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There was an old Andy Griffith episode involving a stranger who arrived in Mayberry and knew so much about the townspeople and the goings-on of the town that it was as if he’d lived there for years. Everyone was mystified, but it turned out that the stranger was getting his information from the local paper, which he’d been receiving in the mail.

I was reminded of that TV episode when I saw this new WhitePages app called WhitePages Neighbors. It also reminded me of Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor on Bewitched, and the black comedy of the John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd movie Neighbors.

WhitePages is a public-records search company. It makes money by giving away a little bit of information on people for free, and then charging for a deeper look into public documents for things like criminal records, liens, and email addresses. But WhitePages Neighbors adds an aerial view to this, so that a user can see all of the houses in the neighborhood, along with the names, mailing addresses and phone numbers of everybody who lives inside those houses.

The app sugar-coats the information-selling aspect by offering a way to send invites to all your neighbors for a “block party.” The site also offers people a chance to “claim” and correct their WhitePages listing–yay! Thanks, WhitePages, for the opportunity to correct your false information and provide you with more of my accurate personal information to distribute.

I’m not accusing WhitePages of providing a hyperlocal tool for smartphone-carrying burglars or stalkers. But WhitePages is already a very nosy and nearly privacy-infringing service, and the addition of the aerial neighborhood views presented on a mobile device tips the service over the line into Creepyville, population 308 million.

Why not, they thought, write a little piece of code that makes it easy for get-’em-on-the-rebound types to be Johnny on the Spot when little Susie Creamcheese is at an early stage of her post-breakup life? Presto–new app. I wonder if using the app makes people feel like vultures circling high in the sky above a parched and staggering horse walking its last mile. I wonder what they do when they actually receive a breakup notification? Do they speed over to the newly single person’s page, pop open the chat window, and offer “heeeeeeeyyy. ’sup?”

Alright, alright. It’s just a hoax. But we had you going there for a second.

Okay–I downloaded this app to my PC, and without warning it installed a new toolbar on my browser. Aaaaaaaggh! Anyway, here’s how this gem of an app works: You upload pictures of yourself and your partner, and then MakeMeBabies uses “face recognition” technology to mash the two faces together into one child’s face.

Similar to the popular Date Check app, which allows you to run a quick background check on a potential hook-up, Background Check from chúng tôi does, well, pretty much the same thing.

You get two choices: a background check or an email search. To trigger a background check, you enter the first and last name of the person of interest, and the app spits out any relevant data it has on the person’s criminal record, property, relatives’ and neighbors’ names, and “also known as” aliases. To request an email search, you enter a person’s email address or select an address from your own address book, and the app seeks out any blogs, videos, photos, or social networking pages associated with that email address.

Sugar Sugar (Missing in Action)

Oh I so wanted to tell you about Sugar Sugar, but the app seems to have disappeared from the App Store, and the developer, Online Dating Systems, has temporarily or permanently taken down the Sugar Sugar website. Too bad because this might have been the first app that helped Johns find prostitutes using geolocation technology. Unlike eHarmony, Sugar Sugar wasn’t designed to set people up in long-term relationships. Nor did it attempt to establish a nostalgic Archies vibe. Instead, it was created to help men with money—sugar daddies—find “sugar babies”—young women willing to give it up in exchange for, uh, gifts. The app used GPS technology to plot on a map the location of women in the area interested in forming a ‘mutually beneficial’ arrangement.

If Sugar Sugar’s gone for good, there’s always chúng tôi which has stepped up to fill the void that the demise of Craigslist personals has left in men’s lives by letting them “bid” real money to hot girls in exchange for a first date. This screen grab from the website tells the whole story:

Evidently, you need a different URL to access all of the site’s frugal and unattractive members.

That’s right; there’s an app for that.

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9 Best Asmr Apps And Games For Android And Ios

Best ASMR Apps and Games in 2023 1. TeasEar

TeasEar is my first recommendation if you are looking for an ASMR app to start this incredible journey. It not only offers you a variety of sounds for triggering ASMR but also comes with lots of satisfying activities. For example, you can play with slime, bubble gum, foam, yogurt and lots of other materials to relax your senses. The best part is that you can interact with these materials with background sound and that elevates the experience even more. In addition, you have got a huge library of sounds which include wood scratching, dolphins, kid’s laughter, and more.

