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A rundown of top data science companies for 2023

Data Science is an umbrella term that covers areas – Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. This immense field has changed what businesses look like into data and convert them into usable insights. Advancement in technologies and data science tools have changed the manners by which organizations work and grow. India, being a mother lode of ability, is the top destination for national and global companies searching for qualified Data Science experts. Over recent years, the demand for Data Scientists has developed exponentially. More than 97,000 data science jobs are open in 2023 just in India. Let’s look at some of the top data science companies that you can consider to land your next job.  

1.  Ugam, a Merkle company

Ugam, a Merkle company and part of Dentsu, is a leading next-generation data and analytics company helping businesses make superior decisions. Ugam’s customer-centric approach blends data, technology, and expertise, enabling impactful and long-tenured relationships with more than 85 Fortune 500 companies. Recognized as one of the best firms for data scientists to work, Ugam’s data scientists get an opportunity to work directly with client business stakeholders on end-to-end projects. Leveraging Ugam’s proprietary analytical tools, frameworks, and AI / ML technology (Ugam’s JARVIS), they deliver superior results across industries like Retail, Hi-Tech, BFSI, Distribution and Manufacturing as well as Market Research and Consulting. Ugam not only offers data scientists an opportunity to accelerate their career but also offers stability and a unique culture. Led by its founding partners and a committed leadership team, it has experienced significant Y-O-Y growth since inception. The company has a high percentage of long tenured (more than 10 years) and boomerang data scientists. Ugamites vouch for Ugam’s people-centric culture, upskilling, and mobility (across geographies or teams) opportunities and positively driven work environment, thereby making it Analytics Insight’s top pick for data scientists to work.  

2.  MuSigma

Recognizing itself as the biggest solution provider of decision science and analytics, MuSigma has its headquarters in Chicago, US. It has workplaces world-over, with Bangalore as its central delivery hub. Your role as a Data Scientist at MuSigma would include analysing data, refining as well as rearranging it and lastly assessing the outcomes. Mu Sigma is one of the favorite places for employees to work in the field of data science because of its open culture. It’s quite well-known as it serves Fortune 500 organizations through decision science and big data analytics. Mu Sigma has a creative and interactive way to invite its new employees through what they call MSU (Mu Sigma University), where the new employees get hands-on training on various challenging projects under the direction of senior experts in the organization.  

3.  Manthan

Another leading data science firm is Manthan! They have an extraordinary methodology with regards to business solutions. They collaborate the power of AI and analytics that gives data-driven insights of a business model. They assist organizations with making educated decisions by means of rigid data analysis and technology. This organization serves various businesses from technology to telecom, just as retail, pharma, and travel. Its data scientists give an analytics model for the decision-making of its customers. At Manthan, data scientists are constantly encouraged to test performance of different data-driven products using leading technologies like AI, ML, etc. that are relative to their domain. They are given the opportunity to manage large amounts of data to find valuable insights that streamline business procedures, identify opportunities using research and management tools, and reduce risks.  

4.  Absolutdata

Absolutdata bestows impressive learning and growth curves than different players in the market. With explicit, role-based learning on niche subjects, data scientists can upskill and concentrate on fortifying core fundamentals. Moreover, they are urged to take up new jobs and responsibilities that draw out the best in them while permitting them to grow into influential positions.  

5.  Fractal Analytics

Founded in 2000, Fractal Analytics has developed as one of the top analytics service providers in the nation. With a worldwide impression bragging about a few Fortune 500 organizations from ventures like retail, insurance and technology, there is unquestionably no halting this one. The organization is at present employing Data Scientists for its workplaces in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon. Fractal Analytics has built-up a good customer base. Hence, as a data scientist you’ll be working on significant projects such as business analytics, healthcare, and decision-making. With the pool of data scientists working at Fractal increasing, they’ve started providing training and mentorship programs that will enable its employees to enhance their skills. You’ll primarily work on forecasting projects. If data analytics and forecasting is what you wish to do, Fractal Analytics is your place then.  

6.  BRIDGEi2i Analytics

Established in India in May 2011 by Prithvijit Roy (CEO), Pritam K Paul (CTO) and Ashish Sharma (COO) , their asset-based consulting approach covers the entire range, directly from data science to machine learning-centered knowledge improvement to actionability by way of AI accelerators implementation and finally contextualization of the goal to the companies. The company has an attrition rate of 10-12% and believes in sustaining its talent pool with constant, experiential-based learning. It offers its employees chances to progress rapidly into leadership roles. The company has a strong recognition system that guarantees that all the contributions of employees are valued and appropriately awarded.  

