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Any fact-checker who works in the media has a straightforward but challenging job: make sure all the claims in an article are true. Are simple facts, like the distance between two cities, accurate? Are the quotes correct? Are broader statements true? It’s an important task, and in an era of outright fake news—especially considering the 2024 election and the upcoming midterms—it’s becoming even more crucial.

To tackle this larger issue, researchers from MIT as well as institutions in Qatar and Bulgaria have been working on a way to use artificial intelligence to help humans make sense of the complicated media landscape. And they realized that an important step they needed to take before developing an AI that can fact-check individual claims was to analyze how reliable different news websites are themselves in the first place.

So they set out to make an AI that could evaluate how factually strong different sites are, and their political bias.

To train their AI system, they first used data from 1,066 websites listed in a source called Media Bias / Fact Check. Then, the AI analyzed information about news websites, considering sources like articles on the sites themselves, their Wikipedia pages, Twitter accounts, even URLs. Using information like this, the AI had about a 65 percent accuracy at predicting how factual the website was, and was about 70 percent accurate at detecting its bias.

One of the best resources for the AI is one that humans rely on, too. “It turns out that Wikipedia is very important,” says Ramy Baly, a postdoc at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and the paper’s first author. That’s because the information you need to know about a news source might be right there: The Wikipedia page for The Onion, for example, labels it as satirical right up top. The Drudge Report’s Wikipedia page labels it as conservative.

Wikipedia was important for another reason. “Not having the Wikipedia page is associated with a website not being very reliable,” Baly adds.

MIT results show a correlation between publications with an “extreme” level of bias and a low level of factual accuracy. MIT CSAIL

Keeping in mind the overall trustworthiness of the website itself—and checking its Wikipedia page, if it has one—is a good step for regular people, too. For example, in August, Facebook and a cybersecurity firm announced they’d uncovered “inauthentic” news coming out of Iran. One of the websites associated with Iran was called the Liberty Front Press; they called themselves “independent” but appeared to actually be pro-Iran. And tellingly, the site does not appear to have a Wikipedia page. (Facebook also has some good tips for us non-AIs to keep in mind when looking for fake news.)

Another source was even more important than Wikipedia for the MIT researchers’ AI system: articles on the websites themselves. The AI was able to analyze between 50 to 150 articles on each news site and examine the language in them. “Extremely biased websites try to appeal to the emotions of the readers,” Baly says. “They use a different kind of language,” when compared to a mainstream, down-the-middle site.

Balys says they’d still like to make their system more sophisticated. Their goal at this stage was to “initiate a new way of thinking of how to tackle this problem.”

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If You Can Imagine It, This Ai Generator Will Draw It

There are now a lot of AI image generators which will produce images based on text descriptions. This means you can dream up anything at all, type it in and mere seconds later see a selection of images matching that description.

For example, the image at the top was generated using the description “steam train going across a curved viaduct on rolling green hills with a river running below, cloudy blue skies.”

But you can go into as much detail as you like. For example, the following produced these variations “A beach on a cloudy day. In the distance, people are walking towards cliffs in the background”.


Or even “1970s Porsche racing car on track leading a pack of period cars with crowds of spectators in stands in the background”.


AI is good at generating images of people. For example “a 35 year old IT officer working at his desk, wearing glasses and a blue blazer” led to this:


These generators vary in quality and usually allow you to generate only a few images before you have to pay to use their services.

But it’s fun to do, and well worth trying out as there’s every chance you’ll be blown away by the results.

Regardless of which generator you decide to use, the process is the same: type a detailed description of what you want. The longer that description, the better.


Shorter descriptions can still generate incredible images, as demonstrated by the birds above, but they may not be quite what you wanted. Plus, AI isn’t human – duh! –  so although some of the images appear flawless, others have clear errors, and AI struggles with text in particular.

Really, you also need to specify the style of image you want. That’s because the AI needs to understand whether you want a photorealistic images, a cartoon, a sketch or something else. If you don’t specify, it may choose at random.

Since the images are created by powerful servers, you can use these generators on whatever device you have: a phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

Some generators are available only as mobile apps, but others work in a web browser. Here are some to try out now.

Midjourney – Runs on Discord

Fotor – works in a browser

Photoleap – Android and iPhone

DALL-E – works in a browser

DALL-E is one of the best known, and is from the same people – OpenAI – that made ChatGPT. Unfortunately, its popularity means it’s all but impossible to use: we could barely create an account without the website falling over, presumably due to being overloaded.

However, Midjourney stands out from the crowd, partly because of the sheer quality of the images it creates, but also because you’re given 25 minutes of GPU time for free: you’re not restricted to a specific number of images.

The only snag is that it uses Discord, which can be a little bewildering to use if you’re not familiar with it. You’ll also need to create a Discord account if you don’t have one.