Install TeasEar: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

2. Tingles

Tingles is generally considered as the best ASMR app on both Android and iOS, but recently most of the app content moved behind the paywall which didn’t go down well with the free users. Currently, under the free tier, Tingles offer just five pre-selected sounds to give you a sensation of ASMR. However, the good part is that you can still play the sounds in the background and there are videos too, in case you are interested. Apart from that, most of the popular artists are behind the premium plan so keep that in mind.

But if you choose to pay for the premium plan then Tingles offers you the best ASMR experience. It can help you relax and improve sleep quality with just 10 minutes of whispering sound. Apart from that, Tingles has more than 1500+ content creators which make it the best place for having a multi-sensory ASMR experience. All in all, Tingles is broadly a premium ASMR app and a good one at that.

3. Mindwell

Mindwell is one of the few companies that has heavily invested in digital wellbeing for helping users with depression, insomnia, stress, anxiety, etc. It has a series of sound waves to create a specific mood in your brain which include alertness, calmness, sleep, and emotional balance. Among them, ASMR tracks are one of the most popular collections on the app. It can tingle your spine and the back of the neck to give you something to focus on. The app heightens the ASMR sensation and you would be able to relax, relieve stress, and have deep sleep within a few minutes of listening experience.

Install Mindwell: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

4. YouTube

Install YouTube: Android / iOS (Free, $11.99/month)

5. Spotify

It can also act as your default music streaming and podcast service. Other than that, you can create playlists for ASMR tracks and it’s available to free users too, unlike the popular Tingles app. In my testing, I found Spotify as a simple and straightforward solution for listening to ASMR sounds. To sum up, if you already use Spotify then go ahead and listen to your favorite ASMR playlist right away. You would be in for a tingly sensation.

Install Spotify: Android / iOS (Free, $9.99/month)

6. ASMRtist

If you are looking for a completely free ASMR app then ASMRtist is one of the best services out there. It does not have a fancy user interface, but you can listen to more than 100 ASMR sounds and get triggered by the strange sensation behind your neck and spine. You would have an oddly satisfying experience and it will make you relax and sleep peacefully. The best part about this app is that you can mix multiple ASMR sounds at once and go into a state of calmness and comfort.

Install ASMRtist: Android / iOS (Free)

7. Super Slime Simulator

Super Slime Simulator is an incredible ASMR game that you are going to love it. If you struggling with sleep or anxiety, just fire up this game and within minutes, you would be taking a nap or relaxing with peace of mind. The game is simple: you have Slime on your screen and all you have to do is stretch it, squish it, knead it, or just do anything you want. Keep messing around like a real slime and you would experience ASMR tingle for sure. Since the slime simulation is so real, you get an actual tingling sensation behind your neck.

For many users, this whole process is therapeutic and slows down their minds. You also have the option to create your own slime using multiple materials, colors, foam, glitter, and more. Not to mention, you also get satisfying ASMR sounds in the background for a great experience. Simply put, Super Slime Simulator is one of the best ASMR games and you must play it to relax your mind.

8. ASMR Slicing

If you love watching ASMR videos on YouTube that involves cutting anything and everything then ASMR Slicing app is what you need. It’s a simulator cutting game where you can slice a huge collection of objects and shapes made of kinetic sand. Further, you can cut, slice, and dice a variety of objects to sense the amazing ASMR tingling. Since the app is so intuitive and well-designed, it feels pretty real and gives an oddly satisfying feeling.

Apart from that, the app also provides smooth haptic feedback while cutting the object and that elevates the experience even further. Not to mention, you have got relaxing ASMR sound in the background so that is awesome. Overall, ASMR Slicing is a top-notch ASMR game and if you want to trigger the physiological response from your brain then go ahead and start cutting the objects.

Install ASMR Slicing: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

9. ASMR Breakfast

Install ASMR Breakfast: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Improve Mental Health with Best ASMR Apps and Games

Best Open Source Apps For Android & Ios In 2023

F-droidF-droid is the Google Play Store of open source Android apps. While it’s definitely possible or sometimes too easy to just download APKs here and there, or, at most, compile the source code, there’s much to be said about having a single curated repository of open source apps. Especially one that lets you conveniently update them whenever new versions come. Definitely not the prettiest app store, but a new version is just around the corner, bringing a splash of Material Design with it.