7.  Latent View

Latent View furnishes customers with a range of data science services like counseling, Data Architecture and Design, and data implementation and operations. They are upheld by scalable modern architecture. The work culture is friendly and development-oriented. They encourage workers to see each viewpoint in three edges: team, customer, and society. Having Paypal, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco as the organization’s esteemed customers, it urges data scientists to have a 360-perspective on each project to permit customers to streamline decisions on investment and anticipate the most recent revenue streams as well as to predict product trends. The most compelling motivation they provide and hold individuals is a mix of learning and working with an excellent peer group in addition to a chance to take care of complex business issues with acing analytics abilities in a climate that makes the whole journey rewarding.  

8.  Accenture

Accenture emphasizes that enormous and complex organizations can profit by efficient utilization of their own data. They have to depend on the experts for it – data scientists. If you are passionate about characterizing procedures and delivering on them with the assistance of creative utilization of integrated data then Accenture is the company to be. The unmistakable worldwide professional service provider has openings for data scientists in the field of business process specialization and data management to give some examples. At Accenture, data scientists will also be exposed on the strategy side as well. They’ll be responsible to define strategies and provide solutions using vast amounts of data.  

9.  Genpact

Genpact has more than 1500 data scientists who work as a centralised hub model with customer experience as its main concern. The organization centers around developing the pool of citizen data scientists through different projects, for example, Machine Learning Incubator’ and ‘ML Upgrade’. ML Incubator program is an in-house AI/ML college which aims to upskill more than 600 existing domain experts every year by giving them structured and instructor paced learning structure, in the fields of data engineering, data science.  

10. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is spearheading what AI and analytics can do to take care of the absolute hardest issues encountered by companies worldwide. They create bespoke solutions fueled by data and technology for a few Fortune 500 organizations. They have workplaces in various urban communities across the US, India, and Singapore, and a substantial remote global workforce.

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Top Ten Promising Big Data Companies To Look Out For In 2023

Big data companies are flourishing across the world with their data visualization features

Big data companies are in huge demand in the global tech market for their effective data management skills with data analytics and data visualization. Data-centric world is running towards different kinds of data to have a deep understanding of consumer behaviour in recent times. Big data helps to provide the utmost customer satisfaction and enhance customer engagement through these big data companies. Let’s explore some of the top ten big data companies in 2023 that are promising to leverage.  

1. Big Panda

BigPanda keeps businesses running with Event Correlation and Automation, powered by AIOps. With BigPanda, IT Ops, NOC, DevOps, and SRE teams prevent outages, lower operational costs and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. BigPanda is well known for reducing costs, improving performance and availability, and accelerating business velocity. BigPanda is ideal for Midsize Enterprises, C-suite, and IT Ops pros. BigPanda enables IT organizations to take costs out of their operations. By boosting efficiency, reducing escalations, slashing downtime, eliminating or shortening bridge calls, flattening headcount, reducing SLA penalties, and consolidating tools, BigPanda customers can reduce operating costs by up to 50%.  

2. BlueCloud Technologies

BlueCloud is a professional services company that serves enterprise customers in EMEA by providing a myriad of world-class services and solutions. BlueCloud provides various services like custom development, solution implementation, outsourcing, technical assessment, CRM solutions, cloud solutions, project management, and quality control. Collaboration, web portals and smart applications, infrastructure solutions, identity management, business process automation, and MiddleWare ESB are the solutions provided by the company.  

3. Clairvoyant 4. Cogito

Cogito’s speech analytics was deployed within population health and care management programs at premier health and insurance companies. Thousands of interactions were analyzed, generating millions of data points to further enhance the effectiveness of Cogito’s behavioural models. Implementing critical and transformative customer service improvement strategies has always been challenging. Cogito professional services are here to help its clients realize value from Cogito solutions by designing and delivering successful implementations and supporting ongoing client success.  

5. Cloudera

Cloudera helps innovative organizations across all industries tackle transformational use cases and exact real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of data to drive value and competitive differentiation. Cloudera delivers an enterprise data cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI. Build, deploy and scale ML and AI applications through a repeatable industrialized approach and turn data into decisions at any scale, anywhere. Cloudera helps clients transform from both a technological and a practical standpoint, speeding up time to results with enterprise AI and ML. With the company’s modern, open platform and enterprise tools, Cloudera enables clients to build and deploy AI solutions at scale, efficiently, and securely, anywhere they want.  

6. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies. Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news and industry trends. Crunchbase’s best-in-class private company data offers insight into target companies’ teams, funding status, growth trends, tech stack, web traffic, investments, and more to personalize the outreach and increase engagement.  

7. CB Insights

CB Insights’ technology insights platform, intelligence analysts, and global network of executives and start-ups empower people to articulate compelling answers to difficult questions — about growth, the competition, and technology. The company aggregates and analyses massive amounts of data and use machine learning, algorithms, and data visualization to help corporations replace the three Gs (Google searches, gut instinct, and guys with MBAs) so they can answer massive strategic questions using probability, not punditry.  

