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Having said that, there are numerous

Deako is rapidly turning into a leading supplier of smart light switches, on account of delightful design, inventive engineering and costs that fall beneath their opposition. Their Bluetooth-powered smart switches make it simple for homeowners to move up to brilliant lighting, enabling clients to control any light in their home from a switch, cell phone or their voice. What’s more, the best part is that Deako’s brilliant light switches don’t require a different center point.  

Calling themselves to be the Airbnb for garages, Nymea built up this framework for Marantec. Access to anything and anybody, the organization claims that it is a logical reaction to smart door locks. Anything and anybody can gain admittance to private property on a similar platform. This could access savvy vents, offer access to experts, or show information on an app for predictive maintenance.  

Manufacturing Robot

The manufacturing robot exhibit is a working manufacturing plant utilizing Kepware mechanical connectivity and ThingWorx Platform to screen production, outwardly distinguish part quality, foresee results, and recognize future disappointments with its potential root causes. Every individual with a stake in the task of the assembling line can see their job and activities through real-time information.  

The organization offers a cloud-based IoT SaaS platforms for startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and substantial organizations to launch, oversee, convey, and adapt their IoT products and services. Jasper basically is an IoT solution for IoT organizations over various sectors and portions to quickly and cost-adequately deploy IoT so more organizations can acknowledge along these lines of working together. Applications incorporate mobile service management, billing and business automation, and bolster diagnostics and also substantially more.  

Data-Driven Steel

There were a few metal and safety products and services this year. This data driven steel 4.0 is an IoT product for smart monitoring of melt shop and rolling mill processes. It utilizes multivariate analysis and modeling deploying AI systems to automatically and ceaselessly analyze industrial procedures. The program at that point automatically prescribes enhancements to the procedure for proficiency and to evade undesirable impacts for engineers and chiefs.  

The IoT cloud-based platform is currently being utilized by numerous brands to get associated and be nearer to their clients. This consists of integrating products and in addition business procedures and offices. The stage additionally gives an approach to share every one of the information is gathered such that a whole organization can without much of a stretch access and analyze together for more noteworthy joint effort and insights.  

Beluga Whale Protection

Zaragoza-based organization


This IoT toy organization was seen on “Shark Tank” and has been developing in popularity as a way for children to talk with loved ones without giving them a mobile phone. Messages can be sent from the phone application to a talkie toy or two talkie toys can be utilized to message one another. It’s a fun and safe approach to get kids into discussions and far from their screens.  

Buddy Ohm is a full observing solution that can be utilized to deal with all IoT information. It incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, scalable information infrastructure, an operations portal, dashboards, and mobile network. Organizations can utilize this IoT gadget to get more bits of knowledge from every one of the information that is accessible through analysis in the wake of connecting a wide range of gadgets together.

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Top 10 Companies Hiring For Internet Of Things (Iot) Jobs

When searching for companies hiring for Internet of Things (IoT) jobs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. But when looking for a long-term position that’ll allow you to grow as a professional in your field, understanding your target companies and what they offer is crucial.

Here are the 10 top companies hiring for IoT jobs and whether they’re a good fit for you, including benefits and some of their open positions:

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Samsara is an IoT company based in San Francisco, California.

It has a hopeful and optimistic outlook on the future and is looking for employees who share its values of a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future using IoT. The goal is to have 40% underrepresented groups in the company’s core teams by 2025.

Employment benefits at Samara include:

Premium health care for the employee and their family

Mental health and wellness support

Family planning options

401(k) plan

Flexible PTO and family leave

At Samsara, you can work as a:

Senior data engineer

Software engineer

Hardware technician

Senior QA automation engineer

Bosch offers IoT solutions for transportation, agriculture, and construction applications. The company culture focuses on work/life balance and offers a fun, engaging environment for creativity.

Hiring people from over 150 countries, Bosch is a big believer in cultural diversity when it comes to the core team.

