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So, if you were dreaming of becoming a millionaire with DOGE in 2023, it might be time to rethink that plan. But don’t worry! There are other coins like Wall Street Memes ($WSM), Thug Life ($THUG), and Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) that might give you some serious gains and help you reach that millionaire status. 

Seeking Millionaire Status? Look Beyond DOGE and Invest in These Cryptos

If we take a look at the Dogecoin price chart, it’s pretty clear that DOGE is trading way below its all-time high. In the past six months, it hasn’t even managed to cross the $0.1 mark. That’s definitely a disappointment for investors. But suppose if DOGE miraculously returns to its all-time high of $0.7376, you would need more than 1.3 million DOGE tokens to become a millionaire.

Now, here’s the catch. As of today, you can buy that exact amount of DOGE for $89k. That’s the price you’d have to pay now to potentially become a millionaire in the future if DOGE manages to reach its all-time highs again. 

But, and it’s a big but, there are no guarantees in the crypto world. We can’t say for sure if DOGE will go up in 2023 or beyond. Of course, having support from influential people like Elon Musk could possibly give it a boost, but nothing is certain. 

But there’s still hope! There are some other amazing cryptocurrencies out there that could still make you a ton of money, maybe even millions. So, let’s dive into exploring those options and see what potential they hold for your investment journey!

1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – Your Ticket to Hilarious Crypto Wealth and Community Rewards

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) has taken the crypto world by storm, thanks to its clever fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor and the financial industry. You’re in for a hilarious and satirical take on the traditional financial system, all while diving headfirst into the captivating world of cryptocurrencies, particularly meme coins.

Now’s the perfect time to get involved because the $WSM token is currently in the highly affordable presale phase. With nearly $14 million already raised, it’s clear that this project has captured the attention of eager investors like yourself.

Here’s what makes it even more enticing: 50% of the total token supply is exclusively reserved for the presale, ensuring you have a golden opportunity to secure your share. Plus, they’ve set aside 30% for exciting community rewards that could land you some impressive bonuses. To ensure smooth trading, the remaining 20% is evenly distributed for liquidity across both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The hype surrounding Wall Street Memes is absolutely electrifying! Don’t miss your chance to join in the fun and possibly unlock the doors to the exclusive millionaire’s club. 

2. Thug Life ($THUG) – Embrace the Rap Culture Revolution and Potentially Unlock Millionaire Status

Thug Life ($THUG) is raising the meme coin experience a whole new level of excitement with rap culture inspiration! Unlike DOGE, which might not be doing so well, Thug Life is a movement designed to provide comfort and support to those who have been deceived by influencers promoting worthless projects. 

The buzz around Thug Life is skyrocketing, and it’s not hard to see why. With its recent presale launch, this coin is gaining momentum at lightning speed, attracting enthusiastic investors looking for something fresh and enticing.

Everyone wants to know more about this awesome project, especially since Snoop Dogg is rumored to be involved. Snoop’s central role in this project can spark immense curiosity, increasing your chances of becoming a millionaire.

Investors are eagerly awaiting the listing of $THUG on decentralized exchanges, as it’s bound to have an instant impact on the price. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to secure your share of this incredibly intriguing meme coin before it’s too late!

3. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) – Unleash Your Inner Environmentalist and Earn Crypto Rewards

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is a revolutionary green meme coin that goes the extra mile by dedicating itself to combating climate change and protecting precious species.

Here’s the exciting part: not only can you generate passive income through shopping and investing in their presale events, but you’ll also be contributing to wildlife conservation and environmental causes. Chimpzee uses the power of Web 3.0 platforms and features to create an ecosystem where a portion of profits from each channel goes to charities and organizations fighting climate change and saving animals.

And that’s not all! If you’re a gamer, get ready for an exhilarating Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that takes a stand against those who harm nature. By actively participating in the game and holding $CHMPZ, the native token of the ecosystem, you’ll position yourself for significant profits.


DOGE might have hit a roadblock, but don’t worry! You can still gain huge profits from these coins. Get into $WSM, where finance meets humor. There is also $THUG, which is all about embracing rap culture. And let’s not forget $CHMPZ, the green meme coin that’s fighting to save our planet. 

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The Droid Incredible Is, Well, Incredible

The Droid Incredible is, well, Incredible

At the beginning of the year, Google called a group of reporters and analysts to Google HQ to announce a new phone, the Nexus One. A joint effort of HTC and Google, the N1 was a slim device, running a speedy Snapdragon processor and an AMOLED display. Running the latest version of Android, 2.1, it was state of the art, at least for January.