Download: F-droid (APK), Source Code


Open source software don’t always have a reputation for being the prettiest but what they lack in bling the more than make up for in power. FBReader is one shining example. Some might consider its appearance spartan, but others prefer the simplicity that belies its features. FBReader is the most widely available open source ebook reader, available on all major operating systems (except iOS) and supporting a wide variety of document formats. When tied with the open source Calibre e-book management software for desktops, you can pretty much run a ebook server of your own.

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code


Many open source programs dare to tread murky legal waters, like the ever contentious market of game emulators. Given the closed, proprietary nature of platforms they have to work with, it’s admittedly impressive when you see an emulator almost working perfectly with your favorite, legally owned, old game. Sony may have abandoned the PSP, but its rich collection of games is too good to pass up. Fortunately, PPSSPP is available on Android as well as other operating systems, letting you continue living those happy days even after your PSP has long bitten the dust.

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code


Our smartphones have become our entertainment systems away from home and, just like any entertainment system, they’re not limited to playing just music or videos. Some get their kicks from podcasts, be they the regular talk show kind or the more niche audio fiction. While many Android users might be content with using Google Play Music for their music needs, it’s podcast support is lacking, not to mention unavailable in many markets. AntennaPod is a no frills, simple but powerful podcatcher that stays out of the way after you’ve done the initial setup. That setup involves either importing existing OPML playlists or browsing for the casts you love. AntennaPod includes features for both downloading and streaming audio and video, automatic updating and downloading of episodes, and integration with gpodder.

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code


And when it comes to mostly video content, Kodi is the household name for home theater systems. Formerly known as XBMC, for XBox Media Center, Kodi is popular not only among open source enthusiasts but also among mainstream media junkies. Even Plex has partnered with Kodi to offer the ultimate DIY entertainment system. With a Plex server sitting somewhere at home, your Android device becomes a portal to your videos and even music anywhere in the house or, depending on the setup, even anywhere in the world.

Download: Google Play Store, Source Code


iOS 11 might finally be getting a file manager of sorts, but Android has had true file management capabilities from day one. That said, stock Android itself doesn’t offer any such app to make that administrative task easier. Of course, there are a number of file manager apps out there, from OEM-made ones to powerful but ad-riddled ones. If you’re looking for a capable, open source, ad-free solution, Amaze might amaze you. Pardon the pun. In addition to basic operations, Amazon includes facilities for browsing and backing up installed apps as well as running a mini file server to let you transfer files to and from another device via a local network.

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code


Another kind of management task that Android supports but doesn’t exactly make easy is storage space. By default, Android just gives you a broad overview of the categories of files that are eating up your precious limited internal storage. If you want a better but still visual idea of that information, DiskUsage will deliver it to you in boxes. Inspired by similar disk usage utilities from the desktop, DiskUsage visualizes data storage consumption as boxes whose sizes correspond to the percentage of space they take up. You can zoom in to get drill down into directories or even delete files right from the app.

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code


It doesn’t get geekier than this! A nod to Android’s Linux roots, Termux gives you an honest to goodness command line interface on your phone or tablet. We’ll leave out debates on the practicality of typing out those commands on a virtual keyboard, but if you’re more comfortable fiddling with the precision of commands over multiple taps and swipes, this might be your cup of tea. Plus, with an honest to goodness package manager (apt), you basically have a system admin console and development environment with you anywhere you go. Bonus points if you’re rooted!

Download: F-droid, Google Play Store, Source Code

Google I/O app

As mentioned, open source software is a great way to learn how to create software, and Google, being one of the largest users of open source software, only knows that too well. That is why year after year, it releases its Google I/O app as open source for Android app developers to take apart and learn from. This is basically the reference app for most of the features and design practices of what the Android platform has to offer.

Download: Google Play Store, Source Code (2023 version)

Best Deals And Coupon Apps For Android

We live in an era where the tiny pocket device you carry around can do more things for you than a real-life personal assistant could. From finding you the cheapest flight tickets to your next holiday destination, to giving you directions to the nearest Walmart, there’s nothing you can’t depend on your Android device for. With the steep shift in the way consumers are purchasing products, the online revolution is certainly helping boost even the mobile app market with a bunch of useful additions.

