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The wrist is a great place to lash information — especially real-time, ever changing information you care about.

Unfortunately, the wristwatch has fallen out of favor along with the rise of the smartphone.

“Smart watches” exist, but are designed for market failure. The problem is that these watches focus on the desires of a tiny minority of geeks, rather than the general public’s obsession with social networking.

Wristwatches for men came into vogue in the years following World War I. Soldiers and sailors in that war switched from pocket watches to wristwatches for expediency in battle.

The wrist was a good place to keep important, changing information. It gave soldiers and sailors instant information without having to grope for something inside a pocket every time they wanted an update.

Some returning military men continued to wear them after the war. In the early 1920s, pocket watches became a gadget for “wet blankets” and wristwatches became the “cat’s pajamas” for “big sixes.” (Authentic ’20s-era slang courtesy of this site.)

Soon enough, wristwatches became popular for both men and women and, eventually thanks to Mickey Mouse, even children.

By the ’40s and ’50s and straight on through the ’90s, it became unprofessional and inappropriate to not wear a watch. Wristwatches symbolized responsibility, professionalism and productivity.

But when everybody started carrying smartphones in recent years, young people never acquired the habit of wearing a wristwatch. And many people who had worn one all their adult lives stopped doing so.

The wrist was always a great place for frequently-checked information. Its location on the wrist puts it out of the way, but also quickly available.

The telling of time was the first application for wrist-based information because that’s the information available 90 years ago, and time was also the information that everybody obsessed over back then. Without Google Calendar and smartphone alerts, checking your watch was the only way to be on time for appointments.

Today, we have a lot more information to choose from. But the reason I believe smart watches haven’t taken off is because manufacturers are focusing on the wrong information and, more importantly, the wrong demographic.

Sony’s $150 SmartWatch, for example, hit earlier this year and landed with a thud. And for good reason.

First, it’s way too big to be worn in any kind of business setting. It rises above the surface of the wrist by a third of an inch, and has blocky edges. Second, it can’t be read in sunlight. And third, it tries too hard to do too much, complete with multi-page apps and some remote control of Android phones.

The bottom line is that Sony’s design choices narrowed the possible number of people who could even consider it to a tiny, one-digit percentage of the larger potential market. Obviously, it never had the remotest chance of succeeding in the market, nor do any others like it.

With today’s current technical limitations, watch makers need to stop trying to do everything, and instead focus on doing one thing really well: status updates from social networks.

Wristwatches should be windows into our social networking streams for the same reason that they used to tell the time.

If you stand back and observe people objectively, you’ll notice that a great number of them constantly check Facebook or other social networks.

In other words, people obsessively check their social streams the same way they obsessively checked the time during the 20th Century.

It’s the ever-changing information that we frequently check on all day, and which connects our lives with other people.

Social smart watches should connect to our phones via Bluetooth, then to the Internet via the phones’ mobile broadband or WiFi connections. (All major phones, not just gigantic Samsung phones.) They should be thin, professional looking and readable in direct sunlight. And they should deliver as much information as these constraints will allow.

If that means nothing but minimal text, that’s better than a giant, clunky limited watch that does everything but for hardly anybody.

Rather than replicating many of the functions of smartphones with watch apps, as the Sony and other similar watches do, watches should simply offer up social streams. If users want weather, news, calendar alerts and so on, they can subscribe to these services on their social networking streams and have them come in along with social content.

Here’s how these might work:

Facebook’s account settings menu has a “Notifications” page where you can decide what kind Facebook events trigger a message to your email address. For example, you can choose to be notified if someone pokes, tags or friends you. There are dozens of options.

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Weloop Tommy: The Beta Smart Watch

First of all what do we mostly use our smart watches for? Well, checking the time and staying up to date about what’s going on within your pocket via notifications mostly. You might also use your smartwatch to control music, keep and eye on maps or even check stocks, and for this you don’t need an expensive Android Wear device.

So we’re looking at the Weloop Tommy in this review. It’s a smartwatch just smart enough to offer exactly what you need and leave the unnecessary features out. Best of all the this is just a  $75 wearable so how does it perform?