How to use Midjourney


Create a Discord account


Join the server


Find a Newbie room


Generate an image


In the message box at the bottom type /imagine and press Enter. A prompt box will appear. Type into this any description you like and press Enter. Here we’ve typed ‘photorealistic close-up of a stained glass bird’


Wait for your image


Specify aspect ratio


If you don’t want a square image, you need to tell Midjourney the aspect ratio you want. Do this by adding -—ar 16:9 if you want a TV-sized image. You can specify any ratio, including the common ones such as 3:2, 4:3 and 3:4.


Find your images


How Technology Can Help A Multigenerational Home

A multigenerational home is one where two or more generations of the same family live under one roof—whether that’s due to economic necessity, emotional support, or any other reason. Such a living situation can be stressful for everyone involved, but technology can make things much easier. Let’s take a look at some therapeutic, recreational, and home utility-based tech that can help make life in a multigenerational home smoother.

Therapeutic Tech

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Recreational Tech

Caretaking Tech

Home Utility-Based Tech

Finally, there are plenty of tech products available that are designed to make life around the house easier for everyone involved. Smart home products such as voice-activated speakers (e.g., Amazon Echo) allow users to control various aspects of their homes with their voices instead of having to fumble around with complicated remote controls or buttons. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house with just a few taps on your phone’s screen—a great way to quickly cool down or warm up whichever part of the house you’re currently occupying. And smart security systems give you peace of mind when you’re away from your home by allowing you to keep an eye on what’s going on inside via your smartphone.

Living in a multigenerational home isn’t always easy—but thankfully there are many pieces of technology out there that can help make it easier! From therapeutic techs like calming apps and guided meditations to recreational tech like video game consoles and streaming services, there is something out there for all ages and interests. And don’t forget about home utility-based tech; products like voice-activated speakers, smart thermostats, and smart security systems make managing a shared space simpler than ever before! With these tools at your disposal, no doubt living in your multigenerational household will be much less stressful—and much more enjoyable!

How Gamification Methods Can Help Your Online Business

The longer a person stays on your site, the more likely they are to take action. And many website owners are always looking for ways to make sure that happens.

They space out the content in a way to keep people scrolling or add video at just the right section of the content.

There are so many ways to go about this, but a very effective and often overlooked way is to gamify the site. This is a process in which a user engages with the content as if they were playing a video game. With the right user on your site, it can convert like crazy.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can implement gamification on your site and see how it goes.

What is gamification?

In its simplest form, gamification is just the interactivity of a website. It is a system in which visitors can perform a function on a website.

Whether it is to do something in which points are won or a code is unlocked to get additional content.

The whole idea is to create something that the user can interact with for fun and then see some kind of reward for having done so. The idea is not only to keep the user on the site longer but also to excite them so they are more likely to convert.

As a bonus, the longer a user stays on the site, the better it does in the search engine rankings.

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Types of gamification

There are so many different types of gamification that can be used that there is no way to list them all here. However, there are several popular ones that you may want to start with.

Mystery Wheel –

Everybody loves coupons so they can get a discount. And people also love to win things. You can make giving away a discount to your product a fun experience by offering a mystery wheel game that people can play to get points that give them a certain coupon code to use at check out. They spin the wheel and rack up the points.

Daily Bonus Points –

Getting return customers is a challenge for many website owners. One of the most effective ways is to give points that can be redeemed once a certain amount is scored.

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Advantages of gamification

You’ll also see how people do engage with your site to be able to optimize the site even better for conversions.

And the more people interact with the site and keep coming back, brand loyalty is developed. And this is how you can grow your site to something really special.

Salvatore Presti

Salvatore Presti is an American writer living in Italy who enjoys the fine art of living well. His interests include anything wine, food or nature related especially when enjoyed with friends and family.

Can Copy Ai Write A Book?

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

You may have asked yourself the question: can Copy AI write a book? AI writing assistants are particularly great in the sense that they allow you to write and edit texts more efficiently. These tools have become so popular in recent years that many people now use them for all kinds of purposes such as generating ideas, writing blogs, correcting grammatical errors, and more.

But Can Copy AI Write a Book?

There’s one question many people usually ask, can Copy AI write a book? The truth is that not all AI writing tools can be used for book writing, but some are specially designed for that purpose. One AI tool that can generate all kinds of high-quality content is Copy AI.

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Originality AI detector

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achieved only 35%. Useful Chrome extension. Detects across emails, Google Docs, and websites.

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higher converting social media posts or writing more engaging emails. Sign up for a free trial.

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What is Copy AI?

Copy AI is a content writing software that uses machine learning and Open AI’s GPT-3 natural language processing model to produce very human texts from only a couple of keywords. It enables writers to overcome writer’s block and get their creativity flowing. This makes it the ideal tool for anyone looking to produce large amounts of content within a short time and streamline their writing process. 

