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Here are some steps school administrators can take to improve the quality of teachers coming into their classrooms, as well as ensure that new and experienced teachers have the support necessary to continue in the profession.

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) has an online District Resource Center that provides information that can be used by anyone interested in improving teaching at the district level. These resources include NCTAF’s district teaching policy inventory, an article on promising district induction programs, and links to a range of Web sites that provide information on improving teaching in local school districts.

Start a professional development school

Throughout the country, colleges of education are collaborating with their local public schools to create laboratories for the preparation and continuing professional development of teachers, administrators, and other school support personnel. Professional development schools allow a meshing of the theory and psychology of learning taught by university professors and the daily practicalities of teaching that include how to design lesson plans and classroom management.

Identify mentors

Cultivate experienced teachers interested in working with teacher candidates and beginning teachers, provide them with mentoring training, and then match them with beginning teachers. As noted in the NCTAF’s article, “What Matters Most: Teaching for America’s Future,” research shows that beginning teachers working under the guidance of a trained mentor are much more likely to remain in the profession and to move beyond classroom management issues and focus their time and attention on student learning.

Create incentives for teachers to stay in the field

Ongoing, meaningful professional development opportunities and salary increases that bring teacher pay scales on a par with those of other professionals provide beginning and experienced teachers alike with the support and assistance necessary to stay in the field.

Redesign and streamline hiring and recruitment

Decentralized hiring, innovative use of the Internet to announce openings and recruit new educators, and the early hiring of new teachers have all been identified as important steps toward recruiting and maintaining the most highly trained teaching staff. Teacher Recruitment is the subject of the August-September 2000 issue of The Education Commission of the States newsletter, “The Progress of Education Reform,” and includes links to many effective teacher recruitment programs throughout the United States.

Work with local colleges of education to recruit teachers from underrepresented groups and nontraditional career paths

Colleges of education cannot begin to fill the nationwide need for well-trained teachers — or teachers who represent the diverse group of students filling today’s classrooms. One exemplary program whose mission is to recruit paraprofessionals (particularly minority and male applicants) in K-12 schools to become fully certificated teachers is The Pathways to Teaching Careers Program, established by the DeWitt Wallace-Readers Digest Funds in 1989.


The Educational Testing Service. ETS offers a multi-faceted course for schools interested in beginning a mentor teacher program.

Essential Conditions for Teacher Preparation. In an easy-to-read chart and text format, the International Society for Technology in Education lays out what education personnel — from teacher-educators to local school administrators — need to do to promote teacher preparation in technology.

“Promising Practices: New Ways to Improve Teacher Quality.” This U.S. Department of Education report describes promising policies and practices in the teaching profession. Topics addressed include recruiting talented and diverse people into the teaching profession, improving teacher preparation, providing professional support to beginning teachers, and improving teacher accountability and incentives.

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What Can I Do After

What Can I Do After B.Com?

Explore the Top 10 best options

Written by

Tim Vipond

Published October 21, 2023

Updated July 7, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to: What Can I Do after B.Com?

One of the most common questions we get from CFI students before they start is – “What can I do after chúng tôi (bachelor of commerce degree)?”  They often come to us feeling a bit confused about what to do next.

On the one hand, they have worked hard and invested a lot of money in earning a chúng tôi On the other hand, for many career paths, a chúng tôi is not enough, and more training, education, or even a designation is required.

This guide is designed to help you navigate any confusion and find the path that’s right for you.

10 Best Things You Can Do After B.Com: #1 Get work experience at a bank

This option should be top of your list. Banks are one the biggest employers in the financial services sector and they like hiring students who have just graduated with a chúng tôi degree.

The top options for careers at banks for someone with a chúng tôi include:

#2 Get work experience at an accounting firm

Still wondering, what can I do after chúng tôi Working at a large public accounting firm is a great place to start. The biggest accounting firms hire a lot of university graduates each year and their training programs can give you more knowledge, more skills, and excellent work experience.