The biggest problem of the Nexus One, in my opinion, is that it runs stock Android and while 2.1 was nice, it lacked so many things that vendors like HTC had brought to the market with their Sense UI built on top of Android. T-Mobile’s 3G network coverage also left much to be desired (there’s now an AT&T version of the N1 for sale as well.) Wouldn’t it be great if there were a version of the N1 that ran HTC Sense and perhaps was on the Verizon network as well. A super Droid if you will. Well, good things come to those who wait and over the last few days I’ve been testing the Droid Incredible by HTC, running on the Verizon network, and it delivers.

Like the Nexus One, the Incredible is among the speediest Android device I’ve ever used. Even running HTC’s Sense UI, there’s no lag and the interface is as fast and fluid as it was meant to be. Switching from panel to panel is smooth. The overall coverage and speed of Verizon’s network mean that information flows quickly as well so the screens are constantly updated in real time. Sense UI fixes many glaring issues of the Android platform, most notably Exchange integration. With full support of the ActiveSync protocol, it’s easy to get your contacts, calendar and mail on the device. Why Google still doesn’t offer real support for Exchange is a mystery to me but HTC delivers with the best support of the platform making their devices my recommendation for users who need that functionality. Support for full social media integration with Facebook and a built-in Twitter client make the device all that much more useful to me.

I still have issues overall with the Android platform. Applications are still limited to internal storage, which means there still are few, if any, Android games worth playing. Security remains an issue with no support for passwords or local encryption and there’s still no native PC sync to get my content on the device beyond the cloud. That’s disappointing and until these issues get resolved, it’s hard for me to see how Android makes the leap from the enthusiast to the mass market, even with all the HTC enhancements. The good news is the platform is getting better and better over time; the bad news, it’s not fast enough.

Android is now a force to reckoned with in the mobile space and the Incredible is currently what the state of the art looks like. If you’ve been waiting for the Verizon version of the Nexus One, wait no more, the Incredible provides a better experience with all the hardware and Android 2.1 goodness but now with the powerful addition of Sense UI layered on for good measure. This is now the flagship device for Verizon users.

Although Android still feels like an enthusiast platform the Incredible takes us one step closer to a true mass market and mainstream device.

Looking for a second-opinion? Check out our comparison review of the Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC.

Unveiling The Secrets Of The Best Converting Cta Buttons

Examples of high converting calls to action to inspire your own copywriting

To succeed online you need to build an effective testing and optimising strategy that will help you to maximise conversion rates. How do you know what are the most important things for a better conversion? Versatile. scientific testing, pages optimization, various payment gateways, landing pages, and more. These factors will definitely help you to improve your bottom line by getting higher conversion rates. One of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate is to improve your calls to action by making them more compelling.

You can test many different messaging and design techniques to boost conversion, but in this article I will focus on the humble CTA to get your audience onto the next stage in the path to purchase.

You can create a great CTA of any shape, style, and size. The main thing is to create CTA buttons in keeping with the style and idea of your website. Log in, Shop now, Get Your Discount, Add to Cart are some popular examples of modern call-to-action buttons.

There are lots of tips on the web that were collected to help you make the right choice of placement, shapes, colors, text, and more. Today’s post will help you to to discover the secrets of effective and powerful call-to-action buttons. You will learn more about CTA buttons placement, their color solutions, shapes, and text.

Target Placement of Call-To-Action Buttons

How can you make your call-to-action buttons work for you? Fortunately or unfortunately, there isn’t any definitive placement system. It depends on your own website’s specialty and page template structure. You can easily find the best place for setting up your buttons by testing them with the help of A/B testing.

Color Solutions for Call-To-Action Buttons

Colors play an important role everywhere in our life and call-to-action buttons are no exception. There aren’t any rules for which colors work best, but there are three general principles you need to apply.

First of all, make your CTAs stand out through contrast. They should be attractive and catchy for your audience. The color should highlight the button among backgrounds and content.

Whilst they should stand out, they also need to fit the design so they don’t spoil the overall aesthetic. This is a different balance to pull off, but the design above shows it can be done.

