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There’s nothing like the promise of the New Year that inspires you to dabble in something new. With a fresh slate of 365 days ahead of you, you have all the time in the world to make new friends, start a new hobby, build a new routine, or start a new job. You can also take the new year as an opportunity to learn something new, whether for professional or personal growth purposes.

To help you on that front, here are 21 courses on sale, all available for $20, to help you kickstart your 2023 learning journey.

Excel does not only help you organize and analyze your data, it can also make your professional life easier by automating your time-consuming tasks. This 45-hour bundle will teach you how. It’s usually $1,600, but you can get it for $20 for a limited time.

Ethical hackers are in demand at the moment as they’re capable of fighting back against entities that attempt data breaches and other cyber attacks. This bundle packs 161 hours of training to help you become one in no time. Normally $1,649, it’s on sale for $20.

From Agile to PMP, Scrum to Six Sigma, this 120-hour course package leaves no stone unturned when it comes to grooming you to become an efficient project manager. It usually retails for $2,699, but you can get it on sale for $20.

Begin your foray into coding with this comprehensive bundle that boasts 120 hours of expert-led instruction of today’s top programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and Ruby. Normally $2,300, it’s on sale for $20.

Learn ethical hacking straight from the pros with this bundle that features 18 courses on Python 3, Complete NMAP, and more, taking your ethical hacking know-how to the next level. It’s formerly $3,284, but you can get it for $20 for a limited time.

A digital artist worth their salt has a fundamental understanding of Adobe’s suite of programs. With this bundle, you’ll get to explore Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and more. Normally $2,400, it’s on sale for $20.

Don’t just know what an NFT is—learn how to create one, too. This beginner-friendly bundle is designed to demystify non-fungible tokens and teach you how to register and own your art. Usually $199, grab it on sale for $20.

Playing with crypto is fun and lucrative, but how about creating your own digital currency? This bundle is designed to teach you just that with hours of training on blockchain. Usually $1,200, it’s on sale for $20.

With 75 hours of expert-led training on CompTIA Security, CSA, CCNA, and CCNP, this course package is designed to groom you into an in-demand tech professional. Get it on sale for only $20 (MSRP $1,600).

Designed to give you a fundamental understanding of computer science, this 11-part bundle lets you explore Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, and other courses relevant to forging a successful career in IT. It’s originally $2,200, but you can get it on sale for $20.

Learn why Python became one of the world’s most well-loved programming languages with this bundle that offers 91 hours of instruction on all things Python. Normally $2,000, score it for $20 for a limited time.

Beef up your knowledge on machine learning and artificial intelligence with this 79-hour course package that sends you on a deep dive into one of the most exciting technologies of our time. Usually $2,388, you can snag it on sale for $20.

Make your life as a programmer easier with this bundle that is centered on elevating your productivity by automating tasks with Bash Shell scripting, initializing projects with Git, and more. Usually $1,600, it’s on sale for $20.

JavaScript remains to be one of the most popular programming languages, and with this bundle, you’ll get to build your expertise on it from the ground up. It’s typically $1,600, but it’s $20 for a limited time.

This jam-packed bundle contains all you need to know to become a content cybersecurity analyst. It features courses on ethical hacking, social engineering, penetration testing, and more. Get it on sale for only $20 (MSRP $1,200).

Get your hands dirty with hardware with the help of this bundle that touches on circuit design and building your own circuit boards. It packs 19 hands-on courses on electronics, 3D simulation, Arduino, and so much more. It typically goes for $1,881, but you can get it for $20 for a limited time.

There’s no need to go back to university for a comprehensive computer science education. This 9-pronged bundle does the trick with its 86 hours of content on data science, cloud architecture, Java, and more. It’s usually $1,800, but you can grab it for only $20.

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Azure for cloud computing and storage solutions. This bundle helps you work your way to becoming a respected Azure administrator with 58 hours of training and practice tests designed for acing the certification exams. Formerly $1,800, you can get it for just $20.

Cybersecurity professionals need CompTIA certifications to succeed in the field, and this course is specifically created to help you prep for certification exams and pass them with flying colors. It’s originally $1,200, but you can get it on sale for $20.

If you want to know how things work beyond software, this bundle is designed to let you explore both hardware and programming through 9 courses focused on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Normally $1,800, it’s on sale for $20 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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Track Your Progress As You Learn Something New With Better Every Time App

I am big on crafting and do-it-yourself projects. If there is one think I’ve learned from my many attempts to create handmade stuff, it is that practice is the key to getting better. I fail nearly every time I try something new. However, by the third or fourth attempt, I’ve improved greatly.