The best options for careers at accounting firms with a chúng tôi include:

#3 Get work experience at a corporation

Corporation refers to an operating company like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Salesforce, etc. Corporate careers can be an excellent training ground for a recent bachelor of commerce graduate, as they can offer a wide range of work experience and provide a good work-life balance.

The best roles for a chúng tôi graduae at a corporation are:

#4 Get the FMVA designation

If you don’t get a job at one of the above three choices right after school (or even if you do), you may want to consider studying for the FMVA. This designation is heavily focused on financial modeling and valuation, as well as on other practical applications.

It can be so challenging, some recent chúng tôi graduates prefer to focus on studying for it full time and after they finish their undergrad degree.

Career paths for an FMVA designation include:

#5 Go back to school for your MBA

Still wondering, what can I do after chúng tôi Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can help set you apart in a crowded job market and earn you the respect of your peers. Another fall back plan if you don’t land a job at the first three options is to pursue your graduate degree.

To learn more, see our guide: Is an MBA worth it?

Pursuing an MBA can be very rewarding, but they are often expensive and vary widely in quality and reputation.

#6 Earn an online certification in financial modeling

With the massive shift in trends from traditional education to online education and dynamic learning solutions, you should seriously consider an online financial modeling certification.

Most of the elite jobs in corporate finance require financial modeling skills, yet most chúng tôi programs don’t teach it.

If you want to stand out, taking CFI’s online courses can be a great way to master this skill.

The top jobs that require financial modeling are:

The basics: what is financial modeling?

Learn more: financial modeling guide

#7 Get an accounting designation (CPA or CA)

We already listed public accounting firms in spot #3, but that was for positions that don’t necessarily require becoming an accountant (those positions can be occupied by finance professionals).

If you’re willing to start in the Audit group at a public accounting firm, you can earn your CPA or CA designation (depending on what country you’re in) and move up to being a full-fledged accountant, or move on into other areas of the firm.

Becoming a CPA will give you the gold standard in accounting knowledge, and make your employability much higher.  Banks, corporations, and institutions love hiring professionals with accounting designations.

#8 Change career paths

When you asked, what can I do after chúng tôi you probably didn’t expect to hear “change career paths” as an option, but the reality is that sometimes that is the best choice.

The chúng tôi has given you great training and exposure to finance. Now you can complement that with another skill, such as coding, engineering, or entrepreneurship, and move into an area that may be a better fit for you.

It may be hard to make a change after investing so much time, effort, and money in a bachelor of commerce degree, but always stay open to the idea of moving into another field entirely.

To see what change may be best for you, explore our interactive career map.

#9 Use your university alumni network

If our suggestions thus far still haven’t satisfied your question of, what can I do after chúng tôi perhaps this one will: One of the biggest assets of a chúng tôi program is the alumni network.

The best way to get full value from your alumni network is to talk to the career center and ask for introductions to alums who are working in the same field that you’re interested in working in.

Here are a few points for effectively networking with alumni:

Focus on people with jobs that are relevant to what you’re looking for

Find alums who are 3-5 years out, as they have experience, but aren’t too senior yet

Don’t directly ask for a job

Ask for an informational interview, to learn about what they do and what they like/don’t like about it

Ask each person you meet with to introduce you to one more persons. That way your networking process never ends

#10 Offer to do a research project or unpaid internship

If all of the above preceding options still leave you wondering about what your best career move is, you may want to try offering to do a research project or free internship at a company that you really want to work for.

This strategy works especially well with corporations (not as well with banks and accounting firms), as they can be more flexible and entrepreneurial.

This “foot in the door” strategy could be all you need to jump-start your career at a corporation.  The top divisions for a chúng tôi to try this with are:



Financial planning & analysis


Hopefully, these 10 ideas have given you some helpful ideas on “What can I do after B.Com?”  If you follow this guide and our many more resources, you should be in great shape.

