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However, while many of these days have their perks ― who doesn’t love a day centered on doughnuts? ― only some will relate to your business. However, with careful thought and planning, national days can help you grab the attention of both loyal and new customers. 

This guide offers tips for small businesses that want to identify the best national days for their marketing strategy and how to harness them. Read ahead for a sample of national days and how you can integrate them into your marketing calendar. 

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Did You Know?

National days are a great way to use social media for business to connect with customers on an emotional level.

5. National Opposite Day ― January 25

Turn your world upside down and say the opposite of what you actually mean all day. National Opposite Day offers the chance to get silly and create a print, digital or email marketing campaign with fun, eye-catching content. 

6. National Thank a Mail Carrier Day ― February 4 

We all rely on the hard work of mail carriers and businesses are no exception. Even if you don’t ship your products or use direct mail marketing, there’s a good chance you rely on the postal service to receive supplies and important mail. Use this day to publicly thank mail carriers for keeping business moving ― customers might appreciate the gesture and become more likely to buy from you.

7. National Pizza Day ― February 9

Americans love pizza so much that we eat 3 billion a year ― 4 billion if you count frozen pizzas. On this scrumptious national day, pizzerias can offer print and digital coupons to incentivize customers to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

8. Global Movie Day ― second Saturday in February 

This international holiday celebrates the wonders of cinema. Appeal to the film buffs in your customer base and drive engagement with a social campaign via Instagram that asks your audience to share their favorite movies. 

9. Galentine’s Day ― February 13

The most important relationships aren’t always romantic. Give your customers tips on celebrating the strong female friendships in their life the day before Valentine’s Day.

10. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day ― March 1

Peanut butter makes a great companion for various ingredients. If you’re in foodservice and peanut butter isn’t on the menu, spotlight your products that go great with the nutty spread. 

11. National Employee Appreciation Day ― first Friday in March 

This national day acknowledges that no matter your industry, your business can’t run without your employees. This is an excellent day to publicly thank your team for their hard work and show customers you care about your people. 


Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with a video livestream introducing your behind-the-scenes employees.

12. National Dress Day ― March 6

From little black dresses to colorful summer numbers, National Dress Day salutes this fashion staple. This day is an ideal opportunity for clothing retailers to showcase their best dresses in-store or online. 

13. International Women’s Day ― March 8

International Women’s Day lifts up women’s accomplishments and raises awareness about gender inequality around the globe. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to closing the gender gap by recognizing this important day. 

14. National Napping Day ― the day after the return of daylight saving time

Adjusting daylight saving time usually leaves most of us a bit tired, so what better day to celebrate the art of the nap? If self-care is central to your brand, this is a great opportunity to remind your customer base that rest is essential. 

Did You Know?

Some studies show that sleeping at work boosts productivity. National Napping Day might be a great day to test out the theory with your employees.

15. National Handmade Day ― first Saturday in April 

This national day elevates craftsmanship of all kinds. If you run a small business or Etsy shop with handmade products, highlight the love and care you put into every item with a video or photo series.

16. National Siblings Day ― April 10

The bond between siblings is one of a kind. Use this day to highlight your story if you run a family-owned business or work with family. 

17. National Pet Day ― April 11

Who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate our favorite furry friends? Pet-related social posts are already incredibly effective at driving customer engagement. Ask your followers to tag your products in pictures with their pets. If you’re a pet owner, spotlight your team’s furry friends on your socials or business blog. 


National Pet Day is a great excuse to showcase your office pets if you allow them as a workplace perk.

Key Takeaway

Make a Snapchat geofilter and encourage patrons and nearby customers to share selfies that promote your brand.


April Fools’ Day is another great day to share your brand’s sense of humor with your target audience.

41. National Sandwich Day ― November 3

Early November is the time to uplift this versatile lunchtime classic. Since there’s almost no limit to the ingredients you can use for a sandwich, this day can be relevant for a range of food vendors. 

42. World Kindness Day ― November 13

World Kindness Day reminds us that we can make the world a better place, even with our smallest actions. Emphasize the caring nature of your mission and urge your customers to commit random acts of kindness on this national day. Businesses can also commit to charitable contributions to demonstrate kindness.

43. Black Friday ―  the Friday after Thanksgiving

A huge sales day for retailers, Black Friday signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. With people on the lookout for bargains, this is a great opportunity to boost sales by offering exclusive deals and Black Friday discounts. 

