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There are now a lot of AI image generators which will produce images based on text descriptions. This means you can dream up anything at all, type it in and mere seconds later see a selection of images matching that description.

For example, the image at the top was generated using the description “steam train going across a curved viaduct on rolling green hills with a river running below, cloudy blue skies.”

But you can go into as much detail as you like. For example, the following produced these variations “A beach on a cloudy day. In the distance, people are walking towards cliffs in the background”.


Or even “1970s Porsche racing car on track leading a pack of period cars with crowds of spectators in stands in the background”.


AI is good at generating images of people. For example “a 35 year old IT officer working at his desk, wearing glasses and a blue blazer” led to this:


These generators vary in quality and usually allow you to generate only a few images before you have to pay to use their services.

But it’s fun to do, and well worth trying out as there’s every chance you’ll be blown away by the results.

Regardless of which generator you decide to use, the process is the same: type a detailed description of what you want. The longer that description, the better.


Shorter descriptions can still generate incredible images, as demonstrated by the birds above, but they may not be quite what you wanted. Plus, AI isn’t human – duh! –  so although some of the images appear flawless, others have clear errors, and AI struggles with text in particular.

Really, you also need to specify the style of image you want. That’s because the AI needs to understand whether you want a photorealistic images, a cartoon, a sketch or something else. If you don’t specify, it may choose at random.

Since the images are created by powerful servers, you can use these generators on whatever device you have: a phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

Some generators are available only as mobile apps, but others work in a web browser. Here are some to try out now.

Midjourney – Runs on Discord

Fotor – works in a browser

Photoleap – Android and iPhone

DALL-E – works in a browser

DALL-E is one of the best known, and is from the same people – OpenAI – that made ChatGPT. Unfortunately, its popularity means it’s all but impossible to use: we could barely create an account without the website falling over, presumably due to being overloaded.

However, Midjourney stands out from the crowd, partly because of the sheer quality of the images it creates, but also because you’re given 25 minutes of GPU time for free: you’re not restricted to a specific number of images.

The only snag is that it uses Discord, which can be a little bewildering to use if you’re not familiar with it. You’ll also need to create a Discord account if you don’t have one.

How to use Midjourney


Create a Discord account


Join the server


Find a Newbie room


Generate an image


In the message box at the bottom type /imagine and press Enter. A prompt box will appear. Type into this any description you like and press Enter. Here we’ve typed ‘photorealistic close-up of a stained glass bird’


Wait for your image


Specify aspect ratio


If you don’t want a square image, you need to tell Midjourney the aspect ratio you want. Do this by adding -—ar 16:9 if you want a TV-sized image. You can specify any ratio, including the common ones such as 3:2, 4:3 and 3:4.


Find your images


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This Giant Demon Plant Gives You Burns If You Touch It, And It’s Spreading

This horrifying nightmare of a plant mostly grows in the northeastern part of the U.S., but recently it’s been spreading. Folks recently found a patch of giant hogweed in Virginia, considerably farther south than the plant has crept in the past. Unlike many other invasive species, it’s not just harmful to the environment—it’s directly harmful to humans.

The demon plant otherwise known as giant hogweed isn’t physically hot, and doesn’t even contain a chemical that causes an immediate burn. It hurts you in a more sinister way. Giant hogweed releases a sap containing chemicals called furanocoumarins, which sensitize human skin (as well as that of many other animals) to sunlight. And we’re not just talking about a little extra redness if you stay out in the sun all day—we’re talking probably the worst sunburn you’ve had in your life (seriously, go look at those pictures). The reaction depends a lot on how much sap you get on your skin, how much you’re sweating, and how hot the day is (moisture and heat make it worse). Within 15 to 30 minutes of contact with the plant, you’ll start to feel the reaction, and then you’ll keep burning for another couple hours. The burns can be so severe that it takes months for affected skin to heal fully.