I am big on crafting and do-it-yourself projects. If there is one think I’ve learned from my many attempts to create handmade stuff, it is that practice is the key to getting better. I fail nearly every time I try something new. However, by the third or fourth attempt, I’ve improved greatly.

Better Every Time is a journaling app that makes it easy for you to track your progress when attempting to get better at something. As you work at it, record what happens so that you will know what not to do the next time around…


I don’t actually keep any kind of journal. I spend no less than eight hours per day writing thousands of words. The last thing I want to do before bed is to write more. Normally, I would have passed up an app like this. However, I was immediately drawn in by the interesting graphics, so I decided to look into it further. I’m glad I did.

Instead of being a boring old journaling app that only offers faux book paper or minimalistic writing options, this app looks like a game that might involve something cute climbing a mountain riding on the back of something equally as cute. It’s not, but it looks like it.

As you add new notes on the progress of your project, a new section of the journey opens up and you can swipe back to view older notes. Every time you open the app, a new progress signpost appears. If you don’t have anything new to write, be sure to tap the big “X” within three seconds of opening the app or a new signpost will be added and you’ll have to manually delete it.

The more notes you add, the longer the road to success gets. Each new signpost is added with an entirely different backdrop. As you progress, it will appear that you are traveling up the mountainside. The grass will grow greener and more trees will appear. Eventually, you will reach the top of the mountain.

App Use

The point of this app, as noted by its name, is to help you get better at doing something by practicing it. Pick something you want to get better at, and set it as your goal. Then, use the app to track your progress by noting every time you practice.

For example, I’ve recently decided I am going to learn how to make Macarons. The French confections are like the Mount Everest of baking and I’m determined to conquer them.

Using Better Every Time, I can set a goal to practice the process by baking a batch once per month until I get it right. Every time I bake a batch, I can write down my experience, note where I think I went wrong or right, and take pictures of my results.

According to the app, getting better at something takes 21 attempts. I’m not sure where that number comes from. But, based on that belief, I’ll have to practice making Macarons twice per month in order to be good enough to bake a perfect batch of them for Christmas, which is my ultimate goal.

To get started, Tap “Start a Journey.” You will be asked to enter your goal. “I’m going to get Better at:” enter your objective, like skiing or singing, or whatever you want to improve upon.

Then, enter the recurrence you think best fits your abilities. Don’t, for example, claim that you will make Macarons seven times per week. That is way too much work. You’ll be exhausted and won’t want to keep going. Instead, set a reasonable recurrence. You can set a goal between one and seven times per day or month.

Then, walk away from the app until you have completed your first attempt. When you open the app again, you’ll be able to add a note and a picture. It is probably not unlimited, but you can write quite a bit within your note section. The date and time that you created the note will be added.

If you want a visual note of your attempt, be sure to take a picture. I took pictures of the progress of a pair of gloves I was knitting and noted when I saw an issue that will need to be fixed when I try again.

Swipe upward on the screen to view older notes. You’ll see how far you’ve traveled along your journey to get better. Tap one of the signposts to see what you wrote for that particular check-in.

To revisit previous journeys, tap the small arrow at the top right of the screen. You will see old projects that you’ve completed or abandoned. You can see your progress or delete what you abandoned. To delete a journey, swipe it from right to left.

After you’ve checked in with your progress, close the app until you are ready to add a note again. After a few notes have been added, you’ll see that you are headed up the mountain on your journey.

Once you’ve practiced 21 times, you will be at the top of the mountain, and hopefully “Get Better” at whatever you wanted to improve at.

The Good

This is a very simple and easy to use project tracker. I regularly create or design crafts and sweets from scratch. This app makes it possible for me to note when I see my mistakes and successes so that, the next time I try something, I’ll know the way to do it better.

The Bad

You can only track one thing at a time. That just does not work for me. I always have at least three projects going at once. I’d really like to be able to keep track of multiple projects.

Value Conclusion

This app isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t have a lot of features. It only does one thing. But, it does it well. It also looks great. If you are hoping to get better at something, whether it is running, learning a different language, or playing a video game, use Better Every Time to help you keep track of your progress in a good looking way. Download it in the App Store today.

Related Apps

Journaling is a daily journal app that syncs with DropBox and Google Drive. EveryTime lets you track the time you spend dealing with life events and issues.

Top 10 Skills To Learn From A Digital Marketing Course Online

blog / Digital Marketing Top 10 Hireable Skills to Gain From a Digital Marketing Course Online

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This guide delves into the top ten essential and highly sought-after digital marketing skills that you can acquire through a digital marketing course online. Read along to unlock the secrets of success in digital marketing! 

