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It doesn’t take you long on Reddit to join the dots. Thousands of Luna Classic (LUNC) investors are holding on in the belief LUNC can one day hit a price of $1.

But while it may be an attractive ROI – a 670,000% increase on any buy today – the reality is that LUNC at $1 is a long way off. 

The issue is even clearer when comparing LUNC to a new token like EverGrow. EverGrow is actually on track to hit $1 before Luna Classic, and the token is only worth $0.00000009 today compared to LUNC priced at $0.00015.

How is this possible? Largely, it’s down to the different burn mechanisms.

Luna Classic burn plummets -89% in November

More than 18.5 billion Luna Classic (LUNC) tokens entered burn addresses in October. It was an impressive burn rate, which could have brought the LUNC price $1 within the next two decades. 

But in November? Just 2.1 billion LUNC has entered the burn addresses so far. It’s a -89% drop in the LUNC burn rate.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone following LUNC closely. In October, the Terra Classic community voted to cut the 1.2% burn tax down to 0.2% – with a further 10% of any burn funds set aside for ecosystem development (seigniorage). 

That’s why so few LUNC tokens are being burned – and why any investor pumped about token burning as a means to skyrocket crypto prices should be reading about EverGrow today.

EverGrow burn rate up 5,750%

EverGrow burned 22 billion EGC tokens in October. In November so far, EverGrow has burned more than 1.3 trillion tokens – a 5,750% increase in the burn rate.

If EverGrow continues to burn at this rapid rate it would be on track for a price range of $0.001 to $1 within the next seven years. At a current price of $0.00000009, you’re looking at a minimum ROI of 1,110,000%. 

You could flip $100 today into $1 million.

Can these figures really be trusted?

The price of a token depends on the market cap and the circulating supply of tokens. The issue of reducing the circulating supply of tokens is already covered with EverGrow, and the market cap is just $40 million. 

The effects of both a huge burn and rapid incoming investment could well give EverGrow the potential for ROI far beyond LUNC, and much faster. 

EverGrow burning $500 every hour

So where is the burn coming from?

EverGrow is a hyper-deflationary token. Every time you buy or sell EverGrow you pay a 14% tax. If there’s any catch – this is it.

But EverGrow more than makes up for the 14% tax. 

Firstly, an 8% cut of the tax is used to reward holders in Binance USD. More than $38 has been paid out to date. Secondly, a 2% cut is used to buyback and burn EverGrow tokens. More than 5% of the circulating supply has been destroyed in the past 12 months.

Thirdly, a further 2% cut is used to fund ecosystem development.

In September, EverGrow launched the world’s first NFT marketplace announcing 100% of revenue used to buyback and burn EverGrow. The marketplace (LunaSky) is the first do this in crypto, and is directly responsible for EverGrow’s exploding burn rate

LunaSky revenue is now being used to buyback and burn $500 of EverGrow every hour in November – likely until the end of the year. Anyone buying up EverGrow now will be able to access low prices before the next wave of investment dramatically shoots the prices up.

EverGrow is only worth $0.00000009 today. Anyone considering a LUNC purchase for maximum ROI should read up on EverGrow, otherwise they may be set for disappointment.

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Apple Upgrades Mac Pro, Promises Radical Modular Models And New Displays After This Year

Many of us wondered whether the Mac Pro line was dead, but Apple has told Daring Fireball’s John Gruber and others that it is continuing development on its high-end desktop, and will after this year be releasing a ‘completely rethought’ model with a modular design intended to make the machine more upgradable.

Apple is currently hard at work on a “completely rethought” Mac Pro, with a modular design that can accommodate high-end CPUs and big honking hot-running GPUs, and which should make it easier for Apple to update with new components on a regular basis. 

The company is also updating the existing Mac Pro today – and will be making new Apple Displays to go with the future model, along with new pro-focused iMacs …

The company admitted that its 2013 model approach hasn’t been as upgradable in practice as it had hoped.

