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This year Search Engine Journal will be attending Geno Prussakov’s Affiliate Manager Days in San Francisco on April 16-17.  I would love to meetup with any Online Marketing gurus out there in the affiliate world.  I had the chance to sit down with the founder of AMDays, Geno.  We were able talk about what’s going on with Affiliate Management Days as well as the affiliate world and the top digital experts in the World.  Here is the interview:

What is Affiliate Management Days?

What are the most common causes of channel conflict between affiliate programs and companies’ own SEM efforts?

What top digital marketing experts will be in San Francisco in April and what are they teaching?

Besides a plethora of affiliate marketing experts we’ll have a number of names that every digital marketer is familiar with. The conference will be opened with a keynote by Brian Massey where he will delve into the lessons we can learn from our best affiliates, while on day two we’ll have a keynote presentation by the godfather of web analytics, Jim Sterne who will speak on big data and how we can read and interpret it in the most meaningful way. We will also have Tim Ash hold his already-traditional “Live Landing Page Critiques” session, while Roger Dooley will share with the audience “Brainy Ways to Boost Conversion and Affiliate Loyalty.” Besides these, we’ll have digital marketing practitioners from such companies as Google Affiliate Network, Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, AWeber, Deluxe, LivePerson and many others share their knowledge, case studies and practical lessons to improve the performance of our affiliate programs [full agenda here].

All SEJ readers are cordially invited to join me! Use discount code SEJ to receive 15% off registration.

If you’re attending please hit me up! I’d like to meet and chat PPC & SEO 🙂

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Sej At Pubcon Las Vegas 2024

Next week, about half of the SEJ team is heading to Las Vegas for Pubcon 2024. This four-day event is a digital marketing staple for networking and learning. This is the fourth year in a row most of the SEJ team has met up in Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here is the low down on what we will be doing during the conference – including our open bar hours, a link for our Passport to Pubcon guide, and our booth location.

Passport To Pubcon

Want to stay up to date on all the after parties, find the best sessions, and figure out who’s who? Download our Passport to Pubcon guide! It is totally free and chock full of great information including SEJ team members’ favorite session picks, dates, times and locations of all the after parties, and tips for first-timers. Or, stop by Booth #114 for a print copy on Tuesday!

Get it now to read on the plane!

SEJ in Expo Hall Booth #114

Meet the SEJ Team at Pubcon! We will be hanging out in Booth #114 doing video interviews with industry experts and shaking hands with fellow attendees.

On Tuesday from 1 PM to 3 PM we will be having an open bar at the booth! Come grab a drink or soda and chat with the SEJ team and other industry folks!

US Search Awards Ticket Giveaway

Do you want to attend the US Search Awards with the SEJ Team? We have tickets for a few lucky fans (worth $350 a pop). Here’s how to WIN:

Stop by SEJ’s Pubcon booth #114 anytime on Tuesday during expo hall hours from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Drop your business card into the drawing with your phone number and email address

We will announce the lucky winners when the expo hall closes at 3:30 PM on Tuesday.

Winners will receive a FREE ticket to the show on Wednesday at Caesar’s Palace, which includes a drinks reception, 3 course dinner, hosted bar, and entertainment! It’s a super fun event. Last year they had selfie sticks at all the tables and the ice luge is always a hit!

P.S. Dress code is “smart and glamorous”, so if you plan on winning, come prepared to dress fancy ;). Good luck!

Don’t Miss Sessions

SEJ’s very own Loren Baker (founder of SEJ) and Brent Csutoras (SEJ’s Chief Social Media Strategist and a Managing Partner) are speaking at this year’s event. Catch their sessions:

Salon A

Salon I

See You There!

We can’t wait to see you all in Vegas. Don’t forget to stop by Booth #114 and say hello to SEJ team members Danielle Antosz (that’s me!), Kelsey Jones, Jessica Cromwell, Jenise Henrikson, Brent Csutoras, Loren Baker, Danny Goodwin, and Anna Crowe.

Featured Image: Deposit Photos

In post image: Taken by Loren Baker (and a selfie stick) 

The Sej Staff Picks Their Favorite #Marketingnerds Episodes

To celebrate the 100th episode of Marketing Nerds podcast, we rounded up the favorite podcast episodes from the SEJ Team. Join us as we take a look back at our past episodes, and what we have learned from them.