44. Small Business Saturday ― the Saturday after Thanksgiving

First recognized in 2010, thanks to efforts from American Express, Small Business Saturday encourages customers to support small (and often local) retailers. Give your small business a boost and research campaigns early in the year to stand out when November rolls around. 


Beef up your local marketing strategy as Small Business Saturday approaches to ensure you’re maximizing your chances of success.

45. Giving Tuesday ― Tuesday after Thanksgiving

After a handful of shopping-focused national days, Giving Tuesday asks us to spend on a good cause. If your business partners with a charity or nonprofit organization, spotlight its important work. You can also demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and donate a percentage of proceeds from sales on Giving Tuesday. 

Did You Know?

About 56 percent of Americans donate money to charities every year.

46. National Bartender Day ― first Friday in December 

Today is the day to thank your favorite mixologist. Bars and liquor vendors should note this day in their marketing plans ― and ensure they encourage customers to tip generously. 

47. National Cookie Day ― December 4

Cookies are already a big part of the holiday season, so it makes sense to give these classic treats a dedicated December holiday. This is a great day for bakeries to offer exclusive discounts. If you sell baking ingredients or appliances, consider a social campaign and ask your customers to tag you in photos of them enjoying homemade cookies. 

48. National Underdog Day ― third Friday in December

Everyone loves to cheer for an underdog, and it can certainly be argued that small businesses are underdogs in a large-business world. Target your customers with a video and tell a story about the history of your business. If your audience sees how much hard work you’ve put in, they may want to support and be part of your success. 

49. National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day ― December 16

Chocolate can improve many desserts or snacks so, naturally, there’s a day to praise all things chocolate-covered. Promote your chocolate-covered products or give customers some ideas on your ingredients that would pair well with cocoa. 

Key Takeaway

Chocolates make excellent employee gifts and Secret Santa gifts during holiday festivities.


Set and measure the key performance indicators that best suit your national day campaign and use the results to inform future campaigns.

5. Reassess the most important national days to target.

Like any marketing plan, your strategy for preparing for holidays will always be a work in progress. Prioritize reviewing the data you measured with each campaign and evaluate which campaigns are worth repeating ― and scrap what’s not worth the return on investment. 

Use national days to market when it makes sense

With so many national days to choose from, there’s likely to be at least one that fits your business and its message. Be mindful about which national days you mark on your calendar, then craft content that stands out. No matter where along your sales funnel you’re targeting, national days are a great chance to get creative and grow your business. 

Bennett Conlin and Max Freedman contributed to this article. Source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

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Amazon Advertising: New Features & Opportunities For Brands

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth to Mach-10 speeds. As we finally emerge from a year like no other, we find ourselves in a new world where ecommerce reigns supreme.

Congratulations to all of you out there with stock in Amazon!

But what does it all mean to us digital marketers? Can we loosen our seat belts a little bit now as we return to a new normal?

Brands must now move even more quickly to keep up with all the dynamic changes while equipping themselves with an increasingly sophisticated Amazon strategy.

TL;DR Four Amazon Brand-Building Non-Negotiables

Voice: Building your brand on Amazon has options like never before – leverage creative options here as a strategic differentiator both organic and paid.

Connect off- and on-Amazon consumer behavior: Use the new tools to measure off-Amazon traffic effectiveness like Amazon Attribution.

Operational excellence: Here to stay; don’t neglect the day-to-day and long-term business strategies that can lead to both cost savings and margin-boosting.

Welcome to the New Normal

It’s been reported the pandemic accelerated the shift to ecommerce by five years. While ecommerce growth is predicted to slow down in 2023, it’s still moving fast and now sits on top of a much larger base.

And as a whole, ecommerce accounts for a much larger share of the market since brick and mortar retail is contracting.

Simply put, the world has embraced shopping online like never before and will continue to do so moving forward. There’s been no bigger winner in all of this, of course, than Amazon, whose profit soared 220% last quarter compared to the same period last year.

Optimizing on Amazon

Advertisers who still think of Amazon as a purely direct response channel are living in the past. Branding on Amazon is crucial for building brand equity and establishing trust with Amazon customers.

Even before the pandemic, Amazon was building an environment where brands can create stickier connections to consumers.

The good news is that there are more tools than ever before to tell your brand story and build a unique brand identity on Amazon.

It continues to create and upgrade opportunities across the platform with content such as Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Brands Custom Image, Brand Stories (A+ Content), Amazon Stores, Amazon Posts, and Amazon OTT.