Additional CFI resources that you may want to check out include all of the following:

Do Extensions Slow Down Your Browser? Here’s What You Can Do

Do Extensions Slow Down Your Browser? Here’s What You Can Do There are a few things Chrome extension devs should consider




Many users are worried that Chrome extensions are slowing down their computer, and in this article, we’re going to check if that’s true.

Slowdowns vary from browser to browser, and if Chrome is running slow for you, perhaps the issue won’t appear on another browser.

Other factors play a huge role when it comes to slowdowns besides extensions.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

⇒ Get Opera One

DebugBear recently analyzed 26 browser extensions to study whether Chrome extensions are slowing down your computer or not.

Do Chrome extensions affect performance?

Although many Chrome extensions have the capability to run additional code on each and every page that you view, well-built extensions will only run code when it is absolutely required to do so.

Activity on the CPU can cause a page to hang and become unresponsive, in addition to increasing the amount of battery that must be used. However, if the processing takes place after the initial loading of the page, the effect on the user experience might not be as significant.

There are a few extensions, such as Loom and Ghostery, that execute a significant amount of code without affecting the time at which the page begins displaying.

However, some extensions such as Clever, Lastpass, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials begin executing code as soon as the page begins loading, which delays the time at which the user is initially able to access the contents of the website.

Does Grammarly slow down your computer?

Yes, Grammarly slows down Chrome. On-page CPU time was reduced by more than 100 milliseconds for users of Grammarly, Microsoft Office, the Okta Browser Plugin, Avira Safe Shopping, and Avira Browser Safety.

Does Honey slow down your computer?

Quick Tip:

Google Chrome has a reputation for taking up most of your RAM and CPU. Using a different browser that allows full control over how much it eats from available resources has a huge impact on browsing.

Opera GX is built using the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, so all Chrome extensions are also compatible with it. More so, it comes with a built-in CPU, RAM, and bandwidth limiter.

Opera GX

Control resource usage for your browser and never experience lags or slowdowns.

Free Visit Website

How do I make Chrome extensions faster?

The conclusions of this analysis are not at all surprising. They confirm what many users already noticed, Chrome extensions are slowing down your computer. Specifically, certain browser extensions may increase power consumption.

Expert tip:

ExtensionWhat is it?UsersExtra CPU time*

HoneyAutomatic coupon code finder10M+636ms

GrammarlyGrammar checker10M+324ms

Evernote ClipperSave web content to Evernote4.7M265ms

StayFocusdLimit time spent on websites700K224ms

LastPassPassword manager8M139ms

Things Chrome extension devs should consider

Chrome extension developers need to consider the following points in order to reduce the impact their products have on the browsing experience. Content scripts should be used on the domains as per the requirements.

Secondly, the content script should not be run on document_start. The developers should avoid overloading the code with JavaScript. As it can be loaded easily whenever you need to include the JS bundle. 


Install now Private Internet Access and secure yourself. It protects your PC from attacks while browsing, masks your IP address, and blocks all unwanted access.

In case you want to be secure while surfing the internet, you will need to get a full-dedicated tool to secure your chúng tôi secure yourself. It protects your PC from attacks while browsing, masks your IP address, and blocks all unwanted access.

Main takeaways

The researchers have also mentioned some key findings of the study. The performance cost of the single extension can be small but the combined performance cost might add up to a significantly large value, thus causing Chrome extensions to slow down computers.

The study also has some limitations as well, it has only considered just a single browser i.e Google Chrome. We have to extend the research to some other popular browsers as well to find out how the results vary with respect to each browser.

Furthermore, the sample size should be kept large by increasing the number of extensions in future experiments.

In short, the study revealed that Honey and Grammarly are extremely slow as far as browsing performance is concerned.

The power consumption is usually increased when you have so many extensions installed in your system. The extension developers should follow the best practices in order to avoid performance problems in the future.

Privacy is a major concern these days in view of the recent cyber-attacks and data leaks by 3rd party apps and programs. Experts recommend that you should reduce the number of extensions installed in your browser.

How can I improve my browser performance?