Jenise Henrikson, CEO

Episode 54: Identifying and Repurposing Evergreen Content for Success 

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Every time I hear Wil Reynolds speak I learn something. In this episode, I got some great ideas regarding re-purposing amazing existing content. I also love observing Brent’s skillful approach in eliciting fresh and topical perspectives from his guests.

Brent Csutoras, Chief Social Media Strategist

Episode 65: Robert ‘RSnake’ Hansen Talks Website Security on #MarketingNerds Podcast

Your browser does not support the audio element.

I have always been intrigued by hacker and internet security, so being able to talk with one of the top hackers in the world, Robert ‘Rsnake’ Hansen, is always a pleasure. I learned quite a bit about WordPress security, which I have incorporated into my sites, as well as some interesting stories about Hillary Clinton’s email servers and China’s new social engineering rating system.

Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor

Episode 72: #MarketingNerds Podcast with Danny Goodwin: How Journalism Helps You Write and Edit for the Web

Your browser does not support the audio element.

It let me get to know Danny better, which eventually lead to him writing news for SEJ. Also, we talk a lot about why the editorial process is so important, which is something both brands and publishers can find useful.

Anna Crowe, Features Writer

Episode 89: How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Multiple Locations with Cynthia Johnson

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Caitlin Rulien, Social Producer

Episode 91: How to Find Clients: Freelancers Forum #8

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Aki Libo-on, Assistant Editor

Episode 38: #MarketingNerds Freelancer Forum: How to Raise Your Rates & Confront Imposter Syndrome

Your browser does not support the audio element.

This episode aims to debunk a couple of freelancing taboos, such as raising your rates. It just didn’t answer what’s the best way to do it but why (because, apparently, you deserve a raise even if you think you don’t.)

Meg Cabrera, Research Assistant

Episode 78: How to Make the Leap to Full-Time Freelancing

Your browser does not support the audio element.

It was hard to give up my full-time corporate job, but this episode gave me the assurance that I made the right choice to venture into freelancing.

Danny Goodwin, News Writer

Episode 8: #SEO for User Interface Design with Kristine Schachinger

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Kristine Schachinger is one of my favorites in the industry and she has lots of great insights in this episode. She goes through important SEO and user experience considerations and common pitfalls for companies that are creating or redesigning a website.

Jessica Cromwell, Director of Sales & Events

Episode: 86: How to Make Your Brand Fascinating with NYT Best-Selling Author Sally Hogshead

Your browser does not support the audio element.

A simple, yet powerful approach to building a brand. And her free personality test is a neat tool that helps individuals discover their north star. I love stuff like this.

Danielle Antosz, Features Editor

Episode 22: Freelancers Forum II: How to Find, Negotiate With, & Fire Clients

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Is it okay to use one of my own? I really love the vibe Kelsey and I have, it feels super relaxed. I also love sharing information I would have loved to have when I was getting started as a freelancer.

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The Best National Days For Advertising

However, while many of these days have their perks ― who doesn’t love a day centered on doughnuts? ― only some will relate to your business. However, with careful thought and planning, national days can help you grab the attention of both loyal and new customers. 

This guide offers tips for small businesses that want to identify the best national days for their marketing strategy and how to harness them. Read ahead for a sample of national days and how you can integrate them into your marketing calendar. 

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on social media management services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

Did You Know?

National days are a great way to use social media for business to connect with customers on an emotional level.

5. National Opposite Day ― January 25

Turn your world upside down and say the opposite of what you actually mean all day. National Opposite Day offers the chance to get silly and create a print, digital or email marketing campaign with fun, eye-catching content. 

6. National Thank a Mail Carrier Day ― February 4 

We all rely on the hard work of mail carriers and businesses are no exception. Even if you don’t ship your products or use direct mail marketing, there’s a good chance you rely on the postal service to receive supplies and important mail. Use this day to publicly thank mail carriers for keeping business moving ― customers might appreciate the gesture and become more likely to buy from you.

