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Samsung 8K QLED TV revealed: Lands October with AI upscaling

Samsung has revealed its first 8K QLED TV, bringing the 85-inch super-set to IFA 2023 ahead of its launch in US stores in October. Arguably more important, though, the 85Q900FN QLED TV also debuts Samsung’s new AI 8K Upscaling, to fill the gap before such content is widely available.

It’s a problem we’ve seen played out numerous times before in consumer electronics. When the first Full HD TVs were launched, there was a dearth of native-resolution content to play on them; the same happened for 4K Ultra HD. Now, though, Samsung says its upscaling algorithms are so refined, you might not mind that native content delay.

On the one hand, the Q900FN supports what Samsung is calling Real 8K Resolution: a picture with four times the number of pixels compared to a 4K Ultra HD set, and sixteen times those in a Full HD screen. Q HDR 8K, meanwhile, uses HDR10+ for more impressive brightness levels. Indeed, with 4,000 nits of peak brightness, “we’re talking about Samsung’s brightest TV, so it’s not just resolution,” Samsung’s Scott Cohen points out.

Still, resolution is going to be a big factor for 8K upgraders. Samsung says that picture quality is the number one priority of such buyers, and so it has turned to a smarter way of converting 4K and lower-resolution content into something which shows off its 8K prowess. That’s relying on a very different approach to current upscaling algorithms.

Typically, a display offering upscaling relies on a couple of different algorithms that have been prepared by the manufacturer’s experts. Samsung’s existing QLED line-up, for instance, can upscale both on resolution and HDR content. The Q900FN, however, relies on AI-powered 8K Upscaling.

On the TV side, there’s a new 8K Quantum Processor, which is responsible for running the 8K Upscaling algorithms. They’re actually created by a server-side AI, though, which crunches through millions of high- and low-resolution pictures, and figures out how to make the latter look like the former in the most refined way. It’ll examine pixel location, color, shape, and detail, and search for similar objects, looking at over 33 million pixels in each frame in the process.

The Q900FN will come out of the box with anywhere in the region of 100,000 algorithms already, but assuming it’s connected to the internet it will periodically download the latest set from the AI’s server. The result, Samsung claims, is better texture and detail in images, regardless of their original resolution, along with less noise in streaming content, and a reduction in jagged edges.

It’ll be media-agnostic, too. Samsung says the 8K Upscaling will work whether you’re looking at content from a streaming service or via a set-top box, plugged in through HDMI or USB like a games console, or mirrored from a smartphone or tablet. The Q900FN will be a smart TV, too, with all the typical streaming apps preloaded, and it’ll support SmartThings for home automation control.

Like the earlier QLED TVs, there’s Direct Full Array Elite for more precise backlighting control. Samsung still isn’t saying quite how many different zones it’s working with, but confirms that there are slightly more than on the Samsung Q9, and with a new anti-blooming algorithm. You also get the One Connect and One Invisible Connection system, with a single – easily disguised – cable delivering signal and power between the screen and the remote processing box. Ambient Mode, which shows news, wallpapers, or other content when idle, is also supported.

For the US, only one version of the Q900FN will be released initially: the 85-inch 85Q900FN. Globally, however, there’ll be 65- and 75-inch versions too. Samsung says that’s because the US is at the forefront of larger and larger TVs.

Pricing will be confirmed closer to the Samsung 85Q900FN’s official arrival in stores, which is set to happen in October.

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Fix: Samsung Tv Screen Black Issue

Worldwide Samsung TVs are arguably one of the most popular TVs.

But recently users have reported that their Samsung TV turns on but no picture appears. Are you experiencing the same?

Then you are in the right place to find the solution. Be sure to go through this article and find your solution.

Also read this article and learn how to solve other Samsung TV screen problems.

Power cable- there might be a chance that your Samsung TV’s Power Cable Connection can cause the problem. Insufficient power sources, loose connection, or damaged cable are known causes for this issue.

Source Issue – this problem can also occur due to External sources like HDMI port, DVD player, HDD, cable connection, and other external sources.

