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After completing numerous transactions on the market, Bitcoins can offer many benefits to its users. There are still people who think that investing in Bitcoins is dangerous and unsafe. As with any type of investment, people who are interested in Bitcoins should conduct thorough research to learn about the pros and cons of this currency.

The Pros of Bitcoins

Bitcoins were launched in 2009, but they are still considered a new currency. Learn more about Bitcoins and the benefits they offer to help you decide whether or not you want to invest.

1. Accessibility & Liquidity:

You can purchase goods and services using Bitcoins by simply transferring them between users. This transaction is flexible and fast has led to an ever-increasing number of places accepting cryptocurrencies.

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2. User anonymity and transparency:

Bitcoin customers are often identified using numerical codes rather than their names. This allows for anonymity and transparency, which helps to ensure that no one can track the Bitcoin users. These transactions are not traceable easily.

Bitcoins allow anyone to view all transactions they make. This gives them a degree of transparency. The blockchain ensures that users are protected from fraud and scams even though their wallet address has been made public.

They can create a new address for their wallet to ensure anonymity and security. Bitcoin transactions are safer than traditional currencies that can leak personal information.

3. Independent from any external authority:

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that cannot be controlled or manipulated externally. This cryptocurrency ensures that your money will never be taken away.

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The Cons and Benefits of Bitcoins 1. There are no regulations from the government

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2. Limitation of use

Despite the fact that more companies accept Bitcoin for transactions, they are not widely accepted. This can lead to Bitcoins being restricted in use, which is unlikely with credit or debit cards.

You can find many websites that provide detailed information and guidance about how to invest in Bitcoins.

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Iobit Smart Defrag – Review, Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

iObit Smart Defrag – Review, Pros, Cons and Final Verdict

What Do You Mean by Disk Fragmentation?

Times when you are installing new applications or deleting large amounts of files, disk fragmentation has started already. Disk fragmentation simply means that your files are being broken into pieces on various parts of the disk. Since we are continuously working on those files, they are being edited in different forms like writing & resizing. And due to this constant change in the overall filing, fragmentation is quite natural.

The more disk fragmentation will spread, your PC will start working slower than ever before. Though disk fragmentation is all about using the space (available) on storage devices, it needs to be on the minimum level. You need to make sure that the fragmentation level is as less as possible so that the system performance doesn’t get affected. However, if the fragmentation level goes up, you need to turn yourself to disk cleanup software available in the market.

Which Disk Cleanup Software One Must Choose?

So instead of running all over the internet for the best cleanup software, let us do the overall math for you. Here we would be giving you a thorough detailed overview of one of the best hard drive optimizers. Yeah!! To keep your system drives defragmented as well as improving PC performance, we have narrowed it down to the IObit Smart Defrag.

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Product Specifications




Publisher Website



Utilities & Operating Systems

Subcategory System Utilities


Operating Systems Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Additional Requirements None


File Size


File Name

External File


License Model Free


Not available



Start Optimizing Hard Drive With IObit Smart Drive

Undoubtedly, one of the best disk defragmentation software, IObit Smart Defrag is all set to bring down the fragmentation level. Also, doing so will start optimizing your system hard drive to increase the overall performance on your PC. IObit Smart Defrag has been designed to keep defragging your hard drive fast & deep so that nothing goes untouched.

Also, just because it will be working quickly doesn’t mean there will be gaps in system cleanup. A perfect combination of reliability & powerful rich features, IObit Smart Defrag is just the tool you were looking for. So without further ado, let’s start exploring this effective & promising disk cleanup software for your PC:

You need to start by visiting the official website & tapping onto the Free Download button.

Tapping on Download Now will direct you to a new page where you need to tap on Download Now & wait for the downloading to complete.

Now you need to go ahead with the installation process and other prompts. Within a while, the installation will be done & you will land upon the IObit Smart Defrag homepage.

As soon as the tool will pop-up, it will give you a glimpse of your system’s current drive details. For example, in the above screenshot, IObit Smart Defrag has shown details about the PC’s drives with type as well as memory data.