You may improve the performance of Google Chrome by installing a specialized extension if you find that it is not as quick as it was in the past.

That is the only way to increase your browser’s performance along with ensuring the safety of your sensitive data.

So, do extensions slow down Chrome? The short answer would be yes, but it depends on the extension, amount of RAM, CPU power, number of open tabs, and other factors.

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Troubles With Your Uplay Login? Here’s What You Can Do

Troubles with your Uplay login? Here’s what you can do




Some Uplay users report not being able to log in and get a wrong credentials error message.

You shouldn’t worry too much if you face this issue because it is generally caused by minor problems.

Find below a few possible ways to tackle this problem and connect to your Uplay account.

Find suggestions on malware scanning, and email and password recovery.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Some users have reported that they are having problems when trying to log in to their Uplay client.

Apparently, they receive an error message that looks like the following:

Players on the forums are rather furious at the matter

Apparently, the problem is not random, and it also happens to users who have allegedly never changed their Ubisoft password.

More so, the problem also seems to be linked to Ubisoft’s password recovery system.

Uplay states that either your login email or password is incorrect

The same users on the forums reported that eventually the problem sorted itself out.

Apparently, the passwords they already tried suddenly became valid again.

The only explanation for why a password may not work now but may work later is one of the following:

Issues with your ISP

Malware is messing up your PC’s registries

You actually forgot your credentials

Ask them whether or not they’ve made changes to the Internet or network settings around your area.

If they did, ask what exactly did they change, so that you can take the appropriate measures.

2. Check your PC for malware

Install a third-party antivirus tool and run a complete system scan to see if your PC is infected.

Once all threats are detected, add them to your virus vault and try logging in again.

Make sure to use an up-to-date antivirus with a high detection rate, such as Eset Internet Security.

It is one of the most appreciated tools in the cybersecurity industry because it offers complete protection against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spyware, and any other emerging threats.

⇒ Get Eset Internet Security

3. Make sure you’ve actually typed in the right password

Ubisoft has a habit of asking you to change your password from time to time.

This is mainly for security issues, and most of the time you never even bother to remember these occasions.

If that’s the case and Uplay isn’t accenting your password, just perform a password recovery.

4. Make sure you’ve actually typed in the right E-mail

While it may sound silly, users try so hard to remember their password they end up forgetting which email to use.

If that’s the case and Uplay isn’t accenting your password or email address, just perform a password recovery.

Still experiencing issues?

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How School Leaders Can Rebalance Teachers’ Job Demands And Resources

Teachers are experiencing increasing demands on their time and decreasing resources to meet those demands. Here’s a way to put things back in balance.

Teachers have always felt like the balance at work was tenuous: It often feels like there is insufficient time, too many changes, and too many students with complex needs for one teacher to handle alone. Yet teachers generally found a way to persist and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This past year, things felt different. Prognosticators who imagined the year would be easier than the previous one were sadly mistaken. School shootings. Security threats at school board meetings. Covid fatigue. Insufficient pay. Insufficient support. As teachers struggle with the combined weight of these issues, it has led to a greater physical, psychological, and emotional imbalance for our nation’s educators than ever before.

There are real costs to the stress that teachers are currently experiencing. In the National Education Association’s November 2023 teacher survey, 55 percent stated that they were more likely to leave the profession early, up from 28 percent in July 2023. Ninety percent of teachers in the same survey stated that they perceived burnout as somewhat or very serious. The RAND 2023 State of the U.S. Teacher Survey found that, compared with the general population, a higher percentage of teachers reported frequent job-related stress and depression symptoms.

To establish and maintain a highly effective teaching staff, we must acknowledge that management practices profoundly affect our educators. As important as instructional leadership is, it will not resolve teachers’ professional imbalance between job demands and available resources. Emotional leadership, or leadership that tends to the social and emotional well-being of adults in schools, is explicitly aimed at balancing job demands and resources so that teachers can experience a state of well-being at work. Emotional leadership might help address the current state of imbalance for teachers.