At some point [Apple] came to the conclusion that the 2013 Mac Pro concept was fundamentally flawed. It was tightly integrated internally, which allowed for some very nice features: it was small and beautiful (a pro machine that demanded placement on your desk, not under your desk) and it could run whisper quietly. But that tight integration made it hard to update regularly. The idea that expansion could be handled almost entirely by external Thunderbolt peripherals sounded good on paper, but hasn’t panned out in practice. And the GPU design was a bad prediction. Apple bet on a dual-GPU design (multiple smaller GPUs, with “pro”-level performance coming from parallel processing) but the industry has gone entirely in the other direction (machines with one big GPU).

Phil Schiller acknowledged that the 2013 Mac Pro had not been well received by many pros, and it was this that had led to the radical rethink.

With regards to the Mac Pro, we are in the process of what we call “completely rethinking the Mac Pro”. We’re working on it. We have a team working hard on it right now, and we want to architect it so that we can keep it fresh with regular improvements, and we’re committed to making it our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system, designed for our demanding pro customers.

As part of doing a new Mac Pro — it is, by definition, a modular system — we will be doing a pro display as well. Now you won’t see any of those products this year; we’re in the process of that. We think it’s really important to create something great for our pro customers who want a Mac Pro modular system, and that’ll take longer than this year to do.

In the interim, we know there are a number of customers who continue to buy our [current Mac Pros]. To be clear, our current Mac Pro has met the needs of some of our customers, and we know clearly not all of our customers. None of this is black and white, it’s a wide variety of customers. Some… it’s the kind of system they wanted; others, it was not.

In the meantime, we’re going to update the configs to make it faster and better for their dollar. This is not a new model, not a new design, we’re just going to update the configs. We’re doing that this week. We can give you the specifics on that.

The CPUs, we’re moving them down the line. The GPUs, down the line, to get more performance per dollar for customers who DO need to continue to buy them on the interim until we get to a newly architected system.

Apple told Gruber and others that as the new machine won’t be available this year, it is today upgrading the existing model, albeit in modest form.

In the meantime, Apple is today releasing meager speed-bump updates to the existing Mac Pros. The $2999 model goes from 4 Xeon CPU cores to 6, and from dual AMD G300 GPUs to dual G500 GPUs. The $3999 model goes from 6 CPU cores to 8, and from dual D500 GPUs to dual D800 GPUs. Nothing else is changing, including the ports. No USB-C, no Thunderbolt 3 (and so no support for the LG UltraFine 5K display)

As we’ve said, we made something bold that we thought would be great for the majority of our Mac Pro users. And what we discovered was that it was great for some and not others. Enough so that we need to take another path. One of the good things, hopefully, with Apple through the years has been a willingness to say when something isn’t quite what we wanted it do be, didn’t live up to expectations, to not be afraid to admit it and look for the next answer […]

The current Mac Pro, as we’ve said a few times, was constrained thermally and it restricted our ability to upgrade it. And for that, we’re sorry to disappoint customers who wanted that, and we’ve asked the team to go and re-architect and design something great for the future that those Mac Pro customers who want more expandability, more upgradability in the future.

While many of us had feared that Apple now had limited interest in the pro market, the execs said that this is not the case. The company’s research shows that a full 30% of Mac owners use at least one pro app –those used for things like music creation, video editing, graphic design, and software development – half of these more than once per week. This 30% is what Apple considers its pro market.

Even among pro users, however, Apple said that notebooks are by far the most popular form factor, followed by the iMac. This is why it has prioritized the new MacBook Pro machines, and would also be making new iMacs with a pro focus.

Schiller also said that new iMacs are in the works, slated for release some time this year (no specifics other than “this year”), including “configurations of iMac specifically with the pro customer in mind and acknowledging that our most popular desktop with pros is an iMac.”

