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Lost Ark Destroyer guide for beginners

Here is a beginner’s guide to the Lost Ark Destroyer’s end game

Lost Ark’s second post-launch class has arrived with the destroyer ready to smash things super hard. With the launch of the new class, people are jumping in and want to know the ideal skills that players will be used towards the end game. This Lost Ark Destroyer takes a look at what Destroyer players in Korea and Russia typically use so you can jump into the action with ease.

Lost Ark Destroyer Guide

The core of this guide is running with the recent information that you can find on Lost Ark Destroyer builds over in Korea. The typical playstyle uses the Rage Hammer class engraving, which enhances your crit rate and damage based on your cores used while casting gravity release skills (purple skills).To get these Gravity Cores, you need to use blue skills. So, the Destroyer will use a mixture of blue and purple skills to help generate cores and whack your targets. This is the core playstyle as the builder spender of the end game Destroyer.

Lost Ark Destroyer Skills

Image via Amazon Games Studio / Smilegate

As for the Destroyer skills, there are only typically nine skills that highly honed players use. There is a core of six skills, which players will use in both raids, chaos dungeons, and abyss dungeons. The two skills that you can rotate out are Dreadnought and Gravity Impact. Dreadnought is more raid friendly, as it has some setup time you can use for big bonks. Meanwhile, Gravity Impact is a big AOE that hits multiple times and relocates enemies left alive at the end of it into a ball for more smacking. You also swap Full Swing for Running Crash. Below you will find tables for each of the Destroyer builds for Chaos Dungeons and your Abyssal and Guardian Raid combat encounters.

It is also worth mentioning that the Destroyer prefers the Big Bang awakening skill. It gathers gravitational energy, and then blasts enemies in a 3.2 meter radius to unleash the big dam. You receive 50% damage immunity while the awakening skill is casting and gaining immunity to push backs, pushes and move speed reductions. It also allows you to move while gathering gravitational energy and ignoring unit collision. You can then increase the damage and the radius of the effect based on the amount of energy gathered. This is the go-to awakening for all PvE content and is even useful when paired with gravitation CC effects in PvP.

Another general rule of thumb is that you want to use your Galewind runes on skills with casting speeds. You charge attacks like Seismic Hammer and full swing are prime examples of this. You can also equip Overwhlem’s stagger damage on skills like Dreadnaught and Jumping Smash, which are mid-high stagger skills.

Destroyer Chaos Dungeon Skills

SkillDescriptionTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3Earth ShatterSmash the ground behind you and then throw three rocks. You then swing your hammer again at the chúng tôi Shards – increase rock damage by 50%.Perspiration – AOE radius increaseRock Storm – Change to holding mode. Removes the final strike but allows you to move while holding and increases movement speed.Endure PainInflict damage 6 meters around you. Gain a buff that makes you immune to Pushes and reduces Incoming Damage by 40% for 5 seconds. Gain 3 chúng tôi hit – 25% radius increase.Taunt – Taunt non-player foes for 3 seconds.Hidden pain – reduces incoming damage by 90% instead of 40%Gravity ImpactYour hammer hits the ground and creates a gravitational pull effect which attacks foes 8 times, which then explodes. Generate 2 gravity cores.Charge Enhancement – Reduces the cooldown by 0.5 for every enemy hit by the first attack. Capped at eight targets.Tough Mind – Reduces all incoming damage by 10% for every enemy hit by the first attack. Capped at 6 enemiesWill Enhancement – Increases the gravity pull effect.Heavy Crush Raise your hammer and smash it to the ground – generates 1 core.Quick Hit – reduces charge chúng tôi of the jungle – Increased damage to lesser and normal foes.Aftershock – Causes earthquake that deals periodic damage for 5 seconds.Jumping SmashLeap 10 meters and inflict damage. Generate 2 Gravity chúng tôi Flume – Increase crit rate by 15% and make it dark damage. Armor Destruction – Reduces foe’s defence by 12% for 14 seconds.Smash -Leap 5 meters towards the target area and boost damage by 100%Perfect SwingCharged attack that allows you to move forward. Partial charge moves 3 meters while full charge moves 4 meters. The length of the charge affects chúng tôi point DetectionAbsolute StrengthHour of Slaughter – removes charges and casts immediately and generates a wave that does 30% of the max charge damage.Running CrashSprint forward and alter gravity around you. It then explodes upon cancel or max hold and launches enemies into the air.Agile Movement – Attack speed increases by 10%Elaborate Pain – Stun foes caught in the gravitational explosion for 3 seconds.Seismic HammerJump on the spot and smash the ground, creating an 11-meter long wall that deals massive damage.Quick PrepLaw of the jungle – 100% damage increase to lesser and normal foes.Starving Strength – Increases wall damage and creates the wall at 7 meters.