Employment benefits at Bosch include:

Health care insurance

Mental health and wellness support

PTO and family leave

401(k) plan

Employees discount

At Bosch, you can work as a:

Senior cloud operations engineer, IoT cloud services

iOS developer, IoT cloud services

IoT developer

IoT aquaculture technician

Oxagile is a software development company based in the U.S., and it offers tailored IoT solutions to users globally.

Its mission is to drive progressive business transformation using data-driven solutions. Oxagile’s work environment focuses on collaboration and teamwork.

Employment benefits at Oxagile include:

Health insurance

Retirement benefits

PTO and parental leave

Professional support

At Oxagile, you can work as a:

IoT software engineer

IoT architect

Back-end IoT developer

PTC is a leading provider of IoT technologies for enterprises. 

Working with PTC, you’ll be joining a diverse team in a work environment that prioritizes innovation and fun. It aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive workspace for people of all backgrounds.

Employment benefits at PTC include:

Health insurance

On-site gym

Retirement plan

Employee stock purchase plan

Parental leave

Income protection

At PTC, you can work as a:

IoT principal architect

IoT demo development and infrastructure

IoT application development

artificial intelligence (AI) engineer

Data andengineer

SAP is a global software corporation that develops IoT and software solutions. 

At SAP, innovation is valued above all else. Employees at SAP are the company’s greatest asset that drives it forward. SAP is committed to offering a diverse, inclusive, and equal work environment for its thousands of employees from around the globe.

Employment benefits at SAP include:

Health care insurance

SAP Global Mindfulness Practice program

On-site fitness centers

PTO and parental leave

Retirement plan

At SAP, you can work as a:

IoT architect

IoT software engineer

Big data and IoT analyst

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6. Telit

Telit is an IoT and machine-to-machine communications company. 

Telit believes in great social responsibility and promotes collaboration and creativity at work. With employees from three continents, Telit is committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all.

Employment benefits at Telit include:

Health care insurance

401(k) plan

Family medical leave

PTO and paternal leave

Employee discount

At Telit, you can work as a:

IoT PHP software engineer

IoT network support engineer

Cellular IoT technical support

Senior IoT software engineer

Intellias is an IoT and digital solutions provider that serves Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Intellias has a humane attitude toward engineering. The main focus is on personality rather than the process. It has created a comfortable work environment that encourages growth, development, and innovation.

Employment benefits at Intellias include:

Flexible time management


On-site nurseries and lounge zones

PTO and parental leave

At Intellias, you can work as a:

IoT application architect

IoT practice leader

Principal Python engineer with IoT experience

IoT and data engineer

8. Softeq

Softeq is a full-stack IoT development company that provides smart solutions for corporations.

Softeq has a partnership-based and collaboration-powered environment where it aims to make the world a better place using engineering. The work environment is in place to ensure people can thrive and give their best.

Employment benefits at Softeq include:

Flexible hours

Medical coverage

Softeq Academy

PTO and parental leave

At Softeq, you can work as a:

Front-end IoT developer

Senior automation QA engineer, IoT

Cloud architect with IoT experience

IoT software engineer

MobiDev is an IoT service provider that creates result-driven solutions for businesses. 

MobiDev believes that game-changing products and solutions need a strong team, where people work on the same page and help ideas grow. With a diverse mix of CEOs, CTOs, and employees, MobiDev is determined to help good ideas flourish, no matter the source.

Employment benefits at MobiDev include:

Health care insurance

PTO and parental leave

Retirement plan

Professional support

At MobiDev, you can work as a:

IoT UX designer

IoT software developer

Python developer with IoT background

IoT project manager

Vates is an IoT prototyping service that assists with critical decisions during IoT design and development.

Vates focuses on people and their talents. It believes the most innovative ideas are the result of collaboration under the right conditions. That’s why Vates embraces diversity, respect, and cooperation as their core values.

Employment benefits at Vates include:

Health care insurance

Retirement plan

PTO and parental leave

Employee discount

Weekly and personalized group activities

At Vates, you can work as a:

Full-stack IoT developer

C++ and Python IoT developer

Cloud IoT engineer

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Top 10 Java Interview Questions And Answers

blog / Coding Top 10 Java Interview Questions and Answers

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Cracking an interview for a position using Java can be quite challenging—even though you’re applying for a standard software development job; the SATs appear simple given the variety of questions you might encounter. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you about the kinds of Java interview questions and answers, regardless of their nature. If you have Java on your CV, you could be questioned about everything—from the very first release to the most recent. In essence, how to stay abreast with everything? Let’s find out!