The Demand-Resources Equation

Consider an equation that places job demands on one side and job resources on the other. When job demands outpace job resources, imbalance emerges, negatively impacting teachers. For instance, increased stress levels can lead to decreased job performance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. All of those factors raise the potential for increased burnout and attrition, which flow downhill to impact children.

Job demands this year included teaching children as well as stressors like awareness of school safety or the potential consequences of using a controversial book. Potential resources, in this context, include intangible supporting dynamics like time, job control, social support, or supportive leadership. When resources are lacking, teachers are more prone to stress and begin to experience burnout.

The long-term consequences of imbalance are pervasive and expensive, both economically and personally. Imbalance costs school districts directly for physical and mental health treatment expenses; in the long term, imbalance becomes even more expensive due to increased insurance premium costs, diminished productivity, and turnover.

Creating a Better Balance

Kenneth Leithwood, a leadership professor at the University of Toronto, identifies four school leadership “paths”: the rational, organizational, family, and emotional paths. The first three relate to leaders’ investing time and resources in instruction, operations, and relationships. The emotional path, however, is rarely addressed. Emotional leadership brings increased balance by centering the emotional path, tending to the emotional needs of the community that can result from the stresses of job imbalances.

So, how might an emotionally attuned leader work to balance the demand-resource equation?

Subtracting demands: First, as leaders, we need to learn to subtract. It is easy to believe that we need to add more programs to address some of the deficiencies from the past few years. Our leadership brains tell us overwhelmingly to add, but this mindset increases demands on teachers’ time, focus, and energy. Instead, school leaders need to think longer-term and consider subtracting demands in the following ways:

Decrease demands on a teacher’s mental energy. As a school campus, focus on achieving one essential school improvement goal, like getting all students back on grade level. Then, see whether that focus has a greater impact than if you were focusing on four to six goals. From an emotional leadership standpoint, this strategy can decrease stress and burnout and increase teachers’ sense of efficacy by minimizing the need to juggle multiple priorities.

Reduce demands on teacher time. Audit each demand placed on the teachers that does not directly impact the essential goal you identified above, and suspend it for a time to see what happens. Look at all your meetings, reports, and testing dates and ruthlessly ask, “If we didn’t do this anymore, would it hurt our students?” If yes, keep it; if no, pause it. You can always add things back in. You are trying to free up time for teachers to feel like they have more control over their lives. For instance, allow teachers to use their planning times for actual planning as much as possible. Again, from an emotional leadership standpoint, this strategy can decrease stress and burnout and buffer teacher time for more focus on students.

Explicitly state what is not important. This clarity is key: After you reduce the number of goals for teachers, you must also clarify what teachers do not need to worry about completing. Providing focus means not just reducing the number of demands you make on teachers but also making plain which previously held demands can now float off their radar.

Increasing resources for support: After subtracting demands, consider increasing resources if the equation still isn’t in balance.

Return as many decisions as possible back to teachers, especially when it comes to their students. Job control is the largest factor that helps teachers feel satisfied with their work. From an emotional leadership standpoint, giving more control back to teachers can help develop more trust and job satisfaction.

Research has shown that teachers need supportive leadership to build trust, self-efficacy, and motivation. Leaders must learn to support these common emotional needs most frequently mentioned as important to teacher well-being. These can be supported by leaders who learn how to recognize when they are low and build them through leadership actions such as reinforcing the meaning of being a teacher or helping them manage stressful situations.

Teachers may be in the midst of a great resignation, and there is little mystery why. Teachers have led unbalanced lives for too long, and administrators have neglected to provide tools for balancing job demands and resources. By subtracting demands and supporting teachers with more resources, school leaders can increase the satisfaction and commitment of teachers to their profession.

What Can You Do With An Old Usb Flash Drive? 20 Smart Ideas

Got an old USB flash drive? 20 great ideas on how to use it






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

USB flash drives are the most convenient way to transfer files from one computer to another, but if you have an old USB flash drive that you don’t use for file transfer anymore, you can use it for several other things.