Settings – one of the causes behind Samsung TV screen black is the wrong settings on your TV.

Version up-gradation – if the OS version becomes outdated then it can cause this kind of problem on your TV.

Power-saving Mode/ Sleep Timer – if your TV is on Power saving or in Sleep timing modes then this might be causing the problem.

Hardware failure – This kind of problem can also occur due to the hardware malfunctioning.

Now that you have understood the reasons, let’s move on to the solutions.

Before you start with the solutions, first check if your TV is turned on. If the Samsung TV is not turning on, then you need to read this article and try out the solutions.

If the TV is turning on and you are only seeing a black screen, then head to the solutions given below.

Every user needs to ensure that there is perfect synchronization between the TV and the external sources via cable. This will ensure whether this problem occurs.

You need to check if all the connections are plugged-in correctly and if there is a loose connection plugged them properly.

If you find that the cable is damaged or torn, try using a new cable.

At first, you have to check whether the problem occurs due to the source. If yes, then press the Menu button on your remote.

If the Menu option appears on your TV screen then the screen is fine and the issue might be with the external sources.

Therefore, you have to check all the external sources one by one to find out which one is causing the problem.

Samsung TV turns on but no picture might be caused due to wrong settings.

So you have to ensure that the settings are set correctly. If you find that they are in the wrong settings inputs then reset it by using your remote.

Resetting settings can solve the Samsung TV black screen with the sound issue. Resetting TV settings can clear all the settings, data, bugs, and glitches on your TV.

Follow the steps-

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Go to Support and press Enter.

Select Self Diagnosis and then press Enter.

On this page, select Reset and then hit Enter.

After selecting the Reset option, you will say to enter the Pin.

If you’ve changed that, put it here; otherwise, the default Pin is 0000.

Wait until the Reset process is complete, once it is complete the TV will reboot.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the TV.

Some users mistakenly turn on the Auto Sleep mode / Power saving mode.

This could be the reason why your Samsung TV turns on but no picture appears on the screen.

To solve this issue you have to follow the given steps:

On your remote press Menu.

Navigate the Sleep timer and select

On the other hand, to turn off the power saving mode you will need to follow the steps below-

Press the Menu button.

Navigate to Settings.

Finally, select Energy Saving mode and turn it off.

If the problem persists, then proceed to the next solution.

Update your Samsung Smart TV’s software to the new version. It might help you to get rid away this issue. The Samsung TV Screen Black issue can solve by updating the OS on your TV.

The steps are below to perform this step-

Press Menu.

Select Software Update.

If the above solutions doesn’t help you, then it’s time to consult with a professional technician. Visit any official Samsung service center near you and let them have a look.

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Black Friday Samsung Tv Deals 2023

Black Friday Samsung TV deals 2023

Get your hands on the best Samsung TV deals this Black Friday

Black Friday Samsung TV deals are highly-anticipated every single year. Discounts on TVs always guarantee some massive price slashes, especially on high-spec models. If you want to make the most of the sales, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a new TV in 2023, it’s important that you check out the multitude of Samsung TVs we’re featuring on this page. Most of you reading this probably know who Samsung are – and the high quality they provide.

Top 3 Samsung Black Friday deals


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SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85B Series Mini LED Quantum HDR  & SAMSUNG HW-Q910B 9.1.2ch Soundbar – BUNDLE DEAL

Grab yourself this great TV and soundbar bundle deal! Save $1,000 when bought together.

Best Deals

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Samsung The Frame Smart TV with Alexa (75″) QLED 4K LS03B

Best Deals

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Limited time offer – Save $700

Samsung 55” Class QN90B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

This 55″ inch NEO QLED TV really does offer superb value right now, slashed in price by over $700 and featuring all the latest technology

needed for a stunning visual experience. At its core sits a mini LED backlight which allows this set to produce excellent HDR content, alongside precise brightness and contrast.

Best Deals

Save @ Samsung

READ NOW: Make sure to check out Samsung Neo QLED TV deals now

We’re quickly making our way through November, so you better act pretty soon if you’re in the market for a new TV. If you don’t want to be let down, Samsung deliver height quality which can’t be ignored at these record-low Black Friday prices.

