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We also have an in-depth guide to MacBook accessories, which you can check out right here. Also, check out a few of our favorite stands if you still find yourself working from home. Now for the list!

The best MacBook Air cases:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best MacBook Pro cases regularly as new options launch.

Speck Smartshell


If you want to throw your MacBook Pro back to the days of the classic iMac G3, the Smartshell from Speck is a great pick. It comes in a rainbow of familiar transparent shades as well as black and clear — although the latter two are currently sold out. Speck’s case is a simple hard shell with redesigned corners that should handle bumps and drops better than previous versions. In addition, the matte finish and rubberized feet should help you keep a solid grip on your new machine.

UAG Plasma


Urban Armor Gear is one of the toughest customers around, and its Plasma case for the MacBook Pro is as durable as they come. It’s MIL-STD 810G certified for drops, and the rubber bumpers lock to keep the lid closed tightly. Each rubber bumper element is also coated in a tactile honeycomb pattern, so you probably won’t lose your grip no matter what. The UAG Plasma is a heavier option, but it adds 13mm to the overall footprint.

UAG Plyo


Another option from UAG, the Plyo is ready for your massive 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’s a slightly slimmed-down version of the Plasma, and the rubber bumpers are transparent rather than matte black. UAG kept the tactile honeycomb pattern, and the Plyo is MIL-STD 810G certified to withstand drops and falls. Both front corners also feature the same locking mechanism to keep your lid squared away. The case comes in a transparent gray color that UAG calls Ice.

Twelve South Book Book


If you want to make your MacBook Pro feel like a master of disguise, the Twelve South Book Book case is your best bet. It looks like a well-aged novel, thanks to the full-grain leather construction. You can either trust the case as a sleeve or strap your laptop in for full protection. Twelve South’s Book Book is available for any sized MacBook, though it looks very similar to a library book, so you may not want to leave it unattended.

Fintie MacBook Pro case


There are tons of high-end, feature-packed cases on the market, but a simple hard shell is often all you need. The Fintie case is a perfect example, and it doesn’t come close to breaking the bank. It offers 360-degree protection with just two snap-on pieces, and you can choose from four sleek finishes. A fully ventilated bottom panel should keep you working hard for longer, but you’ll have to make sure you grab the right size case. Check out each option carefully:

Mujjo sleeve


Hardshell cases aren’t for everyone, and if you’re just looking for protection while you travel, then a sleeve might be a better fit. This option from Mujjo is a luxurious felt and leather creation, and it’s sized for the 15-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. You can choose from either brown or black leather to pair with the black felt. The durable snap should keep your laptop safely inside, and a handy storage pocket is perfect for your charger or other accessories.

Amazon Basics sleeve


Although Mujjo’s sleeve is about as luxurious as they come, this Amazon Basics option might fit your budget a bit better. It’s a simple zipper sleeve that comes in various colors and just about any size you might need. There are no extra pockets or premium materials, but Amazon’s simple case should offer all of the protection you really need. You can also buy the sleeves in packs of up to 10 if you’re shopping for a classroom or another group.

Apple MacBook Pro leather sleeve


Apple doesn’t offer its own hardshell cases, but if you want protection from the source, then you’ll have to try the leather sleeve. It comes in three shades of premium European leather with a microfiber lining for added protection. Of course, you’ll have to be ready for the Apple Tax — this leather sleeve costs nearly $180. You won’t find a storage pocket or anything like that, but the case does allow you to charge your MacBook Pro without exposing it.

InCase hardshell


While Apple skips hard cases of its own, the Cupertino company does offer an option from InCase if you’re interested. It’s a straightforward shell that comes in three shades with a texturized dot pattern. InCase’s offering is well-ventilated and offers easy cutouts for all of the ports and buttons. You won’t be able to grab the InCase shell for your 15-inch MacBook Pro, but it’s available below for both the 13-inch and 16-inch versions.

