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A new report from LinkedIn shows that job postings have tripled for creator-related positions as brands invest in new ways to drive engagement.

The growth in demand for creators is fuelling a whole ecosystem of new jobs, LinkedIn says.

In addition to hiring creators themselves, companies hire for administrative and support roles such as creator managers, creator educators, creator partnerships, and more.

Job opportunities in the creator economy are most abundant in the technology and information sectors. Social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most used by businesses hiring creators.

Here’s a complete list of the top ten industries with the most open jobs for creators.

Top Ten Industries For ‘Creator’ Jobs

The following list is ordered based on the number of paid U.S. job postings on LinkedIn with “creator” in the job title during the January-through-May periods for 2023 and 2023.

LinkedIn ranks the industries according to the number of creator job postings this year.

Technology & information

Advertising services

Staffing and recruiting

E-learning providers

IT services & IT consulting

Musical groups & artists

Media & telecommunications

Retail apparel & fashion

Computers & electronics manufacturing

Food & beverage services

You may notice the growth of creator jobs isn’t limited to image-focused industries like fashion, travel, dining, and others.

Now numerous industries are looking for creative talent to help produce content for social media.

If you’re wondering what an IT services creator does or what a staffing and recruiting creator does, look by searching for a related keyword on TikTok.

Here are some examples of what comes up when you search for “information technology” and “recruiting.”

Today’s web users are growing up using apps like TikTok as a search engine. They want to consume information quickly and in a video format.

Companies are responding to the demand by producing their own short, vertical videos to share on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

The growing demand for creators to produce said content aligns with the shift in search behavior we reported last month.

The brands that adapt to this change early are the ones who will maintain their influence over a new generation of consumers.

If you’re currently in the job market or looking to increase your value in your current position, learning a few creative skills to add to your resume can help you stand out.

Source: LinkedIn

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Jobs Opens Up About Iphone Leak, Abobe Flash, And More

Apple CEO Steve Jobs used the D8 Conference on Tuesday to air his views on a variety of issues, including Adobe Flash, Google, AT&T, and the next-gen iPhone controversy. In a Q&A with audience members and an interview with the Wall Street Journal

On Google and Apple

A lot has been made in recent months about the ‘frenemy’ status between Google and Apple. This was apparent during Google’s recent I/O developer conference, where the search giant made a few jokes at Apple’s expense when comparing the closed platform approach of the iPhone OS versus Google’s open approach with the Android OS.

Jobs told Mossberg and Swisher that he doesn’t see Apple as engaged in a platform war with competitors like Google. When asked about Apple’s ongoing competition with Google, Jobs said, “just because we’re competing with somebody doesn’t mean we have to be rude.” Which may have been a response to Google’s recent jabs during Google I/O.

Jobs on Google :

During the audience Q&A with Jobs at D8, the Apple chief was asked about television and whether TV needed a new interface “to make television truly interactive.”

Jobs also said the TV market was very balkanized and was absent any standards, like GSM for cell phones, that make it possible to create one product that can be distributed around the world.

Jobs on TV

Jobs and AT&T

Another issue that came up during the audience Q&A was the iPhone and AT&T. An audience member from Houston said that while he didn’t have problems with data speeds on AT&T’s network, he complained of AT&T’s call quality and reliability.

Jobs on AT&T :

Gizmodo and Extortion

Jobs was unapologetic about Apple’s decision to pursue legal action against gadget blog Gizmodo over the leaked iPhone scandal

However, Jobs also showed his lighter side in regard to the iPhone controversy by saying, “This is a story that’s amazing, it’s got theft, it’s got buying stolen property, it’s got extortion, I’m sure there’s sex in there somewhere…somebody should make a movie outta this.”