Craig Federighi then jumped in, and said: “That is a pretty incredible evolution that we’ve seen over the last decade. The original iMac, you never would’ve thought as remotely touching pro uses. And now you look at today’s 5K iMac, top configs, it’s incredibly powerful, and a huge fraction of what would’ve traditionally — whether it’s audio editing, video editing, graphics, arts and so forth — that would’ve previously absolutely required the Mac Pros of old, are being well-addressed by iMac. But there’s still even further we can take iMac as a high performance, pro system, and we think that form factor can address even more of the pro market.”

The execs were keen to dispel the idea that Apple was now focused on iOS devices, with limited interest in the Mac line.

Ternus put it plainly: “Some of our most talented folks are working on [the Mac]. I mean, quite frankly, a lot of this company, if not most of this company, runs on Macs. This is a company full of pro Mac users.”

Schiller added: “As far as our horizon line can see, the Mac is a core component of the things Apple delivers, including to our pro customers.”

While a year or more is a long time to wait, many people – myself included – are going to be extremely happy to hear this news, not just for what it says about the Mac Pro specifically, but Apple’s broader commitment to the future of the Mac.

An earlier version of this piece said that the new Mac Pro was promised for next year when Schiller actually stated that it wouldn’t be this year. It seems unlikely Apple would be announcing something more than 20 months out, but after today, I guess nothing is impossible!

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Aperion Audio Slimstage30 Soundbar Promises Pseudo

Aperion Audio SLIMstage30 soundbar promises pseudo-5.1 without walls

Aperion Audio have rolled out their latest soundbar, the Signature SLIMstage30, and if you’ve been looking for a way to discretely add pseudo 5.1 surround sound to your HDTV then it should probably be on your shortlist.  Unlike many of the soundbars we see, Aperion don’t expect you to live with one of a handful of factory presets; instead, you can tinker contentedly with the audio profiles until your stubborn, picky ears are happy.

Interestingly, Aperion also reckon you won’t need the usual four regular walls that soundbars usually bounce their directed surround signals off of.  Instead, their Euphony HD system apparently does it all virtually, though it’s not entirely clear how that works.  Still, you’ve got 140W RMS shared out between the multiple speaker units, six inputs (half analog, half digital) and Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround certification.

There’s also a headphone port and a front-panel input for plugging in your PMP.  The SLIMstage30 on its own is priced at $599, but Aperion Audio also offer a bundle that includes it and their own 100W Bravus 8A subwoofer for $799.

Press Release:

Aperion Audio’s New Powered Soundbar Enhances the HDTV Experience

for Home Theater Enthusiasts’ Other Rooms

The Aperion Signature SLIMstage30™ Soundbar Matches Flat-panel Simplicity

and Allows the Enthusiast to Customize Their Sound

Portland, OR, April 15, 2010 – Aperion Audio, a consumer direct maker of award-winning home theater speaker systems, introduces the Aperion Signature SLIMstage30 Soundbar, a slim profile speaker system for HDTVs. The SLIMstage30 is designed to create theater-like sound for flat-panel HDTVs in secondary viewing locations, such as bedrooms, dens, and children’s play areas where simplicity and room aesthetics are just as important as the surround sound experience. Although simple to connect right out of the box, an easy to use settings menu also allows enthusiasts to optimize the sound for their specific room and personal preferences.

As households add a second or third flat-panel HDTV, these secondary viewing locations may not accommodate a 5.1 home theater speaker system due to room size, layout, or pure aesthetics. “Because of our direct relationship with consumers, we were able to sit down in one-on-ones with key decision makers in the home,” said Ed de la Fuente, VP of Marketing for Aperion Audio. “Most consumers already expect that a single speaker really can’t match the surround sound performance of a discreet 5.1 home theater system, but for these secondary locations they place a premium on aesthetics such as wanting the speaker to visually disappear under the TV. Still important, however, are dialogue intelligibility, a wide surround effect, and clean, dynamic bass – like they get in the theater,” he said. De la Fuente added that “While both men and women desire simplicity of setup and use, the audio enthusiasts also want the ability to ‘tweak’ the system for optimal sound in their home – so after giving them an accurate starting point, we made sure to include that functionality as well.”

