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Samsung CL65 12.2MP digicam with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS

Samsung have unveiled a new digital camera, the CL65, ostensibly a point-and-shoot but one which manages to squeeze WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS into an 18.9mm thick frame.  The 12.2-megapixel CL65 has a 5x internal optical zoom together with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and a 720p HD video recording mode.

As for its WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0, they’re both DLNA compliant and can be used to display images on networked media players and HDTVs.  Alternatively the WiFi connection can be used to upload images  - albeit in reduced, 2-megapixel resolution – and video to Facebook, YouTube and Picasa, among other sites.  Only non-verified (i.e. not hotspots which require you to enter a password) are supported; you can also email images and video directly from the CL65’s 3.5-inch touchscreen, which supports “Smart Gesture” input.

GPS is used to geotag images, and there is the usual face recognition, smile/blink detection, touch-to-focus and dual optical/digital image stabilization.  An optional HDMI adapter should make hooking up to a wired HDTV more straightforward.  The Samsung CL65 will land in the US come September, priced at $399.99.

Press Release:

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., today unveiled the Samsung DualView Cameras – the TL225 and TL220 – as well as the CL65. These three new compact devices are highlighted by innovative new features, groundbreaking technology, ease-of-use and design. Representing the next step in the evolution of the digital camera, the Samsung TL225, TL220, and CL65 give consumers a whole new approach to personal photography.

Delivering twice the fun of any other compact digital camera, Samsung DualView Cameras, the innovative TL225 and TL220, truly put the photographer in the picture. Samsung DualView Cameras feature Dual LCDs with one on the front of the camera and another one on the back. Embracing the latest consumer trends, Samsung’s new CL65 provides unprecedented connectivity as it incorporates geo-tagging, Bluetooth 2.0, DLNA, and Wi-Fi* capabilities, giving social networkers the ability to share their images while on the move and breaking the confines of uploading and sharing content in the traditional way.

“Today’s product launch is an important milestone for Samsung, reinforcing our position as a leading innovator in the digital camera market and setting a new benchmark for digital camera technology,” said Sang Jin Park, Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Digital Imaging Co. Ltd. “It is our goal to continue to lead the evolution of the industry while delivering a first-class consumer experience through ease-of-use and the design of our ‘Smart Cameras’. We’ve listened to what consumers want and need, particularly in the social networking field, and I consider these latest products to surpass even the highest expectations of today’s budding photographer, providing fun and excitement to the user.”

Samsung CL65

With the ability to capture and share photo memories on the move, the Samsung CL65 allows users to truly connect with family and friends. Packed full of innovation and encased in a sleek compact frame, the CL65 incorporates an unprecedented combination of geo-tagging technology, Bluetooth 2.0, DLNA compatibility, and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The camera’s wireless functionality enables users to send and post pictures almost as quickly as they take them, while its GPS capabilities keep track of where users travel, giving them the ability to manage their images intelligently with geographical location data embedded directly into each corresponding EXIF file. With the increasing importance of content sharing for consumers, the CL65 provides an unrivalled experience and is a great way to keep one’s network of friends and family in the know.

The CL65’s built-in geo-tagging allows users to record the details of the location and time the image was taken. Bluetooth 2.0 allows images to be distributed wirelessly to supporting devices such as mobile telephones, and Wi-Fi means that users can now email photos directly from their camera and upload their photos or videos to popular social networking websites, including Facebook®, Picasa™, and YouTube®. The camera’s DLNA compatibility also allows it to wirelessly connect to another DLNA compatible device, such as an HDTV, within a user’s networked home to view and share their precious moments.

Introduced to the world via a series of themed events in New York, Beijing, Bangkok, London and Seoul, the TL225, TL220 and CL65 will be available to consumers in September 2009.

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Parrot By Starck Zikmu Wifi & Bluetooth Speakers With Ipod Dock

Parrot by Starck Zikmu WiFi & Bluetooth speakers with iPod dock

Parrot have teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to create a new set of wireless speakers.  Called Zikmu, the speakers incorporate an iPod/iPhone dock together with WiFi and Bluetooth; the latter is used both to stream audio from mobile devices such as cellphones using A2DP, and to connect the two speaker columns themselves together.