Tech21 Evo MacBook Pro case


Tech21’s Evo MacBook Pro case offers slightly more protection than the InCase option, thanks to its hybrid design. It relies on a soft bumper around the edges to absorb impacts, while tough polycarbonate panels sandwich the top and bottom. While it’s slightly more expensive than the InCase option, it’s your best bet from Apple if you have a slightly older laptop. The Tech21 case is crystal-clear and should resist UV yellowing to help show off your device.

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The New Macbook Pro Is Everything You Missed About Appleā€™s Best Laptop

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The rumors leading up to the last Apple event 2023 had to offer generated a ton of hype. Word on the street suggested we were about to get a new MacBook Pro that would bring the machine back to its former glory from way back in 2023 when the Touch Bar debuted and the MBP line lost some of its station.

Rumors promised new custom Apple silicon, a high-refresh-rate screen, a built-in SD card reader, and even the return of MagSafe. As we found out at the Oct. 18 “Unleashed” event, it was all true. The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2023 laptops look like a true return to form for the line if they can live up to the hype. 

Enter the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

The M1 Max chip is the fastest in the Apple silicon stable for the moment. Apple

The heart of the new announcements centers around a pair of new Apple chips. The M1 Pro and the M1 Max build off the extremely popular M1 chip that debuted in the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air roughly a year ago. It powers the excellent new iMac.

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips augment the typical M1 with similar hardware, just a lot more of it. 

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips use the same 5 nm technology from the original M1, but drastically increase the number of individual transistors. The M1 Pro promises more than 33 billion transistors, which is more than twice the stock M1. The M1 Max takes that number all the way up to 57 billion. While the Apple silicon approach largely centers on making improvements through efficiency, the company still clearly recognizes that brute force hardware upgrades still make a difference.

The M1 Pro implements a 10-core system, eight of which are performance-oriented and two of which are meant for efficiency. It pairs that CPU with a 16-core GPU. The M1 Max has the same 10-core CPU, but it drastically increases the amount of shared memory in the system (up to 64 GB total), and pumps the GPU core count up to 32. 

What does all that power mean for users?

This set of features and powerful components addresses some long-standing user requests. Apple

During the presentation, Apple showed charts comparing these hardware configurations to some of the most powerful PC laptops with integrated and discrete graphics. Apple promises to match or exceed that hardware’s performance while drastically reducing energy consumption. 

That comparison is especially compelling with a laptop, which runs on a battery. Apple claims it can maintain that lofty performance when unplugged in the field, where other powerful laptops would quickly burn through their battery reserves, even while nerfing performance. 

As the name suggests, these really do appeal to “professional” users who deal in resource-greedy processes. This kind of power comes in handy when you’re editing high-res raw video, especially with multiple high-res streams involved. We’ll know just how fast they really are once review units start rolling out, but Apple has made some lofty promises that should appeal to creatives and coders. 

Look at all the ports!

HDMI? An SD card reader? Yes and yes. Apple

Beyond the computing power inside, Apple has made some upgrades to the MacBook Pro’s connectivity by throwing it back to the old school. The new design once again features an SD card reader, which means photographers, videographers, audio recorders, and other creatives can simply cram an SD card into the side of the machine to dump their take without having to worry about a cable or external reader. 

The right side of the machine also has a full-sized HDMI port, so it’s simple to connect to most displays without the need for a dongle. The computers still offer three USB-C Thunderbolt 4.0 ports, which can transfer data as well as power. 

If you don’t want to charge via USB-C, Apple has also brought back the old MagSafe adapter, which is a huge deal for clumsy users like myself who frequently trip over cables. 

It really does have the feel of those pre-2023 MacBook Pros that were some of the best laptops ever made. 

MacBook Pro 2023 displays

The display promises to be extremely beautiful. Apple

Both the 14-inch and 16-inch displays now have considerably smaller bezels around the edge. That’s thanks in part to a notch in the top of the screen that’s not unlike the one you’d find in an iPhone. The MBP notch doesn’t contain a FaceID sensor (which would have been terrific), but it does give the upgraded 1080p webcam a place to live. 

The taskbar now nestles around the notch, which may cause some early funkiness as apps adapt to it, but it seems like an overall improvement. 