The system includes the Aperion Signature SLIMstage30 Soundbar and the Aperion Bravus 8A Subwoofer which provides 100W RMS of low frequency power. The SLIMstage30, engineered in partnership with Soundmatters International, Inc. of Reno, Nevada, includes the 31-inch wide powered soundbar, with a profile of only 3 ½ inches high by 3 ¾ inches deep, and is finished in a gloss black wrap-around grille to fit most HDTV aesthetics. Soundmatters’ patented Linear Magnetic Drive™ speaker array is driven by a total of 140W RMS (at less than 0.8% THD) to create a clear and wide surround sound image. With its built-in decoding of both Dolby® Digital and DTS™ Digital Surround, this soundbar accurately recreates what movie producers intended using Euphony HD™ surround technology, which does not require reflecting walls to create a virtual surround experience.

Pricing and Availability:


Aperion Signature SLIMstage30 Soundbar Warranty: Two (2) year limited warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship. Aperion Audio Bravus 8A Subwoofer Warranty: Ten (10) year limited warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship. Three (3) year warranty on the amplifier.

The Aperion Audio Experience:

Aperion was the first in their industry to provide free shipping both ways with their Risk Free 30-Day In-Home Audition™. Aperion’s “Home Theater Gurus” are available to assist those shopping for audio systems from initial research through lifetime technical support. The “Gurus” are home theater experts, focused only on making sure the customer is able to enjoy a lifetime of great sound.

Understanding Google From Spidering To Results

When it comes to search engine marketing and optimization, let’s face it — it’s all about Google. That’s great though, especially providing the number of ways in which you can promote your web site in Google’s search results. For many though, the entire process from start to finish is one filled with myths, ideas and stories tend to be misleading. Today we’ll discuss the process of getting a page indexed in Google, from the initial spidering and retrieval of content through the actual use of the page in search engine results pages.

GoogleBot will first come to your page when they know about it. While you can use a Google Sitemaps XML file or even submit your URL directly to Google to tell them about your page, it’s recommended that you develop an inbound link to the page from another page. Ideally, the page where the backlinks exists should be a page that is frequently indexed and spidered by Google, so as to decrease the waiting period.

Matt Cutts, a well known Google engineer has a great video, appropriately on Google Videos, that discusses how Google views pages as they spider them.

From this video you’re able to learn visually precisely how GoogleBot reacts to various pages. More importantly though, we’re able to understand the dates associated with our listings.

Next, Google needs to begin indexing your content for the purpose of providing results. While we do not know with certainty exactly what Google will rank a page based on — we have been told many times that there are more than 200 elements that all factor in to the actual ranking criteria.

Using that criterion of factors involving both relevance and importance, we know that Google will then release your pages into their search results index.

The most interesting thing to remember is that Google will come through your page and retrieve it twice before posting it to the search results. This also helps us to understand the time factors involved.

In the end, you want to spend your time working on inbound links and tweaking the on page contents of your pages. These two factors will be the major players in increasing your traffic from search results.

Sujan Patel is Director of Search at Single Grain, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Major Milestones Of Iown Token In Q1

A great kick off to the year with several major announcements for the iOWN Token in Q1, as things are shaping up for the next quarter and the iOWN ecosystem is edging closer to be massively adopted and utilised in several innovated spaces, we will review accomplished milestones and upcoming announcements for next quarter.

iOWN are thrilled to announce a major upgrade to the iOWN Wallet. Implementation of multiple bug fixes, and optimization to the app to ensure the most suitable user experience. The major improvement to the wallet is the new dual-chain support; Ethereum and BNB Chain. Along with a listing of stable coins and utility tokens.  

The new integration of the BNB Chain will allow for significantly lower transaction fees compared to the Ethereum Network, consequently, the iOWN Token will run exclusively on BNB Chain for the time being.  

