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If you are very conscious about your health and want to boost your lifestyle then congratulation you won half of the battle in your life. If we talked about staying fit without the gym then walking is one of the simplest and most convenient actions you can perform. The ultimate goal is to burn more calories; all you need to do is walk faster and devote more time to the daily walk. For the maximum benefit, use a pedometer to keep an eye on how much you’re walking, and slowly work up to 10,000 steps a day.

Research shows that being active can reduce your risk of colon cancer by 35 percent and breast cancer by 25 percent, and it is never too late to makeover your lifestyle.

You can become healthier and fit by doing small efforts into your life. Here are top ways to follow in your daily life-

Have a Good Sleep

Sleep affects our physical and mental health tremendously. Lack of sleep directly affects our metabolism, disposition, concentration, memory, motor skills, stress hormones as well as the immune system and cardiovascular health. Sleep allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself in a way it simply cannot if a person is awake.

Exercise Is Must

Exercise is important and must include in daily routine to stay healthy and fit. Exercise improves circulation, body awareness and routine exercise also helps to reduce depression. Cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen the heart and lungs.

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Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to talk about your emotions or express your feelings with your loved ones. Talk to your friends. If you are not comfortable with sharing your thoughts with someone then you can write your thoughts in a diary. After doing this you will feel so relax, it is a fantastic way to say things easily.

Get Regular Checkup

If you’re healthy habits, still get tests regularly. If something is abnormal, then you can take action immediately about the diseases and also easily core the diseases.

Nutritious Food

Take fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet as much as possible. You should eat a balanced diet; it should not be over or less.

Eat Breakfast daily

Eating breakfast helps to maintain glucose levels in your body. Most foods and liquid contain water which will help to keep your body hydrated and maintaining a healthy body. It is the most natural cleanser for our organs and digestive system. Being hydrated is a must for the brain besides helping to flush out toxins through the skin and urine.

Reduce Stress

Anxiety causes many problems from heart problems to digestive problems. Question is, how do you manage the stress? Exercise, meditation, doing exactly what you love especially to do all the hobbies these things will provide you peace to yourself. Go for the holiday, mini-vacations, enjoy weekends with your friends and surround yourself with people who support you, who motivate you.

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Focus on Consistency and Moderation

It is important to learn about the consistency in our life. Making these decisions can help you to maintain your wellness goals. Avoid the negativity from yourself. Try to treat yourself like a kid and being with you.

Avoid long sitting hours at workplace area

If you stand for an entire day at your workplace, what will happen to your body? It helps increase leg strength and endurance. A small change like standing in office during hours rather than sitting makes a difference in your health. If your workplace is not a stand-up sort of environment, take a 5 minute break at least one time within an hour to take part in some action. Experts say a person can burn 50 percent calories by doing this.

In the workplace, change out your chair with a workout ball. Sitting on it forces you to stabilize your stomach. Or take a rest every few hours and walk a few flights of stairs it will allow you to energize and re-focus.

Clean your home

Cleaning your home or apartment frequently is one of the best ways to make sure that you keep active throughout the week. While you’re taking a break, try tightening your stomach muscles for some time throughout each hour.

Cook food to yourself

Most people don’t consider cooking as exercise however preparing food at home also burns more calories and generally causes you to consume fewer calories than eating out or ordering in. Plus, thanks to action like status, light lifting, and chopping, a 150-pound person can blast 78 calories in half an hour of cooking. If you want a bigger burn, maintain the light calisthenics to your whole 30-minute show, and burst 115 calories.

So these above the points, you can use in your daily life. In order to follow above rules then you will be realize how your life will be amazing and your health become so fantastic and fit.

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How To Configure And Use Active Hours In Windows 11/10

The problem of sudden reboots to force Window 11/10 updates on a PC has been minimized by Active Hours. The feature keeps a record of hours during which a system remains active and prevents the installation of updates during such hours. For instance, when a restart is necessary to finish installing an update, Active Hours delays the update and allows you to focus on your work. If you have read about this feature but haven’t used it yet, check this post.

Enable & use Active Hours in Windows 11/10

You can configure Active Hours in Windows 10 in three ways. The first method is for general users, while the rest of the two are for consumers who know about Group Policy and Registry:

Via Windows Settings

By configuring the Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours Group Policy setting

By changing the values of ActiveHoursStart & ActiveHoursEnd Registry keys.

