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An acquaintance approached me with a dilemma recently.

Her supervisor had requested the password of a coworker who was out on

extended sick leave. The supervisor said, ”Joe gave it to me before he

left, but I misplaced it. Just go ahead and give it to me again,


The system administrator told me that at first she was going to just give

the password to her boss, but began to have second thoughts about it.

What was the right thing to do?

If it meant saying no, how was she supposed to do that without getting


It turned out that Joe’s password wasn’t available, and the system

administrator didn’t have to actually say no. But the situation raises

larger questions, involving the ethical administration of corporate

assets. Often the situation can be sidestepped with some creative

solutions. However, it can be tricky to face the situation in a manner

that won’t lead to the end of your career or a colleague’s.

First, find out what your supervisor really wants.

It may be that Joe forgot to turn in the quarterly report, but left you a

copy. It’s possible the required information resides in more than one

location. If your supervisor has authorization for administrative access

on the system, providing him with his own administrative-level password

should be sufficient.

Second, it’s possible your supervisor is looking for evidence. It may not

be something he/she is allowed to discuss with you, or it may be they

can’t articulate specifically what they’re looking for. This presents a

different ethical dilemma that can be examined from two different


First, does explicit corporate policy exist regarding the use of company

assets for personal use? Are there awareness notifications? When you


The use of this system is restricted to authorized users and is for

official use only. This computer system, including all related equipment,

networks, and network devices (specifically including Internet access)

may be monitored for all lawful purposes. Use of this computer system,

authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this

system. etc. etc.

Is this caveat enforced? Understand that I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t

play one on TV, but in HR terms, this is an unenforced corporate policy

which lends itself to a concept known as ‘acceptable practice’. Having

unenforced corporate policies could leave an organization vulnerable to


Here is an example of unenforced corporate policy and acceptable

practice. Let’s say, a company policy states working hours are from 8

a.m. to 7 p.m. with one hour for lunch. An individual or individuals

consistently arrive late, take an hour and 20 minutes for lunch or leave

15 minutes early. This behavior is not documented and the individuals

evaluations. Thus, a standard of acceptable practice is set that the

company must tolerate based on this previous behavior, or aggressively

pursue a re-education campaign that has clear requirements and consistent


Even if the company spells out what is and isn’t acceptable, if there is

no accountability for inappropriate behavior, it is much more difficult

to pursue disciplinary action.

must be examined.

Is there an expectation of privacy? Is it commonly understood and

accepted that private materials can be kept on a company workstation and

will be kept confidential or considered confidential by management?

Litigation also is a possibility when dealing with matters that involve

personal privacy in the workplace.

Let’s look at one final consideration.

You and Joe are friends and you know he spends a good portion of his day

online looking for stuff, chatting with pals, and surfing various

questionable Web sites. Where should your loyalties lie? Your decision

might seem more difficult because sometimes it’s hard to identify with an

impassive impersonal corporate entity, or you may disagree with corporate


I look at it like this: Even if Joe is my friend, he causes more work for

me and for others when he doesn’t do his share. He lowers the value of

the company by stealing time and services from the corporation. This

places my job at greater risk. Finally, Joe has the audacity to put me,

as system administrator, in an awkward position because I know what

happens on his computer, and NOW, my boss also is interested.

OK, let’s get back to the system administrator who was asked to hand over

a password.

I’m still personally unwilling to just give out the password. Depending

on the circumstances, suggest contacting the employee to retrieve the

password. This is a reasonable option if you don’t retain password

records. An alternative would be to change the user’s password (as

administrator), and then have the user change it again when he or she


Earlier we talked about administrative access. This method should be used

if at all possible. This is a reasonable option if you don’t retain

password records.

Remember that every set of circumstances is different and I can’t give

you the definitive answer on how to handle your specific situation.

Whatever you do, get the request in writing before you act on it. Ask

your boss to send you email, print it, with the complete headers, sign

and date it and put it away. You don’t ever want to be in a position

later where your recollection and your boss’s recollection differs.

If you believe your supervisor’s request to be unlawful, against company

policy or suspicious in some other way, tell them you are acting in

protest on their written request, and you will be documenting the

exchange. You can then speak to your supervisor’s boss, where you might

gain a better understanding of actions being taken. If you think it is

appropriate, you also can speak to someone in HR, or if your organization

has legal counsel, speak to them. Be aware they get paid by the company

as well, and you may find they have a conflict of interest.