If you find yourself in that boat, go out and look for a partner who knows what they’re doing (fast!).

Optimizing Off Amazon

Until now it has been a challenge for brands to figure out the effectiveness of outside traffic sources on Amazon and how their shopper journeys lead them to Amazon. New tools (finally) exist to measure off-Amazon traffic effectiveness for the first time.

With Amazon Attribution, brands can now quantify the impact of display, search, social, video channels, and email, based on how consumers discover, research, and buy their products on Amazon.

In plain English, how many times does someone Google it and then buy it on Amazon?

This knowledge informs ecommerce site investment and can help brands lift traffic to the site by using a blended revenue equation that lifts revenue volume on both direct purchases and ecommerce site-assisted conversions finalized on Amazon.

Video, Video, and More Video

Amazon OTT has quickly gained attention for its unique ability to use Amazon’s first-party data to support both brand performance initiatives and broader reach objectives. More than just a brand play or a performance play, Amazon OTT is a complete performance channel that offers scale, measurability, and data-driven targeting.

Once again, brands should be armed with a go-to-market strategy or OTT both on and off Amazon.

Amazon Operations

That includes everything from contract terms, inventory allocation, case management, demand forecasting, competitive intel, chargebacks, purchase order management, catalog management, white space analysis, and profitability maximization.

Brands that have plateaued on Amazon may likely find huge gains can be made in these areas.

This type of end-to-end channel management is not a place where many marketers are comfortable but it needs to be.

Again, if this is not in your wheelhouse, find a company to partner with that can help guide you.

Beyond Amazon: Biggest Advertising Trends in 2023

While Amazon was one of the biggest winners of the surge in ecommerce from the pandemic, it became painfully clear to many brands that future success requires a nimble approach not just on Amazon, but on other channels as well.

In any endeavor, putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good look and the same holds true when operating on Amazon.

Having backup fulfillment, product sourcing, and additional sales channels will be key to weathering future unforeseen changes in the marketplace.

In other words, a nimble Amazon strategy means optimizing your presence both on and off Amazon.

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Shiba Inu Days Are Over! Time For Indians To Sell The Crypto?

Since the tax regulations were rolled out, Shiba Inu in India is losing its ground

Cryptocurrencies that share the doggy meme face have taken center stage in the realm of decentralization. Two of those famous memecoins, Dogecoin and

The Growth of Shiba Inu in India

Surprisingly, during festival seasons, Shiba Inu investment in India took a major turn. Similar to Indians’ investment in gold and other valuables, last year, they bought SHIB tokens. At the time of Diwali 2023, the Dogecoin competitor was positioned at the seventh position in the cryptocurrency market. Remarkably, Shiba Inu was experiencing a massive bull run at the time owing to the chúng tôi petition and FOMO. At the time when Shiba Inu was going to the moon, it took many early investors with it. Even people who bought US$8,000 SHIB tokens happen to bang on US$5.7 billion in mid-October. Several others who held the Dogecoin killer profited massively from their investments. Besides, it Dogecoin vs Shiba Inu fight in 2023 gave a major boost to both cryptocurrencies.  

The Short-Lived Prominence

Although Shiba Inu gained popularity in a short span of time, it managed to stay in investors’ wallets for the long term. Even when Shiba Inu and Dogecoin lost their position in the top 10 cryptocurrency list, Indian investors still held on to the token. Owing to its extreme volatility, investors believed that SHIB could give another boost to their investment portfolio.