This self-monitoring disk health report (statistical data) will give you a bit of an idea of how it’s performing and if any actions need to be taken.

So let’s start going through each section of IObit Smart Defrag software to understand it fully (one by one):

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1. Disk Defrag

The Disk Defrag section is the same page we have landed on as soon as IObit Smart Defrag launched on the system. Though the page doesn’t have much info to hold, it holds the info about how to go with defragging your system drives. All you need to do is, just select the drive you need to defrag & once the decision is made, tap on Start Defrag.

Just as shown in the above picture, you need to start the defragmentation process by selecting the drives you wish to defrag (we are going ahead with both the drives).

You can also hover the cursor onto the down arrow section on any of the drives to see more options (Auto Defrag, Boot time defrag, & Disk Cleanup).

After deciding on everything, you need to tap on Smart Defrag & IObit Smart Defrag will start the defragmentation process.

As you can see in the above picture, the defragmentation process has been started. There are two tabs on the top (Windows & Data) that indicate different drives we have selected for defragmentation. Once the first one gets defragmented successfully, the other one will start automatically.

After the drive defrag has been completed, you will get a notification for the same. Also, you can tap on View Report to see the whole report in detailed format.

Also, nearby View Report & Finish, you will see another option (360 performance improvements). This option will tell you to optimize your PC by using one of its powerful tools, Advanced SystemCare (optional). All you need to do is, tap on Install to optimize & the tool will start analyzing different sections to bring everything to the optimization level.

2. Boot Time Defrag

Another powerful section of the IObit Smart Defrag is the Boot Time Defrag that will make things more automatic than manual. All you need to do is tap onto the next header (Boot Time Defrag) and the page below will be displayed in front of you.

You can simply tap on Configure option and it will give you many options to tweak according to your convenience.

You can go through each & every one of them to set things & once everything has been set properly, tap on OK.

Here you can tick the sections (out of those 5 listed options) & the Boot Time Defrag will get enabled.

Please know that the defragmentation process will begin according to the settings you have set in the previous step. If you wish to make any changes in the same, you are most welcome to do so by tapping on the Configure function.

3. Game Optimize

As we told you at the start that IObit Smart Defrag is one of the best disk defrag software, it wasn’t without facts. The tool has been designed by keeping everything in mind that can cause you slow PC issues. This is why here we have listed all the possible solutions you may need to optimize hard drives & keep the system running smooth & faster. All you need to do here is, tap on the Game Optimize header (just near the Boot Time Defrag).

Surprisingly, you will see a blank window with a + sign where you can add your preferred game for a better experience.

Since it’s all about improving your gaming experience, the purpose will be achieved only by optimizing the whole process.

So you need to tap on + and add your game location from the auto popped-up window.

As soon as you narrow down the game that you wish to optimize for a better experience, tap on Open.

After adding the particular game, you need to tap on Optimize and IObit Smart Defrag will start optimizing the game for you.

As soon as you tap on Optimize, IObit Smart Defrag will optimize your game (you can see the Optimized:0 just below the game addition window). Also, you can tap onto the View Report to see what sections have been optimized for a better gaming experience.

4. Action Center

Action Center is another section of the powerful disk defrag software, IObit Smart Defrag that helps you with great suggestions. Sometimes, there are so many options, we get confused when making the final decision. This is where Action Center will help you with the best-recommended programs to keep your overall system protected along with better performance.

Above are all the recommended programs (optional) by the IObit Smart Defrag to help you keep the system protected. All you need to do is, tap on Install Now and the program will be installed on your system. You can go through the quick summary of the overall purpose of the tool and then make your decision.

After exploring all the above four sections, you can also tap on the burger menu (top left side of the screen). Here you will find many things to tweak & change the way the IObit Smart Defrag looks.

It simply means that you have got the customization control to make everything look according to your preference. So without further ado, tap on the burger menu & start exploring each one of them one by one. Exciting!!