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Protecting Your Industrial It Deployment

Mobile devices have become critical to daily operations in many industrial settings, providing real-time access to information and alerts, and replacing paper-based workflows with intuitive apps. However, the industrial environment can be harsh and unforgiving to electronic devices with exposed glass screens. From heat and humidity to exposure to water, drops, dust and more, it can be a challenge to protect your industrial IT deployment.

To better protect capital investments in mobile technology, industrial IT decision-makers are turning to the rugged tablet. According to a recent report from VDC Research, rugged tablet shipments are set to reach 517,000 devices by 2023, up from fewer than 350,000 devices globally in 2023. At the same time, rugged Android devices are forecast to begin to replace more expensive Windows-based devices.

Built Industrial Rugged

While consumer-grade tablets may cost less than rugged devices to procure, they aren’t built to withstand the tough and unpredictable industrial environment. Since they are more likely to break when dropped or exposed to water or humidity, they incur greater repair and replacement costs — not to mention the resulting lost productivity — that can push the total cost of ownership much higher than that of rugged tablets.

As a rugged tablet that is MIL-STD-810G tested, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is an example of the new breed of Android devices that meets military-grade standards for durability. The Tab Active2 was put through a series of tests including repeated drops, vibration, temperature fluctuations, humidity and altitude changes, as well as blowing dust and rain. It also features an IP68 rating, which means both the device and its stylus are water resistant — up to half an hour in five-foot-deep water.

Built to Work the Way Your Workers Do

Industrial workers often need to wear protective gear such as gloves to keep themselves safe. To keep productivity high, it’s important that the devices used in an industrial IT setting can respond smoothly and reliably, even to gloved operators.

21 Tests the Galaxy Tab Active2 Survived

White Paper

See a full rundown of the MIL-STD-810G testing the Tab Active2 passed in this infographic. Download Now

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active2 features Enhanced Touch capability for wet screens and gloved hands, and is also equipped with an S Pen stylus — so workers can continue to consistently interact with the screen without the inconvenience, interruption and risk of exposure from removing protective gloves in the workplace.

The device also integrates biometric authentication options, including facial recognition, so that workers can unlock their devices without needing to remove their gloves.

Built with a Security-First Mindset

Security is an essential requirement in any industrial IT deployment too. Data loss, hacking and industrial espionage can be costly to any business. The Galaxy Tab Active2 is built on the Samsung Knox security platform, which protects data from the chip up.

The device is also IT-friendly, with several Samsung Knox solutions available to make configuring and managing devices easier and more secure. Knox Configure allows you to customize devices and applications for specific industrial uses. For device enrollment, Knox Mobile Enrollment makes it easy to enroll an entire fleet of devices in your MDM at once. And Knox Manage allows for ongoing management of devices through features like whitelisting or blocklisting apps as well as the ability to remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

Built with All the Essentials

While finding a device that can withstand the high durability and security standards required in an industrial setting is critical, it’s also important that the device has the right features to make work more productive. With a long-lasting and replaceable battery, a rugged case and accessories available such as vehicle mounts, rugged portable or mounted keyboards and charging cradles, the Galaxy Tab Active2 is ready to perform wherever and however it’s needed.

With an industrial-ready rugged tablet like the Tab Active2, you can be confident that your mobile investment is maximized both from a durability and a longevity standpoint.

Learn more about how the Galaxy Tab Active2 can help solve your toughest business challenges.

Google Launches New Structured Data For Job Listings

Google is introducing a new structured data markup property for job listings that allow prospects to apply directly on the employer’s website.

In addition, Google is mandating a new editorial content policy in an effort to users can understand the content in a job listing and easily apply for it either directly or another way.

First let’s look at the new structured data property.

New directApply Markup For Job Listings

The new directApply property allows employers to indicate if there’s an option for prospective employees to apply for a job on their website.

Google says this markup is suitable for job listings that meet a certain set of user actions required to apply for the job. Namely, the user must be offered a short and straightforward application process.

Employers offer a “direct apply experience,” as defined by Google, if one of these conditions are met:

The user completes the application process on your site.

In other words, if the job listing requires applicants to upload a resume and then type all that same information again in an application form, it’s not eligible for this markup.

Site owners can start using this markup right away, though there may not be any immediate effect in search results as Google works to integrate this information into its index.