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Best Android apps for Deals alert and coupons

Try out the apps linked below to get the most out of deals and promotions going on at various sites for various products. You can grab a huge discount if you get timely alert and coupons about the deal, and that’s where these Android apps come handy.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is one of the best deals and digital coupon apps on the Google Play Store. The app has ties with over 2500 retails across the globe and promises up to 40% cashback on every transaction. Apart from the retailers already mentioned, Rakuten also offers lucrative offers on some of the leading everyday-stores and services, such as Walmart, Lyft, Grubhub, and Caviar.

Rakuten also has 10000+ partner restaurants, leading to exciting offers and restaurants. Apart from regular coupons and deals, Rakuten gives cashback and even double cashback at select outlets.

Download: Rakuten from Google Play


Like Rakuten, Honey, too, is one of the leading super-saving apps out there. Honey probably falls a little short in terms of affiliated stores, but more than makes up for it with its ingenious browser integration. Yes, the app has a plug-in for all leading browsers, which makes saving up the most convenient task ever.

The coupon app has thousands of partner stores, ranging from fine dining to travel booking, which makes it super easy to get mouth-watering discounts. Honey covers over 400 popular stores, and its One Cart shopping allows you to keep different products from these stores in a single bag. Finally, it automatically applies coupons at your favorite stores, making sure you never miss an opportunity to save up.

Download: Honey from Google Play


Back in the day, we used to scour all our local newspapers for exciting coupons. Upon spotting one on one of our lucky days, we used to cut them precisely and present it to the concerned store. Thanks to digitization, the trend has changed, but we still get a few physical coupons every now and then. Organizing them is not always the easiest of tasks and it might not be a bad idea to store them in a digital format and use whenever required. The app in question, SnipSnap, does this task expertly, storing all your coupons in digital format. Just snap a picture of your coupon and the app takes care of the rest — it’s that simple.

The app also shows coupon expiration alerts, has a big database of active alerts, and even shows you the success rate of coupons.

Download: SnipSnap from Google Play

While SnipSnap converts analog to digital, chúng tôi proudly flaunts the ability to print out digital coupons. You can print such product-specific coupons and present them to local stores, which would then be compelled to offer you hefty discounts.

Download: chúng tôi from Google Play


What seems nothing more than a barcode and QR code scanner app at first, is actually a comprehensive deal-finder and price tracker tool. PriceSavvy comes packed with over 400+ categories of products in its inventory to help you save more every time, and including deals from over 20000+ retailers which include Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon and so many more. The next time you’re about to make a purchase, just use ShopSavvy to scan the barcode to see if a better price is available elsewhere, and since most retailers price-match their products, you can have the price discounted, or simply catch the product at the cheaper retailer instantly.

Download: ShopSavvy from Google Play


A widely popular service that has been around for years now, RetailMeNot has now made shopping online or in-store a profitable experience with thousands of deals and coupons just a tap away. You can go through the Featured section to find the freshest deals out there, or cherry-pick the ones you want and simply redeem them at checkout. If you’re out at the mall to have a good time and no clue what to get, use the app’s Mall Max feature to view all of the deals and offers in your proximity, so you always end up with a good deal when spending your hard-earned money.

Download: RetailMeNot from Google Play

Woot Check

Another massively popular deals and discounts service that has made its way into the Android app world, Woot Check is a portable and comprehensive way of saving money on products and services without spending hours on catching the best deals. All of the deals are broken down into different WOOT! (categories) so you can find relevant items quicker, while you can also set up notifications for deal alerts on specific categories based on your interests directly on your mobile device.

Download: Woot Check from Google Play

Price Tracker for Amazon

It is an undeniable fact that online shopping is becoming far more prevalent, and it just might be the only way you prefer getting your stuff. Amazon is a massive part of the online shopping experience for most people, which is why finding the best-priced products on the website is so much simpler with the Price Tracker for Amazon app. Offering tracking support across 9 different regions where Amazon operates, all you need to do is sign in, start adding products to your Tracklist and set up “Lower Price” and “Below Target Price” alerts and get a complete price change history of thousands of products to find out if buying them at the current price is worth your money.

