On Discord with MEE6

In some cases, you may be using MEE6 in the position of a Discord role bot – you can also unban members using this method. Here, you can open Discord on a laptop or PC, head to “Server Settings”, and select the downwards arrow, located in the top left. Select “Bans”, search for the member, and opt to “Revoke Ban”.

Final Thoughts

The ability to unban users on Discord servers is an important skill, and one that you should be able to carry out fairly easily.

While most Discord servers run without issue, there are always incidents and confusions, and people can and do get banned unfairly, or based on incorrect data or reports. Being able to revoke or reverse a Discord ban is therefore crucial, and the process is straightforward and easy.

Need more Discord help?

How To Become An Influencer On Instagram

I am an Instagram influencer, and it took me good 3 years to reach 100K followers. Being an influencer on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform is easier said than done. It requires a lot of efforts, hard work, consistency, and dedication to become a successful influencer on Instagram and make money.

In this post, I will share everything I followed to become an influencer and to reach this level. Instagram is all about pictures, but just putting the pictures will not make you an influencer, you need to follow certain strategies to gain a good number of loyal followers and get good engagement on your posts.

How to become an Influencer on Instagram

These 10 tips will help you become a successful Instagran Influencer and make money online:

Make up your mind

Select a niche

Make a business account

Effective bio

Good content

Know your audience

Captions and Hashtags

Tag the brands

Interact with followers

Follow your favorite influencers.

1] Make up your mind

This is something very important. Do not just dive into Instagram; you first need to make up your mind that you want to become an influencer on Instagram. You have to accept the fact that it’s not going to be easy or quick. You have to work patiently and consistently for a few initial years to get good and loyal followership on Instagram.

2] Select a niche

Once you have made up your mind, select your niche. Think, think, and think again. What could be your niche? What are you best at? What can you give to your followers? What would anyone follow you? These are a few questions which will help you decide your niche.

Do not start with something you just want to. Make sure you are good at that because there is no place for average on Instagram. You at least have to be good if not great. Select something which you can stick on. Do not start with fashion and then jump on to food or travel or tech. It is not always important that you are good at something you like to do, so, think well and then select your niche.

Let me give you an example, I like to do makeup, but I am not good at it, so I should not choose beauty as my primary niche.

Makes sense?

3] Make a business account

Instagram has two types of accounts, private/personal, and business account. If you want to start your career as an influencer on Instagram, you would need a business account. Don’t worry, it’s free. You just have to select Business Account while creating an account on Instagram. You can, however, change your existing personal account into a business account too.

Why a business account?

Because only in a business account, you can check all your insights like who all are your followers, their gender, their age, etc. What time your followers are most active on Instagram, which city or country your followers are from, and much more.

These insights will help you understand your audience more and will certainly help you get more engagements on your posts. Post what your audience likes and also check the time when they are most active, and that should be your posting time on Instagram.

4] Write an effective bio

Your bio on Instagram or any other social media platform is your digital introduction, make it as effective as possible. Instagram allows you to use only 30 characters, so do not waste that space by using fancy words or symbols. Make your bio short and crisp.

Keep it simple and straight forward, something which describes you and your work the best. Nobody is interested in when did you first cut your cake or when was your first cry, so avoid such silly sentences and write who you are and what you do.

5] Good Content

Content is certainly the king, be it your social media or your blog. People will follow you for your content, so make it at least good if not great. Instagram is all about pictures, so make sure your pictures are of good quality. Also, see if you can provide some value to your followers through your pictures.

If you are into fashion, you can post some styling tips, if you are into ‘beauty’, you can post some beauty tips or if you are a tech blogger you can post your reviews of various gadgets for your followers.

Post the content suiting your profile and audience, though it’s okay to surprise the audience sometimes with an off-topic content once in a while. The best idea is to share your day-to-day lifestyle with your followers. Eating breakfast at some good place, share it on your stories, trying some new dresses, record a try-on video, and post it. Your followers just want to know what you do, where you go, what you eat, what you wear etc. Give them the best.

6] Know your audience

It is very important to know your audience well. What age group they belong to, what are their interests, what is the location. You can check their interests by analyzing your own posts. See which type of post gets the best engagement, and do more of such posts. Post what your audience wants to see and make them stop, engage, save, and share your posts. Check out these Instagram Tips and Tricks to get more engagement on your posts.

7] Engaging Caption and Relevant Hashtags

Not too long, but try to write a good and engaging caption with every post. Ask questions and opinions from your followers in your caption; this will force them to engage on your post. Basically, you need to put a CTA (call to action) in your post but make sure your caption is relevant to your post. Instagram allows 30 hashtags in one post, initially use them all. You can stop using all 30 once you gain a good number of followers and regular engagements.

