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Scientists and amateurs alike have been testing the effects of sending electrical currents across the scalp. Illustration by Chris Philpot

To improve themselves, a growing number of people are going beyond meditation or exercise. These brave pioneers are trying to hack their bodies with bacteria, special diets, and even electrical zaps.

1. Smell Better

Probiotic Perfume

Scientists are developing probiotics that are modified to produce more pleasant smells than the current bacteria living in your gut.

Humans don’t stink—it’s the bacteria eating our sweat and stomach contents that cause body odor. Avoiding meat and staying hydrated can tamp down some malodorous strains. But a more drastic measure is in the works. Personalized Probiotics is working with Cambrian Genomics to develop genetically modified bacteria that colonize the gut. Following the orders of specialized genes, the bacteria would produce pleasant-smelling compounds to mask the reek of their brethren. “All life is code,” says Austen Heinz, CEO of Cambrian Genomics. “Everything is editable.”

2. See Better

Food For Sight

A group of citizen scientists experimented with a diet to improve their eyes.

Jeffrey Tibbetts and a group of citizen scientists designed a diet to augment human sight. The all-liquid regimen cuts out vitamin A1, supposedly forcing the eyes’ light-sensitive proteins to incorporate vitamin A2 and shifting the visible spectrum. After several weeks, dieters claimed to see near-infrared light, and Tibbetts described perceiving enhanced colors that produced “the most fantastic sunsets in the world.” Actual scientists offer a darker view: The diet is more likely to cause deadly vitamin A deficiency than to work.

3. Think Better

Jump-start The Brain

Scientists and amateurs alike have been testing the effects of sending electrical currents across the scalp.

Studies suggest a little electricity across the scalp can relieve pain, increase focus, even tame bipolar disorder. Scientists are still testing the potential of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in trials where trained professionals use expensive medical grade devices. Meanwhile, intrepid amateurs are trying to develop their own tDCS tools from nine-volt batteries. These rigs are nothing like those in hospitals and labs, cautions biomedical engineer Marom Bikson: At least one DIYer claimed he went temporarily blind.

WARNING: Extreme body mods can have serious side effects. Until we engineer new bodies, take care of the one you’ve got.

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Three Body Hacks You Shouldn’t Try At Home”.

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5 Myths About Android You Shouldn’t Believe

Since Android is an open-source operating system, it’s open to a lot of misconceptions. It may seem like a lie, but despite the things that the operating system has accomplished, there are still some that don’t trust it because of those false myths.

Myth 1: Switch to 2G to Save Battery Life

It’s true that 2G does use less power than 3G, but constantly changing between the two will consume a lot of your device’s battery. The best thing you can do is stick with one and take the necessary precautions to save battery.

Myth 2: Android Is Too Complicated for Beginners

Many users think that Android is just too complicated and that they will have a hard time getting the hang of things. Steve Ballmer’s 2011 words didn’t help when he said that you have to be a computer scientist to use an Android device. Time has proven that Ballmer was wrong because Android would not be as popular as it is today if you had to be a computer scientist to use it. The key is to start with simple tasks first, and once you have mastered that move onto more complicated things, but never try to do something you are simply not ready for. If you do run into something you can’t figure out, I’m sure it’s not anything a simple Google search or a tutorial or two can’t fix.

Myth 3: Task Killers Are Extremely  Necessary for Android

We have all come across arguments about whether task killers are needed or not, but the truth is that they may actually be hurting your device. Task killers only tell you how much memory they are freeing up and don’t tell you the number of CPU cycles the app uses. What’s important here is the CPU and not the memory since it’s the CPU that makes your device slow as s snail. You will actually be slowing down your Android device with these task killers since some of the apps you kill will start back up again, using your device’s CPU.