The screen hardware has gotten a few serious upgrades. The backlight now comes from Mini LED technology like you’ll find in the latest 2023 iPad Pro and iMac models. Thousands of tiny LEDs are split up into tiny arrays that can turn on and off when needed to maximize contrast ratio and brightness. The new MacBook Pro can sustain 1,000 nits of brightness and hit 1,600 nits at peak levels, which matches the Pro Display XDR. You don’t really need to truly understand what a nit is, just know that these levels are extremely bright so you’ll have no problem working in bright areas. In dark areas, it’ll practically sear your eyeballs. 

The new displays also come toting ProMotion technology, which means they can run at up to 120 Hz for ultra-smooth motion, then ratchet that refresh rate all the way down to 10 Hz when you’re looking at mostly static images to save battery. If you’ve ever used an iPad Pro, or even the new iPhone 13 Pro models, you know this makes a weirdly tangible difference when it comes to the overall feel of the system. 

Other notable features

MagSafe is back! Apple

We’re looking forward to testing the new MacBook Pros down the line, but the spec sheet already delivers on most of what people were asking for. The new speaker system still includes six speakers: two tweeters and four woofers. All of them have increased in size and move more air. The woofers give the entire system the capability to produce sound a half-octave lower than the previous models. 

Like the M1 MacBooks, the new M1 Pro and M1 Max models promise drastically improved battery life. Apple is still offering up battery specs in terms of continuous video playback (a somewhat outdated and not particularly useful metric). However, the company claims that the 14-inch MacBook Pro gets up to 17 hours of continuous video playback, while the 16-inch version gets up to 21 hours. Those are big jumps from Intel-based MBP numbers, so I’m very curious to see what that means in terms of real-world usage. 

The 16-inch model supports fast charging, which allows it to pull a 50-percent charge from a compatible brick in just a half-hour. 

So when can you order the new MacBook Pro and how much do they cost?

As you might expect from all of the superlatives thrown into this announcement, the new MacBook Pros aren’t cheap. Then again, MBPs have never been cheap. 

The 14-inch model comes stock with an 8-core M1 Pro chip, a 14-core GPU, 16 GB unified memory, and a 512 GB SSD for $1,999. You can move up to a 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, and 1 TB storage for $2,499 as a standard configuration. If you want to get wild and max it out completely, you get a 10-core CPU, a 32-core GPU, 64 GB unified memory, and 8 TB storage for $5,899. It’s worth noting that $2,200 of that upgrade comes in the form of the 8 TB SSD, though. 

The 16-inch MacBook Pro base model offers a 10-core CPU, a 16-core GPU, 16 GB unified memory, and a 512 GB SSD for $2,499. 

Unlike the 14-inch version, the 16-inch MBP will let you step up to the most powerful M1 Max chip. The base M1 Max version comes with a 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 32 GB memory, and a 1 TB SSD for $3,599. The most expensive version of that machine puts you up over $6,000. 

The Best Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Phones You Can Get

Do you even need a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 series phone?

For the vast majority of people, a flagship processor will only improve the smartphone experience on a marginal level. If you’re a casual user who primarily uses your phone to browse the web, scroll through social media, and occasionally game, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 family might be overkill for most of your tasks.

A mid-range chipset like the Snapdragon 778G series, Snapdragon 870, or Dimensity 8100 might be better suited for everyday usage. For example, the POCO F4 and Nothing Phone 1 both deliver a smooth experience in most scenarios.

The best Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones:

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones as new devices launch.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones may not have been the first devices to ship with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but they’re definitely among the most popular. You’re getting an iterative update for the S22 and S22 Plus, including a boxier design, a slightly improved display, a new main sensor for the main camera, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Meanwhile, the Ultra adopts a Galaxy Note design with an S Pen, and differentiates itself further from its siblings with extra RAM and storage options and a beefier 5,000mAh battery.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review — The power user’s best friend

Regardless of which model you choose, you’re getting an excellent all-around experience, from performance, cameras, displays, and design. From vibrant 120Hz displays to some of our favorite camera systems, the S22 series provides what we consider to be a well-rounded experience. 