Download: Price Tracker for Amazon from Google Play

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Download: Shopular from Google Play


So you can go out of your way to find coupons and deals to get great savings, but what if you could go about your day and still end up saving money on all of your purchases? Ibotta brings you real cash back with your daily purchases through Cash Back rebates across thousands of products and hundreds of retailers. From grocery shopping at Kroger to hailing a cab with Uber, Ibotta helps you really back real cash and redeem it directly through multiple different channels, including PayPal, Venmo, or even your choice of gift cards from the biggest brands out there.

Download: Ibotta from Google Play


A safe haven for those who have grown up snipping coupons from the local newspapers and magazines, Flipp is a useful tool to have in your arsenal the next time you’re out shopping. Apart from simply issuing thousands of coupons every day, Flipp also allows you to tie up the loyalty accounts from your favorite departmental stores and automatically manage your points. With a separate section for you to look up product-specific discounts and even store-related deals and offers, Flipp helps you keep your weekly shopping list organized and on point.

Download: Flipp from Google Play


Whether you’ve had a bad experience with Amazon, or looking for a service that does not discriminate between Prime and non-Prime members, Jet is going to be your favorite. The shopping service comes with a massive directory of products to choose from, including day-to-day groceries and electronic items. Everything you purchase in your cart for more than $35 is shipped for free with no hidden charges anywhere, and you get all of your things with a nationwide (USA) 2-day delivery guarantee. Their referral program is quite generous, offering rewards as JetCash which you can then directly use the store right away.

Download: Jet from Google Play


The fact that so many retailers online and in local outlets across the same country sell the same products at different prices can be confusing for the tech geeks. This is why BuyVia helps you get the best price for your next gadget shopping spree from Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and a bunch of other retailers. With over a million coupons offered and used by shoppers till date, BuyVia also sets up price tracking and notification alerts for when your favorite items are on sale, and you can do a lot more than just electronics shopping with their personalized feed that offers deals that would interest you the most.

Download: BuyVia from Google Play

Are you ready to change the way you go around shopping with these useful and handy apps for Android?

Are Progressive Web Apps Better Than Native Apps For Seo?

Apps make it possible for brands and business to deliver optimized content to customers via smartphones and tablets.

Of course, the user has to install your app on their smartphone first. But once they do, customers tend to engage longer with brands that provide a user-friendly mobile experience.

Right now, you have two options for apps: progressive web apps and native apps.

This article will discuss what the differences are between progressive web apps and native apps, as well as which option is better for SEO.

Native Apps

These apps use available hardware such as cameras or sensors in the best possible way because they are optimized for that operating system.

Additional Advantages of Native Apps

Native apps can secure data (up to the limit of the available storage) on the mobile device.

With fee-required native apps, a company’s sales can increase through the appropriate app store and the development costs can be recouped.

Because native apps are hosted in the supplier’s store, your developer doesn’t have to deal directly with distribution.

After installation, the app icon is automatically displayed on the home screen.

It’s not all good news with native apps, though. For example, different app versions must be simultaneously developed, published, and maintained for the various operating systems. Updates to the app have to be carried out through the appropriate app store for each operating system.

Native apps are all those apps that are listed in the appropriate app stores from Google, Apple, or Microsoft and can be downloaded by users from there. Common uses for native apps are smartphone games, mobile versions of online shops, or special services from suppliers and companies that are not or only seldom offered by a website.

Perfect examples of a company’s central native app are Instagram or WhatsApp. An example of an outsourced service is the weather app on Yahoo.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are based on a Google initiative. This is not an app in the true sense, but rather a modified website that suits the output device or the browser used. The operating principle of the PWA is based on progressive enhancement (i.e., a website can be gradually adjusted to the end device’s technical settings).

The development of progressive web apps is based on open web standards. Thus, CSS markup is decoupled; similarly, content and design are decoupled from one another.

Even JavaScript is decoupled from both of these elements. In this way, all content is always available and can be displayed on the device. At the same time, a minimal functionality of the PWA is ensured independently of whether the output device or the browser supports JavaScript or CSS.

If a progressive web app is accessed, the app shell is stored as a base in the device or browser cache. Then, core elements can be loaded immediately.