Zikmu uses NXT flat panel technology, rather than traditional speaker cones, and as such doesn’t create a so-called “sweet spot” for the music.  As well as playing music locally from your PMP, they can also stream it across a WiFi network.  Instead, Parrot are claiming full 360-degree sound, while Starck goes one step further and compares it, bizarrely, to a fragrance:

“We were not aiming to create just another speaker. Our design focused more on making the air vibrate. There is actually a three-dimensional feel to this vibration, meaning that the air is palpable, almost humanlike in presence, like a fragrance” Philippe Starck

Hyperbole aside, the speakers stand 2.5 feet high and come with a remote control; they’ll also recharge your iPod or iPhone.  The Parrot by Starck Zikmu speakers will be on sale from Spring 2009, priced at $1,500.

Press Release:

Parrot and Philippe Starck Partner to Create Couture Stereo Speakers

‘Zikmu’ Wireless Speakers Inspire New Sound Experience through Fashionable and Innovative Technology

Parrot, a leader in wireless mobile telephony devices, today unveiled ‘Zikmu’, the Parrot by Philippe Starck set of wireless speakers.

To discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck is to walk into a world of vivid imagination and to live a fantasy. For more than 30 years, this unconventional creator, designer and architect has been boldly present in our everyday life, creating iconic destinations that are pure poetry and change the vision of life and objects that are “good” before they are beautiful.

Designed to blend elegant minimalism with the latest and popular technologies, the Parrot by Philippe Starck wireless speakers are timeless works of art with their aerial curves and dense black color.

“These speakers are thoroughly modern, thanks to all their technical specifications and minimalist design,” explains Philippe Starck. “They feature the most extreme and innovative technology with the fewest possible materials to deliver maximum effect: that is the magic.”

Fashionable Technology

‘Zikmu’ stands at the cutting edge of new wireless technologies and streams audio tracks without any wires in sight thanks to its dedicated iPod® / iPhone™ docking station and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technologies. The two speakers communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology in order to position both speakers wherever in the room.

“The way we listen to music has radically changed: when I was a kid, you took an LP, you put it on the record player and then you listened to it,” explains Henri Seydoux, CEO and founder of Parrot. “Nowadays, you carry your music around with you, which can come from a wide range of sources. With the Parrot by Philippe Starck speakers, we wanted to create an eye-catching product to accompany these new ways of enjoying music,” Henri Seydoux adds.

The Ultimate iPod®/iPhone™ Accessory

‘Zikmu’ has been designed for compatibility with the entire range of latest generation Apple players. Using the docking station built into one of the columns, users can enjoy their favorite music while recharging their iPod® or iPhone™ music player. In addition, the speakers and connected device can be controlled from anywhere in the room using the Parrot by Starck smart remote control.

Audio tracks can also be streamed from a user’s PC or Mac® to the speakers via Wi-Fi or through Bluetooth® stereo (A2DP) wireless technology.

360° Surround Sound

The Parrot by Starck speakers revolutionizes traditional acoustic design by using innovative audio technology to bring consumers a 360° immersive sound experience thanks to NXT™ technology. An extra-flat membrane creates small-scale vibrations across its entire surface to faithfully reproduce the medium and treble frequencies, optimally radiating sound from both sides of the speaker. Regardless of the size of the room and the position of the columns, the sound will adapt to the acoustics.

“We were not aiming to create just another speaker,” says Philippe Starck. “Our design focused more on making the air vibrate. There is actually a three-dimensional feel to this vibration, meaning that the air is palpable, almost humanlike in presence, like a fragrance.”

The size of the speakers (2.5 feet tall) has been specially designed to maximise listening quality when sitting on the sofa or at the desk for an optimal sound experience every day.