If you’re strictly picking up this series of phones for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, do note that the European version is equipped with the Exynos 2200 processor. But the rest of the world (including Africa, Asia, and the Americas) gets the Snapdragon model. Either way, these phones perform well and are designed to handle any tasks you throw at them. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S23 series is powered by a Snapdragon chipset across the board, though.

Samsung Galaxy S22 specs

Display: 6.1-inch, FHD+

Chipset: SD 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200


Storage: 128GB/256GB

Cameras: 10, 12, and 50MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 3,700mAh

Software: Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus specs

Display: 6.6-inch, FHD+

Chipset: SD 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200


Storage: 128GB/256GB

Cameras: 10, 12, and 50MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 4,500mAh

Software: Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs

Display: 6.8-inch, FHD+

Chipset: SD 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200


Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB

Cameras: 10, 10, 12, and 108MP

Front camera: 40MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 12

OnePlus 10 Pro specs

Display: 6.8-inch, QHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

Cameras: 8, 48, and 50MP

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 12

Verdict: Xiaomi 12 Pro review — Power-packed, but no Galaxy S22 killer

In addition to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the Xiaomi 12 comes with up to 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. You also get a 6.28-inch Full HD+ display, a 4,500mAh battery with 67W charging, and a triple-camera setup at the back (50MP+13MP+5MP).

On the bigger Xiaomi 12 Pro, you’re getting a larger and sharper 6.73-inch WQHD+ display, 120W fast charging, and a larger 4,600mAh battery. The Pro also has better camera hardware with three 50MP rear sensors. In saying so, the Xiaomi 13 series is already available in global markets, albeit with a high price tag.

Xiaomi 12 specs

Display: 6.28-inch, Full HD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Storage: 128/256GB

Cameras: 5, 13, 50MP

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 4,500mAh

Software: Android 12

Xiaomi 12 Pro specs

Display: 6.73-inch, WQHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Storage: 256GB

Cameras: 50, 50, 50MP

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 4,600mAh

Software: Android 12

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 specs

Display: 7.6-inch folding screen, 6.2-inch smartphone display

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1


Storage: 256GB/512GB, 1TB

Cameras: 50, 12, and 10MP

Front camera: 4MP (internal), 10MP (external)

Battery: 4,400mAh

Software: Android 13

Motorola Razr Plus specs

Display: 6.9-inch, FHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1


Storage: 256GB

Cameras: 13 and 12MP

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 3,800mAh

Software: Android 13

Verdict: OPPO Find X5 Pro review — Beautifully bespoke, both inside and out

Aside from the 8 Gen 1, OPPO outfitted the Find X5 Pro with 256GB of storage, 12GB of RAM, and 80W SuperVOOC wired charging. On top of its impressive SoC, the company developed its own image signal processor called the MarisiliconX and partnered with Hasselblad to deliver enhanced color processing for pictures.

OPPO still doesn’t officially sell its devices in North America but has equipped the phone to support the n13, n18, and n25 5G bands compatible with North American carriers.

OPPO Find X5 Pro specs

Display: 6.7-inch, WQHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Storage: 256GB

Cameras: 13, 50, 50MP

Front cameras: 32MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 12


Robert Triggs / Android Authority

If you’re looking for a device that showcases the full capabilities of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, look no further than the REDMAGIC 7. This gaming phone has a stacked spec sheet which includes an insane 6.8-inch 165Hz AMOLED display, 65W fast charging, and its own built-in cooling fan and vapor chamber to dissipate the heat generated by the SoC.