The app shell itself consists of the absolute minimum HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that a website needs to work. This is a kind of code bundle, whereby the user interface can be provided on the device and the content can be dynamically loaded via an API.

PWAs and native apps share the following characteristics:

The app can send push notices to the user.

The app can be stored on the phone’s screen with an icon.

Many PWA functions can still be used without an internet connection or with a slow one.

Currently, there are more problems with Apple’s iOS because the progressive web app operating system isn’t completely supported. Thus, the use of PWAs is limited to Android devices, for now. Specialized apps work there with all possible and usable functions.

Advantages of PWA Over Native Apps

No separate code base is required for programming because PWAs can also be developed with HTML 5.

Progressive web apps can be found in a Google search because they are completely indexable.

Updates don’t have to run through an app store. Instead, the web app is brought up to the newest standard with the help of service workers.

A PWA can also be used offline since they load the contents and functions in the cache of the appropriate device. If an internet connection is available again, functions and contents can be synchronized with the server.

The development costs are significantly lower than with native apps. This also has to do with the fact that PWAs function on all platforms and no separate versions are needed for different end devices.

No store is required for the operation of the app, and the user doesn’t have to install anything because the app functions with the browser.

PWAs load immediately, thus requiring a significantly shorter loading time than native apps.

Connections with progressive web apps are SSL encrypted and are thus more secure than web connections from traditional apps. The server does have to be set up for this.

PWAs are responsive and are suitable for every output device.

Usage Possibilities for Progressive Web Apps

PWAs can basically use all the same functions as native apps because they have access to the end device’s hardware. In practice, applications that deliver changing content but do not need to be updated through new installations or updates via an app store are particularly suitable.

Among these are, for example, news websites or the weather app developed by Google.

Even Flipboard can be called up via a progressive app. Just as with normal mobile websites, the browser is initially used to do this.

Later, the user receives a notification asking if they would like to save the PWA to their home screen.

You will find more examples of current PWAs on the website

Important Development Aspects for PWAs

For development, webmasters ideally need the codelab for PWAs from Google. The first PWA can be designed on the basis of this Firebase platform.

The platform, taken over by Google in 2014, offers many possibilities for changing the functionality and design of PWAs. At the same time, the app can be oriented toward different target groups. Additionally, tests can be carried out very simply.

It is also possible to track the app with Firebase. Thus, Firebase applications can be linked with Google Analytics.

Check out this detailed introduction to programming progressive apps by Addy Osmani, a Google Chrome developer.

Which App Version Is Better for SEO?

Until now, search engine optimization (SEO) for apps was limited to a good listing in the appropriate app store and app indexing. With the help of the app indexing introduced by Google, it’s possible for users to receive link recommendations that directly refer to the contents of the installed app in Google search using the Google search app.

The deep links must be created for iOS and Android separately. Moreover, they can also be integrated into the XML site map so that the Googlebot can be made aware of them.

With further development of progressive web apps, there are many possibilities for SEO.


Progressive web apps are still in the early stages of development and distribution. As of now, they’re only used by a few companies.

If mobile usage continues to increase as it has over the past few years, however, you might eventually not be asking “native app or PWA?”, but rather whether you need your own website or just a web app.

Until that day, though, PWAs are a sensible enhancement for mobile websites.

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15 Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android And Iphone

Best Calorie Tracker Apps for Android and iOS (2023)

So, how do calorie counter apps work? Well, they offer you the desired flexibility to set your own goal based on what you want to achieve. Once your custom routine is battle-ready, you can go ahead with the plan following the set rules. With the detailed charts and super handy tips, they keep you guided. Some of them even offer apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch which makes it even easier to track your calories. What’s more, many of them also offer a ton of rewards to ensure the adrenaline remains in the top gear to achieve more. With that said, it’s time to cut the chase!

1. MyFitnessPal

Undoubtedly, MyFitnessPal is the most popular calorie tracker app out there. When you first open the app, you are asked a few questions like the goal that you wish to achieve, your activity level, and a few personal questions like your age, height, and weight. After you fill in all the details, you’ll be required to enter your email address and create a password to complete the sign up progress. All these details can be changed later, so you don’t have to worry about filling in the wrong information at that time. Now you will be shown your daily goal that the app recommends for you in order to achieve your desired goal. You can even choose to keep on track with regular reminders.