In recent years, Samsung have faced stiff competition from the likes of LG with their OLED technology. Nevertheless, Samsung came back swinging, improving their QLED technology (now dubbed Neo QLED) to the point where it can compete with OLED in some scenarios. We will be looking forward to Samsung TV deals which provide some considerable price slashes to this QLED technology.

Like we said, if you want to make the most of the Black Friday sales event, you’re in the perfect place to do so. We have an expert team of deal hunters who will happily showcase some of the best deals of 2023. Keep on reading below!

Best Samsung TV deals 2023

For the very best Samsung TVs on Black Friday 2023, keep on reading just below. Like we already said, Samsung are an absolutely giant in the world of electronics, so it’s no surprise that their TVs are ever so popular, with huge deals making your purchase even sweeter.

If previous Black Fridays are anything to go by, there will be a whole raft of Samsung TV deals for Black Friday 2023, and we will be listing the very best of them here are WePC, whether you’re looking for an 8K 75-inch monster or a 49-inch 4K with low response times and high refresh rate.

Where to find the best Samsung TV Black Friday deals?

Your best bet to finding the best Samsung TVs Black Friday deals will depend on your location, but some of the best places to check out will be the typical retailers that are popular in your country. Whether it’s Amazon or Best Buy, but it’s also worth checking out the official websites for these TVs, like Samsung or Sony.

 Samsung TVs Black Friday sales shortlist:

Black Friday Samsung TV deals

What Black Friday Samsung TV deals can we expect in 2023?

Samsung is a giant in the world of electronics, and their TVs are no exception. In previous years, we’ve seen a ton of good deals for Samsung TVs – and we don’t expect that to change. If you were looking at a new model last year but didn’t fancy the price, then 2023 is a great time to pick out that same model. You’ll still be receiving a high-quality piece of tech with nothing to complain about. No matter what kind of Samsung TV you have your eye on – OLED, QLED, mini-LED, 4K or 8K – you’ll be certain to pick up a deal.

It’s true that you won’t be finding the same kind of discounts on 2023 models, but that doesn’t matter. Models from just the last few years will suit the majority of people and future-proof their living rooms (or wherever else!) for years to come regardless. Black Friday Samsung TV deals are due to be some of the best of all time.

Is Black Friday the best time to get a Samsung TV deal?

There’s no doubt in our mind that Black Friday is the very best time of year to pick up a new Samsung TV, or any other brand or piece of tech for that matter. As many will know by now, it’s the biggest sales event of the entire year and continues to grow, year by year. Now that 2023’s season of sales are taking place it’s time to take action and grab a top Samsung TV deal.

Samsung are famous for pushing their tech to the next level every year. So, if you’re looking for a top of the range 2023 model or something a little more budget friendly, you’ll be covered. It really is the best time of year to upgrade your tech. TVs have long been a favorite purchase for many people during Black Friday, with Samsung being a recognizable name for most while browsing through some top picks available.

Should I wait for the Samsung TV Black Friday deals?

If you’ve never experienced Black Friday before, you may be unaware of the fantastic deals that come along with it, especially on popular goods such as Samsung TVs. This means that you should definitely wait for the best sales that will be popping up throughout the Black Friday sales event. If you’re in the market for a brand new TV with the latest specifications and features all attached, then it’s best to wait for Black Friday to come around in order to secure the biggest bargain you can hope for all year round.

It’s now only a few weeks until we start seeing the sales begin and we’ll be on the lookout for some amazing Samsung TV deals – we are sure to see a bunch of offers from them this Black Friday, so stay tuned with us for amazing TV deals. We suggest that you browse through this page and check out the links and deals just below.

When will Samsung TV Black Friday sales start in 2023?

Black Friday officially starts on Friday November 25th, with Cyber Monday following it up on the 28th. But keep in mind, many retailers might start their Black Friday deals at least as early as November 21st, some even earlier in the month (possibly the first week of November in some cases).