Pay attention to your audience. If you will be more attentive to people’s preferences on your website, you’ll get your target audience, so, will boost your conversion. For example, using dark colors and subtle backgrounds on a kid’s website will definitely make you a loser. Make sure, that your website’s design fits age, gender, social status, etc., of your audience. The youth adores bright colors, so, make your CTA buttons look fruitful and catchy. Professional audiences prefer shades and low-key tones, so, it’s better to create your call-to-action buttons look restrained and laconic as on the example below.

Call-To-Action Button Shape

Discard all the common tropes, and make your CTA buttons look special, extraordinary, and unique. Well-shaped call-to-action buttons will definitely help you to hit the mark.

Call-To-Action Button Text

Your CTA buttons should evoke a desire to act and to hurry up to get your offer. That’s why it is best to avoid overworked words that your visitors are totally sick of. Use particular text that will follow your effective words. In an ideal situation, you need to use effective verbs together with a suggestion-referred text. Book a table, try a demo, and download a freebie are pretty good examples.

Call-to-action buttons are a great solution to present your message to visitors. Furthermore, messages with CTA buttons get much more conversion than messages without them. People have different tastes, so, what captures one audience, won’t capture another one, and vice versa. That’s why you should pay attention to the kind of audience you want to send your message to. There are some basic tips on how to make your CTA buttons text hit the mark.

First, if your audience loves improving their knowledge base, start your call-to-action buttons from “Read” or “Learn” words. It will help you to evoke the interest of such kind of people and to keep them engaged.

If your audience is waiting for benefits from your offers, capture them using “Get” or “Grab” in the beginning of your call-to-action button’s text.

Finally, do not hesitate to start your CTA buttons text with a frank “Buy”, or “Order” it will evoke an aim to get the offered products as soon as possible.

Another cool way of creating effective call-to-action buttons is to brighten them up with versatile elements as shopping cart, wallets, hearts, smiles, arrows, etc.

If you want to boost your customer’s motivation, add “Now”, “Right Now”, or “Today” to your call-to-action buttons. How does it work? Someone may think that he/she needs to hurry up because this offer is limited, meanwhile, someone may think that there is something extremely special and exclusive behind this kind of CTA buttons.


So, we should highlight that versatile call-to-action buttons are a final step in boosting your conversion rates. That’s why it’s so important to learn their techniques and tricks. Enrich your websites with well-done CTA buttons underpinned by laconic and motivational text, unusual shapes, correct placement, and captivating color. Do not be afraid of experiments because effective call-to-action buttons can also be a great figment of your imagination!

We hope that this article will be useful for you and will help you to take your conversion rates to the top. If you need some more examples, you can see professional and effective CTA buttons in this example of WordPress themes. We’d love to hear from you, so, you’re very welcome to share your thoughts about versatile call-to-action buttons in our community.

The Journey Of A Senior Data Scientist And Machine Learning Engineer In Fintech Domain


Meet Tajinder, a seasoned Senior Data Scientist and ML Engineer who has excelled in the rapidly evolving field of data science. Tajinder’s passion for unraveling hidden patterns in complex datasets has driven impactful outcomes, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. In this article, we explore Tajinder’s inspiring success story. From humble beginnings to influential figure, showcasing unwavering dedication, technical prowess, and a genuine passion for leveraging data to drive real-world results.

At a leading fintech company, Tajinder has revolutionized various aspects of the business using his data science expertise. His contributions have optimized internal processes, enhanced customer experiences, generated revenue, and fueled overall business growth. Tajinder’s journey stands as a testament to the immense potential of data science and machine learning when coupled with the right mindset and determination.

Let’s Get On with the Senior Data Scientist Interview! AV: Please introduce yourself. Provide us with an overview of your educational journey. How has it led you to your current role?

Tajinder: Certainly! Hello, my name is Tajinder, and I am a Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer. My educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, where I developed a strong foundation in programming, algorithms, and software development.

I started my professional career as a DB developer, working on various Software Engineering and Data Engineering projects. In this role, I gained extensive experience in database management, query optimization, and creating reports and Management Information Systems (MIS). While working on these projects, I discovered my keen interest in the field of Data Science.

Driven by my passion for data analysis and exploration, I decided to dive deeper into the Data Science domain. I embarked on a self-learning journey, studying and acquiring knowledge in areas such as statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization techniques. To further enhance my skills, I pursued additional courses and certifications in Data Science and Machine Learning.

As I continued to expand my expertise, I started applying my knowledge and skills to real-world problems. Through hands-on experience, I honed my skills in data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model development. Also gaining proficiency in tools and frameworks such as Python, R, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn.