7. National Pizza Day ― February 9

Americans love pizza so much that we eat 3 billion a year ― 4 billion if you count frozen pizzas. On this scrumptious national day, pizzerias can offer print and digital coupons to incentivize customers to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

8. Global Movie Day ― second Saturday in February 

This international holiday celebrates the wonders of cinema. Appeal to the film buffs in your customer base and drive engagement with a social campaign via Instagram that asks your audience to share their favorite movies. 

9. Galentine’s Day ― February 13

The most important relationships aren’t always romantic. Give your customers tips on celebrating the strong female friendships in their life the day before Valentine’s Day.

10. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day ― March 1

Peanut butter makes a great companion for various ingredients. If you’re in foodservice and peanut butter isn’t on the menu, spotlight your products that go great with the nutty spread. 

11. National Employee Appreciation Day ― first Friday in March 

This national day acknowledges that no matter your industry, your business can’t run without your employees. This is an excellent day to publicly thank your team for their hard work and show customers you care about your people. 


Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with a video livestream introducing your behind-the-scenes employees.

12. National Dress Day ― March 6

From little black dresses to colorful summer numbers, National Dress Day salutes this fashion staple. This day is an ideal opportunity for clothing retailers to showcase their best dresses in-store or online. 

13. International Women’s Day ― March 8

International Women’s Day lifts up women’s accomplishments and raises awareness about gender inequality around the globe. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to closing the gender gap by recognizing this important day. 

14. National Napping Day ― the day after the return of daylight saving time

Adjusting daylight saving time usually leaves most of us a bit tired, so what better day to celebrate the art of the nap? If self-care is central to your brand, this is a great opportunity to remind your customer base that rest is essential. 

Did You Know?

Some studies show that sleeping at work boosts productivity. National Napping Day might be a great day to test out the theory with your employees.

15. National Handmade Day ― first Saturday in April 

This national day elevates craftsmanship of all kinds. If you run a small business or Etsy shop with handmade products, highlight the love and care you put into every item with a video or photo series.

16. National Siblings Day ― April 10

The bond between siblings is one of a kind. Use this day to highlight your story if you run a family-owned business or work with family. 

17. National Pet Day ― April 11

Who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate our favorite furry friends? Pet-related social posts are already incredibly effective at driving customer engagement. Ask your followers to tag your products in pictures with their pets. If you’re a pet owner, spotlight your team’s furry friends on your socials or business blog. 


National Pet Day is a great excuse to showcase your office pets if you allow them as a workplace perk.

Key Takeaway

Make a Snapchat geofilter and encourage patrons and nearby customers to share selfies that promote your brand.


April Fools’ Day is another great day to share your brand’s sense of humor with your target audience.

41. National Sandwich Day ― November 3

Early November is the time to uplift this versatile lunchtime classic. Since there’s almost no limit to the ingredients you can use for a sandwich, this day can be relevant for a range of food vendors. 

42. World Kindness Day ― November 13

World Kindness Day reminds us that we can make the world a better place, even with our smallest actions. Emphasize the caring nature of your mission and urge your customers to commit random acts of kindness on this national day. Businesses can also commit to charitable contributions to demonstrate kindness.

43. Black Friday ―  the Friday after Thanksgiving

A huge sales day for retailers, Black Friday signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. With people on the lookout for bargains, this is a great opportunity to boost sales by offering exclusive deals and Black Friday discounts. 

44. Small Business Saturday ― the Saturday after Thanksgiving

First recognized in 2010, thanks to efforts from American Express, Small Business Saturday encourages customers to support small (and often local) retailers. Give your small business a boost and research campaigns early in the year to stand out when November rolls around. 


Beef up your local marketing strategy as Small Business Saturday approaches to ensure you’re maximizing your chances of success.

45. Giving Tuesday ― Tuesday after Thanksgiving

After a handful of shopping-focused national days, Giving Tuesday asks us to spend on a good cause. If your business partners with a charity or nonprofit organization, spotlight its important work. You can also demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and donate a percentage of proceeds from sales on Giving Tuesday. 

Did You Know?

About 56 percent of Americans donate money to charities every year.