8] Tag Brands and Get Ready For Collaborations

Do not forget to list your email ID in your bio so that the brands and companies can approach you for the collaborations. Also, be prepared to share your insights because most of the brands ask for the insights for your promoted content.

I would suggest you promote the products or services you truly like and admire. Don’t make your Instagram feed a shop. Give your honest reviews and opinions to benefit your audience.

Start tagging the brands to get their attention. If your post is good enough, the brand might reshare it on their page, bringing in more exposure for you. You can also send them direct messages to the brands relevant to your niche for the collaborations.

9] Be Active on Stories

Instagram stories sometimes give you more reach and engagement than Instagram posts. Be very active in your Instagram stories. Keep them real; make a connection with your followers, and interact well with them.

10] Follow your favorite influencers

How to make money with Instagram?

One of the most asked questions by the newbies is that when can we start charging money to the brands, to which I answer, you can start asking for money after 20-25K followers on Instagram. It will increase as your fanbase grows. Before 20K followers, you can do the barter collaborations wherein you get the products in exchange for the promotions on Instagram, which again is not a bad deal initially.

This is not all, start your journey as an Instagram influencer, and you will learn everything step-by-step. I am at 106K followers and am still learning and trying to make my profile better and better. In short, be influential to become an influencer!

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How To Pay Someone With Venmo

Venmo is a great solution to quickly send payments. It’s perfect for when you don’t have cash, and need to send someone a relatively small amount of money. Today, many small businesses also accept Venmo, and many people use this app as a way to accept payments for goods and services.

However, if you’re not familiar with how Venmo works, you may be lost when you first open the app. There are a few steps you need to take to send money. Then you’ll need to follow a process to complete your payment. It’s not difficult to complete, however, so once you download Venmo you should be able to use it quickly.

Table of Contents

How to Set Up Your Venmo Account

The first thing you’ll need to do when you download the Venmo app is to set up your account so that you can send payments. You’ll need to connect a bank account or debit card to your account first. Follow these steps to do this.

After creating your account name and password, you’ll be prompted to add your bank account info.

You can add your info and verify it by signing into your bank account through the app via Plaid, which will give you instant verification.

There’s also the option for manual verification if your bank does not support instant verification. For this, you’ll need your routing and account numbers.

To add a debit/credit card, simply enter the info on your card.

How to Make a Payment

Once your account has been set up, you’ll be able to send payments or request money. It’s quick and easy to send a payment, and there are several ways you can do this. First, you can enter someone’s username manually.

On Venmo’s main page, tap on

Pay or Request


On the next screen, you can type in the recipient’s display name, username, phone number, or email address associated with their account. Tap on the user you want to send money to.

On the next screen, type in the monetary amount you wish to send, then add a note for the transaction underneath that.

You can also choose to have the transaction be publicly displayed, or private in the bottom right corner.

Finally, tap on


to make the payment.

The amount you send will be withdrawn from your linked bank account instantly. The recipient’s account will then have the money in their Venmo balance until they choose to transfer it to their bank account. The next way you can send money is through a QR code. Here’s how it works.

Tap on the

Pay or Request

button, then enter the amount you want to send.

Tap on


to send the payment.

This is a good option if the person you want to send a payment to is nearby and you want to send it quickly.

How to Pay With Venmo at a Business

Some businesses will accept Venmo as a form of payment. Typically there are a couple ways the business may go about receiving a Venmo payment. It’s a quick and easy way to send money, however don’t count on it being available in most stores. Venmo is usually accepted more by small businesses and independent sellers.

The first way you may be able to pay a business through Venmo is if they have a QR code you can scan.

If they present you with a QR code, open Venmo and select



Hold the camera up to the QR code they have until their profile comes up.

Tap on the

Pay or Request

button to make your payment.

Alternatively, they may want to scan your in-store Venmo QR code.

On Venmo, tap on



Tap on

Show to Pay


Present this QR code to the business and have them scan it to fulfill the payment.

Both of these payment options will allow you to pay a business which accepts Venmo. Usually it’ll be up to the business’s discretion as to which method is used.

Make Payments Easily With Venmo

Venmo is a great service for sending money to others, or even to businesses. Since Venmo has become such a popular choice for making quick payments, you can expect many people to also use the app and accept money from you that way. It’s one of the best alternatives for paying someone compared to just cash or a check, and very easy to use relative to other mobile payment apps.

How To Take A Break From Someone On Facebook In 2023

The “Take a Break” feature enables you to limit your engagement with someone on Facebook. You will see very few posts from them and vice versa. So, it’s an ideal method to mute users without blocking or unfriending them. In this article, I’ll show you how to take a break from someone on Facebook from iPhone.