Java Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

These questions cover critical basic Java principles that will greatly aid your preparation. Hence, the following are the top five Java interview questions and answers for new hires.

1. What are the Main Distinctions between C++ and Java?

C++ and Java are both object-oriented programming languages with some distinctions. The interviewer may inquire about the distinction between the two and add it among the top Java interview questions for freshers to assess their fundamental understanding.

C++ Java

C++ is platform-dependent.

Java is platform-independent.

It creates structured programs without the need for classes or objects.

With the exception of basic variables, Java is a pure object-oriented language.

Pointers are fully supported in C++.

There is no concept of pointers in Java.

C++ allows for multiple inheritances.

Java does not allow for multiple inheritances.

2. What is Thread Priority? 3. Which is Preferred: The Synchronized Method or the Synchronized Block?

The synchronized block is favored because it does not lock the object, whereas synchronized methods do. In fact, if there are several synchronization blocks in the class, even if they are unrelated, it will stop the execution and place them in a wait state to obtain the lock on the object.

4. How to Get the Database Server Details in the Java Program?

We may access the database server details by using the DatabaseMetaData object. When the database connection is properly established, we can retrieve the metadata object by invoking the getMetaData() function. There are also other methods in DatabaseMetaData that may be used to determine the product name, version, and configuration parameters.

DatabaseMetaData metadata = con.getMetaData();

5. What is a Java Object?

In Java, an object is a data structure that represents a physical entity. An object in Java might be a tangible entity like a vehicle or an abstract idea like a mathematical formula. In addition, each object has its own set of information and behavior. Moreover, the object’s data is the information it holds, but its behavior is its capacity to do certain activities.

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Java Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates 6. Can the Keywords “This” and “Super” be Used Together?

No, the terms “this” and “super” should not be used in the initial sentence of the class constructor. 

7. What is Java Session Management?

A session is defined as the dynamic state of random communication between the client and server. The virtual communication channel includes a string of replies and requests from both sides. The most common method of implementing session management is to create a session ID in both the client and server’s communicative discourse.

8. What is JCA in Java?

Java Cryptography Architectural (JCA) provides a framework for decryption and encryption, as well as architecture and application programming interfaces. Additionally. Java Cryptography Architecture is used by developers to integrate the application with security applications. In fact, the Java Cryptography Architecture facilitates the implementation of third-party security rules and regulations. To accomplish security, Java Cryptography Architecture uses hash tables, encryption message digests, etc.

9. What is the Distinction between chúng tôi chúng tôi and

System.out and chúng tôi are the monitor’s default representations and may thus be used to deliver data or results to the monitor. chúng tôi is used to output standard messages and results. Error messages are shown using System.eerr. Moreover, chúng tôi provides an InputStream object which represents a conventional input device, such as a keyboard, by default.

10. Is it Possible to Overload the Main Method?

Yes, we may overload the main method as many times as we like. Nonetheless, the JVM prefers to use its designated calling mechanism to invoke the main function.


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Tips for Java Interview Questions and Answers

Here are a few tips for Java interview questions and answers:

Have a realistic resume

Know the fundamentals of computer science

Expect to be asked to write code on a whiteboard or on paper

Listen carefully to the questions

Be thorough with simple and complex Java principles and concepts

Learning more about the Java programming language is now easier than ever: In fact, Emeritus offers a multitude of online coding courses that could help you ace interviews and bag your dream job.

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What Are The 10 Types Of Digital Marketing Services?

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to achieve desired results for your business. However, to implement these strategies, one needs to understand the basics of online marketing. A digital marketing campaign involves the promotion of a product or service over digital platforms. Digital marketing services have changed the way consumers shop for products and services.