The Parrot by Starck wireless speakers will be available for Spring 2009 at a suggested retail price of $1,500

Fix Coming For Surface Pro 2 Wifi Slowdown Caused By Bluetooth

Fix Coming for Surface Pro 2 WiFi Slowdown Caused by Bluetooth






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

In the past, we have reported about numerous other bugs and glitches that were affecting Surface Pro 2 users, like problems with the time which wasn’t updating or the fact that Microsoft has been shipping lately models with the wrong processor inside. But we’ve talked about good things, as well, like the recent firmware update which the Windows 8.1 tablet received in order to boost its battery. Now we’re talking about some annoying WiFi problems which have been reported by Surface Pro 2 owners who had Bluetooth turned on.

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I have bluetooth wireless audio receiver from logitech which used to work great with my viao laptop, but when using it on my new surface the wifi connection goes really really slow (seems to me it’s not transmitting or receiving anything)! I’m very happy with my new Surface Pro 2 but since I have all my music on my Surface I find this a very annoying problem! Hopefully I gets fixed soon! Also some feedback whether this isssue is being investigated would be nice!

Somebody seems to be having this problem from fall, last year:

I recently purchased a 256G Surface Pro 2 and a docking station. I noticed very poor WIFI, it was only capable of downloading at around 3 MBs (megabytes per second) on my internal LAN. My laptop gets at least 3 times that speed at the same distance from my wireless router (about 6 ft). After doing a bit of searching, I noticed that a number of other people are complaining of similar issues. I discovered that if I turned off Bluetooth, the WIFI speed almost tripled. I have tried modifying the power settings for the WIFI, Bluetooth adapter and USB, installed the latest drivers and patches. The Bluetooth devices that I have are the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition and the Surface Wireless Adapter for Type Covers. I can confirm I am running the latest .150 drivers. I’m really annoyed by this. I spend extra to get a Bluetooth LE mouse only to have it cripple the WIFI speed when I use it.

By looking to the official page with the Surface Pro 2 update history, we can see that some fixes have been put in place in March, 2014, which could solve these problems, or at least some of them. These include wireless network connectivity fixes for Wireless Network Controllers, but Bluetooth updates are missing. We will keep an eye on the page and let you know if and when the necessary fix takes place.

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Navigon 7200T Gps With 3D Landmarks & Lane Guidance

Navigon 7200T GPS with 3D landmarks & lane guidance

Thanks to the SIRF InstantFixII Receiver, the 7200T can apparently lock onto a signal in seconds rather than minutes. Control is either by voice or the 4.3-inch wide-aspect touchscreen, and under the hood lies a 600MHz Centrality Titan I processor with 64MB of RAM.

Storage includes 2GB of onboard flash and a microSD slot to augment that. The Navigon 7200T will be available in October, priced at around $449.

Press Release:


At the intersection of design and innovation, there’s the NAVIGON 7200T

Chicago, Illinois, AUGUST 26, 2008 — NAVIGON, one of the world’s leading and fastest growing providers of navigation products and solutions, today unveiled its new, high-end NAVIGON 7200T.

And navigation has never looked so good. Reflecting NAVIGON’s award-winning DNA, the new premium GPS is not only slim and portable, but also elegantly and uniquely designed with its gorgeous Flat-Panel Touchscreen creating a sleek, frameless display. In a word, the NAVIGON 7200T is a stunner and sells for $449 (MSRP) in the U.S. and Canada. It hits stores shelves and online retailers in October 2008.

“The NAVIGON 7200T is for discerning users who are looking for next generation navigation features wrapped in a stunning design,” says Andreas Hecht, NAVIGON’s president for the Americas. “It embodies exactly what NAVIGON represents – smart, useful features backed by elegant design.”

Style and Substance

The NAVIGON 7200T elevates the navigation experience with hallmark features that are thoughtful, relevant, and in many instances, exclusive. It is available with NAVIGON’s breakthrough optional FreshMaps, which provides up to 12 map updates for three years for $79.99 (MSRP).

The NAVIGON 7200T features include:

Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life. Real-time traffic updates allow routing around congestion by including traffic flow, incidents and alternate routes and works for the lifetime of the product out-of-the-box without any registration processes, fees or additional hardware.

Voice Destination Entry. Advanced voice recognition allows drivers to specify their destination by simply speaking the address. NAVIGON’s distinctive iconic interface guides users through the process.