REDMAGIC 7 specs

Display: 6.8-inch, FHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

RAM: 8GB/12GB/16GB

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

Cameras: 2, 8, 64MP

Front camera: 8MP

Battery: 4,500mAh

Software: Android 12

Verdict: ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro review — Game on

ASUS is also bringing a relatively solid rear camera system, featuring a 50MP main lens, a 13MP ultrawide camera, and a 5MP macro sensor. Just don’t expect a telephoto camera or great low-light performance. The company also released a Pro model that comes with a secondary rear display and up to 18GB of RAM, but it will set you back a crazy €1,299 versus the standard phone’s €999. So stick with the standard variant.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 specs

Display: 6.78-inch, FHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1

RAM: 12GB/16GB

Storage: 256GB/512GB

Cameras: 5, 13, 50MP

Front camera: 12MP

Battery: 6,000mAh

Software: Android 12

vivo X80 Pro specs

Display: 6.78-inch, QHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Storage: 256GB

Cameras: 8, 12, 48, 50MP

Front camera: 32MP

Battery: 4,700mAh

Software: Android 12

POCO F5 Pro specs

Display: 6.67-inch, QHD+

Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1


Storage: 256/512GB

Cameras: 2, 8, 64MP

Front camera: 16MP

Battery: 5,160mAh

Software: Android 13


Robert Triggs / Android Authority

They have an octa-core CPU (1x Cortex-X2, 3x Cortex-A710, and 4x Cortex-A510) and an Adreno 730 GPU.

The Plus chipset boasts 10% faster CPU and GPU clock speeds. Qualcomm also says it’s 30% more efficient.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 features Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E support. The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 ups the ante with Bluetooth 5.3 support.

Our own testing shows that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 sees a major drop in performance over time compared to previous Snapdragon flagship silicon. However, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 was able to deliver a marked improvement over the vanilla chip when it came to sustained performance.

The Snapdragon chipset passes Apple’s chipset in terms of one-off GPU benchmarks, However, Apple’s chip wins when it comes to CPU benchmarks and sustained GPU performance.

That concludes our list of the best Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 smartphones out right now. We’ll update the list as new devices are released.

The Best Motorola Moto G Play 2023 Cases You Can Buy

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Moto G Play 2023 is a new offering from Motorola, and if you’re considering this phone, it’s a good idea to consider some cases, too. After all, just because it’s a budget option doesn’t mean dropping it is any better. Here are our top picks for cases for the Moto G Play 2023. Come back occasionally, too; new cases may crop up as this phone stays on the market.

And if you want the whole story behind selecting the perfect accessories for your phone, we’ve got a guide for that.

The best Motorola Moto G Play 2023 cases:

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Bniut textured case

This textured case features a dual-layer design and reinforced corners to help protect your phone in case it lands edge-first. But thanks to the mottled surface, you’re sure to retain a firm grip to prevent falls in the first place. And a raised bevel around the screen and camera lenses helps protect these sensitive areas while the tactile buttons remain are easy to press. Plus, it’s a matte case, so fingerprint shouldn’t be a concern.

Pujue silicone case

It’s rare to find a silicone case that offers screen protection, but this Pujue case does just that. You get a screen cover that protects your Moto G Play 2023’s screen from scratches and impacts while the soft silicone backing is comfortable to hold. It gives you a solid, comfortable grip and doesn’t show fingerprints simultaneously. There’s also a raised bevel around the camera lenses to provide additional protection.

Soios kickstand case

The other options on this list tend toward the minimalist, but if you want something flashy and functional, try this Soiois kickstand case that comes in teal, black, blue, dark green, orange, and red. It has a screen protector for additional protection, while the case has a non-slip texture to help you retain a firm grasp. You’ll also find raised edges around the camera lenses for extra peace of mind. And, of course, the kickstand means hands-free use is easy.

Faluu wallet

A wallet case is always a classic, and this case makes your Moto G Play 2023 look great. It features a soft faux leather exterior plus a stiff lining to ensure your phone stays safe in a bag or pocket. A magnetic closure will ensure it stays shut, too. And the case can be used as a kickstand for watching movies or video calls. Plus, you can stash some cash and cards inside it.

Aiscell holster

It might look like a throwback to the ’90s, but a holster case that affixes to your belt is handy if you’re on job sites or need your hands free for other things. This case has a velcro cover that’s easy to open and close, while the nylon pouch can withstand rough conditions. The sides are elastic, too, so it’ll be simple to slide your phone into and out of the case.