46. National Bartender Day ― first Friday in December 

Today is the day to thank your favorite mixologist. Bars and liquor vendors should note this day in their marketing plans ― and ensure they encourage customers to tip generously. 

47. National Cookie Day ― December 4

Cookies are already a big part of the holiday season, so it makes sense to give these classic treats a dedicated December holiday. This is a great day for bakeries to offer exclusive discounts. If you sell baking ingredients or appliances, consider a social campaign and ask your customers to tag you in photos of them enjoying homemade cookies. 

48. National Underdog Day ― third Friday in December

Everyone loves to cheer for an underdog, and it can certainly be argued that small businesses are underdogs in a large-business world. Target your customers with a video and tell a story about the history of your business. If your audience sees how much hard work you’ve put in, they may want to support and be part of your success. 

49. National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day ― December 16

Chocolate can improve many desserts or snacks so, naturally, there’s a day to praise all things chocolate-covered. Promote your chocolate-covered products or give customers some ideas on your ingredients that would pair well with cocoa. 

Key Takeaway

Chocolates make excellent employee gifts and Secret Santa gifts during holiday festivities.


Set and measure the key performance indicators that best suit your national day campaign and use the results to inform future campaigns.

5. Reassess the most important national days to target.

Like any marketing plan, your strategy for preparing for holidays will always be a work in progress. Prioritize reviewing the data you measured with each campaign and evaluate which campaigns are worth repeating ― and scrap what’s not worth the return on investment. 

Use national days to market when it makes sense

With so many national days to choose from, there’s likely to be at least one that fits your business and its message. Be mindful about which national days you mark on your calendar, then craft content that stands out. No matter where along your sales funnel you’re targeting, national days are a great chance to get creative and grow your business. 

Bennett Conlin and Max Freedman contributed to this article. Source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered

So long, blogging, It was nice knowing you.

It’s not all bad news. Those over age 34 blog slightly more than they did in 2008, the report continues, and we shouldn’t forget that news blogging site the Huffington Post just sold for $315 million. But there’s little doubt that blogging isn’t the fresh young thing it was five years ago, back when having an RSS feed reader to track blogs was the height of coffee-shop sophistication. There are far fewer blog writers and readers.

So, what’s changed? It’s no coincidence that blogging is dying off at the same time as Facebook and Twitter have boomed. Both sites have been described as microblogging services, and that’s often used to explain blogging’s demise. Perhaps people have simply switched allegiances to an easier-to-use service.

But Facebook and Twitter offer far more than mere status updates. They’re truly social in a way that blogging simply isn’t. I’d argue that because of this, Facebook and Twitter offer much more value for business compared to blogging.

This makes me sound like a mad Internet evangelist, but bear with me while I explain.

I come across few blogs offered by businesses nowadays, but the ones I choose to follow show how blogging can be a powerful corporate tool, if used correctly. These blogs provide information about products, updates to existing lines, or important company information.

However, this is perfectly demonstrates how blogs are and always have been little more than a publishing platform. They allow businesses to climb onto a plinth and talk down to the public. The reason blogging is dying is because the trend right now is towards a more democratic, social media.

“Liking” and sharing are two of the most underrated features of Facebook. Although ostensibly trivial to Facebook users, they bond people to a product via a common interest. They make marketing a two-way process.

The act of “liking” a product gets reported in a user’s Facebook feed via a brief sentence, while sharing a product page is even better because pictures and words are highlighted within the user’s feed.

Liking and sharing are God’s gift to marketers. Essentially, they let customers market your products on your behalf to all their friends. And it isn’t even as if users think long and hard about liking or sharing. More often it’s done on a whim in a split-second before moving on to something else. From a product marketing perspective, Facebook is beautiful to behold.

Blog postings are like gum; once chewed over, they’re useless for anything else. But Facebook pages keep on giving.

And all the time Facebook offers data. Organizations can see how many people like their products. Facebook will even send them weekly updates showing rises and falls in visitor numbers.

Plus, all a Facebook product page requires in staff input, once it’s been created, is one or two pairs of eyes to watch it. It’s cheap and effective–two words all businesses like.

Above all, companies need to understand that online media is not just a platform from which they can announce things, which is why blogging is so weak. The instinctive response should be to engage with your customers, and to use social media in any way possible to allow this.