Destroyer Raid Skills

SkillDescriptionTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3DreadnaughtSlam the ground and send a wave of energy. You then jump in the air and slam your hammer down again. Generate 2 cores.Tenacity – Grants push immunity.Toughened Belly – Reduces incoming damage by 30% while using the skill.Violent Hammer- Gain another attack in the air and increase outgoing damage by 60%Earth EaterSmash the ground behind you and throw three rocks. You then swing your hammer again at the target.Enhanced Strike – Direct damage increased from the hammer.Tenacity – Push immunityEarthern Rage – Changes to charge mode. Increases all the different parts of the skills damage window significantly.Endure PainInflict damage 6 meters around you. Gain a buff that makes you immune to Pushes and reduces Incoming Damage by 40% for 5 seconds. Gain 3 chúng tôi hit – 25% radius increase.Taunt – Taunt non-player foes for 3 seconds.Hidden pain – reduces incoming damage by 90% instead of 40%Full SwingSlam your hammer behind you and then spin 3 times.Agile Movement – attack speed increased by 10%.Scary Hammer – 10% damage increase per swing.Beast’s Eye – Charge Duration reduced by 50%  and gain 1 charge level. Overcharge allows you to spin 7 times and inflict 125% more damage. Scales with Cary Hammer.Heavy Crush Raise your hammer and smash it to the ground – Generates 1 core.Quick Hit – reduces charge time.Jumping SmashLeap 10 meters and inflict damage. Generate 2 Gravity Cores.Superior Charge – + 2 metersArmor Destruction – Reduces foe’s defence by 12% for 14 seconds.Smash – Leap 5 meters towards the target area and boost damage by 100%Perfect SwingCharged attack that allows you to move forward. Partial charge moves 3 meters while full charge moves 4 meters. The length of the charge affects chúng tôi point DetectionAbsolute StrengthIntemperance – Reduces charge duration and gains an extra charge level. Overcharge damage increased to 125%.Seismic HammerJump on the spot and smash the ground, creating an 11-meter long wall that deals massive damage.Quick PrepAbsolute Strength – While possessing 3 cores, increase damage to push immune foes by 40%Starving Strength – Increases wall damage and creates the wall at 7 meters.

Destroyer Engravings

As discussed earlier, the core class engraving you want to focus on is Rage Hammer. This is the core class engraving that benefits your builder spender playstyle. The other key engravings you want to look at are Master Brawler and Keen Blunt Weapon. Master Brawler is good since most attacks from the Destroyer hare head attacks, such as your skills that make you jump into the air and slam the hammer down. Keen Blunt Hammer is also a great engraving since you naturally have higher crit rates, thanks to the Rage Hammer bonuses.

Grudge and Cursed Doll are also good engravings, which are less threatening at max rank. Grudge’s incoming damage is not as threatening as the Destroyer has access to several damage reduction buffs, such as Endure Pain, Big Bang, Gravity Impact and Dreadnaught, depending on the build you are running per the content you are in.

This concludes the basics that you need to know in this Lost Ark Destroyer guide. For more information, feel free to check out our Lost Ark hub for more content!

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Lost Ark Artillerist Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

Lost Ark Artillerist Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

Need a Lost Ark Artillerist Guide? We cover the basics of what you need to know here.

Do you fancy blowing up your foes in Lost Ark? Perhaps melting enemies way with a flamethrower? Well, the Lost Ark Artillerist is for you. The class is one of the Gunner classes, carrying with it big guns full of explosives, fire, and giant ironclad armor that makes him one of the toughest classes in the game. Moreso, you can transform into a giant turret, enhancing your damage massively, firing giant laser beams and even bigger bombs at your opponent. Below you will find our Lost Ark Artillerist guide, taking you through all the basics of this Lost Ark class.