What’s interesting about Jobs’ statements is that he indirectly accused Gizmodo of extortion. Earlier this year, Gizmodo purchased a test unit of the next-generation iPhone from someone who claimed to have found the device in a bar in Redwood City, California. The gadget blog then wrote several detailed posts about the device, and its components. The iPhone leak has resulted in an ongoing criminal investigation, but it’s not clear if the target of that investigation is Gizmodo or the person who sold the device to the gadget blog.

I imagine Jobs’ extortion charge is referring to measures Gizmodo took to force Apple to issue a written request asking Gizmodo for its prototype back. It will be interesting to see if Jobs’ claim becomes part of any formal charges against Gizmodo.

Jobs on next-gen iPhone

Jobs expounded further on why Apple decided to exclude Adobe products from Apple’s iPhone OS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple has said it will not allow Flash to run on its iPhone OS products and forbids developers from creating iPhone applications using Adobe’s cross-platform development tools. “Different pieces of technology kind of go in cycles,” Jobs said. “Flash looks like a technology that had its day, but is waning, and HTML 5 looks like the technology that’s really on the ascendancy right now.”

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Explaindio Video Creator: Free Download For Windows 10

Our Review Pros Create animated clips for your website Explore rich content and download royalty-free images Fun and engaging Cons No free or free-to-try version available A bit tricky to learn

With the help of this 2D animation software tool, you can create engaging animated clips to attract more customers to your website. You can work with multiple animations at the same time, control every aspect of the timeline, import various 3D elements, as well as adjust keyframe animation settings. There are many built-in transitions to choose from, along with various video export options.

Before getting our verdict for Explaindio, let’s take a look at system requirements, editions, the installation process, interface, and features.

Explaindio system requirements

The video creator lists modest computer specs. Here’s what you need:

CPU: 3 GHz or better multi-core processor

RAM: at least 4 Gb memory

HDD: 1 Gb or more free disk space

Display: 1280 x 720 or higher resolution

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (either 32-bit or 64-bit)

Explaindio free trial

Unfortunately, the video creator software tool isn’t free to use, and there’s no way to evaluate its options and configuration settings for free. Therefore, you have to buy Explaindio to be able to use it.

There are monthly and yearly subscription plans available, but you can also make a one-time payment if you don’t want to worry about recurring costs. One license covers up to 5 PCs and includes free updates.

For additional PCs, you have to contact the developer about getting an enterprise license. The best thing about it is that, no matter what you choose, you will also receive a 14-days money-back guarantee. As such, you can ask for a refund within the first couple of weeks if Explaindio turns out to be not that convincing.

How to install Explaindio

Setting up Explaindio on your Windows computer takes minimal time and effort. You can pick the installer language, accept the license agreement, change the destination folder, and create a desktop icon. The remaining setup operation is over in just a few seconds. Afterward, you can launch Explaindio to reach the main app window right away.

When it comes to the graphical interface, the program adopts a professional look while keeping its options in a neatly organized layout. The main window reveals the video timeline, a menu with project options and program settings on top, along with customization preferences for the text, image, video, animation, and timeline.

Explaindio – cool video creator software

All aspects considered, Explaindio turns out to be an entertaining video creator software solution for your Windows PC. It’s a bit tricky at first but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to design fun clips with doodles and colorful animations in no time.

The software application doesn’t put a strain on the computer’s performance and responds to commands without delays. It’s a great addition to the toolkit of any user interested in making their online products or services more attractive by creating video presentations.

Of course, Explaindio can also be used for personal purposes, like putting together cute video animations with your family and friends.

FAQ: Learn more about Explaindio

Is there an Explaindio free trial?

No, unfortunately, it’s impossible to test Explaindio’s options and configuration settings for free. So you have to buy a license if you want to use it. But you can get your money back after 14 days if you later change your mind about it.

How do I download Explaindio video creator?

You have to first buy the Explaindio video creator and then you can download it by following the instructions received in your email.

What is the best whiteboard animation software?