Weloop Tommy Review – Design

The Weloop Tommy in terms of design screams simplicity. It’s available in black and red and doesn’t offer anything that could be described as “eye catching”. Yet it isn’t ugly at all. It’s kind of the perfect in that it is understated and not too flashy, it’s function first.

The watch’s body is made from polycarbonate, with a glass screen. Don’t worry about scratches though! It is very tough, and even though we dropped the WeLoop Tommy numerous times, it still looks like new. So the claimed shock resistant features can be checked off as being there.  They also claim the wearable to be water-proof to 50m. We didn’t test that though. What we did test though is the water resistance during daily like washing hands, doing the dishes or showering. Yes, it’s still working.

Charging from 20% to 100% takes around one hour with battery life depending on how you choose to use it. Basic watch and sync features gives about 21 days of use, but if you start to use the other features on a regular basis then the battery drains much faster.

Weloop Tommy Review – Features

Like Android Wear devices you have the option of choosing how you want your watch to look. There are plenty of optional watch faces which can all be accessed through the Weloop Application (you will need to download it to your phone and connect to your watch first). Options included traditional watch faces along with a few more unique choices too.

On the watch face view, you can switch between the available watch faces by pressing the up and down keys. The selection key will bring you right into the main menu. Pressing the back key will display the Bluetooth ID, the current date and the battery level.

Within the main menu you can scroll through the available features easily and choose the desired option using the selection key. The font size of the menu is conveniently large. Each option is represented by an icon as well, which the initial first set-up process easier, as the default menu language is Chinese. You can switch between English and Chinese within the watches settings menu, which is accessible through the main menu.

The second most important feature is the notification options, this is the first feature available within the main menu. Selecting this option within the main menu displays some of the recent notifications that have been pushed from your phone onto the watch. You can scroll through the notifications using they up and down keys. Getting a new notification, the watch will vibrate two times and switch to the notification view automatically. The same applies to phone calls, which you can accept and decline using the watch. You can’t talk through the Weloop Tommy however.

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The Weloop App installed on your phone lets you select which apps you want to have push notifications for. Unfortunately this is a little untidy, as all apps including system apps are listed within in the menu. This makes it a little time consuming and fiddly to find the desired app. Weloop definitely need to re-think this feature. It would be good if only apps that actually do notifications are listed.

The second option displayed on the main menu is called “Music”. Don’t expect any music to come out of your watch, as this only represents a remote control for the music player on your phone. You can see the track which is playing on your phone and have options to skip, fast forward, play or pause. It’s a great feature let down by the fact the Weloop App won’t automatically detect your music player, you need to set it up manually. This is especially irritating if you switch between music sources i.e Spotify, Google Music, default player etc.

The third feature available within the main menu is called “Camera”. To be honest, we don’t quite get the purpose of it. There is a rudimentary camera application embedded within the Weloop App. Using this feature, you can take a picture by pressing a button on the Weloop tommy. But why should anyone do that? We don’t know.

The fourth feature is “Fitness”. Its basically a simple pedometer, that displays your number steps, burned energy in kilojoule and the estimated distance in a day by day view. It’s quite useful if you want to set yourself a simple fitness targets, but nothing more. The Weloop App also lets you to fitness data from your watch to your phone, but this currently won’t work.

The fifth option, “Find Phone”, allows you to simply find your phone, as long as you are in ear shot that is. If you watch is connected to your phone you can hit the “find phone” option snap your phone will start to vibrate and ring. It’s a useful feature that I found myself using during the review. Speaking about noises: Another feature you can toggle within the Weloop App on your phone is an alert at some specific time. You can use this as your alarm clock, in case you wear your watch at night.

The left-over menu options are designated to settings, information about the smart watches firmware and hardware revision, as well as resetting the device. Within the settings you can configure all kind of stuff like date and time (will be done automatically when being connected to some device), the back light, the fitness tracking features and an anti-loss feature.

The Weloop Tommy Review – more buggy than smart

As you can see the Weloop Tommy covers most of the features that you’ll need everyday. The only important issues are a  missing hands-free solution, and the fact that the firmware is very buggy and spoils user enjoyment. There are lots of compatibility issues not only with apps but with phones and it took quite some time to find a phone that the WeLoop Tommy would play well with. Finally we got the watch to work with the Meizu MX4, all other devices tested had issues with Bluetooth either simply failing to connect or being unstable.  Browse around the web and you will find that many reviewers have fallen foul of the same issues especially with Mediatek phones. Strangely it works quite will with Apple iPhones(?).