Lost Ark Artillerist Guide

If this sounds fun for you, we are here to give you a beginner’s look via this Lost Ark Artillerist guide. Here you can expect a look at the most common Lost Ark Artillerist build at the end game, so you can get an idea of how this class functions at the end game. Meanwhile, you can get an overview of the most used Artillerist skills, engravings and more. By doing, so you’ll find out if the Lost Ark Artillerist is the right class for you.

Lost Ark Artillerist Build

I hope you like flamethrowers, as this Lost Ark Artillerist guide uses one. Image via Smilegate.

Okay, so there is only one typical Lost Ark Artillerist Build at the end game. The typical Artillerist build features a class engraving called the Firepower Enhancement, which boosts your identity skill’s damage and reduces your damage taken. No matter what level of the Firepower Enhancement engraving you have, you will always receive 20% less damage while your identity is active.

Meanwhile, your damage in the form changes depending on several factors. The first is how strong your firepower buff is, while the second factor is the Firepower Enhancement engraving level. The general idea is that you want to upgrade this Firepower Engraving as often as possible so you can really make your identity skill shine.

This means you will have a naturally strong class in its identity skill window, and lower in its regular human form. It means you can consider this Lost Ark Artillerist build rather bursty; however, its base form still does solid, sustained DPS. The Artillerist is not on the extremes of Soulfist that is for sure. If you like high damage windows, along with a cool aesthetic, this is the class for you.

Lost Ark Artillerist Identity Skill

You’ll have seen this Lost Ark Artillerist guide mention the Artillerist identity skill. So, what is it? The answer to that is a giant turret thing. When you are satisfied with the Firepower buff you have built, you can use your identity skill and get inside a stationary turret. This turret acts as another form, granting you some new skills as long as you remain in the turret.

You can expect some massive lazer to fire, even bigger missiles and more. You want to press these skills as often as possible and really dish out as much damage as you can.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skills and Tripods

Artillerists use a giant gun to fire their skills. Image via Smilegate.

As for the typical skills you will use in this Lost Ark Artillerist build, you want the best damage skills, combined with decent resource generation and damage buffs via stagger increase and armor reduction. If you want to, you can opt-in for the defensive party buff in summon turret, which is great, regardless of whether you are running PvP, group PvE, or solo PvE. However, it does mean sacrificing some damage bonuses. Below you will find a table featuring the core skills you will use and the tripods. Please note the translations may be slightly off come live. Feel free to modify some of these at your leisure, as they are only suggestions based on the Korean server who are on different content to the current Western end game.

SkillWhat it doesTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3Napalm ShotFire a shell at the location, which launches foes into the air. The shell leaves behind a patch of fire, which deals damage every second for 5 seconds.Focus Me – stagger damage buff for four seconds.Vital – Crit rate increaseChain – repeats the attack twice and adds extra fire effects.Multiple RocketsFires 5 missiles =, with each missile dealing significant damage. However, the rockets pathing are random.Flame – adds fire damage to the rockets.Quick – Increase the rocket firing speed and increase damage.Access Denies – Fire twice as many rockets and increases damage.FlamethrowerFire a flamethrower in a direction which you can do while moving. Deals damage over four seconds.Quick Prep – cooldown reductionShield – Grants a shield while using this chúng tôi – Increases the duration of the skill and increases chúng tôi RaidFire large bullets into the sky that drop and deal damage and launch foes hit into the air.Quick- Attack speed increase.Lightning – 30% crit rate increase on the chúng tôi Big One – Fire a single shell, increasing damage and explosion area.TurretSummon a turret with a machine gun for ten seconds.Armor – Reduce foes defence by 12% for six seconds.Enhanced – increases turret damage.Laser – Turret becomes a laser and gets a damage increase.BarrageQuick cannonball attack.Firepower meter recovery increase by 100%Enhanced – Damage increase. Homing BarrageSend out a beacon that attracts a missile several seconds later that launches foes into the air and deals big AOE damage.Guiding – reduces missile travel time by one chúng tôi Point – Damage to push immune foes increased.Power Bomb – Drop a bomb aswell that deals bonus damage. Also leaves behind a hazard zone that deals damage for eery second an enemy stands inside it.Energy FieldCreate a 40% health shield for four chúng tôi – No mana cost.Energy – increase shield duration by four seconds – now eight seconds.Solid – Become push immune while the shield is active.