While many will likely wait until the official run-up to Black Friday, retailers are giving you buying confidence with their ‘Black Friday price guarantees’. This means no matter how low the price of a monitor falls, you’ll always get the best price come the big day – refunded within 2 weeks of Black Friday finishing.

What to expect from Black Friday Samsung TV deals this year

There’s a lot of hype and anticipation for TVs during Black Friday, they are some of the big sellers with the biggest price cuts available. That’s especially the case when it comes to big-ticket items such as 8K TVs for example. If you don’t have the budget to stretch that far, even at a massively discounted price, or simply want to opt for something a little less straining on the bank account, there is plenty to enjoy. So, with that all said, what exactly are you able to expect from Samsung TVs this year?

When it comes to TV sales, you’re going to enjoy discounts going into the hundreds, and thousands in many cases too! This is exciting news, especially as brands and retailers like to try and push the boundaries and improve Black Friday every time it comes around. Speaking of pushing boundaries, Samsung are well-known for pushing their tech to new levels in this competitive market.

How to get the best Black Friday Samsung TV deals in 2023?

Just like every year, we’ll be seeing the biggest retailers leading the charge during Black Friday sales. The likes of Amazon and Best Buy are sure to be involved. There are a ton of other retailers to look out for – and we know that it’s impossible to expect everyone to be able to commit the time. This is exactly where we come in and make life easier for you. Do stick with us for our top Black Friday Samsung TV deals.

For the majority of people, 4K is more than enough resolution for all their multimedia needs, and within this bracket the 120Hz Samsung QN95A is undoubtedly the best Samsung TV available this Black Friday when everything is taken into account. Nevertheless, if you can’t get hold of one of these, the slightly older Samsung QN90A comes a close second, essentially coming with an identical display but somewhat inferior sound.

Does Samsung have the best TV deals in 2023?

So, for the amount of quality you’ll be receiving paired with the lowest prices of the year, we would definitely say that Samsung TV deals are some of the best this Black Friday. To make sure you make the most of them, stick with us and keep on returning to this very page.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Samsung TV deal

The Samsung AU8000 is the 2023 revamp of the Samsung TU8000, this time with better reflection handling and gradient handling (meaning less color banding). Like its predecessor, the Samsung AU8000 comes in a variety of different size variants (from 43” up to 85”) and a 4K (UHD) resolution VA display.

You won’t get the same features on this TV as you would on some of the more expensive models (there’s no local dimming feature, it doesn’t support VRR and HDR is limited) but you do get a superb native contrast ratio.

60Hz is the highest refresh rate you’re able to get for this television, so we wouldn’t really recommend it for PC gaming unless FPS above 60 isn’t something you care about. If you really do want to game on it, we’d probably recommend the Samsung TU8000 over this model, as it actually has slightly better motion handling than the newer version (meaning less motion blur in games). Ultimately either option would make a great budget tv this Black Friday.

Although the Samsung Q80/Q80T 4K QLED TV, first released in 2023 has technically been superseded by the more recent Samsung Q80/Q80A with an ADS panel, we think the older model with its VA panel is still the superior of the two. You’re also more likely to be able to get the Samsung Q80/Q80T for a discounted price this Black Friday 2023.

Black Friday Samsung TV FAQs

When will Samsung TV deals start in 2023?

In 2023, Black Friday is landing on November 25th, though we may be seeing some deals for Samsung TVs starting up to a couple of weeks prior to that date.

Are Samsung TVs worth buying on Black Friday?

Absolutely, Samsung are a leading competitor when it comes to high quality TVs, so we’ll be seeing some amazing deals on premium tech this Black Friday.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

QLED TVs deliver a wider range of colors on screen and can achieve greater brightness levels in comparison to OLED TVs, which can be beneficial for HDR content and brighter rooms.

Will Samsung TV deals be better in 2023?

Generally speaking, we see Black Friday get bigger and better each year. We don’t expect anything too different in 2023, especially since high-price big electronics such as Samsung’s TVs will looking to deliver some of the best price slashes we’ve ever seen.