Landmark View 3D. The NAVIGON 7200T brings a new dimension to the map with hundreds of richly-textured 3D landmarks across the U.S. and Canada like the Empire State Building and the White House.

Reality View Pro™. Never miss an exit again with the next generation of Reality View providing more coverage in more places. Reality View Pro displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit drivers will encounter.

Lane Assistant Pro™. Helps drivers prepare to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing clear visual lane guidance. NAVIGON’s second generation of Lane Assistant provides a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry.

Flat-Panel Design. NAVIGON is not only committed to designing products that are appealing to the eye, but are also designed to make navigating the device simple and effortless. The NAVIGON 7200T sports an innovative, frameless touchscreen. The responsive Flat-Panel Touchscreen adds to the sleek and elegant exterior of the 7200T.

Go Hands-Free. The integrated Bluetooth® feature helps keep both hands on the wheel while still staying connected. The NAVIGON 7200T acts like a Bluetooth speakerphone to hold conversations without all the distractions, plus your contacts are downloaded automatically for one-touch calling.

Zagat® Ratings and Reviews. Shows where to wine, dine, and unwind with a built-in ZAGAT guide for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, attractions and golf courses. With millions of standard points-of-interest and branded icons, onboard users always have a gas station, restaurant or golf course at their finger tips.

Faster. Faster. Faster. NAVIGON’s new software gets to the right route in less time. Our new platform delivers our most responsive interface to date with dramatically improved route calculation times to get directions more quickly.

Instant Fix GPS. With NAVIGON’s new Instant Fix GPS receiver (SIRF InstantFixII Receiver), the NAVIGON 7200T triangulates global position in a matter of seconds and improves performance in urban canyons and areas with tall trees.

Favorites as POI: Shows stored addresses with name on the map marked with flags.

Also with:

Speed Assistant

Multi-Destination Trip Planning

Automatic Standby Feature

Auto Day/Night Mode


Best Gps Games To Play Outdoors

GPS games are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. As you move through the real world, your environment in the game changes. The more time you spend outside working through quests and missions, the farther you get in the game.

Whether you want to play right outside your house or in a brand new town, download one of these best GPS Games and strap on your athletic shoes. 

GPS games require a GPS-enabled phone and access to that permission in your settings. You can’t play these games without those permissions because they use your location in the world to determine where you are in the game.

To choose a GPS game, start by looking at what kind of experience they offer. If you don’t like games with monsters, you might want to choose something with a more real-world challenge, like Geocaching or Resources. Other games help you work out more intensely by giving you fun challenges, like Zombies, Run! or Wokamon. 

You should also look to see whether your phone supports the minimum requirements. Newer phones with faster components might run these resource-heavy games more smoothly than other devices.

There’s something for everyone, from sci-fi fans to dinosaur lovers. Check out all these excellent games before making a decision.  

Ingress takes a sci-fi approach to a traditional GPS game. You join either the Enlightened and the Resistance to link portals and create control fields in a fight to either save or evolve humanity. If you spend too much time away from a spot, someone on the other team might come and take over your territory. 

One thing that’s a little different than other games is that Ingress tries to send you to places of cultural significance. You might find interesting places in your neighborhood that you’ve never seen before as you battle for the fate of the world. However, the game runs better in areas with lots of players. It might be harder to engage in the fighting if you live in a smaller town.

Ingress is available on iOS and Android. 

With the Geocaching app, there are different levels of membership. There are street maps, satellite maps, premium maps, and hybrid trails available. With more than three million caches to discover, there’s no better time to jump right in and start your search.

You can pick up a Geocaching app on iOS or Android. 

If you’ve ever wished to step inside the world of Harry Potter, Wizards Unite gives you a portal to do it. During character creation, you become a member of the wizarding world and gain access to tears in reality that take you to places you might recognize from the series. Once you’re there, you can cast spells, create potions, and engage in battles.

You get to meet beloved characters and find new ways to look at local areas of interest like parks or museums. In the game, you can even choose a profession and learn skills to help you succeed. 

Wizards Unite is available on iOS and Android.