Agoz leather wallet

If you want a more contemporary take on the wallet case, consider this Agoz leather case. It has a belt clip for hands-free carrying while the felt lining gently cradles your Moto G Play 2023. A magnetic closure helps ensure the case remains shut while in a backpack or purse.

Otterbox is known for tough cases that protect your phone from bumps and drops, which makes them perfect for the clumsy or accident-prone. Your Moto G Play 2023 will be safe inside a hard outer shell covering a soft inner slipcover, while strategic cutouts give you access to the charging port and camera. Raised edges around the lenses and screen offer even more security.

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Best Galaxy S10 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S10 lineup of flagships a couple of days ago and interested buyers can pre-order the devices. Out of the trio of devices, the Galaxy S10 is the device that most users might end up opting for since it’s neither too big and neither too small (hello Galaxy S10e!) and starts at a 100 bucks cheaper than the Galaxy S10+.

Nonetheless, all three devices cost a pretty penny and it would be a shame if the device picks up scratches or gets dinged within a couple of days of use.

To prevent this, we’d suggest slapping on a great case which would help you keep your shiny new Galaxy S10 in mint condition for a long time.

There are a bunch of cases available for the Galaxy S10; however, we’ve sorted out the absolute best cases for the S10 currently available. So without much further ado, let’s check out the best cases for the brand new Galaxy S10.


Given below are the best cases for the Galaxy S10. We have included many types, including the clear, leather, wallet, very thin, rugged, armor, and more.

Best Galaxy S10 cases

Check out some of the best cases for the Galaxy S10 that we have hand-picked for you right below.

Totallee Ultra-thin case

If you don’t want to add any bulk to your brand new Galaxy S10 yet want to add some decent protection from scratches, then this ultra-thin case from Totallee should be the case that gets its place on your Galaxy S10.

Totallee is well known for their ultra-thin cases hence there’s no reason to hesitate since the case quality is top notch and would last a long time. The case also provides scratch protection and minor drop protection as well.

ESR Essential Guard Clear Case

If you’re looking for a sleek clear case to show off the original color of your Galaxy S10, then look no further than this lightweight and slim case from ESR. The case if flexible and fits the Galaxy S10 perfectly. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the case is almost just as thin as the cases from Totallee.

The raised edges on the case also help protect the device screen from picking up any scuffs and scratches on flat surfaces. The case also helps protect the device from being damaged in minor drops.

Mous Origins cases (Carbon Fibre, Leather, Walnut, Bamboo)

This ultra-durable cases from Mous would help keep your Galaxy S10 safe and sound even from drops as high as 6 feet. This makes it one of the most durable cases currently available for the Galaxy S10. The case also comes with a free screen protector, yay!.

The case is also available in a variety of finishes such as carbon fiber, leather, walnut, and bamboo; however, the leather and bamboo finishes would cost you $10 extra. The AiroShock technology used in the case helps to absorb impacts to prevent the body of the device from being damaged.

Buy on Mous: $49.99

Ciel by CYRILL Leather Case

If you’re looking for a basic PU leather case, then this case from Cyrill should be the end to your search. The case has just one visible logo at the bottom while the rest of the case is super minimal and free from any branding or fancy designs.

The case also has precise cutouts and is also fairly thin and lightweight which means you wouldn’t be adding much bulk to your device by choosing to protect your device with the Ciel by CYRILL case.

Buy on Amazon: $24.99 

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen’s latest Neo Hybrid Case is absolutely fantastic. The case has a certain style to it that looks way cooler than most other cases. The case is also compatible with wireless charging like most other cases on the list.

Even though the case is fairly thin and lightweight, it does offer some decent drop protection as well; however, this isn’t going to replace your standard rugged case in case you’re wondering. Nonetheless, if you want a stylish case that offers decent drop protection without being too bulky, then the Spigen Neo Hybrid case if the one you should choose.