8. Centerfield

Centerfield develops intelligent big data-driven marketing and sales technology utilizing real-time biddable media (RTB), automated call routing, and customized scripting. Our proprietary platform, Dugout, combined with our 1500-person sales and retention center delivers new customers at scale to many of the leading brands worldwide. Centerfield’s industry-leading platform automates end-to-end customer acquisition for millions of shopping experiences each year. The company accurately attributes every conversion to maximizing efficiency.  

9. CloudTrains Technologies

CloudTrains is a start-up for start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises. The company helps start-ups and businesses to work smart. CloudTrains is a mobile app and web development company with a world-class team of talented data scientists, app and web developers, designers, engineers, creative artists, and brand strategists. Headquartered at Gwalior and development center at Pune and Florida, USA. CloudTrains have more than 6+ years of experience in the IT Industry. The company is a one-stop destination for web and mobile app design and development services.  

10. Comsense Technologies

Top 10 It And Software Companies In Mumbai For Freshers 2023

Fondly known as the city of dreams, Mumbai can be bewildering and overwhelming for the first-time visitor. It is the largest metropolitan city in India and has a mixed culture, history and lifestyle. You will find a constant activity buzz, delicious food options and calm beaches across Mumbai. To experience the city’s true essence, you must take time to explore different attractions, monuments, historic buildings, and local restaurants. The craze of media and Bollywood in Mumbai is unbeatable and helps the city perform well on a global scale. 

Even though the city is seen as favourable for automobile, textile, jewellery, and financial firms, it has emerged as one of India’s most prominent global technology hubs. Mumbai is India’s largest data centre hub, and it continues to attract many companies to invest and set up their centres here. These centres help companies use physical or virtual servers for networking, communication, and store, transfer and access digital information. By 2023, the data centre market is expected to grow by 530 megawatts, making it one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the country. Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Premier IT Park, Hiranandani Business Park, International Infotech Park, and Peninsula Corporate Tech Park are some of Mumbai’s best IT parks. If you are planning to start a career in IT, here are the top IT and Software companies in Mumbai you should consider joining. 

Top 10 IT and Software Companies in Mumbai

Here is the list of top IT and software companies in Mumbai. Let’s get started!

1. Kaizen Globe Top Services Offered by Kaizen Globe

Digital Project Management

Technology and Virtual Assistants

Software and App Development

Progressive Web App and more

2. Syntel Telecom

Syntel is the Telecom Division of Arvind Limited – one of India’s most respected industrial houses with revenues exceeding USD 1 Billion. It was the first EPABX Company in India to be awarded ISO 9001 Certification in 1996. In 2006, it launched NEOS – an ISDN PRI-enabled all-in-one Digital EPABX/KTS – indigenously developed & designed by Syntel R&D. Employees of Syntel find the work culture here is quite warm and friendly. All employees are free to explore, innovate and function as entrepreneurs instilling a sense of responsibility, loyalty and ownership. Platforms to showcase overall talent, besides work, have been created. Employees are encouraged to work to the best of their potential. Syntel follows the Lean Kaizen philosophy so that any form of wastage is limited and improved upon.

Top Services Offered by Syntel Telecom

Voice and Data

Video and Collaboration

Unified Communication

Phones and Surveillance 

Boardroom Solutions and more

3. Accenture

Accenture is a consulting company that provides distinct services and is one of Mumbai’s leading IT and software companies. Accenture stands number one in the industry on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and at 33 overall. It is amongst the top ten great places to work in Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, the UK and the US. Digital engineering and manufacturing, podcasts, edge computing and 5G are some of the services provided by the company. Clients can also avail of Strategy & Consulting, Song, Technology, Operations, and Industry X facilities from Accenture.

Top Services Offered by Accenture

Business and Technology Strategy

Operations Strategy Services

Management Consulting Services

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Mobility Services and more

4. Genpact

Born in 1997, Genpact became an independent company in 2005, bringing its expertise and innovation to more companies. Since its listing on the NYSE in 2007, it has become a driver of digital transformation among Fortune 500. Genpact is a global professional services firm offering business outcomes that strives to transform industries and shape the future and hence a top company to work for in Mumbai. Genpact partners with the world’s most innovative companies to turn their most significant challenges into opportunities, resilience, and growth – from creating hyper-connected supply chains to transforming customer and employee experiences. Genpact is named in the Forbes World’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2023 list.

Top Services Offered by Genpact

Banking and Capital Markets

Consumer Goods and Retail

Insurance and Media

Publishing and Entertainment, and more

5. eClerx

eClerx was founded in 2000 to transition, manage and transform complex business processes. Following successful careers in investment banking, its founders jointly identified significant opportunities for providing innovative services and solutions to large global companies undergoing rapid business transformation challenged by legacy systems, new technology, data inaccuracies, and ever-changing processes and workflows. Created from humble beginnings in a small Mumbai office today, eClerx employs 15,000+ people across various countries. Their operational and domain expertise helps clients to improve their operational efficiency, productivity, speed and quality.