Furanocoumarins are so effective at giving us sunburn because they basically act via a similar mechanism. Sunburns are our skin’s reaction to getting DNA damage from ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. This is why severe sunburns give you peeling skin—the cells are dying from the genetic damage they’ve suffered, and as they die they flake off. Furanocoumarins react with DNA when under UV-A radiation, and are able to produce a bunch of cross-links between DNA bases that shouldn’t be there. These linkages prevent the normal cellular machinery from accessing genetic information the cell needs to continue living, and though it’s possible to repair some cross-links, the cell will probably die. All that cell death produces a lot of inflammation and activity as your body ferries away bits of waste and regrows missing parts of your skin, which is where all that redness and irritation comes from.

Giant hogweed is a particularly nasty example of furanocoumarins at work, but it’s not the only one. Limes also do it. So do grapefruits and carrots and several other fruits and veggies. They all just do it to a much lesser degree. But if you’re a person who handles those kinds of produce a lot, like bartenders who handle limes daily or workers picking celery, you may find that you develop a rash—that’s the furanocoumarins at work.

It takes a lot of produce handling to give you any kind of rash, but just one brush against a giant hogweed plant can give you a serious burn.

Beware the hogweed. Gavin Edmondstone

It is possible to stave off most of the reaction if you realize you’ve come in contact with one of the plants. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recommends that you wash the whole area with soap and cold water (remember that heat makes it worse!) and stay out of the sunlight for 48 hours. If you do get a reaction, see a doctor—they might recommend a topical steroid that can help. Here’s the kicker, though: you may also have to keep the affected area out of sunlight for a few years—apparently the reactivity can stick around for that long. So if you got it on your hand say hello to summertime gloves as your new go-to accessory.

The best thing to do is to avoid giant hogweed in the first place. In the U.S., growth is mostly confined to the northeast (and, as of recently, Virginia), but it’s also been spotted as far west as Oregon and Washington. It’s an invasive plant, having been brought over to North America as a decorative garden ornament. To be fair, it is quite striking. But let that be a tool to identify it, not a reason to plant it in your yard.

Giant hogweed can grow to be anywhere from 7 to 14 feet tall (yes, seriously) and has umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers that can be up to 2.5 feet across. Individual leaves can be 5 feet wide. The real tell-tale sign is the stem, which is covered in purple splotches and thick, white hairs. Unfortunately there are lots of plants that look a lot like giant hogweed, mostly because other hogweed plants have a similar look. Some of the relatives also have furanocoumarins, so you should steer clear no matter what, but to tell the difference it’s often best to look at the stem and the flower clusters. The flowers should grow in a rounded shape rather than with a flat top, and there should be many tiny flowers rather than about a dozen larger ones. There’s a complete guide here as well.

If you spot the plant, don’t try to remove it yourself. Call your state’s department of conservation and let them do it safely. To fully get rid of the plant you need to take out the whole root and make sure you don’t accidentally spread any seeds, on top of avoiding the sap, so it’s best left to the professionals.

Ai Might Be The Future. But Can It Also Predict It?

We all know that artificial intelligence has been the hot topic of recent times and that it has been adopted by companies covering virtually every sector. So these days, when you’re dealing with an automated answering service, it’s highly likely that there is no human intervention at all. This trend is set to continue and reach into many new areas. But there are even more exciting prospects ahead that suggest that the algorithms used in AI may soon start to enable increasingly accurate predictions of future events. Indeed, this is something that has also started to occur – and in some quite surprising ways. The theory behind it is quite simple: by combining the processing of big datasets and using the algorithms that drive AI, an ever-more accurate model of future events can be created. One of the leading exponents in this reasonably new field is