How long will Black Friday deals last for Samsung TVs?

Expect to see TV deals throughout November, working up to the very best around Black Friday on the 25th. If you happen to miss out, some last-minute deals will be spilling over into early December too.

More Black Friday Deals

Interested in other technology deals this Black Friday? Here are the best Black Friday deals on the internet.

Check out all our Black Friday deals here.

How To Control Apple Tv With Iphone

Though the Apple TV Remote that comes with the Apple TV is really good and ergonomic, there are times when you’d like to use your iPhone to control your TV instead. Maybe you forgot the Apple TV remote on the cabinet, or maybe it’s discharged and you don’t wanna get up to plug it in. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know that your iPhone can pretty easily replace the Apple TV remote for almost everything you need to do, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article. So, here’s how to control Apple TV with iPhone.

How to Set Up and Use Your iPhone As an Apple TV Remote Ensure That Your Apple TV is Compatible with Apple TV Remote in Control Center

Keep in mind that not all Apple TV models support the Apple TV Remote in the control center. So, make sure to check the following list to make sure your Apple TV is compatible.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV HD

Apple TV (3rd gen)

AirPlay 2-compatible smart TVs

Add Apple TV to Control Center on iPhone

Note that in the iOS 13 and higher, the Apple TV Remote is already added to the control center. If you don’t find the Apple TV Remote icon in the control center or using the older versions of iOS, you can manually add the TV Remote to the control center on your device.

1. First off, open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap Control Center.

Set Up Apple TV Remove in Control Center on iPhone

1. To get started, bring up the control center on your device.

On iPhone without a home button: Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the control center.

On iPhone with the home button: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control center.

2. Now, tap the Apple TV Remote icon.

3. Next, tap your Apple TV or smart TV from the list.

4. Next up, go ahead with the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode into your iPhone.

It’s important to note that the volume button on your Apple TV Remote in the control center works only when your Apple TV is set up with a HomePod, soundbar, or other AirPlay-2 supported speaker. If the volume button of your Apple TV Remote is dimmed, you can use the volume button on the remote that came with your television.


If you can’t set up your Apple TV Remote, ensure that your device is running the latest versions of iOS, and tvOS.

Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV or AirPlay 2 are on the same Wi-Fi network.

If the problem persists, restart your devices.

Once you have perfectly set up the Apple TV Remote on your iOS device, you can use it to control your Apple TV. Notably, it mimics the controls on the Siri remote thereby allowing you to easily navigate your Apple TV and access the contextual menu.

Choose Which Apple TV to Control

What if you have more than one Apple TV connected to the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone? Bother not, the remote app lets you switch between the connected Apple TVs without any hassle. To do so, just tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then choose the preferred devices from the list.

Use iPhone to Control Apple TV Navigate and Select Apps/Content

2. To navigate apps and content, just swipe left, right, or up/down in the touch area (aka touchpad or control pad). Now, the highlighted app or content will slightly expand on your Apple TV.

3. To navigate lists, you can swipe up or down a few times in the touch area to scroll quickly.

4. To select an item: Simply swipe to highlight the item and then tap in the touch area.

The touchpad feels very responsive and allows you to navigate up, down, left, and right. Moreover, it also lets you select a specific item by just tapping it. Mimicking the five-way button on the remote, the touchpad makes the process of navigating, and selecting apps as well as content smooth sailing.

Use the App Keyboard with Apple TV Remote on iPhone

When the on-screen keyboard shows on your Apple TV, you should see a keyboard in the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone.

Now, if you enter text on the iOS keyboard, the text on your Apple TV screen will update as you type.

View Additional Menu Options Using Apple TV Remote on iPhone Go Back to the Home Screen or Previous Screen

Below the touchpad, you should see a TV button that allows you to go to the Apple TV home screen. And tapping on the Back button takes you back to the previous screen.

Access Your Cable Service’s Channel Guide

If you have a cable TV subscription, accessing the cable service guide is pretty easy. Just tap on the Guide button (which looks like a bulleted list) in the middle of the screen to show the channel guide. It’s worth pointing out that if you don’t have an active subscription, Apple TV may instead provide a quick way to subscribe to a cable TV.