Over time, continuous learning led me to assume increasingly challenging roles within the field of Data Science. I worked on diverse projects, ranging from predictive modeling and customer segmentation to Deep Learning systems and anomaly detection. Through these experiences, I developed a deep understanding of the end-to-end data science pipeline, from data acquisition and preprocessing to model deployment and monitoring.

Current Role

As a Senior Data Scientist and ML Engineer, I bring together my extensive knowledge in computer science, software engineering, and data science to design and implement cutting-edge solutions. I thrive on the opportunity to tackle complex problems, uncover valuable insights from data, and develop scalable machine learning systems that drive meaningful impact for businesses.

AV: What inspired you to pursue a career in Data Science? How did you get started in this field?

Tajinder: I was initially drawn to the field of Data Science due to my experience as a DB developer and my involvement in creating reports and Management Information Systems (MIS). Working with data sparked my curiosity and made me realize the tremendous potential in extracting valuable insights and knowledge from large datasets. I became fascinated by the idea of using data-driven approaches to solve complex problems and make informed decisions.

To get started in the field of Data Science, I took a proactive approach. I engaged in self-learning, exploring various online resources, tutorials, and textbooks that covered topics such as statistics, machine learning, and data visualization. I also participated in online courses and pursued certifications from reputable institutions to formalize my knowledge and acquire a solid foundation in this field.

In parallel, I sought practical experience by working on personal projects and taking part in Kaggle competitions. These platforms provided opportunities to apply my skills in real-world scenarios. And then, collaborate with other data enthusiasts, and learn from the community’s collective knowledge and expertise. I gained valuable hands-on experience in data preprocessing, feature engineering, model development, and evaluation by working on diverse projects.

AV: What challenges did you face while getting into the field of Data Science? How did you overcome those challenges?

Tajinder: When venturing into the field, I encountered several challenges, some of which align with the ones you’ve mentioned. Let’s dive deep into my challenges and how I overcame them.

Framing a problem into a Data Science problem: Initially, I struggled with translating real-world problems into well-defined Data Science problems. Understanding which aspects could be addressed using data analysis and machine learning required a deep understanding of the problem domain and collaboration with domain experts.

To overcome this challenge, I adopted a proactive approach. I engaged in discussions with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and colleagues with expertise in the problem domain. By actively listening and learning from their insights, I better understood the problem context and identified opportunities for data-driven solutions. I also sought mentorship from experienced Data Scientists who guided me in framing problems effectively. This collaborative approach helped bridge the gap between technical expertise and domain knowledge, enabling me to identify and solve Data Science problems more effectively.

One major challenge was acquiring a solid foundation in probability and statistics concepts. To overcome this, I dedicated significant time to self-study and enrolled in Udemy courses to deepen my understanding of statistical analysis and probability theory.

Another obstacle was gaining practical experience in implementing machine learning solutions. To address this, I participated in Machine Learning Hackathons, mostly on Kaggle and MachineHack.

AV: How did your skills working as a Software Engineer and Database Developer helped you become successful as a senior Data Scientist?

Tajinder: My skills as a Software Engineer and Database Developer have greatly contributed to my success as a senior Data Scientist. My expertise in SQL for data wrangling allows me to efficiently extract, transform, and load data. My knowledge of database design and optimization enables me to handle large-scale data processing. Software engineering practices help you write clean and reusable code while problem-solving and analytical thinking skills aid in solving complex data-driven problems. Additionally, my collaboration and communication abilities facilitate effective teamwork and stakeholder engagement. These skills have been instrumental in my achievements as a Data Scientist.

AV: What are some of the most important skills you think are essential for success?

Tajinder: I believe several skills and qualities are crucial for success in the field of Data Science. These include:

Problem Framing and Data Science Mindset: Identifying and framing problems as data science problems are essential. A data-driven mindset helps understand how data can be leveraged to extract insights and drive decision-making.

Business and Domain Understanding: A deep understanding of the business or domain you are working in is crucial. It allows you to align data science solutions with the goals and needs of the organization, ensuring that your work has a meaningful impact.

Solution-Oriented Approach: Considering solutions from an end-user perspective is essential to develop practical and actionable insights. Considering how stakeholders can effectively implement and utilize your work is key to delivering valuable results.

Technical Skills: Proficiency in technical tools and programming languages like SQL and Python is vital. These skills enable you to acquire, manipulate, and analyze data effectively. You could build machine learning models to derive insights and predictions.