Dual Chain Upgrade

Considering the iOWN community request for a more dynamic experience utilizing the token, iOWN are excited to announce a major upgrade to the iOWN Token that will give you “the token holders” a solution to current scalability hurdles with Ethereum and support their goals.

iOWN Token will migrate from Ethereum Blockchain to BNB Chain, formerly known as “Binance Smart Chain” considering the lower transaction fees averaging between $0.3 to $0.6 worth of BNB compared to Ethereum gas fee of $5 to $40 worth of ETH. The BNB chain will also allow iOWN to integrate with DEXs such as PanCakeSwap that will open opportunities to a high-volume decentralized market. The utility of token and its ecosystem will operate smoothly allowing iOWN token to be efficiently utilized as mean of payment benefiting from a low transaction fee high transaction speed and managing crowdfunding campaigns on the blockchain.

iOWN will issue current token holders with the new Tokens on the iOWN Wallet. The swap of old iOWN Token (ERC-223) and New iOWN Token (BEP-20) distribution of 1:1 ratio (old:new) will take place before the 4th of April 2023. Holders of the old iOWN Token storing the tokens on 3rd party wallets such as MetaMask will also receive the new tokens as long as they activate the Binance Chain on their wallet. Tokens circulating on exchanges will also be swapped to the new tokens.

iOWN Token CertiK Audit

The token’s successful audit was completed on March 15, 2023, achieving a high security in the industry-standard audit on Certik’s platform – a leading smart contracts audit firm approved by CoinMarketCap. Overall, CertiK recommended a few technical improvements and the iOWN technical team insured that all critical, major, and minor issues have been assessed, acknowledged, and resolved by implementing the recommendations and updating the codebase. After finalizing the audit, iOWN Token is now invulnerable to common security issues prevalent in the industry.

The audit was a core requirement for the new iOWN Token contract on the BNB Chain, to ensure the quality and progress of the iOWN ecosystem.

Reduced Token Supply

To conclude, iOWN Token has had a progressive start to 2023 by achieving all set goals for the first quarter, thanks to the ever-expanding team of developers, marketing and business development executives ensuring that all the milestones are achieved and delivered to the iOWN community with a clear vision of the 2nd quarter focusing on the utilization of the token.

New Exchange Listing

As the iOWN Ecosystem continues to grow in capability and features, more exchanges are taking notice of this dynamic token. Coinsbit has joined the ranks of exchanges to list the iOWN Token, becoming the 3rd exchange to offer iOWN to its users! 

From real-estate, equity crowdfunding and more, the iOWN community understands the appeal of the IOWN ecosystem and what is getting built and more people discovering IOWN each day, the token is expected to appeal to the Coinsbit users with the trading pair of IOWN/USDT.

IOWN is now available on 3 different exchanges: Coinsbit, Latoken and P2PB2B and several more tier 1 & 2 exchange listings on the horizon.

Karnataka Sslc Results 2023(Out),10Th Result Link

The Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board is responsible to conduct the Class 10 Annual Examinations in the State and this year they have conducted the annual exams from 31 March to 15 April 2023. Now all the students who have attended the exams should wait for the declaration of Karnataka Board SSLC Results 2023. As per our analysis, results would be declared on May 8, 2023 on chúng tôi

Usually, it takes 2-4 Weeks for the Board to prepare the KSEEB 10th Result 2023 and then they publish it on the official website. All the students are requested to use the SSLC Result 2023 Link given below to check the scores after the results are released on the official website. Students have to use basic information such as Hall Ticket Number to check the Karnataka Board 10th Result 2023 Roll No Wise on the official website. Marks will be displayed in the form of Grades and you can check the table below to convert grades to marks.

Karnataka SSLC Results 2023

The KSEEB Board has started the evaluation of answer sheets for various subjects and it may take a few more weeks for the result to be prepared. You must be aware that Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examinations were conducted by Karnataka Board from 31 March to 15 April 2023 in offline mode. There were various subjects for which exams were conducted and each subject consisted of 100 Marks of questions. You need to score a minimum 33 Marks or D+ Grade to qualify the examinations and then a passing certificate would be issued to you.