Let us take a look at the procedures involved in each case.

1] Configure Active Hours via Windows 11 Settings

Windows 11 has been very focused on making the more common options in the Windows Settings menu easier to access. One case was with the Windows Updates. They were given a separate menu of their own. If you wish to configure and use Active Hours in Windows 11, then the procedure is as follows:

Go to the Windows Updates tab on the list on the left-hand side.

In the Advanced options menu, scroll down to the option for Active hours.

Change the drop-down associated with Adjust Active hours to Manually.

Now you will be able to change the Active hours as per your wish.

Configure Active Hours in Windows 10 Settings

Here you can choose a time ( ‘Start time’ and ‘End time’ ) during which restarts should not occur.

Save, and exit.

Those who are new to this, here is a bit more on Active Hours you should know.

The values entered indicates the hours during which your system is in use, i.e., ACTIVE. It’s essential for your active hour’s interval period. It can be anything between 1 and 18 hours since you can’t go above 18 hours.

There is no option to configure different active hours on different days.

You can’t specify different active hours for weekdays and weekends.

I wish the options were flexible. End users do take a break in between, and update during that time could save time. However, Windows 10 does offer an option to override Active Hours.

If you want more information see our post how to prevent Windows Update automatic restart.

2] Configure Active Hours using Group Policy

Available for Windows 10 Pro, Educational or Enterprise versions, it is used by computers mostly in Business or through remote access. Type chúng tôi in the RUN prompt, and hit Enter. Then navigate to:

No Auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations.

Always automatically restart at the scheduled time.

Group Policy allows you to reduce the range of active hours, i.e., if you want it to be less than 18 hours, you can configure it.

Look for a policy option which says “Specify Active hours range for auto -restarts. The minimum is 8 hours.”

3] Configure Active Hours via Registry Settings

You can configure & change Active Hours it via the Registry. Type regedit in Run prompt, and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to:


Here you have few keys which you can choose to change



Since there are no extra settings available like Group Policy, changing via Registry doesn’t make sense for the same computer. However, you can also change remote computer’s Active hour’s settings via the registry.

Unless you want to change active hours duration, the available Windows 10 Settings are perfect for end-consumers. The Group Policy and Registry methods should be used when you want to change settings remotely or when in a business environment. IT admins can change a lot of things without the end-user knowing anything about it.

Why should you not allow Windows to select Active hours?

The reason you should not allow Windows to select Active hours is that though Windows may be very smart it is still a machine. The Active hours it selects might not be the best option for you. This is especially true when your work hours keep changing frequently.

Windows 11 will start updating without your knowledge unless you have set the settings accordingly. So, it is suggested to manage these settings for Active hours before it catches you at the wrong time.

Will Windows Updates slow down my computer?

It is possible for Windows Updates to slow down your computer because it is a very heavy process. However, if your system has fewer applications or the hardware is high-end, Windows Updates may pass through smoothly even while you are working.

TIP: You can also automatically adjust Active Hours in Windows.

Back To The Mac 017: Mac Hardware Is Healthy Again

It wasn’t that long ago when I had to ask myself the unthinkable question: Is it time to start looking seriously at Windows machines? Indeed, the state of Mac hardware was that bleak just a few years ago. What a difference a few years makes.

Thankfully I never had to follow through with such an unfortunate decision. That’s because the state of Mac hardware, just a few years later, is at its healthiest level in years. How did we get there? Watch our latest episode of Back to the Mac for the details. 

Started from the top

For as much grief as people gave Apple’s executive team about the poor direction of Mac hardware, it would be wrong to not also give credit to the team who orchestrated the turnaround.

First and foremost, Apple had to admit it was wrong, which is never an easy thing for a proud company to do. These hardware changes just didn’t sprout out of thin air, but they’re the result of leadership recognizing their mistakes and taking action.

This line of thinking was well illustrated in April 2023, when, in an unprecedented move for the company at the time, it invited journalists to a roundtable to discuss the future of Mac hardware.

Also discussed were some of the mistakes that Apple had made, plans to address the issues, and it even went as far as to pre-announce hardware. Again, this was unheard of at the time.