What to do with an old USB flash drive? 1. Run an antivirus software from USB flash drive

If you have an infected PC that you cannot access, sometimes you can remove the problem by running the antivirus scan from your USB flash drive.

Many antivirus solutions offer USB or CD recovery tools, so find the antivirus you wish to use, download USB or CD recovery image. Use it to create a bootable USB flash drive that you can use to remove viruses and other malware from your computer.

2. Unlock your computer using a USB flash drive

If you want to protect your computer from unauthorized access, you can use tools such as Predator. After downloading and installing this tool, you’ll be asked to connect your USB drive in order to create a specific key that will be used to unlock your computer.

Bear in mind that all your files and folders on this USB flash drive will remain intact, and you can still use this drive to transfer files.

In addition to creating a key on your USB flash drive, this tool will also require you to create a password so you can access your computer in case you lose your USB flash drive or if it stops working for some reason.

After you’ve done that, Predator will scan your computer every 30 seconds, and if your USB flash drive isn’t connected, your computer will automatically lock itself thus preventing unauthorized access.

This is a small and free tool, and it’s perfect if you want to protect your computer from unauthorized access.

3. Run Linux from a USB flash drive

If you are a member of Insider Program, you can run Linux GUI apps through Bash for Windows 10, but if you never used Linux before, you can use your USB flash drive to run Live USB version of Linux on your PC.

This can be great if you want to familiarize yourself with Linux, but at the same time, you can use Linux to remove problematic files such as viruses or to back up important files if you can’t boot to Windows 10.

To create Live Linux USB, you’ll need to download Universal USB Installer, and use this tool to create a bootable Linux USB drive.

This tool allows you to download Linux .iso files automatically, so you won’t have to download them on your own.

4. Run Portable apps from USB flash drive

If you need to run a specific application on a computer without installing it, you can always create a portable version of that application on your USB flash drive.

This can be rather useful if you want to run a specific application on your work computer or in internet cafe, or if you are simply trying to fix another computer.

To install portable apps on your USB flash drive, you’ll need to download PortableApps Platform. After you download and install the application, you need to connect your USB flash drive and select which portable apps you wish to install.

Once the apps are installed, you can simply plug in the USB flash drive to any other computer and run any of these apps directly from it without installation.

5. Encrypt it and use it to store sensitive data

If you have an old USB flash drive, you can always encrypt it and use it to store sensitive data. In order to encrypt a USB flash drive you’ll need a tool such as TrueCrypt or any other similar tool. You can find the right tool from these carefully selected 12 software solutions to encrypt a USB flash drive.

Just download the tool and follow the instructions carefully, and make sure not to forget your password because it’s the only thing that can unlock your USB flash drive. Also, check out this special guide on How You Can Encrypt your USB Flash Drive.

6. Create a password reset USB

If you use local account to access Windows 10, sometimes you might forget your Windows 10 password. We already wrote about what to do if you lose your Windows 10 password, but if you want to avoid all of that, it’s always good to have a password reset USB.

To create a password reset USB on Windows 10, do the following:

Follow the instructions from Password Reset Disk wizard to create a password reset disk.

Bear in mind that you’ll have to repeat this process if you change your account password. In order to create password reset USB, you’ll need to enter the latest Windows 10 password and this is why you’ll have to repeat all the steps.

Bear in mind that anybody can use this USB flash drive to change your computer password, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

7. Use it as a portable server

If you are a web developer, you are probably running a local server on your computer in order to test web applications.

Creating a portable web server on your USB flash drive can be useful if your hard drive gets corrupt and you have to finish your project, or if you simply want to test your application on a different computer.

There are several tools that can turn your USB flash drive into portable server and Server2Go is probably the best known for this purpose, but there are many alternative solutions available if this tool doesn’t work for you.

8. Sync your files automatically

If you have any important files on your computer, you can use tools such as SugarSync or SyncBackSE to automatically synchronize your files and copy them to USB.