Top Services Offered by eClerx

Business Process Management

Smart Automation 

Analytics Services

Change Management

Data-driven Insights

Financial Services and more

6. IBM

IBM believes in progress and applying intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition. IBM patented the LASIK surgery in 1980, improving millions of people’s vision. IBM, the world’s second-largest technology company, is more than a century old and popularly known as ‘Big Blue,’ and is a global leader in hardware, software, services and consulting space. The name behind the technologies which power our everyday lives, IBM, is credited with making machines, punch cards, magnetic hard disks, electric typewriters and computer memory. IBM ran country clubs for employees much before Google started employee-friendly facilities. For much of the 20th century, IBM was the model of a dominant, paternalistic corporation. It was among the first to give workers paid holidays and life insurance.

Top Services Offered by IBM

Analytics and Application Services

Artificial Intelligence 

Cloud Computing and Blockchain 

Hybrid Cloud and Cybersecurity

E-commerce and more

7. Microsoft Top Services Offered by Microsoft

Virtual Machines

App Services

Digital Transformation 

SQL Database

Storage and Frameworks

Development Tools and more

8. Ernst & Young

EY Mumbai is one of the most prominent offices of EY that the bigwigs frequent in Mumbai. This office set the tone for other branches across the country. EY is one of the world’s largest consulting companies with a strong brand language. Additionally, it has been among the Big Four accounting firms since the early twentieth century. According to its employees, the flexibility offered in work, the ease of communicating with the team management and the respect people look up to make EY a great place to work in Mumbai.

Top Services Offered by Ernst & Young

Assurance and Audit

Consulting and Business Risk

Law and Tax 

Human Capital Services and Strategy 

Security, Transactions and more

9. Oracle

Oracle is a computer technology corporation well-known for its software products and services like Java. Its mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities. Oracle’s employee resource groups (ERGs) and affinity groups represent the diverse communities that form their core. Their multi-generational workforce is brought together by more than 60 employee communities, covering topics from gender, ethnicity, and accessibility to neurodiversity and parenting. They focus on disability inclusion and awareness & understanding of LGBTQ+ issues. These qualities make it a leading IT and software company in Mumbai.

Top Services Offered by Oracle

Cloud Infrastructure and Licence

Cloud Applications and engineering services

Banking and Insurance 

Software Products 

Hardware and Engineered System 

Enterprise Applications and more

10. Google

Google India has offices in four major Indian cities – Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Google is a household name for everyone using the internet. It helps you to search the world’s information, including web pages, images, videos and more and has many exclusive features to locate what you’re looking for. Google has leased a one lakh sq ft office space in FIFA Tower in Mumbai’s secondary business district Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). This location has unique architecture, design, and office traditions like all others. No matter which branch you visit, you’ll find Googlers building products to help create opportunities for people worldwide. 

Top Services Offered by Google

Google Ads 

Cloud and Chrome 

Gmail and Maps

Google Drive and Photos

Android and more

Best Alternative to IT and Software Jobs

In recent years, many developers have considered quitting their jobs and pursuing careers in different fields. A recent report by DigitalOcean Holdings shared some interesting facts about software developers’ jobs. Here are some findings:

32% of people working for over a year have started a new position in the last year

44% want to leave their existing job and want to try something new

1 in 5 developers with over 15 years of experience started a new career last year

56% of developers have participated in Open Source projects in the previous year

Compensation, flexibility and better benefits are the primary reasons for quitting 

The Great Resignation trend is still strong in India

The software industry is going through a tough time, and to have a reliable job, you must look for an alternative. One of the best alternatives to IT and software jobs is digital marketing. It is a kind of online marketing where digital marketing experts promote brands, products and services. Here are some excellent perks of digital marketing:

Top 10 Reasons to Take Up Digital Marketing Career 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, making it exciting to learn

Digital marketing specialists’ jobs are amongst the top 10 in-demand roles

It has different job roles, such as strategist, content writer, SEO specialist, etc. 

It is possible to learn digital marketing in less than 6-months

A digital marketing career is flexible and can be taken full-time or freelance 

The digital market is steadily increasing, and opportunities are growing 

Digital marketing offers better pay than most other industry 

Anyone with a passion and love for marketing can learn digital marketing

No degree or prior experience needed to enter the field 

Almost every business is looking for a digital marketing agency to promote their brand 


DigitalScholar’s Digital Marketing Course, curated by industry experts, can help you become one of the best digital marketers in the industry. The course covers different aspects of digital marketing, and the institute assists you with 100% job placement. If interested in agency-style learning, you must opt for Chennai’s offline digital marketing course. On the other hand, if you want to learn it at your own pace, you must explore our pre-recorded courses.   