Lost Ark Artillerist Awakening Skills

We are moving on to the Awakening skills. Every class in Lost Ark has two unique Awakening skills, which have very long cooldowns and require a reagent to use. The Artillerist is no different. The typical Lost Ark Artillerist build will use the Missile Barrage Awakening skill, as it has high stagger and sends 20 rockets at the target area. Each missile also does a lot of damage.

Thanks to your stagger scaling, this is the best one for this Lost Ark Artillerist guide. The Stagger tripod you use on Napalm shot makes this skill much better. However, if you do not use that stagger tripod, then you can use the second one. The second Awakening skill is the Heavy Turret, which spawns a turret for 20 seconds, which has self-guided lazer beams and missiles. It’d like spawning your identity skill, albeit without the extra firepower buffs.

For those curious Stagger is a mechanic you will see on bosses a lot. As you hit a boss, you will lower their CC health bar. When it goes low, they come prone to CC before it fills back up. High Stagger classes are important for creating breathing spaces in the end game, which is why the Artilllerist is such bunker-busting fun.

Lost Ark Artillerist Engravings

Like almost every other class in the game, you want as many damage engravings as possible. These engravings include Cursed Doll, Grudge, Adrenaline. These skills offer you more damage, albeit you get a debuff that increases your damage taken and lowers your healing effects. However, thanks to your damage reduction buff from your Firepower Enhancement class engravings and your 8-second long shield, that is not so much of a hassle.

In addition, you can also go Barricade engraving, which increases your damage while you’re shielded. Since you have an eight-second-long shield, you can start your rotation with that skill and pump your damage out for added effect. You can even use Hit Master – an engraving that grants bonus damage to skills that are not front or back attacks. The Artillerist has plenty of these thanks to the many airstrikes and ground effects the typical Lost Ark Artillerist build uses.

You can learn more about Lost Ark Engravings here if you’re interested.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skill runes and gems

The Artillerist is one of the best stagger classes in the game. Therefore, any skill rune you can find with stagger needs to go to a skill with high stagger. This is so you can deal more damage when they are staggered, which synergizes well with the stagger tripod you take on Napalm. Moreso, remember to get resource generation skills on your barrage cannon shot since you are already increasing your resource generation thanks to a tripod. Also, we recommend grabbing extra crit rate, especially on skills like Air Raid, which has a bonus crit strike chance anyway. This isn’t necessary when you have enough crit from your actual build and gear.

The other recommendation for this Lost Ark Artillerist build is the shield gems. You can add this to your other non-shield gems and increase your survivability. It’s also useful if you take the shield engraving so you can keep up that shield x damage increase engraving synergy.

This concludes the very basics of the Artillerist. If you enjoyed this Lost Ark Artillerist guide, why not check out other builds over in our Lost Ark hub?

Lost Ark Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide: Tactics And Mechanics

Lost Ark Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide: Tactics and Mechanics

Need some pointers for Lost Ark’s Nacrasena Guardian Raid? We have the mechanics and tips covered here.

If you have completed Lost Ark’s first Level 2 Guardian Raid Chromanium, it is now time to take on Guardian #6, Nacrasena. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s Nacrasena, featuring his abilities and tips on how to defeat him.

Guardian Raids can be attempted solo or with up to 3 other players, the battle is scaled for the number of players in the party. Everyone in your party will need to be item level 500+ to take on Nacrasena. If you need more players, you can use the find party or matchmaking features to group up.

Lost Ark Nacrasena Guardian Raid Mechanics and Tactics

Firstly, we’ve included a few general tips to help with the Lost Ark Nacrasena battle.

Take out the tail – When Nacrasena’s stinger begins to crackle with energy, you will know he is now empowered and has access to his full arsenal as explained below. At this point, you will want to knock Nacrasena to the ground and use destruction bombs and abilities to destroy his stinger. This will limit his kit and make the fight much easier.

Flares – Great for all of the Guardian Raids. Use one of these to instantly locate Nacrasena.

Whirlwind grenades – Great for breaking your party members free from Nacrasena’s Tail Sting ability.

Nacrasena is weak to earth damage. If you can tripod skills into earth damage then this helps greatly.