A few other features of the MyFitnessPal app include “Diary” that has all the entries that you included in the app and can also be shared, “Progress” that shows the graphical representation of your progress, “Nutrition” that shows a detailed calorie intake for every meal that you take, and many more. The app also has a premium version that you can try for free for 30 days, and then buy afterward at a monthly or annual subscription for $9.99/month and $49.99/year respectively. This version gives you an ad-free experience with additional features like file export, setting different goals for each day, and food analysis among many others.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Premium at $9.99/month or $49.99/year)

2. MyNetDiary

Very similar to MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary takes an input of the food that you eat and then tracks your calorie intake accordingly. When you further enter details like your age, gender, height, current weight, and target weight, the app creates a “Calorie Budget” for you that is the number of calories that you must consume every day in order to achieve your desired target. If you ask me, this app is aesthetically more pleasing my MyFitnessPal with a beautiful interface and nice animations.

MyNetDiary also allows you to enter your exercise routine and then gives a calorie analysis and weight chart accordingly. You can add your before and after pictures in the app to help you stay motivated and on track. Furthermore, you can link your Google Fit account to allow suitable data to be shared among the two apps. You can upgrade to MyNetDiary Maximum that is billed annually at $39.99/year for even more features like linking more apps, detailed nutrient analysis, detailed body and health charts, etc.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Maximum at $39.99/year)

3. FatSecret

Like MyFitnessPal, when you first open FatSecret, you are asked your goal and are required to enter a few personal details like your current weight, gender, activity level, your height, and the weight that you would like to gain. Once you complete that, you’ll be taken to your diary straight away. This diary is the place where you’ll see the calories that you are yet to take for the day in order to achieve your desired target and the calories you have already taken so far. On the same page, you can add the food items that you eat throughout the day, and the app will automatically reduce the number of calories from the day’s goal accordingly.

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

4. Cronometer

Like most other apps in this list, you can use Cronometer only when you sign up on the app. Once you do that, enter details like your age, weight, height, and gender, and then you’ll be taken your diary. Here, you can enter the food items that you eat throughout the day and list the exercises, if you did any. The app will then calculate the net calories that you gained or lost accordingly. This helps you in keeping an eye on the number of calories that you should take for the day in order to achieve your daily target as prescribed by Cronometer.

You can also view detailed information about the macros that you consume and the individual targets for each one of them. Once you use the app for a while, you can further track your progress using the detailed calorie charts and nutritional reports provided by the app.

5. Lose It!

When you open the app for the first time, enter details like age, height, and weight, and then you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be asked about your goal. Here, you can mention your target weight how fast you would like that to be achieved. You will then, accordingly, see a “Calorie Budget” that is the number of calories you must consume each day in order to achieve your goal.

Similar to the food diaries in other apps, you can enter the food items that you consume throughout the day and the exercise that you do, and the app will fill in the calorie details accordingly. An additional feature that you get with Lose It! is calorie breakdown for each meal. This means that you will see the number of calories that the app suggests you can consume in each meal. The calorie suggestions for other meals are adjusted as you enter a food item under any meal.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Premium at $39.99/year)

6. Lifesum

You can start using Liefesum by entering your basic details like age, height, current weight, and target weight. You can then choose the time frame till which you want to achieve your goal. Your daily calorie goal will differ accordingly. Once everything is set up, you’ll be taken to your diary that keeps the track of your calories. Here, you can add the food items that you eat, the amount of water that you drink, and the exercise that you do. You can even scan a food item using its barcode. When you finally add a food item, you can see its macro breakdown right from that screen.

In the app, there is another tab called “Plans”. If you have a premium membership of the app, you can access specially designed diet plans for specific goals. You can choose any one and the calorie target will change accordingly. With this membership, you can also view recipes for a variety of dishes under the “Recipes” tab.

7. ControlMyWeight

There are very few calorie counter apps which are both good and free to use. Well, ControlMyWeight is one of the few ones that are both free and offers a good selection of features which will help you track your calorie intake and lose weight. The app starts simply by asking basic information such as your weight, height, age, and more. Then it uses BMI calculations to give you a range of weight that should be good for your health. You can either use that range as your target or set the target range yourself. The last thing to do is to add the expected exercise data that you can clock every day.