It may take 2-3 Weeks for the Karnataka SSLC Results 2023 to be published and then you can check it on chúng tôi All of you have to use the Hall Ticket Number or Name in order to check the results. You will be able to download the marks memo after the results are published and subject wise grades or marks are mentioned on it.

Karnataka Board 10th Results 2023 Name Wise

The Karnataka Board 10th Results 2023 Name Wise will be released today on May 8, 2023 @

In order to check Name Wise Results, you have to use the Name with Mother Name or Date of Birth.

After that, Marks Memo will be shown to you on the screen in which subject wise grades are mentioned.

Verify all the details on the Marks Memo such as Name, Subject Name, Marks or Grades and Qualification Status.

Check the Marks Range for each Grade in this post and then get to know about your overall marks.

KSEEB 10th Result 2023 Release Date

Exam nameKarnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examinations 2023Board NameKarnataka School Examination and Assessment BoardClass10th ClassSession2023-2023Exam Date31st March to 15th April 2023Qualifying Marks in ExamsD+ Grade or 33 MarksKSEEB Board 10th Result 2023 Date8th May, 2023Details Required to CheckHall Ticket NumberRevaluation Date15th to 25th May 2023Revaluation ResultsJune 2023Article CategorySarkari ResultKSEEB

All the students who have applied and appeared in the Class 10 or SSLC Examinations in Karnataka should have a look at this section above. We have mentioned the Release Date of KSEEB 10th Result 2023 which according to us on May 8, 2023. After the results are announced, you can visit chúng tôi and check the result using the Hall Ticket Number. You have to Download the Marks Memo from the website and then use it for admission in 1st PUC or Diploma Course of your choice. SSLC Result 2023

The Karnataka Board is currently evaluating the answer sheets of the students and once the process is complete, you will be able to check the results.

You can expect the SSLC Results 2023 on May 8, 2023.

Grades will be given instead of marks for each subject in the 10th Result 2023.

Convert your grades to the marks through the table given below.

Any student who gets a D Grade or below then he or she has the option to apply for revaluation.

After that, Revaluation results will be published after the answer sheets are revaluated.

Karnataka SSLC Grade Marks 2023

GradesGrades to MarksA+90-100 MarksA80-90 MarksB+70-80 MarksB60-70 MarksC+50-60 MarksC40-50 MarksD+30-40 MarksD20-30 MarksE+10-20 Marks

Guidelines to Check Karnataka SSLC Results 2023 Roll No Wise

First of all, we request the students to visit chúng tôi from the Device.

Secondly, you need to tap on the Results button and then further select the SSLC Mains Exam Results 2023 link.

Thirdly, you have to enter the Hall ticket number in the given boxes and tap on the search button.

You can check the subject wise grades given over here and then you have to download the marks memo.

Using these guidelines, all of you can check Karnataka SSLC Results 2023 Roll No Wise.

Karnataka Board 10th Revaluation Result 2023

The Candidates have the option to apply for revaluation if they think that they have less than expected marks. We want to inform you that the Revaluation form will be available after the results are announced and you can fill the form. Nominal fees for each subject has to be paid for rechecking of answer sheets. After that rechecking will be done and then Karnataka Board 10th Revaluation Result 2023 will be released online on the same portal. You can check the revaluation result using a similar method and then a fresh mark memo will be issued to you.

Karnataka Board 10th Result 2023 by SMS

In order to check Karnataka Board 10th Result 2023 by SMS, you can use the following steps. This is very helpful for those who do not have access to the Internet Device.

Now you will see the message with subject wise marks on it. SSLC Result 2023 Link

Karnataka Board 10th Result 2023View Here chúng tôi View Here

FAQs on Karnataka SSLC Results 2023

When is the Karnataka SSLC Results 2023 expected?

Karnataka 10th Result 2023 will be out today on May 8, 2023.

How to Check the Karnataka 10th Public Exam Results 2023?

You can use the Hall Ticket Number to check the Karnataka 10th Result 2023.

On Which Portal is Karnataka SSLC Results 2023?

Karnataka SSLC Results 2023 will be available on

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