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Rugged Case

OtterBox is widely known for its rugged and durable yet stylish cases. The Defender Series case from OtterBox is their most durable case series and is available for the Galaxy S10 as well. The case offers great drop protection since it has two layers; soft layer outside and a solid layer inside.

The case also comes with a belt-clip holster which also doubles as a kickstand for the device. More importantly, this is one of the only cases to come with port covers as well hence your Galaxy S10 ports would remain lint free if you choose to go with this case from OtterBox.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Case

This cool clear-back rugged case from Ghostek is one of the best rugged clear-back cases currently available for the Galaxy S10. The case can protect your shiny new S10 from drops up to 2 meters high which is pretty insane.

More importantly, even though the case is slightly towards the bulkier side, you’d still be able to use Wireless Charging and Wireless PowerShare even with the case on. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible as well.

Samsung LED Cover

If you’re looking for a unique and cool cover for your Galaxy S10, then look no further than Samsung’s very own LED cover. Not only does the case provide some decent scratch and drop protection, but it also has a bunch of LED indicators at the back.

The LED indicators light up when you receive notifications and you can also customize the LED icons with the built-in icon editor and create custom icons for your contacts or events. Since the cover is made by Samsung itself, it fits the device perfectly and all buttons and ports are easily accessible.

Incipio NGP Translucent Flexible Case

If you’re looking for a basic flexible case for your Galaxy S10, then this ultra-minimal case from Incipio is the one to get. The case does not have any visible branding whatsoever and is pretty lightweight and sleek.

The Air-Cushion technology used in the case also provides good drop protection and the raised screen edge design also helps the screen from being damaged in minor drops. The case is also compatible with wireless charging.

Samsung Leather Cover

If you’re looking for a genuine leather case for the Galaxy S10, then you might want to opt for this official leather case from Samsung itself. This is one of the only and the best genuine leather case for the Galaxy S10 currently available.

The cover is quite thin and light and offers a premium in-hand feel. It’s also compatible with wireless charging and offers some decent scratch and drop protection. The cover is available in a variety of colors.

Noreve Leather Rear Shell Case

This leather rear shell case from Noreve is the best leather rear shell case you could find for the Galaxy S10. You could go bonkers with the customization offered by the company and you could purchase the case in a variety of colors and leather finishes.

Apart from the exterior color you also have the option to customize the interior lining. The leather is handcrafted and of high-quality. The thermoplastic frame does not disrupt any feature on the S10 such as the wireless charging or PowerShare.

Buy on Noreve: From $32.76

Caseology Parallax

Caseology’s Parallax Case has a stunning design and offers great drop protection for your Galaxy S10. The case is compatible with screen protectors and other accessories as well and does support wireless charging.

Not only does the case protect your device from everyday bumps and scratches but it also thin and lightweight. The 3D geometric design offers a great surface to grip on.

BodyGuardz Harmony Rugged Case

This fantastic rugged case from BodyGuardz offers great protection for the Galaxy S10 and the company’s patented Kevlar material helps absorb the impact of a drop to keep the device free from damage.

The case also comes with metallic buttons which offer tactile feedback. More importantly, the case does not add much bulk to the device and has a slim profile. The case is also compatible with wireless charging which is a bonus.


8 Best Nokia 6 Cases And Covers You Can Buy

Nokia recently announced their newest smartphone, the Nokia 6, in India. The company has successfully managed to bring beefy specs at an affordable price, and the smartphone certainly doesn’t fail to impress. The device runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box and features a 5.5-inch Full HD touchscreen, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, Snapdragon 430 chip, 16 MP primary camera and an 8 MP secondary camera for an asking price of just under Rs 15000. The smartphone will be sold as an Amazon exclusive and registrations for the flash sale are all set to open on June 14 at the e-commerce giant’s website. If you’ve already got your eyes set on this latest comeback smartphone from Nokia, you might looking forward to purchase some good cases that can protect it from minor accidental drops as well. So, let’s take a look at the 8 best Nokia 6 cases and covers you can buy:

1. D-kandy Leather Flip Wallet Case for Nokia 6

If you’re a fan of flip cases, this is definitely the one you should be going for. The case features a leather-like design that ensures a premium sophisticated look for your device. Once you flip open the case, you’ll notice that there’s another case inside that secures your smartphone in place, with precise cut-outs that give access to all the hardware buttons on the phone. What’s completely unique about this case, is due to the fact that it has an integrated wallet where you can use to store some cash or credit cards. With this case, you don’t need to carry around an actual wallet anymore.