Back 10 Seconds

Tapping the round button with the curved arrow facing left allows you to jump back 10 seconds in audio and video that is playing onscreen.

Forward 10 Seconds

Tapping the button with the curved arrow facing right lets you forward 10 seconds.

Play/Pause Content


The Menu button in the control center remote is designed to work differently in different contexts. In most cases, the menu button works like a Back button.

To adjust the volume, you need to press the volume buttons on your iPhone. Bear in mind that it works only with supported audio/video receivers.

View Open Apps (Multitasking)

If you want to check out which apps are open on your Apple TV, or switch between multiple apps, you can do so via the iPhone remote app as well.

Simply double-tap the Apple TV button in the remote app to view all the recent apps open on your Apple TV.

Search on Apple TV Using Control Center Remote on iPhone

The magnifying glass button allows you to search on your Apple TV. When you tap on this button, a search screen will show up on your TV to let you search for apps, movies, TV shows, and more.

Activate Siri on Apple TV Using Control Center Remote on iPhone Open tvOS Control Center

Press and hold on the Apple TV button in the iPhone remote app to open the Control Center on Apple TV.

Shut Down Apple TV Using Control Center on iPhone

In the iPhone remote app, press and hold the power button icon on the top-right of the screen to turn off Apple TV and all connected devices.

Use Your iPhone As a Handy Remote Control for Apple TV

How To Connect A Samsung Smart Tv To Alexa For More Voice Control

Furthermore, you can access this built-in option hands-free or by using a remote. As expected, the 2023 TVs also ship with this option. However, the first step if you are using an older Samsung smart TV involves pairing the television with an Alexa device so that you can start sending verbal commands. Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that the available functionality depends on the model of your smart TV. For instance, newer TVs will offer a wider range of capabilities.

However, smart TVs models from 2023 and 2023 will offer a limited selection of capabilities. In other words, older televisions from Samsung uses Bixby to carry out most tasks. If you are wondering how to make Alexa work on your Samsung smart TV, we got your back. Here’s our guide on how to connect Samsung smart TV to Alexa.

New Samsung Smart TVs Come With Alexa Built-In

As mentioned, newer smart TVs from the South Korean tech giant usually have Alexa built-in. However, if you aren’t sure, check out the list of compatible TVs below:

Above Crystal UHD TVs and 2023 TU8000

With the aforesaid TV modes, you do not need to use a paired speaker. All you need to access the voice interactions and same Alexa skills is the in-built microphone in the remote control. The voice interaction enables you to ask questions and check the weather. Alternatively, you can perform more TV-related actions like searching for a movie, increasing or decreasing volume, changing the channel, and more.

How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Alexa? First Step: Setting up your device

First off, ensure that your Samsung TV, as well as your Amazon Alexa device, has been set up and is working. After completing the basic setup of your TV and Alexa device, check whether or not the two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Aside from that, you’ll need to set up your smart TV as a “Thing” in the SmartThings app by signing in to your Samsung account on the television. For those who are unaware, Samsung refers to smart devices as “Things.”

Second Step: Preparing the app

Also, use the same account information that you use for your TV’s Samsung account, and Echo’s Amazon account. to log into both apps.

Third Step: Discovering your TV in the SmartThings app

You will need to discover your Samsung smart TV in the SmartThings app. This will allow you to treat the TV as a connected smart device when you are connecting it to the Alexa speaker. Moreover, you can do this by heading to the Devices menu, which is on the bottom menu of the SmartThings app. Now, select the Add Device option from the Devices page. To ensure your device appears on the list, the TV should be powered on.

Gizchina News of the week

Now, find the device and pair your phone to the smart TV. The next step involves selecting the Samsung Smart TV and enabling its use as a smart device. To do this, you can use the toggle button next to the name of your TV.