Whether you want to kickstart your career or add digital marketing skills to your skill set, a digital marketing course at DigitalScholar is an excellent option. Along with acquiring the right skills, you will also have comprehensive hands-on practice on various projects. It will help you create your digital marketing campaigns in future with confidence. Enrol now and be a pro at digital marketing! 

Top 10 It & Software Companies In Ahmedabad For Freshers

Ahmedabad, also fondly known as “Aapnu Amdavad,” is one of India’s largest cities. This former capital of Gujarat, situated on the bank of the Sabarmati river, is a famous tourist attraction of the country. The city is listed in the UNESCO heritage sites and is a destination where you can find old-school charm and modernization under one roof. One of the best things about Ahmedabad is that it is considered the safest city in India, where you can roam freely without worrying about anything. And, of course, you cannot escape the city’s culinary talent that offers fantastic food like Dhoklas, Theplas, Fafdas, Aloo Poha, Khandvi, and more.

Besides being culturally rich and home to great temples/mosques, Ahmedabad has also emerged as one of India’s leading industrial and economic hubs. Compared to other cities in Gujarat, Ahmedabad also hosts a range of IT & software companies. Every year, the city welcomes students from across the world to get their management, design, marketing, and law degrees. Apart from IIM Ahmedabad, many engineering colleges help shape their career in IT and software fields. The Infocity, ITES SEZ Park, HCL Tower, and Regus GCP Business center are some of the prominent IT parks in Ahmedabad. If you want to kick start your IT career, check out these top ten IT and Software companies in Ahmedabad. 

Top 10 IT and Software Companies in Ahmedabad 1. TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is among the world’s top IT service and consulting companies. Founded on April 1, 1968, TCS is a Multinational company with Headquarters in Mumbai and more than 6 lac employees as of June 2023. It is one of the top IT and Software companies in Ahmedabad. TCS was a division of Tata Sons, which was run as a startup by General Manager FC Kohli in 1968. Because of its history with the financial sector from the early computer days to being one of the first Indian IT companies, TCS bagged national banks as its early customers. TCS’s business expanded after it became a publicly traded company in 2004 and reached where it is today.

Top Services Offered by TCS

Engineering services and solutions 

Banking, Accounting, Insurance.

Business Automation, Machine Learning, Analytics

Portfolio Management, HR outsourcing services.

IT networking, clinical trial management, and more.

Address: No. 801/1001, Off Ashram Road, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad – 380006

2. Oracle

Oracle Corporation, formerly Software Development Laboratories, came into existence in 1977 by two programmers, Larry Ellison and Bob Miner, and Larry’s supervisor Ed Oates at their company, Ampex corporation. Oracle is the second listed software companies in Ahmedabad. The trio was inspired by a research paper by Edgar F. Codd about the relational database model and saw economic potential in organizing extensive data with efficient storage that also allows quick retrieval.

Oracle ERP, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle data cloud are some of the company’s products. Its most popular product, Oracle DB, has the highest market share and is best known for the same. Oracle DB is at the top position because it supports multiple operating platforms and can be run on almost every platform, like macOS, Linux, Microsoft, and UNIX.

Top Services Offered by Oracle

Oracle consulting

Oracle financing

Cloud Customer Success

Oracle retail

Construction and Engineering and more

Address: GIFT One, Level 23, GIFT City, 56A, Block no: 500–Gujarat International finance tec-city, Gandhinagar – 382355

3. Amazon Top Services Offered by Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Pay

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Drive

Amazon Music and more

Address: Gujarat College Rd, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

4. OpenXcell

Headquartered in the USA, OpenXcell is a software development company. It was established in 2009 with the idea of software development, app development, and team building in the IT industry. With domain experience of over ten years and through their unique talent recruitment processes, the company provides the top 1% top talent in the industry. They have offices in Ahmedabad, India, and the USA with a team of 500+ software engineers with expertise in their domain, 1000+ software designed and deployed, three successful products, 12+ years of experience, and 700+ happy customers.

Top Services Offered by OpenXcell

QA Testing


Web development


Product Engineering and more

Address: 203/204 Baleshwar Avenue, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

5. Agile Infoways Pvt. Ltd

Agile Infoways was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is listed as a leading IT Services & software companies in Ahmedabad with over 17+ years of experience. Agile Infoways specializes in web and mobile development, UI/UX, and DevOps and has offshore development centers in US and India with clients in the USA, Singapore, Australia, and the UK. The company has a customer-centric approach and functions with a team of 400+ employees and 2200+ products.

