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Two Flagship Screens Create New Possibilities

Empowering users to discover greater smartphone fluency, whether gaming, watching movies or at work. PHANTOM V Fold’s flagship dual LTPO screens have an adaptive 10-120Hz high refresh rate, delivering smooth motions and fluid transitions both when folded and unfolded. 

The phone’s 6.42-inch sub screen has a unique micro-curved design and a 21:9 aspect ratio for a classic single-screen flagship smartphone experience. The result of extensive research into usage scenarios and global smartphone use. The sub screen’s dimensions are optimal for single-handed operation, sitting naturally in the palm. While allowing the users to comfortably take command using just a thumb.  Unfolded, PHANTOM V Fold reveals an outstanding 7.85-inch display with an optimal 8:7 aspect ratio on an ultra-flat screen. With a virtually invisible crease as well.

TECNO’s Technologies Inspire an Almost-Invisible Screen Crease 

PHANTOM V Fold’s main inner screen gets enhanced by the results of TECNO’s continuous pursuit of the next best technologies. The brand’s self-developed, aerospace-grade drop-shaped hinge creates an ultra-flat main inner screen surface. That is virtually crease-free. The hinge’s innovative reverse snap structure significantly improves the phone’s structural stability. While its aerospace-grade construction materials create strength with a light weight.

The self-developed fixed-axis rotation and slide technology hinge design ensure PHANTOM V Fold’s main inner screen fits tightly together. Utimately delivering a crease that is almost unnoticeable. When new, the device’s screen crease measures just 0.11mm, and the device is capable of 200,000 folds.

Five Lenses for Unprecedented Image-Making

PHANTOM V Fold’s ultra-clear 5-lens photography system creates an unprecedented image-making experience with lenses to meet a wide range of uses. With three rear lenses and two front lenses, users can explore the world through new lenses. 

In addition to the rear lenses, a further two front lenses – one on the sub screen and one on the main inner screen – bring more fun to photography. With exciting image-making possibilities. While you can easily use rear lenses for high-quality selfies, the foldable screen design allows for large-screen image capturing with a preview displayed to the subjects on the sub screen. And the front camera on the main inner screen enhances video calling and video conferencing.

HiOS13 Fold Provides a Super-Optimized Experience

Though the large-screen foldable smartphone experience has much to offer, it has often been hampered by having operating systems unsuitable for the devices. As a result, TECNO developed HiOS13 Fold – a highly optimized and customized operating system based on Google’s Android 13. Specially designed for the foldable device. 

Large-screen capabilities such as split screens, picture-in-pictures, parallel windows, and drag and drop across screens, as well as differentiated interactive animation designs create a system, that empowers users’ productivity and overall enjoyment. Foldable customizations have been made to the top 1,000 apps with the highest download frequency globally. Of which 90% have been adapted to support split-screen and multi-window modes. In total, over 2000 apps have been adapted for HiOS13 Fold.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ Delivers a First for the Industry

PHANTOM V Fold is the world’s first left-right foldable smartphone to carry the MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9000+ processor. In developing the phone, TECNO deepened its long-term collaboration with industry giant MediaTek. With the chipmaker developing a dual-5G processor with dual-SIM functionality customized for the PHANTOM V Fold’s large-screen design. The processor delivers exceptional performance, that allows efficient multi-tasking and seamless switching between screens. 

Besides the processor, PHANTOM V Fold’s performance is further enhanced by 12GB LPDDR5X RAM. As well as 256/512GB UFS 3.1 flash storage. It is also equipped with a powerful 5000mAh (typ) battery, with rapid 45W charging. It’s capable of boosting the phone to 40% in just 15 minutes and fully charging in just 55 minutes.

With the powerful chip and charging capabilities, PHANTOM V Fold achieved an incredible 1,023,478 benchmark score by AnTuTu. As the most professional benchmarking software/website in China that provides accurate and realistic performance evaluations for smartphones. The score highlights PHANTOM V Fold’s outstanding ‘hardcore’ gaming performance. As well as its exceptional user experience delivered across both traditional smartphone and large-screen tablet-style displays.