Zombies, Run! is an app that can help you maintain your health in real life while you work to save the world in the app. You play as a runner who has to reach one of the last conclaves of humanity and help keep them safe and supplied. Sometimes you’ll also have to find survivors to save them from the zombies and deliver them to safety. 

Zombies, Run! is available on iOS and Android. 

In Jurassic World Alive, you have to battle other players with a carefully cultivated team of dinosaurs. As you travel from place to place with the app, you’ll find a variety of dinosaurs with different stats, attacks, and weaknesses. Your job is to make sure that they’re placed in battles where they can dominate.

You can even create new dinosaur hybrids in the lab to unlock new powers and skills. If you’re looking for fantastic items to help you gain prestige, look for supply drops as you’re traveling.

Jurassic World Alive is available on iOS and Android. 

Try your hand at being a prospector tycoon with Resources. You scan your area for valuable resources and then build infrastructure that allows you to claim it. It’s meant to be an MMO simulation that deals with economics and items in limited supplies.

The limited nature of the resources is what makes the game fun. You might have to hire guards to protect your land or upgrade your gear to make sure you can find the best possible ground to work. Many fans mention playing during their commute to find areas they can defend regularly.

Resources is available on Android.

Wokamon helps you create a walking routine by giving you a pet that you nurture with your walks. Don’t worry about rainy days — it can even work indoors on a treadmill. It also keeps track of your distance when you’re on the move. If you like to get cute little rewards, check out the reward videos you get for taking good care of your pet. 

Wokamon is available on iOS and Android. 

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Pokemon Go! It is one of the most popular AR, GPS-based games and wholly transformed the summer of 2024 for many people who flooded parks and public streets to hunt for Pokemon. The central negative aspect of the game back then was that there wasn’t enough integration for friends.

That has changed over the years. Now you can play with friends both near and far. Whether you’re a first-time Pokemon trainer or just someone who uninstalled the app a few years ago, think about checking it out again. The upgrades added to the game are well worth another look.

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android. 

In Roams, create and defend multiple villages from other players’ attacks. To travel to another village, you have to move 500 meters as calculated by your GPS. This is the key to succeeding in the game. You can move resources between villages to help cultivate your items because not every resource is available in every village. 

One of the great things about Roams is resource specialization. Each village can become very good at making specific items. Stock your villages with people to help defend against outside incursions as well. 

Roams is available on Android.

Orna is a turn-based RPG based on your GPS position. Join with friends or nearby strangers to defeat the evil that spawns in locations all around. There are more than 50 classes, 300 monsters, and 1,000 items to find. You can also explore other areas if your site has gotten stale by using wayportals. 

Fans of Orna say that it’s surprisingly complex and requires tactics and forethought. One reason is that you have to assess and address monsters with different weaknesses to beat them. Many people who play, use groups to discuss tactics and make plans together online, through forums like Reddit and programs like Discord. 

Orna is available on iOS and Android.

There are monsters worldwide, and you’re going to create a team of the absolute best ones. Travel from place to place to recruit monsters, train your team, and battle other teams to win prizes. You can get special items by finding locations with lost treasure that can help you beat the battle masters — and you monsters can help you get these. 

One neat feature of GPS Monster Scouter is that you can create your own monsters. You can also download monster packs from other players to add more variety to your game. It can add hours of fun to GPS Monster Scouter and lets you have more creative control over the world you navigate through with your GPS.

GPS Monster Scouter is available on Android.

Journey Online is available on Android. 

If you like role-playing games, check out Magic Streets. You can take on the persona of a knight, mage, or archer. The only way to move your character is to move through the real world, letting your GPS change your position as you go. You’ll find bosses, dungeons, and other exciting events as you move from place to place.

As you gain experience, you can customize your equipment, build a town, and enhance your skills to take on greater foes. There are even guild challenges to make the game more fun for you and your friends by giving you objectives to complete. To help meet your goals, use portals to access the underground world where you have a whole new area to explore.

Magic Streets is available on iOS and Android.