10 Hireable Skills to Learn From Digital Marketing Courses Online

Here are the 10 most hireable digital marketing skills that recruiters and companies are looking for:

1. Digital Marketing

As the importance of digital marketing strategies continues to increase, so does the demand for skilled experts who can guide organizations in implementing effective marketing campaigns. Possessing digital marketing skills entails a solid understanding of fundamental principles and strategies in the field. These skills include proficiency in goal setting, identifying target audiences, and planning effective campaigns. Furthermore, professionals must be adept at promoting products, services, or brands through various digital channels.

2. Advertising  3. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing involves creating content for social media to establish a brand identity, build a following, and generate traffic. Digital marketing professionals must comprehensively understand various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, professionals should also know how to effectively measure the performance of their social media campaigns using analytics tools. 

4. Data Science 

Professionals proficient in data science skills can collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets, and thus extract meaningful insights. Moreover, with the massive growth of digital data, businesses increasingly realize the importance of data-driven decision-making in their marketing strategies. Therefore, companies can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends by harnessing data. 

5. Graphic Design 6. Product Marketing 

Digital marketing professionals skilled in product marketing are crucial in effectively bridging the gap between product development and marketing. Product marketing skills ensure that the right message reaches the right audience. This, in turn, helps to contribute to the overall success of a business. In addition to this, these professionals should also have a profound understanding of their target audience, market trends, and competitive landscape.

7. Corporate Communications 

Professionals skilled in corporate communications create engaging content for diverse digital channels, including websites, blogs, social media platforms, and email newsletters. These skills acquired from a digital marketing course online can help professionals excel in crafting and delivering effective communication strategies. Furthermore, corporate communication skills help in managing internal communications within an organization.

8. Sales Operations 

Professionals with sales operations skills play a vital role in optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, aligning sales and marketing efforts, and driving revenue growth. They deeply understand sales methodologies, customer relationship management systems, and data analysis. Additionally, sales operation skills help professionals work closely with the sales and marketing teams to ensure seamless coordination and collaboration.

9. Web Development 

Web development skills are crucial in digital marketing, enabling professionals to create user-friendly websites and optimize a business’s online presence for maximum impact. These skills facilitate the seamless integration of digital marketing tools by leveraging analytics and social media integration. Furthermore, web development expertise ensures search engine optimization, increasing visibility to potential customers. 

10. Writing 

Content writing skills are crucial in creating diverse content across digital platforms. Professionals with writing skills can craft engaging and persuasive written content for websites, blogs, social media, and more. Furthermore, professionals skilled in writing can craft engaging headlines, compelling product descriptions, and search engine-optimized content that captivates readers, driving traffic and growth for a business. 

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FAQs How Can a Digital Marketing Course Online Help You to Develop Hireable Skills in 2023?

A digital marketing course online can provide tremendous benefits when gaining hireable skills. It equips one with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in the digital marketing industry. Additionally, by enrolling in a digital marketing course, you can cultivate diverse hireable skills, gain hands-on experience, and establish yourself as a competitive candidate in the job market. 

What Kind of Job Opportunities Can You Get With the Hireable Skills Learned From a Digital Marketing Course Online?

Additionally, with the hireable skills gained from a digital marketing course online, you can pursue various job opportunities and specialize in different areas of digital marketing. Furthermore, some of the potential career paths to explore in the field include: 

Digital marketing specialist 

Social media manager  

Digital account executive


Email marketer

Graphic designer 

Digital strategist 

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What are the Best Paid Digital Marketing Skills?

Here are some of the skills that have the most impact on digital marketing salaries:

Brand marketing and strategy 

Audience analytics 

Email marketing

Affiliate marketing


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Develop Hireable Digital Marketing Skills With Emeritus

In conclusion, actively upskilling through a digital marketing course online is a great way to stand apart from the competition and significantly improve one’s chances of getting hired. And the best way to upskill is by exploring these digital marketing courses from Emeritus. Get the tools and knowledge from the world’s best universities and thrive in this exciting field.

By Krati Joshi

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Learn How To Work With Layout In Indesign?

Introduction to InDesign layout

InDesign Layout is the base of this software that means we create a layout for designing anything in this software. The layout may contain different types of design elements as well as text content. We arrange all the text content and design elements in an effective and meaningful way for expressing the purpose of that content and we do this by creating a layout with them. Layout depends on which platform they work of InDesign will use. So there are lots of things that incorporate this feature of this software and I will tell you the all-important aspect of it.