Top Services Offered by Agile Infoways

Big Data Solutions

SAAS Development

CRM Software Solutions

Software Development Outsourcing

On-demand app development and more

Address: Abhishree Avenue, 303-304, Near, Surendra Mangaldas Rd, Nehru Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

6. IBM

International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) was founded by Herman Hollerith in New York, U.S.A., in 1896. as a Tabulating Machine Company. It got listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 1916 and was named IBM after Thomas J Watson took over the company. IBM needs no introduction to the world of computers and technology. The company is responsible for numerous innovations like ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), hard disk drives, floppy drives, SQL programming languages, etc. IBM is one of the top IT & Software companies in Ahmedabad. It also provides hosting and offers consulting services in Ahmedabad. The most significant chunk of IBM’s profits and revenue is generated by its Software division.

Top Services Offered by IBM

Cloud Computing



Customer Experience

Talent Management and more

Address: 8, Corporate Rd, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

7. Radixweb

Radixweb was founded in 2000 by Divyesh Patel, with Headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. This is one of the best software companies in Ahmedabad focusing on solving its customer’s business problems by simplifying technology and helping them prepare for tomorrow. Radixweb is also a trusted name in the field, with significant IT outsourcing expertise. At Radixweb, they have solid teams and take pride in their workforce, as the company believes their people are the core of everything. Their personnel is the perfect pool of domain experts and technically sound teams who help clients generate growth swiftly. With more than 22 years of experience, Radixweb has over 600+ employees, 3000+ clients from 25 countries and five continents, and has successfully delivered 4200+ projects.

Top Services Offered by Radixweb

Application Development

Software Development

QA and Testing

Full Stack Development

Mobile Development and more

Address: B/H Nirma University, Ekyarth, Near Vandemataram Fabula, Malabar County Rd, Chharodi, Gujarat 382481

8. Tatvasoft

Tatvasoft is one of the largest Software Product Development companies that deliver IT solutions and services to customers worldwide. It was founded in 2001 by Manish Patel at its Headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Lavasoft has 18+ years of experience with more than 1000 professionals, 5 Global offices, and 90% of customer retention. With every product comes uncertainties and risks; the company strategizes the roadmap to keep development costs and time under control, reduce the risks and deliver a high-quality product.

Top Services Offered by Tatvasoft

Mobile Apps Development

Ecommerce Development

Web Development

UI/UX Design

Customer Software Development and more

Address: Near Shivalik Business Center Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Rajpath Rangoli Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054

9. Zealous Systems

Zealous Systems is a leading web and mobile development company that offers custom software development across the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe. It was established in 2009 and is one of the excellent IT & Software companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Zealous systems bring a team of believers, thinkers, and creators. They aim to offer extraordinary services and achieve mutual growth for their employees, customers, and shareholders.

Zealous System’s core values are logical and structured; their work focuses on accurate development processes and getting the development basics right for the product to succeed. Teams at the company are creative as they believe innovation is a crucial factor in a field that has grown exponentially each year. It is only through adapting and innovating that we can keep pace with technology.

Top Services Offered by Zealous Systems

Offshore Development Centre

Quality Assurance

Product Engineering Services

ERP Solutions

UX Design and Strategy and more

Address: A – 805, Safal Profitaire, Corporate Rd, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

10. Sophos Top Services Offered by Sophos

Configuration and Implementation

Email Security and Malware Protection

Configuration Review and Health Check

Customized Solutions

XDR Training and more

Address: Sophos House, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd., white house Panchwati Cross Road, Panchavati Society, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

Best Alternative To IT and Software Jobs

Choosing a reliable career path can be daunting, especially when looking for long-term stability. A job that supports your overall lifestyle and generates handsome income without being boring or monotonous. IT and software jobs may offer great packages, but it gets stressful and mundane over time. Also, after the recent pandemic, more people from the IT and software sectors are quitting and looking for a change. One of the industries that have gained tremendous popularity in recent years is digital marketing. It is a form of marketing where brands, products, and services are promoted using online techniques. 

In recent years, there has been a steep rise in demand for expert digital marketers. Almost every company is looking for the best digital marketing agency for their online marketing. According to a recent report by Marketing Hiring Trends, over 69% of companies want to hire more marketers. Also, the demand for digital marketing experts is about 59%, while the supply is only about 19%. Hence, this is the best time to jump into the digital marketing industry to make a career and fill the gap. 

Top 3 Reasons To Take Up Digital Marketing Career 1. Job Roles Keep Evolving

Working in an environment where you learn something new daily is exciting. The digital marketing career is all about new challenges and learnings that come your way every day. With every new platform introduced and search engine’s algorithms changing, the job roles also evolve, and that’s interesting.  