New Content Policy For Job Listings

Google asks that job listings also follow basic grammar rules, such as proper capitalization.

Based on research findings, Google offers the following tips to employers to improve job seeker trust and potentially attract more applicants:

No scams: Verify that no job listings represent scams or spams. Listings must represent real job opportunities.

Improve user experience: Sites with poor user experience ask for user information when it’s not necessary, have poor quality pages, or have complex application processes.

Remove expired job posts: Don’t leave a job post open if it is no longer accepting new applications.

Genuine dates: Don’t mask old jobs as new ones and don’t update the DatePosted property if there was no change to the job post.

No wrong or misleading info: This includes incorrect salary, location, working hours, employment type, or other job specific details.

Google’s new editorial content policy for job listings will go into effect on October 1, 2023.

Source: Google Search Central Blog

Why Your Computer Crashes While Playing Games?

We all know that Windows 10 is a game friendly operating system and is a popular gaming platform.

But sometimes while playing, the gamers love to push their limits and this may cause the system to crash and you may experience games keep crashing in PC problem.

This might be quite annoying to the game-enthusiasts. There may be assorted reasons that trigger the issue.

Sometimes the built-in repairing tools help you resolve these crash-related problems from the file integrity features to mend the problem.

You can also try to lower your graphics settings to reduce unwanted crashes or sometimes a simple clean boot can solve the software conflicts instantly.

Through this article let us try to explore some solutions to resolve the issue when games keep crashing on the PC.

Sometimes we ignore these things like your Computer getting overheated but this may generate many problems along with games keep crashing on the PC.

This mainly happens when energy-consuming games are running. Nowadays the recent games are power-intensive and consume a lot of energy.

Although your system is designed in such a way that it will get shut down if the CPU gets overheated. It is organized in such a way to combat the critical issues of hardware failures.

If you have options provide some additional coolers. There are some software packages available to check the changes in the temperature level. Always monitor the temperature reading and check the coolers from time to time.

The corruption in the drivers may cause the issue of games crashing in windows 10. Sometimes your drivers may be out of date and need an update. So, remember to re-check your drivers as this can cause you a lot of problems with your system.

Besides having a problem while gaming, drivers can generate other problems too.

First of all, you need to go to the Device Manager or Windows Update and check for the latest updates available for your graphics card driver.

Visit the website of the manufacturer and from there you need to download the latest driver required as per your model.

Then proceed for the installation of the driver. It is a bit tiring job to download the drivers manually. So, remember to check the specific model of your device.

You may also take the help of a third-party tool for downloading and installing the drivers instantly.

Now check whether your driver is compatible with your system and you can continue with your gaming smoothly.

Often some programs that are running in the background can consume a lot of energy which in turn may cause the system to crash and you might experience a sudden shutdown of the system.

The game may be power-intensive as we have discussed before but along with that, some programs may also hog on the RAM.

So it is highly recommended if you are running such resource – consuming programs in the background, proceed to disable those.

Here I am providing you a complete guideline how you will execute that step by step:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Task Manager and then choose the Startup Tab.

Step 2: Proceed to disable all the energy-consuming programs that you suspect may generate the problem.

Step 3: When you can check and cease all the programs, give your computer a fresh restart. And check whether these games randomly crashing windows 10 issue is solved to some extent.

Some of the recent games may need some specific software to give you proper gaming experience.

Before you start gaming check whether you have properly installed the additional software package required for that particular game.

Go through the documentation of the games you wish to play and make sure you install the specific program for those specific games.

Sometimes the generic audio driver of Windows 10 may have a conflict with GPU or any other device.

If it happens, your GPU fails to crash your system so, we strongly recommend you removing the onboard audio device. Here, I am mentioning the procedure to do it. Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and then choose to open the Device Manager.

Step 3: Now, close the window and give your system afresh Restart.

If there is any problem related to the hardware it may trigger many associated issues along with computer crashes when playing games.

Some graphics card related problem has been identified by many users while this issue occurred. So, make sure you have a proper power supply required for your graphics card to avoid these types of unnecessary problems.

Ensure to check the configuration of your computer so that you have assembled it properly and if you identify any requirement replace them with the specific components.

We recommend you to take special care of your HDD or RAM. The memory sticks may break or there may be corruption in the HDD also, so, make sure you check those minutely.

Never forget to scan your device if you experiencing games randomly crashing windows 10 because they might prove to be the hidden reason for creating every problem.