Lastly, the back of the case has a foldable part, which lets you use it as a stand in order to watch movies on your smartphone. It’s priced at nearly 700 bucks on Amazon, but for everything this case has to offer, we think it’s totally worth the money.

2. Johra Rubberised Matte Hard Nokia 6 Case

This case is more inclined towards aesthetics rather than solid protection for the device. That being said, if you’re looking to purchase a case, that doesn’t add much bulk to your device, the Johra Rubberised Matte Hard case is the one you should be going for. The case has scratch-proof coating for lasting durability and follows a matte design, just like the back of the Nokia 6.

The case is also washable, tear-resistant and has perfect cut-outs for all the necessary ports for maximum functionality. However, the case does not cover the top and bottom edges of the device, so don’t expect it to protect your device every time. The case is available in multiple colors like Black, Blue, Red, Gold and White.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 259)

3. Ziaon Ultra Thin Transparent Nokia 6 Case

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 349)

4. Kapa Matte Finish Nokia 6 Case

This flexible back case from Kapa ensures that all four corners and edges of your device are covered to protect your Nokia 6 from accidental drops. Thanks to the extra padding at the corners, the case can be considered as shock resistant, so you don’t have to worry much about cracked screens anymore. On the back, it’s just a matte design that should give you some grip while holding on to your phone. Keep in mind that all the buttons are covered by the case, which everyone might not actually like, but actually makes button usage much more easier.

5. Heartly Rugged Armor Case With Kick Stand for Nokia 6

This is a rugged case that adds some bulk to your device, but certainly manages to offer better protection from drops than other slim cases with a hard back or TPU material. This case from Heartly is made of two separate layers, where the inner layer is made of soft silicon material and the outer layer is basically a hard shell skeleton that sits right on top of this silicon for extra durability and shock resistance.

This case also has an integrated kickstand for people who love consuming media on their smartphones. It also manages to cover all the corners and edges of your Nokia 6, featuring a raised lip for the screen and camera, for maximum protection during accidental drops.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 399)

6. Nillkin Frosted Shield Hard Back Nokia 6 Case

It has precise cut-outs for all your hardware buttons, so there’s no gripe on that regard. However, the top and bottom edges of the phone is not covered due to the case’s design, so if you’re concerned about that, you might want to look elsewhere. Pricing is slightly expensive compared to other cases on this list, but that’s totally fine when you take the premium build quality into consideration.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 590)

7. Noise Designer Printed Nokia 6 Case

If you have a thing for printed designer cases, then Noise makes some of the best printed cases for the Nokia 6 smartphone. They have plenty of different artworks printed on the back and sides of these cases, for giving a unique appearance to your smartphone, no matter which one you’re going for. As far as build quality is concerned, the case is made of highly durable polycarbonate hard material and manages to cover all the corners and sides of the smartphone to protect it from minor accidental drops.

As far as pricing is concerned, it’s quite affordable at Rs. 339 for all the Noise Designer Printed cases, no matter which artwork you opt for.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 339)

8. Fashionury Soft Silicon Transparent Back Case for Nokia 6

Lastly, we have another transparent case, which is also the least expensive case featured on this list. This is the case you should be going for, if you want to show off your Nokia 6’s design and protect it, without breaking the bank. The case is made of a flexible TPU material, just like most of the other clear cases out there and has precise cutouts, so that you can access all your ports with absolute ease. It manages to cover all the four corners and edges of the device, so you can be assured of protection from scratches, dust and minor drops. For an asking price of just Rs. 169, we think the Fashionury transparent case is a bang for your buck.

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The Best Nokia 6 Cases and Covers You Can Buy

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