Turf Wars puts you in the shoes of a crime boss who wants to keep control of your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. You can use your GPS to gain control of the nearby regions — though other players may be trying to take control at the same time, which can lead to a showdown. It also offers missions, encounters with virtual cops, and a system to create your mafia with other players. 

There are over 60 weapons and various upgrades and equipment to give you many ways to approach your game. It also lets you play with friends or team up with other local players to take down giant bosses who control a lot of territories. Progression can take a while in Turf Wars, but long-term players tend to be dedicated and willing to put in the time.

Turf Wars is available on iOS and Android. 

Even if you didn’t watch AMC’s The Walking Dead, you might enjoy this app. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to outwit zombies, save innocent people, and fend for yourself in a society without many resources to go around. Many of the characters from the show can be collected by players as they work their way through the game, too.

If you’re looking to make new friends, join one of the guilds. It can help you complete objectives or become a more efficient player. You can also connect with your friends, and it’s generally easier to progress in the game if you do. There’s in-game chat, too. It’s a great social experience that can help you get outdoors and move around while battling zombies. 

The Walking Dead: Our World is available on Android and iOS. 

Samsung Tablets Leak With Monster Ipad Implications

Samsung tablets leak with monster iPad implications

Samsung seems to have gained a foothold in the tablet computer universe with their latest batch of Galaxy Tab devices in 2023 and 2023. Earlier this week, Samsung announced two new Android tablets, both of them slight iterations on devices they’d released in the recent past. Here on Friday, a leaked documentation of Samsung tablet plans seems to aim for the stars, showing multiple massive tablets that out-shine even the most extravagant Galaxy tablets released in the past year.

When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ in September of 2023, we called it the best Android slate to date. Since then, Samsung has continue to release different versions of tablets, aiming for multiple price points and multiple sorts of consumer. Here in May of 2023, they’ve just revealed a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. They’re moving full steam ahead with tablets while other companies (save Apple) don’t seem to be finding the opportunity to take a piece of the pie.

A leak of information this week from TheGalox_ shows a set of three new Android tablets, likely ready for release in the year 2023. These devices appear to be taking spots in 11-inch, 12.4-inch, and 14.6-inch categories. The smallest of these has an 11-inch LTPS TFT display with 120Hz image refresh rate and a wide variety of potential use cases.

This smallest device appears to share RAM and ROM sizes with the next-biggest device, both of them working with two potential iterations: 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage or 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The mid-sized tablet here has a 12.4-inch OLED display with 120Hz image refresh rate, something similar to what we’ve seen with the Galaxy Tab S7+.

The front-facing camera setup on both the 11-inch and 12.4-inch tablets seems to be relatively basic at 8MP, while the full collection of tablets appear to work with a dual-camera setup with 13MP main a 5MP secondary camera, plus LED flash.

All of these devices will roll with a quad speaker setup and BLE S Pen. That means they’ll be ready to pump out the jams and play movies with volume enough for multiple viewers. The S Pen will likely be relatively similar to what it was with the Galaxy Tab S7+, continuing to work with wireless charging courtesy of a magnetic back charging panel on the tablet.

The largest of three tablets leaked today looks like it’ll have a 14.6-inch OLED display with 120Hz image refresh rate. This massive tablet appears to be planned for two iterations, one with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, the other with 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

The largest tablet looks like it’ll have a center-mounted notch with room for both of its front-facing cameras.* With a 14.6-inch panel, this tablet is shown sporting a 92% screen-to-body ratio – that’s beastly. It’s shown in this slide with a direct comparison to the largest-of-large iPad Pro units, too – that comes in at 12.9-inches.

*This largest Samsung Galaxy tablet appears to be coming with the same 8MP camera up front as the others, but also has a 5MP camera for ultra-wide coverage. As the slide suggests, this could be great for both Home Fitness needs and video conferencing.

The battery sizes on these tablets looks absurd – in a good way. The smallest shows an 8000mAh battery. The mid-sized tablet shows a 10090mAh battery, and the largest shows a 12000mAh battery. The whole lot is shown with 45W fast charging, too.

Now we need only cross our fingers and hope that these tablets wont cost more than they’re worth as the most top-tier Android tablets ever produced.

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