Some malwares or viruses may be the reason behind it and a huge range of Malwarebytes is available for several platforms.

They scan for any bugs, viruses, rootkits, worms, even trojans, or any other malicious software affecting your device and removes them. 

The bugs may be responsible for stealing your CPU resources so thoroughly scan your device

Here I am describing the steps using Windows Defender to perform the scanning. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit Windows Defender from the taskbar and then choose Virus & Threat Protection.

Step 2: Now choose the Advanced Scan procedure and commence the scanning process. Wait for the entire process to get completed and then check whether the problem is resolved.

This simple trick may work wonders sometime and promptly provides you the solution you are looking for. So, if you are annoyed when the computer crashes when playing games.

You can just run the game as an administrator and check the issue. Just follow these basic steps to commence the task:

Step 2: After that select Compatibility and then proceed to run the program as an administrator. 

So, there you are! Hope you got an idea of choosing the best suitable solution when games keep crashing in PC.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions related to this topic, please feel free to use the dedicated section below. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

Should You Tilt Your Keyboard While Typing?

Does your wrist stiffen and tingle with pain or become numb after spending some time typing on your keyboard?

If it does, you overstress your wrist while typing on the keyboard, causing swollen tendons and carpal tunnel.

However, you can quickly mitigate this problem by tilting your keyboard to the correct height and attaining a good wrist posture.

Tilt your keyboard in either neutral (zero-degree) or slightly negative (4-8 degrees) height when typing to prevent stress on wrist nerves caused by unnaturally bending your wrist to access keyboard buttons.

But how do you figure out whether your keyboard is tilted correctly, which may be challenging to figure by yourself?

Therefore, we have brought a guide to help determine different kinds of keyboard tilting to attain a proper wrist position.

What is Keyboard Tilt?

Keyboard tilt is tilting the keyboard’s bottom or top half to accommodate your wrist position.

Per the rule, your wrists should be neutral when typing on the keyboard to reduce unnecessary stress on the tendons and nerves.

Therefore, proper keyboard tilting will ensure that your wrist rests in a neutral position, thus, reducing stress.

A study by the U.S. Department of Labor concluded that work-related ailments are the highest reported physical ailments in the country, where 8 million people are affected every year with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

According to OrthopedicCenter, over 230,000 surgical procedures are performed annually to treat CTS.

Therefore, making your workstation ergonomic, especially tilting the keyboard right, is vital in preventing CTS and other musculoskeletal issues.

Read our article about attaining the best ergonomic position for keyboard and mouse when working.

Why is Keyboard Tilting Important?

The improper positioning of the elbow and wrist while working on a computer may invite different musculoskeletal issues.

Your forearms will sag as the arms get tired after using the keyboard, which puts absolute pressure solely on your wrists, forcing you to bend your wrists to adjust to the changing pressure.

Extending or flexing your wrists (bending your wrist up or down) repeatedly when typing may cause compression inside the tendons in the wrist.

These tendons lie parallel, so the back-and-forth movement creates friction, creating what is known as microtrauma.

Similarly, putting your wrist in a continuously extended or flexed state when typing on the keyboard will cause the tendons to swell up, causing wrist stiffness.

In either case, you will be exerting unnecessary stress on your wrists.

The longer these compressions last, the more severely your tendon and the carpal tunnel will swell, inviting extreme stiffness, tingling, and pain effects, eventually leading to Carpal tunnel injury.

The only mitigation to this problem is to change your keyboard tilt to a proper height so you can keep your wrist straight or float horizontally at all times.

Although taking frequent breaks or changing your sitting position may help, it will not completely prevent the onset of musculoskeletal problems.

Therefore, adjust your keyboard to a proper tilt to forever bid farewell to wrist problems.

Types of Keyboard Tilt

You can tilt or slope your keyboard in three different ways:

Positive tilt

Neutral tilt

Negative tilt

Each tilting position may offer different benefits and levels of risks

1. Positive Tilt

It will create a positive tilt when you lift the keyboard upward at its back edge while keeping the front lower.

Most computer keyboards come with legs on the back that allow tilting the keypad upward.

Some older keyboard models are usually built with a positive tilt to facilitate upwards typing; hence, you would naturally bend your wrist upwards.

Although positive tilt is not uncomfortable for short periods, the cumulative effect of minor strain on the wrist over weeks or months will cause wrist strain.