Empowering Pioneers – A Beyond The Extraordinary Event

To celebrate the launch of PHANTOM V Fold, TECNO hosted a special event on day two of MWC Barcelona 2023. The event focused on how TECNO, along with its strategic partners, is pushing the boundaries of smartphone innovation with the ultimate aim of delivering a user experience that is Beyond The Extraordinary. 

Attendees at the event included media and executives from TECNO’s collaborative partners, who were welcomed with an opening speech from TECNO’s General Manager, Jack Guo, before keynote speeches from MediaTek and Counterpoint Research. The speakers then took part in a fascinating panel discussion where they offered further insights about a wide range of subjects, from the meaning of the launch to the future landscape of foldable smartphones, offering an informative yet thought-provoking end to the event.

While speaking at the PHANTOM V Fold launch event at MWC, General Manager of TECNO, Jack Guo, said, “In launching PHANTOM V Fold, our first foldable smartphone, during our very first appearance at MWC, we re-affirm our commitment to innovation; to the continuous pursuit of the next great technologies; and to empowering people, all around global frontier markets, to live beyond the extraordinary.”

Upon conclusion of the event, guests were invited to join TECNO at their MWC booth for their first hands-on experience of the new PHANTOM V Fold.

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Heart Analyzer Updated With Ecg Support Ahead Of Watchos 5.1.2 Launch

Heart Analyzer, an iPhone and Apple Watch app which gives you a better understanding of your heart rate rhythm, has pushed an extensive update on App Store with support for displaying electrocardiogram (ECG) information captured by Apple Watch Series 4.

Recording an electrocardiogram of your heart’s rhythm requires an Apple Watch Series 4 with the watchOS 5.1.2 update. This FDA-regulated feature is currently limited to the United States.

Taking an electrocardiogram reading with the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US and own a Series 4, download the new Heart Analyzer 6.3 and get a better overview of your heart’s condition because it now features full support for displaying detailed content about your captured ECGs.

An extensive ECG update

Similar to the onboard process in the watchOS 5.1.2 software, this app provides a dedicated ECG section where you can learn about the most important aspects of your heart’s health and get a better understanding of all the data captured by your watch.

All ECG analytics features are free for all users of the app. If you don’t have Series 4, you can still view any stored ECG data in the Health app or in Heart Analyzer. Other changes include some color tweaks and a new preceding 7-day graph on the dashboard (select a day to get an instant view to your average heart rate trends) along with a pair of fixes:

Significant improvements to the sync engine to prevent some days not being sampled correctly on iPhone.

Addressed some issues that caused the watch app to not always install correctly, please make sure you update to the latest watchOS software to mitigate this.

Created by developer Simon Edwardes, Heart Analyzer displays your heart rhythm measured by Apple Watch in an understandable form. You can view your daily, workout or sleep heart rate graphs, see personal statistics and deep analytics, get graphical plots of your heart data and active energy on any given day from the past three years and more.

A better way to assess your health

Created by developer Simon Edwardes, Heart Analyzer displays your heart rhythm measured by Apple Watch in an understandable form. You can view your daily, workout or sleep heart rate graphs, see personal statistics and deep analytics, get graphical plots of your heart data and active energy on any given day from the past three years and more.

Key features:

Graphical plots of your heart rate data and active energy on any given day from the past three years.

Full statistics on your average, maximum, minimum and resting heart rates from the past three years.

Access Deep Analytics based on heart rate, activity and workouts data from the past year.

Apple Watch features:

Includes an instant and informative app giving you a snapshot of your heart rate for the day with an updating graph.

Make use of customizable complications to keep you up to date with your heart rate.

Apple Watch Series 4 users can get a live heart rate graph right on their wrist with the Infograph Modular complication.