What Makes Copy AI Different?

Copy AI comes with a very unique set of features that differentiate it from other types of content-writing software.

Supports Multiple Languages

Copy AI is a multi-language writing tool that allows you to generate content in your native language. The tool currently supports over 25 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and more. This allows you to easily generate writing for a global audience.

Over 90 Templates to Choose From

Copy AI has a variety of templates that you can use to generate content. These templates are organized into several categories and are mostly tailored toward commercial content creation like SEO-optimized articles, long-form content, blog posts, HR, marketing, and sales. 

However, the Freestyle tool allows you to input any type of prompt to create any form of text. This mode really lends itself to creative writing and fiction writing as you can generate the outline of a plot at the touch of a button. Just choose a topic and a writing style, and Copy AI will do the rest!

Unique Results

Unlike some artificial intelligence-powered writing tools, Copy AI only generates unique copy results. Each variation produced by the algorithm is different and individualized. 

Plagiarism Checker

One of the many unique features of Copy AI is its inbuilt plagiarism checker with which you can easily check your work for plagiarism. This ensures your work is entirely original, perfect for creating a first draft in the knowledge that all the ideas that it generates are fresh. However, using this feature does require a premium subscription.

FAQs Can Copy AI Write Faster Than Humans?

Yes, it is widely accepted that an AI writing tool can generate content roughly 10x faster than humans.

Msdownld.tmp: What Is This Folder And How Can I Remove It?

Msdownld.tmp: What is This Folder and How Can I Remove It? Our practical methods will help you remove this file quickly




Did you ever wonder what chúng tôi is used for?

If so, know this: it has no utility whatsoever after the IE installation process is over.

Here’s how to quickly remove this temp folder and free up some space on your hard drives.

Are you wondering why you see chúng tôi in one of your drive or multiple drives? Don’t worry, this hidden folder is not harmful to your PC.

The chúng tôi folder is a temporary folder used by the Internet Explorer installer. The setup process does not remove it after Internet Explorer has been installed due to Microsoft glitches.

However, the content of the chúng tôi is empty meaning that it is harmless.

We have compiled 5 methods that can be used to remove chúng tôi from your Windows 10 PC.

How can I delete the chúng tôi folder? 1. Update Internet Explorer

The chúng tôi problem occurs because of the installation of Internet Explorer 6; however, this is an older IE version.

Consider updating your Internet Explorer web browser using Microsoft update which you can download here.

Also, you may completely uninstall Internet Explorer 6 using IObit Uninstaller here and then install a fresh copy of the Internet Explorer web browser.

2. Delete the chúng tôi folder

The chúng tôi folder cannot be easily viewed on your Windows PC because it belongs to the category of hidden files.

In order to delete the folder, you need to enable hidden files to be viewable and delete chúng tôi folder afterward. Here’s how to do this:

3. Run Disk Cleanup

In addition, you can also run disk cleanup on your Windows PC to fix the temporary folder problem. Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility program that reduces the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space.

It also removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes unwanted system files. Here’s how to run Disk Cleanup:

Third-party system cleaners like Fortect include a feature for file selection that lets you pick which temporary files to erase.

Using a trustworthy and efficient file cleanup is a great method to keep your PC working smoothly. It frees up important hard disk space while also improving performance, security, and privacy.

Additionally, you may improve your digital privacy by eliminating browsing history and other sensitive data from unnecessary temporary applications folders like chúng tôi with Fortect.

4. Run System File Check Scan

Another way to remove the chúng tôi temporary folder is by running a system file check. SFC can be used to scan, check, and remove temporary files.

To run an SFC scan on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

5. Use professional third-party software

Since the IE installer does not remove the chúng tôi empty folder once it’s done its job, it will be your job to do it.

If you want a professional-level tool to help you with this task, consider Ashampoo Winoptimizer.

WinOptimizer can remove junk data, corrupt temp files, and fix broken shortcuts and broken registry entries. It can also disable unnecessary services, allowing you to use your resources for the task at hand.

This tool will free up drive space which will speed up your system. The user experience will most likely improve as you will be able to run your apps quickly and with fewer errors

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Comprehensive dashboard with valuable details on status updates on your Temp Files, Registry, services, or privacy, all neatly arranged

New SSD-ready Defrag tool to automate drive analysis and defragmentation

Reclaim precious disk space by eliminating redundant temp and log files and superfluous Registry entries

Instant notifications on resource hogs and up-to-date data

Rids your system of junk data and reduces clutter

Live Tuner to provide a smart launch boost to all applications

Speaking about IE, we’re got you covered no matter what. Check out our Internet Explorer Hub.

Explore our Removal Guides as well to find the right way to eliminate obstinate items from your PC.

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