Using your keyboard in a tilted position will rapidly accelerate the problem of repetitive stress on the wrist.

If you wish to continue with a positive keyboard tilt, consider moving back and slightly reclining on the chair to keep your arms straight, reducing the need to bend your wrist.

2. Neutral Tilt

The neutral tilt refers to placing your keyboard flat on the table.

Also known as Zero degrees tilt, it encourages you to keep your wrist facing horizontally to the keyboard, preventing stress build-up on tendons or carpal tunnels.

The neutral tilt of the keyboard allows you to keep your wrist relaxed and neutral as opposed to a positive tilt or negative tilt that requires slight bending of the wrist.

However, ensure to sit up straight or slightly recline for a neutral keyboard tilt to benefit you the most.

Some older models are naturally raised in the back, giving a positive tilt, but it will not be a problem unless you start feeling a strain on the wrest.

In that case, consider switching your regular keyboard to a slightly negative tilted keyboard or add a separate front feet-stand to your keyboard.

3. Negative Tilt

Negative tilt in a keyboard refers to an upward lift at the front with a lower back edge, which raises your wrist upwards while typing on the keyboard.

However, spending too much time on a keyboard with a negative tilt can leave your wrist sore because of continuous upward push.

A slight negative tilt can be beneficial because it keeps your wrists in a proper neutral position, but it will only benefit you when using the keyboard infrequently.

It may prove to be trouble for frequent keyboard users after a while.

Therefore, you can naturally raise the front edge of your keyboard using a separate feet-stand or installing a keyboard tray to give it a more neutral tilt.

Consider tilting your keyboard negatively about 4 to 8 degrees to get a neutral tilt.

The degree of tilting may depend on your keyboard type, where a positively tilted keyboard should be tilted negatively more than a neutral tilted keyboard.

Which Keyboard Tilt is Good for Typing?

It would be best if you naturally chose a keyboard with a neutral tilt because it prevents unnecessary bending of your wrist while typing on the keyboard.

Results from a study indicated that you should avoid positive and excessive negative tilt requiring you to hyper-extend your wrists to press the keys.

The neutral wrist postures encourage minor extensions when typing on a neutral or slightly negative slanted keyboard.

This posture is achieved when the keyboard is placed just below the elbow height and the keyboard base is gently sloped away so you can easily reach the upper end of the keyboard.

However, you must maintain the correct posture where your arms, shoulders, neck, and back are slightly reclining backward.

A neutral tilt is described as a zero-degree tilt (or 0-degree incline) that keeps your wrist and upper arm straight, hence, significantly reducing wrist extension.

However, not every neutral-tilt keyboard provides zero-degree tilt because most keyboard models come in a slightly sloped design, giving your keyboard a positive tilt.

Based on carpal tunnel pressure studies, wrist extensions closer to neutral are beneficial concerning the etiology of nerve conduction injuries affecting the wrist.

Consider replacing your keyboard with a completely neutral tilted keyboard. Otherwise, add feet to your keyboard to raise the lower edge slightly to create a neutral tilt.

Alternatively, you can opt for a keyboard with a slight negative tilt to ensure your wrist rests in a neutral position.

A negative tilt decreases the wrist extension; however, extreme negative tilting, like 15 degrees, could put your wrist into more trouble.

Therefore, consider a keyboard tilt of 4- to 8-degree, depending on your comfort.

Best Tilted Keyboards for Typing in 2023

Choosing the right keyboard is nothing short of vital.

One way to know if a keyboard is right for you is by using one. Otherwise, take the expert’s word about the most ergonomic keyboards in the market.

Therefore, if you are contemplating buying a new keyboard for typing, here are a few recommendations.

Tips for Healthy Keyboard Usage

Here are a few tips to ensure healthy keyboard usage.

Do not bang when typing -Exert minimum amount of force when typing to offset the risk of injuring tendons, causing pain and inflammation.

Use a neutral wrist position -Always use a keyboard with a neutral or slightly negative tilt to ensure a straight wrist and upper-arm function when typing.

Position your elbow to 90-degrees -Place the keyboard 3-4″ above your knees and sit with a straight posture to ensure your elbow sits at a 90-degrees angle at all times.

Relax your shoulders -Place the keyboard nothing more than 3-4″ above the knees. Anything more than that will require raising shoulders to reach the keyboard.

Beware of wrist rests -Use wrist rests only when resting your wrist but typing.