Myth 4: Android Is Malware City

Myth 5: Android Crashes or Lags More Than iOS

You may have also heard that Android crashes and lags more than the competition. In the beginning, Android did lag, but which system didn’t, right? When using Android you are more likely to encounter crashes and lags right after downloading a new build of an app or after getting a new version of Android. Android 6.0 is still in its early stages, and a lot of users have reported issues, but you can bet that it’s not going to stay like that forever. The updates will come, and the lags and crashes will disappear.

The main factors as to why your Android device has these problems is because of excessive manufacturer customizations to the software, not enough hardware power, and poorly optimized third-party apps. But, if you are using a device with enough power and apps from the right sources, you should be fine.


Judy Sanhz

Judy Sanhz is a tech addict that always needs to have a device in her hands. She loves reading about Android, Softwares, Web Apps and anything tech chúng tôi hopes to take over the world one day by simply using her Android smartphone!

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Apps Stuck On “Installing…” On Your Home Screen? Try This

iOS apps can sometimes glitch out in the middle of installation. When this happens, you might see the “Waiting…“, “Loading…” or “Installing…” indicator on the app icon on your Home Screen for ages when the app’s installation should have already been completed.

Most of the time, the fix is easy, but sometimes, things get a little more complicated. In this piece, we’ll talk about what you can do to rectify the situation of apps getting stuck in the infinite waiting, loading, or installing limbo.

iOS apps stuck installing, but why?

Because iOS is so autonomous when it comes to installing apps after downloading them, it’s really virtually impossible to tell why your device is having trouble installing apps when this happens. Sometimes, it’s not really having any trouble at all, it’s just taking a long time to complete the installation instead. In many cases, iOS may also just be having an aneurysm and could be glitching out due to a software bug.

It seems like it happens most often when you’re downloading apps in larger numbers, such as after restoring a device from a backup or when you go on an app downloading spree, but honestly, it’s difficult to reproduce the problem, and that’s probably why Apple hasn’t fixed it yet.

What to do when your iPhone app installations are stuck

Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the problem can happen to you. Generally, the fixes for these problems are simple, but sometimes fixing the problem can be a little more complicated and time-consuming.

When you have an app that refuses to complete its installation, here are some of the things you can try, from easiest to hardest:

Tap the app icon

If the installation isn’t too bugged out, you can try tapping the app icon on your Home Screen to pause or restart the installation. This doesn’t always work, but I’ve had it work in some cases where this has happened to me.

Give it 10 minutes

If the app is a larger one, and I’m talking 200MB or bigger, consider giving it a few more minutes. Sometimes these apps take a little longer to complete installation on slower devices because the processor needs time to install all the files. If after 10 minutes you are still stuck, then move on.

Try to delete the app

Restart your device

Turning your device off and on again can force quit a buggy installation and force it to restart itself. In some cases, the installation may disappear completely, and you’ll have to re-download it from the App Store again for the installation to initiate.

Still having trouble? More potential fixes

The App Store method

Someone on Apple’s support forums noted a funky possible solution that seemed to fix the problem for multiple people. The solution involved the following steps:

1) Launch the App Store and go to the Updates screen.

2) From either the Purchase History or Updates list, tap the app that isn’t installing.

3) This takes you to the app details page. Tap the app icon at the top left of the screen.

4) The app is added to the Home Screen. Tap the app icon, and it will begin installing.

Now the app should install properly. It seems like a funky fix, but according to many of the people who were having the same problem, it worked for them.

Reset settings

If apps are still stuck on the waiting, loading, or installing screen, reset all your iPhone’s settings. After that, restart your iPhone and try re-installing the app. It should no longer trouble you.

The restore method

This is the last thing you should ever try because it will use most of your time and cause the greatest inconvenience to you. If you’re unable to get an app to install after trying all of the above steps, you may have a corrupted installation of iOS or a jailbreak tweak that is hindering installation.

Restore your device to factory settings and attempt the installation again. If you are jailbroken, you will lose your jailbreak with this method, so you will have to make a tough decision between what’s more important to you – installing apps or having an open device.