AV: Can you share an example of your most proud achievement? What were some of the factors that contributed to its success and some challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?

Tajinder: One achievement I am proud of is successfully deploying machine learning models in a production environment to assist the business team in making impactful decisions. Factors contributing to this success include understanding the business domain, collaborating with stakeholders, and taking a data-driven approach. Challenges faced involved defining the problem and overcoming data limitations. By engaging with stakeholders, refining the problem statement, and applying innovative techniques, I overcame these challenges and delivered valuable insights for decision-making.

AV: Can you discuss a time when you successfully mentored or coached a junior data scientist or machine learning engineer, and what were the outcomes of this effort?

Tajinder: Certainly! I had the opportunity to mentor junior data scientists who were new to the field, and the outcomes of this effort were highly positive. To tailor the mentoring approach, I did the following:

Assessed the individual’s learning needs

Provided diverse learning resources

Regular feedback

Review sessions helped track progress and address any difficulties

Collaboration and Networking

Enhanced their exposure to industry experts and trends

AV: How can you remain up to speed with the most recent breakthroughs and trends in machine learning when you work in a continuously changing field?

Tajinder: To stay up to speed with the latest breakthroughs and trends in machine learning, I employ the following strategies:

Attending Conferences and Webinars: I actively participate in machine learning conferences, workshops, and webinars to gain insights from industry experts and researchers. These events provide opportunities to learn about recent breakthroughs, novel applications, and industry trends through presentations and networking. DataHour sessions on Analytics Vidhya, Random Webinars from Linkedin, or any other source according to my interest.

Develop a Personalized Learning Plan: The plan outlines specific areas of interest and goals. This plan includes milestones, deadlines, and resources, helping me stay organized and focused on continuous growth.

AV: Please mention an instance of a recent development that you find especially intriguing or promising.

Tajinder: One recent development that I find promising in the data science industry is the emergence of Language Models for Machine Learning (LLM). Language models, such as OpenAI’s Chat GPT etc, have showcased impressive capabilities in NLP, text generation, and understanding context.

Large Language models can enhance human-computer interaction by enabling more natural and conversational machine interactions. Voice assistants, customer service chatbots, and smart devices are becoming more sophisticated and user-friendly, enhancing productivity and convenience for individuals and businesses.

Language models can be leveraged in educational settings to enhance learning experiences. They can provide personalized tutoring, generate interactive educational content, and facilitate natural language interfaces for educational platforms. Students can benefit from adaptive learning, instant feedback, and access to knowledge.

AV: How do you see the field of machine learning evolving over the next few years? What steps are you taking to ensure your team is well-positioned to capitalize on these changes?

Prioritize continuous learning and skill development through participation in workshops, conferences, and online courses.

Research and exploration are encouraged to stay updated with cutting-edge techniques.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing foster collective expertise and idea exchange.

Hands-on experimentation and proofs-of-concept help assess emerging approaches.

The team invests in a robust infrastructure and actively seeks collaborations and partnerships with experts and organizations.

We uphold ethical considerations, fairness, and transparency in our projects.

By focusing on these strategies, my team remains prepared to adapt and deliver innovative solutions to meet evolving needs in machine learning.


We hope you enjoyed Tajinder’s fascinating journey as a senior data scientist and ML engineer. We hope you got fantastic insights about the data science industry from his perspective. If you want to read more success stories, then, head to our blog now! If you want to become a Data Scientist, enroll in the blackbelt plus program.


Make Money With Crypto – Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogemiyagi

Meme coins these trendy and fun tokens may have started off as a joke, but they are not to be taken lightly by serious investors. Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) are among the meme coins that have gained significant popularity in recent times. If you are ready to make money with crypto, it is worth exploring meme coins and learning why they are a serious game for those seeking potential investment opportunities.

Fun, Fame, And Finance: Dogecoin’s Journey From Ridicule To Recognition

Dogecoin started as a joke but has become a force to be reckoned with in the meme coin realm. Back in 2013, Adobe Product Marketing Manager Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Markus created Dogecoin as a playful parody. They intentionally made it as ridiculous as possible, based on the popular “doge” meme featuring a Shiba Inu and phrases like “such tired” and “much wow.”

However, the joke turned into a serious contender as Dogecoin gained widespread support from notable celebrities like Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and Mia Khalifa. Dogecoin’s journey proves that fun and memes can significantly impact the crypto market.