Explaindio is our top choice when it comes to the best whiteboard animation software for Windows PC, thanks to its clear-cut interface and features. However, if you want to check out other similar products, we suggest going with Renderforest, VideoScribe, or Doodly.

Creating And Visualizing Reports Automatically

Introduction to Kibana Reporting

You can generate a report proper format including the Kibana dashboard, data visualization, and other tools which make your report more meaningful about data. We can also save our project based on the image and pdf format which depends upon the requirements of yours like either in PNG, PDF. Kibana reporting we can generate not only automatically but also manually. In this blog, we will do both generations manually and automatically. Apart from this, we can also generate a report with the help of a script and Watcher. Kibana reporting makes our analytics more powerful by seeing all data in a single place.

Kibana Reporting Tool

To find where is Kibana reporting tool available, we have to follow the below steps:

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1.  Open the Kibana and it will take to your first page of the Kibana.

4. Now, we have to look Kibana reporting option in that as shown below in the screenshot.

Features of Kibana Reporting

Below there is a customize feature display option, which provides all details of different kinds of tools charts, visualization, etc. that we can use in reporting.

1. Reporting Permission

To generate a report in Kibana, you must have a granted privilege to create a report which we called resporting_user, and also you have the privilege to access the index data which you want to create report else data will not display.

2. Creating a Manual Report

We can also create a report manually. To create a report manual we have to follow the following steps:

Index your data and access that index in the Kibana main dashboard.

We can choose the option according to our requirements:

If we want to make a report of visualization and charts, so we can choose either Pdf or image option.

we can also convert the whole canvas into pdf.

We can also opt for the option of CSV.

Now we can save that file anywhere in our local system.

3. Size of the Report

The size of the report in which we generate either pdf or image form that depends upon through which we generating. If we are using canvas, then it has to determine the size before creating the report depends upon the requirements. But, if you are using any other app then might be it depends upon the size of that app like if we want to reduce the report size we can just decrease the size of the browser.

4. Automatic Report Creation

We can also create a report using POST through HTTP (with the help of the script). We can do for both PDF or CSV.

Steps to create POST link for PDF:

Go to the visualization of the Kibana and choose the time filter option. For an absolute time we have to use the time filter option.

Now the Kibana toolbar will show the share option as shown (Fig. no. 5) above. We have to choose a PDF option and create a PDF link.

Now copy the link showing in the below screenshot.

Fig. no. 6: PDF URL link

5. Steps to Create POST Link for CSV

We have to load the data from the search option and for the absolute time, we can use the time filter option. The Discover option is available in the left toolbar at the top.

Now the Kibana toolbar will show the share option as shown (Fig. no. 5) above. We have to choose the CSV option and create a CSV link.

Now copy the link showing in the below screenshot.

6. Using a Script

We can also generate an automatic link for PDF and CSV through the script. This script requests a POST link and will get the result in the form of JSON and also contain a link to download the report. To get the report through a link we have to give GET request in the script itself.



Here kbn-version is telling what version we are using currently. And -u elastic will check grant permission of the user to create a report. XPOST is basically for the POST.

Final report result:

After we have done all activities of reporting then our report will look like this. I just uploaded the saved projects. You can see a lot of saved projects which option is shown in fig. no. 3 left side.


The Kibana reporting option is very awesome to visualize all things in a single place to decision making. It has a lot of features that you explore while going through the above mention methods. Kibana has also another option to create reports automatically using Watcher. For that, we have to link the Watcher certificate to the Kibana, so that it can access Watcher.

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This is a guide to Kibana Reporting. Here we discuss the Introduction to Kibana Reporting and its tools along with different features with example. You can also go through our other suggested articles to learn more –

2030 Metaverse Jobs: The Jobs Market Within The Metaverse

Metaverse architect: These professionals will design and plan the layout and functionality of the metaverse, taking into account factors such as user experience, scalability, and security.

Metaverse developer: Similar to software developers, these individuals will create and maintain the underlying code and systems that power the metaverse.