Jailbreak users may be better off booting into Safe Mode first before trying the restore just to see if any jailbreak software is causing the problem. If the problem persists, you may not have any other options.

Fixed: Stuck app installs on iPhone

I hate it when apps don’t install how they’re supposed to, and as a patient of a person as I am, I still get really frustrated when it doesn’t resolve itself after a few troubleshooting steps of my own. With that in mind, I can only imagine what kind of frustration it’s causing you.

Hopefully, after trying some of the outlined steps, you have completed the installation of the app that wasn’t installing as expected on your device.

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Fifa 21 Crashes At Launch? Try This Useful Fix

FIFA 21 crashes at launch? Try this useful fix




Game crashes are exceptionally annoying, especially since it prevents you from playing at all.

The same thing applies to FIFA 21 players that have been plagued by crashes over and over again.

To find out more about this amazing game, go to our specialized FIFA 21 Hub.

Like learning about games? You can find out a lot from our Gaming page!

A few players have reported on the official EA forums that they are having problems with FIFA 21.

It would seem that every time they launch the game, it simply crashes.

I have it on PC and every time i open the game i see the loading screen and then the game shuts down, can somenone give me any help? My PC is better that the recommended requirements for the game BTW.

EA support staff was quick to answer, and they gave a number of solutions that just might work.

These solutions, along with others, were included in this article that might help you bypass this issue if you are experiencing it as well.

Quick Tip:

If you haven’t bought the game yet, then there’s no time to waste! Get your hands on it as soon as possible and join the pros in the biggest football game ever!

700+ teams

30 official leagues

Unparalleled graphics

17,000+ authentic players

Have a career in professional football and grow

Play as one of the best football teams of the 2023 season

Playing online can be a pain with an older PC

Check price

How do I fix FIFA 21 if it crashes at launch?

There are plenty of ways you can update your Windows drivers:

Use Windows Update

Use the Device Manager

Update the drivers from the manufacturer’s website

Install dedicated driver downloading software

Additionally, you could try using a third-party driver updater or fixer to handle your problems, one like Outbyte Driver Updater.

It works faster and it is more reliant than manually updating your device drivers, and you also know that it will also get the right driver for your hardware, and the latest version as well.

More than that, Outbyte Driver Updater will also detect broken or missing drivers, downloading and installing those too within a matter of minutes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Game crashes are often caused by old or missing drivers, so fix these issues by taking care of your drivers at once!

Free trial Visit website

2. Check if your PC meets FIFA 21’s minimum system requirements

Many players aren’t aware of FIFA 21’s minimum system requirements.

If you don’t know them either, head over to EA’s official website and check FIFA 21’s system requirements.

Expert tip:

Also, keep in mind that there was a mistake when posting the minimum system requirements for FIFA 21 on Steam, so make sure you visit the official Origin website to see the real system requirements.

3. Modify your FIFA 21’s files

Go to the following folder:

C:UsersUSERDocumentsFIFA 21

Open the

FIFA setup file using a text editor such as Wordpad

Find the line that says :


Change that line to:


Save it and then try launching FIFA 21 again.

Keep note that you are modifying your game files.

This may cause irreparable damage to your game’s installation and you may need to download and install it all over again.

4. Launch FIFA 21 without having your controller plugged in

This step is pretty straightforward. Simply connect your controller to the PC after FIFA 21 has launched.

Also, make sure that you aren’t using any knock-off controllers, or any controller emulators since those too have caused problems with FIFA games in the past.

5. Set the game to the lowest possible settings, and run it again

If your PC’s specs aren’t too far off from FIFA 21’s minimum requirements, you could try launching it with all the settings set to the lowest possible values.

While gameplay won’t be as enjoyable, you will at least see whether your old gaming PC is to blame or not.

6. Be patient and wait for a patch

EA is quick to solve many of the issues that appear at launch, even if it may take some time.