This really is a pity, and one that continues even after numerous firmware updates! And that brings us ton another issue the fact that the firmware of the Weloop Tommy itself isn’t quite stable. The watch often crashes during syncing or suddenly reboots and looses all its settings and installed watch faces. We are sure all those issues will be fixed at some point in the future, but until then, we simply can’t recommend the Weloop Tommy to anyone, who is looking for a device that just works without fumbling around with possible solutions for hours.

Weloop Tommy Review – Conclusion

The Weloop Tommy is a smartwatch with the right number of features, good rugged design, and great battery life. All of this is let down however by the unstable operating system and poor support for Android smartphones. If Weloop work out the firmware problems and finally get the Tommy running as it should then they would have a great device, as it stands though it is simply way to buggy for us to recommend.

If you feel like risking it then we ordered our Weloop Tommy at Deal Extreme, where it’s available in black and red.

Do You Think Using Tech To Predict Crime Is A Good Idea?

In a move that seems like Tom Cruise’s Minority Report film playing out, a tool called Palantir is being used by law enforcement. It was once used to predict where bombs would be placed in Iraq, and now it’s in California collecting data to determine “hot spots” where a larger police presence is needed.

We asked our writers, “Do you think using tech to predict crime is a good idea?”

Our Opinion

Alex feels that it doesn’t necessarily have to be like Minority Report. He believes it’s “possible to use big data to predict crime without trying to arrest people for crimes they haven’t committed” if it’s used to decide how to distribute resources that “don’t trample on civil rights.” He stresses that it needs to be understood that it’s just a tool and not a “definitive statement about what will or will not happen.”

Phil‘s concerns aren’t really with the technology so much as “who is in charge of it, how closely would they be regulated, and how much they rely on the machine’s judgement.” He goes back to Minority Report yet again, hoping that those in charge of this intelligence-gathering learn from stories such as that.

Miguel doesn’t believe a real Minority Report situation will ever come into play but believes “it would be useful to employ the assistance of information technology to track patterns of crime” so that the authorities could send help to the areas that may be targeted. He believes Twitter could help with this, feeling they are better at predicting riots than the police.

Fabio feels it’s best not to mix technology and crime prevention.

Kenneth notes that “based on the fact that we’ve seen predictive Artificial Intelligence systems perform activities that mimic human behavior, it’s living proof that there is no limit to what machines can do.” However, he notes that if this technology is predicting based on past crime, there’s no way of gathering data from areas with no record of crime. However, he’d like to see them use it to predict or prevent cyber crimes.

Simon thinks it could work well in tandem with real-life crime-solving. “Leaving it all in the hands of an AI sounds too risky, and I’d hate to see a situation where people simply point to the AI as the judge, jury, and executioner.” However, if the AI could act like a “crime bloodhound” to find danger before it occurs, he can see making a case for it, yet he can also see that power being abused, feeling like police may take more liberties than they should, blaming the AI. He can see it saving lives but can also see innocents getting hurt.

Like Simon, I see the possibilities for harming others as well. I worry about it leading to something similar to racial profiling or like what is happening in the U.S. now with regards to immigration: blocking people from certain countries just because some people in that country want to cause harm, leading to it harming innocents. I worry about predictive crime turning out the same way.

Your Opinion

Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site’s sponsored review program.