Common Nacresena mechanics

Burrow – The animation for this ability is similar to when another Guardian might change phase or move around the map. Don’t be fooled though! A dust cloud will appear above the hole Nacrasena burrowed into and will begin following a player. He will then leap from the ground and slam down onto the target. To dodge this one, you will want to run in a straight line whilst the cloud is following you, then quickly dodge to the side when he emerges.

Double Slash – Nacrasena slams his claws against the ground one after the other. Then he slashes twice in front of him. Quickly move to his side to avoid being hit.

Slash Turn – Nacrasena raises one claw up and inward, he then slashes outward and turns in that direction. You can tell which way he is going to turn by which claw he raises, get in front of or behind him to avoid this one.

Charge – Nacrasena flails his claws in the air before attacking three times and rolling in a straight line. Sometimes, he will glow blue whilst channelling this attack, hit him with a counter-attack ability during this time to stun him.

Claw Pound – This attack has a very similar starting animation to Double Slash. If Nacrasena did not slam his claws before raising them up for an attack it will be Claw Pound instead. This time Nacrasena will dash forward before pounding both claws into the ground, one after the other.

Cone Spray – Nacrasena rears back, sucking sand into his mouth. He then sprays the sand in a cone ahead of him, followed by another to the right in quick succession. Your mana will be drained if this attack hits. You should look to get behind him or move away when he begins to rear back, although it can be a tricky one to dodge.

Body Slam – Nacrasena raises both claws, crossing them above his head. He then leaps into the air and slams back down on the spot. This one is quite telegraphed so make sure to move away when you see it coming.

Tail Swing – Nacrasena slams his tail onto the ground behind him before swinging it in a wide arc towards his side. If you are behind him when this happens, try to move back as far as you can, the arc is wide but the range is not massive.

Water Blasts – Nacrasena will wave his stinger in the air before burying it in the sand. Small blue circles will begin to appear around him, indicating where the blasts of water will come from. These can be pretty tough to dodge and will knock you into the air if they hit. Try to stay mobile during this one.

Tail Zap (Charged) – This ability has a very fast animation and can be a tricky one to deal with. If you can catch the short animation, where he raises his claws and bring his front legs up, you know he’s about to fire a line of electric energy from his stinger. Keep moving around him in a circle to dodge this one, as he usually fires twice.

Tail Sting (Charged) – If you get electrocuted during the fight, Nacrasena will sting you. This does a lot of damage and can kill players with less HP. He will also hold the stung player above his head for a short time before slamming them into the ground and tossing them away. You can force Nacrasena to drop friends by hitting him with stagger abilities and whirlwind grenades.

Lightning Strikes (Charged) – Nacrasena hunkers down with his claws covering his face and his stinger raised in the air, a blue shield will appear around him. Large blue circles then begin to appear on the ground following a player. Lighting will then strike the indicated area damaging and electrocuting anyone hit. Avoid the player this attack is following, or keep moving if you are the one being attacked.

This concludes the Lost Ark Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide. We hope you found it useful! If you did, why not check out our Lost Ark hub?

Lost Ark Forge Of The Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon Guide

Lost Ark Forge of the Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon Guide

Do you keep wiping in Lost Ark’s Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon? This guide will tell you all the mechanics, tips and tactics you need to know.

Lost Ark’s Forge of Fallen Pride is both Lost Ark’s second tier 2 end game Abyss Dungeon available and the second available in the Ark of Arrogance Abyss Dungeons tab. This guide will cover all of the tips and tricks you need to make sure you succeed.

To enter, you will need to have a party of four players who are all item level 840+ and have completed all of the previous Abyss Dungeons, including Forge of Fallen Pride’s predecessor, the Road of Lament. You can use matchmaking or find party features to group up and tackle these dungeons.

Lost Ark Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon Mechanics and Tactics

The thing you need to need to be aware of in the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon is the deceptive difficulty. The first boss starts off fairly nice and simple, but the final boss has a fair few wipe mechanics you need to watch out for. Below you’ll find the tactics and tips to take on both bosses in the Forge of the Fallen Pride.

Amaus tactics, tips and mechanics

Amaus is a fairly straightforward boss, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind during your battle with him.

Amaus will target gradually more and more players with a large red AOE circle throughout the fight. This attack does not harm you, instead, it hurts your party. If you see the red circle around you, try to stick to the corners of the arena and out of your teammate’s way.