What happens when you take a break from someone on Facebook?

If you take a break from someone, Facebook will not notify them. Also, whenever you change your mind, you need to manually reset the settings.

1. Visibility of posts

After taking a break, Facebook algorithms will ensure you don’t see each other’s posts on the News Feed.

So, to see their most recent updates, search and open their Facebook profile. It’s because the Facebook Take a Break feature changes the privacy settings of your posts and stories and puts that profile on the restricted list.

So, only when you post anything publicly or tag them, the post will be visible. Additionally, when you are adding tags, Facebook will not suggest them. If you and that Facebook friend are attending the same events, you will not receive any notifications.

2. Managing past posts

Not only the future posts, but the Take a Break feature will affect the past posts also. The restricted person can not see all your tagged posts. If they have tagged you anywhere, Facebook will remove the tag automatically and those posts won’t appear to you. Moreover, posts on each other’s timelines will be deleted forever.

How to take a break from someone on Facebook from iPhone

Facebook Take a Break feature includes multiple steps. Whenever you change your relationship status to single or divorced, Facebook will prompt you to take a break from your ex.

You can also restrict anyone by following the steps below. Note that the function is available on Facebook’s web version. 

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Now, search and open the Facebook profile you want to restrict. 

Now it will redirect to a page to change privacy settings.

Which things remain the same after taking a break on Facebook?

You can still access your chats on Messenger and send messages.

While sharing content, their name will not be shown as suggestions.

Moreover, you have the option to write on their timeline after taking a break.

How to undo Take a Break on Facebook from iPhone

As I said before, you will need to manually reset all the settings to default to undo Take a Break on Facebook. For that, again open their profile and tap Take a break under the Friends menu. Similarly, go to each section and take back all limitations. So, you both can see each other on the news feed like before. 

Also, ensure you are following them and unlisted them from the restricted list. 

Also, if you see a Following button, tap it.

So, that’s all for today, folks!

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Ava is an enthusiastic consumer tech writer coming from a technical background. She loves to explore and research new Apple products & accessories and help readers easily decode the tech. Along with studying, her weekend plan includes binge-watching anime.

How To See Posts You Liked On Instagram

Have you ever wondered about the Instagram posts you’ve liked? Maybe you’re curious about one you liked last week or whether or not you remembered to like your bestie’s post. We’ll show you how to see liked posts on Instagram.

You can easily view your liked posts on Instagram in the mobile app on Android or iPhone.

Table of Contents

Note: Unfortunately, as of this writing, chúng tôi doesn’t offer a feature for viewing liked posts. Many of the computer apps and browser extensions we tested mimic the website’s settings, thus, not providing an option to view liked Instagram posts.

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

Instagram is most popular for its mobile app, so it’s no surprise you can see your liked posts there in just a few taps. Open the Instagram app on Android or iPhone and follow these steps.

Visit your Instagram profile page using the


tab in the bottom right corner.

Use the


icon in the upper right corner to open the Menu and pick

Your Activity








You’ll then see all the posts you’ve liked on Instagram from newest to oldest. This includes liked photos, videos, and reels. You can select a particular post in your list to view the original.

Sort or Filter Your Liked Posts

If you’re looking for a specific post, like one before or after a certain date or from a particular user, you can use the sort and filter options.

On the Likes screen, tap Sort & Filter on the top right. Then use the following options:

To sort, select Sort By to change from Newest to Oldest to Oldest to Newest. Tap Apply to use the sort option.

To filter by user, select Author. You can then use the Search at the top to find a specific user or select one or more Instagram users from the list. Pick Done and then Apply.

To filter by date, select either Start date or End date, depending on when you liked the post. Choose the date, pick Done, and then Apply.

If you want to revert the sort to the most recent posts first or remove a filter, tap Sort & Filter and select Reset in the top right corner. This returns to the sort order to newest to oldest and removes any filter you’ve applied.

Unlike Instagram Posts

If you come across a post or two you’ve liked that you want to unlike, this is also an option from the Likes screen.

To unlike one or more posts, pick


on the top right.

Choose the post(s) which places a checkmark on it.



at the bottom.


: You will not be asked to confirm the action, so be sure you want to unlike the post(s) before tapping



You’ll then see a brief message displaying the number of posts you’ve unliked.

Alternatively, you can select a liked item to see the original post and tap Like (heart icon) to deselect it and thus unlike the post.

There are many reasons you may want to see liked posts on Instagram. You might want to revisit a humorous post for a good laugh, see your friend’s recent photos again, or make sure that you liked a post from your partner. Whatever the case, you now know how to see liked posts on Instagram.

For more, take a look at how to view deleted Instagram posts.

Update the detailed information about How To Mute Someone On Instagram on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!