Metaverse designer: These professionals will be responsible for creating the look and feel of the metaverse, including everything from the appearance of virtual spaces to the avatars that users will use to represent themselves.

Metaverse content creator: This could include a wide range of roles, such as 3D modelers, animators, and writers, who will create the various forms of media and experiences that will be available within the metaverse.

Metaverse community manager: These individuals will be responsible for managing and moderating online communities within the metaverse, ensuring that they are welcoming and safe for all users.

Metaverse customer support: As with any online platform, there will be a need for customer support personnel to help users with issues and answer their questions.

Metaverse entrepreneurs: The metaverse will provide a new platform for entrepreneurs to start businesses and offer services. These could include everything from virtual clothing stores to virtual event spaces.

But there’ll also be a great array of traditional roles that will migrate to the metaverse opening up incredible opportunities without the restraint of the physical world. Imagine a virtual reality-based ecosystem that includes job roles such as:

Metaverse therapist: As the metaverse becomes more realistic and immersive, it is possible that it could be used as a tool for therapy and rehabilitation. VR therapists would work with clients in virtual environments to help them overcome various mental and physical challenges that they’re dealing with in the real world.

Metaverse event planner: The metaverse could provide a new platform for hosting events, such as concerts, conferences, or trade shows. metaverse event planners would be responsible for organizing and coordinating these events, including booking venues, arranging logistics, and promoting the event.

Metaverse personal trainer: It may be possible for people to work with metaverse personal trainers to get in shape, either by participating in metaverse workouts or by using it to visualize and practice proper form for various exercises.

Metaverse language tutor: The metaverse could provide a new platform for language education, allowing people to immerse themselves in virtual environments where they can practice their language skills with native speakers. These language tutors would be responsible for designing and leading these language learning experiences as you might expect a traditional teacher to do so.

Metaverse interior designer: People may be able to use metaverse to design and visualize the interior of their homes or offices, and metaverse interior designers could help them to do so. These professionals would be responsible for creating 3D models of the spaces and assisting with the selection of furniture and other elements. These same individuals could help design interiors for buildings within the metaverse itself working with graphic and 3D designers.

Key Takeaways

We’re some distance from metaverse jobs replacing traditional jobs, and the physical world isn’t going anywhere, but it’s exciting to think about what roles might exist related to the metaverse by 2030. That’s only 7 years away. Add 5 more years to that and we’re at the same point in time that “I, Robot” was set… let that sink in.

More and more roles will begin to appear related to the creation of the metaverse. These will appear first before traditional roles within the metaverse grow in popularity.

This will all happen faster than we can anticipate, with mass adoption happening faster than traditional uptake of new technologies.

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Top 10 Trending Features Of Linkedin And Naukri For Effective Usage

We live in an era where connecting with global talent could not have been easier. Companies can hire talent from across the globe at minimal cost, and individuals can search for and apply for jobs of their interest from across the globe at almost no cost. Hiring today happens with applications like LinkedIn, Naukri, chúng tôi Hirst, Flex C, Facebook, Blue Learning, chúng tôi and a thousand other websites and applications. This is also known as “hiring through social media.” In this article, we will be understanding some of the tactics so that the candidates can have a better ranking in these job portals, get the job of their choice, and easily outrun the competition.

Understanding the Job Portals and Their Purpose LinkedIn Application

LinkedIn is not just another recruitment portal. LinkedIn provides users with a platform through which they can connect with like-minded industry individuals, stay current on business and economic trends, search for jobs, post job requirements, understand the candidate better than their work profile, follow companies, do trending and knowledgeable courses, and even create their own communities. LinkedIn is free for users, and most of the features are at their disposal. Individuals can unlock the premium features with subscriptions as well. LinkedIn is a community of 750 million members.