How Layout works in InDesign?

Having a good design is very necessary to create a layout which expresses the main purpose of content given by clients. So you first analyze the content and purpose of it.

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3D animation, modelling, simulation, game development & others

Such as Print which we use if we work on any project that will go with print media.

And if we go with print media then we have to set marigns as well as bleed area so that when the doucment go for the printing, it will not cut our main design or text content that are on the edge of the page. There are many more thing which we have to keep in mind if we design layout for print media.

The second preset is Web that means if you are going to design anything for web platform then we have to use web size doucment.

And we need not to worry about bleed and slag area this time.

Before start designing layout we should select the unit so that we can work according to project requirement.

For this time I will go with Letter size of document of Print preset and I will take Landscape as orientation of this document.

If you have number of page in your design then you can choose number of page from here. I will go with only 1 page for my design because it is just an overview for you about this topic.

Now I will take Type tool from tool panel and draw a text frame like this because I want to add a text content here first.

I have pasted this content here. Now what we have to do first is that do some formatting with this text content.

Now I will choose this good font for my text content here.

I also made some changese with heading and body copy of this text content. Setting text  content in your design layout is totally depends on your way of creativity with given content.

I will choose this beautiful image for this purpose. I have downloaded this image from chúng tôi You can take your own image for this purpose.

And place this image like this. We can add some effects and other variation to this image from Photoshop as per our choice but for this time I will leave it as it is.

Now I will again take type tool and type P as a single text to this text frame.

I will select text color box in Fill color of tool panel.

And change text color to this shade of green.

Now holding Ctrl + Alt button of keyboard I will increase the size of this letter P like this. This letter P is showing the important of Photoshop in this layout design.

And I will create a path at the side of text content of this letter.

Now take selection tool from tool panel and select both text content and this path.

Now the text will wrap around this path like this.

I will select this path and add some offset distance so that we have nice gap between this letter P and text content.

Now I will open Swatches panel and select Paper layer of it for changing color of this doucment page. One thing I would like to tell you that the background color which I am going to add this document page it only for appearance purpose it will not going to save with our document if we save it. There is another way for having background color with document page. You can check out my this article too.

I will set values of CMYK colors for having this shade of yellow and green for creating background color of my document.

Now If we switch to preview mode by pressing W button of keyboard you can see it is a nice layout design.


Here in this article I just gave you an overiew about how you can involve different element in your layout design for having effective result in it. You can also take different design element from other graphics designing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and so on for having good composition for your design.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to InDesign layout. Here we discuss how you can involve different element in your layout design for having effective result in it. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Learn These Amazing Vpn Advantages Before You Start Using One!

Learn These Amazing VPN Advantages Before You Start Using One! Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enhance your privacy. What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network! A VPN extends a private network over a public network using which a user can send/receive data across a shared or public network. The process seems as if they are working on their private network.

Anything you browse over the internet or the application you use gets benefit from the features, functionality, security, and management of the private network.

Technically, a VPN hides your original identity and shows your location other than your native one. It allows your data to go over an encrypted connection and then make its own way on the public internet. A VPN not only protects your data but also keeps your identity and device information hidden.

VPN Advantages You Should Know Before Getting One! Key Advantages Of Using A VPN 1. Boost Security On Public Internet Connections

A VPN hides your private information on public connections.  While we are online for a lot of things nowadays, VPN acts as a shield that prevents your connection from websites and apps that constantly keep a check on your online activities and collects your personal information anyway. It aims to protect your identity and keep you safe and anonymous. A good VPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption of your data.

2. Remote Access

An efficient VPN service allows you to remotely access your information from anywhere and even lets you access restricted content. You can access geo-blocked content by changing your IP address using a VPN and showing your content provider that you are located out of a restricted region. Having a VPN for business is beneficial as it lets your employees stay productive no matter where they are located. It means, a VPN combats geographical barriers.

Note: Beware! Some countries may impose penalties for using a VPN.

3. Encrypts Data Traffic

We use a VPN service to protect our identity, and this is what Data Traffic Encryption means. A VPN prevents your data from hackers or malicious parties so that they cannot use or misuse your important data. It lets you safely connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots that can be insecure and risky otherwise.

4. Transfer Data Securely

A VPN aims to keep your files and work safe. The major benefits of using a VPN for business is the surety of moving in and out of the corporate network securely. Likewise, from a user point of view, the need for the same security is increasingly true. Using a good VPN service is not that easy and requires a bit of technical knowledge as well. You can although use VPN to create and allow a remote connection to your home network.