If none of the solutions mentioned above work, simply wait to see what future FIFA 21 patches will bring.

By following these steps, you should no longer be experiencing crashes when trying to load FIFA 21.

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Gifts To Make Eating At Home Feel Like Dining Out

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

In these humdrum at-home pandemic days, scarfing out of a pizza box or slurping wonton soup from a plastic container is the closest most of us get to a safe restaurant experience. But sometimes you need to spruce things up. Dressing up the table, stretching your palate with new flavors, and setting the mood will help make supping at home feel more like eating out at a favorite corner bistro. These gifts will elevate your dining experiences in 2023.

Set the menu

Special suppers require forethought, and the guest of honor often isn’t in on the planning. While you could print out formal menus, the process can be wasteful—and how many of us have a printer at home, anyway? Instead, artfully scrawl the evening’s courses on a reusable chalkboard the same way a restaurant might announce its nightly specials. A model made from hard slate stone instead of coated wood or cardboard will take chalk better (and scrub up cleaner once the dining’s done).

Ditch disposables

These 15-inch cotton kitchen towels are a favorite of chefs for mopping up their kitchen messes, so it’s no wonder they’ve made it onto the tables of chic eateries, too. The cotton weave is super absorbent, so it’s perfect for sopping up spilled vino or sauces, and it won’t wrinkle as easily as frillier linen or sateen options. In addition to making a table look just-so, the fabric is great for swaddling wine bottles or lining bread baskets.

Revive cocktail hour

Sipping a cocktail at the bar is probably the best way to kill time waiting for a tardy dinner companion, but it’s a pleasure quickly lost when the “bar” is your coffee table. To replicate the level of mixology you previously only indulged in at a proper establishment, Shaker & Spoon stretches its tastes and ingredients well beyond simple classics like Old Fashioneds and martinis. Each box comes with the fixins’ you need to make four cocktails (three servings each), all based around a single spirit. The service’s detailed instructions will have you muddling, infusing, and garnishing like you’re wearing a silk-back vest. The holiday-season rum-centric box features a Filipino-inspired cocktail flavored with avocado and coconut.

Water, without the waiter

Scrambling back and forth to the kitchen to refill water glasses is a surefire way to kill the mood. Without a server to fill up your cup, you’ll need to keep a supply of cool hydration on the table. While hammered metal or bourbon-bottle-turned-carafes might be better at evoking swanky barroom vibes, stoneware will keep the wet stuff cooler longer. The stone in French favorite Le Creuset’s offering is so dense it’ll hold onto a temp throughout the meal. It can also handle anything from -65 degrees F to 500 degrees F, so consider it for double duty as a coffee carafe for fancy brunches.

Embrace appetizers

At home, we usually reserve appetizers for holidays, but having a li’l somethin’ before the main meal is an easy way to upgrade any weeknight dinner. Sure, you could toast up some franks in blankets or defrost some frozen mini egg rolls, but why not expand your palate and avoid cooking at the same time? Pop open a jar of caper leaves—yes, off the same plant that gives us briney capers—and have a nibble. Picked and packed in oil and vinegar on the island of Pantelleria off the Sicilian coast, where generations of farmers have cultivated the yummy berries, the leaves have only recently become chic to eat on their own.

Bread at the ready

Warm, crusty, butter-melting bread that comes straight from the oven—or at least out of a professional warmer—is a mainstay in countless eateries. In your home, the microwave or toaster oven will do, but once the carbs cool down they can become rock hard in an ordinary bread basket. The stone base of this wicker offering, however, can keep buns toasty and ready to sop up sauces throughout the meal. Just place the terracotta slab into a warm oven for 10-20 minutes and slip it into the bottom of the basket, and you’ll get to enjoy hot bread for as long as it takes you to scarf it all down.

Make butter art A little ambiance, perhaps?