To be clear, Apple still has a ways to go, but the company has taken big steps toward improving its perception among Mac faithful.

Back to the Mac 017: Mac hardware is healthy again!

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Before any new hardware was released, the eGPU was the first tangible indication that Apple was trying to put the Mac back on the proper course. Initially, external graphics chassises needed workarounds to gain support in macOS, but eventually native support for eGPUs began to roll out.

Over time, Apple has lended more support for external graphics in macOS, and even has a support page where it outlines which eGPUs are recommended for macOS. Eventually, Apple began carrying two eGPUs in its stores, the Blackmagic eGPU and the Blackmagic eGPU Pro.

External graphics support continues to grow in macOS. You can now force applications to prefer external graphics, and apps like Final Cut Pro X feature preferences that allow you to specify which GPU will be used for rendering and export.

iMac Pro

eGPUs are nice, but it was the the iMac Pro that solidified Apple’s desire to get back into the good graces of Mac users. The iMac Pro, though released at the end of 2023, remains one of the best Macs that Apple sells today, and is one of the best Mac machines that Apple has released in the last decade.

Apple took the exact form factor of its popular all-in-one iMac, and upgraded the internals with Intel Xeon CPUs, Radeon Vega graphics, ECC RAM, and lots of fast solid-state storage.

But my favorite thing about the iMac Pro is just how incredibly quiet it is. Thanks to a completely redesigned internal cooling system, it’s much quieter than the regular 5K iMac.

2023 MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s most popular desktop computer, so imagine how happy Apple fans were to finally have a laptop with a serious hardware upgrade. While the 2023 MacBook Pro didn’t address the terrible butterfly keyboard switch issues — that would come a year later in 2023 — it did provide a much-needed processing and graphics boost. The 2023 MacBook Pro also made it possible to configure more than 16GB of RAM in a MacBook Pro for the first time.

Faster MacBook Pro releases

After the release of the 2023 MacBook Pro, Apple pushed spec bumps, like the 2023 refresh that brought an 8-core CPU to the MacBook Pro for the very first time.

2023 Mac mini

It seemed almost like a dream when it was released, but after four years of waiting, we finally got a refreshed Mac mini near the end of 2023. The 2023 Mac mini, while retaining the same form factor as its predecessor, came with a new space gray exterior, and featured significantly upgraded internals. In fact, at the time of its release, I called it the most versatile Mac that Apple sold. That title has since been claimed by the Mac Pro, but the Mac mini is a much more affordable machine for the general consumer.

What I love about the new Mac mini, besides its 10GbE and 6-Core i7 CPU build to order options, is its inclusion of four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Like the iMac Pro, the four Thunderbolt three ports on the Mac mini give it amazing versatility and the ability to work with a plethora of external Thunderbolt 3 devices. For the money, it’s probably the best bang for the buck in the whole Mac lineup.

2023 MacBook Air

Like the Mac mini, the MacBook Air was on hiatus for several years, and like the Mac mini, it returned to action in late 2023. Its biggest feature, the addition of a Retina display for the very first time, brought a much-needed upgrade to the popular laptop line.

Another first for the MacBook Air was its adoption of Thunderbolt 3. The Air scored not just one but two Thunderbolt 3 ports, adding plenty of external upgrade potential to Apple’s most affordable laptop.

With only one available processor — a power-sipping 7W 1.6GHz dual-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 — the MacBook Air isn’t the laptop meant for powering through massive video editing projects, 3D modeling, and the like. However, it’s probably the best Apple laptop for most casual users in need of a machine to handle basic tasks like word processing, web browsing, etc.

2023 iMac

Last March Apple finally updated both its 21.5-inch 4K iMac and 27-inch 5K iMac with new CPUs, including new quad-core, 6-core, and 8-core options. Higher end iMacs also gained access to faster Radeon Pro Vega Graphics.

As I noted in my five takeaways from an iMac Pro user post, the 8-core 5K iMac featured impressive iMac Pro-like CPU performance. For half the price of a $5,000 base model iMac Pro, you get CPU performance that goes toe-to-toe and even beats the iMac Pro in some areas.

The 27-inch iMac can also accommodate up to 128GB of RAM, which can be upgraded by the users via a convenient access port on the rear of the machine. We published a tutorial shortly after the release of the updated 5K iMac with instructions showing how to upgrade to 128GB of RAM.