Free Disk Defrag Software – iObit Smart Defrag

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Best Fitness Bands To Buy In India With Pros, Cons And Comparison

I used to be among those people who would rely on smartphones to count steps walked and climbed. However, today there are dedicated gadgets that can do this and more. In addition to that, they can also pair up with your smartphone to help you visualize your workouts, exercises and calorie consumption. If you want to stay fit and healthy and embrace tech at the same time, check these gadgets out.

10 Useful And Affordable Gadgets For Fitness Junkies JawBone UP2

The Jawbone UP2 is an activity tracker, allowing you to keep a track of your steps and sleep. Featuring three modes, the JawBone UP2 lets you count your steps, measure the calories burned in sudden bursts of activity and track your sleeping patterns. The last part is interesting, as the JawBone UP2 can initiate an alarm to wake you up when it thinks you are in light sleep.

Jawbone UP2 Specs

LED light indicators

Activity, Calorie, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Barcode Scanner, Expert Coaching, Goal Setting

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 10 days

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge Specs

LCD display

Activity, Calorie, Steps, Heart Rate, Distance and Sleep tracker

Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Barcode Scanner, Expert Coaching, Goal Setting

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 7 days; if GPS turned on, then up to 10 hours

GoQii Life

The GOQii band tracks activity, water intake, sleep time, nutrition and calorie burn. While almost all the other trackers mentioned here require you to wear them, you can actually carry the GoQii Life in your pocket as well. Additionally, the sleep mode is a blessing for people like me who want to control how much they sleep.

GoQii Life Specs

LED light indicators

Activity, Calorie, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Barcode Scanner, Expert Coaching, Goal Setting, Personal GoQii coach

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 10 days

Mi Band

Mi Band Specs

LED light indicators

Alarms, Activity, Calorie, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 30 days

Fossil Q Motion

The Q Motion is a slim, cylindrical tracker that tracks your track your steps and your sleep activity. It vibrates if you receive a notification on your connected device. Q motion also has “smart tap” which allows you to program some one-tap actions like changing the music or use the band as a remote to take selfies with your smartphone’s camera. The Q Motion is priced at $95.

Fossil Q Motion Specs

LED light indicators

Activity, Calorie, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 6 months

GetActive Tapp

To keep you motivated enough, the GetActive Trapp comes with a points system. This system rewards you points for every step you take (with the band worn, of course) that can be later redeemed with the company’s participating partners.

GetActive Tapp Specs

LED display

Activity, Calorie, Steps, Distance tracker

Expert Coaching, Goal Setting, Auto BMI (Body Mass Index) score calculation

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 4-5 days

FitBit Flex

The Flex has a tiny display comprising five LED dots which light up to tell you how close you are to achieving your goals. It tracks steps taken, sleep quality, and it syncs data wirelessly with PCs and Macs automatically. It is priced at $78. Of course, you also get to view your progress on your smartphones – iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone.

Fitbit Flex Specs

LED light indicators

Activity, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Alarm clock, Goal Setting

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 5 days

Fitbit Blaze

One of the best things about the Fitbit Blaze is not its design, but its accuracy. If you are looking for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker that can track your heart rate accurately, the Fitbit Blaze should be near the top on your list. Additionally, to compensate for the tiny batteries that come in wearables, Blaze uses location information from your smartphone for various tracking purposes. In essence, it harnesses the power of your smartphone in a very smart way.

Fitbit Blaze Specs

LCD display

Activity, Steps, Heart Rate Monitor, Distance and Sleep tracker

Alarm clock, Goal Setting, GPS, Reminders

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 5 days

Finis Neptune

Finis Neptune Specs

LED display

Music Player – 4 GB storage

Hydrodynamic Clips – securely straps on to the goggles and rests on the cheekbones

Battery life: up to 8 hours of playback

Misfit Ray

I kind of overlooked this beautiful, modular tracker. The Misfit Ray is perhaps the best looking fitness tracker in our list and don’t let the last position fool you. The Misfit Ray is a sleep and activity tracker, so while your options may be limited, it is going to be good at what it does. It’s also the first device that Misfit has launched after being acquired by Fossil. It is available for $99.