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Should You Buy Cardano, Or It’S A Good Idea To Buy Bitgert

Bitgert (BRISE) has been reviewed by many crypto analysts as one of the top best crypto investments of 2023

Key Points:

Cardano has been plunging and might be Saturated by now

Bitgert remains bullish despite the bearish 2023

Bitgert Ecosystem growing faster than Cardano

Cardano came into the crypto industry as the first PoS blockchain protocol. Unlike the PoW protocols like Ethereum, Cardano provided a faster, cheaper, and more secure blockchain. This is what made the Cardano chain post one of the biggest adoptions that thrust it into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Cardano was at 0ne time the third-largest cryptocurrency by marketcap. However, Cardano has been plummeting from early September 2023, when the coin reached the current ATH, $2.96. Since then, the price has been dipping non-stop to the current $0.66. This means the Cardano coin had lost about 77% of its value as of this writing. Crypto experts caution against buying Cardano right now because it is one of the coins that have been plummeting. In fact, the Cardano price might continue plunging in the next few weeks until the Vasil Hard Fork is launched. The Cardano Hydra is another development coming up that might grow the Cardano price higher. However, some crypto experts feel that Cardano is approaching saturation, which makes it less attractive. However, crypto analysts have reviewed


Cardano came into the crypto industry as the first PoS blockchain protocol. Unlike the PoW protocols like Ethereum, Cardano provided a faster, cheaper, and more secure blockchain. This is what made the Cardano chain post one of the biggest adoptions that thrust it into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Cardano was at 0ne time the third-largest cryptocurrency by marketcap. However, Cardano has been plummeting from early September 2023, when the coin reached the current ATH, $2.96. Since then, the price has been dipping non-stop to the current $0.66. This means the Cardano coin had lost about 77% of its value as of this writing. Crypto experts caution against buying Cardano right now because it is one of the coins that have been plummeting. In fact, the Cardano price might continue plunging in the next few weeks until the Vasil Hard Fork is launched. The Cardano Hydra is another development coming up that might grow the Cardano price higher. However, some crypto experts feel that Cardano is approaching saturation, which makes it less attractive. However, crypto analysts have reviewed Bitgert (BRISE) as one of the best crypto investments. This is based on the Bitgert performance over the past few months. When Cardano was crashing, Bitgert was among the projects that have been skyrocketing. In fact, Bitgert hit multiple ATHs during this period when Cardano was plunging. Here is more about Bitgert: Bitgert (BRISE) has been reviewed by many crypto analysts as one of the top best crypto investments of 2023. This is compared to all the large coins in the market. Unlike Cardano, Bitgert is just a 9-month-old project with the potential to explode 1000x. This potential to grow investments multiple folds makes it an ideal investment. The fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem is the biggest factor driving a bullish Bitgert price. The Bitgert team has accomplished so much in building its ecosystem. In fact, Bitgert products and projects’ delivery speed is even outperforming Cardano. With the roadmap V2 launched, there are more NFT, Web3, and DeFi products to launch in the Bitgert ecosystem. The Bitgert Startup Studio program is also adding 1000+ to the Bitgert ecosystem. The Centcex Bitgert partnership will also be key in building a more powerful Bitgert ecosystem. S0 more products and projects will join the Bitgert ecosystem in the coming months, making it an ideal investment. The bottom line is that buying Bitgert today is the smartest investment decision. Bitgert is a project with the potential to increase 1000x because of these developments that are coming up. Therefore, Bitgert will be one of the best investments to watch.

Creating A Plan For Social Listening

An introduction to issues to consider when starting a social listening or social media monitoring programme What is Social Listening?

Starting with the basics, you need to scope out what you’re looking to use social listening for. Start by defining how you intend to use it to add value to your business. How will you explain it to colleagues. This is how we see it:

“Social listening is a a market research process in which relevant content and conversations, defined by keywords are identified from social media sites such as blogs, social networks, forums & blogs and then placed into context to provide insight to inform customer engagement, collaboration and new product development”.

Later in this post I’ll break this out into 5 potential marketing applications of social media listening that can be considering.

Define your purpose

How you utilise these tools and process will depend on your requirements, internal resource and budget. I have outlined the various uses of such processes to help you identify how you can get the most from this area, yet the critical first step is to be clear on what you’re listening for. For example is your main purpose brand monitoring, conversation and engagement, customer service or just research? Some of the most popular platforms available that can help with these activities are:

You may also find Dave Chaffey’s post which goes into much more detail when comparing social platforms useful.

Application 1. Brand Monitoring

One use of such tools is to monitor your brand online, this will allow you to understand how many times your brand is being mentioned, you can then overlay the sentiment of the conversation as well as how influential those people talking are. Here’s an example of how segments can be defined in Radian6 to review sentiment and intention by a series of competitors.