Amaus has company. He will periodically summon a pair of Drakes to assist him in the battle. Although they only seem like an annoyance, their damage can ramp up over time. You will want to take them out quickly so you can refocus your damage on the boss.

Kaishur tactics, tips and mechanics

The second boss is slightly more troublesome. There are two major wipe mechanics. Pay attention to these mechanics at all costs.

1st Wipe Ability -This is an ability with 2 parts.

During the fight, Kaishur will glow with a red or white coloured force field around him. The colour of the force field indicates which colour spectre you need to kill in part 2. After levitating and glowing for a short time, Kaishur will slam into the ground and deal massive damage in a medium-sized AOE. Try to keep your distance during this time, but make note of the force field’s colour.

Kaishur summons two different coloured spectral versions of himself. Kill the spectre that is the same colour as his force field from earlier. Upon dying the spectre will create a circle of light on the ground. Stand in the circle and you will be safe from harm.

2nd Wipe Ability – At around 7 HP bars remaining, you are going to want to save your stagger abilities and whirlwind grenades. Soon Kaishur will begin to charge an attack that, if not interrupted, will wipe your party. You can tell when he is charging the attack as an orange health bar will appear underneath him, this is when you hit him with everything. After this, he is staggered and should be an easy kill.

Other than that, there are a few other annoying skills the boss odes. However, there they are nothing you haven’t already dealt with thanks to GA, World Bosses and other content you’ve come across.

We hope you found this Lost Ark Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon Guide helpful! If you did, why not check out other similar content from our Lost Ark Hub?

Filezilla Guide For Beginners – Webnots

When you use any of the self-hosted platforms like chúng tôi it is necessary to know how to work with FTP applications. FileZilla is one of the easy to use File Transfer Protocol applications widely used by webmasters. You can use FileZilla to download files from your hosting server, upload new files and edit existing files remotely. If you are looking for learning how to use FTP, here is a FileZilla guide for beginner level users on how to setup FileZilla application and do file transfer.

Downloading FileZilla App

Download FileZilla

Earlier, you have to download the application from chúng tôi website. However, this is not required any amore and you can directly download the app from FileZilla site. You have three options available for downloading – standard FileZilla, with manual and pro.

FileZilla Versions

The manual version offers a PDF manual along with the app download which will cost you $4.99. The basic app is the same for all three versions except with pro version you can use cloud services. You can download the free app from their site or get the pro app from App Store.

FileZilla Pro App

Connecting to Server

Site Manager Option in FileZilla

Add your FTP account details which you must have created with your hosting company. If you don’t know how to create FTP account, read our article on how to connect Bluehost FTP account with FileZilla.

FileZilla Screen Overview

Once you connected to hosting server the screen will look something like below with various sections. Don’t get panic by looking various sections, it will take few minutes for you to understand the screen overview of FileZilla.

Copy Current Connection Settings to Site Manager

Message Log – Here you can view the connection status, command and response when you open each directory of your site on the server side. The file transfer status will also be shown here.

Local Site – This section is divided into two hals and all the folders of a selected path on your local system will be shown here in the first half. When a folder is selected, all files and folders under the selected folder will be showing in the second half.

Remote Site – Like local site, this section contains two halves to show remote site’s folder and the content inside the selected folder showing below. Remote site is nothing but your live site hosted on the server.

Transfer Queues – Here you can view the status of the transfer when you download, upload or edit a file on the server.

If you feel the screen is congested, you can enable or disable each section of the screen from the “View” menu or resize the viewing area by dragging the horizontal and vertical section dividers.

View or Hide FileZilla Screen Sections

Note: FileZilla toolbar shown above the quickconnect bar has quick shortcut icons for site manager, toggle each sections, disconnect server and few other options. Filelist status bars show the number of files and directories under the selected folders of local and remote site sections.

Upload, Download, View and Edit Files

Drag and drop files between local and remote sites to download or upload the files from or to server.

File Transfer

Status of file upload and download can be seen both in message log and transfer queue sections.

Check File Transfer Status in FileZilla

Transfer queue has three sections – Queued files, Failed transfers and Successful transfers and each sections shows the corresponding file’s status.