Misfit Ray Specs

LED light indicators

Activity, Calories, Steps, Distance and Sleep tracker

Alarm clock, Goal Setting

Activity Report, Sleep Report

Battery life: up to 6 months

[table id=444 /]

Leeco Le 1S Faq, Pros, Cons, User Queries And Answers

LeEco Le 1S Pros

3 GB RAM and octa-core processor

Primary camera shoots good quality pictures

4K Video Recording

Good battery backup

USB Type-C

Fingerprint on back

FHD display

Premium Build

Value for money

LeEco Le 1S Cons

Battery not user replaceable

No microSD card support



LeEco Le 1S Coverage

LeEco Le 1S Full Review, Features, Pros & Cons [Video] LeEco Le 1S Coverage

LeEco Le 1S Quick Specifications

[table id=323 /]

Question- How is Design and Build Quality?

LeEco Le 1S Photo Gallery

Question- Does the LeEco Le 1S Have Dual SIM Slots?

Answer- Yes, it has dual SIM slots with dual standby.

Answer- No, it does not offer memory expansion options.

Question- Does LeEco Le 1S Have Display Glass Protection?

Answer- There is no such confirmation about the display glass protection.

Answer- It comes with a 5.5 inch IPS HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution with pixel density of 401 ppi. The display seems very impressive for the price it comes for. Display looks bright and crisp in normal lights as well as in outdoors. Viewing angles of the display are also good.

Question- Does LeEco Le 1S Support Adaptive Brightness?

Answer- Yes, it supports adaptive brightness.

Question- Are navigation Buttons Backlit?

Answer- Yes, the capacitive navigation buttons are backlit.

Answer- It comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with the EUI skin on top.

Question- Is there any Finger Print Sensor, How Good or Bad It Is?

Answer- Yes, it has a fingerprint sensor and it works flawlessly.

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in LeEco Le 1S ?

Answer- Yes, it does support fast charging and comes with a power charger in the box.

Question- How Much Free Internal Storage is Available to User?

Answer- 24.19 GB is available out of 32 GB at user end.

Question- Can Apps be moved to SD card on LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- No, apps cannot be moved to SD card.

Question- When will Le 1S get Marshmallow update?

Answer- Android M for Le #SuperPhones is already in development and testing.

Answer- It comes with very few bloatware apps preinstalled; some of them are Talkback, Weather, Youtube and My LeTV etc. No, it cannot be removed.

Question- Does eUI support different launchers from Google playstore ?

Answer- Yes, it supports different launchers for the smarphones.

Question- How Much RAM is Available on the first Boot?

Question- Does it have LED notification light?

Answer- Yes, it does have a LED notification light.

Answer- Yes, it supports USB OTG but it was unable to detect the OTG drive in our case.

Question- Does LeEco Le 1S offer theme options to choose from?

Answer- Yes, Le 1S offers a lot of online themes to choose.

Answer- It comes with Dolby DTS speaker at the bottom and the speakers are loud and clear, we were amazed by the amount of sound we got to hear from a phone with ordinary price.

Question- How is the Call quality?

Answer- The call quality is good, the voice was clear and the network reception was also great.

Answer- It has a 13 MP rear camera with PDAF and f/2.0 aperture, and the front camera is 5 MP shooter. The autofocus on rear camera is quick and accurate. We were amazed to see the camera speed. It took very less time in processing the images and made it look very easy. The pictures showed good amount of details and colours but I noticed a tint of red in the pictures. The picture temperature was on the warmer side in most of the cases. Due to which the colours looked oversaturated in some pictures.

Front camera is also an average shooter which manages to capture good amount of light and details even in low light.  But again the pictures from the front camera looked far from real. The skin tone was not matching the real colours, it was too red instead.

LeEco Le 1S Camera Samples

Question- Can we Play Full HD 1080p Videos on LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- Yes, it is capable of playing Full HD videos.

Answer- Yes, it can record slow motion video but cannot record time-lapse.

Question- How is Battery Backup on LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- Battery is the main highlight feature of this device, it packs a 3000 mAh battery under the hood. It is fair enough to keep the device working throughout a long and busy day.

Answer– Silver and Gold variant of the Le 1S are available for purchase.