2. The Demand Is High; the Supply Is Low

There is a considerable gap between the demand and supply for digital marketers. According to a recent report by LinkedIn, digital marketing specialist is one of the top 10 in-demand job roles. However, there are not enough people to fill the gap, making it the perfect time for you to get started with digital marketing.

3. Learning Is Fun and Easy

If you are passionate about learning and want to use your software knowledge, digital marketing can be a great choice. A digital marketing course from a reliable digital marketing institute can be enjoyable and engaging. These institutes give you hands-on experience to create digital marketing campaigns and learn the latest digital marketing trends and other aspects.    


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Top Big Data/Data Science Job Openings In Adobe To Watch Out For This Month

Land a career in Adobe with these top big data/data science jobs.

Many businesses encountered turbulence in 2023, yet big data/data science saw substantial demand and growth.

Data science

professionals are in high demand all across the world. These job opportunities will continue to grow after 2023, with over 1.5 lakh more positions being added. This is a natural reaction to data’s importance as a resource for businesses in the digital age. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10

Big Data

/Data Science job openings in Adobe to watch out for this month.

Big Data Developer




5+ years in the design and development of large-scale data-driven systems. 

Work experience with one or more big data technologies such as Apache Spark. 

Work experience with one or more NoSQL storage systems such as Aerospike, HBase, Cassandra. 

Contribution to open source is desirable. 

Great problem solving, coding (in Java/Scala, etc.), and system design skills. 

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Data Scientist


Noida, Uttar Pradesh 


Perform exploratory data analysis quickly, generate and test working hypotheses, and discover new trends and relationships.

Reports and presentations can be used to communicate results and educate others.

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Senior Data Engineer


Bengaluru, Karnataka 


Develop distributed data processing pipelines using Apache Spark. Build and maintain pipelines as needed to power critical business metrics to measure the performance of pages on the website. 

Responsible for crafting, developing sophisticated data applications/pipelines on large-scale data platforms using Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python/Scala. 

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Computer Scientist – Python


Bengaluru, Karnataka 


Developing Java backend services that would make use of and add value to Adobe’s own data platform. 

Building the company’s tracking services in a cookie-less world. 

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Web & Data Science Analyst


Noida, Uttar Pradesh 


Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques. 

Data mining using state-of-the-art methods. 

Doing ad-hoc analysis and communicating results in a clear manner.

Crafting automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance.

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Computer Scientist


San Francisco 


Build high-performance and resilient micro-services for event and data processing at scale. 

Design new features and create functional specifications by working with product management and engineering team members. 

Develop software solutions by understanding the company’s customer’s requirements, data flows, and integration architectures. 

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Data Scientist/Senior Product Analyst, Experimentation


San Jose 


You will work with data engineers to design and automate data pipelines to scale experimentation and user analytics. 

In collaboration with a multi-functional team of product management, marketing, and engineering, you will tap into the underlying data, align on metrics/methodologies and generate insights to develop valuable, highly effective programs. 

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Web Analyst & Data Science




Responsible for providing Analytical Insights & Intelligence support aligned towards business or project or initiative. 

Drive partnership with US Web Analytics team, Go-To-Market teams, eCommerce teams, chúng tôi Product Managers team, etc., and be the Subject Matter Expert for aligned areas. 

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Adobe Analytics – Big Data Software Developer




Transform the business requirements into feature specifications.

Contribute to the design and implementation of new features.

Design and implement new features, APIs, unit and integration test suites.

Be involved in all the product development and delivery stages, as part of a unified engineering team.

Data Engineer


San Jose 


Design, develop & tune data products, applications, and integrations on large-scale data platforms (Hadoop, Snowflake, Alteryx, SSIS, Kafka Streaming, Hana, SQL server) with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and scalability, and most of all quality. 

Analyze the business needs, profile large data sets and build custom data models and applications to drive the Adobe business decision making and customers experience.

Top Female Ai Influencers In 2023 Who Rocked The Data Science World!


Have a look at the list of Top 11 Female AI influencers of 2023.

We have attached their respective social media handles so that you can better understand their work


With the volume and panoply of data being generated any second the demand for data scientists has shot through the roof. Organizations now need to make better and faster decisions to make an early move in the market and progress in the direction of their vision.

And with the passage of time people have realized that to make better decisions the community has to be inclusive of people from different backgrounds to capture their respective perspectives. The rising awareness of this fact is pulling more and more women into the data science industry thus decreasing the gender gap in the traditionally male-dominated STEM industry.

Kate Crawford is a principal researcher at Microsoft research. She is a leading researcher and professor who has spent the last decade studying the social implications of data systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. She is a Senior Principal Researcher at MSR-NYC. Along with this, she is also the inaugural Visiting Chair for AI and Justice at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, and the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Kate is the co-founder of the AI Now Institute at New York University, the world’s first university institute dedicated to researching the social implications of artificial intelligence and related technologies.