Heart Analyzer uses proprietary algorithms to display your data in useful ways. It integrates with the stock Health app on your iPhone to read your heart rate, active energy and sleep data (it optionally writes to your sleep data). I should also mention that this is a viewing app that doesn’t save your daily history because that’s already managed by Apple’s Health app.

Heart Analyzer requires an Apple Watch and is not available on iPad.

As someone who’s used a bunch of sleep and heart tracking apps for both iPhone and Apple Watch, I can honestly say that this is one of the best apps in terms of giving users a better understanding of their heart rate in visually compelling and engaging ways.

Highly recommended!

Heart Analyzer is free to download in App Store (a $2 in-app purchase is required to view data from more than 14 days ago and to customize the Apple Watch component).

Sons Of The Forest Launch Breaks Steam – Error E502 L3

Sons of the Forest launch breaks Steam – Error E502 L3

Why can’t I get on the Sons of the Forest Steam page?

Sons of the Forest early access has finally arrived but some would-be players are getting stopped right at the front door. We’ll explain how the Sons of the forest Launch breaks Steam.

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Are you excited to play the highly anticipated Sons of the Forest? Well, so are we, but it appears as though we’re going to have to wait a little while for Steam to sort out its servers, as potentially hundreds of thousands of users flock to the store page in an attempt to purchase the most wish-listed game of all time.

The forest had amassed a following of over 230,000 people at the time of release, and the fact that the beefy Steam servers couldn’t handle it is just a testament to how much people wanted the game.

Update: There are more than 23K in-game right now. We do not know if these errors are specific to any region or country. Do not forcibly try to buy the game if you’re having issues, you might bug out your shopping cart.

Sons of the Forest error code E502 L3

This error code is not specific to sons of the forest, but rather to Steam itself the error code indicates the Steam servers are under heavy load, and your request cannot be completed at the current time.

We got this error when we attempted to load the Steam stores “featured” page when the Sons of the Forest first launched, and then again when we attempted to buy the game. It looks like we may have to wait a little while longer for steam to sort out its servers before we can play the game.

How to fix Steam error code E502 L3?

Some people recommend logging out of Steam and logging back in again, but that’s a dangerous game. if the steam servers are overloaded if you log out you may not be able to get back in.

It appears as though all we need to do is wait, as frustrating as it is. The sons of the forest had over 230,000 followers at the time of release according to SteamDB. So we need to wait for Steam to process all those users trying to buy the game.

Sons of the Forest Steam shopping cart error

It also appears that some users with Sons of the Forest in their shopping carts are having issues.

It looks like Steam is having a hard time loading anything to do with the Sons of the Forest right now. Try re-logging into steam to see if that fixes the shopping cart issue.

It seems that re-launching Steam will not fix the issues, and it seems as though our shopping cart is soft-locked.

Can I use the Steam app to solve the problem?

You could try, we attempted to do the same thing just to find that the shopping cart was bugged on mobile too. As the mobile app is connected to your desktop steam account, and of course runs off the same servers, the problem persists here.

As of now, there’s no real fix other than waiting or submitting a Steam support ticket, but we would assume that Steam is getting enough of those right now with all the users who can’t buy Sons of the Forest.

We’ll update this page as we get new information on not being able to buy Sons of the Forest and it’s error codes.

The error code E502 L3 is being fixed

it looks like there are people playing the game right now, so all you need to do is sit tight as Steam processes all of the requests to buy the game. You can use Down Detector to see if the Steam service is down right now for you.

Let’s hope no more issues arise. This game looks amazing and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into it.

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cases

Very thin and light

Several models available

Anti-slip matte surface

Back cover is a little sharp

If you want the thinnest possible case, we recommend this ultra-lightweight case from Spigen. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a heavy phone, and we love how this case protects from simple drops and scratches without adding any bulk whatsoever. It won’t hold up to serious drops and falls, but it does come in two colors: black and clear.