Question- Can we set the display colour temperature on LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- Yes, you can change display temperature.

Answer- Yes, it has different power saving modes to improve the battery efficiency.

Question- Which Sensors are available on LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- It has Gyroscope, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Gravity sensor, Light sensor, and magnetic field sensor, orientation sensor and rotation sensor.

Answer- Yes, it has an IR blaster.

Question- What is the Weight of LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- It weighs 171 grams.

Question- What is the SAR Value of LeEco Le 1S?

Answer- At the Head – 0.404 W/Kg, At the Body – 1.38 W/Kg (India 1 gm Sar Limit: 1.6 W/Kg)

Answer- No, it does not support tap to wake up command.

Question- Does It Support Voice Wake up Commands?

Answer- No, it does not support voice wake up commands.

Answer- GSM – 850, 900, 1800, 1900; WCDMA – 850, 900, 1900, 2100; 4G LTE (FDD) – 1800 (Band 3), 2100 (Band 1), 2600 (Band 7), (TDD) – B38/B39/B40/B41.

Question- Does Le 1S support VoLTE?

Answer- No, it does not support VoLTE.

Question- What are the benchmark scores?


Question- Does LeEco Le 1S Have Heating Issues?

Answer- Yes, we noticed the Le 1s getting hot in after running back to back benchmark tests and also while gaming.

Question- Do you have service center in our region ?

Answer- LeEco has 555 Authorized service across India for details you can check the link below

Question- How is the Gaming Performance?

Question- Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?

Answer- Yes, you can create hotspot to share internet from this device.


The LeEco Le 1S is certainly one of the best choices among the smartphones of its segment with the MediaTek’s most known processor, fingerprint sensor, metal unibody and 3 GB RAM. We are currently reviewing the device and so far, it has performed the way we expected it to be. It is a good overall package that delivers almost every necessary feature to users at the least possible cost.

A Comprehensive Guide To 8 Types Of Leadership: Pros & Cons

blog / Leadership Discovering Your Leading Style: A Guide to 8 Types of Leadership

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In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, leaders must don multiple hats, extending their influence beyond their position of authority. They serve as the backbone of organizations and can shape their teams’ success. But what does it take to be an exceptional leader? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, exploring the different types of leadership can unlock various possibilities to elevate their impact. This article will explore eight main types of leadership and their pros and cons. Moreover, we will help determine which style suits which strengths best. So read along to unlock that potential as a leader.

What are the Different Leadership Styles and How Do They Differ?

Leadership is the ability of individuals to inspire, influence, and guide others toward a common goal or vision that benefits the organization as a whole. It encompasses several essential functions, such as providing direction, delegating tasks, making decisions, setting goals, and fostering a positive work environment. 

Types of Leadership 

Some of the common types of leadership include: 

Visionary Leadership 

Transactional Leadership 

Charismatic Leadership 

Transformational Leadership 

Autocratic Leadership

Bureaucratic Leadership

Democratic Leadership

Laissez-Faire Leadership

These types of leadership differ in approach, style, and behaviors leaders exhibit. Additionally, these styles vary regarding decision-making authority, team involvement, motivation techniques, and overall leadership approach. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the situation. Besides, the choice of leadership style can also depend on the situation, organizational culture, and the team or organization’s needs. Let’s delve deeper into these types of leadership and comprehensively understand their pros and cons.

1.  Visionary Leadership

Visionary leaders inspire others to work toward a vision for the future.


Visionary leaders inspire and motivate others with their vision for the future

They encourage creative thinking and innovation by challenging the status quo and promoting new ideas 


They can face difficulty communicating their grand vision, which can result in misunderstandings or confusion among team members

Visionary leaders may also establish ambitious goals that can be challenging to achieve, potentially creating pressure and fostering unrealistic expectations  

2. Transactional Leadership

Transactional leaders use social exchanges to influence others to achieve their goals.