Sadly, Apple gimps the base 2023 iMac with a Fusion Drive, which can negatively affect performance. If you’re considering an iMac, avoid the Fusion Drive if at all possible. Apple also continues to sell a non-Retina iMac, the only device in its entire lineup without a Retina display.

2023 MacBook Pro spec bump

In mid-2023, Apple released a spec bump update to the MacBook Pro headlined by an 9th-generation 8-Core Intel i9 CPU in the 15-inch model, the first time we saw an 8-core CPU in an Apple laptop. This update addressed one of the primary complaints with the 2023 MacBook Pro, that of heavy throttling with the CPU.

The great thing about the new base MacBook Pro is that it starts at the same $1,299 price as its predecessor, but comes with a quad-core CPU this time, and features the Touch Bar alongside a very handy Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Although the 2023 MacBook Air, which starts off $200 less than the MacBook Pro, is more affordable, it might be worth considering the upgrade for the added CPU capability.

16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s first 16-inch edition of the MacBook Pro finally provided a long-awaited fix to the failed butterfly key switches, outright replacing the key switches with a more traditional scissor switch mechanism.

Besides the keyboard fix, the 16-inch MacBook Pro featured a slightly larger display with higher resolution, an option to configure up to 64GB of RAM and 8TB of storage — both firsts for an Apple laptop, wide stereo six-speaker sound, and more.

Although Apple still has a long way to go in order to fix the keyboard issue that plagues all of its other laptops, I see the release of the 16-inch MacBook Pro as the symbolic end of Apple’s disastrous period for Mac hardware that began in 2023.

Mac Pro

If the 16-inch MacBook Pro capped off the end of a once disappointing Mac era, the 2023 Mac Pro lays out new beginnings and an exciting future for the Mac. After all, this is the machine that was talked about during that first meeting where Apple publicly acknowledged that it had made some poor decisions regarding the direction of the Mac.

The Mac Pro is everything and more that it was hyped up to be. As I noted in our hands-on, first-look video, this isn’t the Mac for most people, and its cost, especially when upgraded during the build-to-order process, can be quite prohibitive.

But if you can put a machine like the Mac Pro to good use, you’ll find an insane amount of power and capability on tap. The CPU, for instance, can be configured up to a 24-core monster, while users with especially deep pockets can add a pair of Radeon Pro Vega II Duo MPX Modules, which individually Apple touts as being the world’s most powerful graphics card.

Thanks to PCIe access, users can add graphics cards, super-fast PCIe SSDs, internal capture cards, etc. And Apple also allows you to upgrade the RAM to a massive amount — up to 1.5TB for higher-end CPU configurations.

All of this coupled with the plethora of external Thunderbolt 3 hardware makes the Mac Pro the most upgradable Mac ever. Simply put, it’s a dream machine for Mac users, but it’s also overkill for the majority.

Pro Display XDR

Speaking of overkill, the Pro Display XDR is a dream display for creative professionals. The true 6K display features outstanding contrast ratio and brightness ability beyond anything in its class.

Worth mentioning is the Pro Display XDR’s amazing build quality, with the optional $999 Pro Stand, which puts every other monitor that I’ve ever used to shame — even Apple’s beloved Thunderbolt Display.

The 32-inch glossy display does a great job of rejecting reflections, but it also comes with a nano-texture glass matte option that takes light rejection to the next level. Of course, the nano-texture glass option will cost you an extra $999.

Needless to say, this is the type of display primarily aimed at creative professionals who edit video or render 3D models all day. The 6K resolution gives you an enormous amount of flexibility for post-production, and the extreme dynamic range, which provides insane contrast, color, and brightness capabilities, is like no other display within the ballpark of its price range.

I’m super-happy that the Pro Display XDR exists, because it shows just how seriously Apple is taking professional Mac workflows. That all being said, it’s admittedly overkill for the average user, and like the Mac Pro, its price is downright prohibitive for most consumers.

9to5Mac’s Take

Although Mac hardware is at its healthiest level in years (perhaps ever?), there are definitely some areas that I’d like to see Apple address going forward.