Metrics to report on performance: Volume of mentions, sentiment, influence of people talking about you

Process: Implement keywords relating to your brand, including any negative matches required to hone in on relevant matches. Run reports weekly vs the previous week, monthly against the previous month and quarterly trending year to date vs last year.

Application 2. Influencer Research

A crucial part of any marketing and campaigns in 2012 is to understand who in the industry / target audience is influential. Influencers become valued partners in campaigns helping you spread your content (should it be worthy of spreading). Influencers are way of creating value to potential customers who probably don’t know you,  influencer outreach enables you to create traffic and reach for your campaign or content in ways that more traditional channels cannot.

Metrics to report on performance: Influence score (depending on the tool you use), fans / followers. If relating to a website you may want to bring in metrics such as page rank, inbound links, pages indexed (this would be sourced from other tools though)

Application 3. Reviewing consumer brand engagement

One of the most powerful uses of social listening in my opinion. Monitoring for relevant conversations to your brand, product and campaign allows you to respond and become part of the conversation. Just the fact you are awake enough to do this and equally happy to put the effort in with customers will help grow your business. If it is done well, i.e. your brand uses this to have conversations with customers & influencers not sell to them then you will succeed.

Process: Once the system is configured to monitor the right keywords (relating to brand, products and campaigns) you need to continually monitor for conversations, the art is then determining which conversations / mentions are relevant for you to participate in. As long as you treat as a one on one conversation you are unlikely to go wrong. You should report on the metrics above weekly & monthly.

Application 4. Customer Service

A form of brand & engagement monitoring really (i.e keywords are the same) but the process and requirement is very different. Whether good or bad certain types of people will voice their opinions on products / brands because they now have efficient tools to broadcast those opinions, previously it was over the garden fence or in the local for example. This form of social listening creates a process in which those mentions are processed from a customer relationship viewpoint. Meaning if for example you are Dell and I have just bought a laptop from you which arrived with a broken power adaptor you are going to want to resolve that without damaging the brand. An example of good customer service thanks to social listening would be that my rant online is picked up, due to the intelligence of the tools my email address is matched to a record in the Dell CRM and I am flagged for a response to the rant and call from customer services, oh and my new adapter is in the post. A process run by customer services & guided / helped by brand and marketing managers.

Metrics to report on performance: Sentiment, cases raised, cases successfully resolved, replies / engagement

Application 5. Broader Market Research

A key report / insights work to complete each quarter is to understand your place in the social market place, how are you performing against competitors and what are competitors doing that you maybe are not. This is a detailed piece of work and should be not be taken lightly. Though the value gained through insights to enhance campaigns and ultimately ensure you are improving your performance in comparison is amazing.

Metrics to report on performance: Share of voice, mentions, sentiment, influence

Process: Most social listening platforms have areas to enter competitor key-terms as well as industry relevant terms, this will enable particular views on data and allow analysis comparing mentions, sentiment etc to each other brand and also aggregating scores to give metrics such as share of voice. Once you have the top level data it is then key you drill down into some of the activity causing spikes in your competitors activity, this should be deconstructed and displayed to stakeholders where relevant. Keep to summary paragraphs, data + bullet points so that the report remains actionable.

It would be great to hear your experiences so far of utilising these types of platforms in your business, it was not a well documented or talked about area as yet, so any shared learnings are welcomed. 

The Best Smart Locks Of 2023

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Written By Jenna Glatzer

Updated May 5, 2023 2:50 PM

Smart locks are one of the best home security products of the last decade. Some of the best smart door locks fit over your regular manual door lock and some of them replace it, but instead of using a key to lock and unlock your door, you’ll use your smartphone or a special keyfob. Why would someone want such a thing? Well, for one thing, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Instead of standing outside fumbling with your keys in the cold or rain, you can sit in your car and unlock the door before you get out. Some even have automated door-unlocking features that sense when you’ve arrived home—the best smart lock for you will fit the functions you want.