These leaders establish clear expectations, goals, and performance standards, ensuring that others understand what is expected of them, thus promoting accountability

They use rewards and recognition to motivate and incentivize their team members, fostering productivity and performance


This type of leadership primarily focuses on maintaining existing processes and achieving established goals. Needless to say, this can potentially stifle innovation and creativity within the team

The transactional approach of this leadership style can also lead to a lack of personal and professional growth opportunities for team members

3. Charismatic Leadership 

Charismatic leaders inspire and motivate others to behave in a specific way by being enthusiastic, energetic, and charismatic.


These leaders can inspire and motivate others through their enthusiasm, energy, and charisma

They also create an optimistic work atmosphere, fostering high morale and engagement


Their persuasive abilities can be utilized for self-serving purposes without considering the best interests of the organization or team

The focus on inspiring and motivating may overshadow the practical aspects of execution and implementation

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4. Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders transform others, nurturing them to achieve greater success and growth.


Transformational leaders encourage creativity, challenge the status quo, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth

Additionally, they create a supportive and empowering work environment that fosters a sense of satisfaction, morale, and motivation among employees 


Transformational leaders’ high expectations and drive for excellence can sometimes lead to increased pressure and workload for employees.

In addition to this, transformational leaders, driven by the pursuit of organizational goals, may overlook the developmental needs of individual team members

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5. Autocratic Leadership 

Autocratic leaders make decisions and give orders without seeking input from others.


Autocratic leadership enables swift and decisive action in crises

Moreover, this leadership style provides clear direction and instructions, minimizing ambiguity


Limited involvement in decision-making in an autocratic leadership style may leave team members feeling disengaged or undervalued 

Furthermore, the lack of input from others can also impede the generation of fresh ideas and diverse perspectives

ALSO READ: What is Autocratic Leadership & How Does it Work in a Business Environment?  

6. Bureaucratic Leadership

Bureaucratic leaders rely on established rules and procedures to guide their leadership approach.


Bureaucratic leadership focuses on minimizing risks by following established protocols and guidelines 

They establish clear structures, rules, and processes that promote efficiency, consistency, and order within the organization


These leaders tend to prioritize adherence to established rules and procedures over adaptability, thus making them inflexible and rigid in their approach

Furthermore, they often tightly control tasks and responsibilities, limiting individual autonomy and decision-making authority  

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 7. Democratic Leadership 

Democratic leaders involve others in the decision-making process and encourage collaboration.


They include team members in decision-making and foster a sense of ownership and commitment in the team


A democratic style of leadership can be slower due to discussions and consensus-building

Democratic leadership can lead to disagreements, and conflicts among team members may also arise, thus requiring effective conflict resolution 

ALSO READ: What is Democratic Leadership? How Does it Drive Success in an Organization? 

8. Laissez-Faire Leadership

Laissez-faire leaders provide freedom and autonomy to individuals, allowing them to make their own decisions.


Laissez-faire leaders empower individuals with autonomy, promoting creativity and initiative

Additionally, in this type of leadership, employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work, resulting in increased self-motivation 


This type of leadership can lack structure and guidance, leaving employees feeling lost or uncertain 

The freedom and autonomy granted in laissez-faire leadership can also lead to a lack of accountability and a decrease in overall productivity

ALSO READ: What is Laissez-Faire Leadership? How it Can Drive Business Growth 

How Can a Leader Determine the Best Leadership Style to Use Within Their Organization?  Step 1: Develop a Deep Understanding of Yourself 

Professionals in leadership roles should take the time to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and leadership preferences. Reflect on personality traits, communication style, and decision-making approach. Moreover, self-awareness is crucial in determining which leadership style aligns best with one’s natural tendencies. 

Step 2: Define One’s Core Values 

Consider how different leadership styles may align with one’s values and help address challenges. 

Step 3: Try Different Leadership Styles 

Try out various leadership styles in different situations or projects. Equally important, be open to adapting the approach based on the needs of the team and the specific circumstances. 

Step 4: Ask for Feedback 

Seek feedback from team members and colleagues regarding the leadership style. Create a culture of open communication where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and observations. Furthermore, this feedback will provide valuable insights into how the leadership style is perceived and impacts others.   