Shiba Inu: How A Cute Face Became A Serious Investment Opportunity

Shiba Inu is a coin that knows how to capture hearts with its adorable mascot. Created by an anonymous individual named Ryoshi, SHIB has quickly gained popularity since its launch in August 2023.

In 2023, it became the crypto star of the year, generating a whopping 43 million more views than Bitcoin itself! Social media hype and community support have played a significant role in Shiba Inu’s rise to fame, fluctuating prices based on celebrity tweets. It’s safe to say that Shiba Inu is not just a cute face but a serious investment opportunity.

DogeMiyagi: Earn Passive Income And Shape The Future Of Decentralization

Let’s talk about DogeMiyagi, the latest addition to the meme coin family. With its sights set on becoming a fully-fledged Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), DogeMiyagi combines hype, memes, and a vision for a decentralized future. The project plans to renounce ownership after the token launch, empowering every member to shape its future through democratic decision-making.

In addition to potential gains from the token’s value, DogeMiyagi offers a referral program that allows you to earn passive income. By inviting friends to buy MIYAGI tokens, you can receive a 10% commission. It’s not just about making money; it’s about growing a community of like-minded individuals who share the same enthusiasm.

Make Money With Crypto Meme Coins

So, if you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey, start exploring the world of fun memes and make money with crypto meme coins. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself not just laughing at memes but laughing all the way to the bank!

There’s no harm in having a little fun along the way. However, remember that it’s always important to do thorough research and make informed decisions when investing in cryptocurrencies. So, why take a leap into the world of meme coins and see where it takes you?

To learn more about DogeMiyagi and join the meme coin revolution, visit their website and social media and let the fun and profits begin.


Ggool, The ‘Poop And Get Crypto’ Died Of People’s Uninterest

Ggool, which originated in South Korea, is the new shitcoin that taking the internet by storm

Over the past couple of weeks, shitcoins are hitting headlines. Shitcoins are funky and provide the easiest opportunities to become rich. Recently, the South Korean government is making headlines for inspiring the creation of a shitcoin, you can also call it a ‘poop-coin’. The South Korean authorities terminated a science program that created bathrooms designed to turn human waste into electricity, heat, and apparently a digital currency known as Ggool. The project is known as the Science Walden project and was introduced in July 2023 for the entertainment of the crypto community and the wider digital asset market. The project aimed to create the ‘BeeVi’ toilet that turned human excrement into methane gas and rewarded its ‘depositors’ with a digital currency known as Ggool. The BeeVi toilet project was led by Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology’s Cho Jae-weon, who is a professor of urban and environmental engineering. Even though the South Korean authorities planned to put a lid on the project, there are still a few BeeVi toilets inside the university’s campus at its Science cabin at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology campus. Since this innovation, BeeVi users have been using the Ggool digital currency. The Korean translation of ‘Ggool’ is honey and tokens for providing energy to the university. Ggool can be used to buy goods on campuses such as coffee and snacks inside the campus.

Over the past couple of weeks, shitcoins are hitting headlines. Shitcoins are funky and provide the easiest opportunities to become rich. Recently, the South Korean government is making headlines for inspiring the creation of a shitcoin, you can also call it a ‘poop-coin’. The South Korean authorities terminated a science program that created bathrooms designed to turn human waste into electricity, heat, and apparently a digital currency known as Ggool. The project is known as the Science Walden project and was introduced in July 2023 for the entertainment of the crypto community and the wider digital asset market. The project aimed to create the ‘BeeVi’ toilet that turned human excrement into methane gas and rewarded its ‘depositors’ with a digital currency known as Ggool. The BeeVi toilet project was led by Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology’s Cho Jae-weon, who is a professor of urban and environmental engineering. Even though the South Korean authorities planned to put a lid on the project, there are still a few BeeVi toilets inside the university’s campus at its Science cabin at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology campus. Since this innovation, BeeVi users have been using the Ggool digital currency. The Korean translation of ‘Ggool’ is honey and tokens for providing energy to the university. Ggool can be used to buy goods on campuses such as coffee and snacks inside the campus. Reportedly, Ggool tokens were designed with a negative interest rate of 7% to discourage hodling, meaning earners must be regular in liquidating their assets or risk losing their purchasing power. Besides, 30% of the tokens earned by an investor are distributed to other holders upon receipt. But investors should consider that the token is not a government-backed or blockchain-based entity. Nevertheless, the emergence of these shitcoins is attracting more new investors to the market, eventually enhancing the value of the crypto market.

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