Compared to other forms of promotion and marketing, digital marketing is one of the cheapest and most efficient. Understanding digital marketing is vital to achieving your targets. It can help boost your traffic, attract more clients, and engage your audience. There are 10 types of digital marketing services. These include search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and others.

What is Digital Marketing?

The rise of digital marketing has increased the number of marketers and brands eager to launch their own businesses or brands. It helps to gain the trust of consumers and improve their customer satisfaction.

10 Types of Digital Marketing Services

There are various digital marketing services used to promote products, improve reach, raise brand awareness, and others. Below, we have listed the top 10 types of digital marketing services to help you find the best one.

1. Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to reach more people with valuable content that can help them learn. Content marketing can be done through various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and email. It combines the use of SEO (search engine optimization) with other forms of marketing. It can be used to create fresh content for websites and social media platforms.

This can also be used to distribute high-quality content to a targeted audience. This process involves developing and distributing various types of content, commonly blog posts, travel blogs, and case studies.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best tactics to improve the quality of your website’s content. It helps to make your website more visible to search engines. SEO improves the reach and attracts more potential customers. It overall improves the efficiency of your website. Keywords play a vital role in SEO, they are used by your target audience.

Improving reach also helps to improve the ranking of the website in Google results, and SEO is one of the best approaches to do that. It involves analyzing keywords and phrases that consumers are using to find information online and then coming up with effective content that can be used on the site.

4. Email Marketing

We have various marketing techniques, including social media and mobile applications, but email marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing techniques. This technique can be used in a content marketing campaign as well. This ultimately helps provide value to its potential customers. In e-marketing, we send bulk e-mails to a wide range of people. These bulk emails contain links to various products and services to attract more buyers.

E-mail marketing also cares for the audience’s privacy. In an inbound marketing strategy, email is very important. It becomes better when automated, which allows you to reach more customers directly.

5. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing, also known as SMM, is a type of marketing that uses multiple social media platforms to promote a product or service. It can be done through both paid and organic methods. Nowadays, youth are more engaged in social media platforms, which helps businesses build stronger relationships with their customers digitally.

For a successful social media strategy, consistency of effort is very important. Using the right tools and resources can help them to be consistent and gain more customers. However, they should only use them as a tool, not as a replacement for a real person.

6. Influence Marketing

Digital influencers can create content for your brand. They can use the power of words to attract more people by showing the results of their public testing. This means that they have the power to either destroy or praise your brand. It is a fact that people believe in suggestions given by their loved ones, and their loyalty to their followers can help boost your brand.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Due to the rise of online or digital marketing, the concept of affiliate marketing has become more prevalent. It is basically about connecting organisations and consumers more monetarily. Content creators can earn money through an affiliate programme for each product or service sale they make.

8. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing uses different platforms to reach its target audience. It uses social media, email, and mobile applications to promote and improve reach. In addition to these, it can also be done to tailor content to specific geographic locations to improve conversion.

Mobile marketing is a type of digital marketing, which is becoming more important as the consumer journey becomes more complex. According to a Google study, 27% of the world’s population is using voice search on mobile devices.


Iot: The Key Benefits Of Predictive Maintenance With Iot

Statista reports that in 2023, $646 billion was spent on IoT globally. In 2023, it rose to $686 billion. It was $749 billion in 2023; by 2023, $1100 billion is expected. This staggering amount of money is being used by almost all segments of the economy, including industries.

We also have the manufacturing industry that uses IoT and related technologies to improve their work environment. This and other benefits have prompted more than 80% of manufacturing units to adopt IoT-based systems in their manufacturing and processing plants.

Predictive maintenance is one of the main benefits of IoT for manufacturing. Manufacturing can increase their productivity, decrease downtime and reduce costs by using predictive maintenance. We will be discussing how IoT-based, predictive maintenance can benefit manufacturing units in the sections that follow.

What’s Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance refers to a technique or system that uses data, special tools, and firmware to detect anomalies in machines or systems. We can fix faults that have yet to be discovered and avoid major obstacles.

This system uses sensors and actuators to continuously monitor the machine’s performance. It monitors the machine’s capabilities and refers to the threshold limit before it stops working or breaks down abruptly.