Looking for more thin Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases? We also recommend:

Incipio Grip

The Incipio Grip is one of the most popular cases on the market, and the version of the case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is yet another winner. We love the extra grips along the sides of the phone, which serve to prevent damage before it happens by preventing drops. If the phone does somehow slip out of your hand, it still has shock-absorbent technology baked in, plus raised bezels to protect the screen.

Best clear Galaxy Z Fold 4 case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Crystal clear design

Decent protection

Raised lips

Difficult to keep clean

If you want a simple clear case for the Z Fold 4 that won’t break the bank, Spigen once again has your back. The Ultra Hybrid is one of our favorite clear cases for normal phones, and the version for Samsung’s foldable is yet another winner. It’s significantly more resistant than the clear Air Skin above with a mix of polycarbonate and TPU materials. However, like all clear cases, we found it a bit difficult to keep clean.

Looking for more clear Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases? We also recommend:

Speck Presidio Perfect

The Presidio Perfect is remarkably similar to the case above. It’s a simple clear case with no major frills, but it offers up to 13 feet of drop protection, which is above and beyond what Spigen promises. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend taking them up on that claim, as the hinge is still left unprotected while the phone is closed. It comes in clear and glittery finishes, both with an antimicrobial layer to prevent bacteria buildup.

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell

Want a bit more class and brand value? This Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell case uses fairly simple materials, but makes up for it with two eye-catching designs: Hollyhock Floral and Scattered Flowers Iridescent. Both are clear cases with a simple, elegant floral design. Despite the name, we also found it to be rather slim, although it won’t offer too much in the way of protection beyond basic scratch resistance.

Best rugged Galaxy Z Fold 4 case: Spigen Slim Armor Pro

Unique sliding hinge

Excellent protection



Spigen offers a wide variety of cases, and the Slim Armor Pro for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 features an all-new design that really won us over. It still offers excellent protection with several layers of Air Cushion technology, but the new hinge mechanism keeps the most vulnerable part of the phone protected at all times. Naturally, this does add some bulk to the device. There’s also a model with an S-Pen holder, which keeps your pen secure in a slot at the end of the phone.

Looking for more rugged Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases? We also recommend:

Best S-Pen case: Standing Cover with S Pen

Integrated S Pen holder

Includes S Pen

Limited kickstand

Nice color options

Samsung doesn’t sell many first-party cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but this is easily one of the best around. The Standing Cover with S Pen is slim and form-fitting, but with an integrated slot for the new S Pen Fold Edition. Even better, the S Pen itself comes with the case. There’s also a kickstand to hold it up while open, although it only works in horizontal format and isn’t adjustable. This case comes in three colors: Black, Graygreen, and Sand.

Looking for more Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 S-Pen cases? We also recommend:

Enterprise Networking Market Q&A With David Winikoff Of Riverbed Technology

Networking technology enables the exchange of data between and among information systems, and is used by businesses to route critically important data. 

Through networking, users can send files, messages, and other data through e-mail or other communication tools. The information can also be shared via the internet based on what the organization needs.

Datamation interviewed David Winikoff, VP, of Product Management, Alluvio Network Performance Management products at Riverbed Technology, who shared his perspective on the development and growth of the networking market.

For more on Riverbed Technology: Top 10 Enterprise Networking Companies

David Winikoff has over two decades of success leading product management teams and as an engineer (both software and hardware) creating offerings for enterprises. Among the innovations, he has helped develop: high-performance storage subsystems, multi-modal unified communications, QoS-based WAN optimization, and sophisticated network performance management tools. He is most known for building next-generation products with economical upgrade paths for existing customers. 

David has led various aspects of Riverbed’s network performance management portfolio for 11 years and has been responsible for the entire portfolio for the past three years. He has focused a broad collection of products into four flagship offerings based on data source: network packets, flows, and device status. During his tenure, Riverbed’s products have greatly increased their scale and performance, while continuing to lead the market in terms of the breadth of data collected and depth of analysis.