Bu’s Global Days Of Service Goes On, Virtually

BU’s Global Days of Service Goes On, Virtually

Helping out at the Greater Boston Food Bank during last year’s BU Global Days of Service. This year’s event will be a little different. Photo by Dana J. Quigley, courtesy BU Alumni Association

Public Health

BU’s Global Days of Service Goes On, Virtually Also in our Coronavirus Wednesday Roundup: no Boston Pride, SPH’s Sandro Galea gets props, and goodbye, Hotel Buckminster

Quote of the day: Stat of the day: BU News Join Global Days of Service at home or online SPH Dean Galea highlighted by LinkedIn

Sandro Galea, dean of BU School of Public Health and Robert A. Knox Professor. Photo by Kelly Davidson

No surprise that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn has put out a list naming a dozen “Top Voices in health care that you should be following now.” No surprise either that number 11 on the list was Sandro Galea, dean of the BU School of Public Health and Robert A. Knox Professor, named for what he shares on the platform about the pandemic’s impact on society and the health gaps it intensifies.

Boston and Beyond News Boston Pride 2023 is canceled

Latest casualties of the coronavirus epidemic are Boston Pride events scheduled for June, which have been pushed to June 2023, the city and organizers said Tuesday. This year is the 50th anniversary of the event. “I know this was a very hard decision to make, and I know it’s very hard news to hear, but it’s the right decision,” Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement. “As we fight the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s safety and health is our top priority.”

Parking help for frontline healthcare workers

Walsh also announced new parking relief measures for healthcare workers. If a healthcare worker gets a parking ticket, the city will waive all fees if the worker appeals the ticket by emailing [email protected] and includes both the ticket and a photo of their medical identification. This new policy also applies retroactively for tickets issued over the past month. It applies to violations like an expired meter, but not to public safety violations, such as blocking a hydrant, sidewalk, or handicap ramp. The city is also working on securing parking garages and lots across the city to offer free parking for healthcare workers. Find maps of these and other parking areas here.

Governor Charlie Baker promises major financial relief for hospitals

Baker said Tuesday that the state will infuse $800 million into the state’s healthcare system from April through July to provide health providers relief for lost revenues from missed visits and procedures canceled due to the coronavirus. Funding for this package is coming from reductions in MassHealth and from federal revenues. Half the amount, $400 million, will support 28 safety-net and high-Medicaid hospitals. This funding will address lost revenue, stabilization, and increased costs for treating COVID-19. Some $80 million will go to nursing facilities, and $300 million to other providers, including community healthcare centers.

Hotel Buckminster won’t be coming back

The Universal Hub website recognized it before we did: Kenmore Square’s historic Hotel Buckminster is closed, and not just for the duration of the coronavirus quarantine. The hotel—where the 1919 Chicago Black Sox baseball scandal was hatched, and long a favorite of folks going to Fenway Park—closed March 20 with “no plans to reopen.” And in response to queries on its Facebook page, hotel staff confirm it’s not an open-ended response to COVID-19. Facebook visitors speculate that the hotel will be renovated and reopen as a more upscale establishment.

US & Global News Eyeing racial disparities among COVID-19 victims

In the coronavirus hotspot of Louisiana, about 70 percent of the people who have died are African American, although only a third of the state’s population is black, the New York Times reports. The data are limited, the Times says, but “the emerging statistics show black residents being infected at disturbing rates in some of the nation’s largest cities and states.” A variety of social and health disparities are being looked at as possible causes.

Latest count of coronavirus cases

United States, 383,256; Massachusetts, 15,202.

Distraction of the day: Music reccos

WGBH asked a bunch of Boston-area musicians what they’re listening to while holed up at home, away from the coronavirus. Answering were familiar names (Tanya Donelly, Kay Hanley, Bill Janovitz) and others not so much (Ballroom Thieves). The answers ranged from “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan to a Mahler symphony to “Ice Cream” by Cakeswagg.

Find BU Today’s latest coverage of the pandemic here. The University’s hotline for faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars to call for referral of their virus-related medical concerns is 617-358-4990.

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