This information is sent to a computer interface and the managers and supervisors are notified about the anomaly. They can then initiate the corrective action. This reduces the downtime and ensures product quality and productivity doesn’t suffer.

IoT predictive maintenance uses condition monitoring to continuously evaluate the equipment’s performance. With the help of actuators and sensors, the IoT technology continuously records data about the equipment’s performance.

The computer firmware will suggest the timeframe and send warnings to start predictive maintenance.

Benefits of IoT Predictive Maintenance

Modern asset management is easier thanks to data analytics and other technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, and others. They allow managers to move from manual and visible inspection to an automated monitoring platform. The latter makes decision-making easier and more efficient.

Management and Cost Reduction

There are two types of costs associated with every asset within an organization. One is the purchasing cost and the second is the operational cost. The second cost is the regular one. An unexpected failure can result in sudden expenses.

Companies can avoid sudden equipment failure costs by using a predictive maintenance program. This system is very useful in a manufacturing plant where many machines work day and night to produce the same product.

IoT systems can accurately predict an asset’s health and workability by taking into account its past performance, health, and potential for failure. This information can be used to schedule maintenance and inspections. Predictive maintenance can reduce costs by as much as 12%


Predicting asset failures can help you save time and money. Knowing the asset’s health beforehand can save time and prevent unplanned maintenance.

We can therefore correct potential problems before they occur during routine breaks or holidays.

Higher Productivity

To increase productivity, it is possible to forecast the machine’s and assets’ ability to perform and function. This is due to the fact we can start a timely maintenance program.

As long as the assets are maintained and issues are prevented from manifesting, productivity will not decrease. The same process can be used with all assets connected to the IoT network. This will allow for productivity to continue increasing over time.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for any organization. Companies can achieve this goal through predictive maintenance. This involves setting realistic expectations and ensuring product quality.

Predictive maintenance ensures that assets, equipment, machines, and other machinery will always work well. This allows you to deliver the services promised.

Increases Asset Utilization

IoT allows for predictive maintenance that helps to maintain assets and machines. This can increase asset utilization if they are well maintained and there aren’t any sudden issues that could cause a breakdown.

IoT Predictive Maintenance can help identify the root cause of a failure. This will solve the problem at the root and ensure that your machine or asset performs at its best.

Assets last longer

We monitor, maintain, and correct assets in a timely manner to ensure they give their best performance. Effective action is possible when a supervisor or manager can monitor the performance in real-time and predict potential breakdowns.

This is in addition, to the fact the broken or underperforming parts can be replaced without affecting other parts of an asset.

Better Safety and Compliance

To ensure that employees are safe at work, every organization must be governed by law. This is particularly important in manufacturing industries, where workers are often working on large machines.

Reducing Downtime and Tackle Unplanned downtime

Predictive maintenance and IoT represent key performance-enhancing technology for the assets and machines in an organization. Predictive analytics is useful for identifying potential problems, as some assets are available 24 hours a day.

Supervisors and managers are able to initiate corrective actions promptly. This results in a reduction of planned and unplanned downtime.

Integration of IoT into Predictive Maintenance

Multi-technology and system integration is what allow us to accurately predict problems with machinery and assets. The Internet of Things, one of the most important technologies, allows companies to identify all issues and take necessary actions.

Many technologies, systems, and equipment can be used within the IoT network to create a predictive maintenance program. These include:

Data communications: As sensors gather data and actuators translate that data, it is transmitted to central storage with the necessary data communication tools. An organization can either set up an internal storage system or use a public cloud storage system.

Sensors: Sensors are available in many sizes and shapes. They can be used to collect data. They are placed at certain locations, points, and positions within assets.

Predictive maintenance software: These are the software that analyses the data. It is responsible for generating reports from the data provided. It can notify users about machine usage, including warning them if the asset exceeds the limits set by the user.

Data Storage: This can be either cloud storage or a server where all data is stored for further analysis. These data can be extracted by predictive analytics systems for interpretation and conversion into readable information.

Predictive Analytics: Powered by machine learning and predictive analytics systems, predictive analysis systems allow for actionable insights once the data has been understood.