Once you input all this information, it will give you the amount of calories that you need to intake to lose weight. The figure changes depending on your daily exercise input and weight tracking. The app also makes it really easy to log your calories. Just hit the big plus button and then input your food intake. The app hosts a huge collection of food ingredients with calorie data allowing you to input the calorie data accurately. It even has a barcode scanner which you can use to scan packaged food and enter the data automatically.

Install: iOS (Free)

8. SparkPeople

Not dissimilar to other apps in this list, SparkPeople requires you to create an account on the app. On the next screen, you can opt to receive notifications for meal reminders and coaching tips that help you stay on track. After you make your selection on this screen, you’ll be taken to the home screen of the app. Here, like other apps in this list, you can add your food and water consumption details, exercise information, and weight tracking. When you enter a food item for the first time, you’ll be asked to set your goals first. For this, you’ll be required to enter you gender, age, weight, target weight, and height. When you fill these details, refine your goal by choosing the most appropriate activity level from the options that you get. Now when you add any food item, your calorie target will get updated.

9. MyPlate

As obvious as it has become now, you need to sign up on MyPlate before starting to use it. Enter details like your age, gender, height, and current and target weights before finally selecting your goal. When you reach the calorie goal page, you will see options like easy, moderate, challenging, extreme, and custom. Each of these options are planned out to achieve your target over different time spans. On the next page, you can choose the time at which you have your meals and opt to get a reminder for them every time so that you don’t forget to stick to your calorie target. The following screen gives you the option to connect the app with your Google Fit account. You can skip this if you want.

Like other apps, enter the food items that you eat, the glasses of water that you drink, and the exercise that you do. Entering these details will update your remaining target for the day accordingly. You can also see the macro breakdown of the food that you have consumed on the same page. In the “Progress” tab, you can view the graphical representation of your progress. Lastly, to gain access to detailed analysis like macros by meal, top food sources, and calories burned, you can subscribe to the gold membership of the app.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Gold starts at $9.99/month)


Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

11. Joy Health Tracker

12. Simple Diet Diary

Simple Diet Diary is one of the few calorie counter apps that does not require you to create an account on the app. This means that you can start using it right after installing it. You can add a food item that you eat either by searching in the app or manually. If you choose to search it, then you will be required to have an additional add-on installed on your device as well. This will auto-fill the calorie and nutrient information as well. Though you can’t set a calorie target, you can view your intake count for each day. Also, you can view the statistics and graphs accordingly. It is a simple app but works out pretty well as a calorie counter app. Lastly, there is a premium version of the app available as an in-app purchase and offers a dark theme and a customizable widget.

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchases)

13. HealthifyMe

Whether you are a fitness freak or someone who is desperately trying to lose a lot of pounds to get fitter and stronger, HealthifyMe can be a smart pick for you. What makes this calorie counter so handy is the ability to simplify two pivotal things: planning the meal and tracking the eating habits. So, based on what your goal is, you can plan your meal and keep a track of the calories that you consume. Moreover, the app also offers helpful expert tips so that you can stay focused and easily find out the areas that need more attention. One of my favorite features of HealthifyMe is the seamless syncing with the stock health app for iOS which helps me find out the calories that I have burned. Everything considered; HealthifyMe is one of the top calorie counters for iOS and Android due largely to the seamless experience.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Smart Plan starts at $5.99/month)

14. My Diet Coach

Looking for a personal diet coach to keep you guided throughout your weight loss journey? If yes, “My Diet Coach” could be the right answer to your goal. Probably the best part about this app is the flexibility that allows you to create a custom plan based on how fast you want to lose all the extra pounds. And once your custom plan is ready, it helps you stay motivated to achieve that coveted goal. With the much-needed insight, helpful tips, and also inspiring quotes, it keeps your adrenaline in the high spirit. Thanks to a handy panic button, it enables you to take control of the food craving. Not just that, My Diet Coach also offers a ton of rewards so that you can always feel at the top of your game.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, premium plan starts at $4.99/month)

15. Calorie Counter +

Install: iOS (free, the premium version is available for $2.99/month)

Monitor Calorie Intake with Best Calorie Counter Apps

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