Step 5: Learn From Other Leaders 

One must look to leaders whom they admire and respect. Examine their leadership styles and the impact they have had on their organizations. Additionally, identify the aspects of their leadership that resonate with you and could be applied to one’s own leadership approach.

Step 6: Find a Mentor  How Can Leaders Transition from One Leadership Style to Another When Managing Different Types of Employees?

Transitioning between leadership styles when managing diverse employees requires leaders to assess individual needs, provide training and support, remain flexible and open-minded, and communicate and seek feedback to learn from their experiences. Furthermore, by employing these strategies, leaders can also effectively navigate the complexities of diverse teams, foster an inclusive work environment, and maximize the potential of each employee. Additionally, embracing a versatile leadership approach enhances team performance and promotes employee growth, engagement, and satisfaction.

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In conclusion, understanding and embracing different leadership styles can significantly impact personal and organizational growth. Moreover, by recognizing each style’s unique strengths and weaknesses, leaders can adapt their approach to suit the specific needs of their team and organization. Additionally, investing in continuous learning and development is vital for honing leadership skills and staying ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape. Therefore, seize the opportunity to grow as a leader and positively impact your organization by exploring these online leadership courses from Emeritus.  

By Krati Joshi

Write to us at [email protected]

5 Best Pop Up Video Players For Android, Pros And Cons

What Android users would complain about is how multi-tasking comes to a halt when watching videos on your device; for example, editing docs, sending SMS, creating alarms, etc require you to first stop the video that you are playing, minimize the video player window and then proceed.


DicePlayer is one of the really useful video player having Pop-up play(background playback / floating feature playback) support. The application have HW Accelerated Video Player (up to x2.0) with Playback pace control and Network support. In this way, you can watch online and offline videos at floating window with no issue.


Popup Play

Network Support : Windows Share / FTP / HTTP / WebDAV

Multiple audio track

Multiple subtitle track : external sub also supported.


Video capability depends on your devices HW video decodes’ capability.

GPlayer (Super Video Floating)

GPlayer, prior known as Super Video Floating is another creative video playback app for Android OS. It can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing component. Better operation experience, bolster subtitle and popup feature system. In a layman’s words, you can watch your favorite videos and do something else on your Android gadget in the meantime.

You can enjoy upto 6 videos at same time. It is not a basic popup/sticky video player, it has a cordial and basically client interface with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style.

You can customize the app theme as per your desire.


Group Media Sharing allows the devices within same network to share the media files.

User friendly & simple UI with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style.


Limited features for free version.

FVPlayer – Floating Video Player

FVPlayer supports popup video playback feature. You can enjoy your favorite videos while searching the web, composing your email, or utilizing whatever other application on your tablet or smartphone.

Lets say you are stuck in a level of your most loved action game. Furthermore, you have a video walk through, with FVPlayer you can watch the video and at the same time cross the level. You can read your important work documents while watching videos simultaneously. The window being resizable additionally minimizable, makes this possible.


You can use the proximity sensor to play/pause anytime.

Ability to set the initial launch width and height of the video


Performance capability depends on device’s processor.

Only supports those formats which are playable with default android video player(.3gp,.mp4)


BSPlayer is the most effective video player for Android smartphones. The application accompanies top hardware acceleration function which expands speed of video playback while diminishing the battery usage. It supports multi-core HW interpreting to essentially enhance video playback speed.


Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files.

Hardware accelerated video playback.


Hardware accelerated playback in portrait mode may be corrupted on some HTC models.

Zoom/stretch may not work on all video types.


FloatTube is probably one of the best app that lets you enjoy YouTube videos with screen off. Super user-friendly, only problem is that once you start the video in background it won’t let you go back to the video, you have to stop and reload it if you want to do anything with it.


Let’s you find YouTube videos category wise.

Background video playback capability.


Crashes more often.

Some users have reported issues with splash screen.


Floating & Popup Video Players are extraordinarily useful on the off chance that you need to watch videos while messaging to your friends, scanning web of doing whatever other task. However, it is a well known fact that Popup video players consume more memory resources and may affect the performance of your device but that’s a trade-off that you would be willing to make.

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