Cryptocurrencies that share the doggy meme face have taken center stage in the realm of decentralization. Two of those famous memecoins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have become the favorite investment option for many Indian cryptocurrency investors. Although it initially started as a joke, SHIB ’s growth over a short span of time and its potential to make millionaires gave an edge to the token. Unfortunately, since the tax regulations became real, Shiba Inu in India is losing its ground. Dogecoin was created in 2013 as a pioneer doggy coin, imitating the famous meme at the time. Since its launch, DOGE was maintaining a low profile till 2023. Once Dogecoin became popular, many memecoins started emerging from the cryptocurrency sphere. Among them was Shiba Inu , which became famous in late 2023. SHIB token gained value and prominence soon after its launch. Especially, Shiba Inu in India has gained a lot of traction over a short span. When the cryptocurrency reached an all-time high in October, Indian investors saw big profits from its growth. However, SHIB is slowly losing its ground ever since the Indian authorities came up with the taxation rules. In February, the Indian Finance Ministry announced that cryptocurrency gains will be taxed at 30%. Even though many things seemed unclear at the time, Indian investors seemed to be enthusiastic. But the Ministry dropped another bomb two days back clarifying that loss in one asset can’t be set off against another. For people who thought their taxation can be evaluated based on their overall profit and loss, this came as a big shock. Since most of the cryptocurrencies are currently on the downfall, paying tax for the minimum gains seems unreasonable for investors. On the other hand, even cryptocurrency enthusiasts are suggesting investors to withdraw their Shiba Inu investment before it is too late.Surprisingly, during festival seasons, Shiba Inu investment in India took a major turn. Similar to Indians’ investment in gold and other valuables, last year, they bought SHIB tokens. At the time of Diwali 2023, the Dogecoin competitor was positioned at the seventh position in the cryptocurrency market. Remarkably, Shiba Inu was experiencing a massive bull run at the time owing to the chúng tôi petition and FOMO. At the time when Shiba Inu was going to the moon, it took many early investors with it. Even people who bought US$8,000 SHIB tokens happen to bang on US$5.7 billion in mid-October. Several others who held the Dogecoin killer profited massively from their investments. Besides, it Dogecoin vs Shiba Inu fight in 2023 gave a major boost to both cryptocurrencies.Although Shiba Inu gained popularity in a short span of time, it managed to stay in investors’ wallets for the long term. Even when Shiba Inu and Dogecoin lost their position in the top 10 cryptocurrency list, Indian investors still held on to the token. Owing to its extreme volatility, investors believed that SHIB could give another boost to their investment portfolio. Unfortunately, their dreams got shattered when the Indian government proposed to treat cryptocurrencies as financial assets while safeguarding small investors. When regulation on cryptocurrency taxation was finalized in February this year, Shiba Inu slowly started losing its ground. A couple of days before, the finance ministry has further clarified that India won’t allow offsetting loss on one crypto with profit from another. This came as a big blog to SHIB investors. With the Dogecoin competitor already losing value, compensating its fall with the gains from other cryptos was a good option. But since that too is unavailable, experts say that the investment in SHIB will fall drastically.

Terrier Rowers Head To West Coast For Ira National Championship Regatta

Terrier Rowers Head to West Coast for IRA National Championship Regatta Men’s, women’s lightweight teams compete on California’s Lake Natoma this weekend

The BU men’s rowing team begins competition at the 2023 IRA National Championship Regatta on Friday, May 31.

The Boston University men’s rowing and women’s lightweight rowing teams close out their season this weekend with an all-out effort to medal in the Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta. This year’s regatta is being held on Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif. At last year’s regatta, on Mercer Lake in New Jersey, the men finished eighth as a team competing against the top rowing programs in the country. The women’s lightweights are hoping to build on last year’s silver in the varsity eight grand final, when they finished just behind Stanford University before bad weather forced cancellation of most of the last day’s races. It was the third consecutive season the women were runner-up to Stanford, and they’re out to change that this weekend.

Men’s rowing

The men’s rowing team kicks things off on Friday morning when the eighth-ranked varsity eight boat competes in a heat against top-seeded Yale, Syracuse, Penn, Wisconsin, and Santa Clara. A total of four BU boats will compete against 24 schools at the three-day regatta. BU rowers know they’ll face some stiff competition from perennial powerhouses such as No. 1 Yale, No. 2 Washington, and No. 3 Santa Clara.

“Obviously we will try to put all our boats into the finals and finish in as high a place as we can,” says men’s head coach Thomas Bohrer.

While they did not medal at Eastern Sprints, Bohrer remains confident about their prospects this weekend. “If we execute our race plan and race like we can, then we feel confident,” says the two-time Olympic silver medalist.

With his rise to prominence—from a walk-on to a member of the varsity eight boat—Grant Eberst (Sargent’19) has provided an inspirational backstory for a team looking to beat a series of national powerhouses this weekend.

“Grant went up to the varsity last year. He had high school experience, but wasn’t the kind of guy we tried out for the team. But he’s a good athlete and when he became a student here he worked hard over the summer and rowed well, so he moved around from boat to boat,” Bohrer says. “I think he has good technical ability and can jump into any boat. He’s a great guy and helps people relax in the boat.”

A live stream of Friday’s heat races is available here.