Another selling point is the fact that you can double-check to make sure your door is locked at any time. Ever been in line at the grocery store and wondered if your teenager remembered to lock the door after leaving on a bike ride? Your phone can tell you … and fix it if the door is open. In addition, you can use the best smart locks to let people in and out of your house when you’re not home. If you’re at work, but need the services of a plumber or housekeeping service, or you’re running late and your child just got off the bus, you can unlock your door for them from wherever you are and lock it up again when you’re ready. And even better, they may even get you a reduced home insurance rate.

Best smart locks: Reviews and Recommendations Best compact: Level Touch Keyless Entry Best for ease of installation: August WiFi Smart Lock

August is one of the forerunners of smart-lock manufacturing, and this is now their fourth-generation model. The August WiFi Smart Lock’s auto-unlock feature still gets mixed reviews (it sometimes stops working unexpectedly), but it works reliably to lock and unlock from your phone, and to provide access to guests.

Best with an alarm: Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

First things first, it’s imperative to mention you’ll need a Z-Wave hub (a mesh network for home automation) in order to use this Schlage smart lock; it doesn’t work on direct WiFi. The benefit to that is less interference and no competition with other devices on a WiFi network, so it should be more reliable. You can pair it with the Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Iris, Nexia, and others, and the built-in alarm sounds when someone tries to force open the door or tamper with the lock.

Best budget: Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock

Remote lock and unlock from anywhere with WiFi access with this Kwikset Halo option, which can be programmed with up to 250 guest codes. It integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Kwikset Halo notifies you each time your door lock is triggered and stores lock activity in the app, and you can also temporarily disable the Kwikset Halo keypad in secure mode. 

How do the best smart locks work?

The best smart locks will function as intended, which is to make life easier. Keyless door locks work using WiFi: When you set up your lock, you’ll connect it to your home network by following the included directions, either directly connecting or through a hub. You should only need to connect it one time and the authentication stays in memory. Then your lock can “communicate” with you via your smartphone or a special keyfob designed for the lock. Many can also be integrated with your smart hub to communicate with Amazon Alexa devices or Google Assistant. It is important to note, however, that smart lock deadbolts run on batteries, and most will last for about six months before needing replacement. 

Many smart locks also come with a keypad with numbers rather than a keyhole. Others allow you the ability to do both—just in case your batteries die or you have issues communicating with the smart lock, you can always go back to your tried-and-true physical key until you solve the problem. Still, others offer a fingerprint sensor in addition to a keypad. In any case, it’s always best to have more than one option just in case anything malfunctions—you don’t want to get stuck outside because your smart lock wasn’t smart enough!

Related: Break-ins happen. Here are products to secure your prized possessions.

Simple guest access to your keyless door locks

Most keyless door locks will allow you to provide access to guests on a temporary or ongoing basis. Depending on the model, you may text a link to your guests that allows them to open and lock your door with their smartphones the same way you do, you may assign them a temporary code, or you may provide a password. 

Smart locks get you the W: Who, What, When, Where, and maybe even Why

One of the coolest features of a smart lock deadbolt is that you can usually customize exactly how you want this guest access to work: You may allow each guest access to your keyless door locks indefinitely, or you may set up specific parameters (the code may expire in four hours, four weeks, or whatever time period you specify; it may be cyclic so that someone with a standing appointment—like a housekeeper—can access it every Monday morning but no other times; or it may be for one-time use). You may revoke access early if someone cancels, or remove someone’s code even if you had set it up originally for permanent access. And you can normally issue several guest codes at once.

Smart locks deliver convenience Budget doesn’t mean you can budge it

Going for a budget smart lock doesn’t mean a less reliable deadbolt, just fewer bells, and whistles. As it’s a budget pick, don’t expect fingerprint sensors or a touchscreen, and be aware that may be more complaints about short battery life and buggy software.

FAQs The final word on selecting the best door locks for your home

The best smart door lock for you will make your life simpler because it will allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, even if you’re stuck at work or at a doctor’s appointment and someone needs access to your home (or needs to leave and doesn’t have a key to lock up). It can give you peace of mind to know that your house is locked up, and it can save you from having to rekey your door in case of a breakup or end of a friendship. Technology has already moved forward in the few short years since they’ve been introduced, so look at all your smart-lock options to see how they have evolved and get more reliable. 

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