In his free time, David is an instructor at the University of California Graduate School of Business, teaching courses related to innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and product management.

I started my career as a computer scientist out of MIT, in the voice communication market. I helped pioneer the creation of Unified Communications (phone calls, voice messages, and emails, at the start). This was just as business communication was transitioning from memos and phone calls to voice messages and email. I transitioned to networking just as WAN optimization technologies enabled voice and video to be effectively sent over networks.

It’s working for a company that, at its heart, is about using technology to make complex problems easy. Riverbed didn’t invent WAN optimization, but they dominated the market with a product that was literally install-and-forget-about-it. The product just worked.

For our Network Performance Management products, the portfolio that I lead, Riverbed’s edge has always given the greatest depth of insight to expert users. We have the broadest and deepest telemetry for all aspects of network performance on the market. Our latest focus is to leverage that data with Artificial Intelligence so that even non-experts can quickly find and fix performance issues.

Not purely for networking, but I think Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to enable issues to be resolved almost before people notice an issue. In the world of networks, I look forward to streaming telemetry (hopefully) replacing SNMP polling as a way to gather device status.

Combining what we think of as separate disciplines, network performance management (NPM), and application performance management (APM), into coordinated teams. Both sides are working with applications running in computing elements that communicate over networks. I believe treating these as separate disciplines makes progress harder on both sides.

User experience first. We have all sorts of ways to measure how well networks are operating. But, at the end of the day, what truly matters is the performance that the person on the PC, laptop, or mobile phone is experiencing. What better than to measure that directly – as the key metric of performance?

Having too many separate tool silos. Sure, every group knows the data they consider most relevant. But what happens when each tool indicates “there’s no problem”? Much better to have a consistent set of collected data – so that you can be sure that issues can’t “slip through the cracks.”

The biggest trend that I see is a “left shift” of skills and tasks. There just aren’t enough networking experts; the people that have those skills have way too many demands on their time.

That’s where AI/ML comes in: it allows some of the approaches that the experts use to be automated and simplified, so more junior people can solve some problems that only experts could fix before.

The biggest factor is clearly the sheer amount of data we all work with. I joke with my kids that I remember when storage capacities were measured in megabytes. Now, 100Gbps links are common; organizations are (or will be) seeing data volumes measured in Petabytes, Zetabytes, and Exabytes. Networks operating at peak performance all the time is not just a convenience; it’s essential.

I’ve seen the pendulum swing a few times: all IT happening from data centers; the growth of the PC; client-server architectures; applications moving from the data center to the cloud (and sometimes back again). We’re now in a world where both people and the machines running applications could be anywhere. All of which makes the network that much more important.

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That your future is all about leverage: not just the problems you fix on your own…but helping build the tools that will enable teams to take on the more mundane of the problems you solve.

To realize and appreciate that many people may not know what you do…but that the networking profession provides the essential capabilities that keep the world running.

We’re not actually seeing a challenge in finding talent. The challenge is in figuring out the best ways for teams to work together, across geographies and time zones, to achieve collaborative goals.

The same as in any business situation: know who your customers are. For networking professionals, many of these “customers” may work for your own organization. Your success will come from enabling these people to be as productive as they can be.

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From the technical side, being a co-inventor of four patents.

Meeting with customers and learning all of the creative ways they’re trying to help their customers be more productive.

My manager’s staff meetings. I have such a brilliant and creative set of colleagues. Though the biggest inspiration really comes from seeing people find the humor in whatever challenge has just arisen.

My family has a three-year-old Labrador retriever. She needs a couple of heavy exercise sessions in the park each day. Some of my most creative ideas have come while I’m throwing a frisbee or tennis ball for her to fetch.

I’ve just become the Executive Officer for my sons’ U.S. Naval Sea Cadet unit; the only unit in the country that’s a dedicated musical group. My lifetime highlight was marching with the band down Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC, as part of this past year’s July 4th parade.