Women’s lightweight rowing

The third-ranked women’s lightweight rowing team finished last season as national runner-up at the IRA National Championship Regatta for the third consecutive year, just behind perennial powerhouse Stanford. After three years of finishing just behind their archrival, the Terriers are hoping to win the program’s first national championship. BU, which is sending three boats to compete for a national title in a field of seven schools, is fresh off first-place finishes at the Eastern Sprints on May 5 and three gold medal wins at the Dad Vail Regatta on May 11.

BU sits behind Princeton and Stanford in the USRowing polls heading into the tournament and will race against both teams on Saturday and Sunday.

“We feel good. It’s been a pretty long, challenging year, but we’ve been able to progress, as any good team can and should,” says women’s lightweight head coach Malcolm Doldron. “We’ve hit our markers for our training, and have been able to improve each week, so we feel good about how we’ve been approaching the season and how we’ve finished the last few championship races. So we’re in a good spot, and we’re getting rested.”

Doldron says his goal is to prepare his rowers for their best possible race and not focus too much on other teams. “We don’t worry about the other competition, we recognize these are good crews and Stanford is a dynasty, but everyone still has to line up and put out their best possible 2K, so we are going to train and prepare for that.”

The team will be relying on Janice Hagerman (CAS’19), who is up for her fourth All-American designation. She would be the first Terrier in program history to achieve that distinction. Doldron says her leadership has been invaluable. “She’s just an incredibly strong and talented rower and a fantastic leader and an awesome young woman. I think everyone is comforted knowing that she’s in our boat and not someone else’s. She brings a level of intensity to the team that’s indicative of the work she’s put in. The only thing she wants is for her teammates to challenge themselves and each other. She knows, and they know, it’s not about her, it’s about the team, and she puts the team first in everything she does. That’s a quality of a great leader.”

Hagerman is undaunted by tough challengers like Stanford. “I think that Stanford provides us with the motivation to do our best every day because we’re going up against the best team in the country,” she says, “but it doesn’t deter us from our preparation. It’s more a source of motivation than a source of anxiety…everyone’s really excited to race.”

A live stream of the women’s lightweight races Saturday and Sunday is available here.

The 2023 IRA National Championship Regatta begins today, Friday, May 31, and concludes with the grand finals on Sunday, June 2. All races are being held on Lake Natoma in Gold River, California. Find more information about the regatta here.

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What’s The Buzz Around Bnb, Dogecoin, And Hedgeup These Days?

There’s a lot of excitement in the crypto market, particularly around the presale token HedgeUp (HDUP). Market staples, like Binance Coin (BNB) and Dogecoin (DOGE), have also generated their own share of attention. So, what’s the buzz with these crypto assets? Here’s a look at every one of them.

HedgeUp: a new kind of investment platform

The HedgeUp (HDUP) presale has been raising funds for a new kind of investment platform. Called HedgeUp, this platform is built to allow people to invest in alternative asset classes like precious metals, valuable jewelry, and rare artwork.

To make this possible, HedgeUp (HDUP) is tokenizing the assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs will act as on-chain representations of the assets, which means that by trading them, users will be investing in the underlying products. 

The excitement around HedgeUp (HDUP) comes from the fact that nobody has ever built such a platform before. It is further enhanced by the deal that the HedgeUp (HDUP) presale is giving investors. 

Crypto analysts have made their predictions on the token. Some projections show that HDUP will gain 3,000%. Others put the number as high as 10,000% in the coming year or so. This will make HedgeUp (HDUP) one of the best-performing tokens in the market. 

The presale has presented investors with an opportunity to buy the token at a low price. It is currently fixed at $0.020.

Binance Coin (BNB): return to all-time highs? 

Binance Coin (BNB) has been showing encouraging signs. Crypto experts are already saying that the coin will return to its ATH before the end of the year. 

Binance Coin (BNB) was launched in 2023 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It was issued by the crypto exchange, Binance. 

In 2023, the token would be moved to its own blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is now the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain. This migration happened just in time for the asset to cement itself as one of the top cryptocurrencies. 

In 2023, BNB’s value grew from around $38 at the start of the year to reach an ATH of $686.31 in May. This allowed it to become a top 5 cryptocurrency by market cap. 

Of course, last year’s bear market caused BNB’s value to drop. But now, the market is quickly moving past that and BNB is leading the charge. The asset is gearing up to break its ATH and possibly cross the $1000 mark before the end of the year. 

Dogecoin (DOGE): more utility on the way?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the most successful meme coin ever created. It is currently a Top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. 