First and foremost — don’t release the throttle. The Mac got in the bad shape that it did a few years ago because Apple got complacent, and focused too much on iOS to see how bad the Mac had eroded. Please never let that occur again. Keep pushing our periodic updates, no matter how mundane they may seem. Customers appreciate not having to buy outdated hardware, so continue to push out regular spec bump updates as much as possible.

Second: Listen to customer feedback. If Apple would have just listened to the outpouring of complaints about the original 12-inch MacBook keyboard, it would have known how seriously flawed the butterfly switch keyboard was. It thus (hopefully) would have never migrated such a terrible keyboard it to its most popular Mac lineup.

Give us more affordable hardware. I love the Mac Pro, the iMac Pro, and the Pro Display XDR, but realistically, they are often beyond the means of the most die-hard Apple fans. As such, we need things like:

A brand-new affordable Thunderbolt Display with great build quality, perhaps in a 5K resolution

A cheaper Mac Pro iteration with PCIe and Memory access

In the meantime, I’d also like to see the return of the 12-inch MacBook sans butterfly keyboard, and of course, I’d like to see every Mac laptop ditch the butterfly switch keyboard in due time.

Needless to say, the future of Mac hardware seems very bright. Rumor has it that we’ll see both a refreshed Mac mini and a refreshed iMac very soon, and of course, we should see other models in Apple’s MacBook lineup receive updates as well.

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8 Healthy Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can be a healthy addition to a balanced diet. There are a lot of nutrients in dark chocolate that can help your health. It is one of the best sources of antioxidants that you can find and is made from the seed of the cacao tree. The cacao tree also contains a compound called theobromine, which can help in the reduction of inflammation and potentially lower blood pressure.

Dark chocolate has been shown to improve health and reduce the risk of heart disease, improve brain function, alleviate stress, and lower the risk of diabetes. Moreover, Dark chocolate contains phytonutrients called flavonoids, which are plant chemicals that act as antioxidants.

Healthy Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

Let’s discuss some super healthy reasons to eat dark chocolates −

Contains Antioxidants Improves Heart Health

Flavanols can stop the oxidation of LDL, which is bad cholesterol, effectively. They also reduced calcified atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries, according to one study. Therefore, you should have a lower long-term risk of heart disease and significantly less cholesterol in your arteries if you consume dark chocolate a few times per week.

According to research, consuming chocolate at least twice a week lowers the risk of developing calcified plaque in the arteries.

Rich in Nutrients Good for Your Skin

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the skin, which in turn increases skin density and hydration. The minimal erythemal dose (MED) is the minimum amount of UVB rays required to cause redness in the skin 24 hours after exposure. The flavonols can protect the skin from damage from the sun, improve blood flow to the skin, and increase skin density and hydration.

Improves Mood

According to research, chocolate increases neural activity in areas of the brain associated with pleasure and reward, reducing stress and elevating mood. Cacao organic chocolate increases neuroplasticity, or the capacity of the brain to create new synaptic connections, which may have beneficial effects on memory, cognition, and mood.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Eating dark chocolate regularly may lower a person’s risk of developing heart disease. Flavonols, one of the compounds found in dark chocolate, have an impact on two major risk factors for heart disease: high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Insulin Resistance

The hormone insulin plays a role in regulating blood sugar (glucose) levels. The body’s cells don’t respond to insulin normally when they have insulin resistance. Because it is difficult for glucose to enter cells, it accumulates in the blood. It may eventually result in Type2 diabetes. When the body’s cells stop responding to the hormone insulin, insulin resistance occurs.

Insulin resistance can lead to prediabetes and type2 diabetes when blood glucose levels are too high. Regular dark chocolate consumption each day may help lower fasting glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

The body’s natural immune response to germs and other harmful substances is inflammation. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, has the potential to harm cells and tissues and raise the risk of some diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and some types of cancer. Dark chocolate contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may assist in reducing body inflammation.


Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Dark chocolate can help reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, increase the diversity of the gut microbiome, and improve brain function, according to some research.

The good side is that dark chocolate helps stimulate the production of endorphins and also contains the mood-stabilizing hormone serotonin, so it can boost your mood. It is high in fat and calories and healthy vitamins and minerals, so moderation is essential for those who want to include it in their diet.

Social Media Archiving For Government: How To Stay Compliant

#1 Social Media Tool for Government

Engage citizens with the only tool that makes it easy to communicate, deliver services, and manage crises.