We all know that artificial intelligence has been the hot topic of recent times and that it has been adopted by companies covering virtually every sector. So these days, when you’re dealing with an automated answering service, it’s highly likely that there is no human intervention at all. This trend is set to continue and reach into many new areas. But there are even more exciting prospects ahead that suggest that the algorithms used in AI may soon start to enable increasingly accurate predictions of future events. Indeed, this is something that has also started to occur – and in some quite surprising ways. The theory behind it is quite simple: by combining the processing of big datasets and using the algorithms that drive AI, an ever-more accurate model of future events can be created. One of the leading exponents in this reasonably new field is Black Swan Technologies whose clients include Disney. Among the work they have carried out for the entertainment giant was predicting the likely popularity of Frozen before release. By looking at the data around similar animated titles as well as examining popular genres and types of film on YouTube it enabled them to accurately gauge even how many copies would be sold once the movie was released on DVD. Retailers have also been quick to start experimenting with Black Swan’s technology with supermarkets using it to project just when and how many of their customers will be choosing to barbecue on any given weekend. Western Canada Fashion Week 2023 Spring ” ( CC BY-SA 2.0 ) by IQRemix The fashion industry is also one that is always looking towards what are going to be the trends for future seasons. Again, AI is being used to help these predictions to become more accurate. This is facilitated by a system that scours social media and e-commerce sites to analyze colors, sizes and patterns that appear most frequently and which may be pointing towards the direction that styles may be headed. On a less frivolous note, healthcare is another sector in which the ability to predict future situations is being trialed. One of the best-known exponents is Diagnostic Robotics , a business founded and headed up by Kira Radinsky Ph.D. with offices in Tel Aviv and New York. The fact that much of medicine is already so heavily statistics-based is obviously useful, but it needs AI to add that extra dimension. Trading in stocks, shares and currencies is another area in which being able to accurately predict the future can also mean the difference between success and failure. More and more trading platforms appearing and being listed on sites like Stockapps UK . There is already plenty of choice and most offer extensive support. The above site rates the platforms according to a vast array of key features, such as commission or products offered, such as CFD trading. It’s therefore logical to imagine that one day AI support could number among those factors. This would obviously give an edge over the competition – it could well take many providers to the next level. So we can confidently predict that AI will become increasingly effective in defining what the future holds in a wide variety of ways. And, when it does reach its full potential, it will create a very different world indeed.

Protogen_X3.4 Ai Model That Can Draw Hands Correctly

One of the ongoing challenges with AI generated art has been its inability to draw hands correctly. They are often deformed or have way too many fingers which really would detract from the artwork. Unless you were going for deformed hands then you are in heaven.

Finally there has been a breakthrough in this space where a AI Model checkpoint Protogen x3.4 Official Release (ProtoGen_X3.4) is available for Stable Diffusion that can draw hands correctly. This is an amalgamation of multiple checkpoint, being merged into one. It comprises of 5% of roboDiffusion_v1.ckpt, openjourney-v2-unpruned.ckpt, chúng tôi and rpg_v2Beta.ckpt.

ProtoGen_X3.4 can produce natural looking hands that are suited to the composition of the image and is able to keep the length of figures correct including the number of figures. The samples and test images submitted on the discussion page already demonstrate the correctly formed hands.

As suggested on their page it is recommended to remove “ugly” from the negative prompt when creating images. Seriously, removing off (ugly) on negative prompts brings out some really detailed shots of what real life consist of, decay, rubble, grass, worned clothing…Have fun and keep it fluffy!

Below are sample images referenced from the ProtoGen_X3.4 release page.

If you are convinced then you can head over to the Protogen x3.4 Official Release page to download this CKPT file (5.57GB) or download from Huggingface. If you are using a Paperspace notebook you can upload it to your machine within a few seconds by using this technique I referenced in another post, how to quickly upload model CKPT to Paperspace.

Prompt: modelshoot style, (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), full shot body photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world, english medieval witch, black silk vale, pale skin, black silk robe, black cat, necromancy magic, sexy, medieval era, photorealistic painting by Ed Blinkey, Atey Ghailan, Studio Ghibli, by Jeremy Mann, Greg Manchess, Antonio Moro, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, photorealistic painting art by midjourney and greg rutkowski

Negative prompt: canvas frame, cartoon, 3d, ((disfigured)), ((bad art)), ((deformed)),((extra limbs)),((close up)),((b&w)), wierd colors, blurry, (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), [out of frame], extra fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), ((poorly drawn face)), (((mutation))), (((deformed))), ((ugly)), blurry, ((bad anatomy)), (((bad proportions))), ((extra limbs)), cloned face, (((disfigured))), out of frame, ugly, extra limbs, (bad anatomy), gross proportions, (malformed limbs), ((missing arms)), ((missing legs)), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), mutated hands, (fused fingers), (too many fingers), (((long neck))), Photoshop, video game, ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, mutation, mutated, extra limbs, extra legs, extra arms, disfigured, deformed, cross-eye, body out of frame, blurry, bad art, bad anatomy, 3d render

Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 10, Seed: 1495009790, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Size: 760×1024, Model hash: 60fe2f34, Denoising strength: 0.5, First pass size: 0x0

Testing Protogen x3.4

I uploaded the CKPT file to my own Paperspace Notebook and ran it using Automatic1111. Initially I tried with the same prompt as above but then started to vary it and have more than one person in the image. The results are better than before but not quite there yet. However, I am not being too critical about this model as it is only the first release. I’m certain that the team behind Protogen will keep improving this model to produce more consistent results.

Well formed hands

Something weird happened here

Woman’s Hand is not correctly formed Well formed hands

Left hand with three fingers

Too many fingers in this case Well formed hands

Well formed hands

Well formed hands

Tutorial Video

I found this wonderful tutorial video that shows how to setup and use this model in Google Colab notebook with Automatic1111. If you can get past the accent the information being shared is useful and demonstrates how to use this model.

Overall I feel with this Protogen model we are heading on the right path of improving hand formation in images created using AI and hopefully in a few months we will have this challenge completely tackled. Feel free to give this model a run, it was certainly fun for me to try various images and see the results.

Msdownld.tmp: What Is This Folder And How Can I Remove It?

Msdownld.tmp: What is This Folder and How Can I Remove It? Our practical methods will help you remove this file quickly




Did you ever wonder what chúng tôi is used for?

If so, know this: it has no utility whatsoever after the IE installation process is over.

Here’s how to quickly remove this temp folder and free up some space on your hard drives.

Are you wondering why you see chúng tôi in one of your drive or multiple drives? Don’t worry, this hidden folder is not harmful to your PC.

The chúng tôi folder is a temporary folder used by the Internet Explorer installer. The setup process does not remove it after Internet Explorer has been installed due to Microsoft glitches.

However, the content of the chúng tôi is empty meaning that it is harmless.

We have compiled 5 methods that can be used to remove chúng tôi from your Windows 10 PC.

How can I delete the chúng tôi folder? 1. Update Internet Explorer

The chúng tôi problem occurs because of the installation of Internet Explorer 6; however, this is an older IE version.

Consider updating your Internet Explorer web browser using Microsoft update which you can download here.

Also, you may completely uninstall Internet Explorer 6 using IObit Uninstaller here and then install a fresh copy of the Internet Explorer web browser.

2. Delete the chúng tôi folder

The chúng tôi folder cannot be easily viewed on your Windows PC because it belongs to the category of hidden files.

In order to delete the folder, you need to enable hidden files to be viewable and delete chúng tôi folder afterward. Here’s how to do this:

3. Run Disk Cleanup

In addition, you can also run disk cleanup on your Windows PC to fix the temporary folder problem. Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility program that reduces the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space.

It also removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes unwanted system files. Here’s how to run Disk Cleanup:

Third-party system cleaners like Fortect include a feature for file selection that lets you pick which temporary files to erase.

Using a trustworthy and efficient file cleanup is a great method to keep your PC working smoothly. It frees up important hard disk space while also improving performance, security, and privacy.

Additionally, you may improve your digital privacy by eliminating browsing history and other sensitive data from unnecessary temporary applications folders like chúng tôi with Fortect.

4. Run System File Check Scan

Another way to remove the chúng tôi temporary folder is by running a system file check. SFC can be used to scan, check, and remove temporary files.

To run an SFC scan on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

5. Use professional third-party software

Since the IE installer does not remove the chúng tôi empty folder once it’s done its job, it will be your job to do it.

If you want a professional-level tool to help you with this task, consider Ashampoo Winoptimizer.

WinOptimizer can remove junk data, corrupt temp files, and fix broken shortcuts and broken registry entries. It can also disable unnecessary services, allowing you to use your resources for the task at hand.