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Using The Power Of The Sun To Squeeze Into That Market Gap

How two colleagues went from whiteboard to 25 countries with their sunscreen beauty brand Ultra Violette

So what do you do when you’ve got an idea for a new business, but the one person in the world you’d want to start that business with is your boss?

Ava Matthews says she doesn’t have much of a filter, but she knew enough not just to blurt out the idea to Bec Jefferd, her supervisor at beauty products retailer Mecca Brands.

“Why don’t we go out for dinner?” she said instead. “I think I can see an opportunity.”

And so it was that, in 2024, they sat down for a meal and a nice wine before Matthews told her boss about the gap she saw in the market – a high-end sunscreen that was loaded with skincare products, as opposed to the more conventional beauty products with a bit of sunscreen thrown in.

The idea wasn’t well-formed, and if Jefferd had told Matthews that it sucked, she probably would have dropped it right there. But Jefferd didn’t think it sucked. They talked.

“We quickly realised we were actually on the same page,” recalls Jefferd. “Our vision, very loosely, was prestige skincare, beauty, beautiful formulations, a fun brand and fun education. That was as much of a concept as we agreed on that night. And we agreed to keep talking.”

Their first purchase was a whiteboard from OfficeWorks, which they erected in Jefferd’s living room, where they agreed they wouldn’t pay themselves. They worked out they’d need to make 10,000 units of each product. And that they’d need to put in $200,000 each to fund it all. They thrashed out a business plan over six months of weekends while Jefferd’s busy sons traipsed through the place.

Having worked for Mecca on all its private-label products, the two women knew something about the manufacturing process. They knew they needed to put together a clear brief for potential manufacturers. “You can waste a lot of time and money if you’re unclear about what you need,” says Jefferd.

And before they started shopping that brief around to manufacturers, they knew they had to resign from Mecca.

 “We found some interesting formulations owned by the manufacturers, and then we started tinkering with them,” says Matthews, “and by tinkering, I mean adding skincare ingredients, changing colours, textures, fragrances.”

Jefferd: “The plan was always to launch with those types of formulations and then, over time, evolve into formulations where we owned everything from the beginning. So literally working with a lab chemist on every ingredient.”

 As they took delivery of the prototypes, they tested them on themselves,” says Jefferd.

 “We were really particular about not just wearing it for a day, but wearing it for a week, wearing it under makeup, wearing it over skincare, getting people with different coloured skins to wear it … We really put a lot of effort into that testing, not just, ‘Oh, that’ll do. It looks like it fits the brief.’”

 They launched in 2023, and their Ultra Violette brand of sunscreens took off from the beginning. They’re now in 20 countries, soon to be 25. Turnover doubled to $12 million last financial year.

 And it’s all down to the care they took getting the product right, says Matthews.

“Product is everything. Marketing can get you so far, and spending a whole bunch on influencer activity can get that first purchase, but then people aren’t going to come back to you. If you don’t have a good product, you don’t have a brand.”

 They’ve split the business, so Jefferd looks after finance, operations, legal and HR, and Matthews takes care of branding, marketing and education. Product development, however, is different.

 “It’s not only the most widely resourced department in our team. It’s the only department that we both overlap on. So, we both look after product development from different angles.

  “We know how important a product is to a brand, and you really have nothing without it. You know, it’s the epicentre of our brand. We invest a lot in product development. Our team, internally, is probably one of the most widely resourced in the business. We invest significantly in chemists.

“It’s so important to us that we have to pay our full attention to it. We’ll never take our eyes off that.”

Bec Jefferd and Ava Matthews will be speaking on the Power of Product at the inaugural Forbes Australia Women’s Summit on the 22nd of March, presented by NAB Private Wealth. They’ll be joined by other influential women, including Miranda Kerr, Christine Holgate, Natasha Oakley and more, discussing how to: break barriers in business, build wealth and make industry connections. You can see the full lineup and get your tickets at Women’s Summit 2023 – Forbes Australia.

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