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What is social media archiving for government agencies?

Social media archiving for government agencies is a component of open records laws. Social media is a public forum, and must be archived as such.

How is social media archiving regulated in the government sector?

Social media archiving regulations vary by country, and even by state. The common component is that social media is generally considered a public record.

The requirements for archiving are quite specific and can include:

Collecting social media metadata

Maintaining a record of content in its original format

Keeping social media records for s specific period of time

Maintaining data in a specific geographic location

Each jurisdiction also has its own privacy regulations. These impact what government agencies can post on social media. For example, the Government of British Columbia has Guidelines for Government Use of Social Media. These specify that the following topics are off-limits:

Anything currently going through the court system

Information about identifiable third parties without statutory authorization

Citizen engagement can encourage people to share personal information on social media. This is especially true when people share photos. This is a particularly important area to consider when thinking about data collection and archiving.

How to archive records on social media and stay compliant

Social media compliance is an ongoing challenge for all government agencies. Especially for those involved in active citizen engagement.

You need a comprehensive strategy for social media archiving. This ensures you have all the records you need to:

comply with legislation

respond to FOI requests,

address First Amendment challenges, and

improve transparency in government.

Set up archiving policies and procedures

Like any good compliance strategy, your archiving system must be built on a solid foundation. Your archiving policies and procedures are the supports upon which all of your recordkeeping is built.

As you build your policies, do a thorough review of the legislation applicable in your jurisdiction to make sure you comply with every detail.

For example, Australia’s privacy and public data policies require social content to be archived in Australian data centers. That means Australian government agencies can only work with archiving solutions that have data storage options within Australia – like Brolly, which is built into Hootsuite.

Build your archiving policies and procedures into your overall social media guidelines. That way, all staff who deal with social media have easy access to your most current policies at all times.

Bonus: Get a free, customizable social media guidelines template to quickly and easily create recommendations for your company and employees.

Be sure to include a clear process for approving new social media accounts. The more accounts your agency uses, the more you need to archive. Does every department need its own social channels? Perhaps they do, but there should be a strategic purpose for each new account. Before any new account goes live, make sure to add it to your archiving process.

Capture and preserve all social media content

Like we said above, social media content is considered part of the public record. That includes ALL social media communication on or with your social channels.

You might wonder why you need a special archive of your social media content. After all, it’s publically available on your social accounts. But social media platforms themselves are private-sector companies. They are not subject to open records laws. That means there’s no guarantee the social platforms will preserve your content forever.

Plus, if you ever delete or edit content, you need to keep a record of those changes. Open records laws require you to archive every version or every post presented to the public.

identifying information,

threats of violence,


and so on.

You should even keep a record of all content in which you are tagged or mentioned, since this can count as communication. Monitoring content in which you’re tagged or mentioned is a best practice for all social media users. It’s an important way to understand the conversation about you online. For government agencies, it’s critical.

In other words, you need purpose-built social media archiving tools for government. This is the only way to fully archive the conversation with constituents and comply with the law.

As a side note, social’s designation as a public record means you cannot block people from following your government agency social accounts. Archiving is one part of compliance with public records laws, but it’s by no means the whole picture. Check out our detailed blog post for everything you need to know about compliance for government agencies using social media.

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Include metadata and contextual information

Why? Because a screenshot is just an image, and images can be edited. That’s why social media archiving for government must include metadata and contextual information.

What device they used

An archive with complete metadata and contextual information allows you to reconstruct an entire social media conversation. You’ll have details and content that would otherwise be lost.

Make archived content accessible and searchable

The whole point of archiving open records information is that you can access it and provide it to citizens or journalists that submit a freedom of information request. For that to work, your archive needs to be secure but easily accessible by the appropriate members of your team.

Failure to comply with a freedom of information request or legal challenge can have serious legal and financial consequences. A complete and easy-to-use archive helps protect your agency from lawsuits and other punitive action.

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Audit your process on a regular basis

Social media changes fast. Social media legislation doesn’t move quite as quickly, but you can’t assume it will stay the same forever. And the tools available to archive social media content and improve compliance continue to evolve.

That means you need to review your archiving process regularly. You can choose what “regularly” means to your organization, but plan for a thorough social media audit at least quarterly.