It keeps the user’s real IP address hidden, making his identity anonymous.

Lets you safely connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Gives extra protection from ad-tackers and phishing attacks.

Bypass geographical restrictions and government censorship.

Get a distinct online gaming experience.

Use multiple services on multiple devices using a single account.

Slightly slower internet.

Not all VPNs are available for mobile devices.

Using a VPN is illegal in some countries.

Requires encryption knowledge to understand everything that a VPN offers.

A VPN is more than we all, in real life, know. VPN, as a whole, aims at protecting internet privacy. Now that you know the benefits of using a VPN, along with its cons, you might be looking for a recommendation. Well, choosing the best VPN is indeed a daunting task, but always remember that good VPN services aren’t available for free. The topmost VPN services include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and ProtonVPN etc.

To know in detail, read our Systweak VPN review.

How to Use Systweak VPN?

Download and install Systweak VPN from the link below.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions on-screen. For the first time users, you have to Sign Up for the VPN service and provide the details you have received on your email.

Systweak VPN is now ready to use. Now, you only need to select the server you want to connect with and toggle the switch to enable Systweak VPN.

That’s it! Using a VPN is not that hard. All it involves is a wise decision and better quality product.

Wrapping Up:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), in a nutshell, offers a complete security, improved performance, remote access, and anonymity to a user.  To protect yourself from identity thefts, cyber crimes, and frauds, it is important nowadays to browse anonymously using an efficient VPN service. Systweak VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, are some of the popular VPN services you can consider. Encrypt your connection and surf across the web securely, privately, and with no restrictions, of course.

Keep reading Tweak Library for more such content.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python In 2023

Python programming language was developed in 1991 and is a open source programming language. In the recent years python has gained immense popularity and has a huge developer support ecosystem which makes it easy to use and a versatile programming language. With its easy to understand syntax it is one of the best beginner programming languages to start with. It is widely used in different technological fields like web development, Game development, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Data Analytics by businesses. In this article we will see why you should learn the Python programming language in 2023.

Reasons Why You Should Learn Python Beginner Friendly Language

If one is a beginner and is starting to learn a programming language it becomes a challenging task to understand a new programming language. Python with its English like syntax is easy to understand, read and write for a beginner. It has a huge developer support ecosystem and vast number of resources which makes it easy to learn and debug.

Python is an interpreted programming language which means the code is executed line by line which allows you to make quick changes if any error occurs, eliminating the need for compilation.

When we say python is a beginner friendly language and has an easy to understand syntax what do we mean ? Python avoids the use of parentheses and uses consistent indentation for writing clean and readable code. Also python is a strongly typed language i.e every variable declared has a specific data type which avoids mixing of data types and reduces compilation error.


The code below simply adds all the elements in a count_list array and returns the total sum of the elements.

def findSum(count_list): int total = 0 for ele in count_list: total = total + ele return total Career Opportunities and Huge Salary of Python Developers

Python developers have wide range of career opportunities to choose from like

Python developer

Django developer

Flask developer

Front end developer

Backend developer

Web Automation tester

Software Engineer

Devops engineer

Machine learning engineer

Data scientist

Data Analyst

AI Engineer

Due to the increasing popularity of python and high paying developer salaries python is one of the best programming languages to learn.

Use of Python in Different Technologies

Python programming language has a wide range of use cases in Web development, Game development, Desktop app development, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Data science and Data analytics.

Python is a scripting language and is also used to write scripts for fast automation task. Various kinds of bots are built using python for specific use case.Every website nowadays has a chat bot for the customers assistance. These chatbots are built using python.

In machine learning python is used to make prediction models for specific use cases like credit card fraud detection, weather forecasting etc.

Libraries and Packages

Python also has frameworks like Tkinter, Streamlit, Pygame GUI, Kivy etc. for building GUI applications. These frameworks help in prototyping, game development, app development and other wide range of UI based applications.

Strong Community Support Excellent Tool for Testing

Python is used to write scripts which are used for automation testing. Python has great testing libraries which makes the testing of the code easier. Some of the widely used testing libraries are Robot, Uittest, Pytest, Testify etc.

World Wide Demand and Popularity of Python

With growing demand and adoption of python by top companies is increasing the demand of python and python developers. If you want to quickly enter into the tech industry you must start learning python and its framework and libraries which will help you develop and build apps and websites with ease.


In this article we learned about the reasons why python and python developers are in such a huge demand and different career paths we can pursue once we have learned chúng tôi vast resources and developer community support one can easily learn to write code in python.

Update the detailed information about Learn Something New In 2023 With These $20 Course Bundles on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!