IoT, predictive analytics, and maintenance systems are transforming organizations’ work practices. They provide the efficiency and accuracy that businesses require to achieve the highest performance in all areas. Predictive maintenance is a tool that can be used by manufacturers to increase their productivity using existing assets and workers.

Top 4 Apple Products To Be Unveiled At The Iphone 13 Event

1. iPad mini 6

The iPad mini-series will have a new device in its lineup. From the reports so far, this device will be a major upgrade to the iPad mini-series. Over the past 10 years, the iPad mini-series has always had the Home button. However, for the first time, the iPad mini 6 will not have the Homr button. Although the iPad mini 6 uses the same body size as its predecessor, the screen size increases to 8.4 inches. This means that the side and top bezels of this device are ultra-thin which will give the tablet an immersive display. The resolution of the display is 2388 x 1688 and it integrates the power button on the Touch ID key.

In terms of hardware, the iPad mini 6 will come with the Bionic A14 SoC. This chip uses 5nm manufacturing technology as well as a 6-core design. Furthermore, the iPad mini 6 also supports Apple Pencil (2nd generation), Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, and the data interface upgrades to a USB-C interface.

No doubt, the iPad mini 6 will be one of the best choices for tablets with a display lower than 10 inches. Also, this device should not be very expensive, it will cost about 2988 yuan ($463).

2. Apple MacBook Pro

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3. Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch adopts a flat design, adopting the same design concept as the iPhone 12 series and the new iPad series. The dial size of the Apple Watch Series 7 increases to 45mm. Furthermore, the display adopts a brand-new lamination technology. Under the hood, this smartwatch will come with the S7 chip as well as a better battery. Since this chip is smaller, it enables the company to include a bigger battery. Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 would sport a newfangled outward appearance. According to Kuo, the upcoming wearable will be thicker than earlier variants. According to reports, in addition to the basic blood oxygen and heart rate testing, Apple Watch Series 7 will also add blood pressure testing for the first time.

Apple Watch Series 7 is slated to launch in India in September this year, sporting a radically overhauled design and top-notch features. The Watch Series 7 will adopt a new design if rumors making the rounds online prove to be true. However, a new design will not affect the price tag it carries, considering that Apple has been pretty static in terms of pricing. Moreover, the Apple Watch Series 6 has a starting price of INR 40,900 (about $399). So, the upcoming Watch Series 7 could retail for around the same price.

In May this year, Jon Prosser revealed that the Apple Watch Series 7 will adopt a flat-edged design like the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and the iPhone 12. Moreover, the series could come in a green colour variant for the first time.

4. Apple AirPods 3

The AirPods series that has not been updated for three years will also usher in an upgrade. The appearance of the charging box of AirPods 3 is the same as that of AirPods Pro. However, the upcoming AirPods 3 is more compact. The earphone is similar to AirPods Pro, with a semi-in-ear design. There are no earplugs and the earphone handle may be shorter than the AirPods Pro. The Apple AirPods 3 may support accurate positioning function, which can help users quickly find lost headphones. However, the Apple AirPods 3 may not have active noise reduction. Although AirPods 3 does not support active noise reduction, the price is relatively lower.

Details about Apple AirPods 3 launch date are still few and far between, but the third generation AirPods has multiple appearances online. It was spotted in the form of a high-quality live image on July 24, indicating that the AirPods 3 will bear a striking resemblance to the AirPods Pro. Despite floating around the rumor mill for quite some time now, launch details of the new AirPods are still scarce.

The impending third-generation AirPods will hit the store shelves later this year. Reliable sources suggested that the device will be unveiled in the first half of this year. However, this speculation did not prove to be true. A new report now hints at an impending launch of the Apple AirPods 3. Apple has neither confirmed nor denied this piece of information.

Sources familiar with the Cupertino tech giant’s plans have told DigiTimes that Apple is highly likely to unveil the AirPods 3 alongside the Apple iPhone 13 during a launch event set to take place this month. Apple updated the more affordable AirPods in 2023, so it is quite understandable that the company is gearing up to refresh the product.


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