For government agencies, that social media audit should include an audit of your archiving process and procedures.

Make sure any new social media accounts have been added to your archiving system. Review the archiving policies and procedures with staff both old and new. Assign someone on your team to monitor any changes in legislation. Be sure to voice these at the regular reviews if they have not yet been addressed.

Social media archiving with Hootsuite

When choosing your social media archiving tools for government compliance, it’s important to work with a trusted and secure vendor. To ensure the security of government and citizen data, the U.S. government requires all cloud services used by federal agencies to pass the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, aka FedRAMP.

Hootsuite is FedRAMP authorized. This identifies Hootsuite as a viable automated government social media archiving solution. Hootsuite also meets the requirements of FCA, IIROC, SEC, PCI, AMF, and MiFID II. This is why more than 2,000 government and public sector agencies use Hootsuite to manage their social media.

Hootsuite integrates with compliance solutions like ProofPoint and Brolly to keep your government social media presence secure. Brolly specifically creates a secure archive with social content, including context, metadata, links, images, and videos.

Inform and engage constituents, and manage archiving on social media with Hootsuite. From a single dashboard, you can schedule and publish content to every network, monitor relevant conversations, and measure public sentiment around programs and policies with real-time social listening and analytics. See it in action.

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See why Hootsuite is the #1 social media tool for government. Engage citizens, manage crises, and reduce risk online.

The Best Student Planner Apps For Iphone To Stay Organized

Being a student is tough at any age. You have a lot to keep track of and tons to do. This is when a student planner can come in super handy. Track classes, assignments, exams, schedules, and more, all in one spot.

These are some of the best student planners for iPhone to keep you organized on-the-go.

Criteria and features

Here are a few of the things we looked for when creating this list of student planner apps for iPhone.

Reminders and notifications: Whether it’s for a class scheduled to begin or an assignment that’s due, notifications can keep you from forgetting.

Ease-of-use: You have enough to worry about when you’re in school, so a planning app that is extremely simple to use is essential.

Multiple planning features: The point of a planner is to be able to track classes, assignments, and schedules. This means various planning features are necessary.

Pocket Schedule Planner

Pocket Schedule Planner lets you easily schedule your classes with days of the week and times, add and track assignments and exams, and view your calendar with a tap. The app offers a clean interface, making it simple to navigate.

Pocket Schedule Planner notable features:

Separate alert settings let you receive notifications for classes and exams, assignments, and tasks individually.

The Instructors section gives you a spot for your instructors’ name, office locations, hours, email, phone, and website.

Add tasks and projects easily and see what’s due today, next week, someday, and what’s past due.

Choose class types to keep labs, lectures, seminars, and study groups organized.

Pocket Schedule Planner gives you all the tools you need to plan and organize your student life. You can access the timetable, assignments, tasks, and courses sections with simple taps.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

myHomework Student Planner

Another handy app for keeping everything together is myHomework Student Planner. Similar to Pocket Schedule Planner, you can add your classes and assignments, view your calendar, and with a free account, receive reminders.

myHomework Student Planner notable features:

Connect to chúng tôi if your instructors use it and have assignments and announcements automatically added to the app for you.

Flexible class scheduling lets you choose from block-based, period-based, time-based, or custom day and time options for your courses.

Calendar options let you plug in events, no school days, late starts, and early releases to stay on top of your schedule.

Set assignments to repeat every day, weekday, week, or month.

The myHomework Student Planner app is a great way to stay in sync and up to date with your classes and assignments.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

My Study Life – School Planner

My Study Life – School Planner is one more app for you to check out. Add classes and holidays along with tasks and exams and check the calendar for what’s due.

My Study Life – School Planner notable features:

The task progress slider lets you keep track of how far you are on your assignments when you only do a little at a time.

The Dashboard gives you a quick view of your current day with the number of classes, tasks, and exams.

Review your calendar by the week or the month with color-coded classes for easy viewing.

Customize your reminders for classes, exams, and tasks.

My Study Life – School Planner is completely free and available for iPhone with no upgrades or in-app purchases. So, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Availability: iPhone

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

Staying organized as a student is just one key to your success. So, stay on top of classes, assignments, and exams with a helpful planner that includes all the tools you need to succeed. Do you already use one of these student planner apps or do you prefer a different one you’d like to recommend?

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