Vr Is Keeping Me Sane While I’m Stuck At Home

Still, I’ve started to feel cooped up these last few days. It’s like breaking a finger or something. You don’t really notice how often you use your ring finger until you can’t. Similarly, I didn’t really appreciate how often I’d step outside day-to-day until I couldn’t anymore. Taking a walk to mull over an article idea barely registered in a world where I could leave my house, y’know, whenever I wanted. But lately I’m feeling nostalgic about popping out to buy potato chips.

I’ll admit, I’m weathering San Francisco’s shelter-in-place better than a lot of people. I feel fortunate on that front. I’ve worked from home for going on eight years. My desk is here, my PC is here, and I’m (disconcertingly) used to spending hours in my bedroom without seeing anyone else. And hey, there are video games releasing. Doom Eternal , Animal Crossing, the first Control expansion —I’ve been busy.

Day eight, I’m in space. Day nine, I’m on a safari. Every day a new experience without ever leaving my house. Virtual reality is keeping me sane in isolation.

Quarantine, day seven. I’m in a different city, vaguely Soviet in appearance. Again, there is nobody else around—or nobody living, anyway. City 17 is quiet, but for the headcrabs. I holster my pistol and admire the crumbling remains of the North Star Hotel, imagine it in happier times.

Quarantine, day six. I’m standing in Paris, in one of my favorite spots. It’s a fountain in the Tuileries, near the Louvre. There are green metal chairs scattered around, inviting people to sit and relax for a few moments, or for an afternoon. Wind mixes with birdsong as I stand and take it all in. It feels as if I’m the last person on Earth, standing here alone in an empty park—but at least I’m outside.

Luckily, virtual reality is having a moment. Last week I got access to Half-Life: Alyx, which prompted me to pull my Valve Index off a shelf and plug it in. I’d been putting it off since moving to this apartment last summer, using the Oculus Quest and recently the Oculus Link cable for the rare VR excursion. This was Half-Life though, and I was going to use the good hardware even if it took 30 or 40 minutes of furniture arranging and setup.

Exercise is only one small facet though. It’s just nice to be somewhere else for a few hours. Anywhere that’s not my small San Francisco bedroom-apartment.

Half-Life was just as important though. Maybe more important. City 17 isn’t a real place, but it felt real enough for the three or four days I spent reviewing Alyx. I’ve already written at length about Alyx and won’t belabor the discussion here, but suffice it to say combat wasn’t much of a highlight for me. Instead I enjoyed walking around a run-down zoo, or exploring a decommissioned distillery.

There wasn’t much to do in those places except shoot headcrabs, but when I think back on this past week it still feels like I left my house. As far as my brain is concerned, I wasn’t just cooped up in this bedroom the entire time treading the same 12-foot by 10-foot patch of floorboards. I was in that zoo. I was in that distillery. I was exploring.

That’s what has made virtual reality such a vital part of my day-to-day in lockdown. Earlier this week I visited London’s Natural History Museum and chatted with David Attenborough, courtesy of Hold the World. Today I plan to visit the Smithsonian, as well. I even walked through Van Gogh’s Starry Night reimagined as a 3D space, courtesy of Art Plunge.

And then The Room VR released last week, giving me another collection of places to explore. I don’t know why developer Fireproof chose to release the same week as Half-Life, but they did and I’m grateful. Fireproof has always been great about setting up “a room,” as you might expect from the title. Every location I’ve seen in The Room VR is imbued with layer upon layer of secrets hidden in the scenery. The scale is smaller and the environments less realistic than Half-Life, but it’s immensely satisfying tinkering with these overwrought machines and deciphering how they work one onion-layer at a time.

I’m already hooked—and just like that, another day has passed.

Bottom line

IDG / Daniel Masaoka

Anything is possible, and that’s the joy of it. I didn’t need a global pandemic to recognize the merits of virtual reality, but it’s certainly bolstered my appreciation. What was once only theoretical—possible applications of VR touted (in particular) by Facebook—now feels very real and very pertinent to my day-to-day life.

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