File Permission Settings

View and Change File Permissions

In the pop-up menu, select the read, write or execute option for each category of owner, group and public. Based on the selection the numeric value will change which is the one you will be seeing under “Permissions” column as explained above.

Setting File Permissions in FileZilla

Viewing Hidden Files

Depending on the server settings sometimes hidden files are not shown in FileZilla and hence you will not be able to see files like .htaccess. Select “Force showing hidden files” option from “Server” menu to view and edit hidden files.

Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla

You will see a warning message like below when enabling this option. If you are not able to view normal directory structure properly then disable this option and try again.

Warning When Force Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla

Disconnecting from Server

After you have completed the transactions it is recommended to close your connection by choosing “Disconnect” option from “Server” menu.

Disconnect Server in FileZilla

Additional Options

Following are some of the general operations you can do with FileZilla:

FileZilla is ideal FTP program for connecting to hosting server remotely for uploading, downloading and modifying files. You can use this app when migrating the whole site content to another hosting company.


Very easy to configure and connect to server

Supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP clients

Drag and drop support

Directory comparison

Available in 47 languages

Open source and free

Tabbed and easy graphical user interface

Works on macOS X, Windows and Linux based computers


Missing on-screen explanation of error messages.

Beginners Guide To Meta Tags – Webnots

A webpage has different components assembled together. The content what you see on the browser helps readers to understand the purpose of the webpage. However, it is not sufficient for the search engine bots to understand the page. Here comes the help of metadata that tags to define the metadata of a webpage to instruct search engines. These meta tags are powerful and contribute their part to the success of your SEO campaign.

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Let’s have a look at some of the meta tags that are commonly used and emphasize what they are used for. That way you can check whether you are focusing on what counts in your SEO strategy. In addition, browsers also use some of the meta tag values to decide the way to display the content.

Defining Meta Tags

Technically, meta tags form a part of the HTML code found in the webpage headers. Also known as HTML elements, meta tags are text codes, which assist search engines to understand your site content better. They are highlights of the actual content found on your site page.

Their main aim is to describe what is in the HTML code, you may be the one applying these tags. And users will not see the meta tags on the frontend of the browsers. Though they can view the tags by viewing HTML source of your webpage.

Meta Tags in Page Source

Below is an example of how you can define some of the meta tags in the header section of the webpage.

Here is the content for your page.

As you can see the general syntax of using meta tag is as follows:

Meta tag – name – content

You should define the name value, in order to define the content value.

Summary of Meta Tags

There are many meta tags you can use on the page. However, below are some of the useful tags from search engines perspective.

Let us explain some of the most used meta tags.

1. Meta Description 2. Meta Robots Tag

This represents a code that informs the search engine if it should index a page or not. The tags are to be inputted in the head section of the page. There are four primary values a meta robot tag will provide for the search engine. They are index, noindex, follow, and nofollow.

The noindex tag will send out a signal to the search engine crawlers that a certain page on the website is not to be included in the search result. This serves to keep specific content on your website from being accessed from search results. However, this is not to be used for hiding confidential pages from search engines, instead you should setup appropriate authorizations and use chúng tôi directives.

3. Viewport Meta Tag

Also known as a responsive design meta tag, it is used to switch the web page layout to adapt to the device’s width. This is useful to responsively change the layout on mobile devices.

4. Social Meta Tags (Open Graph and Twitter Cards)

These tags control the display of your webpage on social media when someone shares the page. It describes the page content like the description, image, and title on social media. The open graph is useful for platforms like Pinterest, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn while Twitter cards are useful only on the Twitter platform. The social media tags are quite useful for boosting CTR through social media sites.

Avoid Misusing Meta Tags

Earlier days, meta keywords are most powerful to influence search engines. This led to a situation that Google discarded the use of meta keywords completely. It is also a black hat SEO practice to provide different meta description not related to the content of a page. Ensure to avoid misusing and provide the correct and relevant details in the metadata section.

There is also no need to use all these meta tags on a single page. Content management systems like WordPress offers different plugins to insert these meta tags easily on all page of your site.

Custom Meta Tags

You can also create custom meta tags and use for different purposes. For example, you can store the Google Analytics code like below and use in the JavaScript to load it on each page.


You will realize now that meta tags are of different kinds and we have some that are very vital and others that are not. However, they provide an easy way to insert metadata to have a great impact on search engines and social sites.

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