Naukri Application

The core of Naukri is to provide candidates and recruiters with a platform on which they can connect and discuss job openings. It solely revolves around recruitment and selection. Naukri is also free for users. However, to unlock the premium features, one can get a premium account. Companies register themselves as recruiters, which has a fee, and post jobs or search for candidates as per requirement, and the candidates or job applicants can browse through different openings and apply for jobs of their interest.

Top 10 Features of Naukri and LinkedIn for Job Applicants

Use keywords in your resume and Naukri and LinkedIn profile − The relevant keywords on your profiles and resume will set you apart from the 60+ million Naukri users and the 750+ million LinkedIn users. Recruiters today are using the ATS (Application Tracking System). This helps recruiters find the best candidate according to the keyword in their job description. Use keywords related to the job that you have or want to have. For example, a software developer should always include the various technologies that he has worked on or has extensive knowledge of in his resume. The repetition will ensure a better ranking. It is applicable to both LinkedIn and Naukri.

Use the spotlight feature of LinkedIn − LinkedIn has come up with the #opentowork and #hiring tags. This helps the recruiter identify the candidates who are really interested in a job change. By simply updating the “open to work” tag on his LinkedIn profile, a user can rank among the top in the spotlight.

Update your salary expectation and notice period on the Naukri portal − This might seem trivial, but it is very important for recruiters. Recruiters use this information to determine whether or not to pursue the candidate further. This will ensure that you get emails only from companies that are ready to meet your salary expectations and are okay with your notice periods. It saves time. Sadly, both filters are unavailable for recruiters or users on LinkedIn.

Always keep your profile updated − It is mandatory for both LinkedIn and Naukri to keep your profiles updated. The recruiter gets a synopsis of you and your work experience from your profile. Believe me, no one has the time to connect with you personally to get these details. An average recruiter will move ahead to other applicants in the case of incomplete, improper, or incorrect information on the site.

Create an Eye-catching Resume − Prepare an eye-catching, colorful, easy-to-decipher, and brief resume while applying for jobs. Also, ensure to upload the resumes on the job portals so interested recruiters can have a look. An average recruiter comes across a minimum of 50 resumes in a day. It is very important for you to create one that is different from the rest.

Earn skill badges on LinkedIn and update all your skills on your Naukri profile − On LinkedIn, you can earn skill badges by taking tests on the skills you’ve mentioned. It comes in really handy for your hard skills like Excel, Microsoft, PowerPoint, Java, Python, Testing, DevOps, Sysops, and others. This creates a positive and strong image of yours in front of the recruiter and makes you a stronger and more reliable candidate. Also, keep all of your skills up to date on your Naukri profile because whenever you apply for a job, a brief summary of your qualifications is displayed to the recruiter, making it easier for the recruiter to shortlist your profile among the 100s.

Get endorsements on LinkedIn − You can ask your colleagues and friends to give you endorsements on LinkedIn. This means that they confirm your knowledge of this particular skill set and help in building a positive image of yourself.

Upload your photo on your job profile and resume − Though it is not a mandate, it is highly recommended to upload a decent photo of yourself in formal or semi-formal attire on the different job portals and your resume. The picture will help you in creating an impression and also build trust.

Verify all your documents − When you are creating your Naukri and LinkedIn profiles, they will ask you to upload all your documents, like an Adhar card, a PAN card, educational details, and others. Please upload all these documents to get a better star rating on Naukri and a legit account on LinkedIn. Star ratings are very useful when you apply for jobs.

The above-mentioned top 10 pointers are the hygiene parameters to ensure that you are ranking at the top of both LinkedIn and Naukri portals. We live in an era of presentation and aesthetics. You may have all of the necessary skills, but if you do not consider these parameters, it will be very difficult for you to get a job of your choice and a higher ATS ranking. Another tip is to apply only for relevant job posts. You may apply to 50 job posts in a day but it will be of no use if it is not relevant. Give a quick glance at the Job description and then only apply for a job. It is time we put our best foot forward.

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