However, being a meme coin, the token is often criticized for lacking any meaningful utility. This is one of the biggest reasons why it has lost close to 90% of its value since the last bull run. 

Fortunately, things seem to be changing for Dogecoin (DOGE). For one, the coin enjoys the support of Elon Musk and is accepted as an official payment for certain Tesla and SpaceX merchandise. And, the DOGE team is hard at work to give the token even more utility.  

So, there is a lot of optimism surrounding Dogecoin (DOGE) come the next bull run.  

Engineering Scholar Greg Blonder Elected To The National Academy Of Inventors

Engineering Scholar Greg Blonder Elected to the National Academy of Inventors From cybersecurity to LED lighting to cooking the perfect steak, his brain never stops working in pursuit of “a better world”

Greg Blonder, visiting scholar and former professor of the practice in mechanical engineering at BU’s College of Engineering, has been named a National Academy of Inventors fellow, the highest professional honor given to academic inventors. Photo courtesy of Greg Blonder.


Engineering Scholar Greg Blonder Elected to the National Academy of Inventors From cybersecurity to LED lighting to cooking the perfect steak, his brain never stops working in pursuit of “a better world”

An inventor, a mentor, a food lover, Greg Blonder, a visiting scholar at BU’s College of Engineering, has a variety of interests. A scientist by training, Blonder has developed technologies with lasting impact—notably headphones with built-in speakers and two-factor authentication, a cybersecurity tool regularly used by many companies and internet users. As a testament to his achievements, the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) has named Blonder a fellow, “the highest professional distinction accorded solely to academic inventors,” according to NAI.

Blonder is one of the 164 inventors chosen for the 2023 fellowship, aimed to highlight academic inventors who have spearheaded or facilitated projects that have had a tangible impact on society and people’s quality of life. An induction ceremony will be held on June 15, 2023, at NAI’s Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. 



A with Greg Blonder

The Brink:

First, how did you become an inventor?

Blonder: [I was] born that way; always taking apart watches, building tree houses, learning assembly language, then programming a high school DEC PDP-8/S computer to schedule classes without punched cards. [I’m] never satisfied with the world as it appears. An incurable disease.

The Brink:

How will the NAI fellowship bolster your work?

Blonder: It’s easy to become discouraged about the future. By celebrating invention and its positive impact on society, the fellowship can inspire [everyone] to imagine a better world.

The Brink:

Are there any projects in particular you are focusing on at the moment?

Blonder: I’m applying the same analytical skills to address political intransigence, which would benefit from a little innovation, as the executive director at chúng tôi We are employing crowdsourcing and deliberative democracy techniques to help write and pass a new Bill of Rights—one that reflects the underlying and underreported American consensus on many issues. [It is currently] in beta testing.

The Brink:

To you, what are some of the most important problems you helped solve?

Blonder: In terms of impact, certainly our pioneering patents on two-factor authentication and visual passwords stand out. Any scheme to make the internet an accessible and safe environment adds value. Other key innovations were in optical packaging—particularly for communications lasers, and some of the first LED lighting patents, which dramatically reduced energy usage. Then lots of fun stuff like convertible headphones and even children’s toys.

The Brink:

When you’re not working on various inventions and ventures, how do you enjoy spending your time?

Blonder: I enjoy mentoring young entrepreneurial teams, such as those at [a space innovation start-up called] Inversion and at a self-raising clean toilet seat [start-up]. Cooking and BBQ are also passions of mine. Not only is barbecue relaxing—and you can eat your failures—but I maintain an active food science blog at chúng tôi as a ploy to communicate basic experimental methods. Plus, I settle bar fights.

The Brink:

What kind of bar fights?

Blonder: The most recent bar fight was over resting steaks. Resting really doesn’t allow juices to be reabsorbed and ruins the crust. Plus, if you don’t inhale your food, the steak will rest while dining. I wrote an article on this subject a few years ago, but the controversy never ends.

Blonder: In two words: passion and persistence. Ideas are cheap, in the sense that other inventors will eventually stumble upon a similar solution. But learning how to work out the bugs, then bring an invention to market while keeping your customers satisfied are the secrets to achieving impact. Edison may have invented the first practical light bulb, but that demonstration would have remained a stunt unless he hadn’t also invented the power plant, screw socket, buried insulated cables, etc. Passion (and sometimes jealousy or revenge) is the fuel that keeps you motivated when your luck has turned.

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