Fourth Step: Discovering your smart speaker in the Alexa app

It is important for you to make sure that the Amazon Alexa app has discovered your Amazon device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any other). If the app did not discover your Amazon device, or if you have used someone else’s phone to set it up, do the following. However, if this doesn’t apply to you, simply skip to the next step. In the app, tap the Devices button from the menu which is available at the bottom of the screen.

You are all set if the Echo or the Alexa device appears in the menu. However, if it does not show up there, go to the All Devices menu option and look for your Alexa device. It should ideally appear in the list of available connected devices. Some Amazon Echo speakers are now even capable of detecting people.

Fifth Step: Connecting the app

Open the Amazon Alexa app, and enable the Samsung SmartThings skill. Now, you can use your Samsung account to sign in and link the accounts.

Sixth Step: Selecting your smart TV in the Alexa app

You are all set once you enable the Samsung SmartThings skill, which ideally pairs Alexa to the TV automatically.

Alexa Commands You Can Use

After you are all set up, it is important to know what tasks can Alexa do for you. So, check out the list of basic commands that will work on older Samsung smart TVs via Alexa.

6: “Alexa, turn [on/off] the TV.”

Apple’s October Tablet Changes *Everything*

A rumor is circulating that Apple will ship in October an $800 tablet computer with a 9.7-inch touch screen.

Is the rumor true and, if so, will the tablet succeed in a market where no other tablet has? My answers to these questions are probably and definitely. Here’s why:

Predicting Apple products is a hazardous business because there are always wildly divergent rumors circulating. Some of them have to be false, and sometimes all of them are.

Not all rumors are created equal, and this one is the best kind. Although Apple’s internal discipline with keeping secrets is the stuff of legend, the company has to contract out manufacturing, usually to a company in China or Taiwan. Because so much of the world’s electronics manufacturing is done in Taiwan, newspapers there specialize in cultivating unnamed sources inside outsource manufacturing firms to find out about orders from large companies around the world, including Apple. This particular rumor comes from one major Taiwanese newspaper called the China Times and translated into English by a Mac Forums member. This is a credible rumor because the newspaper is legitimate, and the reporter claims to have multiple sources from multiple companies that all point to such a tablet.

Regardless of whether Apple ships a tablet in October or not, it’s almost certain that the company will sell such a device in the near future. They’d be crazy not to.

Apple’s tablet will very likely be something like a large iPod Touch. It will probably work just like the iPhone, run iPhone apps, have an on-screen keyboard and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

It might also sport a few features that the iPod Touch does not — for example, a separate wireless keyboard, mobile broadband (for an additional monthly fee on your AT&T account) and a front-facing camera for videoconferencing.

Most intriguing is the direction Apple will take with software. The easy and cheap thing to do would be to install iPhone OS 3.0. But I think Apple will install a version of Mac OS X running an iPhone-like UI. That OS should be multitasking, and run iPhone apps as gadgets, rather than full-screen.

Remember when Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone in January, 2009? He sent the fanboy audience into spasms of ecstasy when he asserted unambiguously that “iPhone runs OS X.” That was the last time I heard anyone from Apple say that. Now, the iPhone is said to run the iPhone OS — something separate and distinct from the Mac OS X.

I believe it’s Apple’s long-term vision to have its mobile devices run OS X, and to have OS X sport the iPhone UI.

And that’s what’s so important about the rumored tablet. It represents the future of Apple — and the future of personal computing.

Observers who observe that Apple is getting into the tablet or netbook business tend to miss the Big Picture. And the picture here is very big indeed.

When we think of tablet PCs, we tend to think of existing offerings from Dell or HP that may or may not convert into clamshell laptops. These device are usually too expensive and too sluggish, have pen-stylus input that doesn’t at all feel like writing on paper, and they tend to be bulky awkward. As a result of all this, tablets aren’t very compelling to most people.

Apple’s tablet will have none of these features. Because it will run either a streamlined version of OS X or the iPhone OS, plus very small and light iPhone Apps, it will be fast and zippy. The price will be less than half what the cheapest PC tablets are. It will use finger input, not a stylus. And it should be much thinner than a PC tablet.

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