Fei Fei Li is an American computer science professor at Stanford University. She is the Co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, and a Co-Director of the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab.

She also co-Founded AI4All, a nonprofit organization working to increase diversity and inclusion in the field of artificial intelligence. Her research expertise includes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and cognitive neuroscience. She was the leading scientist and principal investigator of ImageNet.

In May 2023, Li joined the board of directors of Twitter as an independent director.

Dr.Geetha Manjunath is the Founder, CEO, and CTO of NIRAMAI, a deep tech startup developing a novel solution for detecting early-stage breast cancer. She has over 25 years of experience in IT research and has led to many innovative projects in Healthcare and Transportation.

She was a Lab Director heading Data Analytics Research in Xerox India. Before that, she was a Principal Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard Laboratories for 17 years, and a member of the C-DAC team which built the first commercial supercomputer in India.

Dr. Manjunath holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science and management education from Kellogg’s School of Management, Chicago

She was awarded the Gold Medal by the Computer Society of India, is a recipient of the Karnataka State Award, was named as one of the top 50 NASSCOM IT Innovators and was also the winner of the 2010 MIT Tech Review Grand Challenges. She is a Senior Member of IEEE and past Chair of IEEE Computer Society, Bangalore Chapter. Also, she is the inventor of 15 US patents with more pending grants.

She was named by Forbes and AI Summit as 2023‘s “AI Innovator of the Year”.

Allie has spoken about AI and field diversity around the world, addressed the European Commission, drafted foreign AI strategies, and created eight guidebooks to educate businesses on how to build successful AI projects.

Prof. Jennifer Chayes is the Associate Provost of Data Science and Information, and Dean of the School of Information, at UC Berkeley. Previously, she was at Microsoft for almost 23 years, where she was Technical Fellow, and founder and managing director of three interdisciplinary labs: Microsoft Research New England, New York City, and Montreal.

She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences. Chayes is the author of about 150 academic papers and inventor of over 30 patents. Her research areas include phase transitions in computing, structural and dynamical properties of networks, graph theory, graph algorithms, and computational biology.

Chayes is one of the inventors of the field of graphons, which are widely used in the machine learning of large-scale networks.

Another leading name on our list is Kim Hazelwood. She is the West Coast head of Engineering for Facebook AI Research as well as the Technical Lead for Facebook Systems and Machine Learning (SysML) Research. Her expertise lies in scalable computer systems and applied machine learning.

Kim holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Harvard University and has authored over 50 publications and one book. She is a recipient of the MIT “Top 35 Innovators under 35″​ award and an NSF Career Award. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Computing Research Association. 

She holds an M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Ujjyaini is Currently working as the Chief Data Officer at Zee5.  She has almost 13 years of rich Leadership experience in establishing Data as a Culture at large organizations. Previously, She has worked with organizations like  Airtel, Flipkart Mckinsey & company in leading positions.

Due to her love for mathematics, Ujjyaini chose to study Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science at Chennai Mathematical Institute and then pursued Quantitative Economics at her Masters from ISI Kolkata.

She is in the Top 50 Most Influential Women 2023 in Media, Marketing and Advertising by Impact.

Yael has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University School of Medicine. Her research was focused on information extraction and semantic understanding. To predict and understand how human genetic variations impact drug response using natural language processing of scientific text.

Another leading lady in the data science domain is Anima Anandkumar. She is the director of machine learning research at NVIDIA and a Bren professor at Caltech CMS department. Before this, she was a principal scientist at Amazon Web Service, where she has enabled machine learning on the cloud infrastructure.

She has spearheaded research in unsupervised AI, deep learning, optimization, and tensor methods. Anima, a graduate from IIT Madras has received her Ph.D. from Cornell University. She has been featured in documentaries by PBS, KPCC, wired magazine, and in articles by MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Yourstory, O’Reilly media, and more.

Anima has worked to democratize AI, promote ethical use, and improve diversity and inclusion in AI. She was awarded the good tech award 2023 by NYTimes for her efforts.

Rachel Thomas is a deep learning researcher and the co-founder of chúng tôi She is also the founding Director of the Center for Applied Data Ethics at the University of San Francisco which aims to address harms such as disinformation, surveillance, algorithmic bias, and other misuses of data. Rachel earned her math Ph.D. at Duke and was an early engineer at Uber.

She was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the 20 most incredible women in AI. Rachel is a popular writer and keynote speaker, on topics of data ethics, AI accessibility, and bias in machine learning


To the women who have gone through this article, I hope this list becomes a beacon of inspiration for you to tackle all the obstacles and ignites the aspiration within to feature in such a list in your future.

In this article, we tried to cover some eminent female AI influencers that shaped 2023. I will personally recommend you to follow these women influencers on social media to learn and get inspired from them.


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