Syncing your files is rather useful since it allows you to automatically create backup for your work or school project every time you connect your USB flash drive.

9. Use it as an external storage for your smartphone or tablet

If you have an old USB that you don’t use, you can always use it as an external memory for your Android device. In order to do that, you’ll need a device that supports USB OTG and USB OTG cable.

Bear in mind that some devices don’t have USB OTG drivers and required apps, so you might have to root your device and install an app that lets you mount external drives.

Expert tip:

10. Create an App install drive

If you install certain applications rather often on different computers, you probably might find a tool such as Ninite rather useful.

This tool allows you to create a single setup file for some of the most common applications, so you can easily install all of them.

Just select the applications you want, move Ninite to a USB flash drive, and run it on any computer to quickly install some of the most commonly used applications.

If you are a computer administrator, this tool is definitely one that you need to use.

11. Create repair disk

If you have an old USB drive that you don’t use anymore, you can use it to create a recovery drive with some of the most useful tools that will allow you to test your memory, partition hard drives and much more.

To do that, simply download Hiren’s Boot CD and use tool such as Rufus to create a bootable USB flash drive with that .iso file.

After creating a bootable flash drive, boot your computer from it and select one of the tools you want to use.

12. Use it with your password manager

Certain password managers, such as LastPass, allow you to download the portable version of their application along with a portable web browser and and use them from a USB flash drive.

This can be extremely useful if you are accessing your Facebook account or an email account from an unsafe computer.

By using portable password manager, your passwords will remain safe even if you use them on a public computer.

13. Create a Windows 10 installation media

Sometimes you might experience serious problems on Windows 10, and the only solution might be to reset or completely reinstall your operating system.

In case you need to do that, it’s always good to have a Windows 10 installation media in case you need to perform a reinstall.

14. Create a digital time capsule

If you have an old USB flash drive, you can use it to create a digital time capsule. In order to do that, you just need to collect as much information about the world as you can and store it on the USB.

Remember to keep that USB flash drive safe, so the future generations can see how world looked like.

15. Use it to play retro games

If you are a fan of retro games, you can always use the old USB flash drive to store them.

There is wide range of emulators available online, and since games for the most popular consoles don’t take too much space, you can easily put them on your USB flash drive and play them directly from it.

16. Create a digital library

If you enjoy reading, you can always store free ebooks on your old USB flash drive.

Ebooks don’t take too much space, and you can store hundreds of ebooks on a regular USB flash drive thus turning it into your own portable digital library.

17. Use it to listen your favorite music in your car

If you don’t own an expensive car radio that can read USB flash drives, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still use it to play your favorite music from the USB flash drive.

All that you need is a Thumbdrive Transmitter device that you connect to your car’s cigarette lighter socket. After you connect Thumbdrive Transmitter, connect your USB flash drive to it, turn on your radio and set it to the Transmitter’s frequency.

Bear in mind that sound quality might vary, and the Thumbdrive Transmitter might not be the most elegant solution, but it’s still better than buying a new car radio.

18. Use it for Virtual Network Computing

Virtual Network Computing, or VNC for short, allows you to access your computer remotely and use it without any restrictions. VNC tools come with graphical user interface, and you can even see your computer desktop and open applications in real time.

By using a VNC client from your USB flash drive, you can easily access your computer wherever you are, as long as you have Internet connection and USB port available.

19. Use it as a network drive

Many routers come with a USB port, and you can use that USB port to attach your USB flash drive and use it as a network drive.

The device will be available to all computers on your network and you can use it to back up files, or to stream music or videos.

20. Give your USB flash drive to charity

Many charity organizations are accepting USB donations and are using donated USB flash drives to help students in developing countries.

If you have an old USB flash drive that you don’t use anymore, and you can’t find a new purpose for it, we strongly suggest that you consider giving it to charity.

We hope that our list was helpful to you, and that you managed to find a new purpose for your old USB flash drive.

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