This tool will free up drive space which will speed up your system. The user experience will most likely improve as you will be able to run your apps quickly and with fewer errors

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Comprehensive dashboard with valuable details on status updates on your Temp Files, Registry, services, or privacy, all neatly arranged

New SSD-ready Defrag tool to automate drive analysis and defragmentation

Reclaim precious disk space by eliminating redundant temp and log files and superfluous Registry entries

Instant notifications on resource hogs and up-to-date data

Rids your system of junk data and reduces clutter

Live Tuner to provide a smart launch boost to all applications

Speaking about IE, we’re got you covered no matter what. Check out our Internet Explorer Hub.

Explore our Removal Guides as well to find the right way to eliminate obstinate items from your PC.

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Best Ai Voice Generator Characters Free

See More : Can You Use Janitor AI for Free? is a leading AI voice generator that offers a free version with no watermarks or time limits. With chúng tôi you can generate AI voices in various languages, accents, and voices, making it a versatile tool for diverse applications. Its simple and intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you to create lifelike voices effortlessly.

Listnr is an exceptional AI text-to-speech voice generator that offers a free version. This tool enables users to convert text into speech with incredible accuracy, producing voices that closely resemble real human voices. Its user-friendly interface and extensive language and accent options make Listnr a reliable choice for various text-to-speech needs. is a feature-rich AI voice generator that offers a free version along with a range of customization options. Whether you need a specific voice for your project or want to fine-tune the nuances of speech, chúng tôi has got you covered. It boasts realistic AI voices in 20 languages, making it one of the most popular and impressive voice generators available. is an award-winning AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech platform that offers a free trial version. This platform excels in producing voices that closely resemble real human voices, providing an immersive experience for various applications. From sales videos to animations, podcasts to TV commercials, chúng tôi caters to a wide range of use cases.

Also Read : What is the best free AI voice generator?

Notevibes is a versatile AI voice generator that offers a free version, making it an excellent choice for individuals and professionals alike. It is trusted by large companies globally and supports over 150 countries with its multilingual capabilities. Notevibes’ online editor provides fantastic features like emphasis and volume control, pause customization, and speed and pitch adjustments.

1. Can I use AI voice generators for commercial purposes?

Yes, many AI voice generators, including the ones mentioned in this article, offer commercial usage options. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of each platform to ensure compliance with their licensing and usage policies.

2. Are the generated AI voices indistinguishable from real human voices?

3. Can I customize the generated AI voices?

Yes, most AI voice generators offer customization options to tailor the generated voices according to your preferences. You can often adjust parameters such as pitch, speed, emphasis, and even add pauses or breaths to make the voices sound more natural. Some platforms also allow you to modify the accent, tone, or style of the voice to suit your specific needs.

4. Are there any limitations or restrictions on the free versions?

While free versions of AI voice generators provide valuable functionality, they may come with certain limitations or restrictions compared to their paid counterparts. These limitations can include usage caps, reduced access to voice libraries, or watermarked output. It’s essential to review the details of each platform’s free version to understand any limitations and determine if they meet your requirements.

5. Can I use AI voice generators in my applications or products?

Yes, many AI voice generators allow you to integrate their services into your applications, products, or services through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits). This enables you to leverage the power of AI-generated voices within your own software or platforms, enhancing the user experience and adding value to your offerings.

6. How accurate are the translations for multilingual voice generation?

7. Are there any privacy concerns with using AI voice generators?

AI voice generators typically process the text inputs and may store the generated voices temporarily to improve their models or enhance user experience. It’s crucial to review the privacy policies of the platforms you choose and ensure they align with your privacy preferences. If privacy is a significant concern, look for platforms that prioritize data security and offer transparent privacy practices.

AI voice generators have made significant strides in delivering realistic and high-quality synthesized voices. Whether you need AI-generated voices for videos, podcasts, virtual assistants, or any other application, the tools mentioned in this article offer excellent options. chúng tôi Listnr, chúng tôi chúng tôi and Notevibes are all reliable choices, providing free versions or trials to help you experience their capabilities firsthand. Explore these AI voice generators, unleash your creativity, and enhance your projects with lifelike and engaging AI voices.

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