Keep your Keypad at the center -Place your body precisely in front of the letter “B” to ensure your keyboard is at the center.

Employ wrist exercises -Use wrist extension and flexion stretches to help relax your wrists and increase wrist mobility.

Consider Keyboard Layout -If the usual keyboard is too large for you, switch to a small keyboard. For users with broad shoulders, use a split keyboard or angle-split keyboard.

Distance between you and keyboard -Leave a gap of at least 4-6 inches between your body and keyboard to allow enough room for your arm.

Use external keyboard -Laptop users should switch to an external keyboard to maintain the proper distance between the screen and the keyboard to the body.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a straight, neutral wrist position at all times is a must when working on your keyboard.

Therefore, consider switching to a keyboard that offers the maximum ergonomics and attain a good sitting posture to multiply the benefits.

However, a good keyboard and sitting posture alone will not offset the risks of a wrist injury unless you attain the correct keyboard tilt that keeps your wrist in a neutral position.

Consider a neutral tilt or slightly negative tilt keyboard to ensure a straight, neutral wrist position.

Top Big Data/Data Science Job Openings In Adobe To Watch Out For This Month

Land a career in Adobe with these top big data/data science jobs.

Many businesses encountered turbulence in 2023, yet big data/data science saw substantial demand and growth.

Data science

professionals are in high demand all across the world. These job opportunities will continue to grow after 2023, with over 1.5 lakh more positions being added. This is a natural reaction to data’s importance as a resource for businesses in the digital age. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10

Big Data

/Data Science job openings in Adobe to watch out for this month.

Big Data Developer




5+ years in the design and development of large-scale data-driven systems. 

Work experience with one or more big data technologies such as Apache Spark. 

Work experience with one or more NoSQL storage systems such as Aerospike, HBase, Cassandra. 

Contribution to open source is desirable. 

Great problem solving, coding (in Java/Scala, etc.), and system design skills. 

Know more


Data Scientist


Noida, Uttar Pradesh 


Perform exploratory data analysis quickly, generate and test working hypotheses, and discover new trends and relationships.

Reports and presentations can be used to communicate results and educate others.

Know more


Senior Data Engineer


Bengaluru, Karnataka 


Develop distributed data processing pipelines using Apache Spark. Build and maintain pipelines as needed to power critical business metrics to measure the performance of pages on the website. 

Responsible for crafting, developing sophisticated data applications/pipelines on large-scale data platforms using Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python/Scala. 

Know more


Computer Scientist – Python


Bengaluru, Karnataka 


Developing Java backend services that would make use of and add value to Adobe’s own data platform. 

Building the company’s tracking services in a cookie-less world. 

Know more


Web & Data Science Analyst


Noida, Uttar Pradesh 


Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques. 

Data mining using state-of-the-art methods. 

Doing ad-hoc analysis and communicating results in a clear manner.

Crafting automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance.

Know more



Computer Scientist


San Francisco 


Build high-performance and resilient micro-services for event and data processing at scale. 

Design new features and create functional specifications by working with product management and engineering team members. 

Develop software solutions by understanding the company’s customer’s requirements, data flows, and integration architectures. 

Know more


Data Scientist/Senior Product Analyst, Experimentation


San Jose 


You will work with data engineers to design and automate data pipelines to scale experimentation and user analytics. 

In collaboration with a multi-functional team of product management, marketing, and engineering, you will tap into the underlying data, align on metrics/methodologies and generate insights to develop valuable, highly effective programs. 

Know more


Web Analyst & Data Science




Responsible for providing Analytical Insights & Intelligence support aligned towards business or project or initiative. 

Drive partnership with US Web Analytics team, Go-To-Market teams, eCommerce teams, chúng tôi Product Managers team, etc., and be the Subject Matter Expert for aligned areas. 

Know more


Adobe Analytics – Big Data Software Developer




Transform the business requirements into feature specifications.

Contribute to the design and implementation of new features.

Design and implement new features, APIs, unit and integration test suites.

Be involved in all the product development and delivery stages, as part of a unified engineering team.

Data Engineer


San Jose 


Design, develop & tune data products, applications, and integrations on large-scale data platforms (Hadoop, Snowflake, Alteryx, SSIS, Kafka Streaming, Hana, SQL server) with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and scalability, and most of all quality. 

Analyze the business needs, profile large data sets and build custom data models and applications to drive the Adobe business decision making and customers experience.

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